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UEFA Champions League Team of the Decade - Episode 9


Hamish is joined by his older brother and host of The Watcher Podcast, Lachy, as well as first overseas guest on the show, Rhett Martin. The fellas discuss the UEFA Champions League Team of the Decade with a bit of a twist, the current football situation around the world and a little bit on UFC 249.

Rochis iwelcome back to episode nine ofthe honorble podcast today I am joined by my older brother for his firstappearance on the show. Lockam corconil welcome at yeah. Gooda guys are sdoing and we have a new guest as well. Sowe've got tonyew guests ret Martin welcome hat alriyh howd. How are youyeah good? You were saying you just finished watching the fight did youenjoy it. Ayit was insane. I Hate Ferguson, to be honest, but Iwas a te thing that shitng o Otin yehwith Althe, five good as well o justthat one main and Garnin was good. You knocked out the other Blak in liketwenty seconds yeah, but I'm not really surprised, butwith that way, all right. So today we're actually nottalking about UFC we're talking about soccer, which is probably up there asmy favorite sport that, even though we haven't done an episode on it yet soI'm Hap I'm happy to finally be chatting about the world game as it'sknown. So today we have tasked ourselves with what we have found outto be an impossible activity, really we've pickede UCL, soChampions League team of the decade, but we've limited it to one player perclub. So, for example, renowtough will Christian an Renowtheyre, not fat rer.Now, though, he crosses out ral, Madrid and Euphentis, meaning no one else inthe side can can have played for those two teams in the decade in theChampions League, so very difficult because it basicallymeans you have to have like eleven to Fifteein clubs representedpretty much and when you get down to like the Fifteenth Best Club in Europe,you you're struggling to find anyone who knows how to kick a ball. So should we just get straight into thegoalkeeper yeah ican yeah, that's Gor, all right! You Guy, lock who's yourGill Kir Peta check and go from Chelsea in Arsenal. Fifty threechampions or games. Three saves game, probably one of thebetter keepers in Europe for the past ten years or when he was playing anyway and was part of that Chelseawinningsite CONEF. What Year was wo thousand and twelve here, twothousandad twelve betin BI penalties. So I've gone with that Pete check and Ithink you can go too wrong. WITHA check and goal wod. You go for radolfs I've gone withallblack and go ifyo Four appearances, ICO tweanty, seven cleen sheets, Ofifty percent clean sheet ratio, which I think is pretty insane the ChampionsLeague or I can, I think, you'd have to be a best shot stuff, bof tit that hasbeen the the past Dekade Zero Point: Seven Two Gos peg game and say thatyeah, just the Spino that side Arca to. I wanted to pick him but yeah,because I think if you go stout for start he's, probably better than check,but the stune ar over and down here, checks, probably bit better with thisfeet, but that's about it yeah! Just Das, we have the finals win,yea, an Listin as that, as well as the fact that what had a genuine racis before I thinkit was because I picked another aletter Cot playe or soeing yeah. It was mynext keeper, but I went with him just so. I could get another LETI CO playerin yeah, Pretty Fair, yeah Ikaya. I can't remember why butyeah I wan't check, but they were very close. It's pretty yeah pretty much a flip of a coin. Forthat one wherd you go with to. I do go check, but they would clury the two best options.I reconlect tires caseus to Stagen, but obviously, if you want to get messy inRenal Te, you can't Um. You can't pick those players yeah based on hearrules, so men lock got check. You've got odd black. What about wait? Whatformation you guys rolling with by the way I've gone a four for two, I'm notnthroin a back four three three with the CDM be o. What we describe on faver is thefour three thry four formation. So just one of the one of themidfieldes is a cam pretty much overpower time. Aanasyeah. It was on goto in like t seventeen, so I'll back it... for my team of the decade. So who have you got for right, back,lock, Dio Sharna from Shackta Donesk Pide,forty one game. So this is one of the ones where I sort of just had to findfind someone Ho Bitin up games. Buwe have like fifty seven ty passes inforty one games. It was a to to and a half tack was agame. Two interception. Three clearances is pretty good playerpassing at eighty one percent as well Ofu forty parts, I th game- think it'spretty solid to play. Forty one games in the CHAPINS LGU over the deae decadefor Shactas a pretty pretty solen for O recond to be onest. Have you onw the Ame one cook? No, I was tempted that I was verytempted, but I went with someone who's a bit more known than that man. I went. Oh, the reason was actuallybecause I'm embarrassed to say this, but one of my senobacs played forShacktas. So that's a little previeus to how badmy team is. So I went with Philit warm just upso store, wather byand. Heplayed eight seasons in this decade. I think maybe seven and every single oneof them he got out of the group stage. They won in t o thousand and thirteenagainst Dortman in the final, and they made two other finals. They lost thoseto inter an Chelse but still good effor. To get there just a weapon really average about toKEYP passes a game completed about four accurate, longballs game, both pretty pretty pressive for a full back and yeah he's notdefensively the best fullback, but with the intern like passing and stuff likethat, he's doesn't get much better than Phil arm. So that's what I've gone withwhove you gone for right. This is the most rogue shout on. We side is playedfourteen games in the Champions League Mazarali from ix yeah. I think he's t elevel that he produced for iax las season was maybe better than some of the otheroptions that I had down. So I've got down forty passes per game at an eightytwo percent accuausly and five point four tackles and interceptions par gamewhen I compared it to some of the other players on the list. It was just like just streaks ahead, so I hade to makeconcession somewhere, so he sneaks in there. We considering anyone else o than sen aLok or no really O, not really. It was one of the lastpositions I did eside. I didn't really wasn't looking at any of the big clubsthat hat already selected players from so itwas just tri o pants o value.There is loking at pis check, but this yeah didn't produce Muh e yeah. That'snot bad already had that Brucia taken though yeah yeah, so yeah I did it like. I did it from starts, so if theydidn't like qualify for me, I didn't allow myself to pick them, but Iprobably should have just Picke Pich check just quietly before Thi Sea isclaiming his eeft up and then he's pick a shit team, yeah onotready for my Eoactsand left back Ayeah. So I went with alarm, but youknow it's just really. It was just a shitshoot really, I think think he'sbeen the best yeah he's, probably better than most of them out there butyeah I was. I went liles pretty critical of your pick of Mazarao whenyou tolght me last night, but now I've seen my side anything about it. So yeah, alright, lest Nack, lock, Ovyou gone. This is my strangest pick. I've got Alex tellers from Porto. I waslooking at him. Yeah thirty Ay thirty three games ad forty five ke passes,probably the weakest player. On My side I just one and a half tackles the game:Two ineceptions Anto, an Alf clearancees per game and then just twenty eight pastes. Justunder eighty percent accuracy, a storebal of FC Porto myman's Alextellers, they made a couple mede a couple finals rouna. Sixteen, I think, maybe aquartirfial appearance. So that's sort of got me over the edge because I didn'treally want to pick anyone who hadn't really progressed to the last eight orlast. Sixteen of the COMP can't say I've done that ther Yeahi know that sucks, because thatmeans I can only really pick players from the big clups, but I just thinkit's important that these guys have at least played quarter finals, somethingin Championlipe same thin. Did you did you? Did you pick tellers,O o Dein for for balance in the side of had to leave out probably the biggestname, but I've gone with Sandro left back Alexandra Padetyeah. I know itRoges chat but balane. I would have picked me if I could Avfo a secondplayer from you thay, but yeah I had to go for bauance O go Sandro left back,so he's played at Porto and at UV sixty... appearances and five, five of them at Yubay e finaland two quarterfinals yeah. It's just it hurts, but I know I felt like my team neededbalance and it had enough if our uptop so yeah Wha i's Tot I'm spread out. Andit doesn't help that hes a like atwo club player where at least a messy he's only crossing out off one clublike it any other bar O, playe wood, so yeah, I think Tak best teams it to mostsuccessful clubs. Yeah it's hard. It's a hard field follow, but Yeaso leftback. I think you've one left back if IM honest, because I get ver glad judgeme. Okay, I've gone with Christian feks on of Shaka and list of fame. He made. Let's try make this sound half decent.He made the round of sixteen three times the quarter finals. Once I thinkthat was with Leister, he averages just under five tuckles andinterceptions a game. Three Point: Eight cleanances, just under two keypasses a game so not bads deats, but H he's only played like seventeen oreighteen matches, so it's pretty shot selection, but my issues are lack whereI was thinking of Lucio but who played for Inter, but lock made me aware ofthe fact that he played ninety seven minutes for you, Ventus in two thousandand fourteen. So because of that those two matchers. I couldn't pick him whata prick and then obviously jordy album masello obvious reasons and then FilipeLouise play for Chelsea, so yeah because of Pete check. Couldn pickhimselfs stuck with an absolute shitbox and I could have gone farther players, butyou know I'll back him in he's, actually funny Bo, so I'll get aroundAl Right. SENTABACS can I start and yeah. Hopefully, by the time you guyssay it's forgotten who IV said a right, I actually don't know who these playrsare so ill trimeso once in a back. I haven't done, starts for these guys,because I don't even want to talk about it for long, but I've got AlexanderKushar of Shakda Danet Shakda made the quarters once around asixteen twice he's pretty much been there, the whole decade so yeah and then the next block is SorgiIgnoshevic, who is from Siaska Moscow, and they met the quarters once aroundas sixteen once and that's about it so et. Who Have you gone with? Okay, I'm just gonna yeah we're justgoing to cross over that all right, fair enough, good, good, cener backParan, not talking boutbarrassed, the first ineback of going with Manas fiftyappearances this decade in the Champions League, including that one that one run to the semifinal, where Ican Pashin, probably allison at the back in Jaco uptop, it was their keyplayer, got tha the winning goal against Barsa in the quarterfial. Ithink, and they also kept a clean che against messy and Co, which I think wasprobably the highlight of his average career, probably ry, but yeah Hitin Cop alongsideyeah Reay forgotten o year, Oyour Bo Wever seithersitting in front of me, yeah longside him of going withvan Di, who just pite only being two years: Af, liver, pooll, two finals and- and I think it's just how to Argu withher good, is pain and yeah. Just the difference ACAN betweenLiverpool being you know, pretty average and then just moving up gears,and you got two girls and to assist on the way to thet the final and the winlast year, including a goal and Assistan ainst buying in thequarterfinal just turn that came away from home. So Yeh ban, Dackan, meahhe's,probably pat from Si Legi, reckon he's probablythe second best player in the world right now, IFFE ONS, it's I it's a boldshitout you're, also liveer pool fan yeah the way Yo. As you were sayingright, the way you turn p from Thi decent team to instant Premier Leagueand Champions League contended ond winners, like I don't think many otherplayers could do that. Yeah he's a go he's God it you gone with. Lok I've got first cente back as DiegoGoden pat out. Forty three games has a high niteen, seven, seven clearances agame and three point: Six aeral jewels. One per game he's also also complete. Fifty Onepastes, a game; ih. Sorry, that's Mel, the PLAYERF, thirty three thirty threepast espet game, eight percent, which I...

...think is pretty good. I, like mySenerbacks, being able to pass it for Yo as well, and I've paied him up with I just actually just quickly. Also. Hewas part of the two losses to ream a did in Twendy Fourdenan and sixteen Whiis pretty stiff to pay e two chapis like finals and not come away with thewin in either of them and then hes paired up with Tiago Silver plad.Seventy one games he's one and a half tackles a game. Fivepoint: Six clarances to point six inteceptions and he's also fifty onpasses a game at ninety one percent. So it's a little more stro at the CENTAPACposition, just threadened balls, yeah yeah, I'm happy with TNAT percentaboutparent, Godin and silver yea, both good chatter yeah, the easily better Noti, both your playesafer to say better than mine. I don't onest, probably truet, explain why I'vegone with those sen of acks, so basically I'v Ot a list of ten here. So I've got Masharano pepay who areboth out CAS e Bass of Madrid. Then I've got Nistagich and hervaders whoare both in their own right, dodgy selections, but they both payit forShalka and because I have Christian fuks, I couldn't pick them and then I also have chabby because apparentlyon who's according to who scored, he was a centerback for the first threeyears of the decade. So I'm Ey, I'm not picking hi it senaback because he'sjust not sent er back and be H. pay for Barser. So left me with like two Russians Ukranian and the textbloke. So I'm just confused by these criteria.After he, honest yeah, I know well Weron, so I went through hyear. Ipicked like five or six starts that for each position that I wrate and then Ipicked life the top to and each start. So the problem is, if someone's like,consistent and like fifth and each start, they're not going to be pickedup, byn my criteria, so the teams who get wrecked in the group stage, whichmeans the CENTABACS, have to do a lot more work. They got picked up a loteasier than say son, like chargo silver, whose lock was saying earlier, makeslike less than one tacklan match in Legar, so yeah that kind of plans why I've endedup with that haws Shit, so rod the rest of my team still shit, butthey are people you know so I'll. Just go with mymidfield W go out to Tiagroselver in the PG team for not progressing past the quarterfostageyeah a sure. I Tur, touching on that I'llroll into my shouto mark overady for round a sixteen four quarter finals sowell done to Peste, really good yukit money. I don't really have a reason why it'sin the side, just pers g was one of the better clubs left.He averagee. Like one point, three key passes a match. One Point: Six trigglesjust really sets up pst from the base of midfield, just little Mastrodistributor, Iwould, say Heis, like the current closest version to what shabhywas, but obviously e's, not as good, but he has a similar playstyle. wherehe's a cm bud, he doesn't necessarily do heaps of like defensive work. So That's who I've gone with Toparen. Iwent with someone who's a bit more defensive minded to makeup for his lackof defense. I've gone for the Victo Wuanyama, who was an absolutely Roge Shi. He plaed the Celtic and Totam in theChampions League. He made a final with totten last season and he made threeround S. sixteen averages four tackles a match, twointerceptions and three clearances, so just a defensive work course. Really. When I got my list of CDMs, I prettymuch had a list of like thirty names and there was only four blokes. I couldpick because, like half of the won from Bass Ar bying or round yeah, that's fit yeah othe. Other options I was thinkingabout was like Mattich Tiago, who used to play for Letti, Co,Madrid, but yeah same same really and then Il justcomplay Myminfield t at Cam. I've got ever Benega from Valencia and severe.He hasn't even really played much in the Champions League, so just anothershot selection. For me, I think he's played like sixteen or seventeenmatches the completed. Almost four dribbles a match. One Point: six Gipasses, so he' slows small and fat, but he is a my he's, a mister on the NUST. He knowshow to his foots, like a wand, so yeah...

...and same reason for CDM. I had a listof like fifteen cams and by the time I crossed out all the big club sells downto work to so it was like he more pisy and I'm notpicking Pitty, so ev Benago, what Aboa, and also, if we're talking Fefa Green Link withmessy because of Argentina Lalegaso, also think about the chemistry you could als Ye, also just pack or onRekelmy Ono need to mention that you packed him.May I didn't say that you just said it, though all Ighwhohave you gotn your midfield lock. So I've got I'll start with my rockat CDM,which is Forbino from Monaco and Liverpool PA its bre. Thirty sixchampions league games just like seventeen key passes, whichie cauhpt from my cdm he's. Making three tackles s game two interceptionsjust under two clearances and is thirty. Three pastes game at eighty percent waspart of the two Bonoco rudns o. Then they had a run that had a quarterfinal running twothousand and fifteen when she was the part of and then thesoin filler aroundo thoeand and seventeen, which he was also a part of Thim, pretty sure andthen obviously, more recently, most notably part of the Liverpool side thatwon the champions like last year, just a successful player and someoneexactly the type of player I want at my rock position at CDM. Yeah Fair enough seems like Teipyeah, you've sold it. Your Soi y Boardit, you've told the package whel man, Irespect till my Bande to I've got myther to as well, so these two have bit more o likecreative type players, so the first one I've gone with is Wesley. SNADER was the fans payt of the final in twothousand and ten champions leg final when they beat by a munic tonil. Heplayed forty eight games for, Inter and Galataseri with thirteen assisten tengoals. He was at two and half Ke passes game surprisingly, like around aninterceptionof game and was making forty passes at eighty three percent cread to play a great Freaki taker aswell, and I paied him with another sort of attacking minded player in DavidSilver. Fifty one games, fo man, city, tennissis, eight goals. He was justover to keep ass. The game also surprisingly, was at one point, twotackles agatm and an interception, a game didn't realize he actually coulddefend, and then he was sitting twith aboutforty six passes at eighty six percent Se- and I was happy with that Davisilver also, another team thats hasn't really done that well or as well asthey should have been Champions League Ol cat stage over the past eers, who heplayed for in Spain like severe or something Espaniel, one of those shit side. I IlJS Sup, not bathh. That's all that is really for this ECTISOT. He was at Valencia same thing, yeah. I co' AK to twocentral Mi theaters ive gone with Madrich and Gondo, one so modridce for titles,just like just the heart eat of that side. Appen then Bfield was prettyunreal but cruse having played for Buyand, I just had to discount it wit o.It was also unreal at Byin, but year, moderate four titles, just eighty fivepercent past accuracy. I think just it's hard to kind of quantify, but what he brings outside, but I thinkin transition is probably the best play that they have seeing is or cruisesbasically in a wheelchair, yeah, probably walk, Fastanhe runs yeahall right and then for Goin do one in their run to the final he was justunreal. Just will pass Wif that stage arcan he in the semifinal. He was just he like, just controlled Kadira and MadrichAlonzo in the game where they one for one yeah. So I thought that was just prettyimpressive on the time and then it man tid he's also contributed with somemore going forward. So six girls and five assistant, the last few seasons tspretty pretty impressive zeropoint four four gorls, an Assiss Pernani, which ispretty insane for midfield, so yeah. Those are the two in midfield yeah. Then now you said that actuallywish. I pickd Goudnndo one because I kind of feel like I should have had arepresentative from every team who made t e a final this year and that wouldhave fon ad this decade and Thi would have ticked off Dortment, which I don'thave yeah so you'reot going to lie completely forgot about nine ten. Iforgot we, including nineteen, but it's right. The interplayes. Do you have anyenterplises of es stat yeah? The problem is, I was Shnider,probably would have made my team, given... bad my midfield is, but on whosescored? I think they're like around two thousand and nine to two thousand andtwelve. I think the positions are bit cooked because, as I was saying before,Chabbys a sente back and Nido was only appearing as a striker, so that's so yeah. He like hardly even showed uphim. My midfield starts, but I'm sure he would have made my team. If that wasmore accurate but yeah, I don't have it interplayer. I wanted to get lousherleft back with that little two games didnt. You Va Rin that I also don'thave a lio full player, which is shattering, but that's pot. I'm notGoina Li Mo Copanid up being a little book, a right wiing, a suck siwas goingto chuck Sallar and ther but sell placo Chelsea ANSTEADF Wen. You were tryingto pick people from every final made. The last two finals, yeah liverpor into Ano Yo, go to FICrobirtson Trent noon. Both would have been better. I could have gone tranptheyve only played yeah, but whatever transdown so far as better than whatyour right, backstone, surely yeah, but yeah theyr Shit, but they've playedmore than like two years in the Champions League, which Malove runwould have been better than whoever yeah Gino back mattit. You could have bee O meticaeset shelcer. Maybe he probably like came from the clubs they play for now. You probably play he probably plakelong fine. When he's like fourteen loveing Te, poor, mansment Diet, all the way round and oxo poor man'slovn wait. So what formation Youre olling isrich because you said your only four Fortue, so I've got letn like yeah.It's an IT'S! An attacking forfor yeah when you said Tomid field it sels likeit's I for to four Yeah clops coaching is Ta, we're not defending to beones.What's going on outside, there's Absolutel, you got phraser chasingmagpies, there's like six magpies, just chilling in the backyard and phrasesrunning around the backyard trying to scare them off. I couldn't tell you could tell you fromhow about MIT, but I can't se you panny yeah. No, I was trying to paint thePICTUR for red off. That's what six weeks of isolation does I guess so? Do you want to say your wing isthen rat first, because yeah tthe bit more like You d than M Yeah? No, I'mpretty happy with these to so. I've got on the right. I've got an bafet yeah, no hat's, good nineteen Gors,twelve assistant four seasonas. I was like that. I had varidian as well, andthen I saw those Taias like Cam on just ship off one point: one, nine one.Basically one point two goes in Sisper: Ninety sand that just hit one of thecrows with with the Cricket Ball R, somthing yeah. I wanted to be con. Happy buty decided to go for ready instead yeahias going to chuck him right wing and then just chack messy up top but yeah,basically what I've done and he's brace against Man City again and when he wasat Monica. I think that was like just announced him on the scene and thesince then it's been yeah, like obviously he's a beast supershe, but I like he reckond. It was more impressive of Monaco because, like theyhad a great stide, obviously, but it was like a lorth noar team and thenhe this factor hewas still just like producing yeah. I think he's justturned into an Dick Noses. It's less easy to lick him, but yeah. What wasThattmat was it. Was it the match? Agains me INSIDO. It was talking aboutwhere it was like four three or something yeah. It was like five ous. Itiding yeah in rating Backioko was still good yeahthat, because I was like the last year, Monico had the bast side really and nowit's Yeso, like borterline relegation, Foucous, sixty yeah, and then you go now this on the left.I've gone with rebery. I think he was one of their betterplayrs in the two third two thousand and thirteen champions Leagu when I think that'swhen they won thei trouble. If I'm correct and that yea you won that youwai for a player the year and was not made for e Valant or between TweantydSen Tosanda. Fifteen thirteen girls eight assists yeah, it's just amagician just one of the best in the word. At that point I think yeah fromall the buyind players I had to. I went with him yeah and he's beenthere for most of his carerssor didn't cancel that any of the othergiants like Crosse and Leandas he would have, but so yeah he's gone in yeah. He actually surprised me when Iwas looking at he starts. I feel like in my head. I always rated robin likeway higher than revery, but looking at the stats kind of yeah, if not on a par but rever isprobably argually better than Robin, which very shocked the ony thing, Robin Onan,an Ficcu ing the best pay in the final.

I basically wont me in a final, so Iwanted to put him in, but I didn't know if you played the Chelsea and stuffwell yeah. I, during Thi ta Lik rebree had a steeper decline than Robin Ohyeah, affer cliff Ian Se acase and he started getting injured like every nowand like all the time yeah like like two thousand and sixteen onwords, hewas hardly on the pitch and when he was, he was like slow as, as you were saying,yeah, just let's miss those staps after tweny Sixten, just basewhoave, you got for your wingerslock well, either way, just quietly your your formation is basically a fourtofour, the lads o Rockin back open out thefool Bak. I Li em tree though, because it's one year this front three you're goingto be like Badbooze, there's no defense to stop in this front. Three ever soI'll start with my leve winger, we go to Christiana, Redaldo and left winghundred and ten games hundred eight goals, just under two key passes game, took anridiculous six point: Three shots per game; Ijust, probably Wys, call so much. Tobe honest, it was just just under two dribbles a game at fifty eight percentsuccess rate was making twenty nine passes at eighty two, an HIV percentand was the pay of the final in ther two thousand and seventeen champions Leagu win over Youventus, nothing else really to say one of theone of the great players, Christalareoi, probably one of the great or, if notthe best, goalf score of all time. Just to Ik just knows how Tho score is Goinoalslute rocket on him can take free, kicks as well and then on my other Weyn we're it.whing I'V got my man Leo Messy Hundred One Games. Ninety five goals,twenty three assis just over to key passes game. He was at five shots agame as well four and a half dribbles at like a sixty percent success rateand also makes fifty three an hour passes per game ateighty six percent and was the player of the final in theTw Thousand and eleven victory over Mancheste United, nothing really to say the goat, that'sall, and then my senit forward striker is my man. Robert Leandowski he's gotfifty three girls and Ety Games. He's also got just he's, also gone an justoverkeep USS a game. Three three point: Stick Shots F gameit with half target, doesn't really Pase E, like sixteen pastes game, anseventy two percent, but I don't really want im passing the ballow on that manjust trying to rockat everything in the top corner, yeah and he showed is class and thattime he scored like five Gorls N, nine minutes or whatever I think they migthave been in the Buddilega, though, but that just shows the man's class andthat he's able to find the net yeah. That's frightening Friday fo youhave Leven, do ski redols. Now I'V got come to one condorman and Oh yeah.That's right. Ts Me to spread the talentman spread. The is trock. Thenyou see Mi. Are you going with you wing as best you have to have Messye? Iguess yeah I'll go my wings. First, I'm son, the Riting, I'm sorry, I'vegone with hole now he's at his that's all right, butcome from two thousand and ten to two thousand and fifteen. He was actuallygenuine weapon. He played for Porto and Zennets in the GROOP tation yeah he'steam, his teens war shit. He got out of the groups Stage three times in. Ithink six ATTEMTS, which is pretty deporable hethrew. He was playing for bad sides,so for him he average basically a goal. Every three games which for a wingerand a bad team, isn't that bad but like you, could do better huck colum brother,but the main thing for hulk is basically a better virsin of was o a Domitri Orri he's just an absolute base. He averagesfour point: Seven drigbles a match so he's basically just taking on anyonewho comes towards him and he's explosive. There was a time there where Brazilkind of leaned on him to take the attack forward so show how good he wasthat such a rich footballing nation would put such likeowners on his abilities and Yeah T's. I think if he maybe didn't go for moneyand went for well. I don't obviously know what offenyou was getting, but I do think he was chasing money going to sen it and thenShanghai, like I think at some stage he would have got a offer from a big fiveleague club, which could have seen him progressive bit more as a player, butyeah I've gone with him. Don't much really reason, but for methe strike is actually where left a lot... be desired. If I'm honest, so Idecided to pick Holka right wing and then move messy up top, because motherstriking options were like Sheco Torres and I just don't want either of them.So I've got messy uptop Taros, not basser out of the champions like oneyear, Oh yeah like to griat and hes prime,but he wasn't his prime very long. So that's why I didn't want to go him buthope shit. So what can I say so messes Ma striker and then obviouslyon the left wing, I've got CR, seven Gols Gom machine for titles, so yeahpretty obvious forwardlineexgcept for hope. I've just realized how bad myteam is Goul't track by sterling or something on e have silver igh Myat I Quan have a studio in foorballplayerf Stili Sterling staps were like based the fucking snake yeah. He only made heonly popped up in the stats once which you know for me is not good enough. Iwant more weenaut kidting a pop up in your starts,though Emang Av to get a drs in this avrithm at yeah, O yeah, no th thereWeretso Shit starts, but I din't know if there's another way that you can gothrough ten years of stuff without taking absolute weeks on, like I doehave Neu New Simon Blood so ends in rolling with holegoot Wright wing. Itmeans I'm rolling with Hoker right wink so who you strike is Ridos all right,so at Centa for when I' got messy just playing off. My other men, there's Noi,think everything's been said to be Fais, pretty good, pretty do days, O ha anknows how o peopble and then that striker of going with the big man Didye Droba, that is from the field, I would say,wer field. It was the best player on the way ther. The two thousand andtwelve Wen do a pick and check. If you won't began check the next Chalse Piyeron the boards job bar yeah, I was thinking like cold, but I'm like I'mnot putting that kind of talent left back. So I've gone to: U Brok Top thatwinning gir against or the the Kaygo against who was a Byne in the final. Healso scored against Barsar in their one nail home victory in the semi. It justa it's a big game play. I don't want that in my in my team of the decadethey're going to play some nockout games, I wat jog RUPTOP, just headingthose cheap fe for Gurs in the nineth minute cannot have it cannot have enough ofthat. To be honest, yeah is a serious player. Yeah people from Chaso just talkd too muchabout him, but hesiit was Arih who who has the best side? So I'm happyto take ther position. You guys, are you guys backing yourteam over each other? Lik is team wit like six straight titles, FOM WO! Well,that's exactly what you said on your own podcast and we did thi in Li forroguly. You were just like yeah, my team's, a thes SAS. You can decide themmy team's winning like ten seven every game s Masai on Rinaldo. I think he's goingto struggle to be m yeah, but he'll be playing right. Winglike Yoa is tot endings PSG and Bate's got too much ego totrack back from Ritmanfield, so so you'll be taking Monican Bater wantto comin back, hey just roar, just all that e exubrance. That eighteen cantrack back for me, yeah would how many players jerking in your team would make your USL team the decade if there wasno restrictions on how many perk club, messy and or black? That's it, maybe vhendo, I reckon messy. Oh andMODERAT would actuall at Mardrice. I don't even rekon loge. It was betterthan cruise this decade. To be honest inyeah sems like crus was unreal when hit was tat. Bin Yeah, but peol figure that Olike, Ithink, recency byas would have modrich picked over cruise most times I takerot chave crews yeah, because cruisas kind of fallenoff last couple. I just think I like I prefer mudry like I think Chris is goodfootball about techotrotyferim yeah. It's basically preference Ot, this ointat that point, yeah J Kathmero was like based for them an not make Katimir withmy FA. The Best Defensive Midfeder in the starts for me, like M, not evenquoets ree to Remembe at volly. He scored in the tointoeit was itwas like fromthe wing and you just bollied it Mus Wer, a crazy gol before thenwe justfind it find it I'll, send it to youts... to e Yer lektte memory Ma. Youonly remember at Liverpool moments, not even I don't even remember the Polmoments hom like Soa on the instead of I he played at Chelsea but come on yeahyeah. That was the issue, but the thing is that I don't know what I was gettingconfused, because I was thinking if I picked o black, because at at one pointI was thinking I had philly pay Louise at left, ACKCI thent, I was like ohwell, then I can't have a black. But in the end, because I wont Woul Check, Icould have had fle PA loes a left back Ih. No because he played for Chelsey.That's what my issue was. I did. Did you have no one from Athbotico Yeah? I had no one from ATHLICO reallyaways Picg to going which, how many Teneus? Did you not pick out of theteams abe? The final? How many teams, don't you have represented in there? Idon't have a intor player live for, Dorg tops and now I'v a talking player one year. I'mI come on I've Gotma come on and yeah. I don't Av e letico yeah, I'm sure Benega played a couplegames. FOULETI CO in there, like it doesn't say, did fut plad, every other Managetan, im surehe's nockd on there for a couple minutes, he's a Sella he's a Stilla dweller ofthe Alegamet Yeah aget te top the king of nothing men. So you boys, Bundes Lake, is on wentback, so you guys excited for that. I was trying to think of a tame o supportyeah. We it's actually on a good time for Australia, we're kind of lucky ou,because if it was like the lege ar I returnbefore everything else, like would't be shot. I Still Don Watch patr every weekand yeah. I don't want to watch pst and six NAR with a bunch of like nineteenyear olds playing where this its Toito race is actually very interesting. Yougot like buyand, Dorman, Libesig, munching, glad back or within sixpoints. So it's going to be exciting. First Match is eleven o'clock Saturdaynight and it's Dorman veshal INA wenning leg, Mat yeah, but I'm in denial. So why notyeah it just lit Waenawatch it. I'm just letting. You know that by Municalwith the League Om Redolph locks trying to pick it win this league, a team. Doyou have any suggestions, I'm on the HAW BERTS trained? To be honest, I justlike him. Okay Livecusan always have some sexy playersyeah, but then they fought fe cliff like the Jamaian Blook baileywhere's.He he gon is even does he still play Fulty, you die a a SAS, nothing yeahafter they linked him with, like becoming English he's, just like I'mout of here just poling off the face of the Air YEAA little bit, leaning towards a lifet yeah, Mi Asel pick one is in the finals,op Title R es to be. I don't know, there's like a new team. Never don'thave much silverware if any idhen't think so say Ma Ay, because it boy the tame.I'd like to manage and foot page the most itvery completed as if you are amanager like you said that is, if you're, an Alee manager looking for Bjob, just traione MMAAGO jobs out there, I'm willing to do it for free. What'son the regime, Syrior title without Atlanta N? Third Season Foran to see what the arsinals wellwant. A Champions League in a one Praer took me like ten years to when thePremier League title Lo Wel Shirt, but I want 't an ad last fifteen years, so ar do ou, do you guys recond thatPrem will return on ot? Even if it's going to be bit sweet likeeven if well, Pul you UN, it's just coronavius is just shut on everything wel. I think either way, no matter whathappened this year, there was going to be something happen like, for example,if we got knocked out F the Chammions League early or lost a cup early, andwe went on to when the title people would still be like. Oh well, youdidn't. When the trouble did you yeah, like imagine, imagine they don't giveus the title, though, like that'll be the biggest disgrace in the history offootball, like you, just can't move on from that yeah. If they do that, weshould have like a twenty point head star next year, what to do whatever,whatever difference we're waiting by right now, just Chuk that on as abuffer yeah, I don' get it I'm so confuse because,like they were thinking of bringing it back at neutral venues and if a few ofthe lower teams ha voted against it and I kint of understand for the teams whoare like fourteenth and fifteen because they're, safe yeah so but Astonville voted against it andthen nineteen, but I'm just thinking... sure you want to get yourself owith I'd, be wanting to get back no matter what just in case the FA turnaround and do what the French league did and then just Giv off points OFAgame which would see them relegated. So I don't really know why they're justassuming that if it doesn't go ahead, it's just going to be all good and they're going to be nextOno Shu be thou. They're, arguing theyre, like their argument, is thatthey want t season to B, avoid like it's not like. We know we're not gon toplay it like. We want the season to get calgled off and everything for it. Thenwe reached ot next year. That's like that. Nthe o GE yeah, but they're,arguing, if you're going to when is there like yeah we're not going to? Letyou relegate US pretty much yeah, but that's why they should just cop thereturn, even if it's neutual venues, because then that send their own headsyeah. But what they're trying to do it just get the season cancel so tkotryingtodobut to me it's just tesa reproach ther. What, if yeah, that? I just thinkthat if e could so easily just be like Al Right, we're not going to OereturnBese, you don't play nustral venues, but we need to relegate someone sowe're going to go points for game and you're gone so for me, they're justplaying with fire Rickan like well regardles, se playing with fire sethey're not getting promoted, they're not staying up anyway, yeah yeah, butthey play they give themselves a chance. Theyre only le be points away more morlikely than not they gone down, so they must yeah, but they must thinkthat their best chance, os saying in the Premier League, is trying to getthe season cancel with hy promotion, relegation, Ehbut they're, risking the ffadtis yeah,but it's probably the same chance of them playing on like there's, probablythe same chance saying op yeah, but at least it's not up into the hands ofsomeone else. They can actually gross at just stort being good. It'sjust because you want the freaking tible bet, Anato man, that's all! No!It's actually got nothing to do that. I just WANTU hthe caleagues backmatselfis already back. Have they got the Ke gon up? Just theyhave happener yeah after spreading them net yeah. I know they're going to havehalf the boddy half of Fathor in a second. I wonder if m today they had the Walk Cup, didn'tthere in two thusand and eighteen who I think they had the euro or somethingyeah the had both actually pad yeah. I saw Nover I saw somewhere that theywere proposing that the two people who are in the automatic promotion they just come up and thenext year they have twenty two teams yeah, I man thats themo yeah, and thenthey like make up the Games that the broadcasting people missed out on thisyear, forfor like two seasons, they just reallygatn ex Reperson, O someShitat's pobly FA, yeah, yeah, Ni doyou reckon that's likethe most probable way moving forward and we still get what hoppens with thechampionship ther the next season. Does that mean no in gets, promoted orbecause that'd be pretty stiff on the teams that play well? That season? Well,yeah noere Gonto. Do the top? Two teams will still get promoted this year, sowhoevers leads and whoever you ain like next year, Thoug when it's twenty, thepremier leage twenty two like how many yaue getting relegated five theyr justreallygat. I think they really get four for the next two seasons. I think isthat how we were welthou make for sense, five and one year but wet they reallyget. Then I think it was open to your peasons yeah problem is, I don't knowlike where do they call it? Because did the League one teams get put up tochampionship dow? I don't know how it works. I'll say you have to have a parteffect throughout the whole England, England system whereverit's going tohave to go up and roun yeah an the Promoonso Gofrom vemn Tevla, that'sthething, because if they've aither go to cancel everything and just race out next year, but ifthey want to, I ffeel like if you award live a pulle title like you're going tohave like the guys leading in the Championship League, one and stuff Igoing like. Why haven't we been in a WAOR, the title? If we're on top of hebladder? I know that' like liveer polli miles ahead, but they'll be like wellwe're on top of as the seasons finished. So I think it's either. One way, as Ibe like everything's cancel the RAC start next year or it'll just bepromote everything promote everyone's got to promote it, relegated all thetitles being handed out. Yeah Yeah, I'm glad I'm not it's Goit, the only the thing is withus being on top by so much if they wait as long as they can to start thepremier leau again from where we are now itw'll just be like. We win twogames. We in this hard win in from there on like yeah whole states, an his.U Shithouse, because everyone's because we've really won the title. Yeah prtlytherwas, something that if Liverpool, when the W, if the COMP comes back andlive a pul win like within the first few games as expect to that they'rejust going to rest, the first team and they're just going to play like thereserves or something Af, the Oung guys could just notit's not worth risskiningthe injuries and stuff, because e're sueing theyre Gona have to play quite afew games in like a small period that it suck. Though we're going to buy,break the record for most points. Ness is, you know, like. I know nothing, there'sno much good, that's Comeng out of this...

...pandemic, but I'm bloody Kane for backto vackayears an weld com. THAT'S GOING TO BE FREAKINGALA! You know who'sloving, that the Englan team, because they were going to have to rul into theeurs with no striker. I think, because rash fore, Hain like yeah thats Ti Yeah tetr still going toChowso yeah theyre, not witin thing all thet young guys are so arrogant,actually hapen, all all of them. Yeah yeah hit's, true w. What whet do yourrconsend Cho will go? Oly Tay? I don't! I don't even know he can he's.Actually the WAE have you seen his stat yeah wit's cheep? We shouldyou couldhave chacked him in your Sidemak, even even been better than hope, yeah. True, I'm still feeling aboutthat. I'm still feeming and I picked it Ma, no Moreo Y senoaxmate. I know O ofthem and it's because he's got like thirty six pace on FEFA. How could youlook at that side with a straight face? Ande likeYeah Yeah, come I'M NOT IWAS. Coming on the deck, I was just telling the decksdoing it, and I was just riging like the whole time, but the thing is I got like halfwaythrough the team with one method. Side didn't really want to like change themethod, because then I would have to change the whole thing but yeah. If I had more time and wasn't like inthe middle of the union, Midsen tests and stuff, I hundred percent would havecome with a better way of doing it. But yeah apologize to everyone offended outthere by this disgrace of the side. An retinis Tame, wood wit, tendill yeah, is don't even see now met, I'm scoring a couple: Oh yeah, I'm just Gonn, I'm going for cornersand then I'm just whipping it in Massy's whipping it in jrog Bu. On topof your two santabacks Tan Dyke Harkan, a scorseting from corners elone. Theyare Russiang, though so there's a chance. They are two and a half met astall and absolute tex. I got messy dropping in in the mid field. O Cratformidfield is credit over lap. RINALDO LIENDAWSCAP top can't be stopp with them. I in you justpick that formation and Christmas didn't want to pick messy as a cambecause he doesn't play Cam he's right, winger Passa, when, whereWeld Tdefenyn, I want I'm out in the wing yeah just ou ois own axcept- acceptthat your tems better than mind by the way back to the fight does gaugiwinning mean he 's going to get a chance that could be abl yeah. He got,he got the interen title, so Heill figk O be next bi. Whenever runmedanfinishes and Shit like that D, You remember Ramadan in in the where were were we to buy YeahIwas Unreal Yeah? I remember just getting scolded for drinking water, an yeah remember we had at the food courtwe like had to go behind close to yeah a Strai. That's where 'm we discovered the S crumsome of theBesi? U LASTIC! I don't know why. I was good. Some of the best Foodo ever eatenhat pizza, yeah, shot out asike. I it at no Noi Abay when we ate behind theclosed doors. Ot, the three court os bout as a ru at a Poun as inside thecrass name, radals go a Paza and we had stoff cross like Chas car ther,shrinkand Welpis, lad as well Colombo for anyone, til listening Howbo. I make the best pitinfoboter W do Y. U W do you know where it is. What are youtalking about? Do you know where the best pizza and Hoba? Yes? May I makethe best I in Hoba down of mn we make the best stuff in Australia somewhat Ogou I gess in OsI accoul just not yeah. I will just drive. I just triveit over. The BASTTORAN ASK HEM PAS tack, some Tim Tams in there as well a betratn te o fix everyone, o free, pezza yeah.No, we actually need to get down. Maybe we can bring a episode live from Hobat. The fair all goes onto a the massivecrowd listening and would love that Oh yeah weld do live studio audiencebecause I tepan base and Hobakis is like. Ineed to give a little back to the Tesamanan fans, as MN isn't actually one of the hotspots of my listeners. That's because I lissen that yeah thone one out of three S, fom the to live in my house, because thenme, my laptop on my pone.

You just see your listeners justdriving around Hobet as I listen while I'm in my car doing deliveris yourelike Shit. My whole order audience is just moving around now but EAH. Whenyou do your delivery. Nat. That should be. You should write a little messageon it say: Listen too, the ball podcast just go. If I can andto sport an IL, belike a just chack this on to I mat yeah, just turn eough money, heirt andjust just check his Om. If you want to hear the worst, you see ill ter thedecade Tisen this yeah this I put mm this episode underthe Comedy Category Case. My teams like there's no or Ho you're, going to saythat because May Rit were on Oh Nad, that's definitely inrect! That's OAtina, AC, touare cracking gags yeah. I reckon Um. I could actually DMmy centebacks and te Perent I'd be like by the way you made my chamins like Tamof the decade Probab the WORLL othey probably respond laughing emogi thatitwith your view better for there's more people in the world who know ofyour name than those ploks. You got a bigger FANBAS, O dim I've, actuallyI've heard of Ignashevitch, but I've never heard of cushat in my life. Ijust know that when I think of a Shakda senderback, I just think of Rskitski orwhatever Ilso pick someone that you've never ever watched play before. Oh No,I don watch half these boy P. Well, even if I have 've taken notebecause yeah I don't know shit about halfbut anyway, I think we should wrapit up. So that's been episode. Nine of theondable podcasts next episode will be out on Thursday. That will be the tenthepisode special have to think of something great. Now it's going to be arubbish episode, probably because, because I've got a mid seme test onWednesday and Tirst Ome Great Promo, for that one ill,probably fi to do someing shit but yeah enjoy enjoy the rest of your week. Boysthanks for tuning thanks for joining me, actually not Choniin. Thanks to joiningme, Writtn Noors Ma thanks fhaving me just quickly not that anyone'slistening lock has a podcast called the watcher podcast. So if you enjoyed hisshit, talk just doogle and SPOTIFID Wel, it's notGoogle! If it's Inspolifisit, just good and squalify, the watch, Ou, podcastand hes stuff will pop up an here on there. So that's probably the maddrawcard hat yeph anyway, thanks litl ING CIS.

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