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Get on Ryan Tannehill, Get off the Minnesota Vikings & Herbert over Watson - Episode 89


Pilch n Cork analyse the Week 12 NFL Fantasy Landscape. The boys go through the Buy Low and Sell High Trade Targets, Streaming Candidates and Start/Sit Dilemmas. Feel free to DM or comment your questions.


Cheese settle. Welcome back to theon the ball podcast. This is episode eighty nine of the show, onceagain joined by pillage. Welcome mate. Thanks right back again here forever anotherfantasy episode. If you missed yesterday's episode, go check it up. It's upon Youtube and the listening platform. So we discussed the week eleven NFLaction there in previewed week twelve, but today strictly fantasy chat. So we'llbe discussing well, kind of the results from last week in terms of fantasyand how we can apply them to this week's this week situation for your side. So we'll be doing starting with a bilow cell high section who you shouldtarget in your trades in your league, and then we'll be talking about afew streaming options if you need a plug and play. Lots of injuries thisweek, especially in the running backs. We'll just talking about it off airand then we'll finish with a quick bit of a quick fire start or sitsituation. So, yeah, I recome. Well, first of all, how'dyou go this week in fantasy? May? Yeah, not very good, mate. Alle got knocked out of the Playoffs by Cup by Chris Godwin'slast minute touchdown on Monday night footy. So very good week. But it'sall good ho about yourself. Yeah, I got a scrappy win. Luckilyplayed a team with who hadn't been logging in since maybe week four. Butyeah, I think you're overacting a little bit there. I have our leagueconnected to the fantasy pros platform and they still have you as a higher chanceof making playoffs and me. But sadly we're in a bit of a stinkerof a situation where we're kind of Uying for the same spot. There's notreally, yeah, too many ways where we can both get in, whichis an ideal. But oh well, it's impossible now, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, it's not looking yeah, yeah, I think you are rightthere. But that's all right, all all fun and Games. But yeah, QB's. Will start with them as always. First to start. Whois your bylow Qb this week? Yeah, I've gone from Ryan Tannehill as mybilow last few weeks. He's at a really tough schedule and he's kindof dipped below his average a bit, but after indie this week he's gotone of the best schedules out of all the quarterbacks and he's going to explode. So I'd be trying to get him because if you're in the playoffs ina super flex league, he'll be very valuable. Can I ask before wemove on, what is your tactic? So say you lose this week,you're out. Basically, will not guarantee but likely out. If you losethis week. What's your trade tactics from there? You actually going to tryand win the consolation final or you're going to give up and just just mymy tactic would just be get the best team possible. Yeah, I'm justtalking find that I have the best team. Yeah, you like it's always abit it would be pretty cool if you got the highest score in thelast round, I reckon, and you beat the teams in the final andthen you can kind of lip them off a little bit. Yeah, Hans, tough sit, tough one this week against the colts, but yet movingforward the Times a whole have an elite fantasy playoff schedule. So yeah,definitely read that. Pick my my one here. I'm not really the biggestfan of this guy, but I do think he might be going a littlebit under rated this week. But in in fantasy or as a bloke righta fan of it in fantasy. I don't know that. I'm not talkingabout tanned, talking about my block. I don't Know Matt Ryan, yourformer Man Matt Ryan, who you trade...

...away last week and one of thebest trades of the season. He scored five, point, two eight ina bit of a horror game against the saints. The Saints Defensive Line forthe Falcon's Oh line to shreds. He doesn't have a nice schedule, likecan't really put that any other way. But and there are lines pretty badat the moment. But the game scripts likely going to suit the Falcons movingforward, as they are in tough games, so they're going to probably teach offin the air, which is what their best out but yeah, interms of my rankings, I'm all looking at the short term because, youknow, I want to get into fantasy playoffs first myself. But at themoment I've still got him above cast Wentz, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton and I'veeven got him above your man Ryan, Tannehill in the short term. Andeven if you have Taysom Hill, like a lot of people are frothinghim at the moments, you could maybe try and trade for Matt Ryan ifsomeone's like really needing short term success, because I think people would be quitelike put off that Ryme by that five point two eight. But I stillthink he's a pretty solid quarterback just outside that qb one range. So yeah, I think he would be going a little bit undervalued this week. Butyeah, I don't know. QB positions kind of falling apart recently. Alot of the there was like fifteen good ones to start and then a lotof the guys just outside that qb one range of kind of collapsed recently inlike your Wentz's, you Ryan, stuff like that. But yeah, BackRyan to be pretty solid moving forward. So if you're in a super flexorQbtwo League, he will be a very handy second quarterback moving forward. WHO'syour sell high though? Yeah, myself high is who just touched on,Taysom Hill. He put up, I think, twenty four fantasy points andput a lot of people would are jumping on the bandwagon with him, butthe truth is he's not a he's not a Qub one going forward. He'sif he doesn't see's he's kind of like Cam Newton, but probably a littlebit worse. Going forward, that's how I look at it. He'll scorea few rushing touchdowns, but if he doesn't, he's not going to offermuch at all. So I'd be definitely looking to sell him off. Yeah, a hundred percent agree with you. Just too much risk there for me. They've got some solid fixtures, but yeah, I don't really want toborrow of it. A hundred percent agree with you. If I'm especially ifI'm in the playoffs, I don't want Taysom Hill in my line up.She's too risky. Similar to Cam if he doesn't score rushing touchdown it's goingto be like ten. So yeah, a hundred percent back you in there. My by my cell high is I don't know if you still have himor not. I don't know if you've traded him away, but kirk cousinsis my cell high. He's been in a pretty good form last three weeks. I think he's had a twenty one or seventeen and this week he scoredjust under twenty three against the cowboys, destroyed their secondary. Made most ofhis weapons in Thilan and Jefferson, but Dowlin Cook's been pretty contained in thelast three weeks, and by that I mean like his yards for carryers andbeing ridiculous, even though he has had like a hundred yards and all ofthem. But now they play the panthers in the JAGS and the next twoweeks to notoriously bad run defenses. So you'd imagine down Cook's going to getback on his horse and start torching them for five and a half yards percarry and as a whole the vikings probably going to run it more than theyhave the last couple weeks, where cook has been not struggling but less dominant. So I think in general the air game of the Vikings in the nextcouple weeks is going to be a little bit limited due to down and Cook'sdominance. But yeah, for me he's a cell high. It's not toorelevant in qb one leagues like he's probably not rost many, but if you'vejust got him sitting on your bench or something, I don't know, maybetry and get something for him. I reckon like I don't know how peoplehow highly people view recent performances, but if you could get someone like aWentz or a Maddie Ryan or even if... look to free agency, itblokes like Dan Jones and Phil Rivers, I reckon. They're all upgrades onkirk cousins personally at the moment. So, yeah, he's a decent quarterback,does his job well, but I just think, yeah, with thehold down and cook situation, I'd probably be steering clear. And I didn'tquite put him in, but I actually think Adam feelings also a bit ofa cell high. But I don't know how you feel about that one.Did do you agree? Yeah, I agree with both those. Yeah,definitely Kurt cousins. Yeah, he's not going to be put he's not goingto be putting out twenty points very often. Yeah, I think. I thinkin the playoffs they have they play some good run defenses. So thenthey could become options. They're not necessarily cousins in the playoffs, but morethilon and Jefferson. But yeah, for the next two weeks I'd be probablyputting away your vikings, like passing and receiving players. But moving into therunning backs. Who's your bylow here? Quite a lot of guys coming backfrom injury that I think of bylow. I don't know if you're going totouch on them, but who is your bylow? I haven't got a bloatcoming back from injury. I've got Clyde Edwards a lair. As soon asleft bell joined the chiefs, a lot of kind of fantasy relevance has beentaken away from Clyde and he had a few poor games, but last weekand the week before he looked really good and he's clearly the he's clearly gettinga majority of the reps in that chief's offense. So I think he's quitecheaper the moment and probably arguably in our be one going forward, probably aroundthe top fifteen sort of range. Yeah, just with the amount of points thechief score. If he's got like he did on the weekend, ifhe's going to start converting those red zone attempts in to TD's, is automaticallya pretty good option, even if he's the baseline stats aren't that crazy.So yeah, I think that's a good shout. Yeah, so these aren'tmy guys, but yeah, Eccolo, Gaskin, casts and Montgomery and swiftor probably worth a look out this week. I think they might be undervalued justbecause of their injury status or whatever, so keep an eye on them.But my bylow is actually one of my players. I I rate thisguy very highly. A lot more than others, but he didn't have agreat weekend. But I've got Jad mckissick as my barlow. I've still asI mentioned, I still got him high, but he didn't get he I thinkyou got like nine and a half or something against the Bangles on theweekend, which, I can't lie, was pretty disappointing. But in thelast five matches he's been averaging five point four receptions. So let's say hegoes five receptions for thirty yards, all of a sudden that's a baseline oflike eight points and he's he doesn't have too many carries. He has likesix to ten a game. If he if he's rock and thirty or fortyyards from those bad boys, then all of a sudden it's one of thebest floors and fantasy out of like excluding the premo options. So I thinkhe's a pretty safe option. I don't think he's going to come out andscore huge too many weeks, but if you if you have a really badrunning back situation like I do, well I did, he's a pretty solidarby two option, I reckon, and he's just going to provide you withlike a lot of ten to fifteen scores and just be a reliable guy there. I reckon. So I'm yeah, I think he's a pretty safe option. This week they have the cowboys who last time out, if you remember, the cowboys defense hasn't proved quite a lot since then, but last timeout the Washington football team just ran it down their throats. Mkissick, GasMikissic, Gibson and barber or killed them. So yeah, I'm liking the Kissithis week. Moving forward, WHO's your cell high here? Yeah,mcause it's very underrated, actually by myself included. My cell high is JonathanTaylor. Had A great game against Green Bay, I but Grain Bay arefairly poor run defense and I don't know, I'm still not sure if we cantrust him. With hines and Wilkins in the committee like is. Itseems to just be a different bloke every...

...single week for the cults. Soyeah, I think you'd probably sell him because after people after saying that game, a lot of them will be like, oh, he's back, he's backback to top top fifteen, top twenty running back. But I don'tthink he's anywhere near that until we see a lot more from him, andI wouldn't be trusting him at all to be on it. Yeah, I'mnot. I've got him at the moment. I picked him up in a tradethat I didn't even want to do, but he was just like an accessorypiece at the blow. was trading with added I just copped it.Luckily turned up for the first time in like six weeks. But yeah,I don't rate them at all. He's probably going onto the waivers for me. If I'm honest, I not really too interested in at the moment.I'm trying to trade him away. I can't get too much for him,but I think I'm shooting a little bit too high. But yeah, I'vestill got blokes like Kenyan drake, chase edmonds even Darell Henderson above them.So yeah, pretty cold on Jonathan Taylor, even as an owner who experience thatfifteen. The thing with the colts, as you mentioned, it's a differentperson every week, but it's not like it's not like it's a guaranteedtwenty if it's there week. It's not like thes where like it's almost worthtaking the risk that every now and then they put up a small school,because when they are the main guy they're going to kill it. We sawearlier in the season, even when Taylor was the main man, he struggleda bit. So yeah, I'll be putting too much faith and Taylor.I don't think he's too relevant as a starter. My Cell hiles going todo Taylor, but I decided to go melviourne. Gordon scored eighteen point fouragainst the Miami Dolphins thanks to to rushing touchdowns. So if you quickly dothe mass they're takeaway to rushing downs. From eighteen point four he is lookingat a base score of like six. He saw a brilliant five point sixyards per carry. He must have had a fumble or something, because I'mpretty sure we had eighty yards on the ground. So if you didn't havea basic he's had that many fumbles this season's where as I'd like at leastfive fumbles. Yeah, so, yeah, five point six yards for carried,but that was the first time he cracked five yards per carry since weekone, so that appears to be a flute. That's not going to bea trend, a weekly trend. He saw no targets for the second weekin a row, which automatically makes him pretty tough to trust in fantasy when, in the rushing game, is sharing the snaps with Phil Lindsay. Soyeah, for me he's currently twenty five out of twenty nine running backs thatI've done research on. And Yeah, I just hate how low his flooris with the lack of receiving work. And this week they've got the saints, who are the best run defense since the start of set, start ofOctober. So yeah, big cell high for me. I haven't really beena fan of Melbourne Gord in all year and I am still not on thebus even after a good score. So he's my cell high. Do youyet thoughts on that? Apparently I don't agree with that. I was doingsome reading because we've talked a lot about his drink driving issue. Yep,on this podcast. Apparently it's might happen like next year now, because apparentlythe court day got pushed back to mid December and there's only going to bethree weeks left of the season then. So they reckon by the time theNFL decided on the suspension after the court data might not even affect this year. So we talked a lot about that for nothing. But oh well,it's so weird. It's pretty weird how you can just be playing when he'sdone something illegal. But Anyway, here's myself high for the week right movinginto the territory that I am uneducated on this week wide receivers. I wasa lot more clued up on the QUBI's in the running backs, but thewhite outside. Haven't quite looked at them yet in terms of my team.But who's your bylow here? You can educate me today. Yeah, mineis Michael Thomas. He came back a few weeks ago. He's been playingon limited snaps until last week and you put up seven for a hundred.The manage. The man just going to... peppered with targets. You probablywon't score that many touchdowns, but he's going to cut minimum ten targets aweek. I tried to get him in our league, got instantly rejected,but his average is still very low and he's only had one good fantasy gameto see, and so I still think he's acquirable and I reckon he's atop aid receiver, maybe even the top five. Yeah, hundred percent.A lot of the times when we see a quarterback where they limit the gameplan, like they will be with Taystom Hill, they just pick out onereceiver and they just go like, let's just get to know this blow canjust pet for him. It looks like that's what Taysom Hill is going todo to, yeah, Michael Thomas. So yeah, if you've got someonewho maybe isn't the biggest NFL fan, doesn't fully know how good Michael Thomashas been in previous years, probably could get him for cheap if they justlike a looking at the raw stats of what he's done so far this year. But yeah, a hundred percent right him because the previous weeks he wasoperating on seriously low snap counter. So mayde his stat lines look a lotworse than they actually were. But for me, my bylow. This isa huge risk and I probably wouldn't advise it at all. Actual Matt Jokesget her and of get around it, but it minds. Jervis Landry scoredfour point six last week and but for me, the Browns, their lastthree matches have been in pretty average like weather conditions. Yeah, the raidersgame was like one sooner than the one after that was even worse. Andfor me I think we can basically just scrap the stat lines of Baker andthe receivers in the last few weeks. So the match before that he hadlike eleven targets or something. And now they played the Jaguars this week andtheir secondary has been obliterated by injuries. They're top for defensive backs are allinjured right now and their best pass Russia, is also injured. The the problemwith the browns they are run first team, but given the fact thatthey've been running it so much recently because of the adverse whether you think theymight let Baker flexies muscles a little bit in the next couple weeks, becausethat I don't think they're going to do too much in the playoffs or evenget there if they are solely a running team. I think they've got toestablish a bit of a balance and I reckon they might do that in thenext few weeks. So Landry is the clear number one receiver. There Austin, who feels like the only other bloke who's half decent, and they've gotthe titans the next week as well, who aren't that could in the secondaryeither so far this season. So huge risk, probably nothing more than arisky flex option at the moment. But yeah, Javis Landry, I think, is someone who would be seriously underrated right now. And Yeah, Ifdel and frisky he'd be, he'd be dirt cheap at the moment. So, yeah, if you're like in a pretty set position, you're locked inplayoffs, could be worth just a little huge ceiling piece in Javis. Butyeah, I was a bit stuck, to be honest, in the BUYELO. Didn't, couldn't. Couldn't think of many, but you sell high.Who you looking at here? Yeah, there was actually quite a few couldwide receiver performances last week, but I'm going to go with Cooper Cup.Put up a hundred and forty five yards against San Fran. Yeah, tallthem to shreds, but I think that Robert Woods is going to be theirmain receiver going forward. happened. It happened in the second half of lastyear and I think you might happen again this year. And Yeah, Cups, cups not going to be putting up over a hundred yards every week andI think he's pretty hyped up after this week. So I think you couldget quite quite a bit for him. At the moment. I've still wouldn'thave him in my top twenty receivers. Yeah, not a big fan ofcut to be honest. I've been pretty long in the last few weeks,even though he's done pretty well on the weekends. But yeah, I agreewith you there. Even though woods he's a lot better option than cup.I'm not really the biggest fan of either of them, to be honest.Something about the rams I just don't really... But they've both friend veryinconsistent this season. Yeah, they when they're on their on, but yeah, they are. Don't like their variation. But my I've copped out here.I accept that whatever. But my cell high are the two Bengals Boys, Tyler board and t higgins. Obviously, if you're somewhat of an NFL fanand you're listening to this, you would have seen Joe Barrow go downwith the season ending injury. That means Ryan Finley's actually not going to bequarterback. They announced this morning it's going to be Brandon Allen who, ifyou remember, rightly filled in a couple games last year for the Broncos,I believe. And Yeah, sadly, Tyler Boyd and t higgins have beengreat this year, especially Tyler Boyd. I think he's eleven in terms oftotal points in the wide receivers. Both did decent on the weekend but yeah, look, with with Brandon Awn throwing to them, even with their goodstart line so far this year, I would hop off both of them.They're going to be overrated if you're just looking at their statistics. Higgins oris also getting pretty hyped up in terms of like one of the best rookiesof the season. So we saw what happened in Dallas when they had daccodown. Cooper, lamb and Gallop all took a pretty big hit initially.They have slowly turned it around recently, but Dolton is also a lot betterthan ourn. So yeah, I'd probably be hopping off both of them seeingwhat I could get for them. And Yeah, the only other side toTyler Boyd is that, similar to that Michael Thomas Sing I was talking about, he could just become the blow who cops like twelve targets a week.But yeah, definitely try and get rid of them because they're not going toperform as they have been so far this year. Yeah, I think theydefinitely Tyler Boyd because he's averages really high. So yeah, he he's actually beenbawling out. Yeah, to feel bad for and he's already been copyinglike twelve targets a week, so it's not like that. Numbers going togo up and obviously way worse qb. So yeah, if you can sellthem, trade him for like a pretty solid wide receiver to like I'd snapyour hand off for that at the moment. And Higgins, maybe just look forlike a flex play. So yeah, I like a bit of a copout there, because it's not really their fault, but I think theywere the clear cell highest for me today. Now the tight end position, theposition we know in love before we get into it. I forgot tosay it again, as I always do, but please show the podcast some love. If you're listening or watching, feel free to subscribe, if youare watching on youtube and like the video. If you're listening, feel free tofollow the Potty, rate it, review it, whatever you can dowould be much the appreciated. Tight ends by low mat, who we lookingat here. I believe I've got the exact same block I had last week, and that's Hayden Hurst put up a put up a goose egg last week. It's your ends against that true. Yeah, anyway, yead like totargets put up zero but the tight ends are just so shit this year.They're all they all have a game where they scored two every three weeks,apart from the big three. But yeah, he's got one of the best roles, like, he's got a high snap count. He's Matt Ryan's thirdtarget normally, behind Julio and Ridley, and he's definitely going to bounce backand after scoring that zero dirt cheap. So pick him up if you needa tight end. Yeah, I agree with you. Just a question forme personally thenk. We talked about this before, but for those listening,where do you stand on a having a backup QB and tight end heading intothe playoffs? Do you think it's essential or do you think it's not thatimportant? End Up, you can discuss whether it depend like matters what leagueyou're in and stuff like that, but where do you stand on those?I'd say ideally, well, yeah, obviously it depends on a few things, but ideally you'd probably want to back up for both. I mess yougot like Kelsey or Darren Waller. But...

...yeah, yeah, because I've beenhuge on backups. I like having it, and this week I'st or not.This week, two weeks ago I saw like what can happen when youever back up. When breeze went down. They had tours. My qbto didwork out as a as planned because I've got rid of in this week, but it's always nice to have a safety net there. So I thinkthis week I haven't had a backup for a few weeks, especially in thetight end polsy, but I think this week I'm going to restruct to theside and try and get one in because I don't really want to be gettingan injury in like the first week of playoffs or the last week of theseason in must win games and I've got no one to replace them with.So yeah, I think I'll be making that move this year. So wellthis week. So watch out on the waivers. Mat could be some itcould be some solid running back to wide receivers getting dropped. My bylow isyour tight end. Actually, you're probably not too happy with him at themoment, but rob Gronkowski, I reckon. He's been a bylow or cell highevery single week. We genuinely talked about him every time because he's sovolatile. But he scored four and a half against the rams, which isa pretty bad school. But for me what really picked my interest was hissix targets. Obviously doesn't sound a lot, but in the tight ends at themoment, as you mentioned, there's a lot of variation going on.A lot of weeks where they get two targets, three targets. So toget six that's pretty that's a confidence boost for the owner after he's had afew games of having three into and yet want to Brady's favorite red zone targets. Still after they brought an a b they still love gone to the GRONK. There they've got a lovely playoff set of fixtures in terms of fantasy.So yeah, I think the GRONK is not a bad starting tight end goingto the playoffs, and I reckon after he's I think he's not scored theworst last few weeks because I think he had a touchdown even with those lowtarget counts. But yeah, after that four and a half, even thoughit was against the rams, I think you could get him for fairly cheap. So yeah, maybe maybe have a look at him. You'll sell hithough. Yeah, once again hunt to Henry. The charges played the jetsand literally everyone in their offense balled out, including Henry think you had to touchdown. Scored fourteen points, but they've got a tougher schedule coming up andAustin ecler is coming back either this week or next week, so he's goingto become like their fourth option in the passing game and I think you couldsell them for quite a bit. I just I just don't really have thatmuch faith in him. I don't think his roles going to be that biggoing forward when eclick comes back. Yeah, fair enough. Yeah, charges arehard one to predict this year. They kind of every week we thinkthey're going to stop beasting but they continue to. And Yeah, it's hardto trust their players, except for Keenan Allen, to be honest. Yeah, I've got Mike Williams and that's always a bit of a flip of acoin. Now he goes there. My cell high is like this is ajust picked a random bloke, to be honest. But Robert tonyan scored fifteenpoint four, but he hasn't been copping too many targets in the last month. I think he went five from five against, I can't remember, againstthe colts, which is a pretty good turnout, but he's not going tobe catching every single target every week. LAZARD's going to be coming back intolike most of the most of the snaps on offense and he's probably going totake away a few targets from him and he's also probably going to take someof his red zone targets as well. Yeah, basically, like most tightends, it's just a bit of a td or bust at the moment forTony in that but, more importantly, they've got the bears and the Eaglesin the next two weeks. So not ideal fixed just but yeah, I'llbe honest, I just picks on random here. I didn't really know whoto go with, so feel free not to listen to that one. Butyeah, if you should sitting on your bench or something, could maybe geta flex piece for him. So yeah, maybe sell him or right. Iagree that. Any anyone else?...

Anyone else to mention there? Ordo you want to get into the Stream and streamers? A couple of gooddreams this week, actually one very good one. Well, quarterback streamers.Mat who you looking at here? So, for the before we get into it, under sixty percent ownership on ESPN fantasy is what we deem to bea streamer. So go ahead, I think we're definitely gonna have the samebloke here, Derek Carr, playing against Atlanta. He's in forty percent andhe's rosted him forty percent of leagues looked unreal last week. He's playing theworst pass defense in the league. This week. Lock Him in for twentyplus, three hundred yards, three touchdowns. I really know how he's still notabove sixty percent. Now I know like at least the roster is abackup to those one qub listeners, but into qb leagues, I would hopehis ownerships a hundred percent there. Yeah, Derek Carr, can't lie. SomeoneI always forget about because he is in a team in our league thatis inactive. So I'd like don't see him as an option to get,but yet hundred percent great option there. He's been bawling out even against harddefenses. So against the Falcon's watch out. My Streamer is actually the guy I'vepicked up in my QB two position all my super flat. He Dannydimes, Daniel Jones, up against the bengals this week, who are thesixth worst past defense. In September seven have conceded the seventh most points againstas well. Since September, so one of the most favorable matchups going around. In his last five games he's been averaging over fifty rushing yards a gameand has average over one red zone carry, which is like a lot more thansome running back. So Pretty Handy Start, pretty handy base line there. And then in the last five games he's actually had the heart second hardestfixture out of the twenty quarterbacks I researched, behind tour so he's been doing prettywell against tough teams. So you'd think against this bengals lineup he cando pretty well, and you do, you'd be back in them in toscore three or four touchdowns. So you'd think he's guaranteed to be involved inat least two or three of them. So I think he's got a prettygood I think it's actually a pretty safe option this week. If I'm honest, I don't want to Jinks because I do have him and he's somewhat unpredictable, especially with like his fumbles and stuff. But yeah, I like him thisweek and moving forward. I think he's been like slowly building this year. started slow, but I think he's been hitting the straps race before theby any other quarterbacks or if you just got one, one per posy hardone, put one pert POZSI. Yes, SAM running back. Yeah, soWayne Gorman is my main one here. Sam, same as Danny dimes.Are playing the Bengals, pretty average defense and Davonte frame is still out, so he'll have a good role, pretty safer twelve plus points. Butif Jivanni Bernard is out, we've got Sammy JE A P rhyme. Ibelieve he's other of the jets, like from the jets. Yet look,he's probably he's probably horseshit. But if Bernard's out he's going to have abig role and like, if you're desperate for a running back, I meanhe's rosted in one percent of leagues, so he's a pretty safe play forten points. I would say that's a that's a balls he shout, sobulls he shower. Would get the K would get the carries. So ifit's see if you're desperate and he he actually has been taking a few redzone attens from Bernard, so imagine when he's gone he's probably going to getquite a bit action in there. Yeah, but minds Wayne Gorman, as youmentioned, Freeman still on injury reserve. I feel like everyone's kind of forgotabout his recent form because they are on the by. So no onepicked him up going into the bar and then now run's forgotten. So Ithink he's yeah, probably under rosted. I think he would have been alot roster in a lot more leagues if he didn't have that by he said, five rushing touchdowns in his last four.

So they clearly like to go tohim in the red zone and the bengals are the third worst rush defense. So I like him there. As you said, for twelve plus.Pretty much guaranteed a touchdown. I reckon and yeah, pretty pretty safe.Shout there for Wayne Gorman and wide receivers. Once again, uneducated in this POSI. So I was absolutely guessing. But who are you streaming here?Yeah, the wide receivers usually pretty desperate. I've Gone Corey Davis. Not surehow this block's rosted in under sixty percent of leagues the titans are playingin, but roads will be covering giving the hard tag to a j Brown, so Davis should be open for most of the game. He's actually beencopping quite a few receptions over the last few weeks, so I think he'sa decent play. Yeah, it's not. It's if that's pretty obviously he's likeclearly the best player on the sixty percent orange chip. So yeah,yeah, that's probably the most safe option. I've got a very volatile option hereand based on the law of averages, he's probably going to get negatives.But Nelson aggalaw owned in twenty two percent of leagues. Coming up againstthe Falcons, who are the third worst past defense since September gained script probablywon't suit him like it did against the chiefs. But yeah, huge risksinvolved. But he saw nine targets on Monday or Sunday or whenever they played. He's had full red zone targets in the last two weeks and he alsoso that's within twenty yards and he also cops a lot of targets towards thered zone from about forty outs. So he's one of their favorite TD options. Car loves going deep to him. So yeah, he's a huge risk, but he realistically only needs like three catches to put up a decent schoolwith how far he goes for each reception. So yeah, very risky option.He's been looking good and recently my so yeah, yeah, definitely.He's kind of it's kind of bizarre how he's taken that role when they've gotHenry Rugs, but they obviously back him in. He's obviously doing very wellout of but yet he's my he's my streamer, very risky option, butif you feel and Frisky, go for him. Tight ends O mate.Yep. So this position is disgusting for streamers this week. This is ifyou're extremely desperate, if you're tight endsined or something like that. But MikeGet sicky. They're playing he's been pretty shit all year, but they're playingthe jets. Dolphins should put up a lot of points. Ma'l carve themup. So I mean he will, he'll probably do something, but fuck, yeah, it's if it's if you'd like. Genuinely don't have a tightend. Yeah, this one, Sason, if I like. I don't reallyknow why you would never a tight end because there's no buyers and there'sno injuries apart from kittel. But yeah, if you are desperate, he's ahe's a good shout mine. I've gone the Corey Davis Ruit. Notreally bothered about fixture of just gone the best available. Don't shoots is oneof any doll's favorite targets. I was listening to a podcast. Apparently theyare the first duo where like the person's last name to ever have a touchdownlike connection. Yeah, that was a good step. But he's owned intwenty nine percent of League's which I think it's pretty stiff. It's probably notin the top ten tight ends, but he's right there about. He's seenat least six targets in his last three matches. Saw For red zone targetsin the last week and for Red Zone tied it's basically converts into one touchdownevery time. So, although Washington aren't aren't a bad defense at all,I think he's a fairly safe option for for three or four catches. Soyeah, if you just want to lock in like a an eight or something, go for him with a little bit of upside. But yeah, that'sit for the streaming section. Now time for our quick fire starts it orwe need to think of a bit of a phrase for your ones, becauseI don't know what it is. What... What is it, mate? What is she rest of days? And just either raw is what Iwould call it. either. Who Do you like? But yeah, anyway. All Right, so I've got two for each position. A lot ofthem are actually relating to my situation this week. So I'm here for someIntel. But the start us off. Justin Herbert or Deshaun Watson? NotI probably should explain what we're doing here. So pilch is going to I'm goingto give him fifty s or best of three and he's going to saywho he wants going forward for the rest of the year. He's going todo the same back that, minds, only for week twelve. But yeah, anyway, Justin Herbert or Deshaun Watson. Yeah, I'm probably going to gowith Herbert just because watsons. After this Greek against Detroit. Watson's fixturegets pretty scary and herberts herbertage balls out every single week. So yeah,I'd go with Herbert. I'm going to get destroy it if I made theplayoffs, man like, if I feel like I've done so much to getthere and I've had such short term focus that I reckon. I'm going toget there. I'm going to have like the worst fixtures ever and I'm goingto get wipped, but care it's going to rein my qb one for thoselistening. But yeah, I agree, herberts better than Watson for me.I've been trying to get him for a month but the Herbert owner won't budgeanother premo. PREMO quarterback matchup. Kylamari or Patrick Mahomes? Oh, that'svery tough. I think, I think I'm I think I've currently got Kylamarinumber one, so I'm going to say Kylamarie. But between them two andRussell Wilson, in my opinion there's nothing really in it. They're all thebeast. So, yeah, I know my rankings always pretty weird. I'veactually got Herbert and Watson above these two. But Yeah, I've got Maria bumpstory. Yeah, but my about my homes. But that I haven'tfacted in his shoulder injury. So it's going to be interesting to see howthat plays a part, because if that takes away is running ability or nothis ability, but they might be less willing to risk him getting hit,then all of a suddenly it does lose quite a bit of fancy value.But yeah, I'm probably just going to Murray as well Jandre swift or ChrisCasson, two blokes who aren't yet can be playing this week, but thatis very hard. I'm gonna I'm going to go with swift. More upside. I'm a lins fan so I like him more. But yeah, swift. Yeah, I've got Chris Carson above him, but that is done oncold heart stats. It's not really factoring in the fact the concept as swiftis now the main man. Yeah, and Carson might lose a few snapsto Carlos. Now the I don't know how to explain these running backs.They're all similar to the other one. They're all kind of questionable or notplaying. But Giovanni, Bernard Klein, blage, David Montgomery or miles gaskin, so ranked the one to four going forward rest of season. Yeah,okay, Montgomery and Gaskin one and two probably, and then Bernard three,blag for interesting. I've got blage one, which is interesting, good, butI think he's still going to have a role in that offense even whenekela comes back. I've got gaskin to Montgomery, three and Bernard for sosimilar but not really. I'm back in the BLAJE heavy here we're at thebattle of Curtis's bench wide receivers. Two guys who have taken a huge fantasyhits easily their valued not tee higgins and Travis Fulgum both have seen their valuefor immensely in the last little full of them just got dropped, actually inour leg. But Um, I I'll go with I'll go with Higgins.It would have. It would have been...

...higgins by landslide if he still hadJoe Borrow. But I'll still go with higgins. Yeah, I can't lie. Full guns targets definitely tempting me, but yeah, definitely worried. Thatfools only. He's quite scary, to be honest. Yeah, and hestill got quite a few decent matchups to come. Like he's got Arizona.The packers some good lockdown corners if they view him as the wide receiver onethe I think we've done this before, but once again it's kind of thedonach shifted again in the last week. But Tyler Lock it or DK METCALF? I know we're a bit of an anti titler lock it fantasy podcast,but can't lies pretty well on the weekend. But who do you like out ofthose two? Metcalf hundred percent, not even, not even close togot metcalf. So think for sure I think every week it's just going tobe a metcalf week, bar when they play the rams again. I thinkthat's in like week fifteen or something. But every other week metcalf will dominate. Yeah, I can't lie. Who knows how mattcalf got thirteen on fronton Thursday. That was discussing part. There were was a bit of badluck, like there was one that he's probably going to score and he gotgrabbed and stuff like that. But yeah, dropped an absolute sitter in the inthe red zone. Left a lot of points hanging for his fantasy owners. Or a tight ends. Bit of a tough one, but don't sure. WOTZ or Robert Tonyan, Jesus so bas? Neither, but I'll godom Schiltz, all right, and then Zacher. It's all Logan Thomas,another sound. Nothing one there, but I'd say it was not rageous,but it was pretty bad before injury. Yeah, loves, he was odd. Yeah, but it's just because we know he's done it before, likejust last year it was a top three tight end. So I'm I'll backhim in there. Yeah, fair enough. For my stance, it's the highrate has already increased a little bit. We've got to to running back ones, three wide receiver ones. Firstly, Jonathan Taylor vers Tennessee or Duke Johnsonversus Detroit. I'm going Jonathan Taylor, actually taking the bowl. I'm goingthere. Probably less volume, but yeah, I'm back in Taylor anddon't write what Duke Johnson's been doing. Yeah, Juke Johnson's been pretty lucky. Yeah, Taylor definitely more upside. I'd probably got Taylor as well.Kenyan drake versus the Patriots or Montgomery versus the packers. This is provided Montgomeryplays this week. I've got to go montgomery, even though he sucks andhe's going to average. Well, they're both going to probably average two yardsto carry, because I do okay, monty. Yes, it's sickly.Those two matchups aren't actually two similar and in that situation I'll just go theguys probably going to have more yards. Yeah, just naturally I'll go monty. got a couple premium wide receivers here with some tough matchups. Aj Brownv Indie or woods V soundtrain. Let's see, how do you feel asan AJ Brown? Yeah, actually, I miss this is the one I'mtossing up for my flex in this week. Obviously know what he did last time. It's the cold seat with doubt one. He is a lot better, I'd say, but he did drop a sixty yard touchdown which would havetaken him from three to sixteen or whatever. Yeah, I'm actually going to go. I'M gonna take the risk. I'm going to a J Brown.Yeah, I'm probably going to go him as well, just because he veryhe's he's more talented, he's the better receiver. So yeah, and althoughit's bizarre and they probably doesn't apply to Xavier Roads, but like the coltspass defense, although they produce a lot on the big plays, like interms of yards protempt, it's actually not...

...freakish. It's like bottom half,which is quite shocking. But yet roads is the number one ranked quarterback.Yeah, this season Nice, pretty scary, but I'll probably back in a Jbrown. But if you want to go safe, definitely go woods.Yeah, he's one for you. Brand and cooks versus Detroit or DJ morethe Minnesota low blow, that low blow targeting me, or that is rough. Cooks hasn't been as good of late. They don't generals be feeling it.Yeah, he actually it's been fly under the radar. Don't even wanthim. That drives looking good for you now the I thought it was abig loss when you traded Jefferson for DJ more a couple weeks ago. They'reboth been doing pretty well, to be fair. True, inner, true, probably dead even so far. But yeah, I don't mind myself inthat trade or that's rough. I'm probably just going to go DJ more becauseI think he's better than cooks, even though PJ Walker might be the quarterback. Or I don't know what's happening with Teddy Bridgewater. But yeah, justrecent form, got to back in, go to back in me, eventhough it's a slightly harder fixture. Would you agree with that one? Yeah, I'd probably got more. Yeah, yeah, they're both will. They'reboth pretty shit defense. Is Minnesota a shit past defense? But yeah,exactly. Yeah, probably DJ more. Yeah, for if you're listening.I always forget to do this. Don't I'm not good with the crowd interaction, but feel free to comment your start and sits. We love having alook at them. Or feel free to comment what you think of our startand sits as safe. You agree with us or disagree with us. Wouldlove to hear from you. Yeah, and finally, Mike Evans versus thechiefs or Deante Johnson versus Baltimore. This one's tough. That is time.I'm probably gonna have to go Mike Evans, though Tante stunk it up last timeagainst the Ravens, but he was in you and they do have injurieson defense. But yeah, I'm probably going to back Mike Evans, evenI hate Mike Evans as a fantasy player. Yeah, yeah, he's probably oneof the hardest wide receivers to match up to. Just's massive. Soyeah, I'll go make Evans just so, sorry about it. I don't know. You are at Dante Lover. I do love Dante. I don'tknow. I don't know who I'd go in that one, though. That'sit. That's a genuine call and flip, because both of them have can eithergo huge or tiny. Yeah, but I'd probably Layan Deante. Yeah, you'd rather the more targets when you so. Yeah, but now that'sthat's a tough one. So, Yep, feel free to get around us inthe comments with your stunts. It's feel free to get around the podcastin general. Go back and watch yesterday's week eleven reviews. Week twelve preview. We enjoyed that one. Not Fantasy related so yet. If you've gotthis far, thank you very much for listening or watching. And yet sametime, same place next week. But until then enjoy Thanksgiving footy and enjoyThanksgiving in real life and enjoy just the whole of week twelve. And Goodluck for your fantasy matchups.

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