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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

The Ashes - Episode 2


Christian Pilcher joins the host, Hamish MacCorquodale, to discuss the history of The Ashes and the greatest players to have ever played in the famous rivalry between Australia and England.

Cheese settle. Welcome back to episodetwo of the on the ball podcast. Today I'm once again joined by mygood friend Christian pil child. You want to say hi, mate. Youknow right. Good to be back. Yeah, so today's topic, we'lljust we'll just cut the Chitchat man. We'll just get straight into it.Today we're going to talk about, as teased and yesterday the first episode ofthe PODCAST. If you haven't listened to that, go check it out.Look it out. We did tease that will be doing in ashes, ourall time ashes Xi, and that is what we are doing here today.You're excited for it. Extremely toy for this one, mate stream. Yeah, we are both big cricket fans, as we said yesterday. It's probablyyou argue that it's not your favorite sport, but I don't know about that.It's definitely in our frees, I'll say that. Yeah, it's probablyprobably my second or third. So, Joanna, tell us a bit aboutthe history of the just mate. Well, it all started with the England VieAustralia rivalry and there was a test match in one thousand eight hundred andeighty two where Australia toured England and England will like England with a the fathersof cricket, the fathers of Cricket. They were cocky, they they werethe gentleman, the amateurs, and the Australian side beat them on their hometurf, which was, I guess, a huge upset and basically you couldsay that England were embarrassed and they basically it, basically just began the ashesbecause they they burnt the bail and took it to Australia. Yeah, sopretty, pretty significant moment, although when they were doing it they probably didn'trealize they would be creating a tradition that would carry on until two thousand andtwenty. And it's quite it's not even an outrageous statement. But it's definitelythe biggest tournament in cricket. The the Cricket World Cup probably challenges it,but yeah, I'd say the ashes is more important to most people, mostfans of cricket. Obviously people living outside of Australian Australia and England will havea different few to us, but yeah, I'd say it's the most important trophy. So now we've given a bit of background, should we move onto our our exercise? We should we should all right, who do youhave opening up? Mate? For me, there were, there are a fewcontenders for this. I'll start by saying that Jack Hobbs, I believe, is the greatest opening batsman in the history of the game. So forme he was a walk up to open the Banning Course on Jack Hobbs.On Jacobs, well, I don't I'll be honest. He probably wasn't mynumber one in my team, but he did make my team, so can'treally disagree with you there. For me he he spenned generations. He startedhis career in one thousand nine hundred and eight finished in nineteen thirty. Sobefore the war, when you look at his record compared to other batsman,he's average was more than ten higher than anyone else for the war. Cameback after the war and he was or he was. He was into it, well into his s and he'd had an injury in the war as wellto his arm. So he was a less accomplished batsman after the war,but he still managed to average mid s still one of the best batsmen inthe world. So to me he was an easy choice. Yeah, whatreally upon investigating a little bit deeper into Jacobs. What really impressed me wasnot only was he great at home, averaging forty seven, he was actuallybetter away. So it was better in Australia. So he scored eight tons, averaging fifty seven to two thousand, three hundred and forty runs. sothat's really impressive. That's very impressive. Yeah, definitely a consistent, consistentbatsman. Yeah, and, as you were saying, he's really his careeris pretty bizarre. Like I'm looking he's best seasons when nineteen twelve, nineteentwenty six and thousand nineteen o eight.

So like there's there's almost a twentyyear range there. So the Shao Jacobs himself said that he thought he wasa much better batsman before the war and he said that after the war thepictures were a lot flatter and the bowl is a lot worse. So thatmay indicate something. But yeah, yeah, anyway, so he's what what's that? Clubs even famous Forul like I would say he's more famous nowadays toour generation for being the opening batsman in the world eleven on stick cricket.So I think I think most of you would know the name, especially peopleour age. But yeah, so I did you see hit a few sixeswith him on the on the old desktop computers. Yeah, wait, ishe art it? Is He Nice? He's nighted. Yeah, we probablyshould respect that collinstead of jackals. But so, sir, Jack Hobbs isat the top of both of our sides. Correct. Correct, and he alsois the leading first class run scorer of all time. Yeah, andthat will never be broken. Yeah, yeah, my first class create theyplayed back in the day. Well, what did he school like? It'sgotten sixtyzero. Yeah, saying it's like not even fathomable. Yeah, sohere, if you got opening up with Jack hobs man. Well, isHobbes in your side? Yeah, okay, we both got hobbs. So forme I looked at Arthur Morris and the fact he was a lefthander wastempting for the left right combination. But to me having the left right combinationisn't isn't like an essentially and essential thing to have. Yeah, I agree. I narrowed it down to Hobbs's partner in crime through the late s herbertsuckliffe and Sir Len Hutton. Yeah, and you go on with well,in my eyes Hutton was a better batsman in there in his career. Butsuck with average against Australia was outrageous, sixty seven and and he was.He saved his best cricket for when he played Australia in the ashes. Sohe's just pipped home. And for me, yeah, I agree, I'm thesame. They're made. I've got. Was this one of the dilemmas youwere talking about before we came on? It was. It was suckly FreeHutton. Yeah, now, the fact that suck with and hobs battedtogether for a big portion of their career helped him, helped me selecting you, marrow. Yeah, true. For me this one actually wasn't too difficultbecause when I know you were saying that Hutton was a better bouts when whenyou take into account their whole careers. But if you just look in atSutcliffe's performance against Australia, he averaged seventy one at home and sixty five awayin the ashes and real, whereas Hutton only average. Like saying only inthis context is a bit rich, but he only average fifty away, soit was a lot more dominant at home. Yep, I agree. So thatwas one of the factors for me picking Sutcliffe over Hutton. I alsodo think that Arthur Morris, I do think he was probably for me itwas almost above Hutton in my eyes. But, like, as you weresaying, they're all pretty tight these guys. Yeah, Morris, Morris does havea great a great record. Yeah, and Marris average twelve more in Englandthan he did in Australia. So really that's yeah, that's pretty respectable. Now they he had a in the Bradman's last series. You the outscoredBradman in he scored like seven hundred runs with a huge average. I rememberthat. Yeah, this is if need great ashes, batsman. Yeah,this is a pretty like random question, but do you I can like,do you know why, because we've done a bit of like history cricket researchof late. Do you have a read, like, do you have a theorywhy? I feel like early on England didn't actually even pick their bestplayers to be their captains. Like like Hobbs and Sutcliffe both didn't captain.Like do you know why that is? Or yeah, it's yeah, well, it was always just it was always an amateur until the early s forstarters, and it was basically just popularity contests. Whoever everyone liked the most, whoever was the richest, and they didn't even pick their best teams.Some of the time as well, they picked players just because they were gentleman, and so it was pretty pretty corrupt system, I'd say. I guessit is kind of a trend to this day. Like, yeah, forexample, I can Nasser and even like Vorny. They weren't, yeah,really the best in their teams. Where...

...they to be honest, as longas you've got your best leader, doesn't really yeah, that's true. Goodplayer. Yeah, Australia's just been lucky, I think. where. Yeah,usually the best leader is the best player. But yeah, so,Johnna, move on to your first drop, mate, first drop. Well,it will be. I think we'll share the same view on this oneas well. I don't think so. You don't think so? Okay,well, I've got I've got Bradman. Yep, who have you got?Me? I've got Wally Hammond Button. It's because I have bradman batting itfor interesting. May Interesting. Well, I suppose we should talk about Bradmannow then. Yeah, yeah, I'm happen to talk about brother always an. Well, he's there. He's also the captain of my team, myyeah, he's eleven and bit of a no brainer. He's got the mostruns, the highest average by an absolute mile. Five thousand runs, averageof just under ninety in the ashes, ashes tests and he's a walk upinto anyone's ashes team, any team to be honest. Yeah, you verymuch. That not much that has to be said really. He's he's numbersspeak themselves. Yeah, exactly. He's the goat of potentially the goat ofgoats, the goat of goats. Yeah, there's not really much more to talkabout with Bradman. The reason I picked him at for was because heactually had twenty two any was in the ashes batting it for so he madethe my team at three and four. So what I decided to do?I did a bit of opportunity costs for those economic students playing at home andI thought like who was the better second option at three or four, andI decided that wally haven't at three was better than Steve Wartt for systematic approachfrom you don't mind, yeah, but yeah, so I'll just quickly gobecause we're on talking about the great man I'm just talked about. Go on. Why I chose them it for pretty much as we said, not muchto be explained really. He averaged eighty four batting. It for batting inthe Middle Order, not just a for me from four hundred and twenty seven. Yeah, he's home record was better, but away record was still pretty stupid. That was and seventy three, an average of seventy three. SoI don't think too much more has to be said on the Don Really.I think everyone, all the listeners and even us before we started this podcast, we all knew that the don was going to be there on uncovered picturesas well in England. Yeah, tough, tough to batting. Yeah, Idon't think maybe like Babe Ruth and baseball, but I don't think there'sreally a legend of any sport that like he played in like the S ands. But he's still such a iconic figure and like I I would guesslike fifty percent of Australians would be able to tell you who the DON is. Yeah, he's. Yeah, so it's pretty crazy how much an icononhe is and just a hero of Australian cricket. So I'm trying to quicklytalk about Wally Hammond, who is my number three. I know you weretalking about how you couldn't squeeze him into a team and you're a bit disappointedby that, as you are big fan of his work. All R am, I do like the big man. Yeah, so, yeah, bigdog. He actually also bold, pretty handy, right arm, medium fast. Yep, he did. He I think. I don't know what decadeit was. A might have been the S, but he I made ateam of the decade for each decade a few weeks ago and he was myall rounder and one decade. But I've got him batting at three here.Quite interesting to note he's away record. He averages a hundred and fourteen battingit three, but at home he only averages twenty eight. So that that'svery weird to me. Yeah, like it's normal to be better at homethan away it, let let alone be better at away from home by maybeninety runs. That's pretty odd. But I looked fast it just because overalland if you combine the stats together, they just speak for themselves. Therein saying average of seventy one a thousand six hundred ninety five runs. Andfor me, in comparison to Ricky ponting, they were out of them. Rickyponting stats, who just missed out, at number three. Yeah, so, yeah, that's why I've got wally Hammond a number three. Ican't really argue with that. I wanted to get him into my middle order, but for me my number four was Steve Smith. Yeah, well,I've got him at fives. Always tough picking a player who isn't finished hiscareer because for all we know, his...

...eyesight could get worse or anything couldhappen in his record could just drop. But what he's done in the lasttwo ashes series just outrageous stuff. Average over a hundred and both of them, I'd say, carried. I'd say only reason Australia retained the ashes inEngland last year. Yeah, hundred percent. That's not even a question. He'sdone that on his own back and captain. That's again in the intheir home home tour in two thousand and seventeen as well, right bill?Yeah, yeah, it's bright. We both are just touching back on Bradand we both pick Braban to be our captain. Yeah, but I wasactually tempted to give Smithy the Captaincy, although it's pretty rogue and like hemay not have seen the end of his captaincy days for with the Baggy Green. Quite a controversial topic there. But yeah, he only did captain oneashes series, as you said. So although he's Captain Morris Test for Australianand Don Bradman, Don Braman captain more against England. So yeah, that'swhy we did give the Captaincy to the Don. So did you? Didyou have Smith it five or did he not make it? Yeah, I'dspit it five because obviously I had the done it for. So yeah,pretty much all the reasons you said. Is Consistent home and away, whichis impressive, especially in the modern era when the pitchers vary so much.Yeah, the time you see like Warner and stuff just averaging bol already awayfrom home. What was the record he broke? Do you know? Inin the ashes? It was like the most consecutive ashes test with a centuryor something. Smith, yeah, I don't know, but that wouldn't hitbroat. He broke some record like that where it was like the most consecutiveashes matches where they'd scored at least a century, something like that. Sohe's beaten the dom there. Yeah, that's pretty it's pretty sizeable achievement.All right. So if you've got Smith at for WHO? If you gotit five me? So Smith at five for you? For me five isanother tough one because they've been plenty of miw Lord of Batsman. So Ilooked at I looked at old mate Ken Barrington from the s ridiculous numbers,hm. But we don't really want someone coming out and scoring fifty in threedays at number five. So I also wanted a lefthander in the burning order. So I've gone for Allan border at five. Yeah, over three zeroashes runs over fifty five in terms of his average. And the thing withboarder for a lot of his career the Australian team he was he was inwasn't the greatest compared to other errors. So he more than carried their battinglineup and that's why he's in the head of blacks like Steve War and others, because he carried his team, whereas war had a great team around him. And the left hand fact, yes, Steve Will Steve was a tough onebecause he's records ridiculous and like he average seventy five in England. But, as we were talking about before we came on, he just has somany not outs, which is such an average booster. Like he in theashes. He almost averaged a not out every three innings, Steve War.So yeah, well, they I mean they're probably there were probably three,four hundred and they've just declared. Yeah, so, yeah, so, likeit's probably a bit stiff on Steve Wa to rule him out because ofthat. But yeah, it's definitely a fair reason to, you know,overlook some of his stats a bit. But then but yeah, I'm bigfan a border in the side, I think. I'll be honest. TheyI would have been tempted to give board of the Captaincy if he was inmy side, because I know they weren't that successful under his captaincy. Buthe is like a famous, hard enough captain, Great Captain Owen border,and he's my vice captain. Bradman's record as captain's just stupid, so Icouldn't really look past him. Any other any other options you were tossing upfor the Middle Order? The middle orders, well, Steve War and board.I will probably the next two. Yeah for me, but we've touchedon them. And then, as you said, Barrington and then really theonly other pot. He was probably a bit bit away from actually making theside, but mark war was also yeah, and name they popped up for me. So yeah, that's the middle order done. Now just quickly onthe structure of this side. I don't know about the way you've picked it, but I like to pick it all...

...round her at number six because,as we've seen in test cricket, most successful sides will have it all rounderwho can add a bit with the bat and a bit with the ball.So, rather than just picking a Batsman at six, I've gone with abatting all rounder. Have you done the same act with an all around heras well? Do you wanna do me reorder to talk about your decision?Give me with yours first. I've gone. I'll be honest. He's an absolutemyth. I would be shocked if anyone listening knew who this bloke was. He goes by the alias of Warwick Armstrong. Who knows if that's hisreal name, just jacking that it. Worrik Armstrong play for Australia in thegoal before what? Before World War One and a little bit after World WarOne, so his career, right in the middle of his prime, wasn'tinterrupted by World War One, which is and I believe shame or Lee's Ithink. I believe we're expanding. Average was very high for the war.Believe was in the S. that's yeah, I do see that. Yeah,like in one thousand nine hundred and eight he average fifty one and Idon't know. Yeah, he was pretty inconsistent of from nineteen eleven forty five. So yeah, he was good before it, but like one thousand ninehundred and twenty he average seventy. So really I think he might have beenpretty handy all the way through his career. Yeah, I'll be honest, Ididn't really rate my options here. I've gone to the ESPN CREAKING FIRSTSTATS GURU and I've chucked in a minimum amount of runs and the minimum amountof wickets and I've been handed Monty Noble, Wilfred Rhodes and Warwick Armstrong and allof the average low thirt s with the bat and they were probably morebolder all bound before the war as well, interestingly. Yeah, that is interesting. But yeah, I went Warwick Armstrong because they are batting at six. So the other two were probably more bowling all around, as with averages, but less than twenty five for the ball. But I want someone whocould bat a bit, even though they're coming in after Bradman and Smith sothey probably won't even be required half the time. I would like someone whoknows how to hold back. So warrick Armstrong. He average thirty five withthe stick and thirty with the ball. He scored two thousand a hundred,seventy two runs and seventy four wickets, so I'm pretty happy with both thosethings. Probably the biggest asterisk next to his name is his the difference inhis batting performance home and away, which is like something that we really killpeople like David Warner for. But I've looked past it. He does averagetwenty more in Australia than in England. But you know, Oh, I'llcut him some slack. The man probably went to war, he's probably seensome things, definitely, I think. Yeah, so. And also,I was not I know I can lower my requirements and stuff, but Iwas given a pretty rotten bunch of three. I know they're all legends of cricket, so it's a bit harsh just be a lipping them off like thatwhen I'm just sitting here in my bedroom making a podcast. But yes,I've gone with Warwick Armstrong. Fun fact, he actually bowled pace and spin.So bit of extra variety. I don't mind that. But who haveyou gone another six mate or it does help with Mr Warwick. Yeah,bit of a Garfield sobers type with that one for me. I looked atI looked at three people. So there's Ian Botham and Keith Miller, whowould be the first two people would think of. But although both of themhad that magical series in eighty one, starts really aren't that good. Alot of the times he'd go in make ducks, you bowl like Shit andthen other times you just play off his head. So quite quite an inconsistentperformer. And then Keith Miller. Good with the ball, but he's battingwas probably not quite up to standard. So I've actually gone for Wilfred Roads, one of your three Um from the older one of my threes major side, and he's actually the oldest man in history to play test cricket at Ithought you were just going to stop after history there. I thought you're justgoing to say he's actually the oldest man in history as the confused. Well, it did mat he did live all the way up to now. I'llwas you, gina he was fifty two. Do you know how I'll be here. Was Fifty two. He too in his life. That's like mymom just suiting up the in the Cricket World Cup final for the winning hedebuted. That's he debuted in one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight and he'slast test was with Jack Hobbs's last test in nine thirty thirty two years oftest cricket. Do I can? He... did work for the coach andthe selectors or something, and so they just kept him in the side.or I reckon there was some dodgy business going on when he was getting up. had them by the nuts until he was just holding their nuts. Ithink he was doing more than more than holding their nuts. But anyway,we come on. When he came on to the scene in around one thusnineteen hundred bit before and he was a genuine tail end batsman. He wouldhave averaged about eight with the stick. But in his early s he hebecame known as one of the best leg spinners in the world. So hewas a leg spinner. But then ten years later, just before the war, he transformed himself into an opening batsman and he and Jack Hobbs put onin Australia first wicket partnership of three hundred and twenty three. So He's gonefrom best leg spinner in the world to one of the best opening bats inthe world and then he went off to war, came back probably lost.He was after the war. He was already in his S, early s. So I think you'd probably decided gone or something and he went back tobeing a bowler. Bold pretty well. But yeah, it's an interesting onebecause there were weren't many points in his career where he was an all round. He was either a bowler or a batsman. But I'm taking the bestof both worlds and assuming he's in peak bowling peak batting condition, and ifthat's the case, and I think he's the best all rounder the ashes hasseen. Yeah, I'll be honest, when I was choosing my three,I do think this guy's the best all around, but the only thing thatled me to work Armstrong was the fact that for me at six, Iwant a bit of a better Batsman, even if that means I have tosacrifice a bit of the ball. Yeah, yeah, right, that's why I'vegone him. But I do appreciate the roads. If you really justcompare him player versus player, against Armstrong, he's probably was the better cricketer totwo different players, I would say yeah, but it's a tough one. It's a tough one because there's both them and Miller as well, whoare absolute legends. I think. I think everyone would have one of thosetwo in their teams. But if you did, if you that's yeah,if you are. If you just like ask our parents or even people ourage, if you ask them for then all rounder and ashes Xie be thatwould say both them. Yeah, I think my dad thinks both the bestcricketer of all time, let alone the best ashes all rounder. Yeah,like a DRS Kumar and that one. But Fair enough, John Kilchat thatone upstairs at the time. Yeah, I think Kevin Anderson Nice to sorthimself out. So moving on to a number seven. This is the keeper. Am I am. I right with you. You've got you keeper atseven, unless you've got Godfrey Evans behind the stumps, then yet keep herkeeper at seven, and I'll sure believe you've gone with Adam Gilchrist. Yeah, I have reluctantly chosen gilchrist. Reluctantly. Yeah, I don't know. Ijust I'll look at these ashes stats and I was like them bit underwhelming, if I'm honest. Yeah, that was not really that was not reallymuch else to choose from. I mean he averaged forty five, but twothousand and five views. Not The best with the bat and they lost thatseries and he dropped a few catches as well. But for me, havingGillie coming in at seven, you couldn't really ask for much more there.But I've actually likely gone for who I think is the best wicket keeper,and that's for me, is Allen. Not Handy, handy batsman as well, average mid S, but a lot of critics have said that he's thebest keeper that there's ever been and he played a lot more ashes matches thanGil Christ as well. So I have gone with Allen. Not there.Yeah, I just can't cop it. I'm sorry, man, like Iknow there is not. You can't define good keeping with stats, but he'sjust go purely off the dismissals pet innings. He is almost a whole dismissal andinnings off Gilchris. He's and I'm just I'm going off what the criticssay, what the critics have said about him, and then maybe a little, maybe a little bit of English bias in there as well, kicking himover Gil Christ. But at the end of the day, that's what that'swhat I've gone for. Yeah, I'll be honest. He didn't even makemy short list. So I had Gil Christ. Hadn't any in Healey.But yeah, Brad Haddn't. I was...

...very impressed with his ashes stats.They were what was he probably good? Yeah, yeah, like his homeaverage in the ashes is fifty four, like that's pretty, pretty nuts.I didn't actually know he had it was that good. I used but TVremotes watching him and him Batman to a job lenders and just putting on sixtywith each tail ender getting them from yeah, one hundred and fifty, two,four hundred. So absolutely hate it as an Englishman. But yeah,he was. He was a good bat. He was a good bat. Butyeah, I've Gone Gilchrist, probably a better keeper. Hadn't as well. But yeah, you can't really turn down Gilcrest. He is a custombuilt number seven. Yeah, pretty much he's badding Ross anything more. Acceptsratting records head and shoulders. And haddn't was another star away, wasn't he? Yeah, yeah, on the average like low s and the fact thatGilchrist he's not only averaging higher than Haddn't, but I bet you he would doit in twice as fast and and entertaining as well. Yeah, orone of them are let says of all time. Do you want to sayanything else about our not or you just saying that critics said he was agood keeper? I'm just I'm happy with saying that. I believe he's thebest keeper that's ever leaved, or at least one of them, and I'llprobably should be going with Gil Chris because of what he brings with the bat. But not was a good batsman as well. So he scored a fewcenturies in the ashes, averaging meet thirty. So yeah, I'm happy with it. Happy with right. Let's let's go for the bowls now. It'sa tough one. Bowlers was. Yeah, I found bowlers easily the most difficultpart of the side to select, and you've gone real controversial ones areseen to remember. I don't think they're too controversial. There's a few thatprobably aren't household names, but I think the stats a backup why I've chosenthem. Okay, so at eight, well, should we say do youhave one spin or two spinners? Well, including roads, two spinners, butin the bowling in the four bowlers, one spinner. I think we allknow who that one spinner is. I've got in as well. Soshould we just sk warm the greatest bowler that has ever lived? Yeah,head and shoulders above the rest. Cop that really greatest spinner or greatest bowler? Bowler? Whoo, big one for me, but I like it.Well, WHO's challenging Skillful Bowler? Who is challenging for the Best Bowl ofall time? I would say another man in my team actually, but Idon't know, maybe a couple of the west Indian quicks. Malcolm Marshall Richardhad the ever, they they can't compete with the genuine volume and the lengthof warn his Korea. Yeah, that is true. But yeah, likeI know a spinner is built to take more wickets than a pace ball becauseof like day five crumbling pictures and stuff, but I don't know if you canargue with the record. Yeah, and another thing about warnies. Hehe really raised his level against the palms away and at home in two thousandand five. He took like forty wickets and was their best player in Englandand yeah, great, Great Bowler. Yeah, so it's common to seeis spinners at the top of the wickets list, but then you look attheir strike right and bowling average and the streets behind the pace bowlers. Yeah, of a similar wicket level. But this is not the case. Forwarning, in the ashes he averaged twenty three point two. That's REDEP theball and he's leading, which is as well, isn't he? Yeah,by he's got McGrath covered by I think twenty five wickets or something. Sopretty crazy to have that amount of volume but also do it at an economicalrate. And he only average like he average fifty five balls per wicket,which is pretty good for a spinner. Spinners can often creep up until likethe s with strike right. Yeah, that's very good strike right. Andnot only are his overall stats impressive, he was also actually more dominant inEngland then Australia, which is any anyone who's more dominant away from home?MAYBE POST S? I think it's a pretty outstanding achievement. Yeah, unreal, unreal bowl unreal record, very consistent as well. So I'd probably sayhe is the second certainty in the side behind Brabin like I'd be surprised ifWarren wasn't in every single person's ashes.

Xi. Yeah, all right.First Two names on my team sheet were Bradman and skate warn. Yeah,so I'll go for a who we've both got? I'm assuming you've got Glenmorgrast. I do, I do. I've got so, I've got warning. It eight, Glenmor Gard Eleven. So let's just talk about a bit, a bit about Glen the graph. Yeah, so you are a bigGlenma graph fan. Well, I respect him highly as a as a greatbowler, but wasn't the biggest fan when he was playing because of his personalityand being an England Fan. He tall through us. But if you lookat his stats, if you watch him bolt, he's one of the mostskillful bowlers to have ever played the game. Mars, he's average was twenty ninein the ashes and a hundred hundred and fifty seven wickets. Can't reallyyou can't really ask for much more. What's what do you mean about hispersonality? Man, I just bit of a like to lipping off batsman.Liked getting in a few sledge battles, but I get all part of thegame. All Ky of the game. That's that's bizarre because I'll be honest, I given the fact that I was born in two thousand, I didn'treally see MC graw too much. I maybe saw one or two years atthe back of any end of his career. But in terms of commentary and thebloke himself, he seems like such a docile person, like he seemsso boring and everyone rip usually rips Glenmagras as a commentator for just being dullused also. But on that is quite surprising that he used to lip peopleoff. And it's not like he was Brett Lee or Sean Tape Bowling onehundred and fifty. Like he wasn't slow, but he wasn't slow. But yeah, he did. He did like to let people off and interestings.But I mean he was arguably the best bowl best pace bowler in the worldthroughout his whole career. Yes, probably early two S he probably had afew tickets on himself, which is probably fair enough if I'm honest as well. Yeah, so he averaged nineteen in England, strike rate of thirty ninepoint eight, which is just stupid rage. But that's pretty much what's that?How many overs and forty bull that's outrageous. From our Glenmor gras that'slike six and a half overs. So you're basically averaging a wicked a spell, pretty much a rage. All right. So they're the two. I thinkthey're the only two people we'd both have in the bowling section. Sowarning and McGrath. I've got Worner, eight, mcgrad eleven. Do youhave the same? Yeah, I think there maybe another commonality, mate,about that and I don't actually know about that word either. So, butwho have you got it? Nine, I've got huge rumble, huge trumble, not a house, but in your side, not a household in thatthat not in myself. Yeah, he is from the ancient times. Peoplehave attacked me in the past, and by people I mean you, forjust hating on people from pre nineteen fifty, but I've, I think I've donethem justice in this sort, in this team, I've got like halfof half my team is before World War Two. So can't be claiming that. Mate. A bit about his statsue rumble average of twenty eight eight,strike rate of fifty five point nine, a hundred and forty one wickets inthirty one ashes matches. He played from eighteen nine two thousand nineteen o four. He was an offbreak bowler and yeah, that's pretty much it. He wasconsistent from home in a way. There was basically no difference in hisstats. He was actually better in England, which is more impressive. Yeah,so, yeah, it's not really too much to say. You could, you could argue that he's only got insane bowling stats because they played onuncovered pitchers, which is a fair argument and, quite frankly, I wouldcop that. I'd COP that one on the cheer. It's definitely hard.It's a bat before the World War One. Yeah, so that, that probablyis definitely a contributing factor to he's ridiculously low bowling average and strike rate, considering he's an offbreak bowler. But yeah, I couldn't really ignore it. He was. He was Australia's out and out frontline spin bowler throughout hiscareer, though, and in yeah, there are six foot four yet anoff spinner. You're kidding? so He's a genuine olden day Soliman Bend.He's big, been big, been reincarnated. I'm not. I'm actually surprised morespinners aren't tall, though, because, like I could imagine. I haven'tcan't say I've played too many myself,...

...but I can imagine facing offspin fromthat high, especially on Australian pitchers that are hot, rock hard,are going to be harder. Yeah, I think the thing is probably moredifficult to get flight as a tall man, but yeah, that's true. It'shard to get it like up above the eyeline. Yeah, other thanthat, bod yeah. So I've gone the to spin a huge back thetwo pronged attack trumble. Yeah, so who if you got a number nine, may well. For me this was my first pace bowler that was acertainty into my team and it was the Great Dennis Dk Lily number nine.So you didn't have lily, not lially. I made a little second eleven ofthe people who just missed out lily early. What was the frontline pacebowler in the second elevel? Path Roller in Cork. Second Eleven, fairenough, but for me, definitely the best quick bowler in world create inthe S, average twenty two with the ball in ashes tests, hundred andthirty wickets. For me it's close between him. A graph for Australia's bestpace bowler. I tend to think it's Dennis Lily because he was head andshoulders above the rest of the world until the West Indians came into it.But then again I'll still think it was better than those, the Michael Holdings, the Andy Roberts of the world. But great ashes record, good homeunderway as well. His partner in crime, Terry Alderman, had a better average, but for some reason he was Boris at home and just outrageously goodaway from home and played a lot less tests as well. So yeah,Dennis Lillly. So you didn't go lily now. I left him out.I know it's stiff, but he can call for me. The factor washe averages twenty six and a half with the ball at a strike rate ofsixty four at home, and he's got so, yes, it's not bad, but so grown and comparing when we're dealing with people with bowling averages oflike sixteen, I just found it hard to get him in the side.So have you gone with I think I know he's got me, so I'vegone with that. I'll be honest. I don't even know this block's firstname. Is it Charlie Turner? It is Charles, Charlie the terror Turner. Yeah, Charlie the terror turn off. Some say he built a hundred andeighty kilometers an. Now no one has ever said that before, buthe's nickname is the terror. So I'm assuming it's something that fastest me.But on ESPN CRIOK in fur he bowls right medium fast, so that's nice. Yeah, so slower the mcgras. According to ESPN, creaking first.So I actually would like to challenge that nickname of the terror. So maybehe was just a drunk alcoholic and used to bash people, maybe, andthat's why it was called the terror. Yeah, maybe he just pitched themat square leg and they just hooped in, just took your off peg out.So a little bit about Charlie Turner. He averaged fourteen with the nut athome, nineteen with the nut in England. He had a career strikerate a fifty one point two, a career average of sixteen, point fivethree. He got took a hundred and one wickets, which was one wicketabove my minimum threshold. So he just scraped into with that. But yeah, I just once again, as we were saying for Trumbull, because theuncovered pitches and the was scores in test cricket some of these old day bowlsdo have ridiculous stats, but this guy just don't think you can argue withthese stats. Yeah, turn his stats were ridiculous, better than the othersthat played with him. So that, yeah, Turner and Peel really stoodout with like ridiculously low averages. I think peel had a home average oflike nine or something. Stupid, probably feel. But Yeah, I'm prettysure DEK lily wouldn't be copying me. Picking turn over him and probably fairenough, if I'm honest. Fair enough, fair enough, it would probably befair enough. Think the Dennis is not quite charlie turned his head offin a fish spot, but it's Charlie the terror tournament. That is true. I'll see. I really want to know why they called him the terror. Maybe we don't want to know. Maybe it's something actually that I facedup to her for. I came out to bat and faced up to abowl and named the terror, I probably...

...wouldn't even face up. I probablyyeah, but then you see bells, right meat, right arm, mediumfast on creaking foe. So then I'll be facing up with my left footat that's where Legg ready just send him over CAL corner. That and you'llbe on a synthetic pitch as well. So who's balls won't be doing shitwhen they hit the pitch? Probably UN in the six. Yeah, soyou don't have Charlie Turner? I'm assuming I don't. I've got one manleft in the team. Yeah, that's your team done, isn't it?Yeah, I'm all done. Hamish's exile has been completed. Well, here'sanother, another one of my opinions, but I've gone for the Great SFbarns. Sydney Barns Common Account the greatest bowler whoever lived up for up fordebate as more bowlers coming to world cricket. But he averaged twenty one with theball, a hundred and six. That's in the ashes. Hundred andsix ashes wickets as well. And apparently you just used to swing the ball, cut the ball both ways and was just unplayable. And another fiery character, always wanted to get his way. The stories of him not being giventhe new ball because he because he was a professional and he just bold likeshit on purpose. And then he they gave him the new ball in thesecond in him and he took like seven hundred and fifty. But Yep,personal favorite of mine. So he's he's made my team. They're enough.Like, I don't want to, I don't want to bloody put you tothe sword made, but when you compare SF barns stats to setd turns,I struggle to see how you can pick SF barns. But I knowing you, you are taking it to account, like articles you've read about them andstuff like that. So, yeah, I'm not going to I'm not goingto criticize your selection. He would, he would definitely have been in ifit was an all time team. But he was very good against South Africa, which obviously doesn't count in this project. Yeah, well, he's average.There was a his his career average was sixteen, but in the ashesit was twenty one and a half. So yeah, as you said,he must have been dominant against South Africa. Yeah, and he was often becausehe was a professional and the other players didn't really like him. Hewas often left out by the selectors. So he should have had should havehad more matches and more wickets. But yeah, all right. Well,that's how Leven's done. Do you have anything else to add me about aboutyour side? Well, I'd one thing. I reckon. If our sides playedeach other, my side would do dirty things to your team. Dirtythings thoughts. Well, that's such an easy thing to say, man,because obviously you think that if you've picked the team, you freaking anything thesame. I actually don't really know because I've never seen half my blocks playbecause they're like prehistoric dinosaurs in the twelve century. There's not even any footageof the terrorist earner or SF bar. So we're pretty we are guessing withsome of them. They could be absolute trot they could be bowling triple bounces. It, yes, work at best. Yeah. So, yeah, butaside from the cricket, Mate, how are you copying isolation? Howare you dealing with it? I think it's disgraceful. Fu I can't elike yeah, he's struggling with it, or go to the nets. Yesterdayactually, though, had a had a net session with my brothers. Thatwent or about well. I really thought about it. All right, yeah, that's an actually do. Yeah, well, I do like to thinkof myself is one of the best batsman in Australia. And Anyway, whatabout yourself, mate? Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be honest. I'mactually pretty comfortable at home, like I'm lucky enough to live in a nicehouse and a nice area, so I'm not really struggling too much. Mygreat family seems to be crumbling around me, though. Mum's gone into a bitof a bit of a bit of a she's. I think she's hereto I think she's hit a wall the last couple days. I think she'sstarting to struggle with it. I can only imagine what the Cole's been upto. Yeah, but then everyone else's just dealing with it. There's notmuch we can do, really, is there? How much we can doapart from just pick all time mashes, teams, all time Elevens, andthat's what that's what we love doing.

Yeah, so, plenty more podcastscoming your way as a listener. I think the next podcast is actually notgoing to be a sport one. I think it's going to be with mylittle brother and we're going to be talking about marvel movies. So a changeof pace. So you're sucking me. You have been sucked thanks, Matt. Contracts been terminated up to one podcast. Yeah, so cop yeah. So, anyway, thanks for tuning in. I would be absolutely shocked if there'sanyone listening right now. And, quite frankly, I would actually questionwhy you're still listening, but I would also respect you. But yeah,so, if you are listening, thank you so much for tuning in today. Hope you enjoyed it. Just two blocks, kicking back, talking cricket, what we love doing, looking shit. Yeah, that's pretty much it.Tuned in two, episode three on the topic of marvel movies. It'llbe coming out in a couple days and yeah, enjoy. I don't knowwhen this is going out. It might be sad day, so, ifit is, enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe. Yeah,enjoy your PODCAST, mate,.

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