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Euro 2020(2021) Group E Preview | Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden


I run through an in-depth Euro 2020 Group E Preview analysing the form and key players of each side, as well as predicting the 6 results from the group games.


Welcome back to the on the board podcast. This is another euro preview episode and once again we are doing it just on the eve of the group beginning, which is a shame, but unfortunately the power outage throw the schedule into the mud. But if you haven't checked out the other four episodes, do go back and listen to them, even though the first match days happen for those groups, very entertaining content, in my opinion. Anyway, the videos will be up in the next twenty four hours, so if you haven't listened and you prefer visual content, feel free to wait for that. But before we get into the Group E stuff, make sure you go check out all the socials and if whatever you're listening or watching, I make sure you get around us on there, whether it be subscribing, following and all that good stuff. That would be greatly appreciated. So Group E. It's an interesting group actually. There's some good sides and here and there's obviously no group of death or anything, but I'd say similar to group see, the Netherlands Ukrane group. It's quite evenly match. There's no clear dead side, there's no clear title contender. Could be a group that provides a bit of an upset. So the teams are pole and Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. So we'll start with Poland. And the last ten they've picked up fourteen. So they are a good side. They've got some really good players, but you can do have to admit they are out of form. Based on that figure. They've had a fairly tough run of fixtures, however. In the UFA nations league they've had a tough draw and in the U A F qualify Euro qualifiers they've faced some really good opponents. So that is definitely been a huge factor behind their recent form failures and I don't think that's necessarily representative of where this team is at. When you look at their opponents like Savaka in Sweden, they're probably not at the level that the teams have been playing and losing two or drawing two are so I don't think. I think we've got to take that with a bit of a grain of salt. In terms of goal scorer, they've scored sixteen goals in ten games. Definitely not shabby at all. Not Not a strong point thereously not scoring bags. But once again, these are again some of but the world's best defenses and they have conceded thirteen which which is one of the higher figures we've seen. But once again, the point stands that they've had top tough opposition. So the goal difference is an ideal. But neither figure is alarming. But neither figures either, you know, fillshy with confidence with this side. So looking at the last four performances, in the two thousand and Eighteen World Cup, they didn't make it out of the group stage. I think there was a bit of a shock. Don't remember who's in their group, but I do recall people were a little bit underwhelmed with their performance. Two Thousand and Sixteen Uros they made the quarter finals, which was a good, good result. Two thous fourteen World Cup didn't qualify and two thousand twelve years didn't make it out of the group stage. So don't quite have pedigree as the likes of a Spain do in big...

...tournaments of recent times. Well, to be fair Spain in the last three I haven't been great, but before that they were really good. And Sweden also made the quarterfinals in the last World Cup. So in terms of big tornment form, probably not the pick here. But when you look at some of their players in the seasons they've been having in Europe. That is a reason why you potentially think they're a good chance of getting out of this group. So they're key players, obviously, Rabbit Levin, Robert Levandowski, he's obviously one of the best strikers in the world, has been for the last five or six years. People are saying he was robbed for Baland or last year and he's probably in with the running again this year. So he came in terms of big fire Dre it's Big Five Leagues. All my stats will be as they have been the whole series, that he is second in terms of expected goals and expected assist combined, excluding penalty. So that suggests how good he is not just, you know, having creating chances for himself, you also creates chances fathers, and he obviously finishes those off at a very, very high rate. He has for shot I he has the fourth most shots on target per ninety out of all the players in the big five league. So He's getting a lot of volume on on goal and he's also not wasting them like some of the other wellknown strikers. So yeah, he's just really clinical striker, arguably the best dry I think you'd have to say the best strike in the world right now. So he's going to be leading the line for Poland and he's definitely going to be a handful for the others. But the question is whether he's going to get that same service that he does at buying Munich, and that has been his issue with pollen. He's got a pretty good goal scoring record but he just doesn't see the volume of chances that he does buy and obviously buy and dominate pretty much every game they're in. Where pollen against Spain, it's a bit of a different ballpark for someone like Lewandowski. Have to do a lot more pressing and all that kind of stuff. But he will be their key to success. He's likely going to be scoring upwards of fifty percent of their goals they score on the tournament and if they get out of the group stage and progress further, he's likely going to be right up there for the Golden boot race. One of their other key players is their man between the STIX, Lucas Fabianski. We know I'm from West Ham obviously formerly of arsenal fame as well, but he's been one of the best, most consistent, most reliable goalkeepers in the Premier League in the last three seasons, you'd have to say is right up there. was some of the best in the league, probably a top five keeper. Across the last three years he's just continually making ridiculous saves and keeping West Ham in some games they probably don't deserve to be in. He was in the top twenty five in Europe's top five leagues for safe percentage and also it's pretty sophisticated staff, but it's basically the amount of expected goals you save. Pretty much is the best, this way of putting it, after the shot has been taken. So that doesn't include like blocks and stuff like that, but it's...

...if someone shoots and they have a thirty percent chance of scoring and you save it, then that is points three of and expected goal saved, if that makes any sort of sense. But basically just shows that he is one of the world's best goalkeepers. So he's going to be a huge factor. So they're pretty good on either end of the pitch, whether it be Levandoski finishing or FABIANCI saving, but potentially the weakness is between those two and that, unfortunately, that's where the majority of the ball is played. So one of their corner stones, he's been there ever, reliable for the Polish national side for a long time, is camill click. I used the center back and yeah, he's going to be. He's look, without being disrespectful, he is reaching the end of his career now, but he's still likely going to be a workhorse in that defensive set up. There Pierre to Zielinski, he will be a bit of a creative force. Does it a bit of everything. Made the Sarah our team of the season this year in the center mid position and there's some of the key players from Poland. They probably don't have the depth that they did in previous tournaments, but they're still got that top line talent that playing in some of Europe's biggest clubs. So yeah, they definitely are looking at like good chance of getting out of this group. It's just a matter of how far they go beyond that, and we'll get talk about that in the predictions. Moving on to Slovakia, they are the weakest team in this group in both ranking and also form. They've only picked up thirteen points in their last ten games and haven't had a tough fixture like the compared to the likes of Poland and Sweden. So they've only scored ten goals in their last ten and that is where their issues lie. A lot of not to typecast a lot of these eastern European sides, but a lot of them are very similar and they have sold defensive they're very passionate sides, but they struggle to put the bull in the back of the net, and this is going to be a huge issue for Slovakia. They conceded ten, only conceded eleven goals. Sorry and but they'd only scored ten. So conceding eleven is certainly not an issue and that will probably have them in most games. And the conceding one goal. But when you're only scoring one per game, especially given the fact that the opposition they played in those ten games of for the most part weaker than the three opponents they will play in the group stage, it's not good reading for Slovakia. In their last four tournaments they've in qualified the three and they've made it out of the group stage in the round of sixteen, made out of the group stage, lost in a round of sixteen of the years in two thousand and sixteen. But they're key player is Martin D Brave Cup. He's had another really good year. He's at a little bit of an injury interrupted season at Newcastle but still, like I mentioned about Fabianski, he's been one of the better keepers a lot of the non big why? No, West Ham had a really, really good season,...

...but the traditional top six below that there's quite a few good goalkeepers that overperformed. They face a lot of shots, especially when they play against the big teams, and they keep their sides in it, and Martin de Braveca is a perfect example of that. Is Been Really, really good. Arguably was probably the best goalkeeper last season, the season for the one that's just finished. So he's going to be a huge factor for Slovakia and one of their wellnown players is Milan screeny. Are that talks about him going to men united and all sorts for about seventy milli a couple years ago. Some of that has died down, but he once again made the seriat team the season and will be a bit of a pain in the butt really for opposition. Strikes Big Tall Center back. So yes, Slovakia, not predicting too much success for them. Will see how many points I predict them ending up on, but definitely not a easy beat fanny, if they're three opponents right. Moving into Spain, this Spanish side is definitely the most fancied side in the group for good reason. They have the most known names, but not only that, they have a lot of players in it really, really good form for their clubs. They've had some notable savage axings. BELIEVE ISCO wasn't included in the squad at no Real Madrid player was included in the squad full stop. So that includes the likes of Surgery Ramos, Marco a Sensio, which was pretty controversy. Hill, obviously, the manager with roots from Barcelona, could be could be the reason. But you know, some of the real whidrid players didn't have the greatest of seasons. But looking at the Spanish side, they have picked up twenty one points in their last ten games. They've had a not the most difficult draw, as you'd expect a team of their quality to have, but hasn't been the easiest last ten games for them. They've scored twenty four goals, which is really really promising, and they've only conceded six. So that gold of fat, that gold difference is really, really exciting and positive for this team and they haven't had the greatest recent success. It has to be said that Golden Generation Wall I know they called the Beltim team the golden generation. Probably can't call Spain that because pretty much all their generations are pretty golden, but that Dream Team over around two thousand and eight, two thousand and ten, the success they had definitely hasn't been backed up in the last couple tournaments. They may haven't made it pass around a sixteen and their last two attempts in including the twenty eighteen World Cup and the two thousand and sixteen euros, didn't make it out of the groups at in two thousand and fourteen World Cup. That that was a bit of a group of death with the Netherlands and child they and they obviously won the two thousand and twelve euros. However, it is definitely a new look team at the two thousand and twenty one or two thousand and twenty euros. The key player I would like to know, and he's most likely going to play, but he's not a guarantee, and that is Louis Alberto. He's capped off another brilliant...

...season at Lotsio and he's been one of their main created while he has been their main creator for the last two or three years and he's been a huge reason behind Chia mobili success and the Latsio side as a whole. And he starts are just ridiculous. He is in the top twenty five in Europe's top five leagues for key passes, passes into the final third, passes into the penalty area. He has the most ball progressions in the whole of Europe, which is just ridiculous. He's in the top twenty five four shot creating actions per nine. He's also in the top twenty five for ball progressions with the ball. So dribbling, and he's just a he's just a gun. Here is the second most dribbles into the final third. There's basically no stat where in terms of ball progression that this guy isn't so he's a master at picking up the ball around halfway and really putting it into a dangerous spot. He plays that ten role, can also play on the wing, can plays a second striker, very flexible and he is someone who not a breakout campaign as he is definitely in the Primes Korea and is not young by any means. But this could be a tournament where his name becomes a household. His name becomes household, really well known. Don't know, like he's somewhere over that. You've got to become a household made as well, I'm trying to say, but I'm trying to say it in a fancy away but I do not have the vocal for that. But he is obviously wellknown by sea. Are Fans, but that's probably where he's existence is known limited to that where. I think if he has a really good campaign, and these stats suggest you should, if he plays anywhere like that all like he does for that's Yo, he's going to become one of the world superstars in SOCCA. He's going to become someone who might even get a move. As lets you have been in really, really good form Champions League football. That good stuff. But they could be bigger things to come for him. Who knows? Other players? Once again, the Spanish team one of the hardest starting exercise to put a finger on their no one really knows she's going to play, to be honest, but someone else. I'm also excited to see his rodgery. Look, he's moved to Man City the last two seasons and I guess it's brought success to the club, but I wouldn't say he's been a groundbreaking signing at all. A shown glimpses here or there. Definitely suits the PEP system but has definitely not you know, he doesn't start every game. They've rotated Fernandino through there. A few other players have tried that number six role and this is definitely a campaign. He's in the prime of his career and he loves playing with this Spanish side and if he gets the nod in that midfield he is going to be a key to their success. Another master at book progression, a really good at dribbling through the lines, has a really hard dribble percentage. is also does a lot on the de fensive side of things. Obviously as a six he's in the top ten for ball recoveries and he is...

...right up there in aerial percentage. So really well rounded midfielder for Spain. Will probably bring another element to their team, as most of their players are just very technical, and the next guy I'm going to talk about will definitely bring that as well. So I don't think this guy will start, but as we see with walls, what we did last season, the two nine twenty campaign. He can be one of the most damaging impact cubs in world football. That is a Darba traior a is a dribble machine, so strong he has the second most successful dribbles per game in Europe's top five leagues, which is just ridiculous. I do believe that is behind the one and only Leo Messi. So nothing to SF out there, right up there and ball progressions dribbler. So he's lightning fast, very strong. He's just going to take everyone on down that line. So he's going to be a handful for all defenses and hopefully he sees enough game time to have an impact. So that will definitely be down to the manager. But yeah, interested to see the stamp that are dumb a tray or a can have on this tournament. And they've had a lot of players make team of the seasons. Rodder made the team the season for the Premier League. Danny Olmo made it in the Bundesligue. Jordy album made it. That must be his fitful sixes in there every year. Swere for Laliga. Marcus, your rent a made it off the back of really good campaign for out let Ker Madrid, transferring from somewhat of a central defensive central midfielder to a lot more attacking player, and she's used navice, who actually missed down the squad, which is a bit controversial, but he had a really good season and that just shows the depth of Spain that sound like him is missing out, so even though he's pretty old. But yes, Spain's definitely going to be one to watch at this tournament. One of the bigger wild cards, I'd have to say. I know people looking more extreme at the likes of Turkey Ukraine will before the tournament. They were anyway, but Spain is definitely a bit of an underdog. We saw it only less than eight months ago where they whipped Germany six kneels. So they're definitely a very, very good side. And then the final team in Group E is Sweden. Obviously the main player of note for Sweden is Latin Ebrahim ivage, but unfortunately he will not be playing. Announced his international comeback and he got injured. So that is a huge shame for Sweden. Would have been a huge draw card for everyone watching if Latan was leading the line for them, but they've got a pretty handy deputy in Alexander Isaac, off the back of a real good season for real saucier dad made the lull league team the season and he's going to be their key. But as a team they've picked up fifteen points from their last ten competitive games and they've had a fairly tough run of games as well, so they've been tested against some of the euro's best. They've only scored fourteen and conceded thirteen, so low scoring affairs from both ends for Sweden, but that's that's solidity. Is definitely...

...nothing to overlook in these sort of tournaments, especially when the place goes through, because if they can, you know, grind out a couple drawers here or there and then beat Slovakia, which is the game you'd expect them to win, they can easily cruise through in as one of the best third place teams. They obviously made the quarterfinals of the two thousand and Eighteen World Cup, getting knocked out by England, but very good achievement group stages in the last two euros and in qualify for the two thousand and fourteen World Cup. So they're a bit of a hidden miss side, similar to a lot of the Nordic nations you know, they've got a lot of team chemistry and stuff like that and not necessarily the depth of someone like a Denmark, but they do have a lot of top line talent and a lot of young, exciting players. Some of them more solid players include ECTAL, who I thought was really impressive at the two thousand and Eighteen World Cup. Sent amid believe he applies his trade in this seria. Augustinson, also probably putting that name, but he's a left back in the Bundesliga. He's also had a pretty impressive season. So they've just got some really sold players and there a lot of them have played together for a while and they've got some exuber youthful exuberance and the likes of Alexander Isaac so are. Yeah, they're they're another wild card. This group is really one of the hardest predict, with pollen, Spain and Sweden all sort of unknown quantities to a certain extent. So really excited to see how this goes. Kicks off tonight. Spain play Sweden and Polm play Slovakia, but that will lead me into my predictions for Group E. But my predictions for Group E as follows. So tonight's game we are starting off Poland, Slovakia. I just think I don't none of these teams are in great form, probably excluding Spain, so I don't think they're going to be too high scoring. But I've got to say Poland just out class Slovakia one new I think they've got too much class on their side. Spain, I reckon. They put out a bit of a notice to the rest of the competition. I thought they were pretty impressive against Portugal and that friendly, although you know, they missed a lot of chances through MARATTA. But I think I like the I like this team. There's you note, there's obviously some great players, but there's not too many absolute certified styles like some of the other nations. But they're just do a lot more well rounded teams than some of the other nations. I'm going to say they really make a statement and win three hill against Sweden moving into match day to have sweeten versus Slovakia, I've got Sweden winning to one. I don't know. I just don't have great hopes for Slovakia this torn and think they have enough to cut the mustard in a fairly tough group and Spain, Poland, poll and a decent squad, but they're out of form and I think they are maybe past their prime, as I think they were maybe in their peak in two thousand and six, two thousand and eighteen. I think they might be a little bit past it here. So I'm going to say Spain too good, too nil, and then matched a three, the big one probably deciding second place.

Sweeten versus Poland, I've gone on one old drwise think both teams will be too solid for one of the others to score two or three goals and I think they both good enough to breach the other's defense. And then I've got Spain beating Slovakia three nil. I just think Spain will be two of SLAKIA. So telling that up, it means I have Spain going through on nine points, probably what most people expect. They might drop a game here or there, but I reckon they'll go through fairly untouched. Got Poland just beating Sweden to second spot, both finishing on four points, but pollen going through on goal difference, swinging a third, but they will definitely qualify for the best the place team as with four points. And then, unfortunately, I have Savakia going home on nothing. So I know North Massadonia surprised us last night, so maybe Slovakia will have something similar in stall in store for us. But I trust the other three teams a lot more and I think Spain are a legitimate dark horse for this competition. So hope you've enjoyed that groupie preview. I'll be bringing you a group fone tomorrow and stay tuned for that one and also stay tuned for more euros content coming up and the videos for all the podcast so thanks for supporting the podcast and we'll catch you next time. She's.

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