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2020 NFL Awards - AFC Edition - Episode 101


Hamish goes through each AFC division and looks at their candidates for several NFL Individual awards. He discusses each candidates' credentials and awards overall conference recipients. 


CHS hullor and welcome back to thehonorball podcast. This is episode. A hundred and one of the show a feels abit weird to say kind of surprise. We got t O epsode a hundred but verygrateful. At the same time. Today we are back to talk about the NFL. Wehaven't talked about the NFL too much since the playoffs began. I haven'tbeen watching it well, I've been watching, but I haven't been into it asmuch as you know. The festivities of January, an Australia have kind oftaken over in the beautiful weather and stuff, like that's, been a bit of adistraction, so I'm o been more fokued on the cricket, but I'm back here todayto discuss the NFL there's only one game lest of theseason. That's the super bowl between the Kansas city chiefs and the TampaBay Buccanees, but today we're going to be addressing all the other matchesthat have been played and by doing that, I mean will be discussing the NFLawards or I think they calld the NFL honors in the official award ceremony. So we're going to today we're going todo the AFC so we're going to discuss the offensive MVP, the AFC, the defenseof that MBP, an offensive rookie MVP, a defensive, rookie, NVP and then we'lldiscuss some other awards, like coach of the year signing of the year n matchof the year etce etcetr. So the way I'm going to do it is I'm going to godivision by division and kind of use that, as a bit of a way to create anominations list ing, then we're going to discuss twhrough the overall winneris in the conference and then in the next episode that I will be filmingstraight after this, but it will be released. Maybe a day later I will bedoing the NFC. So if we're going to get straight intoit, we will be discussing the offensive MVP of the AFC. So I'm going to godivisione by division, as I said, for each award discuss the nominees fromthat division, and then you know sort of picking overall winner, so startingwith the AFC east, there actually wasn't too manyoffensive weapons. When you think about the jets. The patrots isn't even thedolphins this year, so it really only left one team to give us at theircandidate and I've. Actually, it was a fift fifty really between Stephon Diggsand Josh Allen. It's always tough in a great quarterback wide receiver Jeuo.Is it more the throwing or is it more the catching? But in this certaincombination no disrespect to Josh Alln, but I'm going with Stephon Diggs as theafces offensive NBP, and therefore he is my number one, my first normine forthe AFC MBP. He had the most receptions in the League with a hundred and twentyseven most receiving yards with fifteen hundred and thirty five third, mostfirst downs of anyfort any receiver and in my opinion he was the third bestreceiver in the league this year behind Divonte Adams and tyry kill. He just did it all really if you watchthem similar in the way devonte Adams. Does it and also Michael Thomas Ov lastyear used to do it. The defense is basically know he's getting the ball,but they just can't really stop it and withthe other talent they had on that bills. Offense they couldn't really liketriple Teamin, and that was enough for him to basically dominate every singlebatch she played in. He turned into one of the signings of the year, but we'lltalk about that towards the end of the episode. He is certainly in theconversation for that one, I'm coming from Minnesota last year and yeah he's always shine potential,but in a two wide receiver dominant system with Adam Feelang, he was alwayswell, not necessarily the secondary player, but feelin often stole theheadlines when he could have been hat. You know in the headlines The wholetime if he wasst on his own. He was...

...playing that well, but I think now he'sgone o Buffalo team that historically hasn't had the greatest of offenses inthe last. You know, fifteen o twenty years and he's really stolen the showand he's, I think, he's elevated Josh Allan's game to the next level. Jos,alln has a lot of raal talent, but I think you needed some skill around himto really turn him into a you know: a top ten top six quarterback in theLeague- and I think he's done that, in my opinion, be a honorable mentiond toJosh Allan in my rankings. I had him finishing asthe sixth best quarterbackit of the AR, which is certainly no mean feet. Ithink it's is third year, so it's pretty impressive to think how good isgoing to become but yeah. For me, Stephon Diggs is the offensive MBPcandidate from the AFC east. Moving on to the AFC north, I've gone with NickChob ad, it's actually another one where this was kind of tough. Thereweren't too many outstanding candidates in this division, but I went with NickChab third mostyards per game of any running back in terms of rushing Rforthmost rushing yards protempt second, most out of Arbes. I think Cylamar andLema Jackson had more, but that's pretty not really a fair comparison. Heaveraged a RUSS IAM TD, every game he played. He only played twelve matcheshad twelve rushing touchdowns and Ho had the seventh bost rushing yuards inthe whole league, and that is with only playing twelve matches. So I'm notreally taking into account that you only play twelve matches as that's kindof u'mfair to the guys who played all the matches, because it's not there forhumis time but yeah pretty incredible year from Nick Chab. I remember thestart of this year when we were on with pilche regular guest on the show. Hesaid that he thinks Nikchab is one of the most underrated offensive playerslook after last year and when weere talking about the NFL top hundred, hereckons he was like a top twenty player in his opinion, and I think hedefinitely showed that this year he's probably if you gave everyone the same amount ofcarries with the same oline. I think nick chob would come out with the bestresults. If I'm honest, I think he is the best quality Russa in the leagueand that's a big cool and I'm not sure if it's completely true, but that'sjust my got, feel I' absolute star and him along with his good mate CareemHunt. They obviously Baker mafed had a pretty good year after Tumulta twothousand and nineteen, but they are really the reasons why the browns hadsuch a good season, and especially at the back end of it, I'm so Nick Chob isthe AFC north offensive NBP nomination, in my opinion, but honwile mention goesto cream hunt. He was right by Nikchob side, most game and wasn't far behindin most starts the AFC south. This is this. Devisionwas actually stuck Thi Sher last year, and I think it was as good and thisyear there was a lot of standout arforances, but we all know who theAFCCOUTH offensive. MVP nomine is, and that's deryk Hendry Bo rosthing yardsin the NFL for the second year in a row, I believe, maybe third yeah. I think itwas just second year he had over two thousand yards, which was, I think,five hundred yards a head of the next best. Most rushing yards put game inthe NFL. Most rushing touchdowns, most rushing first down so yeah. He couldn'treally break anymore statsif. He tried a d. Yes, he got more volume than Ithink any other running back. He had a lot of attempts, but that's not hisfault when he's running as well as he is. Why, when you keep giving him theball, so I think that's a fair call to make him the FC South Offensive Nvp,nomine and the honor mentions, for this is a long list. You Got Ryan Tannyhillhad another great year to Shan Watson. He had the most passing yards of theseason. Jonathan Taylor had a very impressive Eun. His first year in theNFL AJ Brown broke out, as we were expecting after a strong debut season.Last year, James Robinson was an absolute shock of an undrafted rookie.He had a great year. Philip rivers was...

...another one and brannon cooks justaround out. That list all had very impressive views. In the ASC South, asa pretty impressive division this year, even if teams like the Texans and Jacks didn'thave the best record and then to finish it off the AC west offensive NBP. OurCart lives actually attempted to to give this to Tiry Hill, but you can't really not go with Patrickhomes. Can you three game winning drives? Three. FOURTH QUARTER COMEBACK:most passing yards per game. Second, most passing yards and total justanother freak her from pema homes going to be interesting to see if he wins theMBP. I'm not sure if you will talk about that in the NFC episode as well.Him and Rogers are neck Neckitmwell, not really in my opinion, but in mostpeople's opinion. I think but yeah my homes. He looks like he'sgoing to be a star in this league for a long time now there are a few peoplequestioning whether it was mabe just a early Karea Fluk, but he's Showin us. Ithink three is in a row now, so I don't think we can say that anymore and he'sjust a star started: T quarterback that wee can we can start to expect this really every yearso yea he had another absolute free, Kir, honorbrable mensions here go totyrekill, traves, Kelsey, Danwall and even Josh Jacobs. They all had prettyimpressive years. So if we're going to look at those nominees, we've gotStephon Digs Chab, Henry and Bahoms. I think chobs, the clear fourth out ofthat and then I'm Goingta have to say digs is probably the number three justby bit like. I know it's harsh, but just by virtue being a wide receiver,theyre, usually less less important in games. I'm like I'msure I'm ofending offending a lot of people there, but I think it's hard not to go H. Pemahomes, yes, dareck Henry- was by far the most dominant running back and nextto probably Dalvin Cook. There wasn't really anyone else, eithen close to theconversation there O, I think I'm going Ta have to go with Patrick Ho the homesjust because the impact he had on the chief to Shar likely going to lead themto another super bowl, we'll see that in about a week's time, and also justthe quarterback position. Yes, it annoys me how much importance is put on it, especially interms of NVP awards, but it does make sense. They do touch the ball everysingle play, unlike every any other position, so it is by far the mostimportant position on the field. So I think it's fair Patty myhomes Ween, theAC offensive mdvp award. Now moving on to the Defensive Mvp Award for the AFC,I'm going to do the same system roll through the divisions. If we're goingto look at the afcs first, once again, not too many options in this one, ifI'm honest the AFCEAST, they had some solid teams, but not too many starstarted players, but this was easy choice save on Howard, mostinterceptions on the season with ten most pastes defended with twenty. Hehad a bit of a downiyear last year, but he went back to his career best form,really that you was so dominant within around wo thousand and seventeen wothosand and eighteen and yeah. He just showed that he's, probably one of ifnot the best quarterbacks in the league. They signed Byran Jones in theoffseason, so you thought maybe more less important is going to be put onhis lockdown role and that they were going to be more of a tenden. But Ithink, if anything that allowed Howard to kind of be a bit riskyer in some ofhis play and I'm he really stood out this year as one of the best players onthat Dolphin's team and in the AFC in general. So he is definitely thedefensive candidate for defensive NBP. Out of the AFCEAST shout out thod toJordan Poyer, I think ias think is Brian Player, but then I'm gettingconfused Brian Hoyar, but yeah Jordan poy add a pretty good season for thebuffalo bills as well AFC North Defensive Player of the. I don't thinkthis is any debate really. Actually,...

...there is a few good playes in this whenI can't say that with such confidence but Tj, what for me outside linebackerfrom the steel ers, the most sacks in the year out of the hole NFL withfifteen, most tackables for losses out of the whole NFL or twenty three andmost cuby hits in the whole NFL with forty one. So three pretty importantstarts, especially when it comes to pathrushing and he's leading the NFL inthe all. So pretty hard nop to have him in here do think tackles forlosses areseriously underrated. STAP because et tackles attack, Efhora losses,essentially the same as a sack. It's just a running back, not a quarterback.So the fact that is leading sacks and tackles forlosses, that's prettyimpressive, and for me he's the clear candidate out of the AC north big shoutout, though, to Malin Humphrey had a really impressive year think he hadeight folce fumbles, which is pretty incredible and yeah. He just put on aclinical year miles garrd as well. He was very impressive. Once again, twelvesacks AIGTENQB hits ten ten tas for lost four fource fumbles, so he hadanother wrecking year for the brawns and Stepon to it. Also out of anotherpretty good year moving into the AFC south, there was a little bit less to choosefrom here. There was a lot of depth in the AFC south defensive ranks, but notnecessarily that certified gun I've actually gone with, probably a lessernon player, but Joe Showbit limebacker of the Jacksonville Jagwis. You justhad really well rounded stats. Nothing really jumps off the paper. He was ad,the eleventh most Ta Solo tackles on the year with eighty four and yeah. You just had a reallyimpressive yea. Very well rounded. As I mentioned six tackles for a lost twofalse fumbles, three interceptions, you just you know tick, O every box interms of very staft and yeah, without him I', not sure how bad thatJacksonville defense could have got because he was really carrying them. Hewas a signing this year, so yeah. He will talk about him and signings to theER. Definitely later honorable mensions in the AFC south, similar to offense,they have a lot of depth in that division. Jj Watt had another very goodyear. I can't lie. I thought he was kind of past his best, especially afterthe injuries head had, but this year he was well and truly dominating games.Again. Seventeen qb hits fourteen tackles for a loss, daris LeonardSimilar. He was out for most of last year with an injury, but he came backand was one of the best limebackes in the COMP Kenny more was great theforest buck, Tar, Zach, Cunningham and Malcolm Butla. Is it Alchoma Yeah I',not sure why I'm getting infused with that, but yet the quarterback from theTennessee tines and they all hade very good years and the AC west to finishoff this was definitely the weakest division in terms of defense, the onlyguy worth ventioning is Jothan Simmons really, but he was one of the lowerranks defenders I had mentioned for this award. He was top fiveinterceptions in the NFL top twenty for solo tackles, but Yeah Im, nothing out,standing from him, just pretty well rounded similar to show, but so hecontinued to be one of the better safeties in the league, and I rememberthat clutch interception was it against the charges. Maybe I can't rememberthey had a game come down to the way Mar was the Falcons, I'm not sure, buthe saved the game yeah, that's just what he does. So he is the finalnominee. But overall I'm going to have to go with ot fo Wi can't lightt's, noteven close to me. It's Tj what to lead the league in those three three of themost important defensive starts. The fohim to Lee lead the League in thatand I'm telling you what he does not just lead them. He absolutelyobliterates everyone in those gum. In those starts, I think Shebe hitse waslike had ten more than the next best tackles for a last yeahd like five.More so yeah he's an absolute record Tj what and he is deserving of the AFCdefensive player of the year.

All right now into the rookie awardsoffensive rookie. I actually do not have any rookie nomination for theasces. No one was really worth mentioning only ones I can really thinkof Zack Moss, but he didn't really have a great year to R he didn't play toooften, and yet Damian Hawris did a little bit for the Pats, but that's allI can really say so. I'm not going to put anyone up from that division in theAC north. I've actually gone in Chase Clapole, quite a few good options inthis division in terms of rookies, but he had nine receiving touchdowns. Hewas thirty first and receiving out which doesn't sound incredible, but fora rookie, that's pretty impressive. Second Round Pick and yeah, hedefinitely exceeded expectation, and he gave some nice depth to that. PittsburgReceiving Core Honorable Mansions go to tea higgins and JK dobins o both hadvery good vews and especially dobons. He came home very well, but teahigginswas also pretty impressive all year and I think if Joe Barridin go down, hemight have been nominated for this award. Next OPE got the AFC south defensive,Rooki, MV, P, offensive, Bookyou, sorry and we willbe going with Jonathan Taylor. This is this is a tough one. Actually, I thinkJames Robinson season 's been a little bit undertalked about andunderappreciat it. If I'm honest, considering the situation he was in inJacksonville and just as a dun drafted rookie was pretty incredible what hewas able to do, but Jonathan Tayle third, most rushing yards and thecompetition thirdmost first downs as a rush, AP pitmoshaards per game. He wassecond Ram pick. We were pretty high on him on this podcast. We thought it wasgoing to be pretty good and he turned out to be even better than he ththought.So E startef the season pretty slow, but he came home real strong and was abig reason why the cults ended up making the playoffs and made a goodfist of it. To be honest, so yeth he's definitely the offensive bookiecandidate from the AFC Souh from the FC West. Yeah, look not much of a battlehere. Justin Herbert Sik, most passing yards in the NFL fourthmost yards put agame. Three game winning drives: He was the Sicth pick out of Oregon, so youwudsuggest. That means he has pretty high hopes, but I think people weresurprised how early he went and were probably thinking, especially comparedto Borou and Tor, that he was by father third option there, but going into the next season. It looks if,if he might be the best of the three but we'll see how that ends up goingand the honorable mensions in the AFC west, probably Clyde Edward Hilare andJerry Judy both had pretty solid seasons, nothing outrageous from thoseto be pretty handy and then so. The nominees are JonathanTaylor, Justin Herbert Chase and chase claple chase. Claypool is certainly thethird out of those to out of those three, but I'm Goinna have to go withJonathan Taylor. Yes, you started the season slowy, he didn't have the mostoutrageous yards po attempt, but men came home really really strong and Yethjust looks like he's going to be a certified arby one for the cults for along time so yeah. I think they're back to reallyone there, just like Juson Herbert how to insane year and quarterback isdefinitely more important than running back, but yeah Johnathan Taylor had apretty incredible year, so I'm going with him maybe come tovirsual, but yeat a defensive rookie of the year. Onceagain, there was no candidate from the AFC. Noone played enough game started. My criteria was, she had to have startedtwelve or more games in your position to qualify so no unqualified in the AFCEast in the AFC North Patrick Queen, was the quest clear standout linebacken from the Baltimle Ravens first round pick so Yeu had quite highexpectations, but he just slodded into...

...that awesome. Defense and really didn'tmiss a beat started every single game pretty well round. ITD starts nothingjumping off the page, but he was well I'll talk about it, but he'sprobably this Cliak candidate from this side of the ball. Julian Blackman isthe AFC south candidate safety from Indianapolis Cults. He didn't have anoutstanding year, but th he was the best of what was available. An theafccutome to choose from had a couple interceptions of force, fumble and buthe played a lot of games and for a third roun pick, he looks like he'sgoing to be a pretty good pickup and then in the AFC west. KennethMurray haven't heard too much about him, but why I'm backer from the charges? Hewas the first round peak but yeah once again, probably just best of the lotvery well around. It starts like Blackman, but nothing reallyoutstanding. But for me the defensive Rooky of the AFC is clearly PatrickQueen. He was by far the bet option out of him, Kenneth Bar and Jillian Blackin,but those two definitely had serviceable seasons, so nothing toworry about from those two very good years. Alright, thet round self theawards in terms of the player awards. Now I'm going to just run through the general awards. So coach of the yearcoach, the I went through a team by team and just compared theirperformance from last year to this year, because I think that's one of the bestways to think about how a coach as done, whether they've, improved or not, andby doing that, I've come out with two main options: Brian Floras and ShalMcDermott Kevinte fanciis, probably stiff to miss out to be honest, Emawith the actual ward. But for me, Shaw, mcdemitt what a he! Thebills were a pretty solid team last year, but then they became absolutewell beates this year and weren't too far away from making the Super Bowl. SoI think he definitely deserves a shoutout. But for me the winner ofcoach, O Vee and the AFC is Brian Flori. He was probably more talked about lastyear than this year in terms of one of the best coaches, but he still tookMiami from five and eleven to ten and six, which is pretty impressive,especially considering half the years with a be quarterback Turne, the Miami defense into one ofthe best defenses in the competition they were singlehandedly winning. SomeGames, for example, we saw that against the rams and they had plenty ofinjuries to deal with, but he just kept evolving and finding place to Dorolls,for example, and they're running back to slot coming into the season it lookelike it was going to be Jordan. HOTHOWARD and Thatbraider ended upbeing myles GASCON turned into a beast: He got intued and they found self onarmed. He became a beast and Hegon engine and they just kept kept findingnew players to fill the position and that's the kind of thing that they weredoing all all years. So yeah, I think Brian Florris is a worthywinner of coach. The ear I gave me the year, I'm giving it to the ravensversus the browns thing. It was a Monday night football game week.Fourteen other Ravens beat the browns forty seven and forty two. This is thefamous game where people think Lama crapped his paents, but I'm still notsure if he did or not and the Ma rushed for a hundred and twenty four yardsfrom only nine attempts. So he was back to his two thousand and nineteen best.There Ravens had five rushing touchdowns, the browns had fol, makinga nine overall, which I think I can't remember it was the best most ever orthe most in a long time, but it was certainly something you don't see:Everyday and Baker Mayfield through for three hundred and forty three yards andone of his best games of the year. It was just back and forward. I remember:Lamar came out after his pre break, some would call it and firstsnap he just set up a touchdown so yeah it was justreally good, attacking NFL, really and then top five signings of the year. This was a tough one. It's tough totake into account the value side of...

...things, but I'm going to start. Iactually only got Oh yeah. No. I do have five year sor number five, I'mgoing to forest Baknar. He came from San Francisco. I don't think you playedall sixteen ams. I think he played twelve or thirteen or something, but hehad a pretty good year. I M not probably up to the same lofty heightsas he did the niners, but maybe just because he was in a smallmarket team in Indianapolis, but he had a very good year, so that was a goodtrade from the cults I'm another good pickup from the cultswas Philip Rivers in free agency. I was very against this move. I thought itwas pretty negative play from the colts, but he ended up leading them to theplayoffs and I think he made them a lot better team than most otherquarterbacks could have so fair play to Phillip Rivers. Number three. I thinkthis guy probably hasn't talked about much this season and I think heactually had a really good year. Yes, hes catching tros from one of the bestquarterbacks in the competition, but brannon cooks. Yes, he was playing second fit or toWillfull or bit even after we'll full about suspended cook, still managed tostill rack up really good numbers against quality opposition, and I thinkhe was back to some of his finest form this year after a few dawn years, withthe rams number two I'm going with Jo showbut.As I mentioned, he was my candidate for defensive player the year from the AFCsouth, the Jacksonville linebacker came from the brands, I believe in FreAgency, and he had a really impressive season. I think he's got like a fiveyear contract as well, so he's going to be a lock locked in certified starter for that JacksonvilleDefense, which is what they need at the moment, with little stability going inany position in that side and then number one I've gone with Stephon digs.I don't think it was too tough. In my opinion, Het was the third best widereceiver of the year, and yes, now that you know that my Minnesota Got JustinJeffs as part of this trade, it makes the deal look less valuable, but justthe fact that diggs was a top quolity wide out. Yes, Jefferson looks likehe's going to be a freak as well, but you have to say to the bills: that's apretty impressive, pickup and yeah, so he is the number onesigning for me all right. That's why I've got for youtoday. I really appreciate you tuning in and listening if you've got anythoughts or you have any disputes really with michels feel free tocomment them or dmme on Instotagram. Let me know what you think: I'd love tohear from you and yet cheat him for the next episode coming out tomorrow on thesame thing, but the NFC and I'm sure we'll have more NFL and other sportingcontent to come in the near future. But for now, thanks for listening thanksfor watching our CS, shes.

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