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Euro 2020(2021) Group A Preview | Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales


I run through an in-depth Euro 2020 Group A Preview analysing the form and key players of each side, as well as predicting the 6 results from the group games.


Laura and welcome back to the lawpodcast. Today we're here to talk about something different for once, other thanRugby League and AFL, which I'm really really excited about. We are onI'm recording this on the Tuesday and we are right on the eve, ornot the day before, but you know what I mean, pretty much theeve the euro two thousand and twenty, what it's been called, but essentiallythe euro two thousand and twenty one championships in soccer or football, wherever you'rebased, and something about our international football I just absolutely loved. I'm abig fan of club soccer as well. I've been all over the premier league. I don't much podcast content on it in the last three or four monthswhen I've been really into it, just because I've been focusing on the AFLand NRL as an Australian, but soccer is definitely been one of my mainfocuses in terms of sport in the last couple of months. So yeah,I've been really enjoying it and it's going to be really excited for the EuroTwo thousand and twenty. I think it's coming from a rugby league background,where rat foot is so like iconic and loved more particular state of Oratin,but also international. I think that's where my love for the euros and theWorld Cup come from. Our you know, it's just a bit of like asuper team really that I never like really watched the internationals that closely duringthe seasons. So it's almost a bit of like an avengers type thing,like when you look at the Belgian team, all these stars come together from allthese great club sides and played together for their nation. I think it'sreally cool and what we're going to be doing today. I've no idea howlong this is going to take. I have no idea whether this will bein parts or whether she's going to go up as one long episode or amI not even made that long. What we're going to do is go throughthe six groups. We're going to look at their recent form, their lastten games. are going to look at who they've beaten, who they've lostto, how their attack and defensive going respectively, how they've gone recent tournaments. We're also going to look at their key players statistically. I've done somestatistical analysis over the Big Five Leagues in Europe this year and I'm going tolook at each country's main plays and that obviously going to also look at WHO'shad great seasons for their clubs based on achievement. It's like making team theseasons and stuff for their respective leagues. So we're going to made as wellstart off, not waste too much time because I think it will be along one. But Starting Group A, I think this could be one ofthe better groups. I think everyone's just sayingly will waltz through and all thisand that all the attention is maybe on the group of Death Down Group F, but I do think this is one of the more interesting groups, tobe honest. We've got Italy. They would have there the number one seed. Obviously I think everyone would be expecting them to win it. They've hada pretty pretty good run. Car I the last ten rounds of into thelollock rounds be you know. I mean their last ten games. I'm alsolooking at last ten competitive batches. I'm not can out in friendlies because youknow a lot of managers try a lot...

...of few things and friendly so Iwon't take that into account. So looking of their last ten, they've pickedup twenty four points. They've had a fairly easy scheduled has to be said, especially compared to a lot of the other teams in their kind of threshold. But something that's been really impressive since reverto mentioning he's taken over, sincethe disappointment of missing out in the World Cup has been their defense. They'reobviously been scoring goals winning a lot of games, but they're only concede threegoals in their last ten games and although they might not have played the greatestof offenses or attacks as that's still a really impressive then, out of allthe teams in this competition, as the least goals conceded in the last tenmatches. So they're definitely one of the most informed teams coming into the competitionand they're really exciting team. They're not quite like, as I mentioned theycould defensively, which we think of when we think of Italian football, butthey're not quite necessarily the stereotype of Italy. But I think of Italy someone whosprings to minors, Daniela de Rossi, the grat spectrum, whom you know. He's like old defensively mind, and not necessarily the most thrilling player, but that's just what I think of when I think of the Talian footballwhere now they've got this young crop of talent the Seria as a whole,which I think is reflected in this national team's rise. In the last coupleof years, Seria has gone from probably the fourth best league in Europe toarguably the second first. It's really competitive. I've got seven or eight great teams, a lot of good managers and this is producing a lot of goodyoung talents. So yeah, they're going to be a really, really excitingteam to watch. I Love Roberta Manchini. Just seems like the coolest Bloke,like a lot of their players. Looking at their last four big tornperformances, that they are sitting qualified for twenty eight Teen World Cup, highlytalked about and it's better to say they haven't quite been Italy. The wavecomes. Expect them and the quarterfinals in two thousand and sixteen euros and didn'tget out of the group stage in two thousand and fourteen World Cup. Theweather runs up in two thousand and twelve in the euros, but that's along time ago. Now that's a completely different squad we're looking at. Theykeep plays statistically. Now this guy, unfortunately, is probably their biggest nameyou'd have to say, and he is injured and he's likely to miss thewhole group stage. But Marco Veratti, he is one of the best passesin European football. Really been a mainstay at that Paceg mid few have fouryears and years just screening that defense. Is As a number eight, notnecessarily a number six, but yeah, he's a key. Compton's been field. Some people saying you shouldn't even be picked because they've got the likes ofNicolaberella and Manuel look a telly and share Gino, who's just one of theChampions League, all in great form on their own accounts. But for me, if you're atys fit, he's got to be there. He has,I think, is he's about seven in terms of passes into the final thirdin all of European in he's about fifteen.

And most progressive passes he's just anabsolutely jet and even with the ball at his feet he's about twelve orthirteen in progressive dribble. so He's really good of picking up the wall fromhalfway and moving it up forward and putting the rest of this Italian ball clubland, the rest of his peaceg team, on the front foot. But here, it will be for Italy. So for me he's got to be thereif he does find fitness, I guess you could say for the knockout stages. But the other midfielders, as I mentioned before, Brella really exciting player, probably one of the people are pretty Ding to break out, you'd haveto say. He's having sensational season things Milam or. People think he's gonnahave a great tournament playing in that, you know, number eight kind ofrole. That midfield of the likes to attack. It also pitching defense.But the other midfielder, Manuel Lock Telly, similar to variety. Just a sensationalplayer coming up a really good season and he's actually above Ratti in mostof the passing stats, and that's no, that's no joke, but nothing tolaugh at because Rodd he's in about the top fifteen for most of theprogressive passing standings in Big Five Leagues in Europe and lock Telly's just around thattop ten bark. So yeah, he's another player that's going to be reallyexciting to watch. And then they're key attacking weapon. You'd probably thinking ofa mobile a or Bolotti there to set a pieces. I guess you couldsay as leaving the line for them. But for me it's still insignia.Is probably one of his last major tournaments where he's at the peak of hispowers, but he is still such a suck. It's just such an importantplayers in the top twenty for scoring chances created, which shock creation, sorry, not scoring, where he creates a shop for someone else, for hisclub side. So that's a really, really important start, I believe.And he's also up then progressive dribbles, as in the top twenty four thatin Europe, and he's also in there for passes into the opposition box.So yeah, does it all really things going to be playing the left wing? Interesting to see who they played up forward, and moblay would be thepick for me, but BELOTTI has a belief started more of the friendlies thanAmobile has, so that would be interesting to see. will be probably amobilayslast European tournament. You'd have to say that thinks thousand one hundred and thirtytwo. So I hope he gets a crack at it because he is insensational form and has been for years with Latzio, so I'd like to seehim lead the line. But blotti could also get the get the nod.Other players who had really good seasons do an echo. Barati was really impressiveonce again for US swallow. They were right in and amongst the Eurorocal leaguespots, and he is going to be finding out with Kaiser for that rightwing spot to oppose insignia on the left. So that some real big selection headaches. But that is something you certainly...

...will not complain at if you areRobert, to mentioni attacking in midfield, they're absolutely loaded. Their medfields arguablyone of the best in the world. Defensively, a little bit worried.I've got some aging players, collar and Z Keelini, Bernucci still very relianton those guys. But, and don't rum in the sticks, I believehe'll be playing in between at the two posts after boofons for retirement. Sothere are a few worries. They're not. I'm not a hundred percent confident thatItaly will be true title contender, but we'll talk about how often they'regoing to go on the group after I chat about the other three sides.Switzerland, and with the greatest respect, I'm probably going to be focusing onthe big teams more than the smaller team. So, like I don't if you'relistening in your fan of one of the countries I don't touch on toomuch. Apologize for that, but don't to be here for days. Switzerland. They picked up eighteen points from their last ten games. Had a hardestlast ten schedule, if you go I mean out of their out of GroupA, and they've been pretty good at attacking wise. I scored nineteen goalsin those ten games and they're only conceded ten. So that's a pretty goldpretty good goal differential, and although the play some of the bigger teams,they've also had some easy games that have maybe boosted that gold differentials. SoI don't think we can fall into that track too much. They've been reallyconsistent in international tournaments, in both the World Cups and the years, makingit out of their group on the last three occasions. So I think it'shard to argue that they might be able to do that again. Their keyplayer, he's controversial at club land, obviously, as Senal fans known verywell in Premier League fans alike, and that is grant shacker, and althoughhe gets a lot of stick for some of with the errors he makes,he does love failing about pass or slipping over or sign like that, buthe is a very complier. He's in the top twenty in the Big FiveEuropean Leagues for Progressive Passing, also in the top ten, along with varietyand Locatelly, like I mentioned from Italy, for passes into the final third.So he does like picking up the ball from his defenders and moving itforward, which is going to be important for a team like Switzerland that mayfind that hard to do against a good defense like Turkey or Italy. Otherkey players Romeo foller from the vice captain of Atalanta. Obviously Atlanta very wellknown team now, absolutely been lining up the Seria and European competitions in thelast couple of seasons and he's been key to that. Swiss midfielder. Andthen the COL thirty years also want to watch, I think twenty four yearold send back Bliebe, applies his trade for Russia. Watching glad back couldbe wrong with that, and Sefro, which will be leading the line.The Ben Fak striker made the league a loss team of the sea isn't,so he's obviously had a very good view with them as well. But JACQUAwill be their keen men, partnering through light in that Midfield. It's goingto be a very, very important job for those two. Not necessarily asstarst O it is there. Maybe you...

...were two years ago, but theStewart the likes of brilliant ball or Jodon Shakira, is still kicking, sothey're not nothing to scoff at all. Moving into Turkey, out there oneof the teams that have been taught heavily about as a dark horse, andI was into a podcast by the podcast pure football by these few Scottish lads. Definitely give that a listen if you haven't gotten Scottish top on. Buttake you seem to be really highly grated in Turkish circles and I don't knowif the world quite necessarily shares those beliefs, but they are being predicted as adark horse by a lot of teams and I can't lie. Their formdoesn't necessarily suggest that they were very good in the euro qualifiers, but inthe last ten across all competitions, they've only picked up sixty eight points andtheir drawer hasn't necessarily been the toughest and they're flaying some good sides, butthey've also similar to suit some place and bad sides. They scored eighteen butthey've been pretty leaking in defense because conceding thirteen. So they're just over,you know, the break even point for gold difference. And in terms ofbig performances in euro torn ands, we haven't seen much really since I believeit was was a two thousand two World Cup where they made the semi finalsor something. Heard a lot of stories about that. Wasn't, you know, two years old then or one, but that in the last four theyUN qualified for three and then in the two thousand and sixteen year as theydidn't get out of the group stage. So not necessarily coming in with hugepedigree in recent tournaments. But they've got some really good, informed players.Across your top five leagues, I can child of blue, probably the mostwell known of those that really well known set peace taker, really dangerous fromfree kicks within thirty yards of the opposition goal. But he's a lot morethan that. He is ranked fourth. I think he had the most keypasses in Europe in total. But in terms of all my stats of pernity, by the way, if you were not wondering, and I saw somefrom football reference away, FB reft, so go check out if you havea great site. But how can cholder of blue is fourth in key passesacross yours top five leagues. So that is incredible playing applying his TRIPE,that trade face in the line. He's also in the top ten for shotcreating actions, so he's going to be creating a lot of chances for theattackers around it. And Barack your mass is probably going to be leading theline. Not a hundred percent sure with that, but he was. Ibelieve he was huge in lills. I don't know how many goals he scoredor anything, but he was big and lils Lee surprising title, I guess. I can't think of a better word, but you know, shocking, reallyknow, and thought that was going to happen. And here's the reasonfor that. Leading the line for then you didn't made the League, ourteam the season. So He's obviously had a very good year. But thereAltho, he's an attack and that's a good thing. At their stars arein the midfield and in defense they've got...

...some really well known names and atcenter back Kabak absolute gun. The air obviously doesn't look like Liverpool's going tobe keeping him in a permanent but he's still very good young defender. They'vealso got Charla Si on shoe from lesser and then also got mirror demile fromUventus. They play for the back. So unfortunately one of those guys isgoing to miss out unless they somehow go through the back. So that's goingto be really tough decision for the Turkish coach. But you can't really gowrong with those three. They're going to be a very, very solid force, which is interesting why they've been so leaky at the back, but it'spotentially they haven't quite had solidity and can continuity in terms of selection. Thatbeen mixing and matching a lot with KABAC demoil and so I'm shoe. Butthe band from them is also very impressive player. He was part of,you know, a bit of an infamous side. West from didn't have agreat year in the Premier League, but Okay U Kushoo, I believe it'shad pronounce it. He at a very year. He was in the topfifteen for tackles and interception across the big five European Leagues and he was alsoin the top ten for recoveries. So he had a absolute barn stormer andprobably US getting talked about. A lot of people talking about Pursum, alot of people talking about indeed in terms of the defensive slide midfield, butyou con sily not getting much loved where. If you look at the stats,suggest he will be a vital player for Turkey in these championships. Andthat leads us to the final team in this group, and it is Wales. They believe this on up. This is very shocking, but they're actuallypicked up the most points in their last ten competitive games. Out of thisgroup. They picked up twenty five out of the possible thirty, and theirschedule hasn't been ridiculously easy. It's very comparable to the other three sides.Their defense has been impressive, second best defense out of all the teams inthis competition. Their last ten only contenting for incredible stuff. Don't have anybig named defenders, so what one is they're working. Well done to them. Incredible stuff. However, there are only there. Only scored thirteen inthe last ten, so a lot of one deal victories, and this issomething that might put have a ceiling over them and cap their potential in thistournament, as they will be playing the likes of Italy, who are avery good defensive record, and Turkey, who have some really good defenders.On necessarily record, but obviously way it was famous for their semi final runat the two thousand and sixteen euros didn't qualify for two thousand and Eighteen WorldCup. So it's tough to judge them and have to say but none oftheir players are necessarily in the greatest of form. No one made any teamof the seasons, no one killed it in a big five league, butobviously they're key players. Basically the same as two thousand and sixteen, itis going to be Gareth Baale and our ramsy, our rams, you,will be the creator out of mid. Fear Bail was going to be playingup top in the nine and he's going... have to produce what we sawin glimpses with Tottenham for six or seven games straight if Wales are going togo on a run here, and I think they're going to have Harry Wilsonon one of the wings. He's always been an exciting player. Probably hasanother career. Quiet will we're expecting maybe three or four years ago the Liverpoolproduct, but they've got some new signing talent and they're definitely no one toscoffer. I think everyone's very fixed on Turkey and Italy in this group.Turkeys are dark horse, Italy is a dark horse for the title, butI don't think we're giving enough credit to whales and, as their last tensuggest, they should be someone that people looking out for in terms of predictingthis one. I actually think this is the toughest group to predict, sogot to be testing myself early. I don't Italy are at home and that'sgoing to be a big factor for me. All right, so moving on tomy predictions for Group A of the Euro Two Thousand and twenty tournaments,Italy do host all three of their games and unfortunately, another the other teamshave home games at all, as the other host for this group is Baku, the capital as a buyer. So I'm going to do from my predictionsas I'm going to go through the six games of this group and that's goingto end give us our prediction. So we're going to start up with Turkey, Italy, the first game of the competition, and then this one.Turn the defenses and great, so I think Italy will definitely be scoring andI think Italy's defend this will be too good. I'm going to say tonil to Italy. And now that moves us on to the second game,whales versus Switzerland. Or this the tough one? This is the tough one. Whales very good defensively, Switzerland pretty good offensively. I'm going to sayone will actually as tough one to predict. That should be a good game.Should be one early kickoff as well in Australia. That moves us onto match day to Turkey versus whales. I think whale. Our Turkey willbounce back from their VIC lost to Italy. Whales defense is good, so I'mgoing to say Turkey, just for the one neal Italy Switzerland. Thisis where I see Italy Bot not bottling it, but slipping up a littlebit and made getting a drawer with Switzerland as opposed to a victory. SoI'm going to pick a one old drawer here. So it's in a very, very solid side and would be very happy with that result, you haveto say. And then I reckon then bounce back with a tonal victory overWales and then Switzerland Turkey. This will be to decide second place. You'dhave to imagine in the second, the third week of the game that wecan torn. And sorry, swit's on Turkey, Switzer on Turkey. I'mgoing to say Turkey too good. I'm going to predict to one, twoTurkey. So that will have us with our with our Group A prediction.So looking at the table, based off my six predictions, they're going withItaly, seven points, Turkey, six,...

...slips on two and whales one looksit's one of whales have been hard done by. Here they are landeda pretty tough draw because in a lot of groups they could easily be goingthrough as a second place team. So it's something going to have be hard. They're gonna it's going to be half and to make it through to theround sixteen with two points. Let's be realize for of the sixth third placeteam to do make through. But we'll talk about more of that in myknockout prediction. So I think what I'm going to do with this podcast,because we have talked about Group A for about fifteen minutes, what I mightdo is I might do an episode per group, so six episodes, onefor group pay, one for group being, one for group see, one forGroupdone for group em for Group F, obviously, and then I might bringit home with a knockout predictions and I might make some player predictions inthat seventh one as well. So they're going to be short of podcast.Likely going to be only fifteen to twenty minutes, maybe thirty some of them. But I don't want you know for our podcast because I just don't thinkthat's that digestible. So thanks for tuning into group A. Stick around forgroup be I'm sure as you're listening they're going to be going up pretty rapidfire, if not like two of the time sort of thing. So makesure you follow the pages so you notified when a new one comes out.And yet she's really appreciate that she is go hopefully my predictions are right.Let me know what your fulls are on the comments and my instagram, allthat good stuff, and we'll catch for group beach's.

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