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NRL Round 16 Preview - Rugby League


NRL chat makes a return to your ears on the On The Ball podcast as I return to analyse the Womens and Mens State of Origin games and series. I also look ahead to a jampacked Round 16 of the NRL. 


Welcome back to the other ball podcast:this is another episode of the best podcast in town. Apologies for the lackof content. Recently i had a short break after university exams when on aweek get away to tasio your euros episode, but not obviously arapale one, and i think roy friend of the show did an a fl one. So he keptthat pumping out. So we haven't missed a week in a fell, but so they we didmiss a week of rls we're back into it this week back into my rhythm, so thatwill be aflowe kl and then, if you use soccer ones here and there in someother sports, but was this a lot really? We miss date of origin too, and ididn't miss it, but i've missed it on the podcast so far. So that's why i'mgoing to touch on first and then we're going to look ahead to around sixteenwell just be a preview today. Obviously, there's not really any no reaction toreview, i'm not going to chat about two weeks ago, so it it feels be weird. This midseason break almost it's kind of like. I don't actually remember too much why,as a tigers fan, i think i sort of blocked out the last round, obviouslythat historic lost to the storm, but yeah months we watch this round a fool,i'm sure we'll get back into it and the moment it will start to pick up again.So we on the friday. Now we have the women state of origin. I have to say:if we're really sorry for the girls, the weather just did not turn up forthem. I thought it was. I was really excited for it thought it was going tobe really good event. Some chanco stadium, i thought, was a good venuefor them a good size. There wasn't going to be many code restrictions and,like it's a knowledgeable, you know hat regularly, harland south eastqueens land, so yeah. I thought i was going to really exciting, but then theweather really just affected the game really hard to it's a low scoring ingeneral women's trickeled anyway, and they play less minutes but yeah the weather just prevented allsort of flowing footy and it was pretty arrowpoint game. A new soars made a lotof mistakes in queens on the underdogs one shockingly yet again in the women'sorigin, us where the other dogs every year met much like the man's and theyseem to get up and when in the bronkers, do the same thing in then rold so thereon fire disappointing from the new south wales, girls. I know the cough said i in the pressconference that yeah they just let themselves down with those errors,controversial penalty to win the game. Look it here. I probably it probably isa penalty to be honest, any other time the game, so i do get why they get gaveit. She could have been milking but yeah i did look like. There was a bitof a leg grab and rather than focusing on the dive, you probably just got tothink. Why has the new south wales interchange forward, put a foot put ahand in there like there's like a minute left or two minutes left orwhatever it was ten minutes? I actually can't remember how much to go. Therewas but ended up being the final act in terms of scoring and yeah. That waspretty deflating, but thankfully it didn't affect the men'smomentum roll into sunday night. I was very nervous because new south wales has led me to a lot offalse hope in my twenty years on this planet, but this was one time where itwasn't false. It was true hope it's one of the best serious wins new southwellhad in the last twenty years. Very comprehensive. Obviously, quence have alot of issues with injury and their death was explored. Lack of depth wasexposed, but new self wos. You got to hand it to them. Are they just looked aclass above as they probably should with decide they've got, but this hasbeen the tale of origin. Since the beginning, new southwallian had themore star other team, except for that eight years stretch for queensland, butqueen ann's always had a lack of death just through lack of players, butthey've always you know, fought hard...

...against this. Some who some would callarrogant you southwell blues side and that's cat kind of the narrative thathas made this rover so great, but for one juin holf wales actually stood upand showed they were too classy for the queens, an outfit on this occasion, yeah just everyone paid, really well atrail. I thought he should have been men in the match over james tedesco. Tobeen honest, i know tell y was huge throughout the whole eighty, but ithought the trail set up. The two trit first two tries with the strip and thenthe intercept- and i think when, when get son went two tries down. Ithink it was a ittle bit over. For me, it was until the third try where i wasreally like a right, which it will be a miracle for lutron here, but a yeahwhen we scored the first two yeah, the odds of queensland were really looking lauraand they would have had to have come out hard and score early and i thinkthink, take us to buy surprise to win that game too. Obviously, after get inpumming game one but yeah, so i thought those two acts from le tre were enoughto get him man in the match, and i also i think he was pretty stupid. The firstone. I think it was arguably better than turbo, but yeah right now he's looking likewinning the player of this series. So i think he would take that over anindividual man in the match, but he's been huge in the centers and i'm quitescared. The for museum, rolling into tigers, rabbit os in the week out nowhe's playing a different position, but still is in frightening form, but yeah.It's just a really good game. The first twenty minutes were really competitiveand then, as i mentioned, new software, i guess you could say lucky breaks, butnot so much. I was just sort of against the moment of the strip and then theintercept out, so the game went from men fit fifty at times queens and diddominate, but new software s, w. U d just have better execution with theirchances and then yeah. It was over by half time. Really. I just think now. Safis were too good in theattacking third you'd have to say that's where queens own reallystruggled. I think missing. Harry grand calamon was massive. I know it's onlytwo players, but i do think they would have not leveled the series but likegiven queens an a serious chance. I think monster was left to do a lot ofthese on he's copt a lot of criticism, but a i think, he's not match food atthe moment, not in terms of like aerobic capacity or whatever, but likeactually in terms of form like he hasn't played much forty in the lasttwo or three months. So i'm not really surprised. I didn't tear it up. Ourchair, evens didn't look great, but we've seen with manly when he's not gotto like he's better off as every half is, and hook crees and fall back ashe's better off the back of a charging forward pack with staff stars aroundhim, licture at a club land and when they're out he often does struggle to create an also gay manage. So he kind of struggled without with nopong an grant and monster out of form but yeah that i think there's no issuesthere. I think people are stressing about queensland, saying oh, this isgoing to be like ten years of dominance from new south wales, but realisticallyin state of origin, rarely disappeared. If dominance happened that eight yearthe queens and streak contain probably three or four immortals. So i don'tthink we wont see that ever again and i think people who are stressing outabout the state of queen same football just need to take a step back and gothey actually. One last series they've got the two best under ties: players inthe competition right now and rest walsh and sam walker, so yeah. I don'tthink and harry ground only twenty three months to still got a lot to go,pomi still very young. So i don't think there's any stresses there. Some of the fringe players in thequeens and squad maybe show that they just weren't up to the standard. I hadto pick on him, but yeah carl fell. I have to say it's probably one of theworst two game performances i've ever witnessed, like it's probably worthshining both and that's pretty hard to do as a winger, because you normallydon't have much impact, but a lot of people were calling for e selection. Iwas glad that renaldo got selected of sort of predicted that at the start oflast season i thought he'd be an origin.

Went winger in the next two or threeyears, obviously didn't get his chance to play because of the eligibilityscandal but hopefully plays in game three. For his sake, i think he willmake a bit of a difference with his passion and enthusiasm, but i don'tknow i'll be interesting to see what happens. No one knows where it's goingto be played talks of melbourne talks of newcastle talks of cup, smallcountry towns with sidney's lock down status. At themoment i would like a melbun, so i can go watchit, but that's just a selfish play. I don't know where it should be, bepretty crazy if they don't play a single game and new south wales andit's a clean sweet. But i do expect queens then, to bounce back. I thinkonce a month to get a bit more for mono, the belt pon will probably be fit ashe's playing for the newcastle this weekend, how grandma be fit by then aswell and all of a sudden. I think they pose a lot bigger threat to us newsouth washman, so yeah great series when from freddy and the boys,hopefully i can get the clean sweep. But i have to say i mot that bother toget back gain through them omen, i'm sort of just excited to get back intothe nil week after week until finals and yeah.That's my state of organ review. Moving into my no preview just got to go gameby game chat about the insanous and give my tip nothing too hectic. But, asi mentioned, there has been no in l forty for about two weeks now, so someof this stuff a little rusty. But we start i'm not going to talk about thethursday night game, because this will i'm recording this three hours beforethat game. So this will probably going out friday morning, if not thursday,night after the match. So i wan't bother touching on that one. Hopefullyit's a good game. No, hopefully, the rest us challengethe storm, but we'll see what happens and i'm not sure if the organ playerswill play but we'll see so friday at six o'clock game we're,starting with the warriors dragons warriors, have some big team changes,race, walshes, obviously outt that hamstring injury he suffered in thequeen's laying captain's rum has limited his ability to front up for theworries. Her are not sure how long he's going to be out for, and i would liketo know because he's in my fantasy team, but for now i think i'm just going tohold him up yeah for the worries- that's not ideal, but yeah. I thinkthey've got to take a conservative approach with him he's still only veryvery young and soft. I she injuries we've seen in thepast players. Can, you know not get, i was going to say, get addicted to them,but like they can get one hamstring and then that can lead to three or fourthree out of four four or five years spend so yeah. I think they should bevery conservative with that one and then, on top of that, jod caren andyou and akin are out they were in a covin hot spot, so there after i slate for fourteen days, which hurts,however, in for the ends for the warriors down attending as the lesnawill make his debut for the club on the wing has obviously been signed from thedoggies and chatons and is coming in for half a season before going to northqueensland is making his debut and the half as well. Well, i guess, is it yourdabey to play for the club before i'm not sure but yeah it's going to beexciting to see how they go chat, towns, an hasn't, played much for you in thelast eight weeks, the sharki half going well. So that's going to be interestingto see how that affects the side they're as in interesting form, theykind of seem to rock up when people don't expect them to the rock up andthen vice versa, but waiting in and buntie fol also returns,so they're slowly getting back to full strength. I think people have sort ofoverlooked the injury issues the worries of had this year. Obviouslyright now comes to my mind. I think peter hicker, out for the year she nelhares, to beat us out for the year and now current and a can aout washes outwith a hamstring and that's sort of been dealing with three or fourinjuries to start as each week, and i think, maybe because the warriors don't getthe same spotlight as some some of the big sydney and brisbane teams but yeah.I think that needs to be appreciated...

...and the a little bit of lack has to becut for them, but they're still well and truly in that hunt for the topeight- and this was a big game for them, for both these teams actually thedragons on the flip side. They are inside the top bay right now, and theseare the games. They need to win to stay in there. To be honest, he probably don't deserveto play finals at this rate, but if they just keep picking up wins againstteams, acte worries they're, probably just going to find themselves in thatby virtue of everyone else being so inconsistent around that mark josh, musmcguire comes back from suspension to roll folly may and it comes back forhis first game since bouteron and that dufty returns from injury. So that's abig in for the dragons. Their bench has been boosted massively with that anddafty. Obviously, the back, although tarl slome was very, very exciting ondebut dufty. I certainly brings a lot more o that side so to tip this one.For me to fool of a coin, i think the odds are tilted towards the warriorsit's in golf food, so i do tend to lean to the warriors. So i'm probably justgoing to say the war is by two. I think it will be a close game. Dragons apretty inconsistent one week, they'll rock up. They be the raiders in camera.I think it was, and then they lose to the tigers and bulldog, so they're, avery unprettily team. Then the worries are a little bit more predictable. Yousort of know you're just going to get a seven out of ten performance, so i'mgoing to trust the worries, even with race walshe out i'm, hopefully, townshad lights it up on debut roger back at full back and i'm going to go thewarriors by two points: pathes vis eels is the prime time game were treated tosome blockbuster this weekend, which is a good way to get the momentum of thecompetition back up and running. Anything claris, obviously out for upto a month with his shoulder injury. Origin is stop being kind to clear thisthis year. Obviously it suffered the cheap burning game, one and now he'ssoft suffered. What some are saying could be a season ending injury, but helooks like he's going to play through it after a month off jon edwards isalso out his battling issues with injury throughout this whole year andhasn't been able to get three or four games together, which is frustratingfor him. So stains goes to number. One burden goes to the sixth. They stilllook a very good side. Eels are pretty much unchanged. I think svo comes backfrom suspension, maybe but yeah they're pretty much full strength. It's a bluebet, stadium. Look, i think the eels a real chance here and i believe theyields might have held before the tigers, but i think the eels were the last time to beatpenrith in a regular season game, if i'm not mistaken in about round tenlast year, but that was a bank west a bit of a different story. I think thepanthers are a better side now and i'm going to say the panthers by ten yeah.I just can't tip against panthers or storm at the vironment, especially whenthey're at home. So yeah, i'm going to say, panthers bulldog seagulls is theearly saturday gamee planning an comes back into the side. There's masschanges for the ballo not going to go through them all. Obviously, five orsix players breach coved rules and went to a pub in the eastern suburbs ofsydney. So that's pretty disappointing from an nrs point of view, but manlyare laughing really. The bordo aren't the strongest of sides, even thoughthey're indecent form, but to lose four or five players in their starting team.Yeah. It's going to be very, very tough, so finding in comes back in at six, sohe's going to pan out of riloo the harves jackson. I don't know i need towork it out. As i don't know, if it's to pen a or to pine, i'm going to sayto pine, he is starting in the second row, whichis actually his natural position. He's played a few games at hookah if you offthe bench but he's actually a back row, that's where he played growing up forthe dogges. So that's going to be exciting because he's a highly toutedyoung start seagulls are pretty much unchanged there without jack trebovirwho's still injured. After i don't know, i think it was injured after game wheni'm origin, i'm not sure. Maybe it was...

...the man the game after that, but yeahhe's still lay up, but apart from that they're pretty much full strength. Soyou've got to go this eagles here in one of the form team in the competentsone of the bottom teams in the comb don't like. Hopefully the bolls put upa fight, but i can't see it being pretty so i'm going to get the seaeagles by thirty points here, rades vesse, titans, jared coke comes back.The skipper for the raiders he's back in the centers bathe to moco drops thereserves. That's really the mainly the main ends for the raiders for the timesthey have a lot of ins actually similar to the warriors. I think people haveoverlooked some of their intery issues. This year, j brinton comes back at fullback, which sees campbell push to the reserves. Cary thompson comes back on awing kevin procter comes back, both firmer comes back in sam leson, whoadds a lot of bench production really for them. Asthe big as a big front row who comes on a there bench, pretty stack this week.I think fottei is starting from there. So this is a tough one. It's in camerathe times have lost their last four. I believe so i'm actually going to go verthe times for come back when obviously had a fair few games. Playersinvolved in that queensland, both queens lan drubbing. So far, so i thinkthey're going to be fired up. The raiders have started to look a littlebit better the last couple weeks and it is in cambra, but i'm going to say thetitans come out and stop this losing streak. I still think there are a verygood chance of banking finals and these are the sort of games they need to win,and i just don't trust the raiders at the moment, with their and consistentwell, not they've sort of been consistently just average, so yeah, i'mgoing to say the titans, but yeah. I'm not confident on that. One note versuscowboys is the sad day. Prime time game can. Pole will finally play his firstgame, since i think it's around nine, it's been named a couple times beenlate, laid out a couple times, so it's going to be the first time nights fansget to see pong a piece and clifford altogether, which is well we're notsure on the future of peers, but it looks to be the short term future ofthe nights in terms of the spine. So that's going to be exciting and evenmore exciting. It's against clifford's old team, the new north, queens andcowboys. So that's going to be entertaining big battle up against hisopposition, half tompin his basically the reason clipper was shipped off. Iguess so that's going to be a little bit of a juicy battle between those twoin the nights. Oh, this is tough because the cowboys they're one ofthose teams that similar to the worries where you always tip against them andthey always get the upset, but it's the nights pomis and it's at mcdonald jone.So i think i'm going to have to go the nights for a big sad day, prime timegame top pains, isolating as well. That might have some sort of impact. But whoknows so? I'm going to go pole to lead the boys to a dub, i'm going to say thenights by six, but that could be an entertaining game, because the cowboyis actually playing a lot of tight harson games, sunday to hokyo broncos versus sharks,a lot of changes for the broncoes similar to the ballots. But these oneswere well not like all they weren't alarm force, but they weren't throughlike suspension or anything stags comes back at center oats and the psycho onthe wing. So a bit of a throw back to like two thousand and eighteen. I thinkit was when they were the wingers gamble and croft pair each other in theharves. I think i don't know if they've paid each other yet, but that could beone of another. Has pairing and tc robarde gets the start at the numbertwelve is panga, junior is suspended, rebates looked really exciting in hisfirst few appearances off the bench for the broncho, so i think that could bean interesting aspect to watch going to be interesting to see how stags goes. Obviously, some talk about him comingback at number, six, whether it's going to play a number six next year, as i'mrecording this kirk cape well just got announced a couple hours ago as a bigsigning for them next week. So i don't know i feel like it's not postive an a red hill for thebroncos, but i feel like there's a...

...little bit less negativity around them.Some of their big guns are back from injury. Will just stag with i don'tknow, i'm trying to hap them up, but yeah it's tough to, and then the sharksare pretty much unchanged and they're in really good form. So as much as aswell, i don't know if i'd like to see but as much as i think it would beharboring to see the broncos finally get a dub and kevin walters. Canfinally smile, but i'm going to say the shark is, i think, they're in reallyreally good form and they look like a bit of a smoky to make that top eightafter a pal first ten rounds. So i'm going to say the sharks yeah, i justthink they're a more settled team. You knowless less moving parts so going to say the sharks by twelve in that one, whichwould be a punter's nightmare, given the one, a twelve thirteen plus marginsbutter anyway and then sunday afternoon, my team play the old enemy, the southsine rabbit os. Speaking of the ravines, i met a i have to say he was a lovely man on atasmanian road trip. He was just working in a cafe on that of the sideof the high way people you know, stop and have a straction. He was a legend.He was a rabbit as fan. I was wearing my tiger's hut and he stopped me for achat and a yeah, great bloke, but anyway only a couple changes to the tigs,which i have to say in my family's pretty disappointed out. I was i'll sayto my dad. If there's one thing i have to say about maguire is he is verystubborn about his team changes. So i was saying i don't think you should getsucked or anything like a lot of people are saying, but i was saying i was mentioning that if he doesn't makechanges after that, storm loss like that will be a big negative in the calmfor madge. For me, because yeah, that's just something that i don't write in acoach. I know he's trying to like pick and stick fulfill some confidence. Theywent back to back games only a couple rounds ago, but after two really reallypoor performances. Some changes do have to be made and i think he's gone prettyweak on that. I think he's stuck by some of his signings for a little bittoo long. I think tomo, and james roberts in particular have been reallyreally average, but tommy tillas out, which is good, has just got some of theworst ball handling you obviously joe's back, which is a huge in and save fatepushes into the starting thirteen, which has been long deserved really thelast six weeks. I think it's been one of our best forwards. We can week out-and it seems like one of the fair, very few tigers players who consistently hasa crack and it goes at a hundred percent intensity. All the time he's onthe field for the south, all their origin stars are named. They've got anextended reserves list, so we'll have to wait and see about that. As thatkind of goes for the whole weekend, benjie marshall and lem night up backon the bench, that's some being names, hammy selle. I think it's how youpronounce it he's starting up prop over tom burges, which is interesting butyeah. Look you got to tip the rabbit os. I reckon it might be close the firsttime these pay to play this year. I went to the golden point, but yeah,just the tigers aren't a great form. The rabbino are in decent form got tosay the rabbit as even though it is it like cart, there's no fans or anythingso yea. I don't think that'll have much of an effect. So i'm going to say therabbit os by eighteen that could be. Rosi rose, colored lenses from me,looking at that one, but yeah so going through my game picks. Then i know i'vejust said my seven tips not including thursday night, but i will say my shorebetter the week and that is the war. It's actually tough, while based onmargins it the seagulls to bet the bulldog. So that's going to be muchsort better. The week i'm going to back in the hello sport boys from the blokenabout podcast and get around their manly seagulls up side of the week.Look i'll be honest. I don't actually know who are under dogs in the clashes so that that's a bit silly for me. Notknowing that, but i would say the times might be decent value against the rates.I might just quickly check that...

...yeah just having checked that the timesare big un, the dogs actually o d and fifty so that'll be my upset of theweek. That's also the line i'll suggest, i think the lines about eight points,so at the time recording is actually six and a half, so i'd say put that inyour multis. Apart from that, the other lines aren't that interesting to me,it's pretty similar to all the margins of tips. So i'd probably steer clear upfer this week, be it's going to be interesting round. Obviously, sort ofthe nil has almost had a two week break essentially except for the originplayers. So it's going to be good to see a little snake peak in how theteams are going for the last ten rounds of the competitions leading to finals.It's going to be a really really interesting, four or five weeks,especially in that battle for seventh and eighth. I think the top six is allbut decided and that seventh and eighth positions are up for grabs. Anyonecould take him like i'd, say that bulldogs and broncos are the only teamsrolled out, and i know i'm a optimist. Ic tigers fan saying that, but likeit's definitely not out of the picture for the tigers or anyone that low towin it. As i know, the tigers have a pretty soft drawl themselves and i'msure other teams are in a similar situation. So it's going to be reallyexciting to see who takes those positions out and the way look, some ofthe top four teams are playing really well, but some of them, like theroosters and stuff, aren't necessarily dominating week and week out. So ourseventh and eighth position could be a nice spot to land this year, given theunpredictability of pretty much every team, except for the top two, so yeah,hopefully i'll get those seven from seven right, because i am currentlytrying to chase down my cousin at the top of the tipping leader board, but ifyou've enjoyed it, let me know, leave a like comment. Let me know main scramdams whatever you want to do false and potii thanks for sticking with us.Looking forward to bringing out a lot more, an ol content over the next tenweeks and yeah feel free to go back and listen to other narol videos orwhatever you want to do, feel afraid to check out the socker and a fell contentand for now all i'll say is enjoy the foot. Hopefully, last night's game wasa thriller. The storm roosters and hopefully, there's seven more thrillsto come. But yet go the blues. Go the tigs and see next week, cheese.

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