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2021 NRL Round 20 | Rugby League


I return this week to chat all things rugby league in round 20 of the NRL. I address the takeaways from Round 19, the biggest headlines in the world of rugby league and I also preview the exciting Round 20. In this weeks' talking point, I name my top 10 coaches of all time in the world of Australian rugby league.


Welcome back to the on the BAARDpodcast. This is another episode of the Rugby League weekly show. Pretty muchjust coming off a super morning of Australian sport. There's been golds flying everywhereat the Olympics. I can't lie. I have become addicted. I don'tthink I've done an episode since the Olympic starters. I've probably got to mentionthat. But yeah, been watching pretty much every sport there is to havefor sport. Nothing like me. It's an absolute dream. Two weeks theOlympics and this is really well, like, I was old enough in the lastlike two or three, but this is really the first one where ait's in a good time I think Beijing was a good time zone, butI was only like seven years old. But the last two have been poortime zone. So this is the first one where I'm really sinking my teethinto it because it's a perfect time zone for Australia and I'm old enough andyou know I'm not at school or anything. So yeah, I've been really,really enjoying that and we're obviously out of lockdown down Victoria, which isgood. Fortunately, New South Wales is not in as good of a state. So stay safe to everyone in New South Wales. But yeah, thoughtdon't want to harp on too much about covid want to keep it positive.Be a super morning frustralian sport, rowing and swimming, golds going everywhere.Yeah, she's been a super couple days and hopefully you've all been enjoying itat home and continue to enjoy it for the rest of the two weeks.This week in the NRAL we're doing the usual, just chatting about the headlinesof round nineteen and the days following pretty much, and then we'll be doingour top eight. will be also doing a segment today talking about the bestcoaches of all time. Obviously there's been some pretty big Craig Bellamy use whichI'll touch on, but that made me think like is here the go coach? So we'll have a little bit of a chat about that, naming ourtop ten coaches of all time, and then that will lead us into around twenty preview. So in full honesty here, I didn't watch too muchand roll on the weekend. Nowhere there as much as I normally do.Obviously Watch the Tigers game. I watch the Thursday and Friday games because thatwas really before the Olympics gone to full swing. But in terms of theSaturday Vo Games, in the Sunday games, didn't watch much. Watched a littlebit where I could here or there. So we'll go game by game,but I'll obviously be talking more about the ones I watched. Are theeels raiders. This is actually up there with game of the year for me. Or she really really good game that they did have a lot less setrestarts, I felt, in some of the Games on the weekend, andthat's all some small score. So it seems that there is a direct correlationbetween the number of set restarts and points scored, which is, you know, that's pretty logical. Like we could have guessed that, but I thinkwe have seen some real evidence of that. So That's interesting to see. Ifyou know, maybe the nral lowers their amount, will tells the refsto maybe easy it on set restarts, because that, you know, youdon't really want like a seventy niels something in the final series. I knowit shouldn't happen because you've got the eight best teams there, but you neverknow with the current situation the NFL. But yeah, the raid is reallybrought some heat. They're not the team of last year. They've lost theirmagic, they've lost that spark, but they brought physicality. They're still gota brilliant forward pack and yeah, for me it's one of the best FordPacks in the competition. The spines not great, especially with the injuries they'vehad. And Yeah, on the weekend they were without white and they werebasically playing their for string fullback in rapperer, who actually had a very, verygood game. But yeah, the middles just really, really, reallybrought it to the eels Ford Pack, who would also like to claim themselvesto be one of the best Ford Packs in the competition. There was justso many big hits the the raiders just went after the EELS and yeah,it was really good. The heels usually try and dominate physically in the middleover other teams. That's how they dominate most of the small teams and theweaker teams. But yeah, the raiders just thought will beat you at yourown game and all of a sudden the eels look pretty fragile when the raiderswere matching it to them in physicality.

But I was just awesome game.Every second hit was like, you know, get news and ours from me andmy family in our living room. And Yeah, congratulations to Rickie shutreally, at one point it look like he was at one bad loss awayfrom getting sacked and now all of a sudden they're like it. They're stillunderp performing what they should be, but they now look like a bit ofa smoky for a top eight position, and I'll talk about if I've gotthem there in a little bit by yeah, disappointing from the EELS. There isnow some real concern about the EELS. Are Sort of been blown this trumpet, I'd say, for quite a few years now, but in particularlythis year. I just think they are a long way off of premiership andfor a team that is in their prime, most of them, if not aging, you would like them to be a little bit closer to premiership successand they look right now. I know we've got two awesome teams in thestorm and the panthers, but even if you exclude those teams, they don'teven look like the best of the rest, clearly. So, yeah, there'sbeen some shots fired from fiel gool now sterlow's having a bit of acrack at the way they play. Yeah, it's just the way they play inthe middles, running up the running up the middle of the pitch,obviously, and just looking for offloads. That's really there only go to andthen when they get to fit tackle, it's basically just like, well,hopefully Moses can produce something with a kick. Gutho's a really good player but theydon't use him creatively enough for me. We've seen it like if you justwatch the warriors, you see how much they use reese Welsh in allthese different patterns and yeah, they maybe are over reliant on reese Welsh,but I think paramount of should start doing something like that because, to behonest, Dell Brown, yeah, he made some couple good breaks in thelast couple weeks, so maybe they should try and give him more ball interms of running and less playmaking. But they'd probably need to get Gutho moreinvolved. But yeah, it's just not really clicking. They need to getthe back rolls involved more, get them running lines, because they've got somereally, really good back rolls, and probably and Madison, and maybe justless focus on offloads, because that's really the only way they get up thefield at the moment, which works against the teams that can't tackle like theTigers, but against the storm and the panthers you're not going to get manyoffloads off and that didn't happen in this radius game and we saw them reallystruggling. I know they don't have their halfback, so you don't really wantto kick a team while they're down because a lot of teams would struggle withouttheir halfback, especially when he's one of your best players. But yeah,just doesn't look good right now in paramount of they probably, you'd have tosay, out of the big six teams that we've been talking about for mostof the season, you'd have to say right now they are the sixth bestin terms of like if we did a power rankings, the roosters haven't lookedgreat, but yeah, you'd probably have to say they're even above the eelsright now. So yeah, it's disappointing for eels fans, I'm sure,as your team is great on paper and it looks like it should be apremiership contender. But just there's something not going right. And I do haveto say of I have believed for a while the Brad Arthur might be abit of an overrated coach. I'm not saying you should be sacked or anything, but if there aren't serious signs of progression, because the eels really haven'tprogressed in two or three seasons, if we really look at it just ona statistical point of view, on the ladder. So I yeah, there'sgot to be things addressed there because something's just not cooking. May whether itbe tactical, whether it be personnel. But yet we'll see how they gofor the rest of the year really before we make some big calls. Thenthat let us into the Friday early kickoff game, Rooster's versus the nights.I was excited for this one. I thought it might be a bit ofa challenge. ROUTER's haven't been in great form nights. I've shown glimpses hereor there, but once again we saw the nights without Mitchell Pierce just really, really struggle. The wind was huge and the nights just couldn't deal withit. I like Jack Clifford. I think he's got a big future.He's got a good like a big powerful boot, which is important in thenroll right now. But yeah, he just wasn't playing smart footy. Hejust kept putting up bombs, putting up bombs in the wind would just likepretty much blow it back over his head. However, I have to say Phoenixcrossland was not helping him out. I think Phoenix crossland there. You'vegot to have a better halfback than that,...

...especially when Mitchell Pierce is injury prone. And know they've had blake green and then Mitchell Pierce get injured andstuff. So this wasn't the half situation they were thinking of going to theseason. But yet it's not really working with crossland and Clifford's having to dotoo much on his own. And then yet it's just not linking up rightnow. So the knights have got to start winning, and start winning soonif they're going to make the top eight. And Yeah, the roosters look decent. They're not playing like the roosters of old and that's because they've gotHutson and Walker in the house, which is a lot weaker than what it'sbeen in the past. They don't really ever, that they have varrel's aswell, who's a good young player but he's not freak. So yeah,the spines just not what it once was. The rest of the team's good.Unfortunately, part of me up. Fortunately for the Roosters, Billy Smithgot injured, which just really hurts. The injury told that she's just beenpainful. But Oh yeah, they are. They're going to be there. They'regoing to be there in finals, are going to be in the topsix, they're going to be a dangerous side to play. They've got starpower, they've got big game experience. So yeah, the rousters just rolledthe nights over pretty comfortably. That led us into the cowboys versus a storm. So I was watching this one alongside the opening ceremonies. I'm sure alot of you were, and this is a really, really good game.The storm didn't look as dominant and s they have in previous weeks have beenmaking. They made a couple of fair few mistakes, but the cowboys reallytook it to them and fair play to the cowboys. They've been they hada really, really good start to the season, good first ten rounds,and they went off the boil a little bit there. Obviously things didn't gotheir way. They traded, essentially traded Clifford for didn't and yeah, theyhaven't been going smoothly since then. But this was a really, really goodeffort and they were unlucky not to get the two points I thought. Ithought they probably deserved it against the storm. So that was unlucky. But thatwas a good game and that moves us into the Saturday night, theSaturday afternoon. Sorry, Rabbito's warriors. Rabbits would just to go for thewarriors, which turned out to be Roger too of us to check's last game, but I'll talk about that in a second. But yeah, the Rabbitois just too strong, putting up sixty points, and Wayne Bennet is very, very good at priming his team's for September. I think this year itlooks a little bit like they're way off the top two, as every teamdoes. But as we saw last year, you just primes them really well forSeptember. You think they're an average side all year and then they justcatch fire, so to put up sixty point. And I know the warriorshaven't been in great form but they're still a decent team. And Yeah,anyone who can score sixty points as a dangerous team. Manly Tigers obviously waspretty disappointed with this one. Put me in about me. I can't lie, because I went into it thinking I think I've predicted actually, but prettyclose to the school and I think I said something like fifty to twenty,fifty to twenty four. But we played really well in the first half.Had A really, really red hot crack and that, I can't lie.That enticed me. I went in with low expectations. At half time Ithought we were real good sniff at winning this and stealing it from manly,but they just, yeah, turn on the jets in the second half.Yeah, there was just some real basic errors, like there are a couple. I think one of the TURBOS tries short side. I really lost mytemper because there was like a situation where I think it was three guys onthe short side from both sides. Then you just saw turbo sprint to theshort side and for me that's just a clear sign, whether it be thefullback, whether it just be someone on there and accord in the defensive line, when you see their best player they go to play a run to theshort side when nothing else is seemingly on, I think you should run someone elseto the short side and knock them a four three, and pretty surethey scored from that. So yeah, there was just some little errors likethat that were really disappointing. Offul Loma tried to do a miracle offload tenmeters out from our line that led to a try. So yeah, therewas just some little things like that that the Tigers tend to do a lot. I do have to say that josh allow I cannonball tackle really piss meoff because there they're the kind of things...

...that look head highs are not goodand we've got his protect concussions. But like, for me this is worsethan a head high because, like he's freaking sorry, I'll try and notget too passionate, but say fathers out for the rest of the year.He's a fringe player in the team who was just starting to cement a startingnot a starting spot, but a top seventeen spot, and he's the kindof player who, if this injury sets in back doesn't have a good preseasonnext year, next year doesn't have a great year, all of a suddenhe can be out of a job and that could be purely due to thisjosh alloy tackle. And I know this happens a lot in sport. Iknow there's a lot of in accidental things and you look back and it's abit of a sliding doors moment you go, oh, what hit, what hecould have been but this is, for me, a blatant one where, even if he didn't intend to do it, by doing it, heshowed a lack of care and every player, I know it's a sporting game,it's physical, but everyone who goes on that field has a duty ofcare to look after everyone on the field. You're not going to like. Iknow sometimes tempers boil over, but you're playing a sport, you're playinga game, you're not here to ruin careers and for me this kind oftackle is just the worst because, yeah, I just can't stand it, becausehe took him out for the not only for the whole game, buthe took him out for the rest of the sea season and alloy I hardlygot punished. You got put on report. He's going to miss a week,I think, and that's it. So, yeah, that really pissedme off, not only is a tigers fan but just as a person,because I just thought it was a really shitty thing to do. And Yeah, I'm sure, like I know foo him my own who came out andtalked about this when he knocked out pup and house, and that he gotall these abusive text and that you know it's not on and it's he feltreally bad, but like to look. I think I high tackles a bitdifferent because it's an error in judgment. But when two guys are holding someoneup and you come steaming in late and dive at someone's knees sideways, Ithink you know there's a bit of intent there. If I'm going to behonest, and if you get a couple messages on Instagram, I didn't dothat, and I'm not saying go, you know, threaten his family orsomething, but if someone messages on instagram say it's like you're a ship blow, you're that's a dog arc. I don't think players going to complain reallybecause to me he showed intent and the yeah, that's just not on.He used to play at the club, so he probably knows say fast.Personally, yeah, I just thought was a real cat act and for meI think that sort of thing should get four to five weeks. Like you'vereally ruined someone season, potentially their career, and you're getting one week off.To me that's just not good enough. So yeah, anyway, that's whyshould be all over. I know or sound biased, but, likeI genuinely do believe everything I've just said, whether it be tigers hat on ortiger's hat off. I so yeah, that was disappointing and that intertwined withGarnet getting injured and I believe M Kaylee and Tarmo might have been injuredas well in the second half. I think we end up with no oneon the bench. So yeah, ultimately I'm actually not that disappointed now thatwe're out of the game. Pass at twenty point. Lost too manly.I would have taken that if you gave it to me before the start ofthe game. It was sort of the way it folded that frustrated me alittle bit as a Tigers Fan. Panthers bronchos. Panthers One and eighteen totwelve. Interestingly, they've had a bit of issues with the broncos. That'stwo close matches this year, both a sun called. But well, ontothe broncos. They're not seeingly getting blown out as they were at the startof the year, so they've obviously made some progression. Progression when it comesto that stuff. Their defenses seem to have improved and not as leaky asthey were. So good signs for Keviy waltzs, but ultimately panthers roll on. And you have to say the panthers form is a little bit worrying.They've suffered some injuries. Tops out for six weeks for shure. Harris downgoes on a bit of a three weeek break to look after his wife whojust gave birth or is about to give birth, and clear he's not backyet. Yo's out for a week, obviously due to foul place on likecome by and panthers for that. But yeah, all of a sudden it'slooking like they might be unfortunately not priming...

...for the right point of the season. In saying that, I'm sure clear it comes back and he just ticksback into the puzzle and it's a perfect puzzle picture. But yeah, we'llsee how they go and at the end of the day they've got the twopoints. That's all that matters. Sunday afternoon, dragons titans. This isreally disappointing. From the dragons. I thought this was going to be agood game, a real important game in terms of the fight for the seventhand eighth position. Both these teams are right in the hunt and probably twoof the better teams in the hug, but the times were just way toogood. I'm happy that the dragons lost. I want the dragons to lose allthree of their games where they're affected by suspension, because if they wontall three our being pissed off. But yet tiens too good. Dragons reallyreally disappointing. I heard for I didn't watch this game, but I hopefor feed had a bit of a Field Day off the bench. And Yeah, there's been some mash changes to the dragons lineup this week, which willget through in a second. But yeah, ultimately really, really disappointing from AnthonyGriffins man. And once again the dragons do what they do all thetime. It's such a strange thing really. There's got to be an investigation intoit. They just guns in the first ten weeks of the camp andfall away at the end and they look like they might be coughing up awhat was seemingly looking like a pretty certain finals birth for them. And thenwe finished with the bulldog sharks. Once again, the bulldogs not not sufferingfrom a blowout, which is good to see, as we saw the Broncos, as I mentioned earlier, but the shark is just too good. Kindof game. The sharkies died to win, who are also in the hunt forseventh and eighth and yet to score. Forty four point shows there in decentform. A right. Moving on to the headlines of the week,not just the results, Paul Vaughn is just announced he will be going tothe bulldogs for a year. Look, I'll be honest, the bulldog salarycap has outrageous. Like I know they're clearing their whole squad and they hada lot of caps face going to this year, but it's incredible how manyplayers have signed. I do think we need to calm down a little bit, though. It's a big step from people are saying like the top forcontenders next year, and they've got a good team on paper, but it'sgoing to be a huge step for them a they've never played as a teambe they're coming into a team that is coming last or fifteen or wherever they'recoming this year. So to jump from fifteen to top for it's pretty outrageous. So then we saw the titans last year. I think they came ten. Everyone was expecting them to come top for one. Not Everyone, butpeople were saying top for top six and they look like they might not evenmake finals after some pretty good signing. So yes, signings don't necessarily equalsuccess and some of them, I think, are being a little bit over right, a rated, like the likes of Dufty, even this one,Vorn Pang, guys, pretty inconsistent, out of cash, just a wingerat the end of the day, but it will be interesting to see that. I can't lie. They're going to be a very interesting side to watch, I'm sure. I'm sure their fans are very excited and I'm sure Iwould be as well if I was a bulldogs fan. So yeah, Ifair. I Guess Fair enough to candy fans. Next on the agenda CraigBellamy signed on for five years, which I did not see coming. Ithought he maybe had one more year left. What I could foresee was that thesecond Brisbane team must be getting announce soon, just quietly. But whatI could foresee was that months would leave and go to the new Queensland teamwhen they open up, and then bell and me would leave after that andit would sort of be like the end of the generation but the end ofan era. But yeah, it seems as though he's happy where he's inMelbourne and it looks like they're going to be title contenders for the next fiveyears. I just can't see a world where Craig Bellamy team is not atitle contender. He draws such like you know, they can get players forhalf the price of other players because they want to play under Craig Bellamy.They want to play at the Melbourne storm franchise. They produce success and theyproduce good players. So you know, it's a bit of an academy sortof thing. You know that you go there, you come out and learnedthe big bucks somewhere else. So yeah, very very smart signing from the storm. There's no one else better for the job, so you may aswell throw everything you can add him.

And Yeah, we sh him allthe success at the storm and hopefully they don't cheat Salary Cup again. Bitof a low blow, but what can I say? Next time we've gotthe World Cup Saga. The solution to this must be coming out very soon. They announced last week that they were going to decide next week. Soit's this week, but at the time of recording, it seems is sostrand New Zealand won't be going to the World Cup and everyone else will be. So that's going to be very, very interesting. They're saying it's dueto covid reasons. A lot of people think it's just because the clubs don'twant them to have a late preseason, but ultimately I think it's pretty rubbish, regardless of the reason. Just personally, selfishly is a fan. I wantto watch a World Cup with Australian New Zealand and everyone, and there'sbeen some alternatives round around that they could be a are in and digitous sidego in place of Australian New Zealand, which I think would be sick.It would be cool to see the big players playing for their secondary nations,like Teddy Feetaly the other year. That which I think should happen a lotmore than it does. However, I don't know. I can't see itnot happening. I just seek Australian New Zealand will go. I can't seea rugby league. Well, I don't know. I've never seen anything likeit in my lifetime. We're a major competition's gone on without certain countries.I know North Korea's on at the Olympics, but they're not necessarily a major playerin the Olympics. But yet I've never seen that before and I'd bevery, very shocked if it did happen. I just think it will go aheadas normal, but you never know. That said, the reports seem very, very serious. Doesn't sound like Australian New Zealand. I'm mucking around, but I would be interesting. There's people saying the tornament should just goon anyway. I do have to admit the pool would be very, veryless like. I know a lot of rugby league fans right now in themiddle of Rugby League season, and saying it would be sick. But ifyou, if I tell you in November that I don't know France applying Fiji, like you really going to watch it? I probably will because I'm a freakingrock by League nerd. But yeah, I just can't see the neutral watchingit. I know it's in England's I don't think the time zones willbe great anyway. But I do think Australia and New Zealand of some kindneed to be there, whether it being indigenous or and Maury team, whichI don't think will happen because they're not really countries and they're not like.They're not like. I don't want to be disrespectful when I say they're notcountries. I know their cultures, but they're not like signed up the InternationalRock Billy Federation. Is My concern. But get they'll be cool to see. But yeah, if Youw Zealand, don't go. We were, meand my brother were talking about it yesterday, like Samoa's going to be stacked becausehot like three quarters of the New Zealand team eligible for Samoa. Butyeah, gonna see how that unfolds. Hopefully it just goes ahead as normal. To be honest, the dream would be Australia, don't go, NewZealand go. But that's not going to happen, just for fairness reasons.But yeah, and then finally, Roger, two of us to check, hasdecided to call it quits. I don't mean that in a negative way, but he's had enough the I think, Australian New Zealand of closing the bubbleat the end of this week. So Roger and Lisa Nour mayle Ihave decided to go back to New Zealand and I completely understand it. There'ssome people saying he's soft his contracted. I think those people need to growup. Really. This is a man who's lived away from home for twoyears and the whole warriors team. I don't think anyone can say anything badabout the warriors team. I think they can all do what they want.If they all wanted to go home, I don't think we could blame themreally their flight away from home for two years. A lot of them haven'tseen their families for two years and ultimately it's sad because Rogers just seems likea legendary bloke. I can't lie to. Seems like such a nice guy,such a talented football or, one of the best fullbacks I've ever seen, one of the best players I've ever seen, one of the Best NewZealanders I've ever seen. Unfortunately he's not going to get to the two hundredgames, which I think he would have got two he was one hundred ninetyfive. That's five games left or six games left, so I think youwould have notched up the two hundred games, but he obviously doesn't care about that, which just shows to the level of blow keys. Again, inthose hundred ninety five games he's called fifty...

...eight tries. He had a winpercentage of fifty one point two eight percent, which is pretty impressive. He wonthe Dahia medal in two thousand and eighteen. He won his position ofthe year three times. Think once winger, twice full back. He won theRugby League Week Player of the year in two thousand and fifteen. Hewon the roosters premiership in two thousand and thirteen. Played Twenty Games in NewZealand, scoring for try fourteen tries. Came Second. Achieved second with theNew Zealanders. The two thousand and Thirteen World Cup one the twenty fourteen fornations and he has signed them for the Auk on Blues next year in andin an attempt to make the two thousand and twenty three all blacks World Cupteam. I'd love for him to go over there and kill it. Hopefullypeople don't follow in his footsteps. That's my only query. But ultimately Ithink it's good for the game if he goes over and kills the people goto Geez, rugby league plays a really talented let's go on Rugby League.But yeah, good luck to him. Hopefully cheese's dream of playing for theall backs is going to be bloody tough because those guys playing playing rubew intheir whole lives, as a sure Roger do when he was younger. Butyeah, good luck to Roger. I love you mate. Thanks for everythingyou've done for the game in Australia and New Zealand and the warriors. Andyet good luck to you and your family in your future endeavors. Or aremy new predict to top eight. Not Too many Channe in just this week. Last week it was the storm, panthers, Rabbitos, roosters, eels, see eagles, nights and dragons. This week I have the same topfor in the storm panthers, rabbits and roosters. However, I've lifted theseagulls above the eels. The eels losing to the raiders. Obviously didn't predictthat. So then losing that is dropping down to sick and yeah, that'snot ideal for them. I think they need top for positioning if they're goingto be any sort of threat. And then in seventh I've got the nights. are still there despite the disappointing loss on the weekend. I think theyhave an easier run home and I just think they're going to notch up enoughwins piece could be back this weekend and that would go a long way inhelping that. And then I've changed out the dragons for the titans, sobig win for the titans on Sunday. That is lifted them into my topI think I'm actually close to my original top eight now. I think thismight have been it. And then missing out on points differential, I've gotthe sharks and the dragons in a ninth and ten and then I've got thetigs missing out by two points in eleven. So Yeah, interesting. The racewas seventh and eighth is so interesting. In the race for fourth position,I think it's going to be very interesting. I think the top threespots all but selling up. The panthers might drop below the Rabbitos now,but I don't think that will impact it too much. I guess the pantherswould rather at home. Jeez. One of the qualifying final, I thinkthe first round of finals are called. But Yeah, interesting. Who's goingto make those elimination final spots? All Right, time for the best coachesof all time. Segment. Got To go through my top ten. Somy criteria was a minimum of two hundred and fifty games. So I thinkTrent Robinson just missed that. I think he had like two hundred and fortygames, but I had to just put a limit on it somewhere. Iknow that's a lot of games. It's like ten seasons, but to bethe best you've got to have longevity on your side as well. So numberten I've got some of we all know very, very well. He's onthe lower end of the game scale, but his premierships and his win percentageis just very impressive and it's feel good. Just a quick note. I haven'tdone their Rep coaching starts. They would have just taken a year.I didn't have that time, unfortunately. I was too busy watching Olympics andthe kidding. But feel goold. Fifty nine points, twenty percent win ratesvery, very good. Anything in and around sixty or above sixty year inlike an elite echelon. Two hundred and eighty games as coach, so aroundeleven and twelve seasons as coach. One thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Dalimcoach of the year. He won one premiership with penrith and one with Canterbury. I think winning one at two different clubs rings a lot of value inmy ratings. Obviously, winning two premierships anywhere's very impressive, but to doit at different clubs shows that you know,... didn't just flucor with a greatbunch of players at one club. So He's one number ten, BrianSmith, and at number nine he has the lowest win percentage by a milein at fifty. Actually know the someone else, but pretty much fifty pointseven percent. So not the greatest win rate. And he had has sixhundred and one games under the Bell, which is the main reason to behonesty. Then he had the third or fourth most game. So I justhad to reward the longevity. That's so impressive. That's like twenty four seasonsof being a head coach in the NRL. He also changed a lot about thegame. I know he's famous for he in order to quell billy slidesimpact in the Games, he just told his halves to just kick it deadand they brought in the twenty meter restart to stop that. So yeah,well, I feel like I feel like I explain that poorly, but yeah, he changed the game. I don't it's not like the greatest invention oranything, but that's a sort of legacy he left. He changed rules,he changed the game and six hundred one games is, I think, thescoff at two time. Dallim coach the year, famous for choking in finals. Lost Four grand finals in his time. Lost a lot of finals series despitehaving great teams. But yeah, the longevity to Dallian coach of thethought I had to ward him there. Number eight I've got Kenneth Carney.Kenny. Never know how to pronounce that one, but fifty nine point twopercent win rate, two hundred and eighty four games under the belt. Andthis Guy's famous for coaching the invincible Saint George side that went six premierships onthe trot. He won five of them as captain coach, which I thoughtwas very, very impressive, and anyone the sick there's a coach up tohang up the boots. Didn't really have much success elsewhere. I don't knowif you coach else were. Actually I'm talking out of my ass there,but yeah, six premierships, six in a row. Like his base arguablystiffer, not to be higher, but I just thought because it was captaincoach, it's a bit how should father. But in its seventh I've got thefamous Clive Church will obviously famous for having the MVP on grand final.They named after him the medal, but he was also very good coach aswell as player. Fifty six point nine percent win rate as a coach.Two hundred and sixty games under the bell, but more importantly, for premierships withthe mighty South Sydney rabbits, and that's why he's in there. BozoFulton, the late Great Bozo Fulton, Bobby Fulton, in at number six. Sixty four point four percent win rate, which is one of the best we'vegot in here. I think it's a second best actually, four hundredand five games, so he's got a put a longevity tomb as well.One thousand nine hundred and eighty three and nineteen eighty one dam coach the year. Anyone to premierships with the manly team. Yeah, you just left a greatlegacy. I know I'm not going to talk about rep coaches for thanbut yet was also very famous representative coach. Knew how to get the best outof the Star started lineup, as he did a manly end in theAustralian colors and yeah, just a true legend on the game on the fieldand on the sideline as well. In number five, the other lowest winpercentage coach is Tim Sheen's. Might be a little bit biased as a tiger'sfan, but for me it's more the legacy Tim Cheans is left. Hechanged the game with his innovative attacking style of Footie, the one the TIgags premiership in two thousand and five and, more importantly, he produced so manycoaches himself, whether it be three assistant coaches or that rates team thathe actually coach. They produced about six or seven first grade coaches from thatteam. So they talked about a lot in NFL the coaching tree, notso much in Australian sports, but if they have one for him that wouldbe very, very impressive. Longevity on each side as well. Six hundredand sixty nine games, incredible. Three time Dallian coach of the year,four premierships, three with the camera, one of the mighty tigs and he'sback in the game. While he's been he's not out of the game.He's been the Super League but he's back in the NRAL as director of footballat the Tigers. I believe some people calling from to coach again I don'tthink you should. I think you should...

...just leave his coaching career behind him. But yeah, I think it'll be good for the Tigers. Number four, I've got Arthur Halloway. Can't lie. Don't know much about this guy's aback from the dinosall ages. With the greatest respect. I think youmight have coached in the early tens and the the s. But sixty onepercent win rate, three hundred game coach but, more importantly, eight premierships, which I just thought was a ridiculous he went for with Bal main tagsas captain coach and then went on to win for with east as a purecoach. So yeah, I couldn't deny the eight premierships. That's just freakish. Number three arguably will probably the top two. A more famous in themodern era, but arguably one of the most iconic coaches with his fur jackets, John Jack Gibson. Sixty two point two percent and win rate three hundredand ninety four games, one time dallim coach of the year. He wonfive premierships, three with paramountter to with east. Yeah, just an incrediblecoach with the great legacy. Everyone always talks about him being like the supercoach and yeah, he's one of the early coaches that really had an eraof dominance. Really the the top two have sort of followed suit in thatsense. But yet John Jack Gibson, Jack Gibson, John Gibson Now vknown absolute legend of the game. Number two Craig Bellamy, and for methis win rate is arguably enough to put him in a number one. Butfor me they lack of premierships is not enough to put him up there.I know that sounds ridiculous talking about the storm with the like of premierships,but sixty nine point nine percent win rate, she's ridiculous. You win seven outof ten games, you win fourteen out of twenty. Yeah, Ijust can't dream of that win right with the tie. As a tigs fan, he's done had that win rate over, you know, Fifteen, sixteen yearcareer, seven and eighteen, I cur and how long it is itsomeone around there four hundred ninety two games. So you'll notch up his five hundredin the final series this year, which will be fitting. Might bethe grand final actually, depending how they go, which would be pretty prettycool. Three time dallium coach of the year, he want a couple aswell. They got robbed out. Obviously salary capside, which I think,like you know, makes you want to punish him on the all time list. But you can't do that. And he has won three legal premierships withthe storm. So yeah, he might end the list of number one.I can't lie. But yeah, he's just incredible coach. But number onehe's got longevity, he's got success, he's got everything to his name.I have to say he's opened up a lot in the past. I reckonhe was a grumpy old man. Well, he's still arguably is, but Iremember growing up here's just a Dickhead to jails, where now he seemsto be a bit of he seems to have nicened up, a bit softenedup. But Wayne Bennett the ultimate super coach for me. Eight hundred andseventy seven games, which is just ridiculous. It's obviously hanging up the boots ofthe end of this year. As the other blower can't lie that.Know, his name takes over as the RABBITOS head coach. We think it'llbe his retirement. We never know with Wayne Bennett. With thought that before, but sixty two point four percent win rate. Eight hundred and seventy sevengames, twenty fifteen dam coach the year. One thousand nine hundred and eighty sevendallim coach. They just shows his longevity. There two thousand dam coachof the year. Seven Premiership, six with Brisbane, one with St George. Just an incredible coach and you think for an old guy he would hewould really have like a concertive coaching style, but he just likes the boys play. Is More of a man manager. I know it's a different sport,but he reminds me of a bit like cinnadeans Adan. As a coach. It's probably a bitch forward Awayne better, but you know he's good at ourmanaging a team of stars. Everyone who talks about him just says howmuch they love him, they love playing for him and, although he's ownto be a little bit scary at times, gives a good spray as as well. I'll be honest, I probably the Craig belly dirty, not talkingabout some of his stuff, but yeah, Wayne Benet for me the goat coachas of twenty of July. Two Thousand and twenty one a premiership withBellamy this year. Who knows that could change my opinion. But yeah,Bellamy also famous for bringing in the wrestle... slow down, you know,the tags two thousand and five and teams like that change the game completely.But for me, what's been the most impressive thing with Craig belly? Iknow might be a bit of recency bias, but hey, we thought when they'rethe big three retired, that they would, you know, go backto being average, but he's blomb past that and be the way. They'readapted to these new rules and they just play amazing football to watch now.I remember for so long and they were the most boring team to watch.They would just execute set pieces like, you know, the inside outside.Everyone knows what I'm talking about, with Smith to Cronk to slate up upthe middle of the field. They just did boring stuff like that. OneGames, you know, twenty four to eight. So I always had tieddefenses, when now they just go for it, scoring sixty points. Iknow their team hard. They ever concedes as well. But yeah, he'sjust promotes interesting football now, which I really, really enjoy. So That'swhy top ten coaching list got to be interesting to see. How About Agesin time? But now time for my around twenty preview. Roost's versus theheels is the Thursday night game. Sadly for Bilie Smith, he is outfor the rest of the season. Can't catch a trip that he is sucha good player. Buddy gets no luck. Joe Martine has been named on thewing, Adam cure and to play the centers, which is interesting.But you know the law and wing is because it Calvali's out as well,but at Morris obviously retired, and then, for paramount of the only changes near, Kory out for brass car right on the bench. I'm tipping theroosters. For me it's absolute flip of a coin. Tip without more withMoses. I tip the EELS. Without Him. I think it becomes afifty game. I just think Arthur doesn't steer the team around as dominantly asMoses does, and I'm probably overwritting Moses a little bit, but yeah,I don't know. You just add something to them, I think a bitof a cocky swagger. So I've got the roosters by one, just becauseI think it's a Fi of a coin. Eat. The line is eels favoritesby four and a half point. So I'll be taking the roosters atthe line as well other tigers, host of out INS and outs, gunnerand say farther out through injury and by replaces junior PALGA in the centers,who got dropped, which I'm quite surprised that. I would like to haveseen him how to crack at it. I don't know. Images treatment ofthe young players is a little bit weird, I have to say. Like youdropped Cheeni after two games, trop powered after two games. But yeah, anyway, he seems to love Moses Mbi, a Mon Chee, camand twilet all return to the bench blow to play in the back row,which will be interesting. I don't think he's been great this year. Seanfloor, but we'll see how he goes. He's only young. Peter Hiku onthe warrior side, returns from shoulder injury, is going to be captainand he's playing in five eight. I think pecus a brilliant footballer. Lastyear I thought he was really underrated in the center's going to be interesting tosee how he goes at six. But they've got reese Welsh, you know, so probably can just take a back seat. But yeah, Roger Obviouslygoing home. Chad town's heads out with another injury. To know, AHBrown's been recalled from the dragon so he's going to play. He replaces outin all blake, WHO's out. Matt Lodges Suspended. least an arm ourleaves to the New Zealand. And Yeah, I host about for both teams.So it's going to be interesting to see who stands up. The lineis tigers favorites. The lines five and a half. I'm tipping the Tigersby six. I just think the warriors that that's a lot of outs.They are due for a window, which worries me, but warriors me.But yeah, you never know. Broncos cowboys so much change. Like wigwas suspended after that controversial Yo shot. The broncos are the favorite by twopoints. I'm going to tip the cowboys. I thought they were impressive last weekagainst the storm. have him one in a while, the cowboys,but either have the broncos. The broncos are Jew for a win, whichis scary. But yeah, I'll go the cowboys. Dragons, rabbits,Blake, Laurie Jack, Bird Jack to Bellen and Josh McGuire all out throughtheir suspension to new a brown returns to the warriors. DUFTY got dropped forTara Slome, which is huge use.

Corey Norman named at the centers aftercoming back from injury. They're stuck with Jaden Sullivan at six, which isquite fascinating. Can Maris been to spend expended for the RABBITOS for a crushup, which is brilliant because I just bought him in an n Rl fantasy. But anyway, tipping the rabbits by twenty four. So the line isa rabbits by twenty three and a half. So going the Rabbitos, but onthe line as well. Interestingly, nights raiders. This is the Saturdaythirty game. Brother and best is back in the centers. The nights arealmost at full strength. TWIL is out to the wing, clemmers back andPierce is named in the twenty one. So if pierce players, I dobelieve they're at full strength. I don't think there's anyone missing, so noexcuses for them if pierce comes back. But I'm tipping under the assumption thatPierce isn't playing. White and Whitehead Return for the raiders begins there. I'mtipping the raiders by four I've thought they showed. showed a lot against theEELS. There become a bit of a gritty team now and I don't thinkthe knights will be able to match them in that, in that aspect,unless Perc plays. If Perc players, I probably tip the nights just andalso the fact that it's in Queensland makes me, I don't know, gothe way raiders. For some reason. Are the lines three and a halfin the raiders favor? Then the primetime Saturday game, look, I can'tlike. We've been looking forward to this match for ages and unfortunately a it'snot either ground. It's got no crowd, there's a lot of injuries and neitherteam was great last week. But who cares, we're going to getright into it, aren't? We've been waiting for this one for a while. Likely grand final preview. Harry grants in the reserves. PAP and how'sand is on the bench. Actually, I swear Harry Grahama be on thebench. I think he's in the reserves. Nelson the soft Soulo Mona got leftout. Interestingly, BRIAN TO MRS six weeks with an ankle injury.Tyron may also misses with an MCL injury. Elliott, Yo miss is a weekwith concussion after that big shot from flegler fishure Harris is out, asI mentioned before, personal reasons to be a panguy junior still left out bythe panthers. Interestingly, Maddie Burton's named it six. NADEN's named in thecenters. The line is sixteen and a half of the storm direction. I'mactually back in the panthers in the line, but I'm backing storm by twelve inthe head to heads. Looking forward to that one though. Bulldogs titans. Out of Elliott returns. For the Doggies, cal finding has been broughtback from the dead to replace Lucky Lewis. They're just got a halfback carousel there. Luke Thompson's cot the three weeks expension. On the Titan side,Patrick Herbert's been suspended. Jamal foggerty is in the twenty one, but Iwouldn't be surprised if they just given another week, given sex and played prettydecently. For The Times Line is twelve and a half in the times favor. I'll go the doggies at the line because they like a close game,but I will go times head to head by ten points. And then finally, on Sunday, shaky seagulls Shawn Johnson out with an injury. He's goingto miss a month plus on the sidelines, which is huge in their campaign tocome in the top eight. Morelin is in the number eighteen. Notsure if you'll play. On the Seagal side of things, searing and returnson the bench. Allough I was suspended for his cannon bull tackle, andthe line is sixteen and a half in manly's favor. I'm going to backmanly in twenty points. They're basically full strength, apart from ally, fromwhat I can think of. And Yeah, I'll go mainly by twenty two sharkswithout Shawn Johnson. I think that's a huge loss, not only onthe field but also little bit psychologically. So I've actually gone for a coupleupsets this week. Actually, I tell a lie. I think I onlywent for one. I know rooster's are an upset and the cowboys is anupset, but there are a couple of the line which I think I wasquite in disagreement with sports bet, but that'll be interesting to see. Lookingforward to not sure how much I'll watch, depending on what events are on atthe Olympics, but we'll definitely try and catch more of this week's actionthan I did last week. I'm sure I'll be watching the storm panthers,obviously the Tigers warriors will probably watch rooster's...

...eels, unless there's the good thingis the swimming finals are in the morning, so we can watch the NRAL.But pretty sure the swimming might be all wrapped up soon. But that'sbeen another episode of the NROL weekly show on the on the BAARD podcast.Hope you've enjoyed it. I've really enjoyed it and yes, stay tuned formore content, as another AFL episode coming out and then we'll be back towhat we are, back to our weekly episode. So yet if you haveenjoyed this one, we'll catch you next time, same place, same time, same day. Probably not same day actually. I'm very considertent inconsistent.But good luck to your team on the weekend. Go the tigs and Chow.

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