NFL Week 8 Winners & Losers, Awards & NFL Mid-Season Awards - Episode 82


The boys are back for their weekly NFL show and this time discuss purely the Week 8 action without its fantasy implications. The boys discuss the winners and losers coming out of Week 8, allocate weekly awards and discuss the award winners at the mid-point of the NFL 2020 Season.


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Episode · 3 months ago

Kyler Murray MVP, NY Giants Playoff Chances & LV Raiders being slept on - Episode 86

Solo operation today for Hamish as he discusses what went down in Week 10 in the NFL. Discusses the Winners and Losers and the players who impressed. Also makes his picks for Week 11.


Episode · 3 months ago

Trade for Michael Thomas, Stream Tua & Kamara over Cook and CMC (NFL Fantasy Week 10) - Episode 85

Pilch n Cork are back to chat about NFL Fantasy for Week 10. They name their buy low and sell high trade targets, the streaming options and decide start/sit dilemmas.


Episode · 3 months ago

Tua Tagovailoa's here, Buffalo Bills are back & Dalvin Cook is unstoppable (Week 9 NFL) - Episode 84

Back for the Week 9 NFL Review. The fellas discuss Tua Tagovailoa's 2-0 start in the NFL, how the Bills are back to contendership after beating the Seahawks and consider whether Dalvin Cook can carry the Vikings to a playoff appearance.


Episode · 3 months ago

Week 9 NFL Fantasy Risers, Fallers, Streamers & Trade Targets - Episode 83

The lads embark on an hour of pure NFL Fantasy analysis ahead of the important Week 9 Fantasy Week. The boys discuss who's risen and fallen in their rankings, who's values are over or under estimated and who are the ideal streamers for this week.