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Episode 11 · 1 year ago

Lachy MacCorquodale - Episode 10


Hamish's brother, Lachy, once again joins On The Ball however this time, he's the subject of a sports themed interview conducted by Hamish.

I'll change settle. Welcome back toepisode ten of the on the ball podcast. It is, as I just mentioned, the ten episode so fairly special one to me personally. I didnot think I'd get to ten. I thought I'd maybe get to like threeand then hand the boots up. I guess I could probably thank isolation tothat. But once again joined by last episodes guests, locky mccorcadel, thehost of the watch a podcast. Welcome. Hello, everyone, it's good tohave you back. Mate. You start performance on the last one.I thought probably pick the best side. So yeah, he I'll give itto you. No, you know it yourself. Today's just going to bea general chat really. I've kind of been interested in doing these kind ofepisodes where I just interviewed the like family or friends. But because it's theon the ball podcast and the most episodes are about sport, most of thequestions are going to be sport related. But yeah, it's not going tobe anything like too deep, just gonna get to know a bit about yoursporting life really, hmm. So can't see why we can't just get straightinto it really. So let's just start with an anyone. What is yourfavorite sport. Actually give me your favorite sport, but also I want yourtop three in order. Rugby League's my favorite sport. Do you want meto explain on ours that? Yeah, just that you can just I know, I just like, I don't well, it's always been a part of ourlives. I can remember watching back the first moments. I can rememberwatching rapey league go like two thousand and three or four. There's pictures ofdad taking me to games when I was I don't even think I was oneor whatever. Of It's probably been a one constant in my life is goingto rugby league matches and watching Rugby League and I just love all the aspectsof the game. I love the playmaking a bit abilities of the halfs andthe part ball passing in the running and just the big boys like seeing,I don't know, just the contact everything. I just think it's a tactically underratedgame and I just love like the tactical side of the sport. Andthen I'd say my next to cricket, would be second. I've played itsince I was ten. Absolutely love cricket. It's pretty much the highlight of eachsummer. Can remember just watching watching cricket all summer, just literally watchingfirst session two hours and going out lunch, playing backyard cricket, then come backwhen it's back on, watch two hours and go play back our cricket, then watch them play back our career. That was like the holidays to me, well, for us. And then third thirds basketball for me,which is only like a recent thing over the past couple of years, Ithink, since like two thousand and fifteen maybe, I started getting into basketballand I've really like a touch to the sport. I think it's just areally interesting sport. It's different to the ones I followed previously because it's onlyfive aside, so there's more owners on a single player, which I Ithink it's quite cool how one player could sort of go all right, likeI need to win this for my side, yeah, and they can just sortof take over and dominant, which, yeah, I think it's pretty cool. That's interesting. I'm not really surprised by it, though I probablywould have. Actually, I guess you have football's footballs just outside of Iguess you have FA career. Lafe. Kind of surprised. Wait, whenyou made that decision? Do you think about playing it as well or strictlywatching well, for me crickets always like because I've always played it. Soit's always that's always part of it. But if you had to go ifyou have to watch one sport for the rest of your life and play onesport for the rest of your life but you can't watch any more than oneand play any more than one, which ones would you pick? I'd watchrugby league and I'd probably play, hopefully I flay cricket. So yeah,if I was going to basketball, play basketball will well, not very good. Well, you never try to make could be. So you're channing aboutthose memories you have in like two thousand and three or four. I'm assumingthat you're earliest sporting memories. Yeah, there's I can picture of day andCargoley in the I don't know if you remember the house, but the frontroom. I think men DUB with there watching manly cover. Who they're playing. was like an Arbo game man they were playing. It's like Oh forthree or four that's like the earliest memory. I've got a rugby league, butthen there's also pictures of me a games when I'm like the year,also watching Bal Maine, so which is pretty cool. Yeah, absolutely,never. Never saw it boal main,...

...unfortunately. Yeah, I like I'dlike obviously don't remember because I was like I think I was like a tenor eleven months you're to ten or eleven months old, but it's a prettycool like thing doing your flicking through the photo albums and I'm just like alittle baby with about my Jersey on this, but think it's pretty cool. Yeah, what is this sport that you've played that you have enjoyed the least? Like you just never have any interest in playing that sport competitively again?I don't know, because all the ones I've played competitively I actually I've reallyenjoyed in like if there is potential that I might play like I probably won't, but like I wouldn't mind playing like like soccer again and all that stuff. I Plan A compleats here and they're like bit of union. I don'tknow. It'd be more like athletics and she like that when we used todo athletics. I probably wouldn't do that again, just because I'm not sure, just because, like, like it's fun when you like twelve and stup, but now I'd only be like down to do like sprints, likeanything over two hundred or hundred meters a bit like that. That's not me, boys, but yeah, it's probably be athletics. But yeah, GuyLike, Oh, I hope there was a reason. Like I play thosesports because I can enjoyed them. So, yeah, the NCD, as youwere just turning about Soccer Cup Games, I just thought of something. Thereshould be like a league in winter and there's like five sports and youplay like four matches of each sport and then not about idea because, likeI'm the same, like a few of my maids would know, the lastcouple years in terms of soccer, Ivn't committed to like round fall. Yeah, like I just not really interested in playing four months of one sport,except for cricket. But yeah, I'd be actually interested in that because,like, I actually do want to play rugby league, but I don't wantto play a whole season. Yeah, it's don't play a couple matches andthen soccer. I would love to just play three or four matches of winter. Yeah, I think is regularly is like sports. I'd love to playit again, but I think I will just because I want to play ina white man's com well, yeah, it's like some of the guys arecome up against. Just so buddy big. Yeah, it's just like if youdon't like go to the gym all the time and stuff, you kindof struggle just like defend, like trying to make tackles on the big BOPs. And like you, actually you're pretty sorry after the Games, which Idon't mind being so, like, I think it's pretty I love being soafter games. Be Out. I'll pass little fear factor of the big,big Pollin Asians running the he was all right, it's he. If youhad the ability to become professional sportsman in any sport, if you're choosing which, what would it be? I've got to say money, money aside,money aside, paid same, because I wise I think I'd go rugby league. Yeah, just because, well, I'm trying to play for the Tigers. would be sick like that. Oval and then obviously you get, ifyou're good enough, you get the opportunity to play origin, which I've alwaysthat's one of my favorite sporting events. A state of origin. It's justso reckon. It's so cool just getting out there, getting too represent yourstate in this. Like you, it's like a quite a unique rivalry,I think. Yeah, where it's like rep football, but rep sport doesn'tnecessarily have the rivalries that like Club footy does or club sport does something.It's always like I think it's like a unique thing. How and also likethe whole it's unique and how it's just two separate states, but like thosetwo states that's like all they're watching that night. Like people don't watch rugbyleague, Watch state of origin, even down to Melbourne, but some peoplewatch Charlie's. Then yourself, my mates, even people watch it and it's likeit's just cool. I remember just like the emotion of like following thegame and then you go to school and stuff and like when we went toschool in Brisbane, like you just beget and lipped off at school and likeyou had a few mates who did support herself Wales and I was like abit of like tribalism sort of thing. Yeah, which I think was cool, and like obviously I reckon representing your state in front of Eightyzero portads otherthan like fifty five at Sun Corps pretty like it's a pretty are going tobe a pretty cool thing. And then you see some of the magical thingsthat happen. They're in just that atmosphere at the Games. It's it's incredible. I can yeah, you say I was probably the team I'm most passionateabout. I think, what, what about you? What's the team orcountry of in a sport that, when you watch it, you're like mostpassionate? I'd say the West Tigers. Yeah, just because they've always likejust naturally been part of my life, I think. And then, butI think I'm more passionate about it and I'm when I was younger. Ithink when I was like a like twelve, thirteen years old, I would likewould watch it, but I don't think I would really like get intoit too much. But I think that changed when we moved to Melbourne andthen when I started playing union at school, I got right into it. Probably, yeah, probably be that. But like I've also passion a boyNew South Wales. But I'd take the Tigers just because it's a like you'repassion about the blues for like six weeks of the year, whereas the Tigersis a six, five, six month thing I have for me. Thatprobably is the reason why I'm more passionate about the blues, though, becauseit's like three time event each year where...'s like, I know, likeI love the Tigers and stuff, but there's twenty six rounds, so it'skind of like each match is a bit less important than an origin, inmy opinion, because, like, if you lose two origins while your fossseries, yeah, that's true, away for another year. That's true.But I yeah, I just got the queenslanders up. Take the results ofthe Tigers more in like I've get more pride out of it, like theTigers playing well than the toll shit team. Yeah, it's been pretty rough.Pretty roughly to say. Yeah, maybe we appreciate wins for the Tigersmore, because I shit and I was like, Oh, well, theBlues Shit as well. Yeah, and I mean just as well. Race, like since I started following basketball, like the rockets, is sort ofbecome like my second like club team, like if like a follow lot ofsports, and but they'd be like they'd stop big, starting to get upthere I think as well. Do you find it like, similar to whatI was saying about the blues and the Tigers? Do you find it harderto be as passionate about a single match for them, given that they playeighty two matches? Or it's like n because, like I can still getup like a passionately, I can still like what I'm supporting these teams.I could like if it's a shit game, I can still get up for it. Yeah, and you know, because you just always want, likeI just always want them to win, like I don't help them losing really, like I just want every team I support like to win, like nomatter what. So, yeah, I can always get into it, especially, like it's always good jode, because he also sort of barracking for theplight. Well, I know this, Bass, but you're barracking for theplayers to play well, like I like James Harden. I know he's notuniversally loved or anything, but like I want to see him do well,like to previously critics wrong and all all these haters and stuff. So,like I want to see and do well every match. So that's sort oflike that's another thing in basketball and the same as like we league. Iguess you want to see like the players that you love play well, likeyou don't really want them to play Shit. So that's sort of like keeps youin it as well. Yeah, it's James Harden, your favorite sportsperson right now. I don't know. I've got a weird affinity with MichaelJordan and that's I like never obviously watched a player. That sort of happenedbefore the DOC as well. Like I've read some of his book and I'vewatched some of his pass games and all that. But current player would probablybe probably like James Harden or Looke Brooks, I think, from the Tigers.Yeah, the two dudes of last on to a messy. Yeah,I love messy, but I've always like, yeah, he's always been there.I've always loved them as well, but I don't know, like ifI was to pick to that, I'd take harden and books. I thinkin the mess you would probably be next. Here's your favorite cricketer of all time. Could you haven't second favorite sport? Haven't mentioned cricketer? Yeah, why? It's it's a weird one because it's like it's almost been a yearround thing, or when I was younger so, and because there's its likeAustralia cricket in Australia when like the national teams here it's not like Jenne.Most of the time it's not great, like we usually smack the position,except if it's like India, England or something, but win England comes out. Sometimes we smashing. So I'm not like as passionately supportive of the teamitself, but I still love watching it. So I'd probably say that my favoriteswill Clarkey, I think, of all time. Yeah, my Iremember when he was like in that extreme, when he's in that rich vein ofform, the two thousand and twelve thirteen, he was just awesome towatch. Yeah, we used to have he's about. Yeah, he's bad. So I've had two of his bats, I think. Yeah, and obviouslywhen we started watching cricket he was like starting alone. Red One,I can't remember was called. was that of SLAS and job? Yeah,I use that for a season or two. Yeah, and those the blue andyeah, all three of us get the blue one. Even then cameto yeah, we got to fight Christmas like you, fuck you. Yeah, because obviously when we started following cricket he was coming through. Yeah,it's true actually, and he so I've got some of his eatings and someof his moments in his career I've always stuck in my mind. It's Bolling, which is good. Yeah, that, but one against India always sticks inmy mind. What what's your favorite me and pilled shit a podcast onthis, the very first one. Yeah, but I know it's a bit ofa tough one to ask on the spot because it took me like aday to think of my top five. But what is your favorite sporting momentof all time? So we're talking like event or like talking lime and likemaybe something crazy happened, something smaller than ten minutes. Well, I'll giveyou a few nominees in our pick. So the first one is obviously thestate of origin last year, which were luck enough to be out, whereTedesco scores in like last ten seconds to win the game, which was narts. W are you doing live or just anything? Oh, so is notlive. We're just craziest interesting. Yeah, well, I'll go. You coulddo but okay, so I'll give you. I'll give two of mybest lives. So that's up there. And there the other ones. Thatcentral coast prisoner roll grand final, yeah, which is crazy, but I'd takethe blues because I suppose the Blues.

I'll take the blues over that.And then ones that I haven't seen live but was watching it at thetime. They were Qui shot from last year's one of them. Yeah,I'll I couldn't believe that actually happened. And then, yeah, that wasup there for me. And I don't even care about basketball. Probably thisone is on the negative side for me, but Liverpool second leg against Barcelona andChampions League. Yeah, so I was a traumatising watch as like abit of a Busser Fan. So it's kind of like pretty hard to watch, especially coughing up a three into a lead. But yeah, so I'dtake the I's, like all recent stuff, but that quite I'd like never saidI don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Choir. Yeah,a quite shot. That was crazy. What about what's your favorite sporting eventyou've been to? There's two stick of my memory, all three. Sothere's the two thousand and five prillimary final, the Tigers dragons. Yeah, it'smy earliest memory in life. Oh Really? Oh well, I don'tknow. I think I've a couple of vague memories of two thousand and four, but I can't remember much. Like I remember kind of what our primaryschool in Calgoli looked like and yeah, a little bit of our house,but that's kind of the first clear one but it wasn't actually that anything aboutthe rugby league. It was just our cousin ball people have underste so that'dbe out there just because of like that's the only time I've seen the Tigersplay finals pretty and it was the first time that they'd got to a grandyeah, live first time they got into a grand final in six it wasa sixteen years since bell man, Yea Sixteen Years Since Bell Ma made it, and it was just like crazy to see everyone just like because it waslike ten, five minutes left and you just knew that they were going throughand I was like everyone's just going crazy. Yeah, dad talks about that day. That's talks. She talks very funly about that and I'd say thepresident's cut last year is probably the best one to Ben Child so much.I didn't expect have like I love, like I've started getting into goal forrecently, like last started playing over the last year and started watching it abit and like that's that was awesome. Like, I went, I thinkI went three of the days. Yeah, I'm at the Royal Melbourne. Yeah, and it was like I was just so cool. I can justseem like tiger and stuff as well. Be just like walking around like youcould be watching any random golfers, like you drinking a couple of beers.Yeah, we had family friends down as well, so it was like apretty good and it's like a great it's like great atmosphere there. I gotI don't know, maybe dracking like the Australian fans made it better, becauseI honestly I don't mind golf either, like I've watched the Rider Cup andthe masters in the past and like being infatuated by both. But I thoughtlive it was going to be average at best, and it was sick.Like that's probably my favorite. I sort of expected a little bit like thatbecause I've seen it does get rowdy quite a bit, like, especially theafter saying that on TV, but I didn't expect it to be anything likeit was. Like it was pretty cool. Yeah, like it was almost likesome real just being there. Yeah, it's crazy when like I don't know, even though it's kind of like I don't really write it, howthey're quiet, like it's like in tennis, like if I'm just talks, itwouldn't matter. But it's kind of cool when like everyone goes quiet andthen you see the shot and then everyone's like whooo. I think it's likecool how it's like it's almost like a respect is paid by like this.Yeah, fans that are there to the gold because I like, like Iwill give him some quiet, but as soon as he's the ball, likepeople to start on want nuts. Yeah, it was like the perfect mixture betweenlike tennis and like Rugby League. Yeah, it's good because, liketennis, everyone's respectful and stuff, but they make you be too respectful tothe point where it's like a bit ridiculous. I so Geah, I got agreat memory. Like me and my one of my mates were there onthe Friday and like tiger was literally like it put a ball into the crowdsweet like run over to the ball. Like Tiger Woods was literally standing liketwo meters for us and we were just like this, yeah, focking cool, as it's like one of the like the greatest athletes of all times justlike right there like with it urs reach almost. Yeah, like I rememberthe Sunday, like the Saturday morning was really cool because there was when Iwent, there wasn't that many people there yet because it was like eight o'clock. But yeah, the Sunday afternoon was sick because, yeah, and likesaw heaps of celebrities and stuff. Yeah, because there was like a role xMarquis or something and there was like this balcony and there was like sortlike five celebrities on you, just chatting on the balcony, just watching tiger. Yeah, it's concredible and like I probably didn't even appreciate it that much, but seeing tiger woods pretty cool. Like, don't think I've seen Roger, but don't think I've seen anyone of such a high caliber play. Yeah, he's definitely the known for most famous athlete I've ever seen live. Yeah, but yeah, now that was late. You've talked about Rugby League being yourfavorite sports. I'll just ask you some questions about Rugby League in particular. So you said Luke Brooks is your...

...favorite player right now. Yeah,who is your favorite Rugby League player of all time? Favorite of all time, it's probably have to say Benjie Marshall. I think it's almost like similar reasons. Is Clarky, like when I started watching and he was like coming, just coming through. Yeah, and I can remember some of the thingsused to do. I remember some of the things, even though I wasso young, like six years old or something in two thousand and five.I can still remember some of the things he used to do in the field, like I can remember that try sets up against the sharks when he stepspast like six people. Yeah, I can remember where I was on thatday, like what we're doing and things like that. And then just towatch him turn into the player he became was pretty cool. And you justhad like this guy who is regarded as the best playing the world playing foryour club and he'd always been. He's like a he'd always been at yourclub. It's not like I went out and board of or anything. Andthen he turns into the best player and then you start making finals again inlike two thousand and ten eleven and like to see them actually like play reallybecause obviously they haven't been back since in the finals. But it's just reallywas really cool to see him like lead the boys. But then I wenta bit sour a few years later when he left h rugby and then playfor like the dragons of the broncos. But then to come him, tosee him come back was pretty cool, like I's like come home. Yeah, it's coming home to finish his career, even he he did that feel likeit was less sounding, the set of word sound. Yea, isuring, think, yes, less souring. Robbie fat, Robbie Farres was prettywhile they because I was a pretty tipligious, less, I guess becausemet Benjie left to go to another code first. So maybe that. Yeah, that was pretty devolves like a bit less of a debark with yeah,that's true. Yeah, yeah, he's probably my favorite of all time,but I love like I love like eyes, like Tesco as well. Like Iknow that some people that I like that. Dad doesn't like him,but he'd be up there as like one of my favors of all time aswell, I'd say. But yeah, Ben Jie's Benjie takes the cake.What's WHO's the best player you've ever seen? The best, the best FY everseen probably probably JT, Johnathan Thurston. Yeah, I think just me,just gun, like just that's all I can say. Really, gunplayer. The one thing that sticks out the most for me is the things. Two Thousand and sixteen fires in the finals, and he did that likeI think Morgan scored baby and he did like the flick pass to Morgan.It was like an extra time or something like just like flick pass to Morgan'scrazy. Yeah, he's he's a great player to watch. I remember whenhe used to lip off the refts as well. He's like really angry,dude, you still like to all their absolute the rest to get Afton Shit. Yeah, I can run. I don't even know when that happened,but like, I feel like he just went from a Dickhead to good blow, because you could hear it and like the refts, Mike, and youcould just hear him like spraying the Raff, I call him, and f whetand all this stuff is like a yeah, that's so. I usedto like, I saw, used to think is a bit of a Grub, but then he sort of changed his immage a bit. But yeah,he was like always the man and to do it for the cowboys when theyneeded it, someone to do it. Like played a lot of finals footywith the cowboys and then obviously with Queensland. Sounds some pretty like spectacular things playingfor Queensland and you always just hated to see him lighting up against youin origin. Yeah, if there was one thing you could change about RugbiLeague, what would you change? Change The interchange rule? What would youchange to well, eventually I think you'd get to the stage where it's likefootball, when you they come off, that's it. Yeah, but Ithink you'd have to gradually do that by reducing intern change by like two yearsso that the players could gradually get fit over fit over the course of afew years. Yeah. So I just think there's guys like Nelson. Nothingagainst Nelson, is stuff for Solomon, like I think he's a good player, but, like, I think those players not necessarily the most skillful footballers, but they're just big. Yeah, like they just these big guys thatplay thirty, five, forty years a game, right, like beg intheir fifth yeah, and from what I've heard about rugby league in the past, when they used to have used to be when you go off, you'reoff. Like apparently the last fifteen minutes was chaos, like because all theyounger fitted guys, not younger but like all the smaller fitted guys, wouldbe able to like get in there and actually make a difference to the game, which I think makes it excite. Mix makes it exciting. Obviously happens, I'd like last fifteen minutes of the game, which should be pretty coolto watch these days, especially with some of the skillful, skilled, skillfulplayers that we've gotten the league now. Yeah, but I think would beinteresting as well, just because there's like forwards like paying halts and stuff comingthrough a play like any minutes anyway. So I wouldn't bother those guys,but it'd be cool to see. I think you'd like sort of get itas some of these big boppers, though, which would be kind of good forthe game, because I just like play thirty five minutes the game,which is like can even play half the game. It's kind of bizarre.But yeah, that's probably the one thing...

I change which obviously in turn hopefullycreates at the more an exciting and entertaining product. Yeah, yeah, that'senough that rug really. I'll just check a few hypotheticals. A He say, if you could go back to one sporting match lash event of all timewhenever you want, what would you go back and watch? Mails in thepails now would be males. If I I love to be in the crow. Actually could not, a because you probably be twenty percent chance coup andcome on, a punch the face. It'd probably be like I would haveloved to watch Michael Jordan play but if I was to pick one, apparentlythe ninety eight, game six of thembo finals is incredible. Like I don'tknow if you've seen the footage because it hasn't been shown yet. So hegets the light. So this is like the last minute, so that down. I think they might be down a few points or something. But hegets the layout, so he gets the ball, run straight through, layup and then so obviously this last game before it retires. Yeah, andthen you target the ball back. They're taking it down and then he strips, he steals a ball, if I think came alone, then takes itback up and they're like down by one maybe, or its scores level,and then he drives like to the paint and then like stops and that sortof pushes the guy off. And then like that's the intro shot when he'slike jumping up and they like cut it and he like jumps up and thenbang, puts it in like together. Win. Heard that's like crazy sequence, just like in your career on. Is that the last mark? SeeYou? Yeah, that's the last much before he retires, the second retirement. But yeah, I from what I've heard, people in like them,some American journals talk about how that's just for a guy who's was regarded asthe best ever to finish on that. Know, like that is pretty likeit's like almost like a story. Yes, it's like a fairy talenting almost.Yeah, maybe script kind of thing. So that would be pretty cool.And then that. Yeah, that's probably the topic came up. Yeah, there's because there's obviously a lot of things I'd like to go do.I've no idea what I see. Like. Yeah, I would have. There'sgames like sort of like the O five game two instead of origin,with like Andrew John's places, like a great game. Yeah, that's morejust because you put it in like a incredible performance rather than like a moment, like a more of a special moment like the Jordan one. I guessmaybe two thousand and fifteen in our agram final. Yeah, that would havebeen called about. There's like the same as all the sporting moments that II've watched on TV, like the Qui shot, like I would have likedto have been. Yeah, that's a cool so I'm trying to think oflike a World Cup final, but I was going to say England winning init was all fifty, sixty or sixty six, hundred and sixty six andbut then I was just thinking the crowds would have been so different back then. They probably would have been. Yeah, like rowdy the the two thousand andsix. I would have been weird, just because it was like a weirdgame as well, like you had back we sit are and hit thecrossbar and stuff penalty then get sent off, like the Spain noblans one would havebeen cooled within the s to scoring a time. That would have beensick. I just I remember I went nuts when he scored. That meansmasters here, so I was getting on to spad the wall killed. SureI'm doing a painful most painful sporting moments and I've just realized Australia lead tothe six house to be in there. Yeah, anyway, another hypothetical if, out of anyone who's currently playing sport, if you could see one person playlive, who would be? Lebron James? Oh, was Lebron Jamesand Leo Messi would be. I too, just because they're two at the peakof their powers. Yeah, they're both probably the best players in theirrespective sports, both two of the greatest of all time their respective sports.I think would just be I just be cool just to see like the auraand the presence of the two different players, like they're both different sort of athletesas well like person and personalities. Like lebronze bit more of an outspokendude, was like messy, sort of like quiet, just like goes underthe radar, just makes his makes his football do the talking, which I'vejust started in that Barcelona I think it's not like the Canadian Netflix, asay in the Barcelona Daco. Think I watch two episodes and you just likestart to get inside into just who is a person to stuff. It's prettyhe's pretty cool just to see these guys and just like a candid sort ofin a candid way, whether sort of just like a normal almost, asthey are well out, they're just like normal blows off the field, butthen when they come on the field, like when they're in public, they'rejust like these superstars. So they'd be like like the two. I'd probablyput messy actually over the Brown just because I like just got love Bessie,but they'd be the two dudes I I would love to see. Yeah,and if you could see one, not obviously not a player, because that'swhat we've just asked you be if you could go see one sporting event likein for in for the rest of your life, like as in so phrasevery badly it. Is there one sporting...

...event the like? What's the sportingevent that you would most like to go watch? That's a good question.They've been on Nurl grand final and someone who's love a Bileague as much asI have fat as long as I've probably up there just to go to oneof the grand finals, but that probably won't happen till the Tigers make it, hopefully soonish, which probably won't happen anyway. But Champions League final beup there just because of the atmosphere and stuff, and then probably probably likean NBA Finals Games. I've actually because we've been in the NBA, butif apparently like the intensity and just the atmosphere and the feeling of a finalsor playoff games is pretty crazy. Yeah, and the good thing about those ones, compared to other finals, they're like home grounds. Yeah, andwe're like, for example, for AFEL grand final, there's a hundred thousandpeople there but maybe fortyzero new rules. Yeah, that's true. Yeah,it's more like an event. The uncle have been to. They fell grandfinal. Yeah, he watched like five matches. Yeah, I don't reallyhave any like incentive or anything to go watch an AFL grand final. Yeah, I'm more like, especially on that day, I love the GNIA matesplace, something spars. It's more I think that's more fun than just goingto the game watching it. Yeah, the finals and finals are probably bethe one, just because I yeah, like I remember on teeth, likeI just seem so loud in there, in those are arenas and because they'reclosed arenas, like would be could be so loud. Yeah. So,as I just mentioned, me and pilching to be discussing this in a podcastin a few days. But what is your most painful sporting but memory moment? Jeez, I shouldn't know. I'll try not to think about these two. Yeah, I was quickly brainstalling last night. It's absolutely struggle because thething is like tigers and New South Wales. That's been a lot of moments.But Yeah, New Surf Ours, I was like nine dicks out.Specifically was like eight straight years of them losing. I don't know, maybetigers losing to the roosters in that final. Like two thousand and ten. Yeah, two guys. I didn't even know if I was that sad thatday. I feel like I was just like surprised. They may because we'reat a friend's house and they were rousters supporters, so that probably meant itworse. But it's just the fact that it was like it's well, it'sthe longest game of ID like I've watched. Goes into like the hundred minute maybe. Says like the extra time was just kept going and you're just likecan someone freaking committed win this? Can we win it? And then theyscored Seawan Kenny down I think, scores like a a hundred meter try interceptor something and they to carry, can't catch him and it was just likebut yeah, that's probably the Tigers game that's that hurt the most, Ithink, because they've had like opportunities to make the finals, but then theyget like smack sixty nail. So it's like well, so like over earlyon, whereas I went into hippy years because they had a chance main finals. But like, I don't know why I wasn't even that devastated. Iwas like nervous heading into the game, but like twenty minutes in, yeah, well, like I were probably not going to win this match and shockswere like a lot better. Yeah, whereas like that Rooster's game, likethe Tigers were better. They should have scored so many tries in the firsthalf, and you're in it for a hundred minutes, which is twenty minuteslonger than all rugby league games. It's just like an extra added precious sortof thing. Yeah, and then I'd say the honestly, the Barcelona Liverpoolones actually pretty that was pretty tough because that's like could imagine, because youguys always take the Piss. I always change my premier league teams. Ifinally settled on a still. Yeah, but Barcelona has been like the onesoccer team or one football team that I've always followed, like I was thefirst kit over got. Yeah, I think when I was like seven yearsold or something, and I've always grab it. I mean it wasn't notlike a messy anymore, like number nineteen or something. So I've always likegravitated to them and I've always liked watched Michael Watch all that was round.Now I think I had to run to I've had, I've owned like tenor something Barton Jerseys be. I had a messy like all turquoise blew awaywhile with nineteen on the back. I want as well. Yeah, likeI've watched that. I've watched their three Champions League final wins in the lastten years, all eleven years now, and because I hadn't made it inlike for four years or something, in the final. So I was likewatching that and with three to a lady, like they should get home. Andthen it's like that corner, the corner hurts. That hurt the mostbecause it's just like that's just lazy. Yeah, it's like that's just lazydefending. Yeah, that's probably up there as well. All Right, Igive you permission. Well, I want you to have a bit of metime here. What are your top three, like most proudest, favorite sporting achievementsor moments in your sporting career?...

Quite a talented sportsman, I'll sayso myself. Playing Rugby League. I know it's in Victoria, but playingfirst great rugby league and Victoria. I'm I'm pretty proud of that just becauseit's I've never really like I've never played rugby league really until yeah, likeI played well off finish school, but I've never played rugby either to likeyear twelve, so I was pretty but I'd always played rugby like touch footywhen I was younger, like played it at school lunch time and all thatsort of stuff, and like throwing the footy with you and dad. SoI always thought I had like the passing skill. But it's like actually playand see that I could actually they play and wasn't like Shit. was kindof like proud and just like to get there and you actually trained, likeyou part of the footy club, and that was also big for me becauseI don't have any mates to play Royal League in Melbourne. So to goto a club with I didn't know anyone there was was obviously a bit likenot scary, but like a bit. I was a bit anxious at firstjust because you like, I don't know what these guys and I think ofme like I haven't actually played R reallyage before. Then you like a rockup and then they just like take you in as one of the boys sortof thing. Yeah, which so I'm really proud of that. And Yeah, just to be a part like some of those guys like actually pretty goodplayers. So it's like just to be around those guys kind of cool andit's also different because it's not like they're it's a lack of quite a differentculture, because a lot of them were Polynesian from, like they wrote fromlike somewhere or Tonga. Yeah, so they had like different beliefs and justwent about and like live differently to how I do. So it was kindof cool to get a different perspective into like how they treat people, likehow they like go about just like everyday life and all that thing. Solike I was pretty cool. Like I learned quite a bit. So thatbe up there. And I'd say I don't know actually, well, Icricket. I always I always haven't got quite high expectations on myself a cricketso it's not like I've got to the level where I want to play yet. I would achieved that yet. So it is that like an individual inningsor something really loved or proud of. The probably the most proud innings I'veplayed is the when I scored a hundred and eighty thin two years ago againstfootscrape. We chased a three hundred and fifty, which I thinks are prettyI was pretty proud of with that innings. Yeah, well, the chase.Three hundred fifty in the score, just over half the runs of likethat's a pretty big yeah, that's a pretty big moment for me. Andalso just to prove that I can make it like a really, like reallybig score if I, if I like really set my mind to it.So that also helps with like the mentality side of my creet career, whichis always been my downfall, knowing that like I can make big, likebig hundreds if I really like seet my mind twitter like knuckle down and playhard. Yeah, so, yeah, that's probably the proudest like individual performanceI've had and so we ended up winning the game quite comfortably. So that'sprobably my most proud individual moment. And then like playing first eleven, representingyour school, first eleven with cricket was always big moment. That was alwaysbig thing for me because ever since I went to Saint Peter's and Brisbane,that was always a goal of mine, was to try and play first elevenfor the school and then, once I was there, to realize what playingfor the first eleven at that school and then obviously we went to Hay liberry, realizing what that meant to rep like to be representing the school was andto be like part of the best eleven cricketers in the school was like apretty cool thing, like something I wasn't really going to take for granted.And Yeah, and then obviously playing first, I know it was rugby at schoolsand how many people play at Halbary? But playing first fifth team with theschool winning a premiership was pretty cool. But say, my proud and thenprobably another moment would be so they so the rugby league and a hundredeighty. And then my next, my third proudest moment would be playing forthat Western under fourteen school Queensland Carnival. Yeah, because I was in Ididn't actually expect to get picked for the team and then I got picked andI was around quiet, like there's probably the most talented team I've ever playedin. I think there's been a couple. There's been a couple of Queensland FuturesLeague players. There's been two or three of them have played for theQueensland Second Eleven. Well, underwent S. now, yeah, I think that'sscrapped actually. So it's back to second eleven, who played for thesecond eleven hour and, like, I've played really good first grade careers.So fine in Brisbane. Yeah, I was like really talented that I'd hada quite a decide quite a good carnival. So I was like I was prettyproud to go playing like the Queensland...

Championships and I think I might havebeen like the second or third top run score and just so like that's likea good comp I felt like that was a quite a good accomplishment. Yeah, definitely for me. So yeah, I was quite that's another one Iwas quite proud of and that was also one of the funnest. Like,yeah, finest teams have been a part of. Yeah, there's troops.If if there's people listening who played Rep cricket in Victoria whatever. Brisbane doesit a bit differently because it's such a Queensland, sorry, because it's sucha big state. You travel for REP carnivals. So like I traveled tothe Gold Coast Lock, you went to cans and macay. Yeah, Idid Gold Coast as well. Yeah, so you would travel and stay withyour team for a week and like obviously with the coach. So that's theywere pretty elite and they were like around Christmas time. So it was alwaysgood fun. That's enough for sport. So now I've got a few morequestions just general. I was planning on asking I was planning on doing apodcast with all the family members and asking these questions, but I've decided todo individual interviews with each member. So what's your favorite family holiday with beingon and why? This is a tough one because some of the ones we'verecently been on have been like unbelievable. Yeah, Jeezy is tough. Thelast yeah, it's tough. The last two were been on opinion crazy.She'd probably when we went to Canada and La. Well, we slew inLa. That was probably my favorite. God Boy, like we love goingto the snow as a family and I love my snowboarding. So we wentto whistler for a week and a bit with another family, family friends who'vebeen skating into Zealand before with and to go to whistler in the first placewas cool. Walk around, like, I just love the whole vibe offwhistler. Yeah, stack with a little village of stuff, put plenty ofpubs and bars. It's like yeah, you just go, because this wasthe first time I'd been skiing overseas, where I was eighteen. Oh,yeah, now, I was eighteen, two man, but like I wastwenty. I was twenty, and we had like you were nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, yeah, twound and eighteen. That in you, and then likewe had Ali, like Ali and William Stuff, who were like,yeah, we had friends. Yeah, we had friends who like could comeand drink with us, as well as stuff. When you're in Japan you'relike not going to go to the pub. Yeah, so like that it wasquite a cool experience to be at the snow and you can like drinkand stuff and go pubs and like you can meet different people and like meand Allie had a night. What we went to like Karaoke bar or something. We just like we're pretty pissed in then we'd like we had a bitof fun and then, yeah, it was just cool to ski on themountain. It's massive and I loved, I just loved. It was awesome. Like the whole vibe of it was awesome. Like I loved in thesame Nessecco in Japan, like the whole vibe of just staying on the mountainand it's snowing, like you can't drive anyway. ECTUALLY have a cassle,just like walking around taking buses and stuff like that, which is cool.Yeah, and then, yeah, I loved tower. So we did SanFrancisco, to La as like two places I want to go, I've wantedto go to and like we saw we saw an NBA game there as well, which probably pushes that probably makes it the best, because I've like thatwas surreal, going to an Mbia go and think we saw that. Wesaw the warriors. So we saw that Kevin Durant play and Steph Curry,which was pretty cool. Yeah, that's probably my best one. And likejust saying La and stuff and actually going to America was pretty pretty like surreal. Yeah, if you were stuck on a deserted island and you were luckyenough to be landed there with one other of our family members. This isimmediate family. So Campbell, mom, dad, me, who are youwanting by your side? That's a tough one. Yeah, actually, Ithink I know because I take cam. But there's no there's not going tobe any love tops any there. So actually be ingesting. I'd be interestingto see how and ody. Yeah, so I can't even talk about thatreally, but I think I take you because we could like create a footyor something and then we yet we have quite a few shared interests. Soyeah, I'd probably to be able to probably the only of the three whojust like would be chilled about it. Oh yeah, I'd be like MumDad before survivaberny flares to light. Well, I'd pack myself, so I'd needa bit of a foil next to me, I think. Yeah,it'd be a cool be like real life survivor. Yeah, not, becauseyou can like talk footy and stuff and cricket, like if we could createa footy, you like we could find a coconut pastors of footy or sayingyeah, if something that on survivor our family. Yeah, each one ofus on a different series. Who would... back together first, including yourself? Would you back I'd actually really like to do it. Would you backyourself together? I don't know. It's like difficult, though, because Iprobably would back you, to be honest, because the thing is I feel likemum. She has great social skills, but I think she would just takeeveryone face value. So I think she'd get played pretty easily. Butif I got him like really good physical condition, I could, I thinkI'd do all right. Cambel would be all right. Yeah, Cambell wouldbe good. I think camp would be quite good. But it's like dadwould be bad, MOM would be bad. It's just like a hard I don'tthink I'd be very good. It's a hard thing to try and likeget a hold of because, well, hot hard concept because like without havingknowing, without knowing anyone who's actually done it's not like yeah, and Ilike I don't know how much pressure that situation puts on you. And thenobviously you got to take into a you to take into the fact that they'renot eating a lot, that I like they do. They could be dehydratedand not really getting sleep. You're going to be hungry. You just gonnabe like mentually good point. You gonna be with nicely. Yeah, it'strue. And how he gets angry. Yeah, actually, beer. Ilike I'm the same, though. Sometimes I don't have sleep, I couldbe a little grumpy, but I think I'd be all right because there's alot of time to just like you can go and chill out for like anhour or something. Yeah, be yeah, be a you can't really take anthe account like just being hungry. Sleepless, like sleep deprived, mentallyfatigue, physically fatigued, and then you're obviously with people that you don't know. So you have to get it and get to know them as well whenyou're playing at the end of it. Yeah, the end of the day, you're playing the game. So people will be pissed, but you couldjust mask it. Yeah, so people and people are going to be tryingto potentially vot you out things like that. So be it's a big hypothetical.Yeah, be a tough thing to do, but because something I'd liketo do one day, I reckon yeah, all right. Final One. You'reapproaching the age where soon you probably looking to travel explore some places.Where's the first place you want to go? So one country, Spain, wouldbe for me, like I want to see I'd love to see Barcelonaaplay, and then just to get a hold of Spain as a country,like to get a concept of the culture, because I've heard some good things aboutit. So I'd be called it like spend some time in Spain andobviously get to watch the football there and then just to get be a partof that Spanish culture would be pretty cool, I think, like great food aswell. Be Pretty Cool trip. I reckon any anywhere that comes closeto it, or Spain, like I'd like to do, like Germany,Italy as well. Yeah, like, let's be Real, if you've goneto Spain, you probably wouldn't just do Spain. Yeah, probably. Andthen I wanted to I want to go to Gibraltar one day. Well,it's just a bit of a random yeah, you can do that. It's offSpain, so you can do that. Yeah, it's just a random thingI want to do. And then like Brazil and Argentina would probably beon the list somewhere. Yeah, just to go get ahold of those culturesreally just see how like I don't really know what it's like over there.Like I've seen that. You've seen like videos and pictures and stuff, butyou don't really know till you go. Yeah, sort of thing. That'sthat's it really. That's all I've got. So thanks for joining me. MeOr right. It's a nice little ten episode special, one of theone with L Mac. So yeah, she's joining me. No, RS, I know you've got two UNI as. Sigmon's due tomorrow, so thanks timeout of your day. Yeah, that's right. Actually, I didn't, so I didn't say who I think would win survivor. I think Campbellwould have the best shot over yourself. I'm like excitting myself. I don'twant to say. Okay, plus, I've watched a lot more survivor thanyeah, they have, so I've got more of a I think I've gotmore of a grass the game in the towns and shit like that. Butyeah, I think Campbell, if he could control his emotions, I thinkhe'd be quite good. Yeah, because he's entertainer. So, yeah,so people are like and me can they can get along with everyone? Yeah, yeah, and like he's like he's actually quite like, he's fit andhe's quite like actually athletic. So he do your other challenges well and he'scompetitive. Yeah, that could also leaders downfall. I think competitively could livesomeone team down. Yeah, yeah, that's that'd be my ans. Yeah, anyway. So if you want to go get around lock, he hashis own podcast, the watch a podcast. It is it hasn't had too manyepisodes upload recently, but once they're url season gets going. There's Oh, and also he's got an episode next week planned about the Michael Jordan documentaryand a Bundesliga review after the weekend.

So yeah, if you're interested inthat episode or just Rugby League or it's anything else really, just get aroundthe watcher on spotify. So yeah, thanks for joining me. Mate Norris.

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