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Episode 73 · 1 year ago

"Everton will finish top 4?!?" Premier League September Review - Episode 73


Hamish reviews the first month of the 2020/21 Premier League season. Discusses which teams have impressed and disappointed as well as discussing who have been the outstanding players. 

Cheese. He settle. Welcome back to the on the board podcast. This is episode seventy three of the show and today we're once again talking about soccer. I'm just again joined by myself. I'll promise to get some more guests on the future, but being a bit hectic at the moment, so just easy to with mamaself. I did say last episode that I was going to be doing another soccer episode, which is true, but I said I was going to maybe do a European transfer Winde, but that's not true. I was having a look at it but didn't feel comfortable talking about it because I haven't I like. Truth be told, I haven't watched too much of the other league's. I've watched a few mini matches and stuff on TV, but so I thought I've watched pretty much every premier league game. Will that I can use time zones can watch every single one, but I've watched most of that I can, and so I thought to be more fitting if I just stuck to what I actually know, because, like I don't make much sense anyway when I talk about the things I know, but at least I'm making some sense. So just going to have it's been basically a month since we started the premier league, maybe three and a half weeks or something, first international break. So I thought it would be a good time to have a bit of a recap of what's happened and, you know, just analyzed the situation. I don't think it's going to be the longest episode, but that's all right. We love our hour and a half one, so sometimes it's not the worst to balance that out with, you know, thirty minute up. But to start us off, I'm going to go through as I always do. I like to do some awards. It helps just be a vehicle for the COMBOS. So most impressive teams in the start of the premier league so far. I know this is boring and it's obvious, but I'm going to start with Everton. They've just been sensational, haven't they? They haven't apart from Tottenham, they haven't played the toughest sides and they got a bit of luck. They were they were beating West Brom but they actually weren't looking too great. And then there was Karen gives his red card and there was like slip and village got sent off and shit kind of hit the fan. But in the end of the day, therefore, from for and you can't really complain about that. But yeah, they've looked awesome. I was looking they scheduled to come. They've got Liverpool next, the mercy does side Derby. That's going to be a big match. Last few years it's been a bit dull, the mercy side Derby, to be honest, like they haven't been blowouts or anything. So, like Everton, I always overperformed what you'd expect them to do, but this one they're probably the more informed team, to be honest. Liverpool haven't looked too good really since lockdown, so I think they would be a really interesting match. But then after that they've got Southampton, Newcastle, Man United Form Leads Burnley. So we could be seeing Everton, you know, right up there come December or something that however long those games take us to mid November, because they're all winnable games. I don't think they'll go through undefeated in that that would be pretty impressive, but I definitely think we could be seeing them in the in the top for top to maybe even first for quite a while. I'm not really one guy who bites into these things too much. I'm pretty like reserved in my calls. I don't think they're going to be hot for anything, but I predict them to come ninth and that's probably looking unlikely at this point if they keep it up. and honestly, the teams who I had predicted to finish above them, a lot of them aren't looking too great. Like you wolves, they're not looking great. Less to they're looking all right, but not, maybe not as good as Everton, Tottenham or live flying and to finish below them,...

...but they're not looking good either. But yeah, I just think I'm not going too hard on the call because I it's a long season, the premier league season. But they've comfortably one. I love the expected goal stats. I'll be using that a lot today. They've comfortably one every match on expected goals. I think the closest was Tottenham, where they had, you know, a point, point six more expected goals or something. So there's been no flukes. There's not really any clear weaknesses in the side. Great Transfer Window, best defense in the League right now on expected goals and goals conceded in real life. My only concern is injuries. I think they are one big injury away from dropping in quality quite a bit like. I don't think they'll go from a top fourteen to a bottom four team or anything outrageous like that, but I think we'll definitely take the sting out of them if calvert lew and a Richarlson a hum as gets injured, or even down the back if a Michael keene or Luca Danya gets injured. And they've got quite a few key players where if they get injured, but so do a lot of teams, but if one of them gets injured we could see their form drop off quite a bit. But basically a ten out of ten months from Everton so far and we'll see how they go from here on in. Next I've got West Ham. Everyone was pretty harsh on them, I thought, in the preseason. I know there's a lot off field stuff, but I saw a few predictions saying they were going to get relegated. But I think they've got quite a good amount of quality in that squad and some people can forget that sometimes. They they've had a few big transfer windows in the last three or four years and that's brought a lot of quality to the side. For example, you got public for NLES didn't do much last year. This season in four matches he's already got a goal on to assist jared bow and. They signed him last Christmas. He's got three goals. So some of their signings from previous windows, although they didn't have the biggest window this transfer period. I think I rated them last and my last episode. They're starting to produce more than what they have in the past. So I think everyone was a lit a bit low on West Tent. I hadn't finishing sixteen, which I think is still reasonable. But yeah, they did. They just haven't shown that that off field dramas really come on to the field. They beat arsenal and allbit pretty luckily. They've kind of hung on to that victory in the end, but they smashed wolves. They smass less, nothing flucish about those two. So very impressive performance is there. They've actually underperformed on expected points, so they were lucky with the arsenal match, but overall they've almost been unlucky. And their defense is probably the biggest surprise to me. They've had the second best defense in the Premier League on expected goals against. So that's probably something we don't really attribute to west tend too often, but fair play to them. That's something that obviously strengthened, because you'd say they've put quite a few good attacking players, but then their defense lacks a little bit. But they're looking pretty good at the moment. Next up, I know I'll get Kent sort of if I say the other Clardon Blue Team, but the other, you know, Marone blue team or apart from Burnley, but Aston Villa. I'm not like riding high on them just because they beat Liverpool seven to I did watch that match and I have to admit although villa played well and I'm quite happy with my prediction of them coming fifteen when pretty much everyone was saying they would be bottom too. It was very lucky. There was about four deflections and one was just like a defense brain stopt from Liverpool, but they did deserve to win the match. Maybe only like one or something, but yeah, then they pumped Fullham. They did work quite lucky against Sheffield to get away with that, but to beat Cheffield full and Liverpool, to be three from three. Defense has been great. They've only conceded two goals. It's just looking pretty rosy. Fasted villa. I rate them very high in the transfer window episode as well. I think I had them in fourth but yeah, it's just looking great at the moment. Their attack looks awesome and their defense is doing very well to so yeah, for...

Austin Bill It's been a great, great start of the season. grillish has picked up where he left off last year. John mcgins looking good. Maddie cash, then you signing. He's been pretty good at right back. Ross Berkley on debut on the weekend, had a bit of a star performance. Ollie Watkins, how almost forgot him. He's killed it. And then the two center backs, concert mings, think they're both scored a goal and they're defending very well. So Pretty, pretty good times up in Aston Villa in Birmingham. But yeah, we'll see how they go from here on in because apart from Liverpool, Sheffield have been pretty out of form and full them look they're they're probably not the best ten going round, are they? Well, especially before they had that deadline day. So I will see how they go in the next few games after the international break, but positive spirits down at up and Birmingham. My final team that's impressed me. I've Gone Brighton. Hope all been it's probably a bit of a shock, but they because they only have one, one match out of four, but I think they've looked pretty good in every single match. They lost to Chelsea when they choked. I think they are lot, like three nil or something and Chelsea returned servants scored for in the second half. Or that might have been another match, but they were unlucky. I know that was another match. I think I was Chelsea's second game, but they lost. Yeah, that's right. I think they lost three one to Chelsea on the first weekend, but they had more expected goals and Chelsea in that game. And then they had that that bullsh like, excuse my language, but they had that bullshit game against Manchester United. I think they hit the post five times or something. Manchester United just like it in few rates in me a little bit because, like Manchester United playing rubbish, they deserved to lose every game that they have to because you know, we know eventually they'll just dominate like they always do. But yeah, Brighton deserved to probably win those two matches, especially the menu one. I think they're very unlucky there. And then they did lose, for to to Everton, but I think they really push them out. I've watched pretty much every every teen game because they've been the early games for us here in Australia. And Yeah, they're probably the first team that's kind of challenged him a little bit. They found a lot of space in the defense and yeah, I think they could have got away on another day. For Everton we're a little bit off their game. They could have come away with points from that one and they're really impressive. Thing for bright is the attack. A lot of times the team's bright another team who were bit were tipped to go down by a few people I saw. So a lot of teams down that end of the table they struggle to score goals, but their fit, they've had got the fifth best attack in the League at the moment. So that's pretty impressive. They've got a lot, quite a few weapons. Actually, they got more pay lampty's. He looks amazing. Cud of known US kind of my Connolly's uptop as well. Tross'd looks pretty good this year. I'd question a kind of questioned his ability in previous seasons but he's looked really good this year. So yeah, so looking pretty good at Brighton. Now onto the on to the flip side of the coin. Most disappointing sides. Look, I know I just talked a little bit of smack about them, but yeah, I've got a double down here in Manchester United. They've just been awful. Happened? They their nineteen in expected points, so there's been no bad luck about it. They've conceded eleven goals and three matches. They were beaten by a Crystal Palace who I think look no offense to Pallace. They've done all right to start the season in terms of results, but I don't have the highest expectations for them is year. I think they've looked pretty average in matches and then we talked about that match where they somehow escaped with victory over brighten, but there was a one point four expected gold discrepancy, which is absolutely outrageous for anyone who knows anything about expected goals. And they got smashed by Tottenham One and I know they lost a player, but you still can't be conceding six when you're a team you know that's been to be... good as Manchester United and you would think eleven goals and three matches geese. They must have got some bad luck. Like I know Liverpool, they're expected goals against is like five under how many of the actually conceded, but man united isn't very far off. So Yeah, man you look I do talk a lot of smack about man you. I had been very low on the transfer window, but honestly I think a club that size been pretty embarrassing while they've been putting up recently and I don't think they'll do that bad. Once again, this always happens in the premier league. A few of the big team start bad. If you are the like week a team start good and everyone you know jumps on the train. I remember a year where whole city they were like fifth after six weeks and they end up getting relegated and everyone blow on their trumpet the start, which is all fun to do, but then we just got to have some common sense about I do still do think, men you will be top six, maybe even top for but I don't because they always just get hot for, you know, two months or something. But it's just it's going to be tough for them to get top for they've started so poorly. They've only played three matches. But to think they've got European football to come and then a squad already doesn't look too great. Like it like they're starting exile. Looks good but on paper, and then you see why they're putting up and you kind of worried. Like there's a few injuries taken out of that. If you rested players from European football, then how bad they're actually going to look? So I don't know. I just think Olie is probably the easily the most under pressure manager in the Premier League. For me, I think look, if I think if they haven't, if we're here talking about them in the most disappointing section again come the eighth of I'm recording this on the eighth of October, so say we are it's the eighth of November and we're talking about them in this section, I think he'll be gone because I think there's been a few times where he's been close to cop in the sack and he just has a good like month or something and they hold back. But yeah, but I don't think it's just only though. I think Edward Woods. I think some of these transfer window dealings have been pretty bad. But if you want to hear me talk about transfer window, go back to the previous episode. I go a lot more in depth into it now. The other Manchester team is also in this section. Manchester City the sixteen and expected points right now. They did beat wolves, but they got smashed by lesst and couldn't walk away with the three points against leads. And to be honest, for them it's probably more just watching the match kind of thing. They just not look great. I watched that lesser men city game and less to just embarrass them really. Every single time men city turned it over or somehow like a for onto. And Yeah, I just don't know. Their fullbacks just look pretty bad. Man City like that left back situation needs to be sorted apparently they might be giving Aka crack at left back. But then, Mandy, I've watched the I think it's on Amaazon. The documentary seems like a funny, Boisterous blow but yeah, look, he just doesn't know how to defend. And although this Man City teams great, so you don't really need fullbacks who are like a one sacker, but you do need someone who can stop the ball sometimes and he doesn't really produce that and he doesn't really produce enough on the offense to excuse the defense, where I think is in. Chenko's a bit better, but I know he's been injured. So yeah, for me they're definitely in the most disappointing section. And I know these two teams they've only played three matches, so it's probably a bit harsher to go for them then a team he has played all for. But yeah, I just don't think it's been great from to us two of the biggest teams in English soccer at the moment. And my third and final disappointing team is wolves. I think they've actually I'd say men you first, then wolves, then city wolves, their loss to West Ham for Neil. That's embarrassing. I predicted wolves to come fifth. I think they underperform last year and they came about seven. So maybe sixth, but yeah, that's just poor. Their defense was so good last year.

I think they had the third best defense on expector goals against, but yet to be coughing up four goals to West Ham and I think expect to goals actually had a very close to four goals, which is pretty rare. They only beat full and one nil, but they actually fullam had more expected goals to them than them. So that's suggested suggest that they were were pretty lucky. They're I probably should have explained what the expected goal start was, but what it is. Every shot that's taken they have a probability that it goes in and they add up all those probabilities throughout the nineteen. You ended up with an expected goals for both teams and then you work out who should have won. So a lot of factors go into it, like a keeper, defense, the person who takes a shot and stuff like that, but usually pretty good measure of how lucky you are unlucky a team's beam. and then they comfortably. Wolves got comfortably beaten by men city, which is usually a pretty fair, fair thing, but city haven't looked great either. And Wolves they beat one of the other least informed teams in the common, Sheffield United, who haven't got a win on the board. Yet. So yeah, it's just not looked too good from wolves. I don't know, I think they're going to be fine in the long run. Just just a little average start to the season for pretty bad games for them, but I still think there are solid chance for top six. I'm not going in any Bush calls here. There's still thirty four matches to go. So yeah, just disappointing start from wolves. Yeah, this is definitely going to be a very short episode. Already like halfway through and it's only seventeen minutes in, but we love it. Right now to the play. All wards. I'm just going I've got just best forward, best midfield, a best defended, best goalie. got a few to talk about each. Best forward. I think the obvious one is dominant Calvert Lewin. Six goals in four matches, four three aerials, one a game. He's just been scintillating. Every chance he's had he's basically finished. I think you also scored a hat trick in the League Cup or something, but not really take that into account here. But he's been scintillating. But for me the number one four it has been some human of Tottenham. Fourth most key passes in the premier league, six goals, one assist and he's only twenty four and shots per game, which that's just clinical. Really. He's basically scored every shot he's taken. That's dramatic but pretty close. So yeah, he's been sensational. I remember that Southampton game where, yes, the Southampton defense was debart deplorable, but it was a debacle. But every time he's run was perfect. He was like an inch on side and then he just tucked it away every single time, no worries, and it just looked too easy. So you automatically look to blame Southampton. But ultimately songs made that run and he's tucked it away. So I don't think we can overstate how impressive that is. And then two other forward so I think I've been in pretty good most seller. I know it's like a cop out to put someone of his quality in here, but I think we'd still do take for granted sometimes how good he is. And Yeah, he was even pretty good in the USTON villa game. Bit of a shining light, and he's some of his goals are just awesome and you kind of just go, oh, yeah, it's mostly we expect that, but we need to try not to because it's impressive. And then my other guys, Neil more pay as, I think he scored four goals and four matches for Brighton. Yes, I did say they have one of the best attacks in the league right now, but ultimately they're not the most skilled team with the ball. So to score four goals in a team like that, that's pretty impressive and I just love the way more paid plays his real gritty player. He presses hard creates for everyone else. Yeah, I just think he's a bit of an unsung hero and I know it's very early into the season but I think we could see him move on to bigger and better things next...

...year because he's such a good talent. Best midfielder I've got. Well, it's tough because it's only been three and four matches, but I think the obvious ones hummers five goal involvements and he's just dominated like five gone involvements. Yes, that's insane, but if you've actually watched the Everton Games he's probably been even better than that. He's just been scintillating. Some of the passes he's dished up is just an incredible and he's looking like he's almost penciled in his transfer of the year. They got him on a free from Real Madrud so who knows how long he's going to stayed Everton, but if he can stay there for, you know, two or three years and produced quality football like this, this could go down as one of the greatest signings of all time, honestly, and a Lottie and whoever the higher powers are at Everton of pulled off an absolute madness here, because some of the player of his player of his quality to go on a free to a club like Everton. That's just impressive business from them. And then someone else. He's only played three matches, but Jack realish, six goal involvements, put on an absolute clinic against Liverpool. It's just picked up where he left off, as I mentioned in the Astonville section and like, I'll be honest, I don't know why he's still Aston Villa. Maybe he knew they were going to be better this year, but people predicting them to get relegated. In a Filish Jack I probably wouldn't be taking that risk. I'd go to a safer premier league team like a Tottenham or something. I know they like him, but respect to him really, I myself would rather see him go somewhere else because to see him in like the big games. But realistically it's actually probably more respectful to stay like more respectable to stay at your boyhood club or whatever and just become a club legend there and try and keep them in the premier league for as long as possible. So he's been on fire. Katie B Yeah, look, city haven't been great, but four point seven key passes a game. That's just that's another level. So key passes like it's a pass that create, it's a shooting opportunity or a shot. So it's like what it's like what a shot to a goal is, what a key pass to an assist is. So that's pretty incredible and we don't have this point. We similar to sell. We just expect it from Katib, but we've got to try not to because that is insane. And then Calvin Phillips, you boy to the Premier League. Everyone was kind of expecting him to not struggle, but six point three tackles and interception of the match and one point five clearances, and then some of his long range passing is just insane. I think they call him the Yorkshire Hurlo or something, but yeah, he just seems like a great bloke. Loves the club, goes in hard at the footy, racks up starts, dominates the midfield. He's just the pulse of that side and yeah, he's a really talented player and deserved. He's got recent England call ups, deservedly so. Now moving on to best defend up. Always bit tough with this, especially in only a few games, because they could just have one massive game. Their stats are really high, but I've gone tyrone Ming's seven clearances per game one point three blocks per game, both insane stats. I think if you kept that up all year he'd be like in the top five in Europe for both of those. And I think he's got a goal, which always helps a defenders case, although it's not really what they're meant to be doing, but it will take that any day. Part of, probably the key part, part of the best, one of the best defenses in the country right now. That is England, not here. Well, I think they would be the best defense in Australia to be honest. But yeah, I don't know. It's quite interesting him and console, the other USTER Villa centerback. They have high clearance numbers and I remember meings did to have high clearance stunners last year. So I must be their way they play. They don't go out and meet attackers. They must play very compact. Let the ball come why? Let them whip it in and then they get rid of it, because yet they always seem to have inflated clearance numbers and quite low tackles and interception. So that's the only logic I...

...could think I haven't watched them too much, if I'm honest. And then, speaking of Uston Villa Defense, a big fan of Maddie cash, I've got my fantasy team fantrack EPL thought he was going to be a pretty good pick up. I think the I mentioned this in the transfer episode, but I think the championship has become quite a good proving ground for some of these young guys and he's not the youngest, so he's not coming in like fragile or anything. So he's killed it straight away. Five point three tackles and interceptions, four point seven clearances and one point three key passes. So he's doing it both ends of the field and I think he's going to be a great turn out to be a great signing for them. And then, finally, for defenders, I got Fabian Beal Boina of West Ham he's averaging six tackles and interceptions a game and five clearances and also, once again, in one of the best defenses in the League at the moment. So fair play to every one I've just mentioned there. They've been sensational. And finally, Best Goalkeeper, I've Gone Emiliano Martinez. So a lot of Aston Billa love here, but they have been great. They signed him from arsenal for about seventeen mill but that's already looked at paid off. He saved a penalty and he on debut, I believe, and he's saved the highest amount of expected goals. So No, it's a bit of a mouthful, but basically he's like kind of does make sense, but he's out of all the shots. He's didn't even know how to explain it, but if I just say it slowly might make sense. He saved the highest amount of expected goals, so he's just preventing things that have a high chance of going in, basically. So yeah, he's killing it. I kind of kind of mentioned the previous episode a few times so yet feel free to go check out the transfer window, like subscribe, brand and review. Of just got a few more awards to go through, so it is going to be a shorter episode. Best transfers of the year so far. Look, I mentioned it before. It's going to be hummers or AFO. You guys. He's arguably being play of the month and for him to have come on a free, that's just awesome. Other guys, I've mentioned here that a new signings. Maddie cash, I think he's been a bit of a not an unsign hero. It's only in three match of the season but you know, Jack really strong again, Ollie Watkins, they'll get even tire and means they'll get all the headlines for that Aston Villa side. But maddie cash is just going to quietly do his work and he's going to kill it, I'm sure, and he has already so far. And then I've gone this is this isn't really an awarden soccer but it is in Australian sports and our at Rugby League and Australian rules, best rookie rising star. I know he's already played like seven matches or something, but I've got Tarik l empty. We just really lit up the red up, lit up the league. Ian Killed it against Chelsea and then he killed it again against Newcastle. Newcastle was a bit of the breakout match. He just absolutely tore shreds down that right edge. He's got a little bit quiet the last match but yeah, he looks very good. So fast. Does a little bit of like he's not going to whip out thirteen to sister or anything like it. In a team like Brighton, but a lot of creativity and in also can defend. Yeah, you just looks really exciting and he's come out of the Chelsea Academy, who seemed to be one of the best academies in the country, given how many people they produce. And Yeah, I just think he's going to be an absolute sensation this season and he's already ball. I've given him best rising star in the first first ball game. So that pretty much explains it. But yeah, that's all I've got for you today. I think I might be doing another soccer podcast next week, maybe talking about the European League so far, because I've been watching some replays today and stuff. I've watched ORT to Latzio into those a cracking game.

But Yeah, look forward to the international break. There's some key games coming up Scotland. I'm half Scottish, so bit of a Scottish National Team Fan. We've got a playoff match against Israel, a playoffs semi final against Israel for euro qualifications. I was kind of confident going into it, but it's turned out its Jeward Armstrong as tested positive to covid so him, as well as Tianny and Christie. They're all out probably three of our best players, so I don't like our chances now against the Israeli beast. That is our Arns, a harvey of the Chinese Super League, but we'll see how it goes. I think it is Friday and morning. Well, maybe Thursday night for those listening in Europe. I don't even know, but YAS cracking games coming up this weekend and then next weekend we've got mercyside Derby and I think we've got Manchester City versus arsenal so and maybe the Milan Derby as well. So very excited for that. Next episode of the PODCAST is going to be an NFL one, so if you like both American football and European football, stay tuned, subscribe listen to that one. And Yeah, thanks for joining me today. Really appreciate it and enjoy the rest of your week in your weekend peace.

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