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Episode 50 · 1 year ago

NFL Top 100 & NFL Fantasy RB Breakouts, Sleepers and Busts - Episode 49


Pilch once again joins the show to discuss which running backs outside the top 15 have high upside, should be avoided or have a high floor for the 2020 NFL Fantasy season. The boys also discuss the NFL Top 100 list and suggest a few changes they would make in their lists.

Cheese settle. Welcome back to theon the ball podcast. This is episode forty nine of the show, onceagain joined by Christian pilter. How are we, mate? Yeah, notbad at all, mate. Hey, you yeah, pretty well actually,once again, the weather's not too bad. So I'm outside recording. If youwould have not been able to see that by now and you shoot,but if you're listening, just a bit of context into my life. I'moutside. I don't go outside too often these days. What we're not allowedto, are we? But thought I'd get out for this little conversation.How are you going there? That's so, that's the more important thing. MayYeah, as good as as good as we can be going. Obviouslywe can't really do much at the moment, but getting through, getting through itor right. A bit of an eyebrows that I see the mate,which is a don't know what you're talking about, their mate. A littlebit embarrassing there, but that's right. So today. Hey, I've beenwanting to talk about this for a few weeks because I don't know why Ireally like it, but the NFL top one hundred is a list that theplayers vote on and they release one to a hundred. Well, this yearwas like one, two hundred and ten. It was a bit weird, butit's basically one to a hundred. They nominate who they think of thebest players in the league and you end up with a list of all theleague's best players, and it's bucks pretty interesting debates. It's supposed to bebased on the last season played, so the two thousand and nineteen NFL season, but often historical biases clearly take place, and today we're going to talk aboutpeople who we think are rated too high or two loans, etc.I can't lie. I used to go by this list religiously, like genuinelythought it was a factual list, like if you were third in the cornerbackrankings, you were the third quarterback in the league. But as I've followedthe league more over the last two seasons, I've begun to realize that it's notthe most accurate thing. So that's what we're going to explore today andthen after this, after that we're going to talk about running back NFL fantasyrunning back ruffies bolters, like we did with the quarterbacks the other week.Going to talk about a few players who might not get picked up in thefirst two rounds but you know, might be solid options later in the draftor they might save you if you know, forget a running back or maybe peopleto look out for on the waivers. So we'll get to that after this. But to start us off, we're going to talk about the NFLtop one hundred. So I reckon we could just go big early. Sowith what it up into three sections. We're talking about someone in the toptwenty, someone from twenty to fifty, all around that mid tier, andthen someone at the back end of the list. So join a start usoff me. Who Have you got lined up in the top twenty that youwould like to talk about their selection? Yeah, well, I think peoplemight still be clinging on to a bit with this one, but I'm surea lot of people will admit that Tom Brady has absolutely no right to bestill fourteen. One clear example with it was Aaron Rodgers had had more yards, more touchdowns, more win less interceptions, which the every single stat you canthink of, and he was rated lower than him. So that's Ithink it's as I think more surprising with this one is Deshaun Watson. Butyeah, and even even like Duck Prescott way down at I think he wasforty or fifty. But yeah, I think fourteens just outrageous for Brady.It's on. They're obviously still living off, living off the past a bit forthe few of these selections. Yeah, that's kind of the general theme oftoday's episode, I think. I don't know about your other selections,but a lot of mine people being rated below like former legends of the game. Will they still our legends? You don't really stop becoming a legend,but you know what I mean. They out of their prime, and itwas that the main one that picked you off in that top twenty also.We were talking about it a bit last night. Also, I didn't thinkdeandre Hopkins. He clearly had a worse season than he did the previous season, yet he was rated like four spots higher up at number seven. Soit didn't really see how that worked there. But yeah, I felt Brady Bradywas more outrageous. Yeah, I didn't mind the Hopkins one, though, because I still think he's in the top three wide receivers and which hewas in the list. So I get...'s a bit weird that he increasedposition, but I didn't mind it. Yeah, in terms of the quarterbacks, even rodgers over Deshaun Watson. I didn't really write that, to behonest. I don't have the starts here because this is not my selected one, but just from following the League, I thought Deshaun Watson was a lotbetter. Singlehandedly carried his side to the playoffs, where Rogers had a althoughhe's famously doesn't have many receivers around him, he had a fairly good team,one of the better running backs, one of the better wide receivers,a great much better defense. Yeah, yeah, we're Deshaun Watson, althoughhe had deandre Hopkins, who was dealing with nothing and still got into theplayoffs and did really well. I also think Nick Bosa. I know there'sa lot of hype there, but I do think he was a little bithigher as well, but that's just me. But the one I picked is I'vegot on with the tight ends. Actually, this is not so muchthe order. I don't mind that Kelsey's are kiddle is above Kelsey, butI don't know how there's an eleven spot discrepancy between them. So if youlook at their statistics, Kelsey played so Kelsey's inn eighteen. Kiddle was inits seventh. Kelsey played two more games in kidtle. Kid will had ahigher like catch rate, so he caught more of the targets thrown at him. So that's one in kittles column. But Kelsey had over two hundred yardsmore than him. He averaged more than two yards, two yards more gamethan kiddle. They had the exact same yards per reception and they had theexact same touchdowns on five on a sorry, Kelsey had more yards per reception.They had the same yards but targets, so very similar stats. They're basicallyall the same, if not in Kelsey's favor. The only one thatis in kittle's favor is the catch ray, and I'm not too sure where they'rewith out the eleven spot difference there. To be honest, I think ourbest they should be like right next to each other in the list,if not Kelsey ahead of kittle. I know people are strong in the kid'llcamp over Kelsey, but I think with Kelsey statue can't really argue with that. I think you had the fifth most receiving yards or something in the leagueas a tight end, which is pretty outrageous. People argue that it's justbecause he's on a good offense. A San Francisco just as good as anoffense of Kansas. I know they don't have the star quarterback, but theymove up the field so easily and be that actually almost goes against Kelsey's casebecause there's more targets for my homes to throw too. So he's going tobe, you know, not always going to be looking at Kelsey every play, where Garoppolo legit through it to ket kid'll only. So I think onceagain, I don't know if I think Kelsey should a hundred percent be abovehim. If I had to vote one way or another, I'd probably goKelsey over kiddle. But I think to find it eleven spot discrepancy there tohave kittle the seventh and Kelsey eighteen when they pretty much had identical stats.If done in Kelsey's favor, I think that was pretty pretty ambitious from them. Yeah, I must, I must submit when I saw that I waspretty surprised as well, a saying kid will all the way up at seventhand then obviously I was. I expected Kelsey to be to be rated abovehim. But yeah, yes, so I'm not too sure about that one. Yeah, watch it for the top twenty. I also put a bitof a drs on Khalil Max sneaking in at Nineteen, but I'll talk aboutthat one in one of my latest selections. Now in the mid Tier Range,who are you looking at here? There's quite a lot in this oneactually, but a lot more like defensive. Well, the ones that are noted. Who did you go with it? Yeah, I've actually gone with NickChub. With Hi should be actually got maybe a little bit of aPod, but I think he's criminally underrated. He was, it was, secondin rushing yards, only behind Derrick Henry, and he was behind apretty putrid offensive line. So he's he's carried that backfield and some of therunning backs that he's Thea was rated lower than like Aaron Jones Zeek. Ibelieve Kamara was a couple of spots ahead of him as well, who missedlike a few games and clearly had a way worse season than Chub. Soyeah, I think thirty four was far too low for Chub. I meanyou should have been in the top at least the top five running backs atthe bare minimum, and probably definitely into that top thirty range. It's aninteresting one because it's kind of I don't have the stats here, but itwould be interesting to look at their all purpose like scrimmage yards. So receiving, yes, rushing, because obviously sound like Kamara would have him in thatstart, you'd imagine. Yeah, yeah, it's interesting. Also the touchdowns.Chubb, because of his offense, was so much worse. Yeah,you would have been less parent. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but and they'realso saying they would go against him... he's got pretty good wide receivers, so they're likely to be targeted in the touchdown in the red zone asopposed to him. But now I back it. Yeah, I did seehim down there, I thought, for the SEC in Russia, leading Russiain the League, that was pretty low. I don't think you'd see that toooften. Yeah, but yeah, I think I wonder if the playerstake this into account. How the team went that guess that's something you couldput in those guys that you mentioned faith because, except physique the other two, they went deep into the playoffs. But yeah, I agree with you. It's pretty stiff. Rushing yards is what a running backs meant to be. Meant to do. So if he's the second best out at basically it'spretty pretty up to be down there. Yeah, I'm especially when Aaron Jonesis like eighty percent of his case is just touchdowns, yeah, which islike him running five yards or him being lobbed one five yards. So butyeah, not fair enough. The one I picked in this one I've actuallyjust picked a whole position here. I've gone with the outsideline back position.I just don't cop the order at all. Some of the other ones I didnote down, though. I thought Jamal Adams was pretty stiff to bethat low. I think he was in the S. I think he's atop twenty player in the NFL by just comfortably. Well. Who Else?We got? Trey Davious White, the cornerback from the buffalo bills. Ithink he was pretty stiff to be put down below Jalen Ramsey, even RichardSherman actually, and then I think Jimmy Ge, Jimmy Gee, what didyou think of his position? I think he yeah, thirty. Do youthink that's too high? Too Low? I don't know. I was Iwas pretty torn on that on because he's I think he's down. His caseis pretty much only the fact that he made the Super Bowl. Yeah,I put him down as overrated, like he should be lower. But thenI looked at the quarterbacks below him and it was kind of like Kurt cousinswas like in the S, tanners was in the S. Yeah, soit's kind of like I guess you could understand it. I think Josh Allenwas down at like eighty, which I think was bit stiff. But yeah, yeah, I guess I can see the arguments. Pretty stiff to puta super bowl quarterback too low, but yeah, just thought that one wasthe interesting pick. But yeah, outside linebacker. So in this mid inthis little tier, these are the guys I was interested in. We've gotShaq Barrett, thirty two, the sack winner, and then we've got sedariusSmith of the Green Bay packers. Shack Barrett was in it thirty seconds thatairy Smith was in at forty eight, and I think these two were criminallydogged. Jj what was in or Tj what, sorry, was in attwenty five. He also probably too low. But Khalil Mac was at nineteen andVon Miller was at twenty six. If you look at tackles for aloss, Barrett and Smith were both in the top four in the league andVon Miller was actually the second worst out of these blokes in that stat andVon Miller was twenty two spots higher than sad airy Smith and six spots higherthan Barrett. Barrett also had over double the sacks per game the Miller did. Von Miller only had eight sacks. Shaq Barrett had nineteen point five sthe dairy Smith had thirteen point five. And then in terms of force fumbulls, von Miller didn't have a single force fumble. Shack Barrett had six. So how they've put von Miller Bob Shaq Barrett when Shaq Barrett leads himin every single stat is a little bit beyond me, if I'm honest.So I think Shaq Barrett was pretty stiff to miss out on that top twentythere, if not maybe not necessarily the top twenty, but the other guysabove and should be belown. Maybe they'd keep him in that thirty second position, but I think that was pretty Yuck. And there's a dairy Smith. Hestarts a pretty juice as well. In out of the six plays Idid research for, I think he was fourth in sacks. Above him,which Handler Joan, Shack Barrett and TJ. What but he had more than killEl Mac and nineteen and von Miller at twenty six and tackles for loss. As I said before, he was fourth and that start in the wholeleague, whereas Khalil Mac had nine less than him. He was down atlike seventy for the League and Vold Miller was at like forty for the League. So I think lil Mac and von Miller were kind of I don't know, they were their reputations basically gotten so the selection. I think they bothhad off years last year. I'm not saying they couldn't bounce back this year, but I think Zadarius Smith and Shack Barrett in particular were seriously dog tobe that low, and Tj what as well was probably pretty unlucky to bebelow Khalil Mac. So yeah, that's basically all I wanted to say forthose fellows. Yeah, but that does not make a lot of sense atall. They yeah, they definitely cling on to past years with these,with these selections, and it's a joke.

A shack buried in particular, likehe genuinely beat he beat Miller and every single start, and then KhalilMac only beat Shaq Barrett in possessions defend. So I think that means like swatsand like tip ons and stuff like that. So very stiff, ShaqBarrett, but I also think is Adars Smith was a bit stiff to bethat low. We're not the biggest fans is Adrius Smith, but that's justbecause he makes so many plays every game that he, you know, hasa lot of time to celebrate and stuff. So that's probably more that's really sayinghow good he is if anything. But yeah, that's it for themidtier. Anyone else? The thought was a bit dodgy in there or notreally what? By the way, I know you're a big Dalvin Fan,but what did you think of Dalvin Cook at Twenty One? Oh, yeah, he was another one that I thought Chud probably should have been. Yeah, highland and well, yeah, if you got to mention him before,yeah, saw him there was. I wasn't going to mention it, butI do remember that. Yeah, now moving on to the long range picks. So the guys who they're still obviously high quality players, but down inthe list for this one. I know you've got a wide receiver. Tobe honest, wide receivers where the most controversial picks in this they had OdellBeckham, Larry Fitzgerald, Dk metcalf and your guys. Well, who tobe honest, there I don't think any of them are in the same league. There's like a lot of different levels going on there. I went withthe defensive ember will come to me in the second what do you think ofyour man? Yeah, well, as you just said, there's about sixwide receivers to choose from that are just in our age spots here, butI've gone with Davante Adams ice. I don't know how this bloke is stilllike no one cops him as an elite receiver in the media and I don'tunderstand it. Like he's he missed a few games, but if you adjustlike his averages per game, he's in that top five wide receiver class easilywith your Hopkins, Julio's Tyro Kills, Michael Thomas has, and yet he'sall the way down at number fifty four. I just do not understand it atall. Like we're talking. I think he's fourth. I reckon isfourth, I think. Yeah, Julio Thomas and Hopkins. Yeah, great, a great, I reckon. He's the next best tyreck may be moreeffective than in but that's just because he's rapid. Like yeah, but Adams, Adams is like the only target in his offense, which means he copsall the attention from opposition corners. Bear the fact that he's within like tenor fifteen spots to to our Larry Fits. It's just it's just our rageous,our rated. He think like Odell Beckham. Isn't he Odell Beckham?My, yeah, he's six or something. It was. I think they werereally close, but Beckham was above landry right and landry literally Adam covered. Yeah, yeah, Landry got dogged as well. He's not in thesame conversation as Davante Adams, but even him to be below it back atme and dear Fitzgerald's B Yuck. But yeah, there's a lot of there'sa lot of a yuck about want it Tyler Lockett as well, he was. He was I think it was only three spots above DK metcalf. It'slike, yeah, he was way better than back up. Yeah, there'sa lot of hype around metcalf. Yeah, I understand the potential because, yeah, massive and fast, but Um, yeah, the not sure how he'sin the top hundred players. Yeah, but Adams was absolutely dogged. Hehimself will be filthy with that list. Yeah, hopefully it's got something.He's going to have to do it again this year as well if theGreen Bay packers is going to be any good. Yep, they will.Absolutely no one. Jimmy Graham left. Someone the other day just went downthe injured, like Devin funchess or something funcious. Yeah, he's there.Wide Receiver Three. Yeah, so it's Legit, Valda, scantling, lazardand then the Davante. So he's going to be cop and triple teams eachweek. Yeah, the yeah, good luck to him. He's going tohave to do it again if the packers are going to be any good.But hopefully next year he's in the top fifty at least, if not thetop thirty. But yeah, it's Pretty UK that he is down there.Yeah, I don't get it. A hundred percent agree with you, Ithink. In my opinion, here's the fourth or fifth best. I can'tthink of anyone outside the top three. He's better than him, apart frommaybe tyrech. He'll but yeah, that's very strange. Someone else I wantto mention before I go on to my but a baker of the Arizona cardinals. He's a safety. He was ranked ninety five, absolute joke. Prettysure he had the most, second, most tackles or something, most tuckle, I don't even know. I don't know he starts. I didn't dothem, but like he is ridicut. To be honest, the safeties ingeneral, I don't know why they were so low. Like Jamal Adams iss, Minka Fitzpatrick was S. I...

...think all of them should be alittle bit higher, but that's just that's just me. I'm all right.So defensive ends, my man is miles Garretts, the controversial man who gotin a little bit of a scuffle. So the issue with Miles Garrett ishe only played ten games because of that suspension. So that right, thereis a reason to not have him too high. But the people who areabove him, in particular Jj Watt Kalaid campbells, well, only one spotup. So Miles Garrett's eighty, Klai Campbell is seventy nine, Jj whatis forty five and Jadeveon clowny is forty one. And then in terms ofthe statistics, in an average per game, miles Garrett averages the most tackles fora loss out of those four by more than double the next best.He averages the most sacks by more than double that to the next best,and then he is second in force fumbles. So I just don't really know whatthe old what the old logic there is. It wouldn't surprise me ifhe was gee came in in about forty and they were like Nah, that'sa bad look for us. He got suspended. Let's bump him down.But I can that's it. But now I I guess the ten game thinghas to be factored in because although these averages are nice and stuff, youcan't be the best player in the season if you only play half of it. But to me. But the thing is jj what played eight games.Jadeveon clowney played thirteen games. So those were the kind of things that annoyedme most about this selection. But yeah, the Jj what thing in particular,for sacks in eight games, for tackles for a lost, one falsefumble. I don't know how that's got you in the top fifty through.That's all right. I don't know. And the thing with him, allthose being great in the past, with injuries. I don't think he's beengood for three years. So I don't know how he's still clinging onto atop fifty spot. Like people who dominated the two thousand and eighteen season,you kind of maybe understand them why they don't want to kick them off thelist completely yet. But JJ WHY? I don't know how he's doing that. And then Jadeveon clowney. He plays a little bit of a different positionto the rest of them. He's a bit more of a linebacker, sohe had like a pretty sure out, a few interceptions and a few likeknockdowns and stuff like that. But yeah, just in terms of the stats fora defensive end, I think miles Garrett's pretty pretty stiff to be putbelow clay Campbell, Jj Watt and even Jadevion clowney. So yeah, that'sthat's my main men. Yeah, but a back that call as well,miles dallent weapon. Yeah, when you watch Cleveland, like everything, everyrush there's it's kind of like as I don't know how to explain it,but when you watch nfl you don't really notice the defensive line unless the commentatoris pointed out, because you're just watching the quarterback yeah, but yeah,miles Garrett someone you can't really not notice him, as we'll saying, likesa Darius Smith. You can't go a game without without seeing him. Causeabsolute carnage for yeah, that's probably it for the top hundred. I couldtalk for days about it. There's a lot of guys that have been robbedor over hyped. But yeah, I don't want to be too negative onit because I know it's a player's vote, so there's obviously going to be floorsand there's no statistical logic to it or anything like that. But youknow, it's just a bit frustrating when these players aren't getting the credit theydeserve or getting too much credit. But yeah, I just wanted to touchon that and in an episode, because I really enjoyed the concept of thetop one hundred. I don't really rate the execution of it. But sothat moves or some unless do you have anything else to know it on thetop hundred or John a Roland to the so I will roll on. WillRoll on to fantasy. All Right, so we've got three topics today.We've got people with the highest floors, so meaning then they're the safest picksbasically. So we did our running backs, our top fifteen running backs, theother week. If you haven't watched that episode, go give it awatch or listen. So these are those fifteen have been excluded from this chat. Now we're looking at who is the safest of the rest, so theyhave the highest floor? Who has the highest ceiling, so they have thehighest upside, could average the most? And then who should you avoid completely? So our can we start with the floor? Yep, in terms ofthe floor. So this is a bit tough because there's obviously a group sittingoutside that top fifteen that are pretty handy and then there's, you know,pods the rank like sixty that you could go with. But I'll kick usoff in terms of the floor. I think we might both have the sky. Leonard Fournett. Yeah, I think he's one of the safe I thinkhe is the safest pick outside that top fifteen. I think you know exactlywhat you're going to get from him. In the last three years he's beenin the top fifteen every single year. So probably arguably stiff to be snubbedoutside our top fifteen. That's actually look who dogged him. It was me. I had him down eight teeth peeled. You had him at fifteen. Sowe had him just on the cusp...

...basically. So he came ninth lastyear. Twelve, two thousand and eighteen, seven, two thousand and seventeen andthen the second half of last year it was fifteen. But yeah,really solid. Always going to give you what a hundred rushing yards, asyou like to say? He's probably going to give you two thousand and twentyfive attempts a game, if a touchdown, if you're lucky. That's probably theone variable that he would like to accomplish a bit more this year.I don't think he's scored too many last year in a pretty average Jacksonville team. But yeah, just with those pure rushing yards and even a few receptionsin PPR league he's likely just going to be pumping out sixteen, seventeen,eighteens every single game and it'll be pretty hard to find a lend Lendon Fournettgame where he scores, you know, below twelve or something. so He'sa very safe pick, a nice little starter in a in a larger league. We're talking ten men, twelve man. He's a pretty pretty safe guy tohave have on your field. Anyone else you want to mention for thisor where? You're going to talk about four net as well? Yeah,I had. I had four net written down exactly as you said. Youwant blocks that are going to lock in two hundred and fifty, three hundredattempts in the season and then any any extra touchdowns or receiving work is justa bonus which which you'll take, but definitely safe or be. Another nameI'll throw out who's in a similar situation is David Montgomery from Chicago. He'sthe only he's going to take all the carries in there in their Backfield,and the bears offense could not be any worse than it was last season ifthey tried like that. Was that was rock bottom for their offense. SoI think you averaged twelve or so points per game. I think thirteen iswill be as absolute minimum this season, which you'll get him into that toptwenty, at least top twenty five running back range. But yeah, asyou said before, Nett, he'll be a lock for a certain amount ofyards each game. So it's safe pick and wouldn't mind him as my runningback three or four if I'm lucky, in a in a larger league.Yeah, he's a tough one, similar to four net if you're not lookingfor a starter, it's almost not even a purpose picking him, unless youjust want to play it safe for buyers, I guess, because it realistically itwould be pretty weird for him him to come out and be like atop fifteen running back, thirty two last year. He's offense. As yousaid, they're probably going to improve a little bit, but I don't thinkthey're going to get too much better. There are lines improved a tiny bit, but that's about it. He does have easy fixtures. He has thefifth easiest fixtures in the league. But yeah, I don't see him burstingonto the scene. It is your second year in the League, so whoknows, natural progression. He might come out being a really good this year. I know he struggled with yards per carry last year, but yeah,he's very safe as well. Another guy I want to mention is devin singleterry. I've actually got him in both categories to be honest, but heis now the spinally clear RV one of the buffalo bills, who are goingto be a playoff team, if not a super bowl contender. So rightthere, you've got points. They're not going to be a point scoring machine, but they're going to score enough points to win games. So that's that'stouchdowns right there for you. So Frank Gore's gone, who did a lotof the dirty work. So you think singletary is going to do that?He was a pretty prolific pass catcher last year as well. So all thatcombined, I don't he was twenty four in the second half of last year. I don't really see how he goes backwards now that is the primary runner. I think Gore actually had just more carriers than him last year a game. Yeah, I did. So I can't see how he's going to getworse. And in saying that, I do also think he has quite ahigh ceiling. If he was twenty four of last year. Now he's therb one in a team that's going to improve on offense. I don't reallysee what's stopping him from, you know, pushing that top fifteen, top ten. It would be a huge step for him. It's also second year, so you've got to look at natural progression. I think he was afairly high draft pick. I'm so. Yeah, I think single arry isa great pickup. Fit In small leagues for Your Bench, but in bigleagues is an ar be too. If you can get him there, Ithink he'll do really well, fairly safe and also as a little bit upsideYep. Do you have anyone else with a high floor that you want tomention? Yeah, but I'll save it for my because he's also okay,my other Pinos. But yeah, all right, single Terry, I writethat pick as well. Yeah, hopefully I'm not saying yours. But thefinal floor man I've got is left bell, just once again, just because he'san out and out ur be one. I don't even know who the arebe two is, if I'm honest,...

...frank or they actually signed frank orso, who knows? He could take a few carries away from him. But left bell he was second in two thousand and seventeen with the steers, so he's got good pedigree. Last year he was nineteen. Very consistentall year. Don't think he pumped out any big scores. Averaged fourteen andyeah, I just don't really see a world where it gets worse. Ican't think of any reasons why. Maybe Gore takes one or two carries,but even then he's still just outside that top twenty if so. But I'veheard a lot of people saying that he was pretty poor last year in termsof actual skills. So if he bounces back to his better shape that hedid sit out two thousand and eighteen, so could have been a bit ofrust, especially early. So if he comes out a little bit better thatjets offense is a little bit improved with Donald, you know, being therefor the whole year. Last year missed like five weeks or something. Sothey should be looking to improve as a team as a whole. To behonest, I don't think he has upside at all, to be honest,but I think he could be around that fifteen to twenty mark. Pretty confidenthe will be around that mark, to be honest. But yeah, oneonce again, probably one of those guys if you've got your start as Iprobably wouldn't even bother picking him up. But yeah, I think he'll bepretty pretty handy. Now onto your man. That's a dual floor and ceiling contender. Yeah, well, I've got him in the in the ceiling category. But Todd, Gurley Rick Todd did early is gay. Yeah, Ithought he was a bit stiff to miss out on the top fifteen him infour net we're pretty stiff. I think Curtis dobbed girl in his rankings.But yeah, just based on the fact that he's moving, he's moving teamsinto a very good offense. I think the Falcons he will be. He'sthere only decent running back. He'll get all the work and as we sawtwo, two to three years ago, both those years he was the numberone running back in the league in fantasy. So I mean if he if hegets back to those numbers, then you've got yourself an elite running back. So I think I can P PLU sleeping on him a lot, orI can I'll be picking him up in quite a few drafts. Yeah,he would be a pretty, pretty tasty ur be too, if you couldmanage just now, like a Jonathan Taylor or something on the bench. Ireally like the idea of a safe, secure beast at our be one andthen a couple risks to join him. I think that's a pretty good Combo. But yeah, Todd Gurley's right up there for me and silly he's mysecond dude. I've got written down here. As you said, absolute start twoyears ago and last year he looked like he was playing through injury,even though, as you like to say, that he was like the third highesthad the third highest snap count of any rams offensive player or something,and no Adams. So yeah, out of every running back in the NFLhe was I still do reckon he was kind of playing hurt, but whoknows? But yeah, I think moving teams. He was in a verystale offense at the rams. So I think Atlanta will be a good movefor him. I was about to say out Atlanta and I was like twenty, is it? Once Italian socker team, once a city in the United Statesfor yeah, Curtis had of it twenty. Second item at Seventeen.You out of it fourteen. But a hundred percent agree. There's a lotof risk involved, but I think he has. So why do you thinkhe has a high floor? Just because the urby one at a fairly goodteam? Yeah, like, he'll get he'll get the carries, like Idon't even know because they've Davonteframan's gone. So He's pretty safe unless he getshim. Yeah, yeah, I back yourself there. I write that,but yeah, I hundred percent agree with that. They also traded their tightend who are usually good td target. So he might be sharing. Ifyou more TD's, they might look to run it in a little bit morethen than pass the other guy. I've I've got like ten people here.Someone else with a huge shit way. Who else do you have as ahigh ceiling to say their names, because I don't want to Steal Yours,because I've got like ten whole girls, my my mom. I've got anothername, another couple names who are just completely relocks. Yeah, he's oneTaylor. Yep, all right, I'll say so. I've got singletary inhere, as I mentioned, someone else who I've got a couple teams actually, who I don't think draft them. Don't draft them, but just waitfor the waivers. I reckon, especially in the small league, the Tamparunning backs, in the Miami running backs, I think, more so in thebig leagues, but I think like... the twelve manors and stuff likethat. But I think there could be quite a lot upside to both ofthose running back groups. But I just want to see the dynamic of atfirst. So Miami Have Jordan Howard and Matt Breeder. Jordan Howard last yearcame about thirty as the second running back at Philadelphia and then Matt Breeder wasthe San Francisco third running back in that weird little committee group, but hedid pretty well when he got his chance. So I'd like to see how theygo, and I just Miami's a whole because of Miami come out andstart scoring a lot of points. They could both be prospects. They probablyboth count to each other out, so if one takes like seventy percent ofthe runs, that would be preferred fancy, but we'll see. And then Tampayou're looking at. Ronald Jones is the main guy. Probably wait andsee how many snaps Leshan Mccoy takes off him, but if Ronald Jones ishaving more than half of them, I reckon he could be a pretty nicebench option. They're going to score quite a lot of touchdowns, you'd imagine, and there everyone in the league likes to run in those, you know, two yarders. So I think Ronald Jones, he came thirty five lastyear in and now they probably going to be well, I don't know ifthey're going to be improved in terms of points scored, but they'll be amore efficient offense. So he might get a few more runs and stuff,but wait and see, because Le Shan McCoy might take a lot of theruns and then they've got Kashaw and Vaughn, who they drafted in the fourth round, I think. So just sit and wait for those two teams.But I think they have pretty high ceilings. But yeah, John to tell usabout Jonathan Taylor? Yeah, could, cause they're yeah, Taylor has insaneupside. Basically, if you getting him is your running back for wherebyyou don't, you don't actually have to start him at the start of theyear and then, say, four weeks in, he takes over their Backfield, you've got yourself a genuine top ten prospect there because, as we know, the cults have an instanely good oline and he's just an absolute weapon,as we saw in college, and can catch the ball as well. Obviouslythe downside is that Marlon Mac takes the carries. Marle Marlon Mack, yourman. But let's say in the NFL, all it takes is for Taylor tohave like one big run in a game and then the cults will justbe like yet he's our man, get him in and he'll just he'll takeover the backfield. And we'll probably SEE MARLON MAC end up at the atsome some myth team halfway through the year. But yeah, he's yeah, he'spain upside back that and I'm yeah, a hundred percent agree. He wasmy main man for this topic. As soon as I wrote it down, I was like, Jonathan Taylor. Yeah, elite, upside and everythingyou said, a hundred percent degree. Yeah, who else you're going toyeah, I was going to. I was going to add another one whoI'm not going near this block just because we saw the downside last season.But David Johnson, if he off, if he can, if he canget back to his form two years ago on a new or definitely. Orwait, wait and see, though. Yeah, the thing is you can't. You can't wait and see, because who he's been drafted in like thetop twenty five. So, yeah, I don't know if I'd risk.I'm not going near that man, because I'd rather take a risk on arookie. Yes, I'm so. I'd Rather Jonathan Taylor easy. He's actuallymy in my avoid category, David Johnson, just because it's that's probably the mostunexpect like it's probably the most unpredictable person and all the fans fantasy thisyear. Like he could be top ten, he could be fifty, like.I've no idea, I've got no logic to put towards it. Andalso someone else in terms of David Johnson. You should probably if you're going towait and see with David Johnson, you should also wait and see withyou Johnson, because all of a sudden, if they don't rate David Johnson,Duke Johnson could be doing the catching like he was doing last year andtaking half the runs. Well, all of a sudden he could be aviable bench option in bigger leagues. Other people have gotten this list. I'vegot quite a few to be honest, but I think where he most it. Oh yeah, I think he's a very juicy bench option if he startedto take more snaps as the Games went on. Last year, I thinkin the last month he was, you know, taking seventy percent. Butonce again, big risk involved because Tevin Coleman could go back to like thebe one easily and then most it's kind of just stuck there. Just evenwith what he's doing, he'll still probably do well with his limited snouts,but just physically can't do that well with that little snaps. Melvin Gordon's alsosomeone. He's been a top ten finisher in fantasy in two thousand and eighteenand two thousand and seventeen and last year,... the back half last year hewas seven. So he's now moving to a new system. So it'sanother one where you probably don't really know. You will have to pick him upin the draft. I don't think you'll be able to get Melvin Gordonon the waivers. But yeah, yeah, it's going to be weird with thewhole Lindsay Gordon Dynamic, but he was with Ecclo last year who's probablya better running back than filled Lindsay. So we'll see how he goes.He could have bigger up side and then two more guys. This is inbig leagues. This this is why I asked you how many running backs wouldbe picked up. These are very long odds. But DJ TJ Yelden thesecond running back from Buffalo. He was the twenty three running back in twothousand and eighteen and now he's been lifted from our Bethree to Ur be too. So I don't know what his roles going to be, but if hetakes you know Frank Gore type role or a role. So when he cametwenty three he was arb two to four net so if he's our bet,he could maybe do something similar. So he could be someone to look at. You wouldn't need a draft him, you could get him off the waivers. And then, in terms of a void, I've got David Johnson,as I mentioned. Anyone you want to mention here? Yeah, well,as we said, David Johnson. But my main one for this one,who you definitely won't agree with, but it's Mark Ingram just based on thefact that he's he's thirty one years old coming into this season, he's gotmore competition. He was. He had like twenty catches on the season anda quarter of them were touchdowns, which is just our rageous. He's notgoing to be. He's not raving five touchdowns through the air off twenty catches. Again. Yeah, for me, everything, just everything just points fora drop off for me and based on where it's being picked up in thatlacktop two thousand and twenty odd range, I just won't be going near that. Obviously, if he falls down to like if no one goes near andthen obviously you pick him up. But yeah, I don't hear writer andI agree with you partially. I didn't think you'll avoid in though. Ijust think, as you said, you just don't pick him up where theATP like suggest yeah, but that is that thing. Applies with everyone,like even David Johnson. It gets to a probat where you have to pickhim up. True, well, it depends. A big league is inlike a six man league, you probably wouldn't get to that point. Butyeah, the thing with marking. Me finished ten last year, so evenif he drops off, it's got to be a pretty big drop off tolike. Yeah, completely steer clear of it, but I agree with youthat you should be wearing. Probably not pick him as a starter, butdefinitely he's a good bench option, though, because in such a high scoring team, if nothing, if we get shocked and nothing changes, jk Dobbinsjust, you know, shares starts with the other dudes, all of asudden he could be a top fifteen guy again in a great team scoring offto touch it, but a hundred percent agree with you. They're just sitand wait with that one. Now I've got just a New England written downhere. I am steering clear of every single running back they have. NewEngland is so unpredictable this year it's almost to the point where you avoid campjust because who knows what's going to happen. But like he's too good to that. But the thing with the running backs, they're not too good todo that. For James White, Sonny Michelle, and they signed last nightLamar Miller, who might not mean much too many people, but in twothousand five, sixteen seventeen he was in the top twenty four rushing yards andhe's unfortunately done to ACL's in a row. So who knows, he could comeback best form and all of a sudden they've got three running backs sharing. They've got three running backs and a running quarterback and all of a suddenwho knows what's going on there. So I would steer clear of every oneof them. Sony Michelle is horrifically overrated. James White, he's safe because hegets a lot of PPR points. But Yeah, just with Cam Newtonbeing a running quarterback, I would be very wary of those guys. Anyoneelse you want to mention? Well, we said we talked about Rahim mosthe's in a similar boat with Ingram they both have upside, but personally I'llbe avoiding them just because there's way too much risk there. Like worst casefor most it is he's not even the main guy, which is definitely aviable thing that could happen. I know we bold out, but yeah,yeah, it's true. But for both of them in I don't think they'recomplete avoids, as we keep saying. It's just a hundred percent relative tothe situation. I think they're both pretty handy bench options. But yeah,and then also out avoid. I said this for the quarterbacks, just rookiesin general, not completely avoid, as...

...we keep mentioning, but just bereally careful. I wouldn't get carried away and going and Pick Jonathan Taylor Ufrom the top ten, like you don't need to do that. A youdon't need to do that because other people are going to be too scared todo that. But be you actually don't know what the situation is going tobe for them, because this whole covid things probably not going to suit rookies. To be honest. They were saying this. I was listening to theradio the other day and they were like saying it's going to be very toughfor Joe Borrow to like learn the playbook, and the same applies for every rookie. They're not going to have many snaps in preseason, they're going tohave a limited practice, so they're probably going to lean towards the more experiencedguys early. So I would just be Clyde's probably the only one where I'dbe interested in taking a risk, but the other guys, I would notpick up any of them as starters. Acre's Jonathan Taylor is by far thebest option out of all of them, but acres, I don't even knowif I'd pick him up on the bench just because the Los Angeles rams runningback things so messy. Who Else we dealing with? Deandre swift probably wouldn'tget. He's actually kind of a spicy bench pick up, but he's stillbe a little bit careful of him. Aj Deal and just another guy.Don't be too bullish on him. JK Dobbins another guy. So yeah,pretty much just any rookie. Just be very careful and don't get caught intothe hive. I know a lot of guys, you know, they seethe draft, they're like, all this is spicy, let's get him inthe first couple rounds of fantasy a. You don't need to do it.Be You shouldn't do it. So yeah, yeah, Scotty. Yes, that'spretty much all I've got. Is there anyone who we haven't talked to? That James Conner. Yeah, so this is I made a little listof the people we voted. So when you guys sent me in your toptwenty five s, there's like a second tier of people who got voted iton the top fifteen. I think James Corner is the only or James Connerand cream hunt are the only guys who haven't talked about Hyah, Korean punthas. What your thoughts on them? Cream hunt obviously has massive upside,but the chant does either. I think it's literally it relies on basically Chubbgetting injured, which is about a one percent chance. So you can't reallyI guess they've got a better Oline, but yeah, I like if Chubgets injured, hunt is like straight into a top three running back because he'sshe basically Chubb's role with pass catching. Yeah, I think Connor. Yeah, I'll make quinols to take him in the first round, but don't,don't do it, Quinn. I did it last year and regretted it.If you're that regretted it ever since. Well, I just I just don't. Is it Camp Ninth Best Oline in the League. Offense shouldn't will improvewith Big Ben? Is it tempting at all to your mate will? Obviouslywe probably should have mentioned him in the upside category, but no, because, yeah, he's gonna be better than last if he gets to the snapsthen he'll be good. But I just not sure if he will, justbecause I don't write him as a like. We're talking. They picked up arookie running back in the draft. I think they still have jail andsome Gayland Samuels. So those guys could easily if connor does don't perform,they could just take his take his role and he just become yeah, butsimilar, similar to carry on. Unfortunately, when he got injured and Marle Macactually, when they got injured, the other guys showed stuff. Iknow Jayles Samuels was pretty bloody good when he played. Benny Snell, thethe third guy, was actually all right. They might be like a trey edmondsin there as well. They were pretty handy. And then, similarlyfor Detroit or testing, the name knowledge now, but tied Jas, guyslove played. Yeah, he was pretty good and like both scarborough, Ithink, odds. Yeah, and Jade Mc kids, even Jady m kids, the other one. But yeah, and then it was the other dayIndianapolis. I don't know who are like nih him hines or something. Theyall did all right when they played, because I was in a pretty bigleague in something else and I used to pick up those guys off the wavesonce they're men got injured. So yeah, I think, unfortunately for Connor,I think he'll lose snaps. And Yeah, it's probably not the bestpeak. There's a lot of other better guys out there who have better ceilingsand even better floors. So probably a yeah, stier clear there. YEA, probably should have put him in the avoid actually, when I had connorat l twenty three or something like that, I'm pretty sure Curtis was carrying aweight for our connor rankings. Let me cheer. Yeah, he was. He had him at fifteen, you got him at Twenty Four, itema twenty two. So yeah, yeah,... be honest, I'm marking roomat third, at thirteen. So probably should be getting around in it'strue. It is true. You say. I just don't think you'll fall offthat too much. But yeah, that's pretty much all we've got foryou today. Next up we've got the big fifty. I'm slowly hurting inall the videos. So yeah, join us. I'm going to talk aboutit too much because it's a little bit of a surprise, but very excitedfor very proud of us for getting to fifty. Will talk about it inthe intro. Obviously I'll get around you and stuff in the intro of thefifty episode. But thanks as always for joining me. Mate, my RoseMatt, been a pleasure as always. Yeah, and looking forward to NFLfancy. It's just slowly, as you keep saying, it's creeping in.I think it's almost a month to the day that the season starts. Idon't know if it's the twelve or the fourteen actually, but yeah, gettingreally excited now. So close I can almost feel it. Just praying that, you know, the whole covid situation eases over there and it doesn't getcanceled. But I can't lie, it's not looking too great right now.Every day there's like a few guys who either opt out or up put onthe COVID list. So yeah, that's all we've got for you today.Thanks for listening.

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