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NRL Round 7 Review | Rugby League - Episode 125


Hamish returns to dissect another week of NRL footy. We address the turning of the tides for the early season bottom feeders, the ongoing struggle for the Broncos and Tigers and the early game of the year contender. We also go through each current NRL coach and rank them and predict the upcoming weekend of Round 8 of the NRL. 


Hello and welcome back to the on the ball podcast. This is episode a hundred and twenty five of the show. We are here again once again to chat about the rugby league. We will be talking about round seven of the NRL, concluded on the weekend, obviously, and Zac Day round well, and Zach round was the case in both codes. But yeah, really really important round filled with a lot of Prestigi and pride for the players. It's a great opportunity for players, fans coaches alike to come together, pay their respects and, you know, enjoy the game we love Footie, whilst thinking about the brave soldiers you know, went to full and stuff like that. So that's always an enjoyable aspect of will not an enjoyable but a moving aspect of a sack round in the NL, as it is in all sports. So today we're going to be talking about the usual things, the winners and losers. We're going to update our predicted top eight, we're going to chat about next week's games and we're also going to have a little look at the sixteen coaches currently in the Nurl. A few coaches are currently coming under a bit of fire, mainly probably Michael McGuire and Kevin Walters. So I'm going to do a little bit of a teer list. I've got about five categories and we're just going to sort through the coaches and see where they currently stand in the pecking order. But before we get to that we're going to be doing a winners and losers as always, starting with the winners, starting the positives. It's the manly seeagulls. They've gone back to back. We thought the titans game might have just been a flute. The Times weren't great that day, but they've come once again. Not The strongest opponent in the Tigers, but the Tigers are really good. For the first twenty thirty minutes had a lot of possession, put up them under a lot of pressure and they came out of it with only one try. And then the seagulls just took charge for the remaining fifty fifty minutes. They're still not even at full strength yet, which is a good sign for seeagulls fans. I think Curtis Syrians to come back. Joel Thompson, I don't know if he's playing or what's going on there. I don't even know if he plays in our own anymore, to be honest. But yeah, I know they've got a couple injuries. Moses silly, I don't know if he's in their best best seventeen anymore. Morgan Harp has been pretty good the last couple of weeks, but there are definitely a few injuries. So that's frightening that they could get even better. I don't know what's happening with the Nassi final. It's probably one of the strangest stories and regular league right now. There's just no like updates about it ever. So I don't know if he's going to play this year. I doubt it, but yeah, it's pretty exciting thought for the future when he comes back or if he comes back. Mixed that in with turbos Form Cherry Evans for and yeah, it's just going to be a very exciting team. But looking at the now, they all of a sudden look like people were predicting them to make the top eight and then after the first few rounds you're like they're kidding themselves and all of a sudden they look like they're not even going to be that far off. There's that eight spot. You know, there's a bit of a big six and then there's probably the titans outside of that, and then for eight I think there's four or five teams who are really, really evenly matched, and so manly a ride in that mix for me. And Yeah, they've just proven it back to back. This is going to be huge test this week up against Penrith Paen. There's paying like a doll eighteen. So obviously the pumps is not giving manly a stiff but, like, I wouldn't be the most wild thing the world. Well would, because penrith basically don't lose. But it's going to be a huge test for manly. This is really going to show if they're any sort of finals contender or not. If they get blown out of the water by Penrith by like forty points, while we could probably just write them off for finals after it described the last two weeks. But if they come out don't necessarily win but put on a good showing, then all of a sudden they're right there or they're about so exciting times. Tom Trevo of its just drawing himself.

You know, the whole debate. Early the season we did a whole episode on it. Pretty much papinaws and or Tedesco and then the last two weeks. I think Turbo's just going to hang on a SEC like I'm still here and I'm not saying he's better than them, but I'm not like at the start of the two thousand and twenty season, I actually did personally believe that turbo was the best fullback in the game at that point. At the moment I'm not sure he is very good play with the other two are playing really and they probably the three best players in the competition right now next to and they think clearly. But yes, just SA insane how good he is playing. Everyone's getting around Jack Trevoy, which is well, which I have to say I'm not very good at pointing out. Jake Trevoi, which is strengths in the game when I'm watch him. But yeah, care and foreign and Cherry. It's definitely playing better block Sycola, I'm not sure how to pronounce it, sorry, but how marlow all the car to, I think it is. He was pretty good. And Yeah, they've just tatting El Pa. Secca played well. It's a power played well. So exciting times for manly after what was a very bad start. Moving on to another team that had about start the bulldogs. They notched up their first win under Trent Barrett, beat the Sharky's eighteen, todred and twelve and well, it's not like obviously the ideal start to the dog for the dogs. They don't want to be a sitting at the bottom of the ladder, but they got their win. That's the main thing. No one wants to be sitting on that duck for too long. Then no one's been unrealistic of what this season is going to be like for the bulldogs. Yes, they had a few raps on them in the preseason because they all their big signings, but I think we pretty quickly realize that they're not going to be a top eight team, which is fair enough. They're building for the future and they've announced this morning that they've signed Breton Nadan to go with AUTOCAR and Burton. So they're building a really exciting future. I think it's a smart play what they're doing, going for the play. Well, not like Auda cars, a fringe play, but that you know they're going for the players on the fringes of the good team. So they come in, they drive the culture, stuff like that. Like Corey Allen came in from a successful Rabitos side. Burton and Nadim will come in from a successful panther side. Contrack came in from a successful raiders team. So all of a sudden they've got a nice blend of all the quality teams right now. So that should be good off field and on field. But yeah, I'm interested to see how their back line lines up this next year. It's they've got a lot of players now to choosehow in that back line. Still would like to see maybe one or two signings in the forward pack till I think they are actually sniff at top eight. But I like what tremp Barrett's doing in terms of signings. It is interesting. He's obviously a very well liked play coach because the amount of pool he has compared to someone like a tigers who have we've really struggled to get big name players, not the Brenton aid in, a Matt Burton, you know, household names, but like they are coming from teams that have gone on twenty match winning streaks and out of cars, coming from a team that's win one, like three premierships in the last five years or whatever it is. So yeah, it's interesting that the bulldogs have such a pool it's considering it. They've been really poor for a long time. But yeah, really happy for bulldogs fans. They're tired. Looks like it's starting to turn and yet hopefully they can keep building that team for the next few years and show some real signs of progress throughout the rest of this year. But well done to trump Barrett and the bulldogs team. And then next we've got the other team. Probably. These are probably the three teams we talked about out at the start of the season being the bottom feeders, but the cowboys have now und three on the trot. I'm an amazing victory over Camber. I didn't actually get to catch the bulldogs or cowboys games because I was out on Saturday, but from what I saw that's pretty impressive. To put up twenty eight points against the raiders. I think it was yet to our twenty six, sorry, two six, hundred twenty four. People were saying it was not about game. Raiders came out it with a couple injuries. Looks like the cowboys have found their spine combination, which is taken them awhile, but it looks like they're going to settle for that for the rest of the year, which... good. Town Lolo probably comes back this week, not a hundred percent, but that's good news for Tod Payton and his cowboys. And yet it's looking up and up for the cowboys. Look, I don't think they're going to get too many wins for the rest of the year, if I'm going to be completely honest. But one good thing for them is they have such a huge home ground advantage. It's probably one of the biggest travels for most teams. It's a completely different climate up there to say, Sydney. So yeah, if they keep using it like they did here against the raiders, they're going to probably upset some big teams up there in north Queensland. So exciting times for cowboys fans. Another winner I'm going to touch on is the times versus Rabbitos. This was the dead shift. The Friday six PM game is always the worst game of the round, or the second game on Sundays. You should pretty bad as well. But me and my older brother were talking about us where no team is ever put up a good performance on Friday six PM, even if they are a good team like they just seemed to fall to the level of the time slot. Which is a strange theory, but these two teams proved it wrong on Friday. This was the game of the year by far for me. So far. It is only round seven, but it's going to be hard to top at the rabbitos ran over the top of the Times. Forty two, thirty, seventy point thriller. Everyone's been not happy with the amount of points being scored so far this season, but when it's split evenly amongst two teams, you know it's not seventy two nail, it's thirty to forty. It's a very exciting contest. The Times just showed there. Yes, the Rabbitos weren't full strength, they had latrelle out, but they still have an absolute abundance of talent on that field. The titans showed they're not the team that loses to mainly thirty six neil. There a team that pushes the Rabbitos to the last five minutes. So that was really positive signs for Justin Holbrook and titans fans. But yeah, I was obviously going for the titans and it hurts. It sucked that the rabbit has got up, but worll done to both teams put on an absolute show for the fans at home and at the ground and yeah, hopefully the Times can put keep playing that exciting brand of footy that they have been so far this year. Should be good for their fandom. I think there are a lot of people second teams have been for a long time. So, except for that one guy in the comments in my video the other week who said he didn't like the titans, but I think that's very few people. Just touching on Benjam Marshal. I talked about it last week and yes, he played well, but I'm not oppen. When Benjie Marshal has one good game the initial response is to have a crack at tigers fans. I think this needs to stop. It's pretty stupid leg you just go watch last year's season for the Tigers, you'll realize that he wasn't the player he was at the Rabbit Os. And yes, he's playing really well in attack, but he's not really being tested in defense because, a the rabbits have a lot of field position, but also he's got the best tackles next to him. Basically said all this last week, so I'm not going to touch on it too much, but it is pretty triggering when you go on twitter as soon as ben she does sign well and half the chat is about tigers fans and now stupid they are. It's like I know people to get do it for responses, but people like buzzer off field, like seriously made scrap. And then my final, when it is the roosters good win in the end sact day traditional clash over the dragons. Teddy went down pretty early, I think in the twenty minute. He was out with concussion. They Swung Joey Marny back two. Shows their versatility in the back light will everywhere really. But yeah, to beat a team that was flying in the dragons pretty comfortably in the end, thirty four to ten. It was a pretty high quality game. Early both teams will have really having a dip, but the roosters just seemed too strong. I don't put too much pressure on him because we can't have we can't expect too much from an eighteen year old, but Sam Walker is absolutely flying to start your season. Even drew Hutchinson's playing well now, so it's good signs for the roosters. If they can just they're going to be there in finals. They might even push for top four in this form. But yeah, it looks like we probably wrote them off two or three weeks ago and I'm not sure they're good enough to win a premiership. I don't know if they how they stuck up against the big sides. Will have to...

...see later on in the regular season when they play them. But yeah, I probably wouldn't pencil them out of the premiership anymore. They look like they could beat most teams on their day. So really good at week for the roosters. So That's enough for the winners on now touch on the losers. First of all. I know, so I'm going to talk about the Tigers and Broncos here. Yes, these teams have been in the losers for a long time now, so don't a bash on them too much, but I'll, you know, try and be constructive. But the broncos had really a weekend from Hell, you have to say. Lost by forty two. The eels touching on this game, like I know they're trying to expand the game and they want fans from everywhere to watch rugby league, which is great and something the afel do really well. Yes, people down here in Melbourne think afls really big and Queens and New South Wales, I'll tell you it's not. But they do reach all parts of Australia, which is good. I think. Then are only to try and do that more, which they are. But I tell you what, I felt better for the players. They were absolutely sweat and bullets in this game up and Darlin. Even in the national anthems when they pinned across, you could see everyone was already sweating, like Fergus and apparently through up in like the fifth minute mark. So yeah, really rough game for the players. But the Broncos, who you think would be used to the humidity more than the EELS, they were the team that just did not show up. The heels are way too good in all aspects of the game, and the EELS, as we've become accustomed to in the last three years, they just really punish these teams who aren't anywhere near their level, and they should do it on the school board as well. They won by forty, but just add insult to injury. We obviously saw that in video of Kevin Walter's blowing up the dressing room. He through the jumper on the ground. So here's obviously really frustrated with what's he's seeing from his side. What hurt, though, Reese Walsh, the young fullback who left the broncos earlier in the year. He made his debut for the warriors and I have to say he looked bloody good. You could just tell the first time he got the ball, the way he moved. It was like when polling damuted. I'm not saying he's going to be Ponger, I'm not putting any pressure on him, but when you watch pong up first play, the way his agility and just the way you moved, he like kind of glided shots that sharp steps, you knew he was going to be really talented player. And the same went for Reese of Walsh. As soon as me and my older brother saw him get the ball where, like Jesus, Guy's going to be good. is any and he played really well. Really interesting that he played fullback and Roger went wing. This week he's been named at five eight, which I have to say on the day I was a bit confused waiting play five eight and Bailey Syrun and did On't. I didn't watch the second half so I don't know if he shifted into their late in the game, but yeah, when you had one of the world's best fullbacks of wing at a full back who looked like he could play five was a bit weird that you will play afford in five hour. No seren and did have experience. They're in juniors, but that's good that I've made that move. Really excited to watch him play this week. When to the warriors play? Actually they play Sunday two o'clock, so I'll be watching that bit of a dead game against the cowboys, but he'll give us something to watch. And then they lost diared into the cowboys on Monday. Look, I think this was just this is inevitable. Really didn't. Wasn't. Look, I don't watch the broncos. That coalis Lee so broncos fans can let me know on the comments below or my instagram dams how they think dearness as a player. But I was so he's pretty good, better than Brodycroft anyway, in my opinion, and he didn't really seem to get the same level of respect that brody crofted. I think because Brodycroft came in they were like really trying hard to make him work because they didn't want to be they were being stubborn. Basically, where didn't didn't seem to get the same persistence. But yeah, so didn't pulled the pin. He's moving up to North Queensland along with Chad Townsend. So I don't know if he's going to play six and Chad Townsend's going to play seven. I would guess that will maybe the other way because I guess Chad towns and does play with Shawn Johnson. But yeah, I don't know. They seem it's kind of like similar players. But didn't.

Is a good run of the footy as well. But that's an interesting route for the cowboys. By are just another nail more not the coffin. But you know, ADDS insults injury for the broncos after what was a devastating weekend. And then Kevin Walters bounced back bitterly on Tuesday and dropped about four of his players. Dropped Croft and did back to the Queensland Cup. David Mead also got dropped. I think someone else got dropped. Can't remember. And now look, I don't know how I feel about this. I think it's good that he's chopping and changing some. It's it's a lot more inspiring as a fan when your coach is making changes. Then what Michael Mcguire doesn't just basically keep picks the same team this week. But I don't actually know if it's that constructive. It's pretty hard to win a game when your halves pairing changes every five minutes. But in the saying that they might come out this week and win and shut me up. So yeah, got to be interested to see how Milford enticing GAM will go. Milford's supposedly month longs didn't Queensland Cup on the lasted two weeks. But yet I feel bad for Kevin Walters. He's walked into a pretty nightmare situation at the moment. So hopefully they can turn it around. But yeah, it's really struggle street right now for Brisbane. Next lose I'm going to touch on is the Canberra raiders. They'll look. I don't think it's panic stations for them at all. I think. I'll be honest, I don't know how we go in this cycle every year, but in both codes all sports people always seem to forget that like the first quarter of the season isn't actually that relevant, especially when you're playing it season with finals. For example, I now in the Premier League. Wheneverton were top after like four rounds everyone was like, Oh, they actually going to win the premier league. Now they're like nine. And then last year, I think Richmond were one win, two losses and a tie after round for and everyone was like that they're done, they're cooked. They ended up winning the premiership. So I think everyone just eased to relax. On the raiders is pretty similar to what they did last year. I remember watching them play a few games and they would just really just looked disconnected. So I don't think we need to be too harsh on them. But they lost to the cowboys, which isn't really good enough for a top six team, and now jos for parley's getting arrested. Their teams just chopping and changing all every week. I don't think they've found the right forward balance yet. They've got I think they've got the best forward pack in the competition, on paper anyway. Not sure about form, but it's really, really hard to fit them all into one team. We've seen how are we were and I we've Seen Horse Bra we've seen Tarp Andy. All have stin in some reserve grade. So and they're all really, really good, talented players. Two of them and played international footy. So yeah, I don't actually know what the best starting lineup is. It's really tough one. So they're eventually going to find that right mix and then all of a sudden they're going to be a dangerous team, but at the moment they're just struggling a little bit. But yeah, I don't think it's panic stations for the raiders, but they are definitely a loser coming out of the weekend losing to the cowboys. I thought this would be a bit of a bounce back week for them, but evidently it wasn't. And now they've got the Rabbitos, which doesn't get any easier, and then they've got the night so two tough weeks for them. But yeah, definitely not panning stations for the raiders just st it is only around seven and final only. The Tigers another really frustrating performances. Really played well in that first thirty minutes and then that last fifty it just went to crap. They should have been probably three tries up after at the thirty minute mark we had all the ball in the first fifteen. We only ended up scoring one try late and it was a pretty flukey trials, like a deflected kick. So that's disappointing and it was pretty weird because our tax being actually pretty fluid all year, so that was really disappointing. I think they're starting to head in the right direction in terms of team selection. I think you UTO Akaman, who's finally starting, which is a good thing. They've got Sim get in who looks better than little but yeah, know they still need some fine tuning on that starting lineup. Lay lure comes in this week for cheek...

...and, which was an experiment that didn't really work, so that'll be interesting to see how that goes. Lelus frustrating because seventy minutes he's probably the best center at the club, but then you'll give you that ten minutes of just pure crap. I'm not sure if you can hear the trade's next door, but we'll just push through it. And Yeah, I think James Roberts has been really frustrating. I think he's been a crap signing. I know he was not on much money at all, but he's just not playing well. I don't didn't expect him to be back to his New South Wales level but he's just not even playing good club Footie at this point. Just so many errors zero impact on the game. So he's probably be my main frustration at the moment. Same Mast Grove came on. He was absolutely awful and defense. He got drop this week, which is good to see. But yeah, it's just really frustrating. Tomamn still not in the team, which I don't know about. Mcayley came back into the seventeen, which is good. I think he's in our best seventeen, but I think tom and mo own has a place there as well. But yeah, it's just really frustrating as a tigers fan right now because we've been doing it really since the side of last year where we just like we play. If we play like we do against the big teams, like we did against the rabbverse, for example, will win most of the games against these will not. Not The manly is a bad team at all, but you know, these weaker sides, like if we played like we could did against the Rabbitos, we would have beaten manly. We probably would have been the cowboys the Middle Defense on the weekend, which is horrible, where it wasn't against the rabbits. So yeah, that's frustrating because we get up for the big games. We always put in a fight and then we don't get the points and then we can't again stee small teams that we should beat and then we don't win either. So, yeah, it's just really frustrating. I don't really know the answers anymore. Do feel bad for magic because it just seems like nothing's working. I think we're just got to give them more time. Personally, I'll get into the coaching tier. Listen a second. But yeah, I like that he's kind of sticking with the boys, having some faith. It is only around seven and just hoping the tides turn. But Yeah, look, not much we can do. I'm surprised ZAC seene he hasn't come in yet. I think he should. If laylor doesn't, if Roberts plays the same on the weekend, I think Zac seene he's got to come in. Yes, he is playing fullback in the the goose, but he's playing fullback very, very well and he's basically getting mad in the match every week. So I think we should get him in the team. And then another reason is like you don't want to teend coming and grabbing him and then he's a star again, so you'd rather blood him, even if it's on his preferred position, but it looks like Dane Lawrie's got the fullback spot on lock, so I'd like to see him come into the team at some point. And then also Toma. I just think he's a really good player and is someone we kind of need. So that's a bit disappointing. But Yeah, enough to talk about. The Tigers. Will probably talk about the most weeks as I am a big tigers fan, but I don't want to bore you too much. So moving on to our predicted top eight, I haven't had too many changes, so I'll just run through one hundred twenty eight yet again. So the storm number one. I'm still going to above the panthers. Just panthers number two, Rabbitos, third, eels fourth. I've now dropped the raiders below the roosters. I've just seen the roosters have shown good enough form that they're still going to be up right, up right, up and about right in the midst for the top four. So I've got them in fifth, raiders down to six, tightens down still in seventh and I've kept the dragons in eight. They did have a disappointing result. It's the Roosters, but I think they were pretty good for the first twenty minutes. I know that's a very small portion of the game, but I just haven't seen enough from the other teams below them to chuck them in where I think the dragons will be a pretty solid lineup for the most of the year. I'm ruling at the Tigers down. Last week I had the bulldog broncos cowboys don't chance to making it, and I know the cowboys of now on three games, but I'm still keeping them there. I'm ruling out the Tigers down. I tried to stay loyal last week, but now we're not making the finals. Let's be real. But the night's worry, sharks, seagulls are all in the mix for that number eight spot, along with the Dragon. So that's an exciting race faith,...

...and I'm not saying the top seven's completely locked in as well. So we'll keep monitoring those teams and change the top eight bracket as we see fit. Or Right. Coaches, tearless time. I've got five category, five categories for you. I've got an immortal to so I know there's no real and mortal coaches, but you don't coaches that deserve a mortal status or hall of fame status or whatever you want to call it. Then below that I've got the elite category, so just a really great coach that's not quite at that amortal level but maybe one day will. Then below I got a solid coach. So somebody doesn't deserve to be sacked, but they're also not really lighting the world on fire. In experienced coach is probably just some one we haven't seen enough yet to judge. They might be good, they might be able to not sure. And then finally, hot seats. So those coaches who you know the sea below them sound a warm up and they might be on the chopping block before the year's end. Right starting with Brad Arthur. He has a fifty point three percent win rate in his career or with paramatter. And now this is the tough one, with beer. I think he's an overrated coach in my humble opinion. So I think I'm not going to go late, I think I'm going to go solid. I just think he has a really, really good team him and I think there would be a few other coaches that would get a little bit more out of that team. So yes, I guess he might have had a role on that list. Management, so that's a good thing. He's got a really good ability to draw players. Seeing people like OPA check and Sean Lane, who came to the client Gutherson, who came to paramount or is really no bodies and they're now pretty good players. Well, Gutherson's elate. The other two pretty good, so I guess he's good at drawing that. But yeah, I'm going to put him in solid, top end of solid, bottom end of Elie, but I'll go solid. Trent Barrett is only got a thirty seven percent win rate. Obviously at a really unsuccessful stint with the seagulls, then went to Penrith as assistant coach and now he started the bulldogs. Sure he's probably now I'm gonna have to put him in experience. I don't think I can put him in solid yet, but he's obviously on the hot seat. Is because he just started the bulldog so I'm going to put him in an inexperience coach. We haven't seen enough of them. Is Still Very young man. So I'm going to put Trim Bart Inexperience. Next, no brainer. Craig Bellamy, straight into the immortal tier. Sixty nine point one percent win rate highest wimcentage of any coach with more than thirty games coached. He has three premierships for minor premierships. I'm not mentioning those cheating ones, as a lot of people do, but I don't get why they get mentioned. But still, three premiy front premierships is absolutely incredible and my lifetime has been the best coach over seeing. Yes, Wayne Bennett has the longevity, but a didn't see the first part of his career. But yet Craig Bellamy is consistency Wayne, and it's teams about a few down years, where Craig Bellamy hasn't. Yes, Wayne Benett's moved to different clubs and he's done it with different teams, so that's more impressive. But yeah, what Bellamy is built in Melbourne absolutely incredible. So he's strained to immortal. Wayne Bennett also into a mortal. Sixty one point five percent, so a lot less than Bellamy, but he's coach the most games ever at eight hundred and sixty eight games coached. He's also one seven premierships. Yes, his career has been very, very long, but that's so impressive. And yet fair play to both of them, two of the best coaches ever. If not, there two best ever. So they're both into the immortal tier. Next up we've got Nathan Brown. He's probably one of the toughest ones to judge. I think. Forty two percent win rate in the NFL not great, but he had a sixty percent win rate in the Super League. He did have a twenty six percent win rate at the night, Nathan Brown, so but he did win the Super League with Saint Helen's. So look, it's a tough one. I don't think I can put him in experience, but he's also not the hot seat. So I think I'm going to have to put him at the very, very low end of solid. I'm not putting on the same level but Arthur. But probably should be another tier in there that's just like average, but I'll keep it as it is. So I'll put him at the very bottom of solid. Ivan cleary, penrith coach. Obviously he has a sub fifty percent win rate and his three previous coaching gigs but it's seventy two percent... his current Gig, so that's very good. I'm not going to put him in elite, I don't think. I think think I'm going to put him at the top end of solid. Yes, what he's drawn out of these youngsters is very impressive and the run they've been on is incredible, but it is really only two years of his career that's been good. The rest of it hasn't been great. So I'm not going to, you know, get around him too much just yet and that he still doesn't want to premiership yet. So I'm going to put him in the top of solid. Anthony Griffin, fifty six percent in Korea win rates unfairly. Sacked twice, once at the Broncos, once that Penrith, and he's down doing really well for the dragons. And I know he hasn't had premiership premiership success, which I just said as a downfall of live and cleary, but I'm legit considering putting him in the legit consider I'm putt him in elite. I don't care what you say. I think is a really good coach. He's shown with three different teams now and that he just gets results. Yes, he doesn't play the most exciting brand of footie. Yes, he hasn't proven he can win premierships, but he gets results. So I'm putting him at the bottom end of elite. Yes, that's controversial. But Colt, if you disagree with me, let me know down the comments or in my instagram. GM's Josh Hannay, the current interim coach, obviously straight into inexperience. He's only coach eleven games, part some of the cowboys, some of the sharks, so not really much to say about him. MIXED UP DESI has law to premier ships in one in two thousand and eight, one in two thousand and eleven, at a fifty seven win rate, percent win rate. I think I'm going to put him in elite. Yes, in the recent years, but Athur and Ivan cleary have been better. But he's got premierships under his name. He did basically fuck up the bulldogs. Let's don't lie there. You really ruin them with the salary cap issue there. But yeah, great win percentage to premierships. I think he's too good to be in solid. So he's going elite, Justin a whole brook as only a forty four percent win right at the Gold Coast but an eighty percent win right at the St Helen's. Now this is this is bold of B I don't know. I kind of read them above Anthony Griffin, though, or that's tough. That's tough. Actually, I'm moving. Can I do that? Can I move Anthony Griffin down to solid and put yeah, I'll do that. Anthony Griffin down to solid at the very top of sold and I'm going to put Justin whole brook at the bottom of elite. Just think what he's gotten out of this Gold Coast team so far has been really, really impressive. And an eighty percent win rate in the Super League. I know the St Helen's teams stacked, but that's pretty incredible. That's heard of an NRO or rugby league. That's, you know, winning eight games out of ten. That's winning sixteen out of twenty. You also want a few premierships there, I believe. So, yes, the win rates not quite there with the times, but what the progress is shown already in such a short spend of time has been incredible. So I know I was just saying Ivan cleary. You know he's history is not great, but whole Brook, I'm going around them. I'm put him in elite. Michael McGuire, now, look, I probably going to put him in the hot seat. I don't think he's a bad coach, but yeah, right now he's just not really getting results. Is he want a premiership in two thousand and fourteen? The stay outs fifty seven percent career win rate, which is really good, but only thirty seven percent at the Tigers. It's a really weak squad. So I can't blame him for that. He came in with salary cap issues, a lot of wasted money in reserve grade and players who weren't he's favorite. So I'm going to put him in the hot seat just because he is in the hot seat realistically, at when you think of the sixteen coaches, he's probably the one closest to getting sacked, although I'm praying the Tigers don't sack him. I'm scared they're going to reflex sack him. But I wanted to see how the rest of this year at least, if not next year, because I just don't think he's really been given a fair crack of the salary cap. But I wanted... have a really good chance of showing signs of progress. I think tigers in recent times of been a little bit image premature. I know I haven't clearly walked out on our styles and our choice, but they've been a little bit premature up with their sacking. So I'm going to put Mark La Guire hot seat, but I hope he doesn't get sacked. Adam O Brian, now he's an interesting one. I think he's not really been talked about that much. He guided the nights to finals last year in his first year as a coach. Fifty percent win rate, which is pretty handy for your first coach, for your first Gig. He's only coach twenty eight games, so he's close to inexperience, but I put him in sold they've got a really good team, so he's certainly not elite, but yeah, I think he's doing a solid job there. Toddy Peyton, or just get back to Adam O'Brian. If they if the nights come below ten this year, I'm not even like it's very early in his career, but I wouldn't even say is that far after hot seat. I don't know. It's a big call. But then toddy Payton, I'm going to put him in the inexperienced. I know he's coach twenty one games, only seven lesson O'Brien, but I did after he was intim coach for most of out the warriors. So forty three percent win rate. Got A lot out of that warries team last year and he's now looking at the last three weeks, is doing pretty well with this cowboys side. So I'm going to put him in experience, but he looks like a solid coach. Trent Robinson, he is the very, very top end of elite. Not Putting him in a mortal yet because he hasn't really had the longevity yet, but three premierships, sixty four percent win rate. It's an incredible start to his coaching career and I'm sure one day he will get to that immortal status but for me right now he's going in the he's going in the top of elite. Ricky Stewart is my next man. He had the premiership in two thousand and two with the Roos just a long time ago. Fifty percent win rate career wise, fifty two percent win rate with the raiders. Now he's a tough one. I mean I do think they probably should have won a premiership in the last five years. I think they've had a really strong team for quite a few years and they haven't. They've obviously made the grand final, they haven't been like domining any particular season, but I'm going to put Ricky Stewart and elite, I think. Yeah, he's just built a really good squad here at the raiders. Yes, I know people probably saying how is Brad Arthur? And I haven't cleary and anything, Griffin worse and then, which is actually a very fair point now they think about it. But yeah, I like Ricky Stewart. I think he's doing good things. You CANBRA yes, they have slow starts the year, but he they're always there or thereabouts in finals and yeah, I hope they get a premiership soon because I do like this raiders lineup. Kevin Walters, finally, only coach seven games of n Rl, so you straight into inexperienced. But Car Li is probably not far off the hot seat, to be honest. He's only coach seven games, as I just mentioned, but he went at thirty seven percent win right at his time at the catalans dragons in two thousand and nine, I think it was. So that's not great, especially when most of these are the coaches have killed it when they're in the Super League. So yeah, he hasn't got a good track record at all, but he hasn't coached enough for me to say he's on the hot seat. I think it would be weird. The RONCO SACKTON before the end of the year. So for me, well, they did with see bold, but for me he's inexperienced. That leaves only madge in and the hot seat section, which is interesting, but I'll be honest, I don't think there are many. Most of the bottom teams have new coaches and Josh Morris, John Morris, got sacked. I don't know if he would have even been in the hot seat anyway. So that's my thoughts on the coaching leave your thoughts below in the comments. And Yeah, I want to see what you guys think. I'm all right. That moves us on to our week around eight predictions, I'll be honest. Just a warning to you nurl fans out there. I'm praying it's not, but I don't know what round it was. A might have been around for something. There was a week where there was an absolute floggings. I think it was Easter weekend. I'll be honest. I think we might be in for another one this week. Guys, guys and girls, gals, girls, I just think this is going to be an only weekend. I really I'm not tipping any upsets. I'm going... give you an upset of the week, but I'll be on open and honest when I tip this week. I'm going with the eight favorites. I just don't see there being too many close games or interesting games. But I could be proven wrong if a few teams turn up that I are assuming won't turn up. So we have my shot. Bet of the week is Melbourne to beat the sharks the Friday six PM game. Interesting time slot. Don't know if I'll go to that. We'll see in Melbourne. Look, I think the sharks are all their head. They have been the storm and recent years. I remember. I think they beat them at Shark Park, maybe when Cameron Smith Got Simm in a few years ago. But I just think the storm would be too strong right now. The storm of probably one of the safest best to tip with. I know I never put the panthers in the shore bet of the week, but I don't know why. I'm just like there's a wind coming around, a loss coming around the corner, so I don't want to do that on that week. The eels versus the bulldogs is also pretty sure bet. Yes, the bulldogs did win last week, but the EELS don't lose two teams they should beat, so that's also pretty likely. But yes, storm versus the show marks the form the sharks are in right now. Yes, they've got very talented lineup, but I just think the storm will be too good once again. Upset of the week, I'm going the nights to beat the roosters. I know I just talked up the roosters for a long time. They're I'm not tipping it, as I just mentioned before, but this is just what I think is the most likely upset to get up. It's a home game for the nights. They've won one of the last five, which is like, why are you tipping them, Hamish? But they're a good team. They're going to be there or thereabouts for finals and the tides have to turn soon, otherwise they're going to be out of that finals race before they know it, with teams like manly, the dragons, the warriors firing on all cylinders at the moment, while they're not really are they, but you know what I mean. They're playing well, but get more wins than one and five. So I just think the Knights, I've got to start winning somewhere. I think they were pretty competitive last week against the panthers and yeah, I think they could upset the roosters here, big Saturday night game. They don't get many Primetime Games in McDonald Jones Stadium, so should be a full crowd. And yet, hopefully the nights ripping tear. There other games that are chance of an upset. You know, the raiders could just bounce back against the Rabbitos at home. Hopefully that's a good game, because I'm paper that's a good game. The SEAGULLS, if they keep it up, supposedly could beat the panthers. You never know. Broncos could bounce back against the titans. Cowboys could continue their running. It's the warriors. Tigers could bounce back against the dragons. But up I'm not really back in any of those with too much confidence the game spreads. I like so few multis. So obviously I don't get a responsib when I don't like giving betting advice. But these are the ones that fancy me. I fancy the most the storm at minus seventeen point five against the sharks. I can see two worlds here. I can see a really grubby game, low scoring Friday night, six PM, classic, Ten tight. But then I can also see the storm coming out and putting off fifty points like they have the last, you know, three weeks, and the sharks only putting up, you know, twelve or sixteen points. So I think there's a solid chance the storm in by more than three tries. The way they're playing right now is pretty unstoppable. So yeah, I like them for that. Titans at minus twelve versus the broncos. I am scared of tipping the against the bad teams because whether it's the team that's not so great, like the Titans, but I'm just I'm scared the Broncos will come out and play well one week, but I think we've seen enough weeks of pull footy from them to start to be a little bit more confident that titans. I think they got they wake up called a bandlely. I think that was a turning point for them and I think they're going to be a bit more consistent now and I think they're going to rock up to Sun Corp and wait, why are they playing it? Are they playing it soun cool? I actually don't know. US where they played at sun called like three weeks ago. Anyway, I actually don't know what's going on there. But yet times minus...

...twelve is only two tries. Yeah, I think that's a solid chance of happening. And then I've got the warriors, mins for versus cowboys. I say there's pretty much on every podcast, a fine nl if the team you're tipping has a margin, a handicap of less than a trial it seeing, it's a good option to go with them. Very few games are decided by under six points. So if you like them, basically get on them. So yeah, the warriors for us, the cowboys, I think. I think the warriors will win. Therefore I think they will win by more than four points. So yeah, I like them there. But Yeah, look, it's a tough week in terms of finding value for your multis. I just don't think there's going to be Cho many upsets. Sadly, as I mentioned, I'm tipping the eight favorites for tipping very boring, but I honestly don't think these upsets are too likely or two predictable. Basically. So that's been another week of the NL review. I think they're going to still be coming weekly, but I will see. I might you know, it's it's tough going on my own here. So if you've enjoyed it, give me some sparing feedback in the comments below or get around me on instagram or facebook or whatever you want to do on twitter. I hope you have found some me in insightful opinions on this podcast today. If you haven't, feel Frete to disagree. If you have, let me know. Yep, same time, same place next week. CATCHULATE CHITS.

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