2020 NFL Season Review - Playoff Teams - Episode 103


We analyse all 14 NFL playoff teams' seasons. We discuss their strengths and weaknesses throughout the seasons, assess their performance, pinpoint the star players and address their future outlook. 


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Episode · 3 months ago

NFL Week 8 Winners & Losers, Awards & NFL Mid-Season Awards - Episode 82

The boys are back for their weekly NFL show and this time discuss purely the Week 8 action without its fantasy implications. The boys discuss the winners and losers coming out of Week 8, allocate weekly awards and discuss the award winners at the mid-point of the NFL 2020 Season.


Episode · 3 months ago

2020 NRL Season Review Pt. 2 - Episode 81

Hamish returns on a solo mission to review the seasons of the 8 NRL Finals participants. He awards each club's MVP, a most improved as well as a rating of the season and provides a future outlook for the club. 


Episode · 4 months ago

"Kyler Murray is better than Lamar Jackson???" NFL & NFL Fantasy Week 7 Review - Episode 80

The boys are back for their weekly NFL Review show. The lads discuss both the NFL and NFL Fantasy talking points coming out of Week 7.

Episode · 4 months ago

2020 AFL Season Review - Episode 79

The AFL crew, Pilch, Broady and Rowey, return to review the seasons of the 8 teams who played in the 2020 AFL Season. The lads give awards to each team and share their opinion on their future outlooks.