On The Ball
On The Ball

Episode 1 · 2 years ago

Introduction - Episode 0


A quick, little introduction to the On The Ball Podcast by host, Hamish MacCorquodale to preview what's in store for a listener of the podcast.

Cheese settle. Good Day and welcome to the on the ball podcast. This is just a quick little introduction. I'm the host, hammers mccorcodile, and I'll be on every episode of the on the ball podcast because I love a bit of me time now. But we every episode I'll be having guests on that, either my mates or family members, one day, profess professional sportsman, celebrities, world leaders, the Pope, who knows, and we'll just be discussing mainly sport, bit of entertainment. Every now and then the current of a current affairst episode will do a few interviews, get to know a...

...few people and yeah, that's about it really. It's just going to be informal fun, hopefully interesting. Hopefully you have as much fun listening to it as ill I will have making it. And Yeah, that's about it really. I hope you enjoyed the first podcast that is up now and just enjoy the journey that we're going to go on. Thanks.

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