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Washington & NY Giants will make the NFL Playoffs?!? NFL Week 13 Review - Episode 92


Pilch n Cork breakdown what was a hectic week in the NFL. They discuss the winners and losers as well as updating their predicted playoff brackets. The boys also look forward to Week 14 and provide some bold predictions.


Cheese settle. Welcome back to theon the ball podcast. This is episode ninety two of the show, onceagain joined by Christian pilture. How are we on this fine Thursday afternoon?May very well, Matte, how are you on this fine Thursday afternoon?Correct, yeah, just just kicked afternoon. But Um actually be confused there,for I don't know if twelve or two is afternoon, if I'm honest. But feeling good. Fifteen days to go to a Christmas. It's actuallysneaking up on me. I've realized that I'm going to Sitney in less thanten days, which is quite spicy. But Christmas vibes are in the air, so life's good. Life's good. So back here again with another NFLepisode. I know promised to be a bit more creative, but I haven'tquite gotten around to watching other sports yet. Still absolutely frothing the NFL. Prettybig weak this week, mate, will be discussing week thirteen. That'sjust gone by and it was a pretty long week actually. was played overlike five days or something, and then we will be previewing a very excitingweek fourteen. Lot of we were just talking a bit off air, butthere's a lot of games that could go either way, a lot of upsetsto watch, I reckon. So looking forward to those predictions. But beforewe get into the week four team predictions, we've got to address week thirteen.We've got to chat about the winners and the losers. And who isyour first winner of week thirteen? They one of my winners is the NFCeast. It's quickly becoming, in my opinion, one of the most,probably the most interesting division, with the giants and the football team lighting itup. And I saw a post the other day, and it's actually legit, that there's a there's a sniff that both of them might make the playoffs, because the NFC is that much worse than the AFC and you've got thatmany teams sitting at five and seven like the nine as the bear vikings ofsix and six. But I mean if the if they keep up their form, there's a genuine chance. We can be unreal. They don't have toplay each other, so I guess if they both win out, they bothbecause what are they both on? Five wins at the moment? Yeah,for both five and seven. Yeah, it's looking like at the moment,if you win nine games, that will get you into the NFC. Butthe only thing is if they both win nine, one of them might missout and one might still seventh. But that's pretty spicy. I'll be honest. I'll be shocked if they both win out, but they are in greatform. One of them has to make it, though, for winning thedivision. Oh yeah, I of percent. But yeah, it's actually become avery interesting division, like the only division where the title still up forgrabs. There's a couple out there, but most of them are pretty muchdecided, I feel like, and it's more a focused on the wild card. So that's making this interesting. And now we've got jail and hurts comingin for Carson Wentz. So who knows, the eagles could come back a newteam or come back even worse than they already have been. To behonest, I'll be pretty tight. I'll look at the scores before. They'vebeen playing so bad, but they haven't even been getting smashed, like they'vebeen playing good teams and only losing by like a touchdown or two. Yeah, I feel like I've been. I feel like they've been getting killed andthen just went chucks up a couple junk time touchdowns at the end to makeit a respectable score line. Yeah, that is true. And Dallas,they're not looking too bad either, but they're pretty much all but out ofit at the moment. I think it would have to take it as severedip in form from the giants and Washington for them to make it at thispoint. But they're not looking too bad. Lost to a pretty solid raven side. But yeah, very excited.

I can't lie. I'm on theWashington Man Wagon. You're on the giants beam wagon. Going to the season, I would have said I was a steels fan. If I had topick a team, I don't really have a team, but I can't lylewas on the couch yesterday, absolutely two days ago, going for the whatfootball teams I was often to about. With about two minutes to go,when they pulled off a stop, I was I was all about it.Jady mckissicks also my fantasy team, so that gave me some extra motivation toget around them. But pretty impressive that they got the win without their wall, excluding Terry mcclaren, their best offensive player in Antonio Gibson. Yeah,they're pretty impressive. From Washington they're going in this week is underdogs, whichis pretty surprising to me given they just beat an undefeated side, but we'lltalk about that later in the episode. Who are you putting your money withat the moment in that race? You back in your men, the giants, or well, we'll see when we do our updated that's a quiet true. Yeah, I won't spoil it or spoil I'm going to start with,in my opinion, the clear biggest winner of the weekend. It's the ClevelandBrowns. Huge with their records been pretty elital season. I think they wereeight and three going into the week, but or maybe nine and three.Our can remember. But they they hadn't really had a big win yet.They've been beating a lot of bad teams by two or three points. Likeone comes to mine. They beat the bangles by three points, I think, and they just didn't yet. They just needed a statement win really forpeople to take them serious, and this was it, although the margin inthe end wasn't that big over the Tennessee Times, because I think Tennessee scoredtwenty eight points in the second half or something. They put on an absoluteclinic in that first half. Baker, he decided to bull out and yeah, they're basically all but confirmed in the playoffs at the moment and I thinkwe haven't had them in the playoff bracket at all going into this week.So Pretty, pretty big win for the browns in terms of that standpoint.And now do you are you taking them serious as AFC contenders yet or juststill think they're kind of just making up the numbers in the playoffs? Yeah, and I'm finally sold. They are my other winner of the week andhuge win over the titans. So I'm finally sold that they're they're legit.And yet I was worried, worried about Baker and Mayfield, but he seemsto be He seems to be able to to, you know, put updecent performances, even though we don't really write him. Yeah, I thinkhe still could put up a stinker. Like we're not I don't think wecan rely on him just yet, but on his day in a playoff,gamers, I think you could do quite well. Do you think they're goodenough to beat a chiefs or the steals, though, or do you think they'renot at that level yet? I don't think they're. I don't thinkwe can consider them like contenders to make the Super Bowl. Yeah, butyeah, you have to give him credit though, because nine and three,that's pretty that's pretty late. Yeah, it's going to be interesting because atthe moment it's looking like they're going to play the titans or the bills,depending on where they come the titans have obviously just put on a bit ofa clinic against and the bills have had like the worst run defense in thewhole league basically over the last six weeks so, and the brands are ahuge run, run team. So it's actually not looking too bad for thatfirst week of playoffs for the browns. I'm actually that pump for the playoffs. It's getting a bit silly now, but it yeah, the second halfwas maybe a little bit of a worry, but I think when any team goeslike thirty five points up or whatever they were, I feel like can'treally take into account too much what happens from there. On our right.So you said that's your second winner, so sorry about stealing that one,mate. I should have left it, but this is a bit of arogue winner because it was a pretty irrelevant match. But your men, youactually have quite a lot of men to those listening, but the Detroit Lions. I've chucked them in the winners list. That that theory that whenever a coachgets sacked the team comes out and..., is actually all. It'slegit it. That is augect good thing. I think you predicted it last weekactually. But yeah, puts them on the same record as the bears. Their victory did. They're both sitting at five and seven and the Vikingsare at six and six, I believe. So they're not even that far awayfrom second in the division. I was looking their schedule. It's prettyhard. So I don't think they're going to get off the bottom of theNFC north table. But it's been a pretty bad year for them and Ithink winning a game against a division rival eliminating them from playoffs with an interimcoach, without deandre swift or canny gold a, I think that's going toprovide some hope moving forward. Yeah, that they can do it. Theyhave a tough one this week against the packers, but I they're gonna getraped and I'm not buying that really. I think division matches you can throweverything out the window, as we saw with the chiefs broncos on the weekend. I think, like I don't think they'll win, but I think itwon't like it was in the first time they've met this year. I thinkthe pack has be them by like twenty or something. But I have tosay it was about day for the bears in general, eliminated from playoffs basically. But Mitchell True Biscay was a pretty big winner in my opinion. Inthe last two weeks the bears have scored more points in any game that fallsstarted in. So I think he's looking like the clear quarterback moving forward forthe rest of the season. Nick Foles, yes, he's a little bit morestable, less turnovers, but he just doesn't provide much in terms ofpoints scoring or just chance creation. And I don't know, I reckon ifMitchell true bisky keeps up this form for the rest of the year. Idon't know if he'll be their started next year, but I could see thembringing in a free agent or drafting someone to contend with true Biscay for thespot. Like I think the way he's playing at the moment, I don'tthink you can just like to list him. So yeah, I think if TRUBISChe keeps us up, it's going to do them pretty well in termsof where he stands as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Do you thinka team, say Chicago, come out and say we don't want him?Do you think a team should take a risk on him as their starter,or do you think he would be validated to a bench somewhere in the NFL? I reckon bench. I can't say. I can't think of anyone off thetop of my head that would pick him up. Maybe Washington, becausethey're not they're not going to have a high draft pick anymore. But yeah, it's unlikely. I'd say. Yeah, yeah, I don't think anyone wouldtake a risk on him. So I think it's probably better off forthe best to just keep him and see if he sprouts into anything special.It could probably will have a new coach as well next year. I don'tthink Martin Naggy can see out this season going into next year, so thatcould also spark something out of trubisky. So I reckon it's worth keeping him. That same question, I'll pose it you, Carson Wentz. He's beenbench and smooths in. Do you think another team? Obviously this one's alittle bit harder to chat about because there's huge contract in terms of Castle Wentz. I think if if they're to cut him or something, it's like aseventy mill cap hit or something like that they have to pay in setting bill. But do you think a team should take a chance on him as theirstarter next year or do you think they should just leave Philly with him rottingon the bench? Yeah, that's a very hard one. I mean hehas he has so much pedigree for from the previous three years where it's justfallen out. But I'd say he's probably more likely than true Biscay. Butthe the IT salary is an issue, so I don't know that. I'mtold to see what happens with him, though. Yeah, very excite.Think I agree with you. It will be interesting. I think the mostlikely options that he just stays at Philadelphia just because of the contract. Butwe saw with Nick folds people are happy to take a chance on a bigcontract, so it'll be interesting to see...

...what happens. They're so yeah,I think it was a good week for Triubisky, despite the bears losing,in a pretty good week for the lines. And then my final winner, thebuffalo bills. I think they looked really really good. We were prettybig on the forty nine. Is Getting up or not necessary? I don'tknow if we I think we'd back them to get up, but we alsolike the spread. That was like plus, plus three or something like yeah,I can't so that was also another reason why we're up and about.But we did think they were going to win this game. But Buffalo lookedreally, really good. They had a bit of a lull in the middleof the year, but I think they're the last month. They've shut upall the doubters and they in my opinion, they're looking like a super bowl contender, as I thought they were going to be before the season started,just the way Josh Allen's playing. That offense is just rolling at the momentand the defense is slowly starting to hit form. We saw them stop mostof the night is run game, which is pretty near impossible. So yeah, yeah, the bills are starting to look really, really good. They'vestill got a few tough matches left in the season, so it'll be infor since see how they handled that. But yeah, excited to see whatthe bills could do in the playoffs. They do have issues with their ownRussian game at the moment. Zach Moss had a bit of a stinker onon our can remember what day they played. I think it was Monday night,and then Devin sing will terry. It's just how to Shit Korea sofar, but we'll see what happens there. But they're passing games that good atthe moment and nat don't even know if they need to run it.So yeah, I'm really fro from the buffalo bills at the moment. Probablyone of my favorite playoffs sides heading into January loses the week. Mate,who have you got here? Yep, so we're just touched on him.But Carson Wentz, big loser, has, how an absolute stinker of a season. I'm still a lot of the but he has to take a lotof the blame, but he has. He has that a pretty rough situationthis year, with half of his owline out for the season and just noweapons and potentially a shit coach. Dog Peterson's been coming under fire a bitrecently but um yeah, Jalen hurts has been named a starter, which isjust dog shit for Wentz, but we'll see what happens. But actually backhim to bounce back sometime in the near future. Yeah, I like him. Yeah, same's. He's been frustrating to watch this year. I dohave to admit I'll like him based on his past and yeah, I hopehe bounces back. But people reckon the jail and hurts. Getting drafted toPhilly really knocked his confidence. But I don't think that can really be anexcuse for him. He's just being playing shit. So I have to say, though, they look pretty smart now drafting jail and hurts. Everyone wasclowning on them drafting a quarterback and who knows, he could see them intothe playoffs here. He, I must say, looked pretty good when hecame on through a few good deep balls. Yeah, exactly. I'm excited tosee him play. There was always huge wraps on him in college andhe's a big rushing like. He's a big mobile threat as well, whichis, yeah, the new, the new normal in the NFL. Soexcited to see what he can do. Hopefully provides a bit of a spark, because I don't mind the Eagle side. So yeah, good luck to himand I hope he kills it. But yeah, it's sad times forthe castle wentz. It's not looking too good for him. And with thathuge contract over his head, it's going to be tough for another team totake a chance on him. But I hope you don't. Hope you bouncesback. Well. Who's your second loser? Because I've got a few, soI won't don't honestly. So my other one is the steelers. Ithink they've lost a lot of respect as a as well. No one's thinkingthey're the best team in the company more after that lost to the football teamand they'll have to bounce back for the rest of the year. They've beencoping a bit of stick for having an easy run or year, but Iwill see when they get to the playoffs if they're the real deal or not. But definitely, definitely a big knock...

...losing to Washington this way. Yeah, hundred say huge confidence decrease, EGO decrease for the steel side. Haveto admit that I think they've been pretty dogged by covid like they got thereby taken away from them at the start of that is true, and thenthe ravens game got pushed to like Wednesday or Thursday or whenever it did.So I think they have been one of the more lucky teens with that becausethey haven't themselves really done too much about but yeah, James Conner was out. Don't think it would have made a difference, though, and that theyjust couldn't catch the ball. Don't take Jos, I love it, Ilove Dante Johnson, but Jesus Christ up like cannot catch the footy. Yeah, may him and Abron had about four drops each. Yeah, I know. If Jant a Johnson had a normal catch rate like he would genuinely bea top ten receiver in the League. He's he just drops it so much. They just he genuinely averages like sixteen targets per match. It's actually weird. Yes, sound to become a bit of a problem. Normally I'd saydrops is just something short term, but when you're doing it for quite afew weeks in a row, it's becoming a bit of an issue for them. But I think I'm not too worried about the drops. I think they'llI think they'll get that back. I think the offense as a holes alittle bit of a worry. Their run game is being completely stopped over thelast month. Yes, James conners missed a few games, but I thinkhe was playing pretty bad anyway before he missed time and in the last coupleweeks benny still and stuff haven't been able to get anything going. So there'sa lot relying on Big Ben which in his stage of if his career,it's a risk to rely on him that much, but he's been playing wellthis year, so I'm not too off the stealers. I think Washington actuallypretty underrated team as other giants. I think their records are worse than theyare. But yeah, not not a great loss at all, but Iguess the loss had to come at some point. They probably weren't a goodenough team to go undefeated. So if you look at it that way,it's probably good to get the loss out of the way now. But they'regoing in is underdogs this week, but we'll once again talk about that inweek fourteen predictions. I have to say, though, shout out to you.May you aught. You didn't back it, but you did mention thebrowns could beat the titans in the Washington football team could be the steelers,you remember. I remember saying the steelers on upset alert, but I don'tremember calling the browns one. But you said you said upset alert for theWashington and you also said and the browns actually, so fair play from you. I think you said they were great value or something, because they'll paylike three fifty at the time we recorded it. But yeah, well,the I'm from, you bit of a pants man really. God, thereI've got three loses, actually full, but to are in the same thing. The Vikings are my first loser. In my opinion, they were prettymuch out of playoffs going into this week. But when the Jags is taking youtie over time, I don't think you're a playoff side. They mathematicallystill have a solid chance. I saw something before saying they're like a thirtyfive percent chance of making it or something, but for me they're all but outof it and considering they beat the saints in a playoffs game last year, they've taken a lot of steps backwards. I think a lot of people predictedthem to decrease in ability this year, but they're six and six and Ithink last year they won like eleven or twelve games. So it's apretty big it's a pretty big step back from the Vikings this year in myopinion. Yeah, however, the shining light on the weekend was Justin Jefferson. He's currently running tied second in my wide receiver of the year voting.So Adams is on top and he is tired and tarred. Hill in itssecond but he had another game of a hundred plush yards. He's fifth ofthe year and in a stacked wide receiver class, he looks like the clearstand out. At the moment. He's seeming he's looking like he's seriously breakingout out of that pack, because there are a lot of good, goodrookies, but he looks like the clear...

...beast. So they're my first loser. He's absolute beast. The raiders and the jets, they're both losers forme this week. But that was filthy. I'm sure what happened to that one, but the raid is just scraped it. Whenever the jets after alast play forty six yard Hail Mary long past sort of situation, I predictedthem to bounce back with a massive win over the jets. And yes,they did win, but it was certainly not massive and it was certainly wasn'ta bounce back. While I absolutely killed it. had like two hundred yardsor something. Derek car played solid, but it's looking like that chiefs chiefsloss really like fuck them up. They yes by the Falcons on the otherside of that and now they almost lost to the jets. The jets throwaway a pretty pretty sure thing win here. They now almost looking like a certaintyto go Owen Sixteen. And it's the first time NFL history a blitzhas occurred in that situation. They blitz seven players and had a qb spy. It's like what is Derek carging a rush forty six yards? They wentmeant man coverage in the Backfield when you've got blokes like Henry rugs and NelsonAgalaw so not sure about those tactics. Greg Williams, the jets defensive coordinatedto get fired and he's played and I'm just like in it. They wentholding back after the match. They were just saying it was a shit callingstuff, but it's down looking like they are locked in on Trevor Lawrence,which I guess maybe should be why they're in the winners because he will bethe most most positive thing that's happened to the jets and quite a while.So, yeah, Poor Trevor Lawrence. Looks like you go on their brother. But yeah, May I'm scared about that. Imagine, imagine he justturns out like Donald because of the jets. He is next level compared to DonaldIrony. I pray like I don't think, like it would be toughto ball out with the jets straight away, but I don't think he'll look likeDonald. But don't Donald's not even actually been playing that bad the lastcouple weeks, to be fair to him. But yeah, so, yeah,not good footy from the raiders all the jets. The raiders one pointlook like wild cards, certainties a few weeks ago, and now they're seriouslyhanging on. And yet the jets, as I mentioned, looked guaranteed thatnumber one pick after losing this one. And my final losers are the cardinals. I think they've been here a few weeks in a row, but sincethe Hail Murray they've lost three in a row and they're now likely going tohave to win three of their last four to make the playoffs and they haveto play the giants, eagles, forty niners and rams. So all winnablegames, but to win three out of those for it's going to be veryhard for them. And Yeah, this is due to a loss to therams pretty significant loss. It wasn't really close. Sean mcvay's actually never lostto the cardinals in his time as rams coach, which is doesn't sound thatcrazy, but when you're considering it's a division rival, it's actually a prettybig thing. So at the moment Shanahan has mcvane his pocket and then McVeighhas cliffs cliff kingsberry and the cardinals in his pocket. So interesting, Saucy, interesting dynamic in that division vision. So yeah, at the moment lookingvery unlikely for the cardinals in my opinion. People think they're still a pretty goodchance, but yeah, I'm often completely I think they're fucked. Sowho do you think it's more likely? They're more the vikings. I thinkthey're. They both six and six. Yeah, without spoiling stuff, I'vegot them both finishing on the exact same records. Yeah, we're about towe're about to get into our in my opinion, there it's a fifty split. But yeah, so, as you mentioned, will be getting into ourPRETYTID playoff bracket. Now, starting off with the NFC. What changes haveyou made? Got A couple of couple of changes here. Packers still firstsaint second. That's becoming bolder and bolder.

But I back the saints to dropa game and I think the packers all win out. They've got arelatively easy schedule. I've now got the rams winning the West in a threeand the giants still winning the east. For got something saucy here. Seahawksfive, buccaneers six and the football team in its seventh. I've gone withthe I've gone with the spice. them in the giants top, top sixdefenses. So I could be to saying they're both going to win out.That's they won't have to. They'll get in with. They'll get in withat night because the NFC is just that bad. They're all they're all onlike five and seven, six and six, the contenders. So I think theycan make it with an eight and eight record. I think they can. But pretty outrageous from you. I don't know what the tiebreaker situation wouldbe like, because I think they would be quite a few teams of eightnight if that was the case. But Yeah, fair enough. I couldn'tback in him, back in him. I've got similar to you, notcompletely similar, though. I've changed my number one seed, as you mentioned. I've now got the saints above the packers. I do think they'll havea slip up somewhere, but I'm not too sure which one will be.So I haven't pretty the beast of up. I've got the packers in seconds,same as you. I've got the rams now winning the West packers finishingabove the rams based on the percentage against teams they both played. I've gotWashington winning the NFC east, my lads coming in at seven and nine.Then Fifth I've got the bucking. He is got to be interesting to seehow the bucking is come out. Looking at this weekend against the Vikings feelslike we haven't seen them in ages. But there I've got them going elevenand five. Seahawks are in its sixth for me, going in at tenand six, and I've still got the forty nine is. I'm still hangingon hope. I think they're going to have to win. Wait, what'sthe record now? I actually don't know. They're five and seven. Yeah,I've got them winning all four. So it's going to be very toughfor them to make it. But yeah, I'm back in them and I thinkthey even though the bills one pretty comfortably. I think they put upwere pretty good fight against a really good team, the bills, and justmissing out. I've got the vikings cardinals going eight nate and then I've gotthe giants finishing a game back on Washington at six and ten. So,yeah, pretty brutal on the giants, but I will cough fells only winningone game moving forward, but I think they have a pretty hard fixture actually. So most haven't looked at the giants. I think they have the cardinals,the ravens and like the rams or something, and then they think theyhave boys. They have. Yeah, I don't know if it's the rams, I think, but it's definitely a NFC west teams plus the Ravens rightthan AFC. You had the chiefs number one anyway, so probably not achange for you there. But yeah, so I've made one change. Overall. I've still got chiefs, steelers, titans bills in that order, winningthe divisions, and now I've got the ravens at five steel. I thinkthey'll win out. And now finally put the browns in a number six.Yeah, they deserve it. And seven I've got the dolphins over indie.It's so tight that a see while come yeah, likes dropping out every week. I'm actually, controversially, still got the steelers on top. I've gotthem winning out from here, going fifteen and one, and because their losswas in the NFC, one of the main tiebreakers is conference records, soI've got that's true of the chiefs, but both going fifteen and one.Then, as you do, I have the times over the bills, butit's tied up this week. That's sounded like a Pun with the Tennessee Times, but it actually has tightened up. Last week o The Times having twomore wins and the bills, but this week I've got them going the samerecord, but the Times beat the bills earlier in the year, so I'vegot them finishing in third. Ravens Five.

I've actually got three teams going elevenand five. I've got the ravens, brands and colts, so the ravensfinishing above the brands on head to head and the browns finishing on abovethe colts on headtohead. And I'm I'll be honest, I'm completely off thedolphins. I've got them going any one, for I've been finishing below the Patriots, which is pretty pretty outrageous for me. But I've got the patriotsfinishing eight and eight as well, and then I've got the raiders just missingout on ten and six. So pretty controversial calls for me. But yeah, I don't know. The dolphins just there. I think they're getting overratedat the moment because they're just beating crap teams, but they're playing pretty badly. Like I think they put up seventeen points on the weekend against the bengalsor something. So yeah, they seem to just get it done every week, though, even with yeah, I still think they should be playing fitchedfitzpatrick, but we'll see see what I'm yeah, got the chiefs this week, which will be interesting to see where there are in like I don't knowif they'll win, but it'll be interesting to see how long they're staying thatone. Yeah, all right, players of the week awards or change ita little bit? Rather than just going three offensive players, we're now doinga AFC and NFC player of the week. So AFC player of the week.Is it an obvious pick? I don't know. I feel like itis. Y who, if you hear? Yeah, I've got your man,Darren Waller, third and catches two hundred yards to touchdowns was like thethird highest tight end fantasy score in history of the NFL or something. So, yeah, pretty obvious, pretty obvious choice. Yeah, this would belike a incredible stat line for a wide receiver, but to do it fromtight end. Clearly the best tight end performance of the year and yet absolutelykilled. Actually, it all put up over the jets. It'll put upa mammoth, but I think this one was better. Yeah, I can'tremember, but yeah, I think you has had a few to TV gamesas well. NFC Player at the week? I've gone with Davante Adams, yourfavorite player, as I mentioned before, he's one of my race is isleading, who I raced for a wide receiver of the year. Hedidn't have the biggest yards for his standards, but a hundred, twenty one yards, nothing shall be there. But more importantly, two touchdowns. It'sbasically a lot for a touchdown a week at this point, and the Eaglesoffensive, the eagles defense, is nothing to slouch out. So think itwas pretty solid from Davante this week. He's scored thirteen touchdowns and he's missedtwo games and left mine in like the second quarter. A yeah, man, she's the man is insane. Yeah, he him has been a full volumeswhole time. So I've probably been very painful to listen to. Butpretty shattered about that. I've just ruined the POTTY. But you sound fineto me. Man. Thanks, maybe, but trust me, it won't.It won't. But I'll offensive rookie of the week. Who Have yougot here? Justin Jefferson. Hundred and twenty yards and a touchdown. Ninereceptions helped the Vikings get up over the Jaguars, and yet he's been ballingout for about for the whole season, pretty much. He's you got.Yeah, it's a baside, Justin Jefferson, but I like item just above mybloke. But I gave it to my bloke just for a bit ofa changeup. So I gave it to Jonathan Taylor. Had A bit ofa breakout last two weeks. A hundred and thirty five Scrimmin chards and atouchdown. It's going to be interested to see what he does for the restof the year because it does look like he's starting to get used to theNFL and he's starting to put up some good numbers, like we were expectingin the preseason, so be interesting to see how he finishes out the year. Defensive Player of the Week I've given it to the Honey Badger, Tyreand Matthew, one of my favorite defensive players to watch. I think withouthis interceptions in this chiefs broncos game, I reckon the chiefs to actually inreal trouble. But he had a pick in the first quarter and a pickin the last quarter and I think it really changed the momentum with the gamein both situations. So, as I...

...mentioned, two interception, seven tacklesand he had one tackle for a loss, which I think I've said this before, but I think tackle for a loss is the most underrated start infootball because it is basically a sack because you are it's the exact same resultas the sack, but no one seems to give a shit about it.Also, I do think sacks are overrated because if you sack someone one yardbackwards just doesn't even matter. But anyway, that's another chat for another day.Or onto our favorites section of the week. I'm absolutely devastated about thatmicrophone. Think I've just ruined the episode. Anyway, week fourteen predictions. Mate, who is your shore better the week. We actually had a reallygood week in the predictions last week in terms of the spread and stuff.We nailed it wheel. We profited if we had put the money on,and the STAP predictions were a bit up and down, but we'll see howwe go this week. We both got our short bets last week. Whoare you going this week? The shore, the shore becks have been hitting.I've got the titans over the Jaguars. I think this would be a bigwin for the titans. I reckon they'll put up they'll put up fortypoints as the jags just crush their dreams to actually, it's not even likethat. Like the odds aren't like that. Ma's massive. The jags are onlylike three dollars, twenty the jackal and good for to be honest.Yeah, but the titans are different, different tier, different tier of team. Their offensive be too good. So that's my sure, but it's aninteresting one considering last week. But actually respect that bit more of a boldshort. Better than just the jets I've actually gone, but the chiefs tobe at the dolphins. As I mentioned before, I'm not really back inthe dolphins at the moment. The offense I don't think it's going to putup enough points to be able to contend with the chiefs. Their defense iskind of yes, it's been decent the last two weeks because they've been playingcrap teens, but in the last four weeks it's not actually been as goodas it was earlier in the season. And I think the chiefs right now. I think yeah, they'll just put up too much, too many pointsin the dolphins won't be able to compete with them. I've also got afew other cracks that auld I'll chuck in, but I'll chat about them after ourgame spread because I don't want to spoil any potential ones. You haveupset of the week. We haven't got one of these correct yet, takeaway the grain of salt, but it is always hard to predict an upset. But who are you going with? I'm going with the gymen over thecardinals in New York on a they're on a four game win streak. Thedefense is unreal. CALAMARI's battling a shoulder issue, so I think they getup over the cardinals this week. Do you care if Daniel Jones players ornot? It will make a difference, but Cott McCoy got the job done. So it's not a it's not a deciding factor in my prediction, butit will definitely help if Danny diames plays it all but sink the cardinals playoffhopes as well. Mine is as I mentioned before. I've got the steelsto win out and they are the undernock this week, which means they areupset of the week, I'll be honest. So plain and the Buffalo Bill Icannot believe they're under doors, to be honest, and they two twosand twenty one sense in avation plus a hundred point one, or how yousay. But yeah, I like all that's I don't think I need toexplain much. I don't know how a team with one loss in the yearcould be an underdog, but fair enough, it's in Buffalo. I don't knowif that's a factor. Buffalo of been looking very good, but Ithink the steelers are made of the good stuff and I think they're a teamthat will bounce back rather than afterwards in their first year, the first gameof the year. Yeah, I'm back to men to bounce back strongly andI think that's pretty ridiculous value. Yeah, my I can't believe that. That'sget on that. I'll be getting on that. All right, gamesthread. I can't lie. I've got... seven here, so I'm hopingyou take a few of them because it's I've got three. I've got threefast up, same as my upset. But giants plus two and a halfagainst the cardinals. I think there's a good chance they win the match andthey've had about four losses by under three points this season and they've covered thespread in ten out of twelve of their games. So their masters at coveringthe spread. So in on them. I'm shafts. Shall I go allmine or yeah, yours? Next up, got indie, three against the raiders. I'm not a fan of the raiders. I think they're overrated.They've had a pretty poor couple weeks and I just think India too good.The defensively too good. Derek Carrol, throw four picks and India get upthere. And then finally I've got the saints. Just need check who they'replaying again. You haven't stolen the any of mine. They're playing the eagles. Yet Pay Eagles. Yeah, it's seven big line, but the scienceare arguably top three team in the comport the moment and the eagles are probablya bottom three team. So I don't think sevens enough. Think the saints. It will destroy them in I've actually got some that dispute. Dispute Yourclaims here. I know a lot mine all overs. I'll just point thatout. That's been a bit of a theme of my game spread predictions sofar this year, but they've kind of been working, to be honest,as in the the points yet that as in like I've gone the under DougOkay, yeah, yeah, but my first one. I'll just go onorder of top to bottom. Not really sure which one I back the most. But the jets, I think they're pretty pretty stiff to be plus thirteenand a half against the Seahawks, who just lost to the giants and scoredlike twelve points or something. Are the jets of covered this bread? Sothey've won by less, they've lost by less than thirteen in three of theirlast four and I think there are solid chance to lose by lesson that Idon't think they will win. That's a large line. Yeah, exactly.Take balls to back the SEAHAWKS. Yeah, wouldn't be back in the minute ofthe moment. Yeah, and then I'm praising your saints. Cool here. I think the eagles and last stiff soucome. The saints only beat theFalcons by five points, I believe, and I think they eagles are alot better defense than the Falcons and at the moment, the way the Falconsare playing, they're not even that much of a better offense. I justthink Taystom hills due for a bit of a shit game and I think thisis the best defense who's face so far. So I think it could be thisone. And although I'm not like backing putting all my eggs in thejail and hurts basket, I do think he will just inject a bit oflife into the offense and I can see. I don't think they'll win, butI can see a close game and, as we mentioned, they love aclose game. So I've covered this this margin twice in their last monthand they've played like the Brown seahawks and packers. So the saints are worseoffense than them. And Yeah, I just think tastom hills due for astinker. So bit of a Bob One there, but I'm backing it in. And then I've got five more Washington at plus three and a half.I don't really back this one. That's only but I just think they justbeat the steelers and they're up against the forty nine, is who everyone like. I'm keen on the forty nine is, but everyone's not really that keen onthem. And the fact that they've got field Goldie way, they're verygood defense Washington. I think that's solid value there. Yeah, why doI have to live? Next? I've got to go fucking sign this shitold steel boys. I don't cop that...

...because my people can see me throughthe fort at the front door. They just like a shoom. They canjust fucking chat to me. fucking virgins. Or where was I? I wasat a delivery. Yeah, it's have to fucking do it at East. Happen? I was hundred shooting. All right, yeah, that's whatyou done by next one is the lines at plus seven point five. Thisis a bold one against the packers, given the fact that they did loseby twenty last time. But I was looking at their history and over thepast five years the packers have been a better team, but this series istied at five all and the packers of never won by more than seven.So this is excluding the game this season. So historically a very close encounter andI just think we saw on the weekend with the chiefs Bronchos, evenif a divisional game looks like it's going to be a blowout, it's oftena lot tighter than you think. So yeah, I don't know. Butbold one there and then another one. Dolphins plus seven. They're meant tobe a really good defense, so I think for the chiefs to beat themby more than seven they will be a good effort. But yeah, I'mnot too strong in that one. The jags a plus seven point five.I know you reckon the Times going to put forty up on them, butjust based off the last fortnight, the jags have covered the spread against thebrowns and the Vikings, so I think there are a chance to go havea margin of less than seven point five there. And then the bronchos.I think the panthers will win this one, but they've got field goal leeway andI don't think it will be a blowout. So I think the bronchosat plus three point five aren't the worst value there. And then now,because I've said that, I can go back to my other calls for surebetter the week. I think the bucks to beat the Vikings. I'm prettyconfident. I just think coming out of a boy the Vikings look pretty bad. I'm pretty confident on that one. Packers to beat the lions. Packersprobably one of the most trustworthy teams now, and an upset of the week.I think the charges are a chance to beat the Falcons and the bears. Oh my God, I've gotten who the bears are playing, but Ithink there are a chance to beat their opposition. The bears are play thing. I don't even know search it will. will cut this our? I hadweek thirteen up beautiful. Oh Yeah, the bears a playing the Texans andI think the Texans are a good side, but I don't think they'rethat trustworthy. So I think there's a chance they're for an upset. Quitesurprised the Texans are the favorites going to that one, to be honest,but fair play. All right, time for your stack predictions. My friendhit me rushing yards can newton or Darell Henderson. Oh then they're versing eachother, are they? This is Thursday night footy. Yeah, can makersmight be out, so we can you can fair that that'll be huge.Back that that'll probably be the deciding factor. So you're saying if, if he'sin hit, Newton gets up. If he's out hando gets up.Yeah, so he's say if he's out hand, Oh, definitely all right. Hopkins versus Bradbury. Does Hopkins Crack Seventy yards? That's his career average. I looked at it. I'm going to say. I'm going to saynot unders. This is back in in James Bradbury, the fall down andcook versus the Tampa Baby Buccany is run defense. Just cook have a hundredrushing yards. Yeah, this is an interesting one. I'm I'm not sureif the bucks will stuck the box because cousins thel and Jefferson have been bawling, so they might put a bit more focus on that. But I'm stillgoing to go with the unders. Hundreds hundred yards is a lot. Can'tsee him averaging five yards of carry against the bucks. True Biscay turnovers versusthe Texans over under one point five.

For any other team I'd definitely takethe overs, but I'm going to back him in against Houston. Just sayI'm going to stay. Just has a fumble, no picks. Lovely,lovely. More total yards, so rushing and passing, receiving if you wantas well. Jail and hurts or Taysom Hill. All that's saucy. TaysomHill. More couches. Austin Eccla vs the Falcons or Jad mckissick versus theforty nine is I think we have to assume that Antonio Gibson isn't playing,because, yeah, he's not. He's not back in that club then,but I'm still going to go with ECKLA over Mickey rights bit more trustworthy.Yeah, takeaways, steals or the bills? Who's going to force more turnovers?steelers deal of more takeaways. All right. Last nice and final one, total rushing yards as a team. The Ravens or the browns. Oh, that's actually right. You have to say Ravens just because I've got likefour blokes who average about eighty yards, but Chad will definitely go over ahundred. I reckon, but I'll go ravens. Interesting. All right.That's that's all I've got for your enjoy it. A Lot, a lotof predictions this week, so we'll let you know next week how we go. Maybe on in instagram story as well. I need to get a bit moreactive on that like I used to be. But yet, once again, apologies for ruining the episode. I'm actually so shattered about that I've justruined my bloody Thursday, but I'll way. Can't you edit it? Well,you can, but because it's so loud, it's like you're basically justquieting down abusee. I don't know, it's weird, but it'll sounded prettybad. Yeah, maybe this microphone is different, I don't know, butthanks for coming on, mate leather man. We need started off off camera,but we might have a fantasy episode coming out to borrow. We're notsure yet, but maybe it might just be me or something, but we'llsee our goes. Stay tuned for more NFL content, twice weekly episodes,and stay tuned father content as well. I'll start in some other sports inthe mix now that you he's over us. So thanks for listening. If you'vegotten this file or you're watching a clip, feel free to check outour past content and our social media's and yet appreciate it.

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