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NFL Week 5 Review & Week 6 Preview | American Football


In a blockbuster episode of the On The Ball podcast, I review Week 5 of the NFL and also preview Week 6. I name my winners and losers of the week, my players of the week and make some bold predictions for the upcoming round. 


It's a welcome back to the onthe board PODCAST, another episode of the best potty going around, and todaywe are here again to chat about some more NFL action. This week it'sa bit different. Not going to be doing an NFL fantasy episode. Goingto wait to do that with the boys in the coming weeks. So I'mgoing to be doing a review and a preview all in one. I haveoriginally filmed the pre the review on Tuesday afternoon and the file did not record, probably corrupted, so unfortunately I got to do it again. So I'llbe doing that and I'll be combining it with our preview as well, soit should be a good episode. It's a nice warm Spring Day in Melbourne, so sorry if there's a bit of glare coming off my t shirt orsomething. Tried to lower the glare coming off my laptop, but yeah,I mean my son is kit my stripes and must my cricket hat and I'mlove and life. So yeah, NFL week five. It was a goodweek. Some very hectic games but as usual, going to go through mywinners and loses. I did a nice little sort of debrief of the roundon shoes day, but unfortunately a lot of it has sort of gone overmy in one ear and out the other at this point of the week.So I'll just be gone through my winners and losers and that might trigger somethought process. But my first winners obviously got to be the buffalo bills,massive primetime victory over the Kansas City chiefs. And you have to say right now, if we're looking at the Super Bowl, I've still probably got thechiefs as the favorite to be the AFC participant. But if we stop theseason right now, buffalo or definitely the number one seed. And the issueis, even if I think the chiefs might be better at that time ofthe year, if they keep going with this this rate, both teams likethe bills and the chiefs, they keep going at this level, the billsare going to be locking in that number one spot. They're going to getthat week off and they're going to have three home playoff games, or tohome playoff games. I can't count, but yes, to home playoff gamesleading into the super bowl, which would be a big, beneficial, bigbenefit for them and could be the difference between them winning all losing the AFCchampionship game. So that's huge for them. They look like they've really married upthere their last two seasons for the best possible combination. Really like they'velook got the defense from two thousand and nineteen. That was one of thebest of the camp. They've got the offense from two thousand and twenty.That was one of the best in the COMP they've merged to those two togetherand they're playing unbelievable football right now. Apart from a week one loss tothe steelers, it's been a pretty much flawless season since then. They forcedfor turnovers from the chiefs in this one, which is very, very rare.The chiefs have been pretty turnover prone so far this year compared to normal, but still, the defense was definitely applying a lot of pressure. Theyhad eight point one yards per play in attack compared to the chiefs, whoare only average five. So that's just a complete demolition, not even close, as the school board did end up suggesting. And for the rest ofthe season their strength of schedule is the second easiest league wide. So yeah, right now that number one seed is looking very, very good and ahome playoff run that could definitely be on the cards for the Buffalo Bills,which would be huge for them and the franchise. I just think the waythey've built that roster so impressive. There's like no like. Obviously Josh Allen'sare very, very quarterback, but there's no one absolute start. It's notlike green bay where there's Aaron Rodgers who you know if he plays bad,the team goes from exceptional too pretty awful pretty quickly. So I just lovethe way they've built the team. They've got twenty two, thirty, justreally, really solid players, some exceptional players and, as I mentioned,like they're not relying on one player.

Like I'm not really that worried ifthey have one injury that are obviously like Josh Allen Getting injured, but touchwould. But yeah, I don't think like one or two injuries are reallygoing to change the way that team plays, where another team might really struggle tocover those injuries. have got really good depth. They've also got therunning game going this year, which they have an in previous year's single Terryin past years hasn't really been able to get it going himself. So thecombination this year of a Second Years Zach Moss combined with a single terry,but the better oline. Yeah, they're starting to run the ball really,really well. Alan's running well himself. So yeah, right now buffalo lookgood on pretty much all fronts and they look like a scary proposition for anyoneto come up against, and you would have to say like it's good thatthey'refore, they're running any good defense, because when it gets cold in Buffalo, might even snow there, they're just going to be a scary opposition.My second biggest winner is probably a road one, but I've got the PhiladelphiaEagles. They had a huge comeback win over the panthers. Held the Carolinaoffense, a team points which has been pretty good to start the season.One point they were. According to the ESPN game cast, they were ata ninety one point four percent chance of losing the game. It was inCarolina as well. Just adds to the impressive feet hurts didn't have a verygood day at all. I think he had a QB rating of like thirty, but they still got the win, which is important. There it's importantfor a team to have multiple ways of winning this and their defense got thejob done on this occasion. And I'm not I'm not the biggest fan ofPhilly, but if their defense can keep playing like this. They're attack hasenough big play potential that they can produce him upsets like this one. Theyrestricted Donald to an eighteen point four qb rating, which I think is oneof the worst you can get, picked him off three times and they heldthe run game to three point six yards per play, which is pretty hardto do against the panthers. So yeah, big win for the Eagles. AndLook, I'm not the highest on them, but the NFC wild cardssituation right now is looking very, very messy. Obviously with Russell Wilson's injury, the niners aren't looking great. The NFC east teams, apart from theeagles, don't look greaty. The Washington and the giants are pretty bad.They've just beaten the panthers, who would be one of their rivals for this. The saints look decent and then the NSC North Teams, the bears andthe Minnesota Vikings, don't look great either. So I think if there's a teamlike Philadelphia who can really step up, they could definitely make the playoffs andgo on a bit of a run, but for the rest of the season, because I'm pretty sure their rest of schedules and not that bad comparedto the people in that wild card race. It's to be a ridiculous achievement consideringI predict them to win six games coming into the year, but Ithink they are playing quite well. Next up I have the Pittsburgh Steel is. They had three hundred ninety one total yards offense against the Denver broncos.Big Ben Average sixteen yards per completion, which is just a massive improvement onthe last really eighteen months. Their offense has been struggling pretty much the wholetime and they've been averaging very low completion rate. Are Numbers, because youknow they've they just haven't really I don't know whether the Oline's been poor orwhether they're just not trusted big bend, but yeah, they've just been alot of short passes, a lot of checkdowns and it's good to see themairing it out a bit more. He only got sacked once, so clearlythe oldline did have a lot better game and they average four point two yardsper carry, which doesn't sound immense but considering they were averaging about three yardsper carry the last couple weeks, it's a big improvement for that Oline andthe whole team. Keeping the bronchos to nineteen points is pretty much what weexpect from this defense really. We expect them to keep teams below twenty fivepoints on a regular basis and really their ceiling just comes up down to whethertheir offense is good enough to put up more than that. So and theyshowed this game that they definitely can do that. So yeah, I'm not. I haven't been high on the steels... the first month of the season, but if their defense can play like this every week and their offense can, you know, play good two weeks out of three, all of asudden they might just wrack up enough wins to feature in the playoffs. Thebroncos went to four hundred and twelve on third down, so that's really wherethe game was one and loss for either side. Brilliant third down the fencefrom the steels, but that is pretty poor conversion from teddy and his offense. Losers got to start with the Kansas City chiefs. I know they cameup against a very good buffalo bills team, but they got annihilated at home,and there's no two ways you can say that. This is factual.I'm not too worried about them as I mentioned, I would still have themas my favorite to make the Super Bowl from the AFC, but they're justnot playing good right now and in particular defense has begun beginning to be abit of a worry because in previous years, at times throughout the season their defensehas been an issue and they're sort of always got it just good enoughfor the playoffs, but at this stage it's going to be a have totake a drastic change and they do have time to fix it. There's,I think, twelve weeks left in the seat regular season, so that's along time. But the issue for them now is they're likely not going tobe getting that number one seed and they're not going to have that home avengethey have had in previous years, which you know, might be a bitof a shock to the system for them. They also have the second harder scheduleremaining. So further emphasizing on that fact that they probably not going toget much home advantage in the playoffs, who knows, they could even bea wild card team, but the way the charges are playing right now,which would just be ridiculous and something I wanted to know, I don't notreally a biggest believer in these sort of patterns and these trends. But somethingI did notice last year it's a bit of a curse of a super bowlloser. Four of the last five Super Bowl losers have gone on to missthe playoffs in one of the following two seasons. Now, don't get mewrong, I'm not saying the chiefs are going to miss playoffs, but justsaying there does seemed to be a bit of a hangover from losing a superbowl because you know, you sort of gone so far yet come away withnot much. I know, like when they have see still very impressive,but people always say there's a hangover for winning the super bowl and maybe it'sactually a bigger hangover to lose it. Next up we have the raiders.Obviously don't want to get too much into it, but the biggest reason they'rein the loser this week probably has to be John grudden getting sacked for hisemails that were found to have discriminatory language towards a lot of people. Itwas obviously originally just the one email about the NFL players association president, andthen and investigation found there was a whole bunch of them. There's rumors thatthere's a petition to get it released, which would be well, I don'tknow, like I guess it would probably actually don't know what, whether theywould be good or not, like it would slam him for the rest ofhis career, but he might deserve it based on what was said. Soyeah, it's a tough situation because we don't really know the details, butthat is the letter of the law that he has been sacked and by thesounds of it, that does seem justified. However, what's even worse for theraiders to console consolidate that L is that they lost to the bears athome. It scored one touchdown only. I know it's a good bears defense, but this offense look like one of the best in the first three weeks. And they did this exact same thing last year. They played really wellin the first three weeks, people got excited and then they just went backto being the same old raiders who are probably going to win eight or ninegames and miss out on the playoffs. So yeah, this is definitely aconcern for the raiders. They're going forward without a head coach, while they'vegot the assistant coach stepping up, but you know what I mean, andthey're not playing great. They haven't played great the last two weeks. Theyaveraged only four point three yards per play, which is just really, really poor. And Yeah, their home field... not looking as intimidating as itdid at the start of the year. Three point two yards per carry onthe ground, so they really weren't getting much going in the ground game.And they had a hundred eighty eight yards from twenty two completions, so aroundnine yards per completion. So they weren't getting much going on the ground.They were being very conservative in the passing game and they also gave away tenpenalties. So Yeah, look, not much really went right for them.They did only keep the bears to twenty points, so I guess the defenseis still playing well, but their offense right now is definitely a concerned becauselast week against the charges, I think they only scored fourteen points as well, which is not going to be good enough down the stretch if they werethinking about making a little wildcut appearance. Finally, the seahawks on my thirdloser. Obviously Russell Wilson out for around probably six weeks. There's been reportssaying he is out for a month out for eight weeks, so we'll justgo at half and say six weeks. They are two and three as well. They don't have an easy strength of schedule coming up and they sit lastin their division right now. So that's really just enough to paint the picturefor the seahawks. It's not looking good at all. I think right nowthe story line of Russell Wilson's looking ever more likely, as this look likethe sort of stagnating this franchise. Really the last three is hasn't been muchprogression. If anything it's been regression. So yeah, really disappointing. RussellWilson said he will only stay if they improve what's around him and the defensehas gotten worse. The weapons haven't improved and if he like, unless theyI don't know what could really sway. But if that was really his decisionmakingprocess, he wanted things to improve around and there's absolutely nothing to suggest thatyou should stay and I'll be honest, just from offense one of you,I'd like to see him leave. I'd like to see you go somewhere elsesee what happens. The defense is just really, really poor right now andthey're a weird team because you look at them and like you compare them tothe rams, you compared to them to the bucks, you compared them tothe chiefs, and you sort of like question how they on the same salarycap because they just don't seem to have as many good players. And itsounds stupid, but, like, I was looking at their salary cap andthere's not really seemingly anyone who's like on a massive contract that doesn't deserve it. But yeah, right now there's just seems to be a lot of peoplewho are maybe earning a little bit more than they should be. And that'sall that added up is not working well for these seahawks. And in thepast the defense has been great, but their offense is sort of made upfor it and that was not playing as well this year. The only thingin their favor right now is the fact that, as I mentioned, forPhiladelphia, there's not many NFC wild card challenges. Like it's not looking likea very strong conference with very strong candidates. But yeah, for Geno Smiths toplay for six weeks against some tough defenses as well, if they makethe playoffs from here, will be pretty miraculous recovery for Pete carrol's men right. Awards of the week NFC player of the week is going to go toDavante Adams. Two hundred and six receiving guards from eleven catches. was partof a Pakisteam that had a big win in overtime over the bengals. HadOne touchdown. You're which that touchdown was the last touchdown that the pack isscored at the end of the first half. So yeah, this guy's just unstoppablereally at this point. He's probably getting double team pretty much every snapand he still managed to find two hundred and six receiving yards. I knowhe's getting passes from probably the best quarterback in the camp, but he isalso himself probably the best receiver in the camp. So yeah, it's justa nasty duo to come up against for any defense and it's really hard tohold him to any thing less than ten catches a hundred and fifty yards.At this point. He's an absolute freak and he just can get open inany situation. He was obviously part of the whole field golfs fiasco. Ithink there was five miss field goals crossing...

...his three. Mick person missed toit's not Mick Pierson. Think about what you are saying, Americans. Itis Mick Pherson. But anyway, Davante Adams and C player of the week. Also shout out to Tom Brady, who had a blinder against the dolphins. AC Player of the week. I've gone with Lamar Jackson. Thirty sevencompletions from forty three attempts, four hundred and forty two passing yards for aman who apparently is not good at passing the ball. For passing touchdown sixtytwo rushing yards led the ravens to one of the craziest comebacks of seen.Cults were up to ninety eight point four percent chance of winning. That's justoutrageous. Like you think about that. That game gets played a hundred timesand the algorithms are saying the Ravens Win One and a half times. Soyeah, the fact that we got to see them do it is just ridiculous. They would down twenty two, two three of that point after Lamar's fumwill in the third quarter. He went or for four on touchdown drives andyeah, it's just absolutely incredible come back from him and he looks like abit of a new man this year. The first year he was pretty muchjust a running back. Last year they tried to convert him into more ofa passer, with running back like threat, but the passing game just wasn't there, and this year they look like they've successfully converted him for the betterand he looks like an outsolute loot weapon right now. Justin Herbert also shoutout. He had a blinder. He himself led the charters to an amazingshootout victory over the Cleveland browns and his performance was very, very impressive.I have had to move inside. Not sure if the podcast will bit weirdthere in the last couple minutes my laptop overheated. It was too hot apparently, which we love to see. I was up to offensive rookie of theweek, which I will give to Nudgie. Harris absolutely had a blinder for thesteelers, as he has sort of all year. He's been playing prettywell in a poor offense, but this week the offense was better and hewas a big reason behind that. He was a hundred and twenty two yardsfrom twenty three cars, with one touchdown, twenty yards from two receptions as wellin the air. to He was part of a big win. Didn'teven finish the game actually with cramps, and they actually lowered his snap count, which was quite interesting, but I reckon that might a bit proved beneficial. There's not many guys realistically who can play, you know, eighty fiveplus, and the amount of running back injuries there are, I don't actuallythink it's worth it. So I think you actually get increased efficiency when youdecrease of their snap counts. I think that was smart Footy from the steelerscoaching panel. The honorable mentions Cadarius Tony. Obviously he's probably the main one,but the reason I didn't go with him was the fact that he gotsqualified at the end of the game. Also, he was part of aloss, so I like to give it to people who are part of awin. Jamal Chase, same thing, part of a loss. Cole pits. He had a really, really good breakout game as well. He wasclose and Davis Mills actually had a pretty good performance against it. Impressive NewEngland Patriots Defense. Defensive Player of the week Darius Sleigh. For me,not really that close. Down James and Everson Griffin were both good. DeanJames, however, he was part of a team that conceded about forty twopoints, but he had a good individual game and Everson Griffin was good aswell. But Doris lay up against the panthers, had one tackle for aloss, two interceptions, played a hundred percent of defensive snaps, held Djmore to forty shoe yards, which has been a rare feat this year.Brun's been conceding about a hundred and twenty to him a game and they wonthe game eventually, and a lot of it was off the back of thosetwo crucial interceptions. So yeah, dires like for me, back to hisprime form where he was one of the best quarterbacks in the competition. Hewas out defensive player of the week for...

...this one. All right, previewtime. I don't have curtises predictions in at the moment as he is backto work, which we love to see, but do have me and pilches,so we'll be running it through them. My shot bet of the week isbeing pilch. Actually on the same here I've Gone Kansas at Washington cancersby I've backed in Kansas by eight and that was my largest margin for theweek. They're paying it all, thirty four and yeah, I just thinkit's really like. I think I've tipped Kansas before for a bounce back victoryand they didn't. But Yeah, Washington playing pretty bad right now. Theygot pumped by the saints and they only just beat the Falcons of the weekbefore. The chiefs have had a pretty tough run of fixtures and I thinkthis is a bit of a breather for them, where they will just comeout and put up forty points and show the world that they're still the oneof the favorites for the Super Bowl. Update in the Short Bet standings,I'm still undefeated, just for from for, pilchers for from for as well,and Curtis is five from six, so pills gone cancers as well.Interested to see who curtis goes for upset of the week. I am currentlythree from four, so it was pilch and Curtis is to from seven,so he he's got some catching up to do. Once again, me andPilcher gone the same. We've gone charges of Baltimore. I'll be honest.I did my tips this week. They're obviously because of the buy. There'sfourteen games and I only actually tipped one upset, which is not going tothat's not going to happen, but that's just the way I tipped and weare the only one. We both back towards charges of Baltimore. Now thismatchups not great because Baltimore run heavy offense and the charges are really, reallybad against the run. I think there might be the worst defense against therun of the competition, as we saw last week. And however, sayingthat, the Ravens running game hasn't been great right now. Lamars definitely leaningon the pass a lot more and the running back situation has sort of caughtup to them a bit. latavious Murray, he's had a couple good games,but you know he's not the same as jk Dobbins and Gus Edwards andthat sort of stuff. So yeah, and Tyson Williams is sort of beenfrozen out of the offense at the moment. So who knows? They should,if they're SMART, Baltimore, they'll go back to a lot more runningplays and go to a run for scheme. But we'll see how they that goesand hopefully the chargers sort of like they have got to understand that that'stheir weakness by now and that they can address that and the chargers offense isabsolutely humming right now and the Baltimore D it's playing decently, but it's notas freak as the once was. So I can see this being a big, big game. Like I could see the chargers winning maybe thirty six tothirty three or something. What have I actually tipped the charges to win byI've tipped in to win by two. So yeah, I think it's goingto be closed. But for me this is the most likely upset, andpill just gone the same thing. On the spread side of things, weare I'm at forty three percent, six from fourteen, pilches killing us atsixty eight percent. He's seven and a half from eleven, and Curtis isstruggling three from nine, at thirty three percent. By ones. This week. I'll be honest, I'm not really the biggest fan of any of themost my tipping the margins were quite similar to the lines offered by the bookmakers, but this week I've gone with the giants to cover at the rams.Look, this depends heavily on the injury front. For the giants Sake,one's pretty much guaranteed our gold A. I don't think we'll play, soit's a matter of whether like shepherd slate and come back and obviously if DanielJones plays. If Daniel Jones is ruled our, I've probably don't back thisspread that much, but if Daniel Jones players, I do like it.The giants defense. Yet it's not playing great right now, but it's certainlynot awful. The Rams, their offense has been sort of stuttering the lastcouple weeks. They've played some better teams, but yeah, I could see likenine and a half the pretty big...

...line. So that's really where thelogic comes in. And the giants offense, if Daniel Jones plays, has beenplaying pretty well recently. So I think they've got enough points in themto keep it close. I have tipped the rams to win by where otherrams on my list I've got them to win by six. So I've gotthem covering just and then my other one, I've got three here. I'VE GOTLOST VEGAS TO COVER AGAINST DENVER. Once again, not huge on thisone, obviously with the whole coaching fiasco. It's also in Denver, which I'mnot a fan of because it's a big home ground advantage for the Broncos. However, Denver have not look great the last two weeks and neither havethe raiders. But you'd have to say the raiders have sort of play.Actually, I don't even think they've played better opportition, but anyway, Ithink the raiders maybe have a little bit of a bounce back game. I'vegot it very close, however. The line is three and a half.I have got Denver to win by one. So I've got Denver winning headtohead,but the raiders to cover, and I would not be surprised if theraiders won the game head to head. It's a divisional matchup as well,so they're always a little bit more unpredictable. But yeah, right now, denBar, they have a massive injury toll and even though the raiders havea head coach out, I think they could cover that line. Then finally, I've got Tennessee to cover against Buffalo. Another one I'm not that confident in. I don't really like backing underdogs to cover as much as I likebacking favorites to win by more than the handicap. I've got Tennessee to coverfive and a half. I've got buffalo winning by three. I just thinkTennessee's always a tough match up for teams because it's very unusual to face,you know, a Derrick Henry who has thirty five carries or something like that, face a team who will still run the ball if they're ten points down. So yeah, and hopefully they get some of their players back. HopefullyAJ Brownds a bit healthier this week, hopefully Julio comes back, and thatcould go a long way into this prediction coming true. It's also Tennessee homegame. Tennessee haven't been playing unreal of late. So yeah, I thinkmaybe Buffalo. They've had their big win. We've seen it a couple times alreadythis year, like we've seen it with Baltimore, I think the weekafter they beat the chiefs there next week wasn't great. So maybe buffalo thatwe they maybe they saw that as they're sort of super bowl. They comein, underestimate the titans and it's a close fine. So I've got Tennesseeto cover five and a half. PILCH. He has gone the giants to coveras well. He is gone the chiefs to win by more than sixand a half against Washington. I don't mind that one at all. I'vegot the chief twin by eight, but definitely could see it being big guy. Just think Kansas. They're going to be thirsty to show that they're stillone of the best teams in the competition and some some of the you know, some things just have them being go on their way. Like on againstthe bills, their receivers were dropping bulls that they would never drop and theyhad a running back in jury during it with Clyde ever's lay are going down. So yeah, maybe this is a bounce back game for them. Theyput up forty. Washington's offense is that good, so I could see themwinning by more than six and a half. And in similar vein of things,he's gone Thursday night football, which I don't like predicting on because they'reusually unusual games, but he is gone Tampa Bay to cover against the PhiladelphiaEagles. He is got temper a win by more than seven. It isin Philadelphia and Philadelphia did have a decent winn against the eagles. My onlyagainst the panthers. The only thing I think pilch might be thinking here istamper's offense is that good. They might score like thirty five plass and Idon't think the eels Eagles have that in their locker, so I could seethe thinking behind that one. However, I don't like backing Thursday out footballand Philadelphia coming off a decent win and the defense is looking good right now, so it's an interesting one from him. One thing I will feelin out aboutpeaches. I don't know if this is a cool incidence, but he'sa giant's fan and he's back giants to cover and then he's back the Washingtonfootball team and the Philadelphia Eagles to get destroyed. So maybe is betting withthe heart and not the head there.

But anyways, that's his predictions.So the we don't have curtases right now, but the man's working hard, soyou can't blame him. I have not done the TV schedule for Australianviewers because I have been rushed to do this since the review didn't upload properly. But that's been it for another on the ball podcast. I know thisweek's a bit different. I've changed location. My laptops almost died from being toohot, so I'm not sure if the footage is a bit weird halfwaythrough, but thanks for joining me. Let me know your predictions. Fourweeks six in the comments. or in my instagram, DM's, and wewill catch you next week. Cheers,.

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