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Fraser MacCorquodale - Episode 19


Hamish's Dad, Fraser, joins the host for a chat about his relationship with sport, his passions in life and provides some interesting stories about sport from times gone by.

Crowd, cheer, settle, welcomeback to the on the ball podcast. This is episode nineteen of the show, so we're starting to get up there. Next One's episode twenty, which isanother little milestone for me. But today I'm doing another interview with oneof my family members, the final one we haven't ticked off yet. Probablysaving the best to last. Well, he would think anyway, my dad, Fraser. He's been on the podcast few times, but today we're goingto get to know a little bit more about you. How are you today? Good. Thank you. We're recording this on a sad day and ourbeloved West Tigers are playing in just under four hours, so some of themental thought processes might be a little bit off. We're a little bit onedge some for yes, three and a half. So some of your answersmaybe aren't you point? All right, so let's not stuff around. Sothe way we're going to structure this we're going to have the same questions thatwe've asked everyone and then at the back end, so after we've done allthe usual questions, are also just double a little bit deeper into your passionfor Rugby League. So first, what was your how we like what Rol. Did Sport play in your childhood? Did you play many sports or playit? Well, play huge part. My Dad used to watch didn't hewas very active. I think it was active younger before we came to Australia, but sport was a big part of his life and he watched a hugeamount of sport. Golf and soccer was in his two big passions and soI grew up in a house where and he also loved cricket. So itwas like what was that? Well, it's like another understood because it's rarefor a Scottish guy. But he knew all about Brad Bradman and we donely, being Australia. For Reckon, it's two weeks and we went out tothe SEG to watch cricket. So he used to take me out to thecricket regularly. We would go and watch great cricket, sit and sit,sit on the hill a great cricket and watch it. So he was heloved watching sport. He probably didn't get time to play it because he's prettybusy with work. So I grew up with that. So I developed apassion for watching sport, all sorts of Sport, and I played sport,but it wasn't because I was small and in those days it's not like now, wherever I get to go when you're small and when I grew up,or you didn't get a go like you wouldn't, you'd beyond you'd never getball, or you played cricket, you came in last and all that sortof stuff. So I turned more into sort of solitary sports away from teams. So you so what supports did you play? Well, I've played football, rugby league at school as well addition, but halfback. Who? And thenI played cricket for a couple of seasons. But then I did weirdthings, like I did ten pin bowling. I got into that competition, TimPoling, to be fair. Well, I'm assuming it was a bit morepopular and well that parents and I used to go. And then then, through my mates, got into rowing and because of the small east,to be a cocks and I did that for quite a like three or fouryears, because that school or club club, no run club, we still gotdown on Saturday morning and and then I think we did it because yougot free chips and free drink and then we then I got into Skateboarding andsurfing and all that stuff. So it's became bad dog. Well, Iskate board of lots, like on the weekends at all, skateboard go offto the in those days the shopping centers were empty, so you could gointo the big multit car parks and skateboard up and down the ramps and it'sgood for them. Do you so? You came to Australia when you weresix or six from Scotland. You do you have any sporting memories from ScottI'm yeah, I do, I have. Did you play a sad took memore. No, I didn't. I was an asthmatic, so Ithink I didn't. I remember it gain of the pool and things to swimbecause my parents used to drag me. So I think they got told bya doctor that I had to swim because Massma. So I remember getting draggedpools, indoor pools in Scotland. But I do remember going to see Celticbecause dad was a mad celtic supporter and that was probably one of the lastthings we might have done in Scotland. I'm not sure what year I wentbut we went short and remember it was where they play now, but obviouslydifferent stadium and it wasn't long after that they just won the European Cup.So I do remember that, but that...

...would be the only memories sporting membersI got from Scotland. Yeah, wait, so you said your dad used towatch soccer. Did could you watch like Celtic play here? No,you couldn't. All you got was one day a week you got a thingcalled big match, which was on a Monday night. It's just like PremierLeague match. Yeah, it was a premier league mats, which what FirstDivision those days. Match of the day. Who maybe it had? who werethe best teams back then? Like is that before forest or yeah,that was before for I was arsenal and Chelsea wasn't as good, but itwas arsenal and teams like West Ham and leads. Remember all those teams?Yeah, but Arsenal was pretty big. Liverpool worst sort of flow. Theywere good. I don't think them, I don't. I don't remember.The Manchester teams is definitely Manchester City was big, but united must have beenbig because we that was a team I've started falling and the reason we didit had something like seven or eight Scottish players in it and that's what daddid it, and then Mum's my dad. My Nanna used to send dad newspapersout from Scotland and he'd get those. They'd come regularly. So that wasthe only way he used to stay in touch with English Scottish football.So it's pretty tough. You know. It's not like now where you guyscan watch whatever you want. Yeah, where we watch the Tigers as wetravel across the Scottish border, a whole different. Well, when we watchstate of origin doing a Lord's tour. Have you ever told you that?When we're doing our lords to on our school UK? True, listen,we're because we had the origin game on its will find the to a guard. We were just at the back while she so out of all those andmom was saying you guys played a lot of sports together when you were likein your s, like you played volleyball, touch yeah, it is to playcan recent Jack. dagging you out. Actually she's saying you're a bit sothat episode came today, but she was saying you're a bit violent withsome of your touches. Used to follow through. I was it was I'mcompetitive. I'm highly competitive golf, lawn balls. So we yeah, wedid a lot. Actually, we did not lessons. We did. Well, lucky sports sir, we don't have kids, and so we used togo to these towns and we didn't, you know, lived in towns.We didn't know anyone. So we did. Mum Did lawn bowls. I didn'tdo that, but mom got right into it. And then we usedto do volleyball on a Monday night and then we did. Then we wentto orange and I did golf. We did golf lessons to tape for aboutthree months. It's random. And then she was in tempation. Mum wasin tempting bowling competition. I didn't do that because I used to go away, so I couldn't do that one trything. What else we yeah, we didtouch football in Calguli. You guys were you sit and watch? Youcan't, I do. Used to Eyn your numbers on your red yeah,that's it. And Yeah, the other teams used to get a bit upsetwith me, but I was. I can actually be one of my earliestmemories. Think about that. I used to charge up. Now it's playingrugby league. So you knew to move up defense really fast and people thoughtthat was certainly, but you're just playing the game like it's meant to beplayed. So it was a bit weird. But yeah, I was also sayinga mum, why is? Out of all the places did you havelived, why did you played touch a Western Australian town? That's bizarre.Touch has played everywhere. It's a yeah, but it'd make more sense for youguys played in towns or something. I think we met someone we likeI was saying, I met someone that said do you guys, because you'refrom eastern Australia, do you want to play touch? And it was anew Christ team. Oh really, yeah, because we were saying, like it'slike at least really played five side a tell really it. Where theyany good or yeather? All right. Well, so, out of allthe sports you've played, well, what do you have the fondest memories ofplaying? You can include snowboarding, skateboarding. Yeah, I think that. Ithink skateboarding snowboardings the two things. I didn't say snowboarding before. They'rethe two things I really enjoy the most. I still do. I love boththose. Yeah, I think that's it. I mean cricket, likeI was never good, I was never lucky, guys, so it wasalways a bit of a you know, you wanted to be good, butyou know there's also other kids are better you guys play sport and these kidsmaking up the numbers. It's a bit the same. So probably didn't enjoyit joy the team sports as much, but I certainly enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding. Yeah, so right now, what are your top three favorite sports towatch? To Watch, like to follow? Yeah, well, it's a question. It's time. I mean there's lots of things I like to watch. Mean obviously my passions rugby league, so make sure I watch that everyweek. Yeah, you easily watch more... league than any others. Yeah, and then then it's time, because it generally because you're watching rugby leagueon the weekends and you got work. I do enjoy I do do enjoyEnglish soccer, but just trup finding the time. Yeah, I think inanother life, or if we let who knows what you guys will do inthe future. Be If you move somewhere where the time zones are a bitmore friendly. I definitely see. And any other way, obviously. Numbertwo test cricket. I don't enjoy a big bash and, like you know, we I don't watch a lot of big bash. Yeah, it's justin the background. I don't like one day Christians because I just find itboring. But I really enjoyed test match cricket. And the other one Ilike, but we don't watch a lot of it, is golf. Ireckon golf onto his elite sport, but it's just again, it's just anotheryeah, like the masters, like they're a lot of times. Yeah,and like someone who works. So I love I love the Winter Olympics,really that. I really look forward to the winter, the X Games.Yeah, because I watching these. Well, what's that's what we watch. Thattime the snow ski scrap doing backward in the guy, the only gameof deal landed on top of him. Every rue was someone was an ambulance. So yeah, know, they're the main things I watch and I look, I don't. I'm not into your fl I'm not into rugby, I'mnot into Australian soccer. So very selective what I watch. Yeah, ifyou could play any sport professionally, money aside. So say you get inthe same pay for every sport. What would you play if you were goodat it? Yeah, golf interesting. was in any reason or I justthink that. Well, but I like being outdoors and like walking and likeand I just think if you could be really good at golf and really likeif you're really good at it, then you'd enjoy it, because I thinkthat's the thing that frustrates most people golf. It's such a hard game. Yeah, that people don't really enjoy it because you never very good at it. So that when I was young I wanted to be a professional. Youknow, it wasn't going to be, but it would always the idea wouldbe to be a professional surfer, a snowboarder, be those sports. Yeah, I think so. I think Rugby League of those too hard. Yeah, too violent. I think it's good to watch it. Will you putthe money aside? I definitely reckon like surfing or snowboarding would be up there. But you just Maagine the lastile its lifetime you live. Yeah, youknow, like a few surfed all year and you know yourself, like theseguys are do ski ski instructors? Mean they spend the You ski ing?Yeah, it's like there's not really anyway. It's like not a nice place thathas the like. If you were a surfer, I don't think that'dreally be training anywhere. That's not nice. They got a great countries. Yeah, exactly. This is a tough one to think of on the spot, but we've been talking about it a lot last few weeks. What isyour favorite sporting moment of all time? You can either go one you've seenlive or if you just want to broaden it at any moment look. Well, so it's always a immediacy thing because it's your memory. You know,as you get older, you there's so much sport you've seen and so manyepic event and yeah, I feel like I'd have to make it live togive you a chance, I know, but I'm just saying even then,as you go through it and you've seemed so much America's Cup. Well,yeah, that was very exciting and random, but it was exciting. Probably threethere's trees through, or two there's obviously. The one that stands outmost to me is the two thousand and five semifinal between the Tigers and dragons. That's my ultimate sporting event because there's that was a magical moment with fiveminutes to go, where you knew they weren't going to lose and you knewthey're in the grand final and the crowd, which was probably seventy percent tigers,just when absolutely nuts and it was like, after years and years offollowing this team, they'd made the grand final before, but I was alwaysaway, so I've never seen do it. So that was I found that ithad been a fair gap. Yeah, and I've found that it well,was my number one seen years between you. So I mean the factI found them, I found them winning the week after a bit of aactually, I don't know what happened there, but I just found anticlimatic. Itwasn't that wasn't the pinnacle that I thought it would be. That Igot more out of the week before. Is it because you thought? Isit because you knew they were going to win? Yeah, I think youneed they were going to beat the cowboys and by halftime you thought this game'sover. So and you guys are young and maybe the hours you're older abit more exciting. But yeah, there was that and then I think that'swhy I'm sorry, I've got to be careful, because this is all.I mean. I've seen so many good cricket games, but the one thatstands out as the one with the ashes, the other year with at the gapat. You guys are right where Australia, one of the last daywith Mitchell Johnson, golden nuts. Oh, I was forget about that. Ilove that as I's family. Hey,... when we said yes family.Yeah, I thought that was a great day as it was just soexcited. Kevin, he doesn't say brother and can piece and brother told himoff. I thought it was really that was a great day and it wasreally exciting to be there. I think I enjoyed it because you guys werethere and in the then the one really is recently with Liverpool. I justthought that was just such as far as it not the actual game itself.Yeah, spectacle off at all that the buildup of going, you know,the prematching, the lunge, then the bus there and then walking with thecrowds. It was just something special. You know, actually all those.Manchester City wasn't exciting, but arsenal was as well and it was just greatto do that. So they're they're probably three that stand out. Yeah,but I said you got to be that's neurology. I mean I have tosit down and you know, it's hard to Um like I feel like Ijust crap on about this all the time. It's hard to balance between recency bias. But then you can also go the other way and just favored thingsthat have happened in the past. So it's hard to kind of get abalance there. And I met me. There's a big luck with the tags, as big brother this but they had a good year, good day katein the s and then there's a big gap till two thousand and five.So there's not a lot of games that tigers. You Go. I meanthere's games a win and it's but we get excited because I just win agame. Yeah, it's not. You look back on it, but likewhat, yeah, they win a game. Yeah, it's like in my inthe first episode of this podcast, me and pilch did actual top fivesporting moments and the Tigers beat in the storm and a regular season and lookingback I've watched the highlights that I was like this is just a last fiveminute try, like this actually isn't that special. But we've been food sometough times. Who is your favorite sports person of all time? You cangive you one all time and maybe one currently playing. This is a toughone. Unsurprisingly spent. I look, I've got a minute. I can'tpick one. I mean I've got so many that hit me with some names. Well, one that stands out to me is Greg Norman because I thinkI grew up in the ear when Greg Norman actually dominated strain sport. Likeyou guys never understand choke. Yeah, yeah, and that was part ofthe that was a part of the story. And then it'd a particularly to atiger support. It's like, yeah, I get this, but I thinkthat he's he's impact on Australian sport was massive, for he was anumber one golfer in the world for a long time. So wasn't like hewas just a flash in the pet. Wasn't like late you when he was, you know, world number one for like I was what was a yearor some. He was number one for years for you, and he reallydominated golf. The other one that I was Mike Richards and surfing. Hewon I think was four or five world champions in a row and he,you know, he was like I remember I used to go and watch himselfand he had that or about him when he walked through the car park andhe's with his Mark Riches Board at the BMI. He's got the Superman logothat users. Yeah, and you just knew that that was pretty special.I like, I mean rugby league. There's lots of players that are reallyenjoy probably for me she's it's hard. I mean there's so many good tigersplayers. Probably Beeny alce would be out there for me because I just thinkthey are really exciting foot pause, whereas you know, that jet like BenjieMarshall was pretty exciting. I like watching him, but he lets you downtoo much, you know, like he's good but he does a lot ofstupid things. For his Benning Licen, those guys were actually good foot ballsand and to be fair, they were surrounded with each other. Bend.He's kind of been, yeah, on his own, yeah, most ofhis time. So I mean there doesn't help. And then cricket, Cricket, Dk now you are as fellow love you more. I like Jevn Thompson. Yeah, probably he'd be up there as well because, if again,he was just magical, that guy, like I. So it's a fortunateto see these guys at their peak. And the thing about Thompson as Isaw him actually before he made a Beig. We Dad and I went to theshield, you know, but she was like there's no one there.Yeah, and he's playing for New South Wales. W was his last seasonfor New South Wales and it was you before he got picked for Australia andhe just I think it's Queensland they played and he just almost every time hebowl he got you know, not just the stumps would just go flying everywhere. Yeah, and then I saw him do that against the West indies twoyears later where he just destroyed the West indies. They didn't know how toplay with him and I said every ball this when you get a wicket.It was still wasn't like catching on the boundary. was like stumps flying everywhere. Say, as a kid that was really exciting. Now, like cricket, no one really stands out. I didn't like the modern generation. Youknow, really a fan of like the early s late night Scot. Iknow you don't really like mcgrail worn plan. I didn't really warmed any of thoseguys as there was a side. I like Mark Taylor, but yeah, there was something I couldn't warm to. So that it's an interesting like I'vewatch so much cricket, but there's... one that I really look toand go well, yeah, that. Where's those other guys? I'm tryingto think. There's in Wales. Probably is right. So that's that's thegeneral sport ones. Will touch on your rugby league passion later. I wasgoing to just keep these questions to mum and Campbell, but I'm actually Ifeel like there's an interesting questions to get more of an insight on people.So Watch you. Another really tough one to think of on the spot,but what is your favorite movie of all time? If there's like one youhad to just watch over and over again, more Campbell saleso big Wednesday, which, yeah, could she I've got Jo got my favorite movie a fulltime. You can throw a few names at me if you. Well,back to the future. Yeah, back to the future. I really enjoy. I enjoy first Buller's Day off and I like there was like Wall Street. There's movies, there's random movies that I do really enjoy that I stillwatch way Wall Street. Yeah, that isn't the wolf of water. No, heavy in the wall compus. It will move in the switch up crappythreaten and it was all about, you know, greed is good, whichwas what the S is about. Just had another one but it's got outof my mind. But that, you know, they're the ones life,that Chevy Chase. Yeah, like Christmas vacation. I love those. Imean, yeah, there's lots of movies you like to watch. Yeah,and they're the ones that, you know, stand out. I like money,bull like I like watching sport movies. That what's Kevin cost the one draftfield of dreams. It's awesome. Yeah, you know, they're Ilike those sort of movies. But now I'm not a I'm not a personthat goes, you know, like my taste change all the time. Yeah, it's fair to say. I think you and me at least in twomovies out of the family. Well, watch a lot of those because theplanes, because all the plane trips. I do watch. So you justget dragged through like our choice. I am I not ninety percent of movies. We go and see rubbish and you're not interested, whereas a guy justgo because you guys want to go. So go along. But and then, but then I do watch a lot of movies on the planes. SoI know all the movie while you often come back like the founder. Thatwas in my top ten of the decade. That was because that's a tiny movieonly box. I was it because you're not paying for them, you'regoing to see and they're available, whereas, yeah, I'm not in the marveland all that stuff because I just think, yeah, I like astoryline, not just special effects, and plus it's kind of high involvement.Fine, Marb like you have to watch every movie. Bet All the saysbite. mean the thing. I okay about them. Of the destroy cities. Yeah, we don't. We talked about and then what happens? Howdo they cities get magical? Tory about that in the marvel podcast. Butyeah, now you're not the biggest musical fan. It's fair to say.If it's not true, I used to be heavily into the music. No, musicals, I not musicals. No, it's fair to say. If yourson wasn't involved, I think you know, I wouldn't see no,if Campbell wasn't around and mom wasn't around, I wouldn't see any musical because.But not. You have been dragged quite a few. So what's yourfavorite? The you sing the least painful. Maybe I'm very probably Matilda me.Matilda was at a lot of action in scenes were short. It wasa sure that was pretty good. Campbells in it, which always helps.Yeah, I mean Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang, because he was in.It was his first one and they went for three. Maybe, Mumma MEA. But the rest of them, you know any of the UK one orno? Well, the first one, Juliet. And what was Angelia?Well, I's, you know, jet legs. Yeah, try to startthrough that one. The cooking one was dreadful. And wait, truth.Six, six, yeah, yeah, six was all right, but Iwas like saven about it. It was short, but you know, Iwouldn't. It's fast paced. Yeah, but why it was? I meanI think that problem is mum hyped them all up. So when you haveto see them as like, I love but I've never well, she neversee should have musical. That pissed me off. Like came in too,Matilda, thinking it was yeah, that's what well, you remember, andI like actually left it thinking that was yeah, that's that's what happened tous all. The first night we saw. Well, first of all, Ithought Campbell was a was a bit surprised to Campbell's role and then theother thing was, yeah, she'd painted this move fit. Show was sogreat that the first time I watched her went but once you got into thecharacter being, you know, I don't have mum see. I mean Iwould have see till he says she was a forty times. She reckons.Yeah, I reckon, I because saw nuts. She's always been close toten. I don't think I ever watch a movie, let alone in musical, more than ten times. Guess all about ten times if I added America. Only watching four times Matilda now,...

...because we went with Pete. Yeah, that used to go. Yeah, with like we're friends, a coupletimes and stuff. Yeah, and I yeah, that would be mine.But yeah, it's a short, short list because it's not a favorite genreand plus it's not like movies, like you don't see fifteen a year.So, like, I think I've only seen ten or something in my life. If you have to another these are some tough ones. Just sing anew spot, but on the spot. But if you have to listen toone song for the rest of your life, what are you going with? One? So like it doesn't have to be permanently on repeat. Obviously,but whenever you want to listen to tunes, this is, unfortunately, that onthis song. What's one song you just love? I know, Idon't even reckon you know this song, but I reckon you love the artof Flight Song. Yeah, I did like that. So sweet disposition,but I did like that. I did like that, but it's probably notyour top because probably an excess level tears apart. So what's called? Idon't know. It's called never tear us, but never pairs put. Yeah,I like that full on the hill by the Beatles. Well, whatif you have to listen to one artist collection? Well, you're going toLenk towards Beatles because I've got so much music. Yeah, no, Queen. Yeah, Queen's all right, but they're not as I enjoy queen,but neither. Well, they'd be up there. I like. There's lotsof music I like, but I'm not into big collections of music. I'minto likes oasis May, yeah, and I'm not Eyjo. I'm not intoI've got to have a thousand albums of the one group. I'm more utI like song. I mean, yeah, I'm like that. My playlists chopand change all yeah, that's right, that change changes all time, butI'm not a I don't listen like, for instance, I when I driveI don't listen to music. I like radio because I like hearing news, yeah, and people's views on news. And then when I run I don'tlisten to music. I listen to podcast because I think listen to music. Actually, when I was running today, the radio was on and they keptflipping the songs and I found that I didn't enjoy running to the musicbecause I I like to escape what I'm doing. Yeah, I don't.I'm not a fan of this in music. When I exercise, people like listento like bangers and stuff, but I'm not about that because, yeah, I don't know, because half the time you've heard the song before,so you just get bored. Like listen to it. There's a road question. I'll ask you, though, if you went on the voice what wouldbe your audition song? Right have to be what month? I think mymother said Dancing Queen. Really, yeah, should saying. I know everyone inthe family think it's an or vice, but I do. Girl from me, but neither epen either. I don't even know that song. It'sa ball my way Franks and archer because you pick it Frank Sinatra Song becausehe actually talks a little. You can just put the voice thinking. Yeah, you do that. So you go for the crooner songs. You'd stayaway from anything difficult. Yes, straight, hit the ball, straight down themiddle of the fairway. Yeah, saying them. Maybe she should wraplimit the vocal. That's right, and the dancing as well. So donot move, do not sing. Maybe going. Australia's got talent, butI wouldn't go on the voice because I think it's an appalling show. Yeah, actually, I'll be honest. They were watching it the other night andI was like, things still still going. Well, it's a limited put.The thing I don't understand. Astray has got a small population and ifyou do it every year, there's eventually where you skim. It's like skimmingleaves off the top pool. Eventually all the good ones are gone and alsoleft is the rubbish that. I don't think the singing's bad, just thesame thing every year. Well then, yeah, you can sing good onyour yeah, but they just Mimis all the where. I don't know.Manster chef, even though it's the same thing, because technically each she's likelyyour visual exactly cook, whereas what these people are doing is just mimic songs. So they tried to get to sound as close as they can to theartist, whereas if they were serious about it, you should come on andsing your own music. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, I don't know. There's something about market. Look at all the successful. Look at bands. They're successful because not. It's not because they can sing, it's becausethey got a unique sound or they write really good songs, whereas if youthink about your road from the voice, all you're doing is being a karaokesinger. How's that kind of work? They need to wake up to himself. There you go. Sorry, Christopher, if you're listening, big fan ofthe voice. Now just some general ones. I would like you.We've been lucky enough to go on quite a few nice holidays. I wouldlike you to rank your top three. That's easy. The English, EnglandScotland trip number one. Number two would be Vancouver and San Francisco and Laand then number three would be one of the Japanese trips. Number one ornumber two? I'll say in a moment.

I don't even know. Well,number two, we lived in the little unit. We lived in thatunit near the restaurant down the bottom of this and we didn't. We stayedin shopboyer. Yeah, and that's well. Was the first Sinegaua, yeah,and then the yeah, the other one we stayed in the hotel.So that was into Unchit Agau, which wasn't which it was all right,but it was in like the business to so I'd say Japan number two.Yeah, good bookie too. Yeah, that's a good show. If youhave, if you were stuck on a deserted island with one of us inthis households, who? Who? You know? I'm hoping it is.You can't ask me that question. No, everyone else has answered it. Comeon, mate, I can run you through there. So, butI like actually, no, I can't, because I like being I don't careyou picking my everyone picked it, has answered so far. I'd pickmum, obviously. Yeah, she picked you. That's but I mean foryou three. I know, Ye know, mum's included. So, yeah,you pick like Mama, but I mean you three. I know I'mnot asking. You've all got your strengths and weaknesses. Yeah, lock beme, because this is such a deep answer from lack one, because wecan make a footy and pass it, which is the priority in life.Really. Now, because I think you're being picked to you, because youknow the rocks of the island has very good point. Gee. Now,because I think you're all well, we're all the same. We're all prettyhead strong people. So if I picked one of you, guys eventually driveeach other nuts, whereas but yeah, no, Mum, because you knowwe've been together forever. Yeah, yeah, she said you. So you haven'tbeen dog there. If we all went on survivor, separate seasons,nothing to do with each other, independent, who's making it the furthest? You, you can include yourself now. You really shop that I thought wouldbe robbershot. No, I think everyone has said I'd be shy at it. So farlock on mud guy pretty well, but BLOCKLIN'S BLOCKLO would lose it inthe challenges with people. You go nuts and I think we both youunlock a guy really far. Mum. Mum couldn't do the challenges and Ithink formum, just living in the whole survivor environment just wouldn't work for her. And then Campbell, no, I don't think you know same of thechallenges I think camera struggle. The challenges for you two would be really goodin challenge, but your p you can kind of get carried at the start, but you tried. The only hard to imagine. The only problems youis you, I mean the vanager. Lock. Have you lock? Actually, when he's in he's move seen this. When he's in his mellow moods,he's actually or other people. He's very easy to get on with.Yeah, it talks those you trigger. You get triggered too easily. Somaybe maybe my yeah, I don't think I do very well personally. Maybelock. My back is a lot. would be in trouble, though,because he wouldn't help out with anything around camp. I think he would,because I think he knows any be lad locks of it look likes to belet. So that's people are doing work. Lock or join it. Yeah,and if it's just like hard yacker, like be running up one of youto go on to find some sticks, as I wouldn't last because it wouldjust drove me insane. Yeah, I don't I'll be out within thefirst few of us. The said Campbellow, because we reckon. He could entertaineveryone, but it's got no strength for the it's a bit grumpy whentired. Yeah, and he's doesn't like it's dirty fingernails, gets mistressed.I would get threeciate. I get kicked off because I don't like being aroundpeople look like that all the time. Would drive you insane. Magic beon top of each other. Yeah, I think I'd be done because andI'd want to Gash about P I'd want to go big walks around the island. She like that, which I don't think you're like to do. Yeah, last general question for you. Head to the runkle the history of phrasewe cooked ow if you could travel to one place on earth. So youonly allowed to go on one more holiday, but it's only one country. Idon't know. That will couple a six weeks. Where are you going? You can say a region, but then I want you to pick countryas well, but you stuck in one region the country. Or you cando things in the country. What do you mean? Well, I like, well, I might sell pick whistler because I get to ski every day. Well, yeah, you can pick that, but it's like a whole. Yeah, but I'm just not living there acres every day. Or Icould say England because there's lots to do. But if you're so, yea,yeah, I say you can say a whole country. Well, it'sI can't. Again, I'll give you two answers. One is whistler.You know, if I could go there for if I could live in aplace like whistler for the whole winter and just ski and Snowboard as much asyou want to do, you prefer whistler to the Swiss Alps. Yeah,OK, yeah, m Swiss Alps. I should have been there. I'mSawt O, but was from. I've been. I've been tolstring skiing Austria. Um, yeah, said, no, I know, like the I likeCanada better because I think it's it's pretty late back. You know,they speak English with a big thing.

Yeah, true, they've said throughthe yeah, prove bit hard. You have been to me, been toaloys likely, I mean the only other thing would be, yeah, theUK. So there's my two bit but different holidays. One because I getto do what I love every day, which is snowboard, but the secondone is because it would be really nice to live in, say, Edinburgh, for six months, because that'd be cool. Yeah, what? Soyou've traveled to so many countries with work what's one that you haven't been toyet that you're interesting going to, or is there not, really not?Well, I've been to Legis, I've been to just answered pretty much allthe main terrist ones and I've been through Europe, you know. So meanslike Spain and stuff. Now I haven't been. I would like that's good. I'd like to get to Spain. Africa, well, I've been toI've been to west Africa, which is not probably the nicest part of Africa, but then when you look at the rest of Africa, have well,what's there? So and I've got no desire to go to see the bigfive because goes to zoos see that. I don't need to see them intheir natural state. So Africa would be a big cross. South America.I've been to Chili, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador, so I've seen alland Columbia. I've seen all the really nice parts of South America. I'vebeen to Central America, Panama and Nicaragua, been in Mexico, obviously north ofSouth America. Then all through Asia. I would say, I could sayNew Zealand. Now I could say I would say the West indies.I would like to been some time around the islands a bit. I've beento Barbados, but I'd be good to spend some time there. But it'sa different sort of holding port of Spain. What's the couple? Or is itbridge town? I don't know, bybatos. So I remember the capital, which trying to think, I think is barbatos. Things one of thoseislands, for it's an island city. Yeah, well, West indies andmaybe Spain portable. Yeah, Droptha now. So a bit deeper into rugby league. What are you? What are your earliest memories of Rugby League?Like? Is there a specific game you remember going to first? Yeah,well, I think too well, the two memories of God. Remember sitting, which isn't face. It's actually famous, part of the famous. You guysare too young, but there's a movie called Don's Party, which isa famous Australian movie, and it was like a change, sort of likea change of ear a movie. And what it was was the one thousandnine hundred and sixty nine, the day that the Tigers won the grand final, there was a big election and they thought that golf, Withitlan or theLabor Party, was going to win, like and little party been in foreverand so thought they thought that this was the big ear of the so thisthis movie is all about Don's party and in the background on the TV's actuallythe Tigers playing. But I remember sitting outside where mom and dad had togo and vote. To me had an old holden and the radar was onon the Tigers were playing. So I remember. That's one of my veryfirst memories of Rugby League. And then the following season Dad took me tosee wit. How did you vote? I didn't wait. Mom and dadvote it. Yea, you were a citizenship. We yeah, I thinkyou were. Straight away. They did something, but could you UK citizens? That's like the first. Well, we emigrate earlier. I remember weemigrated. So we had scissors, you know. We were part of wecan strike. We weren't here interest freezes. So and then the following year Iwent to like heart oval when it was a proper oval that ran theother way, and I saw them play new town. So the thigs playnew town and they won that game. So that that is my we saton the hill. It was dad, me think mum was there and that. How does that work if we were another way? Well, there's nohill was a cricket field, like I was. Actually, so is thathe'll fake? Yeah, you know that. Yeah, you know. I wasgoing to say that's well, you know whether the all you know thoselittle grand that tiny little grandstand that was on the side. So the groundthat was halfway line. So that field went that way. So what theydid was when they turned into a rectangle, the actually cut in, they droppedit around, drop the ground and then from all the dirt they builtthe Big Hill. Yeah, why did you pick the Tigers? Had Afriend called David Donny Hue when I came from Australia to Australia and I didn'twouldn't have known. I mean I then anyone used to play rugby league atlunchtime, like you know. So most of my is quite weird because theschool I went to, Ashville primary, is the back wall. This isphysical back wall. Off The school was the Western sub was least club.So westward. We were right in the West's western suburbs, Ashfield, butmost of my mates went, for all...

...the people I've made friends with,was south because house for a big club and manly for some weird manly werebig, but it was a bit weird that in the West, you know, in a west of Sydney, at people going from manly and then thetigers sort of floated and there was West supporters obviously, and I got toknow David and so I follow the Tigers. Yeah, did you ever like flirtwith any other sports or when you first got here? Not. NowI've got hooked on Rugby League. Dad. I mean I look back down and, as you know, I feel a bit bad about this. DadNaturally missed. You know, it's a bit dad miss you. Could hemissed it? Football, you know, soccer. Yeah, and so hewent. He used to go and watch up here play. Who are outhere like that? Who actually just down the road from like out oval?Yeah, and he wanted me to go and I would say no, Idon't want to go. So I look back now and feel really bad aboutthat and think it was some very nice sun and so he's going his own. But what nationalities are upier? Italian, and that's what put dat off becauseif it was all it's, it was all racially basis. Is theCroatian team, and there was and there was a Celtic play there. I'vecan't remember what there was a Scottish here that and that was a reason.Do they just move out here to live and then they just play or dothey actually I think it came down and so dad went down there with theCeltic book or something, got a signature of fels cool. No, notwinter sports, he said. I mean Rugby Union's interesting. Rugby Union wason TV lot more in those days, the local league and Sydney in thatwas actually quite used to watch because because in those days only had one gamerugby league on TV. Yeah, so you'd watch other sports. So usedto watch Sydney rugby and that actually because all the wallabies plate. She usedto watch that. She's watch let like the eastern suburbs ground that we played. Yeah, so watch that. Never really you got remember when I havea team now, I never really. Well, obviously there was Randwick,who were like the one every year, and then now there was there wasa western. There was a western suburbs team which play at concord where likea where the Tigson now training. That was their ground. That's what concordbut I don't think they'll call Western summers. I think they'll called something else,but they know that's where they played and I few of my mates actuallyend up playing for them because school played rugby. So there's a few friendsplayed there. Then never really got into AFL because when I grew up itwasn't in Sydney and it was this you know, used to be on TVVfL, but you didn't really pay much attention to it. And then theSwan's arrived in the s but well by that by the day, by thetime it arrived, I was about gone, yeah, who's your favorite on you'Vevanshad been the Elias, but who's your who's the best play you've everseen for tigers and just in the League in general? One page the besttiger ellery Hanley. Yeah, closely followed by Wayne Pierce, like very closely. Peace wasn't the most skillful player, but he's the guy that they desperatelylack right now and that he was just he had a motor on him.Is a bit like Victor, what's his name, likely exactly same sort ofplayer. He he could tackle. When you got tackle by him at hurtand he do about forty those tackles and he just was super. He waslike the first. You know, that year it wasn't into fitness like thatnow. But he was super fit and he, you know, he justtried his hardest and that's what you want is a captain. So, butEllira handiling was something special because he he arrived in eighty eight in from Englandand turned the Tigers from our bottom five team to well, they could havewon the premiership he had and been knocked out on the grand final. HAVEANY YEARS? Did you play at The Times? One? Well, no, that's not right. He played one. He played one and and eighty eightand then he went to western suburbs and next year doctors. That's butthen he came back. Came back in the mid s when they were shit, and I think he might have played too, maybe two years with themlost these. He'd lost speed by then because he was like it's been likesome of the big players now that he was really strong, like muscular,but super fast. So he could break tackles. He would just physically breaktackles because he was super quick but also highly skillful and keep. I thinkyou keep goals as well, actually, and that's probably a bit different,like no Internet and stuff, but it would was here beast and the superlegual. No, I really yeah, you know, yours is one of thebecause what used to happen is because you know, that's one of the Ireckon. It's one of the sad things with Super League and the NRL playingat the same time like now that's gone to the summer in England. Yeah, the way it uused to work was the Super League season would fin allEnglish Rugby League would finish in about May.

They'd have all the big competitions andso they would come to Australia for the last two months of the premiershipand it's actually pretty exciting because suddenly your team would have these guys. LittleHandley turned up in June, late June, and the only play like six orseven games, but boy so and every team, a lot of theteams had them. Tigers just have about two or three them would rock upand I think it's one of the sad things because they were really good.They're really good players and I think that's why in the S, that lates early S, English Rugby League was actually pretty strong and they could challengeastray because of were playing in the premiership. If there's one thing about rugby leagueyou could change, what would you actually who? Who's the best play. You've seen the Sono Tigers player. Don't Thurston, let's go to liveor not. Well, you could have seen them live or not. Ilook that so many players. It means Andrew John's. Yeah, look,John's. Andrew Johns was good. I mean I was put thirst and aboveJohns because I think first of his like Wayne Peace, like just tried hishardest, never ever got out and that's why the one a premiership, becausehe never have gave up. Yeah, where's it? I remember that match. We watched them play in Melbourne and every tackle lazy, every scrambling tacklewould spit John Ball drops on the ground. Where is he is? Right nextto it. So there's him. I think I liked back in theold days, are liked. Bobby Fulton was pretty outstanding, like he wasjust a he was just a really good player. Steve Rogers, Matt Rogers, Dad, survivor fame, you know, and then Peter Sterling. Yeah,those guys. Yeah, so, sorry, back too much question.If there's one thing about rugby league right now you could change, what wouldyou change? Well, I think they're getting on too. It's getting ridof the wrestle. But what I would love to see come back into thegame, which I think. I don't I know why they did it.But it's striking for the ball in the play the ball. Yeah, becausethen then what that means is because I think the biggest downfall of rugby league, you it this white could get boring, and I understand why AFL people gotit's dull. If you get teams that just run five kick, run, five kick, it's pretty dull game. Yeah, whereas if you know everytime and if you don't like you sort like human tides. Played manlyand that was a shocking game where manly just dominate and they just get balland they kicks and it was just like this is boring and lost us in, whereas if you strike for the ball, it means, and that's the waythat ruck is design, that play the ball is actually a miniscrum.means the balls in play every game every so you could get that like repeyunion. Yeah, that's why it should be. Can turn over any point. Yeah, that's pretty much all I've got for her. Eight minutes tillSuper Saturday starts for sue Saturday back up to lockdown. So I'm pretty keen. Thanks for coming on mate. Thanks for am my cush is a bitvague thing, but yeah, and I'm looking forward UESTIONS. So yeah,answers, they were great, man, they yeah, I mean I thinkit's an interesting one. I could finish up on rugby league. He's alittle story fround us off. Mum Doesn't get this right it. Mum's nevergot this about rugby league. There is it. When you live in Sydneythere's a hue and when you work into state, like I've have and livedinto state, here's a huge anti rugby league feeling and it's a snobbery.It's this people look down on rugby league and you know, like the peopleare going to private schools in Sydney and the north shore and the eastern suburbsand that they look down a rugby league. It's a game played by the westernsuburbs and it's all meat heads a play it. AFL people think thesame. It's a stupid score sport all they run into it. So whenI first came out of Uni and I could started being moved into state,you'd end up in these huge brawls about rugby league versus AFL, and soI just thought after a while I'm not going to tell anyone that I writelike Rugby League, and even if you ask my people I work with thatI work with lights, if you said, you know, what's phrases passion,and none of them would pick rugby league because I keep it very quiet. Yeah, and that's because I just know that people judge you on it. And but it's interesting. I had a guy that now works for me, Camp Switzer. He he sat with me. We were talking one dayand I said I sort of scheapestly let it know that, yeah, I'mgoing to fly down the city with the family see the Tigers, and hesaid to me, that's really goodness, and I can. And he said, you know, you've got to be passionate about things in your life andit's great that you're you're passionate about football. And that was a like what wesay at worker and Aha moment where you wake up and you go itis true, you know, falling,... is really good and it's itis a passion and you should really enjoy it. You know that it's it. You know, I I can understand why people don't like sport, butJesus, nothing better that that whole group. It's because it's like out of churchreally, because it's like minded people to instead of praying, you're allgoing to the ground and that feeling when you walk into the ground and yousee all the Orange Jumpers and you know, it's just awesome. So yeah,I mean that's it. I mean that's if vice always give to youguys. If you're going to do anything, follow anything, be passionate about it. So if you pick a team, be passionate about it. You knowdon't and that's why I'm probably Fussy that I don't have other sports,because I've only got I only got root, you know. You Know How passionI am about my team. Yeah, I don't think I go a lot, a lot of passion left for anything else at the hearts and soso I can watch sport like IFL, but you're not, you're not,you're not into it because you don't have the passion about it. So it'sdifferent. It's like the rock pebbles and analogy. You've got your big rocksof filling up the jar. May can't get many other it's like rugby league, like I can watch rugby league games and be totally disconnected from them becauseyou go on tig is not play, but as soon as those guys crossthe line, it's game on. That's it. Let's all finish up onthat little like beautiful man. Okay, so coming on, Oh orry,see, yeah,.

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