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NRL Round 2 Review | Rugby League - Episode 115


Hamish continues his weekly analysis of the NRL after an exciting week of football in Round 2. He goes through the National Rugby League's biggest winners and losers from the weekend, the players of the week, and also makes some brave Round 3 predictions. 


Hello and welcome back to the onthe wall podcast. Is episode a hundred and fifteen of the show and weare back here to talk about nl and I have to quickly apologize because Idid promise last week that I would get a guest on for the NL episode. I got one for the AFL episode, but this week I'm just going tobe doing the NRAL by myself once again. I'll honestly try and startto organize my dad and my brother and getting them ondern rotation, but atthe moment, with cricket season winding up, it's been a bit busy, butthat should start to happen bit more regularly so we can hear their insights. I didn't watch as much drugby league this week. Is I didn't roundone. I watched the Thursday game, the Friday Games, the Saturday nightgame and then the other games I just have to watch on replay and someof the highlights. So there's some of the Games I have more just readoff the stat sheet and the highlights and then there's others where I'm going offthe eighty minutes that I saw on my TV. So we'll be doing thesame structure again, starting with the winners and losers. So first of allmy winners are the paramount of eels. They were my loser section last week, I believe, after only just narrowly beating the broncos. But pretty impressivebounce back victory for them to beat the storm at Banqueest bankwest. The heelsat Banquest is actually becoming one of the like it's trying to think of thereany other? I guess Melbournet Am Park. I'm thinking of the fortresses and NRL. At the moment camber and camera is pretty good. But yeah,Para matter, banquest is right up there. It's obviously a few teams home grounds. We saw the bulldogs have a home game there. I think theTigers have a couple. They're not sure who else you plays out of there, but it's definitely the eels home ground. They definitely use it best and theybeat the storm, which is pretty impressive. My minor premiership prediction.The storm looks so good and round one and they didn't even play about thisthis week, but the eels just were better in the testing conditions that mostgames saw on the weekend after torrential rain in Sydney, were seen some floodingand stuff, so I hope everyone's all good up in New South Wales.But the heels completed at eighty eight percent, which is very impressive in the wetweather, and that was pretty much the main difference between the teams.I was looking at the stat sheet and it was almost even in every singlefield and then I think Melbourne completed in the low s and the eels completedeighty eight percent. So their play to the holy side really for having gooddiscipline in attack, holding onto the ball, not doing silly play the balls andstuff like that. I think Moses and Brown and Marnie led the teamaround pretty well. I think Moses and Brown kicked very well and that wasa big reason why they won the game. They had less possession but they probablyhad better feel possession position when they did have the ball due to Mosesand browns kicking game. I think some people to mention. I think ringingCampbell Gill I'd had a really good game. A hundred and seventy meters from seventeenruns, including sixty post contact for tackle breaks as well. He wasback to his best. He was a bit more quiet and round one,but he looked like he's two thousand and twenty self. And then Marada nearKure a. He played in the centers, which was a bit of a surprise, but he was probably among the eels best out of set. Ahundred and twenty nine meters from thirteen runs, including forty one post contact, sixtackle breaks and he made some really big tackles. I can remember acouple on old and where he just crunched the bloke and yeah, I didn'tthink he's played center before. If if he has, he's only played thereon a few occasions. So I thought that was a very impressive performance fromnear Corre a. Their center depth was...

...being tested, but he seems likehe can step up and do the job if they ever need a center.And then, yeah, I guess you got to talk about that final try. Four minutes to go. Moses puts up a bit of a cross fieldbomb and Cvo just perfectly timed it. So well done to both those guys. I'm not a big fan of Micsivo, but I think he had a prettygood game. He had about seven tackled breaks and he just timed thatrun to perfection and obviously just took the catch. So that was a prettyimpressive. Try Looking for the EELS have the sharks, the Tigers the dragons, so that three very witable games there. Then they've got Canbra in Canberra,which is a toughie, and then they've got the broncos and bulldog.So they could easily be eight. No, really, apart from that raiders game, they probably should win the other five matches there and all of asudden they're, you know, heading into the origin period on top of theladder and from that position it's pretty hard to not make the top four.So looks like by virtue of if they're just able to put away those teamsthey should, they look like they could be another top for appearance for paramatter. So yeah, big win for them. And Yeah, well then paramount ofEELS. And next up I've got the dragons. I think the dragonswere pretty good on Saturday night. It was a good game to watch.While unto Bossi and brand, you on a brilliant call to the best,the two best commentators in the game. For me, they just have theability to make a dull game exciting. But I think this game was wouldhave been exciting without them anyway, but they made it all that much better. The dragons made six line rakes, which is pretty impressive versus the cowboysone, and the dragons only made one line breaking round one. So thiswas a big improvement for them. A lot more creative. Yes, thecowboys defense isn't great, but nor is the shark, so that's that's somethingthey've obviously focused on being a little bit more creative an attack. I thoughtJack Birb was good. He had a pretty poor week one, but hehad a couple errors, but Jack Birds always going to do that for you. But he had a hundred and forty four meters, including forty three prosecontact three off load for tackles. So if he can do that week andweek, week in week out, he can become one of the best centersagain like he used to be. He's damaging best. Andrew McCulloch was prettygood. Forty three tackles up the middle of the pitch at ninety seven pointseven percent efficiency. Been Hunt probably had one of his best games in thelast couple of seasons to try SIS as well as a try. He wasjust very like. He wasn't risky, but he was just playing very witha lot of courage and he just seemed just to be on a bit ofa tear really at halfback. Normally he's one of those just reliable guys.He's not going to do much. You'd rarely noticed him really because he doesn'tproduce much and he doesn't make many errors. He just doesn't have much impact onthe game. But yeah, he really took the game by the scruffof the neck on Saturday night. I also thought Trent Marit was pretty good. So that takes the dragons to one and one after their loss to theSharky's in round one. They have the Sea Eagles this week. So ifthey can turn around and win that one, they're two and one and some ofthe teams down the bottom are struggling. You've got five believers, five teamsyou haven't won a game yet. So pretty exciting times for the dragonsfans, I guess. If they can just, you know, win gamesagainst teams that are going to be in that bottom full scrap, like thecowboys, like they did on Saturday, all of a sudden they could befinishing, you know, ten eleven, twelve, which I think dragons fanswould probably take. This year. I don't think they can be expecting tobe in the top eight anytime soon. Will Not any time soon, butprobably just not this year after what they did last year. So I thinkthat was, all in all, pretty good win for the dragons, especiallyaway from home. You'd expect the cowboys to have one of the bigger homeground advantages, playing in a completely different...

...climate than most other teams. Soyeah, they did well to go up there and win it. Next upthe other winners. I'm not going to go to depth on these guys,but panthers, rabbits in the roosters. They all dispatched of low level teams. Panthers put away the dogs, rabbit has put away the manly and theroosters easily destroyed my tigers. And in trying conditions. It's pretty good.That's when it's wet. That's often where an upset can come because it bringsthe teams a lot closer together, as we saw the eels beating the stormat often can. If you can complete your sets in the wet, youcan usually beat any team. You don't have to be as creative because youcan, you know, win a game with sixteen fourteen points. So usuallythere's a lot more upsets on a on a wet weekend. But so theseteams did very well to see them all off. They all remain right upthere for the premiership race. The panthers are yet to concede a point.I think that has to point as absolutely incredible. In a hundred and sixtyminutes of football in the NFL, the roosters have scored forty twice, whichis equally as impressive. However, all three teens will be tested this week. So very excited for these games. We've got the Panthers First Storm,and that's a big game. The storm will obviously want to bounce back fromtheir loss on Thursday night. They don't want to be really going one andtwo in the postcan Smith error and the rabbitos versus the roosters the traditional rivalry, and this year the roosts are heavy favorites, but I think it's goingto be a very good game. However, just quietly normally, I'm going todo a bit more in depth analysis because I watched pretty much all lategames when I don't have cricket on, but at the moment I've got cricketon Saturday and Sunday, so I can't watch the matches as in depth asI would have liked. So my analysis is a little bit shallow at themoment, but stay tuned down the line as I'll probably tackle some of thebigger issues that these teams are facing. And it is also round two,so it's hard to read too much into you know, for left side considersto try. It's hard to know if that's going to be a permanent issueor not. Moving into the losers, first up it's got to be myWest Tigers. They were absolutely dreadful against the roosters. I didn't watch theformatch. I watched the mini match on Ko but yeah, just wasn't greatat all. Just wasn't in the mood to watch it on set. Sundaynight, just got home from losing a cricket match and yeah, I couldjust tell from my brother and dad's reaction that it just wasn't going to capoff my weekend in a good way at all. So the main guy whomy brother and dad were outraged, I was joey. They law by thesounds that he had one of the they actually said he had the worst performancethey've ever seen in the narrow player have. He had thirty three meters from ageruns. If you get your calculators out, you'll find that that isjust over four meters a run, which is pretty ridiculous. Like I didsay, think I would get more than that. Yes, I might dropthe ball at the end of every run or I might get smashed, butlike I'm getting more than four meters per run because basically, by the timeyou catch the ball you've got more than for meters to get to the defensiveline. So I don't know what's going on there. He also had ablow fifty percent tackle efficiency, meaning every more than every second tackle he wasattempting to make he was failing at, which when someone's getting paid to dothat, fail more often than not. You questions have got to be asked. Jimmy the jet missed out, so he could perceivably come back and filljoey lelewis spot. I know they were playing on opposite edges in round oneand lay Luis is on a bit of coins, so it would be atough call for match to make. But it's pretty hard not to punish aperformance like that by dropping him, because otherwise you just letting him get awaywith it really. So he needs a real kick up the backside and sadlythe Tigers are looking down the barrel own for I did say this to mydad. I think round one gave tigers... of false sense of security.I actually don't think we played well on round one. I talked about thison last week's episode, but I don't think we played that world at all. I don't think we showed anything in attack and our defense was okay forabout forty minutes and then it just was pretty poor from there. So Ithink this result was coming and I did put it as much short bet lastweek and unsurprisingly it got up pretty comfortably. So, yeah, it's not positivesigns for the Tigers. People were saying they're going to come nine.People were saying they're going to push into the eight. I had them alot lower than that. I had them down. Originally. I had themlike thirteen or fourteen, but I looked at the signings I thought maybe elevenor twelve. But the more and more we see this team, the moreand more thirteen or fourteen is looking likely, which is pretty sad because that meanshave gone backwards from where we were last year. Just by making alot of signings but yet at this point ohen falls almost inevitable. We've gotthe nights of the EELS next, so to undefeated teams, the nights,I think, are beatable, but I just don't think the way the tagsare playing right now it's likely. And I think you'll find the knight's actuallyhave a pretty good record against the Tigers recently. I know they destroyed UStwice last year egercally. He's not playing at the moment but he carved usup. So they know how to beat us, which is not good.And then, yeah, the eels, the eastern Monday class. We don'thave a good history in that one either. So yeah, it's not looking goodat the moment for the Tigers Right. Moving on to the cowboys. Italked about them last week, so I want to be too negative onthem this week, but it's hard not to be when they put up theyput up another absolute stinker. They were in the game for about sixty fiveminutes, so you can't, you know, be too mad at that. Butit was against one of the other low level teams in the competition inthe dragons. They've had two line breaks in two weeks, which is prettyhorrific. Considering some of the linebreakers they possessed. You know, Scotti,drinkwater, vol homes Hamsi Tai Fed our Michael Morgan. So that's very disappointingto see from the cowboys. They just seem to lack that x factor,especially in the Ford pack now that Tam Lolo has gone. I think FrankieMolo was impressive on the weekend. But guys like Mitch done, Cohen Haireven McGuire off the bench and sound like a Gensen, like they're are theserviceable first grade players, but they are at the moment. They're just that'sall they are and they're not looking like they could be anything more than that. And they're they've really got a lift because, yes, all the moneyis in the back line for the cowboys. Yes, that's the people who shouldbe making the brakes and stuff like that, but the back row ishonestly see a zero impact in a cowboys game. I remember a few yearsago you when you'd have Gavin Cooper on one edge. Yes, it wasmainly because a jt, but Gavin Cooper used to have so many touch ofthe ball you could never miss him and you'd always have, you know,a trial so, but the cowboys back rolls at the moment a pretty badand not much more could be said about the center three quarters either. Mastershas been a shocking purchase. He's been pretty Crap Hammer. Yes, he'son the young SID'd only be too harsh on him, but he's not showntoo much in his first two games at center, offensively anyway. But morethey've been completing at sixty eight percent. So you can maybe forgive a teamlike a Rabbito's for completing that low because you know they're such a high qualityteam when they do complete a set. It's going to be dangerous when whena team is struggling to create things, you almost got to go like thewarriors do and just be really safe. Look to complete up at around ninetypercent, and that way you're probably not going to lose yourself games and you'regoing to give the other team the opportunity to beat you, but that's betterthan losing it yourself. They've had the most errors over the two weeks ofthe competition, which is once again not on for a team that's struggling creatively. And Yeah, just all all, it hurts that they lost a winnablegame to the dragons you'd like the Tigers.

Yes, they've been poor, butyou wouldn't have expected them to be the raids or roosters. So inthat sense it's not the end of the world because if they're right to gofor the games that are perceivably winnable, you'd rather that than the being crapagainst the bad teams and then putting up a fight against the good teams,because that way you came away was you a competition points? Yeah, sothat's frustrating that it is a winnaboo game against the dragons. Next up inthe next month they've got the titans, which I think. Yes, thetitans were good on the weekend, but I think that's winnable. Then they'vegot the sharks, the Tigers and the bulldogs. So I think that's forwinnable games there. If they're coming away winless our after six rounds, afterhaving the schedule they've had, yeah, I think it's really worrying signs.I think some of their big players have got to have a serious look atthemselves if they're going on and six there. So they've really got to get oneat lete at least one, if not two, wins out of thosenext. For I think Todd Payton is safe because he's only just joined theclub, but yet it's wiring start to his career in the coaching ranks.And yet just feel bad for cowboys fans because after JT retired it's basically gonedownhill order rapid rate of knots other teams that in the losers. The broncosremain undefeated, but I don't think they've been as woeful as teams like theTigers and the cowboys. They just it was a bit disappointing that they gottreaded by their old boy David Feeder. You'd think they would have a gameplan against him, but that didn't happen. However, they got the bulldogs thisweek, who were held pointless against panthers. So that's a big gamefor them to UN win. The sides looking to get on the board.So that's going to be a big four pointer either way, probably going tohave like wooden spoon implications potentially. And then the seagulls. They've looked reallybad. They lost, I think, by sixteen points to the RABBITOS.Yes, it was in wet conditions. Yes, they had an injury inthe first five minutes. So you got to feel for them on that end. But they have the dragons this week, which I think is a winnable gamefor them. So if they're going to do anything at all this year, people were predicting them to make the aid. They've got a start makingmoves, especially in these winnable games. All right, my predicted top eight. Once again I'll be saying if I've made any changes. I've tried tostick true to it because I don't want to be tinkering week in week out. So I am keeping my top three of the storm, rabbits roosters.I was tempted to lift the roosters to the minor premiership, but I justthought maybe origin period they might still struggle for a few weeks there. I'veput the panthers above the raiders. I think the panthers have showed they're basicallyjust picked up where they've left off last year and the rate is similar.Rates really struggled throughout the course of last year. I think people forgot thatbecause they were so good in the final series and it looks like they've kindof started this season in a similar fashion. I don't think they would that goodagainst the Tigers and they want a scrappy game, all being in poorconditions against the sharks on Sunday night. So I've dropped them down to five. I've actually lifted the EELS above the nights because yesterday night's beat the warriors, but it wasn't that convincing and the eels want a good match against thestorm and just with some of the upcoming fixtures, I just can't see ateam who probably going to get off to like a seven and one six andto start coming seven. So I've got them there and then I've still gotthe Times in eight. I think they held their spot with that win.All right, plays the week. This was a bit tougher because I didn'twatch all the games and you can't really tell if highlights, so I wasgoing a bit more statistical. Back to the week. shoutouts to Ben Hunt. I think he had a very good game for the dragons at probably hisbest game for the club in my opinion. But I'm giving it to Luke Kirie. I think he was incredible against the Tigers. Three tryer sist,one line break assist to line breaks, a hundred and thirty nine running metersand he also tackled in a ninety five point five percent efficiency, which ispretty be good for a half. Yeah,...

I just think Luke here was backto his best yesterday. Oh on Sunday. I'm laughing because I've gothim in my nrl fantasy team, so he's pumping out big scores for me, but as a tigers fan it was hard to see. He was justrunning through Luke Brooks all day, while trying to anyway, and he waspretty successful in it. That Trisis to Brett Morris was pretty special with thatflick out of the back. Forwards of the week to beat the Paanguy's mynumber two. Normal I'm going to do a three, two one for these, but I've just done Tuesday. To be to Pang I thought was reallygood. Feels like it's weird recording these episodes and trying to remember back toThursday and Friday's game, because they honestly feel like two weeks ago. Butyeah, Pango was very good. A hundred eighty seven running meters, includingseventy three prose contact, six tackle bus three offloads. I remember saying todoubt on the couch this is the issue with pain guy. He has thesegames once every six weeks and you just go this guy's an absolute star andthen he'll go missing for a few weeks. So going to be interested to seeif he can be a little bit more consistent this year. But athis best he's one of the best middle fours in the competition. And thenI'm going to have to put his old teammates David Fafita in. At firsthe I think he was the difference between the teams in the general run aplay you didn't have too much impact down on that that left edge. Butyeah, he was just well those two tries. Yes, they were goodbuild up player, I guess, and they're probably set it up to isolateand Milford and testing you with Fafita, but it was basically him just runningthrough them. So to tries to hear him. A hundred and thirty sixmeters from twelve runs, including forty post contact. Just like to point outhe's almost average more post contact meters per run than Joey did general meters.Just want to point that one out. Joe Later Way, that is twoline breaks and eight tackle bus so yep, dominant performance from Dave feed are showedhis worth pretty much every penny that the titans paid in the offseason andthat's probably a game the titans would have lost in previous years, but justnow, with the talent they've got on their roster, they overcame the bigbrother in the broncos. Rookie of the week I'm going Sebastian Chris. Idon't think he's too young, but he is still a rookieus and paid acouple games filling in for jared Croaker at that left center position. Scored atry which we thought he scored around one but was disallowed. He had ahundred and fifteen meters from eleven runs, forty three prose contact, one linebreak and five tackle bus he looks like he's a bit of a handful,so I've given it to him. Even though Dane Laurie did get controversial galleonpoint against the raiders, I'll go with Chris this week. Moving on tomy week three predictions, sure better the week. I can't lie. Thisweek's actually a very tough tip week for tipping. There's some really close gamesand there's going to be some day or biters, both with teams that haven'thad a good start and teams that have had a good start. My shortbet of the week I'm going to go with the the last game of theround, titans up at North Queensland. Just the way the cowboys have beenplaying in the past. I'm scared to tip against the cowboys as a shortbet because odd paper they still do have some good players. But I justdon't think any of the other matches are as sure as this one, ifI'm going to be honest. The other contenders raiders to be the warriors.I guess that's pretty likely, especially in camera, but the warriors produced someupsets last year and then, apart from that, the eels to be thesharks. Yes, it's likely, but deals are a bit underpredictable. SoI'm going to go over the titans to be the cowboys. Yes, it'sin north Queensland, but I just think the times will eventually eat like Ithink the titans don't actually have to play their best win games anymore. Ithink they've hit that level where they've got enough skill on paper they can havea seven out of ten performance and win a game like they did on Friday. And the Broncos and the way that the cowboys have been playing right nowthey're probably going to give that to them...

...if they keep their completion rate anderrors up. So they're paying it all forty five to be at the cowboys. So that's going to be my short bet of the week. Upset ofthe week, I'm going I've got three options here and I'm actually unsure whoto pick, so I'm might need some help from you guys. Let meknow who you think it's going to win in the comments or instagram. DMME. I'm looking at manly to beat the dragons. They're paying two dollars.The rabbit has to beat the roosters. They're paying two dollars and thirty fivecents, and the bulldogs to be the broncos. They're paying two dolls andfifteen cents. I'm probably going to rule out the rabbit has to be theroosters, just because I don't really want to tip against a team that's putup to forty point performances in a row. However, I do think the raterabbits could definitely win the I think their value at two and thirty five. Since manly to beat the dragons, that that one's going on an absolutewhim, but I just think that's the kind of thing manly would do.I don't think they are a weak team. I think they're pretty gritty and they'regoing to be in most games that they play. But right at themoment, if you looked at the weekend, you think surely the dragons win,but they were against it difficult. They were against different opposition. One'sagainst the premiership contender, one was against the wooden spring contender and then thebulldogs to be the broncos. I think I didn't watch Saturday's game and yes, they looked like they got dominated pretty convincingly by the panthers, but itwasn't testing conditions very wet at banqueest. I think in round one they wereactually pretty good against the nights. So I think they could be a solidchance to beat the bronchos. However, the broncos have showed signs and itisn't Brisbane. So I'm probably going to lock in manly to beat the dragons, but I'm not too confident about it. And I looked up the manly recordagainst the dragons and they've one like one of the last seven. Soyeah, look, it's a tough one. I think they're the three obvious candidatesfor an upset. But yeah, I'm going to go manly to beatthe dragons, paying two dollars, just not much based on I just thinkmanly a better team than what they've been putting up recently and I think itin any week it could click. I'm not sure. The teams haven't beenannounced when I'm recording this, so I'm not sure what's happening with turbo.Dylan walk is pretty crap at full back, if I'm going to be Brilli honest. So I hope that maybe get switched up. Maybe try someone elsethere. But yeah, the dragons. Yes, they looked good on theweekend, but the way they've been playing the last two or three seasons theynever really put two good performances together. So I'm going to take manly inthat one. Betting lines, I like the titans at minus six point five. I mentioned that. I think there are short bet to beat the cowboysand that's a pretty small bargin six points. So I think they could easily beatthem by more than six. That's only a converted try. So Ilike that one. And then mainly at plus one point five, as Ijust mentioned, I think they're going to win. Well, I don't knowif I think they're going to win, but I think they're probably the mostlikely out of the underdog so give them a field gone margin, and yetI like them for that one. Yeah, it's a very tough tip be week, though this week I think I'm doing I've had a pretty good startto the year tipping. I think I've got back to back sevens, butthis week's definitely going to sort the tipsters out. You've got the panthers versusa storm, which is an absolute flip of a coin, dragons, manly, as I mentioned that stuff, rabbit as rooster's. That's toff raids warriors. Raiders should win that, but you never know. The Warriors Bronco's bulldogs. That's tough. Eel Sharks. Eel should win that night's tigs night shouldwin that and then the time should be the cowboys. But there's some toughones that could go either way there. So I'm very excited to watch it. Not sure how much I'll watch because I once again will likely have twodays of cricket this weekend. But yeah, so stay with me because in futureweeks I'm definitely going to get a little lot more outalytical and when Iget my guests on, especially lock, I'm sure we'll talk a lot moreabout tactical changes and choices from the teams, but at the moment it's a littlebit tough to read into that stuff...

...after two rounds. But yeah,really enjoying the start of the NFL season. Glad to have it back. Reallyenjoying the podcast. Later this week we have an f one podcast goingup to preview that season and then, Yep, just weekly AFL and Nro review and previews, so tune into that. Thanks for listening. Ifyou've gotten this far, thanks for watching. If you've got this far, forfree to get around the episode and get around the podcast in general.And Yeah, we appreciate your support and we'll catch you next time. I.

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