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Episode 24 · 1 year ago

WWE Backlash Predictions - Episode 23


Resident WWE expert, Campbell, joins his brother, Hamish, to discuss the past month of WWE and predict the winners at the upcoming WWE Backlash PPV.

Ochesialone welcome back to thehonorble podcast. This is episode, twenty three of the show. If mycalculations aren't mistaken today, we are back again as promised last weekwith another ww episode. This is going to be our do our monthly wfso, prettymuch where we just talk about the upcoming pay per view.The month that has just just occurred today, I'm once again joined by theresident. Don't do the expert Camwel Corcodile, welcome back hello, hello,hello, we've just finished a riveting Friday night footy acampbell watched it,but you also raging a little bit at the old fever. Fortnight Yeah combination, any comments on that. It's riaked he's claimed it rig per I've, justtaken some notes on our conversation last week about and ext Toyou being better and theicons being better in the Niis and stuff, because I don't know I waswatching some wrestling this week and some things just came to mind that Iforgot to mention two things this. These are both aboutthe well mainly about the nxt. I just want to mention. I actually thinkthenxt commentaries way better yeah, which held money losting now over now,Renali or whatever his name is. He is the funniest commentator. I can'tremember what it was we're watching. I think takeover war games the other weekand we genuinely just started laughing at one of these calls. It was so funnyyou make so many pop culture references and it's like what a yeah, Hes, spices, hes Po he's a bit bice,hes n and then, along with that, the crowds away more engaged with nxtevyeah you've got thet w diehards, where Atroran mackdown a lot of it are justlike young kids, who've yeah gone to see Roman rains. Jo Me, Jo, when we were younger whether an xtaudience is a lot like more switched on the chance of funny and stuff like that.Yeah, then final, my oil joint was yes. I agree that maybe the man starsfor more iconic in the nine is an twosand, but there's no arguing thewomen's Devis at the moment, they're going tobe the ICONSYEU of women's wrestling as like stone, cold and the Rockwoa ofmans wrestling so theyre. Just a couple things I wanted to touch on that weyeah really talk about. We just SA yeah. We just Gonto rollthrough the matches a backlash. This is coming up on Monday. So, two days fromwhen this episode is released, are you going to be watching it? I have school yeah, so no, yes, Tifi'llbe watching it.

Actually pretty keen yeah, so wee justgo match by match. We'll make a prediction talk a little bit about thestoryline and yeah. It's probably going to onlybe a shorter one and IRICAN thes, a pretty easy prediction. Yeah and I'll behonest. I haven't watched all the wrestling this month so because I'vebeen busy trying to watch last years, I'm currently up to TLC halfway throughDecember some getting there all right so first match this probably isn't inorder, but this is what we've got on with Kipedia and I'm not sure ifthere's going to be matches out ot at smackdown, but we have edge versusround Yarten. So the repeat: Othis is the wrestle mania last man's standingmatch. This is the because this paper, Eis life, it's aAdlife. So like most of these or the all these matches alive because theylike can get crowds now, so they don't life. But this is the amthe edge andrander Ouden match, with the only match prayer accorded in this pipper view. So some mental shit should probably godown. It's pretty they've been calling thegreatest wrestling match ever which, like I know, they're just trying tohipe op the pay per yew and stuff because, apart from like it's a pretty pretty AIT's, prettyboring yeah, it's pretty Youmg, pretty average pretty anit's pretty on thesnes a Lo, but let's be real most of the payper views, apart from the bigones like resumania money in the bank summer, slam survivor sers, most of theother ones and Ordes to fill the GALPS but yeah so they're, never really thatexciting. But it's wrestling and there's championships on the line. Soyou never know yeah. It's lifefoor death dgevers around Yoren, thegreatest Matchaf all times, serously Darras, wouldn't even put any of themin the top ten, but edge yeah I'll go EAD. Actually, why do you think edge because he's sicker better theme, SongYeah? The only thing is, if edge wins because edge want ORessuma a Wono ssoming. So if randy loses to in a row, I don't really seewhere randy goes from here, where and then does edge, just become a mainruster superstar again. What like do you think if edge wins ishell become a main ruster superstar wrestling weekend? We no absolutely notyeah. That's what makes me maybe think the randy wil win, no, because randystill a like weekend week out wrestler, so it'd make more sense. Yeah I to it.I I just don't know, because you know what I wouldn't be surprised. If Randywins this one and there's like a a third one at summer, slam no, which Idon't want, but that would not shock. No, if they're doing this is thegreatest match yeah ever they. This will be the last one, but they werehyping up the rest of me any one.

Similarly, so yeah you're going edge, I'm goingyou think you do me. I'm going anyone bumbum by one edge to em bum reverge onbum, pumum Pum, but I'll go around you just for the purpose of. I don't gethow the storyline works if edge loses, if edge wins, because I don't thinkedges at that point in his life, where it'sgoing to become a week, an weekout wrestor, again yeah, but it's just likethis. Is it if hit wins? It's just like that S. it's non a story, learnaim yeah,but I'm just saying: Does that mean grand you ons like done yeah, well, wholl disapper for a bit snot needed yeah. True bu I'll go for edge like I'm going for edge, but I'lltip, rand yordn. Next we've got drem, ACINTYRE and Bobby lashly buying forthe WW championship Di Happily put e. You can't bet on wrestling because it'sfixed, but I'd happily put thousands on drew macentie. Winning this ifemon yeahhe's one this seasonally this whole MVP, Lashley storyline, just freaking, weirdyeah. It's I mi er up yeah. It's eventually just going tolead to Lana like flipping on him, but that's just all really a substory linewhen it comes to Drews, tirter rain. Hers No way drew will lose it. Thisearly andos insignificant of bit of a place, so no absolutely not really muchto talk about, but definitely yeah he's. Definitely one of he's got defininelydrew mackintoms, God Thi Scottish he's got a Scottish, yes will power next,we've got bro Troman verse, the Misan John Morrison, two on one hand you catmatch for the we universe, tawage, probably I'm GOINGTO, say Pansro, I'mgoing to say brawn stromand, just for the pure fact of how can two peoplehave the championship? Well, it's been done before really to girls have hadthe women's shambut yeah, but that's a bit different. They cud Itud, didn'tknow they wai how you a Ather Bell, twins, no Michell, maco and La layler. EO Didyeah actually do remember that now you say that no, I think it's just I feel like they. Just don't haveanyone for bronce Roman to fight so he's going to win again and then Ithink Kevin O wens will verse Broadsran Yeah. I think that would be pretty badfor Bron stroman's career trajectory if it loses to them, is Morrison so I'llback in Stramin, again strimes yeah af next is USCA, if got to say itcorrect for you ASCA versus Ni Jacks for the Dow Rawl Women's Championship.This is a tough one. So obviously it's just got what this much probably haschanged, though Ciz no Shancet, yeah well, yeah, wait! I thought Sha won thechampionship, it assays Oso yeah, but I don't know. Maybe something happened toNxtou or something? No, I don't know mmaybe I'll, be a triplethreat match. It's just UN updated,...

...that's weird because it still does say:She's The stitle. THAT'S WEIRD YEAH! I don't know yeah it's vet weird, but I think nijackis going to win yeah Yean. I actually wrate that I don'twant to go the same r you every time, but I'll go NIG Jackser as well. If you count the money in the bank is atitle shot. She's had two cracks out it now in a row yeah I feel like twould,be pretty weird after picking up like steam for her to crush et down for asecond time yeah. I think she's got Ta Win this and then I don't think thisrobber Weud be over. I think ASCA might stay in the title picture but think shemight hand it over yeah. So Asa Becky Lynch as form pregnant yeah e've, said this before no, wehaven't. Yes, we have, I said: ASCA's got the title: Ecauze the yeah on thispodcast. I, though Yo ment the last on the CASTAS, like it hadn't, evenhappend, no yeah, but congratulation tobecclynch and sethro yeah, obviouslythey're listening to this, obviously who w who would have bee Theye gointomention on the honable podcast, but yeah. Congratulations to them, it'll be rude. If Theyre Boyol girl doesn't become a do,wrestler no they'll be like a lawyer, yeah yeah. Maybe that's a random shoutsaying nobe lawyer, but yeah I'll go nigh jacks, yeah Nia, all right nextwe'v Got Dee ardy versus shamous, I'm go for o normal singles. Batch they'vebeen. You know going out t allbody for six weeks, a shameess, Shamis, swins and then Bron Stram andshame of rivalry prediction by he SIDAANO Shamis, wiesyeah and then bronze Dreman and chace CTA Good Shit, yeah have a in ashingpeople yeah, it's Bruits, yeah right yea know, I think the shame shamoshearts is is a bit bigger than Jeff Hardy. So I wrate that call yeah I'll,join you on the Shameis train where shame train ofe. They said what thenext pay per view is extremeetrem rules yeah that could be worthy of a Samisdefeeding. We canall kill someone thato'd be weird. If I'm Druin shamousword title holders, the UK dominating yes ill back in shame is my fellowsouceman. I fell aroun right now back into be the legend that is Jeff HardyFellow El Bino. Yes, well he's on Al Beno because he'sgot orange, hair, yeah, well, WHA Ery pe he's pretty much. How fou next could actually be one of the matches ofthe card. If I'm onest triple threat...

...tag team match for the Dodo Women's Tag,Tam Championship, we've got baily in banks. The title holders up againstBulliss and cross the former title holders and then the iconics BillyCampain Roe roys a ever come back in the last couple weeks. They're back inthe picture who we got here. Aho got the iconic, I'm going Ta Go Bailey and SarshopBeause ofe. Only recently yeah pick up the title and then I reckon they'lllose it. Extreme rules have a fight setting up thes summer SLA match yeah.I reckon this is the falling out of their relationship. Wuld theyill losesome their championship somehow and then Batley I mean such well getangry. I just a waiting game really is just so waining ot everyone ready tojump on the Sasha Banks Dam like everyone's just waiting for such binksto destroy Baily Yeah, pretty much the ICONICS theyhave made. I come back.What are your thoughts on that? We to see them thack couldn't really carfellow Os, so yeah yeah. I just think the ICONICS aregoing to win because I feel like they can't put off this baily sashe story becauseth the FIZZLE, the tension, its going to dieout, no one's going to care anymore and the iconics have also just come backand they haven't won the title yet so I feel, like they'll, be taken more seriously yeah.I definitely think it's probably time for blissand cross to leave the title picture. You can't say that to Niki Theys havebeen in the frecking title pitcher. For that long, yeah and Y. You can have acrack at a solo title or something, but who is smackdown with his championship at themoment, Ba e champion? Oh so that's just not being defended here.No lucky gal well she's got another title to defend.Well now you said that I actually would make sense for them to lose the TAGteam chammionships, but I'll back them in. I definitely think now. You've saidthat they are connics for a solve chance, but I'll back them into becauseI feel like next. They come to another payperview where Bailey has to do twomatches, because they won't make that do that. I think they're going to loseit yeah they're gonna, lose it all right and then next we've got appoacruise versus Ondrada Polocrus, like a hundred percent dragon yeah like they'v, build thisthey've built it up that he can like face any challenge and he's going towin and the he's like a WW universe, fin fave, I'm back in inAndrade, Andrelas a boost O or just gon to loose youre savage because UPOLA cruise he'snot going to lose the championship this quickly. He literally just got it liketwo weeks ago: Yeah. True, it's...

...probably a good shop, but I want Lik. I haven't been followingthe storyline of the whole vagis e Lad, sput and when they have as if they playapart, but no apolocrus has been being likethis, like the paine him to be like a bee. Soher win easily it's about time he's had his little runbecause, like I remember when they debuted him, they like yuused to hipehim up all the time. Then you'd watch him and it would be like this guy'sstale his whole meal, bread yeah. He is a dirty piece of shit like he je's gotnothing about him, he's just an athlete he's like Bobby Lashley, he's just anathlete, but on the Mike and Stuff hes, so boring he's a rank pitch yeah. So that's actually, we've justpaced through the matches. Yeah well. Dont know if anything's going to beadded, maybe because they're, maybe just likea pre, show match smackdown yeah. Well, sometimes they just adpreciate much asbefore. Again I don't think any of these matches are bad enough to be apreshow, apolok and plus theres only sevenmatches. So if they took one off six matches,that's t, that's pretty short pay for you, because they donlly go for threehours. Yeah have you we talked about it. Last week, Bab youcut caugt any of the nxt takeover. What the in your house, Yeah Yeah! Idid see a bit of it. What did you think of what you saw it', pretty jaicy? Itwas actually really good. I'll be honest. I was half asleep for the firstthree matches, but then I really like woke up for the final three and it wasawesome. It was very short, but once again nxd th it's their kind oftrademark. They prove that for match to be good, it doesn't have to be an ourlong Ma. Yeah on it can be short, sharp entertaining fun and you can come awaythinking. Tho was an elite match like Keith, Ley and Johnny. Gargano was onlytwenty two minutes and that was yeah. The women's trouble through Trul tirtmatch. Similarly, similarly was only nineteen minutes and that was probablymatch the night and yeah. It was really well critiquedby you know the experts of wrestling yeah, I saw I just appe, said Velvetteam didn't win or tha I'll be honest. That was probably the only thing ecause,not just the fact that he didn't wir. U The match was a bit weird, and now hecan't go challenge for them, because you seethe way it was shot. I didn't se e's like a cinematic thing. It was like a well. It was abacklop Bral, that's what it was called, but thet was like a ring of cars andthen there was a wrestling ring in the middle and it was like cinematicallyshot, and this guy came out. I'm pretty measy to set up his Adam Call Foru. Iforget it. His name escapes me and then the undisputed Arar came out as well,but yeah. It was just weird. It was really dark. It was hard to see their moovs were like limited becausethey weren't in like a paddern Invioen,... they couldn't do crazy stuff. Theywere like on cars and stuff, so they actually couldn't do much and yeah. Itwas only sixteen minutes which is, I was saying before it doesn't have to belong, but that's pretty short for an nxtem match between two of Xt's biggestsuperstars yeah and I just think Ou strating, the VELVETEAN. I jus reallywanted to go. The next level like he was just Liv, the North American titlefor ages, and now he's not going to be able to get the nxt title to Adam Callose. I just think Adam cone needs to lose tit he's had it for three over ayear like the title, yeah and H N carry an cross quickly disposed of TomarsoCampar, which is pretty interesting, giving that Chit they're always tryingto keep champer ing the title Pichur Yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised if Idon't know what happened last week on a next tea. It I wouldn't I wouldn't besurprised of cross, also has a crack of colls title now or maybe he'll go forKeithley, I don't know and then Phil Fim Baleon, so he's probably going tohave a crack at a title. Sooner or later, but Eshar I winning the women'sChampionship. That was pretty awesome. Yeah Pretty Bi, don't know what itmeans for real whell. We know Charlotte US randomly came out n, the RoarisChamin, so the UST trying to keep it next day, which you know now sow a lot of memes on the Internet.About that saying like nobody, absolutely nobody, don't o chkChuck the title and Chack the title and Choult Yeah. Idon't know what's next Forria, maybe she goes into a rivalry as oshari yeah,poss Po. That's what I I don't think I don't think. They've had a rovelry,because eosharas main rival was Shana bays line and then rerip kind of tookover from her yeah, so they've never really gone aut. It and they're.Probably two of the top five women's wrestles at the moment in the dod, sothatw'd be good fun to one yeah ist think Adam Calls gonna loose soon yeah, it's always hard with those tightchammions, because that they've been such a success as thetitle holder. So you MiG not sure what to do after they lose the title. Sothey're probably bit scared to pull the trigger on that one, but yeah theyprobably do need to do something, because there's only a certain amount of time,song can hold a title before it gets a little bit stay yeah cats be than youlike. You want to move before that stay on US comes so yeah. Do we think at'ssome point sooner rather than later he has to lose. I I don't know when thenext takeover is it probably not for a while just Checkin it's August, twentytwenty seconds. So by that point he would have held the title for almostfour hundred and thirty days, so yeah Het's Gont of that point, you',probably it's time probably time to go brother Yeah, I'm a bit overod as well Il find it. Ifind this whole like mentality that everyone's ment to have the nxcs, thethird brand. I find it a bit hard to take because yeah I get that the wrestling is s thesimilar quality to ww, if not better, the wrestlers are probably better butlike they still have takeover hmlike.

They still only have four or five paperviews a year and they're completely isolated from the Dow Roan smackdown,except for survivor series so like they really push this whole three brandsthing, but when they're doing that, it's kind of hard like they probablydon't want to stop takeovers because there're such a success yeah, but it'salmost hard not to view them as the third brand, even though isbackdownyeah usally, the third Anderson Yeah, is the anything else you want to talkabout Mo my son. Now I feel, like we've covered everything yeah, it's only beena short one. It's been twenty one minutes which is pretty outrageous.Given I think every poodcast episode has been over forty five, but that'spretty much. All we've got I'll, be honest. Yeah I've got a report to finish off before midnightis. Currently, tentwenty and it's worth forty percent of one of my unit marks so probably Shoulduest that baby off yeah, otherwise pic will be disappointed at me. So yeah, that's pretty much it nextepisode with doing NFL predictions, but this time for the AFC. Last week we didthe NFC, so that will be coming out. IY've got two new guests lined up forthat episode, so pretty excited to record that one and hear you guysfeedback and then yeah looking forward to just getting backinto the creative mindset. Yeah UNI FINISHES AFTER I've put in this ripportapart from exam, so looking to get a bit more creative with the ideas andnow sports coming back. Litte Lega starts tonight, which is exciting.Premier League starts next Thursday, so yeah a lot more content to keep comingand also, if you haven't already get around us on social media, on the walsfiring every day on twitter and Instagram, and then we also on facebook,if you don't have those platforms but yeah thanks for joining Meccamas,always anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekhend, as it is Friday night that weare recording this and you listening. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekendand your week to come. Thanks for listening, T SAOU.

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