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NFL Week 3 Review | American Football


In a different NFL episode, Hamish discusses the events of Week 3 in a solo episode. He highlights the winners and losers coming out of the weekend's action. We hand out some player awards for outstanding performances and make some adjustments to the preseason playoff picture predictions.


Welcome back to the on the wallpodcast, another episode of the greatest potty going round and we're back again totalk about the NFL. Not joined by the boys today, Curtis and Pilch, so we'd decided to split the NFL episode up. So I'm going totake care of the review today and then we're going to come back tomorrow.Might be two days between in terms of when their release, but we'll talkabout fantasy and the week four preview then. So stay tuned for that episode.But for now we're going to pay attention to week three. I'm goingto chat about the winners and loses coming out of this weekend, going tochat about the best players that the week and we're also going to chat aboutmy how my playoff picture has changed over these first three weeks. So startingwith the winners, first of all, the record breakers. It was anawesome week in terms of records, the records of late that have been broken. Really I can't think of many apart from like Brady and breeze and rodgersand stuff breaking quarterback records. But apart from that I can't think of toomany. But on this weekend that we were treated to to well, onewas a tying record. The MOM was a like a breaking record to obviouslythe famous one Justin Tucker kicking a sixty yard field goal, the best kickerof in NFL history, and like the context to not only break the recordbut to do it well, a following a fourth and nineteen, thirty yardcompletion by Lamar Jackson to put him in field goal range. But to seeall the wind for his team just makes it even more sweeter. I reckonthey'll. Hey, just sat on the crossbar, bounced up. It bouncedso high that like you weren't sure which side of the goal it was goingto fall into it first, and it just trickled over to that side.And Yeah, it's pretty awesome to see. Like he's an underrated asset really forthe Ravens to think that anytime you're within like wall, like I knowthey stamp at that black whenever you're within sixty six yards, like you canjust kick a feel go like that's outrageous. But yeah, he's an absolute beastand underrated weapon for their offense. Well, I guess he's special teams, but for their points scoring capabilities. And in the other one, whichJamal Agnew of the Jacksonville Jaguar was who knows why, but Arizona had apot shot. I think it was from further out than sixty six yards.Thing was like sixty eight on the stroke a half time and realistically you're justthinking, oh well, if he doesn't make it, we just stop thisguy and it's halftime. But unfortunately it's sort of seems to be the waythings for for cliffs kingsberry. But at the end of the day it's probablynot the smartest played to let a guy try and that point to break thefield goal record by four yards and he's not look like he's ever going tobe close. Unless there was a huge breeze, I don't know. ButJamal, like you knew, returned it...

...a hundred nine yards, which isthe furthest you physically can on an NFL field. So I think it's athird men to do in NFL history. Return the field goal for a touchdown. Put The jags back into that game. Actually, at one point I thinkthey had like a seventy five percent win probability. So obviously they didn'tend up winning the game, but that was a huge play by him andI guess the blockers around him and maybe not want to cliff Kings Rey's finestmoment, but they were two massive winners from the game into huge positive talkingpoints. Another big winners the bengals. I was hesitant to put this onein here because sort of cowboys in the same boat. They both looked goodin their wins, but I must say I think I almost got more outof the opposition. If you go on. I mean they had the bangles beatthe steelers pretty comfortably. The steelers do not look good at all.Their offense is disgraceful, like they can't run the ball and basically, well, I know Dante Johnson's injine, I know they have quite a few injurieson defense, but really the only way they can move the balls through dropdowns to Nagi Harris and yeah, it's just not pretty easy. I thinkthere was like a fourth and twenty or something and they checked it down toNaggie Harris and a legit look like it was the first read and then therewas about five bangles defenders there. So Yeah, fair point of the Bangles. Their defense actually looks pretty decent start this season. I think tray Hendriksonand a few others have been good pickups for them and their offense, althoughit didn't look great and weak two it's been like we expect them to bepretty decent on offense. I've got a lot of weapons in the wideouts.I've got Joe Mix and they've got decent tight ends and they've obviously got bigjoey burrow. So yeah, Goodwin by them and these are sort of thewins that they need to take that next step. I think they're at thelevel now where we sort of back like, for example, this week against thejags on Thursday night football. We're expecting them to win that game andthey're at that level. But then to go to the next step and sortof become a relevant team, they've got to start beating these you know,nine hundred and ten win teams like the steers who, especially when they don'tplay well here, like they've got to take their opportunities. They almost doagainst the bears, almost do it against the Vikings, but they finally theydid against the Viking. Sorry, but almost slip that one up. Butyeah, they did it. Sold got the job done here and they goto a one, which is pretty impressive. I pretty get them. So Ionly have six wins. Tough Division and all that stuff, but itlooks like if they keep playing the way they're playing, they could easily win, you know, eight or nine games. So yeah, exciting times to bea bangles fan. You'd have to say hope or I don't know.I guess this Thursday night could be an interesting game. We'll talk about ittomorrow on the preview side of things, but we'll see. Our borrow goesagainst Lawrence and then my other big winners, the AFC west as a whole.I think this division sort of come out and will not come out ofnowhere. They've been. There's been three solid teams and one really good teamfor a couple seasons and it looks like...

...all four going to be pretty goodthis year. We've obviously got two undefeated teams. The raiders got the jobdone just against the dolphins. It wasn't their most impressive win, but thedolphins are a pretty good team, which people might have gotten after their fitfirst two weeks, but they got the job done. There go three no. The BRONCOS, despite playing opponents with a combined record of all nine,have gone through no themselves and look pretty like they look like an interesting team. And then you've got the AFC reigning champions in the Kansas City chiefs,and then you got a team who just beat the AFC reigning champions, inthe charges. So yeah, big winners out of this weekend. Obviously twoof them extended their streak and then the chargers beat the chiefs. Obviously thechiefs aren't really win they're coming out of the week but yeah, the Divisionas a whole, for me it's overtaken the AFC north. The Ravens aren'tlooking as dominant this year, despite beating the chiefs last week, and thenthe steers don't look good at all. So for me this is the secondbest. Now still got the NFC west in the number one seed. Imight need to see a little bit more consistency from the AFC west to givethem that number one spot, but it's definitely one and I like comparing thedivisions for some reason I find it fascinating. So yes, that is definitely oneto watch and I guess from the other end of the scale. Iknow I didn't mean to talk about this, but interesting to see whether the NFCeast gets overtakes the AFC south. The AC souths looking pretty bad thisyear. Losers number one I've got Chicago bears and Matt Naggy in particular.I just think this loss is really, really poor. I've forgotten to writin the exact scores down here, but I think they lost like like thirtytwo six or something. Obviously Justin fields was starting, so there was alot of hype around it. Browns weren't that good in week two against theTexans. However. They come out of it with a record of one andtwo, their only wind coming against the Bengals, where they almost coughed upI think it was like a twenty point lead at one point, and II think Matt Maggie's jobs in real danger here. He's sort of been likethere's been talks of him being fired for quite a while now, and then, I think a lot of people I think he was sort of lucky inthe fact that true Biscay got used as a scapegoat. But now they're broughtin Dalton, who must have been a qub he liked the look of,and they've drafted fields and yeah, it doesn't like. I'm not blaming.I'm really hesitant on putting blame on players in their first like six games orwhatever because, like you go back and look at like, for example,I looked at the history books. I went back and looked at Tom Brady'sfirst season, the goat of the sport, and I think he had like tengames in his first season where he was the regular starter. of Wehad a passer rating of less than like seventy five. So I think afterthe likes of, you know, Justin Herbert and stuff, who've come outand there rook a year and been really impressive, I think everyone's too quickto judge these young quarterbacks. But I know they go at a high picksand there's a lot of like excitement about..., but I think sometimes thecriticism comes into early. So I don't really blame the fields for this.They have the Detroit Lions. Actually, just more on last week's game.Sorry if there is a bit of wind being picked up in the MIC,but fields got sacked nine times, which is outrageous. Like that is crazy. Getting sacked nine times. That's unheard of and you don't was still injuredand that's why I field started. So that's a concern moving forward. Therewas only six first downs achieved and there was only forty seven total yards andnet like, accounting for the sack yards they are and they had one passingyard, which is just unheard of. I think the margin in the totalyards between the two teens was upwards of three hundred and like forty. Soyeah, pretty horrible loss for the bears. Nothing really went well for them.They've got the lines this week but, as I mentioned, Dalton is stillinjured fields. They might not want to go with him again because youknow that you don't want him to develops and bad habits. So it couldbe over to nick foles, who probably wasn't expecting to play it all thisyear, but I think that's probably the best option, to be honest,right now. Yeah, the lines is a musk win, to be honest. I think if they lose, you so you could see Naggie out thedoor straightaway. But following the lines, this is our rageous they've got theraiders, who are currently undefeated. They've got the Green Bay packers, whoare you know, they just they made the NFC championship game last year.You got the reigning Super Bowl champions in Tampa, then you got Sam Franthen you got Pittsburgh and you got Baltimore. So six really tough opponents and you'dhave to say, six pretty good defenses against a real bad offense atthe moment in Chicago. So, like they have to win this game againstthe Lions. They just have to. And even if they win this one, you I could like if they win one of those six, I'd beimpressed, to be honest. So that what that would put them in threeand they would put them in three and seven. So like, yeah,it's just it's not looking good at all for Chicago and I think I gavethem. Actually, I think I gave them six wins, so that couldbe pretty accurate, to be honest. But you're not a good week atall for them. Next I've got the New York giants. This was amusk win for them, to be honest, and now there's heads being called for. People are off the coach, Joe Judge, they're off the GM, they're off the offensive coordinator and it's just not going well at all forthem. They I was looking at the stats. They had more time inpossession than Atlanta, they had more passing yards, they had more rush yards, they had less sacks, same amount of turnovers, yet they still manageto lose, like they're just not an efficient offense to only score fourteen,teen, fourteen points against this Falcon's defense. It's just not good enough. DanielJones is playing well and they're still not getting the job done. Makesthem go oh and three. And the thing is, like they're not evena bad team. It's just some of the decisions that are made like abovethe players and coaches and yeah, like...

...there I think in red zone percentage, the amount of times they score and they enter the red zone. Ithink their third last in the competition. And Yeah, it's just really pourthem out. I was watching the highlights of the game. The amount oftimes Jones sort of like well, usually doesn't have protection, so he hasto go outside the pocket, but he sort of just stands there and Idon't know if he's seeing tough throws in tight spaces that he just doesn't wantto take on or if there's just genuinely no one open because the players aren'tbeing schemed well, which is sort of what I lean towards because, yeah, like, I don't know, it's their offensive coordinated. We saw inDallas he was pretty bad. So yeah, I do not think he'll last toolong there. To be honest, I really worried for Joe Judge aswell and the GM while not that I'm worried, I don't really care.What the greatest respect, they go oh three, and they've also got areally hard schedule coming up. The next seven games really really tough. Soif they go one and nine, two and eight, would not be shockedand I actually tip this team to win eight games. So yeah, reallybad times in New York for both teams, to be fair. And like thisis a perfect example. Like I don want to bag out this kidbecause he could easily turn into a good player, but it's like why didthey draft tone in the first round, like it's just outrageous. Like widereceivers probably the position they need least. Like it's just ridiculous. He's noteven like he's hardly playing any stats. He's like their fifth or sixth widereceiver on the depth charge. Just like that's the sort of decision making thatyou just question what's happening here. So, yeah, I don't know, it'sa basket case at the moment. You got to feel for the giants. And then my third loser is the Washington defense. What was meant tobe. I was this into a podcast today and all of them actually tippedWashington to win that division. I Tip Dallas, but I did tip Washingtonto win I think nine games, and we all thought that because their defensewas going to be great. Last year it was third best in the competitionwhen it comes to expected points allowed her play, and currently it's ranked twentyeight. And they've played. They played the giants, so you can't evensay they've had a hard shot. or Yes, the buffalo bills are goodteam. Yes, the charges were good team, but yeah, it's justnot good enough. They're D line, still getting pressure. So yeah,there's lineback at issues, the secondary issues, and it's got to be addressed quickly, otherwise this season will pretty quickly get away from them, especially withthe form that Dallas showing, because I don't think this team. Who Comessecond when you got the likes of the NFC West? I think in theother three NFC divisions I think you're going to be struggling to get a wildcard, to be honest, because those NFC west teams look so good.So, yeah, they've really got to start pulling their act together. Inthe defense has got a really harden up because that's not good enough. Coughingup forty three points to the bills when you're meant to be a top fivedefense is just outrageous and they're not going to be able to win any gamesbecause, quite frankly, their offense is...

...and built to score forty three pointsand never has been, never will be so well, never like this currentteam. So yeah, that's something that needs to be addressed in something I'minterested to see it how it goes on the weekend. The playoff picture forme that I've changed, so I'll just chat about my changes. I won'tgo through it all. I'm on the AFC side of things. I've changedmy AFC south winners from the colts to the titans. I had the coltsgetting eleven wins, times ten wins. I think I might have I don'teven think ten wins for the titans might be that far off, but theymight get eleven. But I just think the colts. I still then they'regoing to be a good team. I think when SS injury has really like. He wasn't playing well pre injury, but I think it's definitely limit goingto limit their play. But yeah, it's just not great in India rightnow. They've Gone Oh and three. They've had a tough schedule, butyeah, I think the game against the Times, I think, was abit of a musk win for them, to be honest. And yes,I know they get to play the Texans twice and Jacks twice, but Idon't really see how they make the playoffs from here. I would like tobe shocked because I like the colts, but unfortunately no. So I've gotmy AFC south winners, the titans now and the colts out of the playoffrace. My Wild cards are still I'm still back in Baltimore to get awild card spot and then I'm changing my other to I was really high inthe AFC east coming into the season and I don't I'm not one to changethings to frequently, but a you know, it's content, but also be Itruly do believe these because I don't think Miami haven't looked great at all. I know they could have beaten loss of agas on the weekend with JacobyBrissett under center, which would have been a pretty impressive victory, but theydidn't get the job done there and they now go one and two and they'reonly thing on their resume is a, you know, a grant, likea grinding, a bit of a grind against the parts. So who actuallythe other team I've got falling out of those wild card spots? I thinkMiami's definitely is still a chance because I don't have full faith in the AFCwest just yet. But for now I'm taking Miami out. I'm definitely notfor the Patriots will be there. So yeah, I'm more high on thedolphins of the PATS, but I'm moving them both out and I'm putting inthe charges in the raiders. Yes, it's diff not to include the broncosbecause they are three. No, but I think their shared just been soeasy. And the raiders, they've been some good teams. Their schedule doesn'tactually get too much easier the raiders, but I think they've shown enough todeserve a wild card spot. And then the charges just beat Kansas, sothey're shown enough as well. So I'm not look, I'm not completely soldon these teams. It's only three weeks in and a lot of you knowit's a seventeen week season, but more eighteen weeks, seventeen games. Butthese are the two changes I'm gone with and if CE pretty happy my predictionsover all. To be honest, I'm not changing much. I'm only changingmy wild cards. I am removing the saints in the SEAHAWKS. I hadthe saints having eleven wins, Seahawks ten...

...wins. I don't know, don'tlike, I don't know. It's hard to tip against the saints and theSeahawks as well actually, for that matter of fact. But I'm tipping againstthe now the panthers have gone three, no, and I just think theirschedule was so comfortable. As I mentioned last week on the podcast, Ithink they only play what I think the next time they play a team witha positive record from two thousand and twenty s week twelve. So yeah,I can really see it like and they play some hard teams like the cowboysand stuff, but I can definitely see a world where they go, Idon't know, seven and four, eight and three, you know. SoI just think they get the job done. To be honest. They have areally tough run home, but yeah, I don't know. I just thinktheir record early out of the gate is going to be too good andI'm not completely sold on the offense. I don't trust Sam done will fully, but I think their defense is going to be good enough to win themsome tough games. And then I'm putting in Arizona as well. I thinkArizona look better than the seahawks right now. Offensively fairly similar, but I justthink the Arizona Defense looks a lot better than the seahawks defense right now. The seahawks just got demolished by the Vikings and in particular Alexander Madison.So I'm more confident on the AFC changes than the NAC changes. But becauseyou know, the saints and the Seahawks ice like the last five years havebeen two of the best teams in the NFL. So I am not confidenton taking them out. But quite frankly, the panther schedule looks too good tobe true and Arizona look really good right now. And finally, thatmoves me into my awards for the week. NFC Player of the week. I'mgiving it to Davante Adams. He's had a few, a quiet ofweeks. You'd like you know Davant Adams ever really has a quiet week.But Yeah, look he just turned it on against this Sam friends secondary humana rod just went to work the legit was a point where they're, especiallyin the second half, where I was like you didn't even really need towatch because you just knew it was going to happen to the red zone.And then it got interesting, but you just knew a rob was going tothrow it to Davanta Adams, he was going to get separation. They werejust going to work their way down the field. Yeah, twelve catches,a hundred thirty two yards and a TD. He was unguardable pretty much the wholegame and yes, he had some easy matchups. For example, Ithink in the fourth quarter he was playing on a rookie quarterback at one point. But you can only be what's in front of you and he did thatpretty much every snap and they even tried to kill him at one point.I don't know how he wasn't concussed personally, but he got up, played outthe rest and had a huge saying that final drive Aaron Rodgers horable mentioned, he was awesome in this game, back to his best. I actuallypredicted in a rod clinic and me and Pilch got the packers upset right.So I'm not surprised that one bit, but yeah, unbelievable play. Andalso shout out to Matthew Stafford, who tore up the buccaneers in his homebuilding, new home building in front of a star started crowd. So he'smaking a bit of a name for himself already in La AC player of theweek. I'm actually not giving it.

I'm actually going to one receivers herein both awards. I'm giving it to Mike Williams. He's always been abit like a big play guys. Got An amazing highlights reel, but he'snever really been a consistent we can week out wide receiver, one type player, and I know keen Alan still there, but it looks like Mike Williams isto go to guy now. Two touchdowns this week. Again. Youknow, I stacked not necessarily on defense, but just a great chiefs team.Seven catches, a hundred and twenty two yards. Without him they probablydon't get the job done because Herbert, you know, he just trust himto make those big catches in the primetime moments and he looks like he's truered zone outlet this year. So Mike Williams is set for a huge year. He started incredibly. He's always had the talent, but yeah, thislooks like it could be the best year of his career by quite some margin. Honorable Mentions go to Herbert now. You obviously beat my homes and thechiefs, which is a a massive achievement and he was a huge regient reasonbehind it, and Josh Allen. He cut apart that highly rated at Washingtondefense offensive rookie of the week. And you meant to Jamar Chase. Iwas tempted by Naggie Harris because he did have a hundred and forty yards fromscrimmage. But, with the greatest respect check downs, I don't rate themhighly. I think he and he was only averaging like seven yards per reception. So yeah, with the greatest respect, I think Jamar chase deserves it overhim. In the same game actually, and he was also on the winningteam, which was another factor that he had to td's for catches forsixty five yards. It looks like. I think it's like he's third thirtyplush yard td catch or something. I can't remember the start they were saying, but yeah, it looks like the connection between borrow and chase from lsuis still there. As transferred over to bengals colors, and that's really excitingfor angles fans because you know they've already got t higgins, have got TylerBoyd and, as I've mentioned before in the winter section, theyre just loadedon offense, except for that Oline, but that don't really need to bewhen Borro can just whip it out on one point five seconds to these absolutefreaks. So yeah, he looks like he's a huge addition to that offense. Defensive Player of the week obviously my Scarrett. He goes to the topof the sack count, four and a half sacks against the bears for tackus for a lost six QB hits. I don't think Justin fields will liketo see the side of Miles Garrett for like, you know, three seasons. If you can can avoid it. The bears are line just got absolutelytorched by pretty much every player on the browns defense. But yeah, MilesGarrett had a field day. I was getting a bit worried because I hadtipped in for defensive player of the year, had two quiet weeks early and thenhe just goes bang, four and a half sacks, top of thesack count, and now I'm confident again. So yeah, freakish performance, Freakishplay out, beautiful team defensive performance really from the browns. Shitouts fromthe bears. But fair play, Miles Garrett. So that's going to beit for today's podcast. As I mentioned earlier, let me know your thoughtson week through the NFL. Let me...

...know your thoughts on the awards ormy playoff picture. And if you came for more, tune in for tomorrow'sNFL fantasy and NFL week for preview with the boys. It's going to bea real fun one and yes, thanks for tuning in. CHEEZ.

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