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2021 NFL Week 3 | American Football


In another NFL weekly episode, the lads tackle what was Week 2 in the NFL and preview the upcoming Week 3. The riveting Raiders, the parading Panthers and the disastrous Dolphins, the boys dig into the ups and downs of the round. Also, the boys make their predictions for next weekend. 


Welcome back to the body. Theboys are back, chat back for another NFL chat. Today we're splitting upthe episode, so the NFL in real life, in the NFL fantasy,is going to be spitted into two, but we're going to be doing itin one chunk. So we won't know the difference, but you will athome. Big Day in Melbourne actually, for those wondering, we have.We've survived an earthquake. We could say that. We can say that nowlike a think it got upgraded to about a magnitude six, but we weren'tlike really near the epicenter. So we're all good. But that was abit of a rogue one. Curtis and mums screaming. Strange stuff was happening, but we're all survives and all is good, except for Betty's Burgers andChapel Street, but that's just unlucky for that one. I'll introduce the ladsbefore we get into the week to review, where we go through the winners andloses. PILCH. How are you mate? Good. Thanks, mate. It's good to hear and James Curtis back for another episode. How areyou good? Thanks, mate. was bed before the way half an hourfor pilch. But yeah, fair enough, low blow, low blow on thebody. But it was about twenty minutes, but he didn't warn usat thirty, so I'll give him cut off for that. But I'll stillan interesting act our winners and loses. I won't start this week because Iusually start off. I'll get I'll share the light. We'll go what goto curtis this time. Actually I think we started because last time. Anyway, we'll go with him again. who were your major winners coming out ofweek two? We'll start off with the Ravens and specifically love Marth. Firstwin over the chiefs and pay him home. So it got to give him creditthere being watching a few media outlets say that's like a big step,like a big company to get over. So hopefully sets him up well forthe rest of the season, especially given their teams. Pretty compromise given injury. Second one will go with the raiders and car the tour and no,they're looking at ly. They beat Pitt who actually look pretty sourcing in thefirst, first game the season against against the bills, and I'm gonna beboldy and say car is a genuine MVP candidate right now. He's thrown forover eight hundred yards in the first week. Is Up there with the big boys, and he also sent some stats suggesting that over the last three seasonshe's in the category of my homes and Rogers. That only qb's to haveless than ten interceptions and over four thousand yards in a season. so He'sa bowler. And finally, we'll go with the panthers and Donald Clues,but as well as the raiders, they're looking pretty elite. That again,that to a no Dal throne for twenty six of thirty eight three hundred fiveyards to days and into and Donald's looking pretty solid and a lot better thanhe was looking at the jets. Yeah, I've actually doubled up on your secondand third ones there. I had the Ravers Raiders in the playoff predictionepisode we did before the season. I actually had them just missing out,I think, and I had the steelers on I think, the same amountof wins. So they're going to be wild card rivals for that AFC wildcard positions, assuming they somehow don't somehow, like miraculously, be the chiefs towin the division. So that's a pretty big win over them. Thestills did have some defensive injuries. I know Tj what injured himself like thefirst quarter, but to put twenty six points up against that defense, it'svery impressive. I was really impressed by...

Henry Rugs, but for a breakoutgame for him. And I really liked that their attack was a little bitmore rounded this week. I think about four or five blokes had over threecaptures, which is good to see. Hey, I hate offenses who justgo through one person, and sometimes the raiders do that, because that's notreally sustainable in a in a playoff situation, because they'll just lock down that blokein your fucked. But yeah, good, good to know that theycan share it around a bit. And Yeah, also the Panthers Division rivalin the same as if they won this game in a close one, Iprobably would have mentioned them here because I think the sage just had a awfulday on both sides of the footy. But the fact that they absolutely pummeledthem, I think it's worth a shout out. And I was looking atthat schedule and it's absolutely outrageous. They don't play a team with a positiverecord from last season until week twelve. Tampers. Yeah, so they playedthe dolphins in week twelve and until of them they don't play another team.You had to put positive record last year. So I would just I think they'reovers and unders right now with the betting agencies is about eight and ahalf. I would be sticking some on the overs on that one because they'restacked everywhere, every like. Look they're stacked. So that's eleven. Elevenweeks of playing teams with negative records from last year. Let's say they're alreadytwo and no like. I could definitely see them go on like eight andthree, seven and four, something like that, and yet to think they'renot going to get more. They in a half wins like I think thatwould be tough to do. The take a second half of the season capitulation. Obviously it is only two games, so it's a small sample size,but I think it's not a bad shout and my NFC numbers seven in termsof the Third Wild Carter had ten wins as well. So they're I thinkthey're going to be written that mix just purely because they've had a pretty easyschedule and it's quite frankly, I'm a bit worried for the Texans Anus onThursday night Footye, this week, pil choss. Who are your winners?Mate, going to have to agree with everything you boys have just said CuzI had Baltimore and raiders as well. Yeah, very fair. I thinkthey were the three clear winners. Huge monkey off the back for Lamar.Yeah, I'm not going in doing a handstand into the end zone. Bitof a piss though. Fair play to him, but yeah, three definitewinners out of that one. The losers. I'll start off of mine. Gota bit more abstract here this week with the losers because I was struggling. There weren't too many teams, based off my preseason predictions, who havereally liked their week to result really change my opinion. So I'm going witha position here, and it's just quarterbacks in general. I don't think manyquarterbacks had a good weekend. Six of the starters have come or come awaywith injury designation. Some have been downgraded since then. We've already lost fitsfrom last week and nine QB's had two or more turnovers. So just wasnot a good one at all, especially for the young quarterbacks. We sawHerbert not not have the greatest game in terms of his box score. JoeBarrow had three interceptions in three plays and then the rookies in like Zach Wilsonand Trevor Lawrence had absolute stinkers. So I don't know, they're in Shitsituations that I'm not back like saying the shit players, but they just didn'tplay well on the weekend. So, yeah, there weren't many quarterbacks comingout of it with the smile on their face. And Yeah, that's quitewe're quite rare because usually we're just frothen all the quarterbacks. But yeah,I don't think too many had a good weekend. Then the only team Iwill pick on this week is the Miami Dolphins. Think I predicted them towin about twelve matches this year and I'm okay with them losing to the bills. I expect the bills to beat them, but to lose thirty five Neil islike actually fucked and they played in...

...the last round of the regular seasonlast year and they also lost by a similar margin. So, especially athome like that's just not on. I was listening to a pro football focuspodcast and they actually said statistically, there are Oline had the worst performance everrecorded by any oline ever. So well, I assume since they started recording stats, which I'm not sure when that is. So, yeah, that'spretty outrageous. Obviously to a got hurt, but even before he left the gameinjured, like they were doing nothing. I think you got sacked twice inand he only had like four attempts. So yeah, Jacobe prissette came instruggled, but yeah, not good signs for Miami. I don't like. I'm it's not the end of the world. They beat the Patriots lastyear, but this is something they've definitely got to get over because obviously theyplayed the bills twice a year and it's not good to just be getting pumpedlike this. And then, finally, the officials. That had a bitof stinker this weekend. Two notable calls. The Julio touchdown. First of all, I think the rules absolute rubbish. So, for those who didn't knowwhat happened, the rule is like you can do like the toe tap, so you have to get both feet in, but if you plant yourtoe and then proceeds like plant the rest of your foot, your heel hasto be in as well, like so you could put your you can toetap and have your toe in but then if you put your heel down andthat's our it doesn't count as a couch, which I just don't think that makesany sense. Like if your toes were in in the first place,I think you're all good anyway. So they claim that he is, he'llcame down the line, they went to the replays, took maybe four minutesto review it. It went up as a touchdown. There was absolutely noclear evidence either way. I'll admit. You couldn't tell that it was definitelya touchdown or it wasn't, and they said that that was conclusive enough tocall a non touchdown. So, yeah, I don't know. Thankfully didn't costthem the game because they came home and took the took the chockey's thanksto the Seattle kicker missing an extra point earlier on the game. But ityeah, that was a bit of a stink. And then also the chargescowboys game. I have to say the officials really took the find out ofthis one. Like it was still a good game in the end, butthere was just so many fouls it was actually outrageous. I think the chargershad about thirteen. They had two touchdowns called back, but the bad callwas Herbert was running back in I think it was. That what I meantheir last offensive drive. He was running back about ten yards behind the lineof scrimmage try to get us throw away and you could probably argue as intentionalgrounding, because the balls like no where anyone. But they claim that hegot sacked just because you was like moving backwards while throwing it, even thoughthat happens, like if you just watch mahomes he throws it like five timesa game moving backwards. But yeah, that was a pretty average call ata crucial point. I don't think it really cost in the game, butI think they let themselves down with some ill discipline. But yeah, thatwas pretty frustrating, I don't think, and that those two calls were likein the space of about twenty minutes as well. So, yeah, wasn'ttheir finest hour for the officials. Pilch, who your biggest losers, mate?And obviously the officials robbed the giants on Thursday night. These rocking aboutthat one, Yep. But my two losers going to have to say thesaints, purely beus their office offense, they're entire offense just stinks and justawful loss to the panthers and then Vikings, not necessarily because they played badly,but the kickers missed a twenty five yard after in the game and they'repretty much just cooked their entire playoff chances based off that one kick. Sonot good. Not Good if you're Vikings Fan. Yeah, and they've gota tough schedule coming up and I didn't actually know this, but apparently they'vequite an extensive history of bad kicking chokes,... that would not have been funviewing. It was a shame because of that we didn't get to seethat game on TV here in Australia, but it look like a really interestinggame until the fourth quarter both teams sort of just shut the bed. Butyeah, they Minnesota not look the worst in the first two rounds but yeah, as you said, playoffs are pretty much already ruled out this early inthe season for them. Kurt, who are your loses? Me, I'vegot a couple different ones. First One's got to be the the jets andWilson. Obviously it was bit of a stinker for majority of the rookies thisweek in the qb area, but he had four inchs zero touchdowns. LookPretty worrful and got a bit of a I wouldn't say ripping or talking tofrom from the coach, but you know, he said he needs to learn toplay some boring football sometimes, which is a bit of a statement Ithink. And then finally I got the saints and Winston. Winston returned backto his old cell, which was a worry for the saints. You wenteleven of twenty two and had two interceptions while having no touchdowns. So thinkif the saints are going to be good this year it's going to be upto Winston. So they need to ensure that he's back to throwing td's andliving therese interceptions. Yeah, like I still know what happened in that game, to be honest, like after watching them a week, one like that'sjust crazy. I know the panthers defense played really, really well, butyeah, the saints are alarm was cooked. I think Kamara had about eight yardsfrom five carries or five yards from a carry, something like that.Yeah, they just couldn't move anything. The saying is but yeah, that'sbit disappointing. They've got a massive matchup this week against the Patriots, whichwill be a big clash of the arguably the two best coaches in the competitionawards. Time. Time to crown some champions of week two. I'll letpilchaw run US off here, mate, who you're a war? Winners forthe week. So we're doing AFC and NFC offensive players of the week.Yep, Yep. So I've Gone Barrick Henry and Aaron Jones. Just bothenormous games. Jones four touchdowns, three of them receiving touchdowns, which wasquite interesting, and then Henry, just as use yourself, pretty much putthe entire team on his shoulders. No way they would have got him closeto the seahawks without him. And then my rookie offensive rookie of the week. I've given it to Rondel Moore, who looks like an absolute beast ofa receiver for the cardinals and looks like Kylamarie really likes them as well.Yeah, I'll just jump in because I have him as well. I'll giveyou some information about it. Who He is? So He's five foot seven, automatically not the ideal height to be a receiver, but he's absolutely rapid. Second round peak. Then I did some background research. He made afew like publications all American College Team in two thousand and eighteen. This was, I think he's first year in college football. He actually had the mostreceptions in the whole of college football and this was his first year of collegefootball. You had about a hundred and fourteen receptions and I'll I looked atthe kind of people who've cracked a hundred since two thousand and seventeen and theyinclude Jefferson, Pittman Gallop and Davontee Smith. So He's in good company there.Since then, in college he only played seven games because of injury andthen last year opted out because of covid so and the second round he couldbe an absolute steal for Arizona. He had a hundred fourteen yards, includinga seventy seven yard td. You also scored another touchdown that got brought backoff a little like shovel play. So he looks like a pretty interesting weaponthat Arizona Can News Viah I thought I...

...was provided a bit in front thatGm Kurt who who your award winners? I see play the week had meman car as I said before, series MVP Combo, and I think he'sshowing that he actually is one of the elite qb's in the comp despite beingon what in the past has been a pretty average team with a dog shitdefense. So think he is showing some prospects there. rotains that MBP formof a few years ago when he was in the conversation. And IFC paythe week, I had myself Kyle Mary. had four hundred yards, three tds, two ints and also add a Russian td. So absolute bowler,being a big play on the fantasy as well. And for offensive rookie ofthe week, I had myself Mac Jones. He had a pretty boring game,but he kind of did in that Patriots way where yeah, did turnto turn a footy over. Had Twenty two of thirty completions and had ahundred eighty six yards. So I think he deserves it. It creates thereand it's his first win in the NFL. Yeah, UND percent. I don'tknow why I was remember this. I heard this on a podcast today. Because of the hurricane that went through New Orleans, the saints have beenon the road for like five weeks and they were saying that it was abig factor behind the weekends capitulation. But Yeah, Mac Jones could tear thema new one on the weekend. We'll see. My award winners. TheN IFC I had Cooper Cup, a hundred sixty three yards from nine catches, two touchdowns. Huge reason probably the difference really between the rands and thecolts. Obviously whence went down later probably didn't help the colts as chances,but already looks like Human Stafford boys from way back. Another one who Ithought, I thought deserved dimension was Tony Pollard. I think without him thecharges win that game. You had a hundred nine yards from thirteen carries,including a touchdown, thirty one yards from three catches. He looks insane andlooks like it's almost going to be a bit of a time share there,because polarge just that good when he gets involved. Then in the AFC,obviously Derrick Henry just having thirty five carries a loan as ridiculous, but tohave five point two yards for carry on those that volume is insane. Alsohad fifty five yards in the air, which is not bad for someone whoapparently can't catch the ball. Three touchdowns as well. And Yeah, asPilch said, just guide to the boys home after say I sort of Ididn't bag him out, but I was saying the times were running the balltoo much, but I obviously forgot that he's an absolute fourth quarter beast whenit comes to just wearing them down, and him and tanners it on abit of a show in the last in overtime, in the last quarter interms of those final drives. They just couldn't make an era really. Andthen defensive player of the week, I went with a rookie defensive end actually, Gregory Roussou. Never heard of the block in my life. Obviously he'sa rookie, but he was part of the Buffalo Front that destroyed the miamioline, so I thought a buffalo man deserved it. He had two sacksand two tackles for a loss. So yeah, pretty impressive there. Andalso shout out to Mike Edwards, who had to pick six has for Tampiin the space of about three minutes, even though the second one was prettydodgy because someone just blocked the past and it just flew up in the airand he just came and caught it and rent it in. But yeah,still pretty impressive to do that. All right, onto the week three preview. Feels weird just jumping straight from a week to review till week three preview, but I've actually been telling I'm going to tell you our results for theseason, the short bet upset and the bedding spreads that we pick. Wehad pretty good week and round one we got all of our short bets,most of our upsets, thanks to the...

Dallas Cowboys, and then the spreadsbit of a different story. Pilch, it all right, he was inthe positive. Being Kurt not so much, but we'll try and rewrite those wrongsthis week. Right, sure bet, boys, Curtis, who you lockit in here? Got The cardinals are the JAGS? Jacks Look PrettyDog shitting that first week, so we went first. Add second week tobe fair. So yeah, got it back. There is cardinals with herbefore from Kayla again. Yeah, assuming that once I'll televised in Australia.I want to see I want to see. Arizona is so bad. They're likeone of my favorite teams to watch. But yeah, if they're going tokeep playing the Jacks, I don't think we're going to get to watchany time soon. Pilch, WHO's your surebet? May exactly the same.Run cardinals over the JAGS. Yeah, fair enough. So I think wecan pens for those two in I've gone differently. This was that was theonly other one I was contemplating. As Curtis was saying to me off fairbefore, there's actually not that many this week, but I've gone the Thursdaynight game. Just think with the tire or tailor injury. By the way, shoutouts to ty d Taylor, like actually shocking, like I think thisis the third year in for that he's injured himself in week two and lostthe starting role. So yeah, just sucks for him. Obviously at thecharges last year and then in two thousand and eighteen with Baker. So yeah, and he was actually looking all right. But I just think, like,no criticism to this new bloke, but pretty much he's well, itis his first start up against a red hot defense. I just don't seea world where he used to get the Darb and it is Thursday night footy. I don't like picking things on Thursday night foot you because it's always alittle bit unpredictable because it usually lower scoring and stuff like that because the shortturnaround. But yeah, I just surely Houston aunt scoring double digit points hereand I tell you what, I'm not looking forward to that game at allupset of the week. I'll start us off. I've been back and forwardwith this one all day since I picked it, but I'm backing in myGuart here. I've gone the packers to beat the forts. First game inSam friend for the year and the packs of paying two dolls forty eight.I was just looking up some stats, because obviously areon rodgers has. Thewhole thing with forty nine is because he grew up in the area supported them. They had picked one in the draft. The Rodgers went and they took AlexSmith over him, and then robbers famously slid all the way down totwenty four. So yeah, wanted to have a look at the history.There any averages passed? Rating of a hundred and seven against San Francisco?So yeah, I'm backing in a Rogers Clinic. I don't think Sam frandwalls. It's a fact that Sam friends offense did not look good at allagainst Philadelphia and the packers defense isn't in great form at the moment. Butyeah, I'll back them in to get over the line and in an interestingone. So that's my upset of the week. Pilch, who you lockingin here once again? Exactly the same. I think packers are very good chanceto beat. Then miners could just because Rogers is back and they lookedback to their best against Detroit. Yeah, it should be an interesting matchup becauseboth sighs like the two matchups, if you get what I mean,a sort of in similar form. Like the forty niners offense hasn't hit theirstraps yet and well, they played well in week one, but it wasagainst Detroit. And then the packers defense hasn't. But then on the otherside of the bull the packers are and the forty nine is d both lookpretty good based on the weekends action. Curtis, I'm assuming you're not lockingthat in because you are forty niners man, so I'm interested to hear what hewas going for. A bit of a rogue one. I've gone thecharges over the chiefs. I just back back herb in this week. Ecklerlooked himself last week and you've got some...

...serious confidence in the herb given lastwith last years performance against the cheeks. And Yeah, I think the charges, I would say I the real deal, but I think they're they're solid.They're solid team and they can knock off the top the top dogs ona given day. Yeah, it's an interesting one from you. I haveto say it was staff that that was one of the ones I thought of. Byron. The only thing I don't like about it is that the chieflost last week. Just don't think they'll lose back to that games, butherberts of freaking web so anything that happen, you never know. or at spreadstime. I went pretty much one from five last week and I needa re right my wrongs. I've gone fewer this week, so hopefully thatmeans I've concentrated my pigs more and just gone with the good ones. Myfirst one is Arizona. The line is seven and a half. They're obviouslyfavorites. They're playing at Jacksonville. I actually all my pics this week.You're away team, so maybe I'm just a fool and not factoring that in. But yeah, I reckon as Curtis said. But the short bet,I just think what both of you said with the short bet. I justthink it's a pretty much a locked W and seven and a half style muchthat's only still pretty much a touch converted touchdown in the field goal. Soyeah, back them in. And my other two are underdogs. This isa roague one because they obviously put on enough slute stinker on the weekend.But the jets at the Broncos, the lines ten and a half. Bothhave great defenses and that's what I'm hoping keeps it low scoring and hopefully that'swhy the margin is less than ten to half. Obviously wouldn't pick the jetsand head to head, but I can foresee it being like a cheeky nineteen, two twelve sort of situation here for interceptions for the game. Now,stiff on Teddy. And then my final one, bears at the browns.Browns have a few injuries, like Javis land ring stuff. Not sure ifOdell's going to play. I think they will make him play. But moreimportantly, the bears defense looks really, really, really hot right now.I know stuff. It exposed them a couple times on the weekend, butI think all in all it's a good it's a good defense. The brownsweren't that convincing actually in their dispatching of the Texans on the weekend. Iwanted a bit more. You know, twenty, thirty point dub. They'renot necessarily a ten point dub. So yeah, bears the line seven anda half and I reckon they could keep it close in Cleveland. Curtis,what are your spreads that you like? I was really a fan of.Me Need to be fair, so I just had the one the ravens atnow you seven and a half. Can just see them when you buy abit more than that. But yeah, I wasn't really a fan of Ineed to be fair, so I just kept to that single one. Yeah, that I found this week a bit tougher in all sort of all sections. But then again, I cooked it last week, so maybe maybe lastlywas on and I was just a baker. But Peel, chill, you goingwith here? May Naturally, cardinals seven and a half and packers plusthree and a half, and then I'm going to go in the plus fiveand a half against the titans. Just think that'll be a close game,divisional matchup. I think five and a half is to too big. Yeah, I tell you what, if if I didn't have question marks about whencehis health, that was going to be my upset of the week. Idefinitely think that's a sniff. I'm a little bit concerned about Wenzy, butconcerned about went because he stinks, so the backup won't make a difference.Well, I mean, like they'll play Wentz and hems be at twenty percentof Wentz. So that's not positive. When how about is a warrant?Yeah, that's that was my concern.

But like as yeah, you couldbe right, they could rule them out, but I do like that one.I think. Well, the colts hopefully can put a stop to DerrickHenry. You think they would have a way, given that they have agood defense in their division rivals. But that's going to be a huge game. It's only week three, but that's one of the closer division titles inmy opinion. I had the cults actually taking it this year after a coupleyears of titans getting up. So yeah, that's going to be a big one. Aj Brown looking for a bit of a bounce back game after astinker on the weekend. So yeah, that's going to be an interesting oneto watch. As a key saying, hopefully that's televised in Australia. Idon't think the shed just come out for the TV yet. But yeah,so that will do us for today. For the ANA, and how Isaid Ana, for the NFL review and preview episode. If you feel likeit, feel free to check out the fantasy one that would just about torecord. But thanks for joining me, lads, and cut you next time. She's.

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