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2021 NFL Week 3 | American Football


In another NFL weekly episode, the lads tackle what was Week 2 in the NFL and preview the upcoming Week 3. The riveting Raiders, the parading Panthers and the disastrous Dolphins, the boys dig into the ups and downs of the round. Also, the boys make their predictions for next weekend. 


Welcome back to the body, the boys areback chat back for another NFL chat today, we're splitting up the episode,so the NFL in real life and the end of Al Fantasy is going to be spited to two,but we're going to be doing it in one chance. So we won't know the difference,but you will at home big day Melbourne. Actually, for thosewondering we we've survived an earthquake, we could say we can saythat now, like a thing, it got upgraded to abouta magnitude six, but we weren't like really near that besetso we're all good, but that was a bit of a road one curtis in mom wasscreaming. Strange stuff was happening, but we were all survived and all isgood, except for Betty's Burgers in Chapel Street, but that's just unluckyfor that. One I'll introduce the lads before we get into the week to reviewwhere we go through the winners and losers bilch. How are you at goodthanks, mate, it's good to hear and James Curtis back for another episode,how a good thanks nat was bed before I dowait, half of a pouch but yeah far enough, Lo o love blow on thePotty, but it was about twenty minutes, but hedidn't warn us at four thirty, so I'll give him to dolls for that, but isstill an interesting act, all right winners and lose. I want start thisweek because I usually start off I'll Geki's share the lot, we'll go and goto CORDIS this time. Actually I think we start a Caris last time anyway,we'll go with Tim again, who are your major winners coming out of week to will start off with the ravings andspecifically Lamar? First, we know over the chiefs and payment home, so God togive him credit there being watching a few media outlets saythat's like a big step like a big compte over so hopefully set to him well for the restof the season, especially giving their teams precomposed give an injury. Second, one will go with the raidersand car the Tono they're. Looking at La the beat pit who actually looked prettysourcing in the first first game, the season against against the bills andI'm gonna be boldy and say car is a genuine and BP candidate. Right nowhe's throwing for over eight hundred yards in the first week he's up therewith the be boys, and he also seen some stats suggesting that over the lastthree seasons he's in the category of my homes and Rogers, the only CBS tohave less than ten interceptions and over four thousand yards in a season.So he is a ball and finally we'll go with the panthers and dartle close itas well as the raiders they're, looking pretty elite that again there to an noDanila throwing for the twenty six of thirty eight three hundred five yarsTwo des and into and Donald's looking pre solid and a lot better than he waslooking at the jets yeah. I'm actually doubled up on yoursecond and third ones. There I had the Ravers Raiders in the playoff prediction episode we didbefore the season. I actually had them just missing out. I think- and I hadthe stealers on- I think their same amount of wind, so they're going to bewild card, rivals for that AFC, while compositions, assuming they somehowdon't somehow like, miraculously be the chief to win the division. So that's apretty big win over them. The stills did have some defensive injuries. Iknow Tj what injured himself in at the first quarter, but to put twenty sixpoints up against that defense, it's...

...very impressive! I was really impressedby Henry Robs bit for breakout game for him and I really liked their attack wasa little bit more rounded. This week. I think about four or five blokes hadover three catches, which is good to see hey. I hate offenses, who just gothrough one person and sometimes the raiders do that, because that's notreally sustainable in in a playoff situation, because they'll just lockdown that block and you're fucked, but yeah good good to know that they canshout around a bit and yet also the Panthers Division rival in the Seiners if they won this game in a close one. Iprobably wouldn't have mentioned them here because I think the same just hadan awful day on both sides of the foot, but the fact that they absolutelyparmele them. I think it's worth a shout out and I was looking at the schedule andit's absolutely outrageous. They don't play a team with a positive record fromlast season till week. Twelve Tampa yes, so they play the dolphins and weektwelve and until then they don't play another team won positive record lastyear. So I would just I think, they're overs andunders. Right now with the bedding agencies is about eight and a half. Iwould be sticking some on the overs on that one, because they're stackedeverywhere, every like there stacked. So that's eleven eleven weeks ofplaying teams with negative records from last year. Let's say they'realready to or no like. I could definitely see them go in like eightand three seven and four, something like that and yeah to think they're notgoing to get more than an half wins a like. I think that would be tough to dothe take a second off of the season. Capitulation, obviously it is only twogames, so it's a small sable size, but I think it's not a bad shout and my FCnumber seven in terms of the Third Wild Cardo had ten wins as well. So they're,I think they're going to be written. That mix just purely because they'vehad a pretty easy schedule and I quite frankly, I'm a bit worried for theTexans Anis on Thursday night forty this week to chase who were yourwinners, mate going to have to agree with everything you boys have just said,because I had Baltimore and raiders as well. Yeah Very Fair. I think they were thethree clear winners. Huge monkey off the back for Lamar yeah, coming in doing a hand send intothe end zone a bit of a pisto fair play to him, but yet three definite winners out ofthat one. The losers, I'll start off with mine got a bit more abstract herethis week with the losers, because I was struggling there weren't too manyteams based off my preseason predictions, who have really like theirweek to result really change my opinion. So I'm going with t a position here andit's just quarterbacks in general, I don't think many quarterbacks had agood weekend. Six of the starters have come or come away with injury,designation some have been downgraded since then. We already lost fits fromlast week and nine CBS had two or more turnovers. So just was not a good oneat all, especially for the young quarterbacks. We saw Herbert not havethe greatest game in terms of his box score. Joe Borough had threeinterceptions in three plays and then the rookies in, like Zack Wilson andtravel irons, had absolute stinkers. So I know they're in shit situations andI'm not bad like saying the ship players, but they just didn't play wellon the weekend. So yeah there weren't many quarterbacks coming out of it witha smile on their face and yeah. It's quite were quite rare because usuallywe're just frothing all the quarterbacks, but yeah T. I don't thinktoo many had a good weekend. Then the only team I will pick on this week isthe Miami Dolphins think I predicted them to win about twelve matches thisyear and I'm okay with them losing to thebills. I expect the bills to beat them but... loose. Thirty. Five nil is likeactually fucked and they played in the last round of the regular season lastyear and they also lost by a similar margin. So especially at home like it'sjust not on. I was listening to a pro football focus podcast and theyactually said statistically that Oline had the worst performance ever recordedby any o line ever so, while I shun, since they started recording starts,which I'm not sure when that is so yeah, it's pretty outrageous, obviously to agot hurt, but even before he left the gameinjured like they were doing nothing. I think he got sucked twice and he onlyhad like four tents, so yeah Jacobi preset came in struggled but yeah, notgood science for Miami. I don't like it not the end of the world, they be thePatriots last year, but that this is something they've definitely got to getover bar because obviously they play the bills twice a year and it's notgood to just be getting pumped like this and then finally, the officialshad a bit of stinker this weekend. Two notable calls re the holiour. First ofall, I think this rules absolute rubbers. So for those who didn't knowwhat happened, the rule is like you can do like the toe top, soyou have to get both feet in. But if you plant your toe and then proceed tolike plant the rest of your foot, your heel has to be in as well like. So youcould put your you can to tap and have your toe in. But then, if you put yourheel down and that's out, it doesn't count as a couch, which Ijust don't think that makes any sense like if your toes were in in the firstplace. I think you're all good anyway, so they claimed that his he came downthe line they went to. The replays took maybe four minutes to review it in whenup as a touchdown. There was absolutely no clear evidence either way. I bet youcouldn't tell that it was definitely a touchdown or it wasn't, and they saidthat that was conclusive enough to call a non touchdown. So yeah, I don't know,thankfully didn't cost in the game because they came home and took thetook the chokes thanks to the Seattle kicker missing an extra point earlieron the game, but yeah that was a bit of a stink and then also the chargerscowboys game. I have to say, the officials really took the fun out ofthis one like I was still a good game in the end, but there was just so manythousands actually outrageous. I think the charge as had about thirteen theyhad two touchdowns called back, but the bad call was herbert was running backin. I think it was that a I mean their last offensive drive. He was runningback about ten yards behind. The line of scrimmage tried to get a throw away,and you can probably argue as intentional grounding because the ballslike no any anyone, but they claimed that you got sucked just because youwas like moving backwards while throwing it, even though that happenslike if you jes watch MAHOM's, he throws it like five times a game movingbackwards, but yeah that was a pretty average call at a crucial point. Idon't think it really cost in the game, but I think they let themselves downwith some ill disciplined but yeah that was pretty frustrating. I don't thinkand that those two calls were like in the space of about twenty minutes aswell, so yeah wasn't their finest hour for the officials Pilch, who yourbiggest losers. Nay and obviously the officials robbed thegiants on Thursday. Not on about that. One YEUT MARTO LOSES gonna have to saythe saints pure Libos, their office offense, theirentire offense just stinks and just awful loss to the panthers andthen Vikings, not necessarily because they play badly. But the kick is missed.A twenty five yard, a to win the game and they've pretty much just cookedtheir entire playoff chances boast off that one kick so not good, not good. Ifyou're, a Vikings Fan, yeah and they've got a tough schedule coming up- and Ididn't actually know this, but apparently they have quite an extensivehistory of...

...bad kicking chokes, so that would nothave been fun viewing. It was a shame because of that we didn't get to seethat game on TV here in Australia, but it looked like a really interestinggame until the fourth quarter, both teams sort of just shut the bed, butyeah they minnesota not looked the worst and thefirst two rounds for you. As you said, playoffs are pretty much already ruledout this early in the season for them Kurt who your loses man, I got a couple different ones. First, one's got to be the jet andWilson. Obviously it was a bit of a Stinger for the majority of the rookesthis week in in the cube area, but he had four inch: Zero touchdowns, pretty woeful and got a bit of A. Iwould say ripping or talking to from from the the coach, but you know you said he needs to learnto play some boring football, sometimes, which is a bit of a statement I think,and then finally I got the Saint Ann Winston Winston returned back to hisold self, which was a worry for the Santon Eleven of twenty two and had twointerceptions while having a low touchdown so think. If the same isgoing to be good this year, it's going to be up to Winterton. So then theydon't sure that he's back to throwing two days at limen those interceptions yeah, like I just don't know whathappened in that game, to be honest like after watching them a week. Onelike that's just crazy. I know the panthers did. Defense played reallyreally well, but yeah, the saint or alarm was cooked. I think Kabara hadabout eight yards from five carries, or five yards from eight Caro, somethinglike that yeah they just couldn't move anything the SANIS but yeah. That's bitdisappointing. They've got a massive matchup this week against the Patriots which will be a big clash of thearguably the two best coaches in the competition awards, time time to Croon somechampions of week to I'll wet pilcher round us off her mate, who you are warwinners for the week, so we're doing AFC and FC offensiveplayers of the week Yep Yep, so I've gone, Barry Henry andAaron Jones, just both enormous Games Jones for touchdowns, three of themreceiving touch dams, which was quite interesting and then Henry just asusual self. Pretty much put the entire team on hisshoulders. No way they would have got even close to the sea hawks without him,and then my rookie offensive rookie of the week of giving it to Ron Dal more,who looks like an absolute base of a receiver for the cardinals and looks like calamary really likesthem as well yeah. I just jump in because I have himas well I'll give you some information out who he is so he's five foot, sevenautomatically not the ideal height to be a receiver buthe's. Absolutely rapid!Second Ram peak, then I did some background research. Hemade a few like publications, all American College Team in two thousandand eighteen. This was, I think, his first year incollege football. He actually had the most receptions in the whole of collegefootball, and this was his first year of college football. You had about ahundred and fourteen receptions, and I I looked at the kind of people who'vecracked, a hundred since two thousand and seventeen, and they includeJefferson, Pitman, Gallop and Devon Pe Smith, so he's in good company there.Since then in college he only played seven games because of injury, and thenlast year opted out because of Covin so and the second round he could be anabsolute steal for Arizona. He had a hundred and fourteen yards, including aseventy seven yard TV. You also Scot another touchdown. They got broughtback off a little like shovel play, so he looks like a pretty interestingweapon. That Arizona can use be thought.

I just provide a bit of Info that GMKurt who who your award winners IOC play the week had memino. As I saidbefore, serious m BP comber and I think he's showing that he actually is one ofthe elite cubs in the COMP, despite being on what in the past, has been apretty average team with adultship defense, so I think he is showing someprospects there return to that mb form of a few years ago when he was in aconversation and if she pay the week, I had myself clilimal had four hundredyards three two days two inch and was at a rush in to D, so absolute Bollabeing a beat play on the fantasy as well and for offensive Rooke of theweek. I had myself Mac Jones. He had a pretty boring game, but he kind of didin that Patriots way where yeah did turn o turn forty over had twenty twoor thirty completions and had an hundred eighty six yards. So I think hedeserves a really crate there and shes first went in the NFL yeah hundred percent. I don't know why.I just remember this. I heard this on a podcast today because of the hurricanethat went through your leans. The saints have been on the road for likefive weeks, and they were saying that was a big factor behind the weekendscapitulation, but yeah Mac Jones could tell them a new one. On the week endwill see my ward winners tennice. I had CooperCup a hundred and sixty three yards from nine catches through touchdowns,huge reason, probably the difference really betweenthe rounds and the colts. Obviously whence went down lay that probablydidn't help the cultures chances but already looks like Human Stafford boys from way back. Another one who Ithought I'd thought deserved to mention was Tony Poulard. I think without himthe charges win that game you had. A hundred and nine yards from thirteencarries, including a touch down thirty one yards from three catches. He looksinsane and looks like it's almost going to be a bit of a time. Share therebecause Paul ar just that good when he gets involved, then in the AFC,obviously Derek Henry just having thirty five carries a loners ridiculous,but to have five point two yards for carry on those. That volume is insane also had fiftyfive yards in the air, which is not bad for someone who apparently can't catchthe ball three touchdowns as well and yeah as Pitchit, just God at the boy'shome, have to say I sort of I didn't back him out, but I was saying thetimes were running the ball too much, but I obviously forgot that he's anabsolute both quarter beast when it comes to just wearing them down andhuman tales put on a bit of a show in the last in over time in the last quarter in terms of those finaldrives, they just couldn't make an error really and then defensive playerof the week I went with a rookie defensive end, actually, GregoryRousseau never heard of the black. My life obviously he's a rookie, but hewas part of the Buffalo Front that destroyed the Miami O line. So Ithought a buffalo man deserved it. He had two sacks and two tackles for aloss, so yeah pretty impressive there and also shout out to Mike Edwards, whohad to pick sixes for ten part in the space of about three minutes, eventhough the second one was pretty dodgy, because someone just blocked the pathand it just flew up in the air and he just came and caught it and ran it in,but yeah still pretty impressive to do that all right on to the week threepreview. I feels weird just jumping straight from a week to review to aweek three preview, but I've actually been telling I'm going to tell you ourresults for the season the show bed upset and the bending spreads that wepick. We had a pretty good week and round one. We got all of our show bitssmost of our upsets, thanks to the...

Dallas cowboys and then the spreads bitof a different story picture all right. I was in the positive me in curt not somuch but we'll try and write those wrongs. This week. Rightsure bet boys cortes. Who are you locking in here, but the cardinals are of the jags JackWold Pre dog sheating that first week so on, first and second week to be fair,so yeah gonna back to his car or it to be for SOM collar again yeah, assuming that one's thattelevised in Australia I want to see. I want to see Arizona so bad they're,like one of my favorite teams to watch but yeah they're, going to keep playing thejacks. I don't think we're going to get to watch any time soon. Pil choseyou're. Sure Bet me exactly the same mote cardinals over the Jacks Yeah Fair enough, so I think we can penthose two in I've gone differently. This was that was the only other one Iwas contemplating as Cotis was saying to me all fair before there's, actuallynot that many this week, but I've gone the Thursday night game. I just thinkwith the tyro tailor injury by a shout outs to tire o Taylor, like actuallyshocking, like I think this is the third year in four that he's injuredhimself in week to and lost the starting role. So yeah I just sucks forhim, obviously at the charges last year and then in two thousand and eighteenwith Baker, so yeah and he was actually looking allright, but I just think like no criticism to this new blow, but prettymuch will it is his first start up against the red hot defense. I justdon't see a world where she huston get the DAB and it is Thursday night footy.I don't like picking things on Thursday night footy, because it's always alittle bit unpredictable, because it's usually lower scoring and stuff likethat, because the short turn around but yeah. I just surely used to Nancegoring double digit points here, and I tell you what I'm not looking forwardto that game at all upset of the week. I'll start us off.I've been back and forward with this one all day since I picked it, but I'mbacking. In My gut here, I've gone with the packers to beat the forty ninersour first game in San Frend for the year and the packers of paying twodollars. Forty Eight, I was just just looking up some statsbecause obviously iron rogers has the whole thing with forty. Nine is becauseyou grew up in the area supported them. They had picked one in the draft. Therodders went and they took Alex Smith over him and then robs his famouslyslid all the way down to twenty four. So yeah wanted to have a look at thehistory. there. Any averages passe rating of a hundred and seven againstSan Francisco, so yeah I'm backing in a Rogers Clinic. I don't think Sam Fran.Well, it's a fact that Sam Fran's offense did not look good at allagainst Philadelphia and the pakes defense isn't in great form at themoment, but ye'll back them in to get over the line and in an interesting one.So that's my upset of the week Pilch, who you locking in here once again.Exactly the same, I think packers are a very good chance to beat the nine ersjust because Rogers is back and they looked back to their best againstDetroit yeah. It should be a interesting matchup because both sides are like the two match. UPS, if you get what I mean asort of in similar form like the forty nine as offense hasn't hit their strapsyet and well, they played well and weak one, but it was against Detroit andthen the packers defense has't, but then, on the other side of the ball,the packers o and the forty nine is de both look pretty good based on theweekends action curtis, i'm assuming you're, not locking that in because youare forty, nine is man, so i'm interested to her what a a gone for abit of a rogue one o'f gone the charges over the chiefs. I just back back hurbin this week,ecloo himself last week and ye've got...

...some serious confidence in the herbgiven mass with lashes performance against the cheeks and yeah. I thinkthe charges, i wouldn't say it the real deal, but i think there their sold andtheir sort team and they can knock off the top the top dogs and given day yeah. It's an interesting one from you.I have to say it was tough that that was one of the ones i thought of byron.The only thing i don't like about it is that the chief lost last week- i justdon't think they'll love back to that games, but herbert's a frequent web, soanything that hot you never know or at spreads time. I went pretty much onefrom five miles week. I need every right. My wrongs. I've gone a few ofthis week, so hopefully that means i've concentrated my picks molandjust gone with the good ones. My first one is arizona. The line is seven and ahalf they're, obviously favorites they're playing at jacksonville. Iactually all my picks this week, you're away team, so maybe i'm just a fool notfactoring that in but yeah. I reckon, as corda said, with the short bit. Ijust think what both of you said with the show bed.I just think it's a pretty much a lock w and seven and a half style much.That's only just till pretty much a touch converted touchdown in the fieldgoal. So yeah back to me in and my other two are under dogs. This is aroad one because they obviously put on an absolute stinker on the weekend, butthe jets of the broncos, the lines ten and a half both havegreat defenses and that's what i'm hoping keeps it low scoring andhopefully that's why the margin is less than ten and a half obviously wouldn'tpick the jets in head to head, but i can foresee it being like a cheeknineteen to twelve sort of situation here for interceptions for the game to stiffon teddy and then my final one bears at the browns. Browns have a few injurieslike java, landry and stuff, not sure. If odel's going to play, i think theywill make him play but, more importantly, the best defense looksreally real, really hot right now. I know it s. Tuffo exposed them a coupletimes on the weekend, but i think all all it's a good. It's a good defense,the browns weren't that convincing actually in their despatching of thetexans on the week- and i wanted a bit more. You know a twenty thirty point.Dub there not necessarily a ten point job, so yeah bears the line, seven and a half,and i reckon they could keep it close in cleveland curtis. What are your spreads that youlike? I was really a fan of me to be fair, soi just had t e the one, the ravens that now you seven and ahalf can just see them when you buy a bit more than that, but yeah. I wasn'treally a fan of anne to be fair, so i just kept to that single one yeah thati found this way a bit tougher in all sort, all sections, but then again icooked it last week. So maybe a sly was hard. I was just a baker but pill chillyou on with you, man, naturally cardinals minus seven and ahalf and packers plus three and a half, and then i'm gonna go in de plus five and a halfagainst the titans. Just think that'll be a close game.Divisional match up, i think five and a half to too big yeah. I tell you what, if i, if i didn't, have question marksabout whences health that was going to be my upset of the week. I definitelythink that's a sniff, i'm a little bit concerned about went, but i consentabout whence because he stinks so the back up won't make a difference. Well, i mean like they will play whenceand it seems to be twenty percent of went. So that's not positive. Wheneverthat is a word yeah. That's that was my...

...concern, but like a yeah, you could beright. They could rule them out, but i do like that one i think well, the colds hopefully can put astop to dare henry. You think they would have a way given that they have agood defense in their division rivals. But that's going to be a huge game.It's only week three, but that's one of the close division. Titles. In myopinion, i had the cults actually taking it this year after a coupleyears of times getting up so yeah, that's going to be a big one, a j brownlooking for a bit of a bounce back game after a stinker on the weekend. So yeahthat's going to be an interesting one to watch as a case saying, hopefullythat's televised in australia. I don't think the sched coming out for the tvyet but yeah so that will do us for today, for the n nfl said l for the nfl reviewon preview episode, if you feel like it feel free to check out the fantasy onethat were just about to record, but thanks for joining ing lads and cut younext time, ceja.

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