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2020 NFL Awards - AFC Edition - Episode 101


Hamish goes through each AFC division and looks at their candidates for several NFL Individual awards. He discusses each candidates' credentials and awards overall conference recipients. 


Crowd cheers. He settle. Helloand welcome back to the on the board podcast. This is episode a hundredand one of the show. Feels a bit weird to say, kind ofsurprised I got episode a hundred, but very grateful the same time. Todaywe are back to talk about the NFL. We haven't talked about the NFL toomuch since the playoffs began. I haven't been watching it. Well,I've been watching but I haven't been into it as much. As you know, the festivities of January and Australia of kind of taken over in the beautifulweather and stuff like that's been a bit of a distraction. So I'm I'vebeen more focused on the cricket but I'm back here today to discuss the NFL. There's only one game less of the season. That's the super bowl betweenthe Kansas city chiefs and the Tampa Bay buccaneers. But today we're going tobe addressing all the other matches that have been played, and by doing thatI mean will be discussing the NFL awards, or I think they call the NFLhonors, in the official awards ceremony. So we're going to today. We'regoing to do the AFC. So we're going to discuss the offensive MVPthe AFC, the defensive a MVP, and I'll fensive rookie MVP, adefensive rookie MVP, and then we'll discuss some other awards like coach of theyear, signing of the year, match of the year, etc. Etc. So the way I'm going to do it as I'm going to go divisionby division and kind of use that as a bit of a way to createa nominations list and then we're going to discuss who the overall or winners inthe conference and then in the next episode that I will be filming straight afterthis but it will be released maybe a day later, I will be doingthe NFC. So if we're going to get straight into it, we willbe discussing the offensive MVP of the AFC. So I'm going to go division bydivision, as I said, for each award discussed the nominees from thatdivision and then, you know, sort of pick an overall winner. Sostarting with the AFC east, there actually wasn't too many offensive weapons when youthink about the jets, the Patriots and even the dolphins this year. Soit really only left one team to give us at their candidate, and I'veactually it was a fifty really between Steph on digs and Josh Allen. It'salways tough in a great quarterback wide receiver duo. Is it more the throwingor is it more the catching? But in this certain combination, no disrespectto Josh Allen, but I'm going with Steph on digs as the AFC eastoffensive MVP and therefore he is my number one, my first nominee for theirAFC MVP. He had the most receptions in the League with a hundred andtwenty seven, most receiving yards with one thus five hundred and thirty five,third most first downs of any for any receiver and in my opinion he wasthe third best receiver in the league this year, behind Davante Adams and tyreekill. He just did it all really, if you watch them, similar inthe way Davante Adams does it, and also Michael Thomas of last yearused to do it, the defense is basically know he's getting the ball butthey just can't really stop it. And with the other talent they had onthat bill's offense, they couldn't really like triple teaming and that was enough forhim to basically dominate every single match he played in. He turned into oneof the signings of the year, but we'll talk about that towards the endof the episode. He is certainly in the conversation for that one. Comingfrom Minnesota last year. And Yeah, he's always shown potential, but ina too wide receiver dominant system with Adam thiel and, he was always willnot necessarily the secondary player, but thel and often stole the headlines when hecould have been hat you know, in the headlines The whole time if hewas just on his own, he was...

...playing that well. But I thinknow he's gone to Buffalo, a team that historically hasn't had the greatest ofoffenses in the last, you know, fifteen to twenty years, and he'sreally stolen the show and he's I think he's elevated Josh Allen's game to thenext level. Josh Allen has a lot of raw talent, but I thinkhe needed some skill around them to really turn him into a, you know, a top ten, top six quarterback in the league, and I thinkhe's done that in my opinion. But yeah, honorable mentioned to Josh Allenin my rankings I had him finishing as the sixth best quarterback of the year, which is certainly no mean feat. I think it's his third year,so it's pretty impressive to think how good he's going to become. But yeah, for me, step on Diggs is the offensive MVP candidate from the AFCeast. Moving on to the AFC north, I've gone with Nick Chubb. It'sactually another one where this was kind of tough. There weren't too manyoutstanding candidates in this division, but I went with Nick Chubb. Third mostyards per game of any running back in terms of rushing. Fourth most rushingyards protempt second most out of our be's. I think Kylamari and Lamar Jackson hadmore, but that's pretty not really a fair comparison. He average torushing td every game he played. He only played twelve matches, had twelverushing touchdowns and he had the seventh most rushing guards and the whole league,and that is with only playing twelve matches. So I'm not really taking into accountthat he only played twelve matches, as that's kind of unfair to theguys who played all the matches, because it's not there for he missed time. But yeah, pretty incredible year from Nick Chub. I remember at thestart of this year when we were on with Pilch, he regular guest onthe show. He said that he thinks Nick Chubb was one of the mostunderrated offensive players look after last year and when we're talking about the NFL tophundred, he reckons he was like a top twenty player in his opinion,and I think you definitely showed that this year. Hebably, if you gaveeveryone the same amount of carries with the same Olne, I think Nick Chubbwould come out with the best results. If I'm honest, I think heis the best quality rusher in the League, and that's a big call and I'mnot sure if it's completely true, but that's just my gut feel.Absolute Style and him, along with his good mate cream hunt. They obviouslyBaker Mayfield out a pretty good year after a Tumultra's two thousand and nineteen,but they are really the reasons why the browns had such a good season,and especially at the back end of it. So Nick Chub is the AFC northoffensive MVP nomination in my opinion, but honorable mention goes to cream hunt. He was right by Nick Chubb's side most game and wasn't far behind inmost starts. The AFC south, this is this division was actually stuck thisyear. Last year I think it was as good, and this year therewas a lot of standout performances. But we all know who the AFC southoffensive MVP nominee is, and that's Derrick Henry. Most rushing yards in theNFL for the second year in a row, I believe, maybe third year.I think it was just second year. He had over twozero yards, whichwas, I think, five hundred yards ahead of the next best.Most rushing yards per game in the NFL, most rushing touchdowns, most rushing firstdown. So yeah, he couldn't really break any more stats if youtried. Yes, he got more volume than I think any other running back. Had A lot of attempts, but that's not his fault. When he'srunning as well as he is, why when you keep giving in the ball? So I think that's a fair call to make him the AFC south offensiveMVP nominee. The honor mentions for this is a long list. You GotRyan Tannehill had another great year. Deshawn Watson, he had the most passingyards of the season. Jonathan Taylor had a very impressive year and his firstyear in the NFL. Aj Brown broke out as we were expecting after astrong debut season last year. James Robinson was an absolute shock of an undraftedrookie. He had a great year.

Philip rivers was another one, andBrandon cooks, just to round out that list, all had very impressive yearsin the AFC south as a pretty impressive division this year, even if teamslike the Texans and Jacks didn't have the best record. And then, tofinish it off, the AFC west offensive MVP. I can't lives. Actuallytempted to give this to Tyre kill, but you can't really not go withPatrick Mahomes, can you, three game winning drives, straight fourth quarter comebacks, most passing yards per game, second most passing yards in total. Justanother freak here from P mahomes. Going to be interesting to see if hewins the MVP. I'm not sure if you will all talk about that inthe NFC episode as well. Him and Rodgers are neck and neck in mywill. Not really in my opinion, but a most people's opinion, Ithink. But yeah, mahomes. He looks like he's going to be astar in this league for a long time now. There are a few peoplequestioning whether it was maybe just an early career fluke, but he's shown us. I think three is in a row now, so I don't think wecan say that anymore and he's just a star started quarterback that we can wecan start to expect this really every year. So yeah, he had another absolutefreaky honorable mentions here go to Tyre kill, Travis Kelcey, Darren Mooland even Josh Jacobs. They all had pretty impressive years. So if we'regoing to look at those nominees, we've got Stephan Diggs, child Henry andMahomes. I think Chub's the clear fourth out of that and then I'm goingto have to say digs is probably the number three. Just buy. Butlike, I know it's harsh, but just by virtue of being a widereceiver they're usually less less important in games. Like, I'm sure I'm sending offendinga lot of people there, but I think it's hard not to gowith P my homes. Yes, Derrick Henry was by far the most dominantrunning back and next to probably dowd and cook. There wasn't really anyone elseeven close to the CO conversation there. I think I'm going to have togo with Patrick Home Mahomes, just because the impact he had on the chiefsthis year likely going to lead them to another super bowl. Will see thatin about a week's time. And also just the quarterback position. Yes,it annoys me how much importance is put on it, and especially in termsof MVP awards, but it does make sense. They do touch the ballevery single play, unlike every any other position, so it is by farthe most important position on the field. So I think it's fair patting mahomes. When's the AFC offensive MVP award? Now moving on to the Defensive MvpAward for the AFC, I'm going to do the same system roll through thedivisions. If we're going to look at the AFC's first. Once again,not too many options in this one, if I'm honest. The AFC east, they had some solid teams but not too many star started players. Butthis was easy choice. Save you on Howard. Most interceptions on the seasonwith ten, most passes defended with twenty. He had a bit of a downyear last year, but he went back to his career best form reallythat you was so dominant within around two thousand and seventeen, two thousand andeighteen, and yeah, he just showed that he's probably one of, ifnot the best quarterbacks in the league. They signed by and Jones in theoffseason, so you thought maybe more less importance was going to be put onhis lockdown roll and they were going to be more of a tender. ButI think if anything, that allowed Howard to kind of be a bit riskierin some of his play and he really stood out this year as one ofthe best players on that dolphins team and in the AFC in general. Sohe is definitely the defensive candidate for Defensive Mvp out of the AFC east.Shout out, though, to Jordan poyer. I think I think it's Brian Poyer, but then I'm getting confused with Brian Hoyer. But yeah, JordanPoy are had a pretty good season for the buffalo bills as well. AFCNorth Defensive Player of the year. I don't think this is any debate really. Actually, there is a few good...

...players in this one. I can'tsay that with such confidence, but Tj what for me, outside linebacker fromthe steelers, most sacks in the year out of the whole NFL with fifteen, most tackles for losses out of the whole NFL with twenty three, andmost qb hits in the whole NFL with forty one. So three pretty importantstats, especially when it comes to pass rushing, and he's leading the NFLon them all. So pretty hard enough to have him in here. Ido think tackles for losses is seriously underrated staff because it tackles. Attack fora loss is essentially the same as a sack. It's just a running back, not a quarterback. So the fact that he's leading the sacks and tacklesfor losses, that's pretty impressive and for me he's the clear candidate out ofthe AFC north. Big shoutouts, though. Tomlin Humphrey had a really impressive year. Think he had eight force fumbles, which is pretty incredible, and yeah, he just put on a clinical year. Miles Garrett as well.He was very impressive once again. Twelve sacks, eighteen qb hits, ten, ten tackles for a loss, for force fumbles, so he had anotherwrecking year for the browns and step on to it also had another pretty goodyear. Moving into the AFC south, there's a little bit less to choosefrom here. There's a lot of depth in the AFC south defensive ranks,but not necessarily that certified gun. I've actually gone with probably a lesser knownplayer, but Joe Showberts, linebacker of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He just hadreally well rounded stats. Nothing really jumps off the paper. He was atthe eleventh most tucked solo tackles on the year with eighty four. And Yeah, you just had a really impressive year, very well rounded. As I mentioned. Six tackles for a loss to false fun bulls, three interceptions.You just, you know, tick to every box in terms of every statand yeah, without him I'm not sure how bad that Jacksonville defense could havegone because he was really carrying them. He was a signing this year,so yeah, he will talk about him in signings of the year definitely later. Honorable Mentions in the AFC south, similar to offense, they have alot of depth in that division. Jj Wat had another very good year.I can't lie. I thought he was kind of passed his best, especiallyafter the injuries he'd had, but this year he was well and truly dominatinggames again. Seventeen qb hits, fourteen tackles for a loss. Darius LeonardSimilar. He was out for most of the last year with an injury,but he came back and was one of the best linebackers in the COMP KennyMoore was great, deforest Buck, now Zack Cunningham and Malcolm Butler. Isit Malcolm Butler? Yeah, not sure why I'm getting confused with that.But yet the cornerback from the Tennessee Titans. They all had very good years.And the AC west to finish off. This was definitely the weakest division interms of defense. I'm the only guy worth mentioning is Justin Simmons Really, but he was one of the lower ranks defenders. I had mentioned forthis award. He was top five interceptions in the NFL, top twenty foursolo tackles, but yeah, nothing outstanding from him, just pretty well rounded. Similar to show. But so he continued to be one of the bettersafeties in the league and I remember that clutch interception. Was it against thecharges? Maybe? I can't remember. They had a game come down tothe way maybe as the Falcons, I'm not sure, but he saved thegame. Yeah, that's just what he does. So he is the finalnominee. But overall I'm going to have to go with for why can't light? It's not even close to me. It's Tj what to lead the leaguein those three, three of the most important defensive stats. That for himto lead lead the League in that. And I'm telling you what, hedoes not just lead them, he absolutely obliterates everyone in those in those stats, I think qb hits, he was like had ten more than the nextbest. Tackles for a lost, he had like five more. So yeah, he's an absolute wreck, rd Tj Watt, and he is deserving ofthe AFC defensive player of the year.

All right, now into the rookieawards. Offensive Rookie. I actually do not have any rookie nomination from theafcs. No one was really worth mentioning. Only ones I can really think ofZack Moss, but he didn't really have a great year tour. Hedidn't play too often, and yet Damien Harris did a little bit for theparts, but that's all I can really say. So I'm not going toput anyone up from that division in the AC north. I've actually gone andchase KLAYPAL. Quite a few good options in this division in terms of rookies, but he had nine receiving touchdowns. He was thirty first and receiving arts, which doesn't sound incredible but for a rookie that's pretty impressive. Second RoundPick and yeah, he definitely exceeded expectation and he gave some nice depth tothat Pittsburgh receiving care. Honorable Mentions go to t higgins and JK Dobbins.O. Both had very good years, and especially Dobbins. He came homevery well, but t higgins was also pretty impressive all year and I thinkif Joe Burrow didn't go down, he might have been nominated for this award. Next up got the AFC south defensive rookie, MVP offensive rookie. Sorry, and we will be going with Jonathan Taylor. This is this was atough one actually. I think James Robinson seasons been a little bit under talkedabout and under appreciated, if I'm honest, considering the situation he was in inJacksonville and just as an undrafted rookie, was pretty incredible. What he wasable to do. But Jonathan Taylor, third most rushing yards and the competition. Third most first downs as a rush up, fifth most yards pergame. He was the second round pick. We were pretty high on him onthis podcast. We thought it was going to be pretty good and heturned out to be even better than me thought. So he started the seasonpretty slow but he came home real strong and was a big reason why thecolts ended up making the playoffs and made a good fist of it to behonest. So yeah, he's definitely the offensive rookie candidate from the AFC southfrom the AFC west. Yeah, look, not much of a battle here.It's Justin Herbert. Sixth most passing yards in the NFL, fourthmost yardsper game, three game winning drives. He was the sixth pick out ofOregon, so you would suggest that means he has pretty higher hopes. ButI think people were surprised how early he went and we're probably thinking, especiallyconverted to borrow and to it, that he was by far the third optionthere. But going into the next season it looks as if he might bethe best of the three, but we'll see how that ends up going.The honorable mentions in the AFC west, probably Clyde Edwards Hill there and JerryJudy. Both are pretty sold seasons. Nothing outrageous from those two. BitPretty Handy. And then so the nominees are Jonathan Taylor, Justin Herbert's chaseand chase claypool. Chase Claypool is certainly the third out of those two,out of those three, but I'm going to have to go with Jonathan Taylor. Yes, you started the season slowly. He didn't have the most outrageous yardsprotempt but he came home really, really strong and yet just looks likehe's going to be a certified r Bey one for the colts for a longtime. So yeah, I think they're backed really good one. They're justlike Justin. Herbert had it insane year and quarterback is definitely more important thanrunning back. But yeah, Jonathan Taylor had a pretty incredible year, soI'm going with him. May Be controversial, but yet defensive rookie of the year. Once again there was no candidate from the AFC east. No oneplayed enough game started. My criteria was you had to have it started twelveor more games in your position to qualify. So no one qualified in the AFCeast. In the AFC north, Patrick Queen was the quizt clear standoutlinebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. First Round pick. So he had quite highexpectations. But he just slotted into that...

...awesome defense and really didn't miss abeat. Started every single game. Pretty well rounded starts, nothing jumping offthe page, but he was well. We'll talk about it, but he'sprobably this click candidate from this side of the ball. Julian Blackman is theAFC south candidate, safety from Indianapolis Colts. You didn't have an outstanding year,but there he was the best of what was available in the AFC southfor me to choose from. Had A couple interceptions of force fumbull and buthe played a lot of games and for a third round pick he looks likehe's going to be a pretty good pick up. And then in the AFCwest, Kenneth Murray. Haven't heard too much about him, but linebacker fromthe charges. He was a first round pick. But yeah, once againand probably just best of a lot. Very well rounded starts like Blackman,but nothing really outstanding. But for me the defensive rookie of the AFC isclearly Patrick Queen. He was by far the better option out of him,Kenneth Marie and Julian Blackman, but those two definitely had serviceable seasons, sonothing to worry about from those two very good years. Right. That runsoff the awards in terms of the player awards. Now I'm going to justrun through the general awards. So coach of the year, coach the year, I went through a team by team and just compared their performance from lastyear to this year, because I think that's one of the best ways tothink about how a coach is done, whether they've improved or not, andby doing that I've come out with two main options, Brian Florez and SeanMcDermott. Kevin STFANCY's probably stiff to miss out, to be honest. Hemight win the actual award, but for me Shan McDermott what he the billswere pretty solid team last year but then they became absolute well beats this yearand weren't too far away from making the Super Bowl. So I think hedefinitely deserves a shoutout. But for me the winner of coach of the yearin the AFC is Brian Florez. He was probably more talked about last yearthan this year in terms of one of the best coaches, but he stilltook Miami from five and eleven to ten and six, which is pretty impressive, especially considering half the year was with a rookie quarterback. He turned theMiami Defense into one of the best defenses in the competition. They were singlehandedly winning some games, for example. We saw that against the rams,and they had plenty of injuries to deal with, but he just kept evolvingand finding place to do roles, for example, and they're running back slot. Coming into the season it look like it was going to be Jordan howHoward, and that Braider ended up being miles gas can turn into a beast. He got injured and they found SALV on armed. He became a beastand he got injured and they just kept kept finding new players to fill theposition. And that's the kind of thing that they were doing all years.So yeah, I think Brian floors is a worthy winner of coach of theyear. Gave me the year. I'm giving it to the ravens versus thebrowns. Think it was a Monday night football game week fourteen. The Ravensbeat the Browns forty two. This is the famous game where people think Lamarcrapped his pants, but I'm still not sure if he did or not.Lamar rush for a hundred and twenty four yards from only nine attempts, sohe was back to his two thousand and nineteen best there ravens had five rushingtouchdowns, the browns had for making it nine overall, which I think Ican't remember. It was the best most ever or the most in a longtime, but it was certainly something you don't see every day. And BakerMayfield through for three hundred and forty three yards in one of his best gamesof the year. It was just back and forward. I remember Lamar cameout after he's poo break, some would call it, and first nap hejust set up a touchdown. So yeah, it was just really good attacking NFL, really and then top five signings of the year. This was atough one. It's tough to take into account the value side of things,but I'm going to start. I've actually...

...only got oh yeah, no,idea. Five is sor number five. I'm going to forest buckner. Hecame from San Francisco. I don't think he played all sixteen games. Ithink he played twelve or thirteen or something, but he had a pretty good year. Not probably up to the same lofty heights as he did the niners, but maybe just because us in a smaller market team in Indianapolis, buthe had a very good year. So that was a good trade from thecolts. Another good pick up from the colts was Philip rivers in free agency. I was very against this move. I thought it was pretty negative playfrom the colts, but he ended up leading them to the playoffs and Ithink he made them a lot better team than most other quarterbacks could have.So Fair play to Philip Rivers. Number three, I think this guy probablydidn't talked about much this season, but I think he actually had a reallygood year. Yes, he's catching throws from one of the best quarterbacks inthe competition, but brandon cooks. Yes, he was playing second fiddle to willfull a bit. Even after will fuller got suspended, Cook still managedto still wrack up really good numbers against quality opposition and I think he wasback to some of his finest form this year after a few dawn years withthe rams. Number two, I'm going with Joe Schobert. As I mentioned, he was my candidate for defensive player of the year from the AFC south. The Jackson Bille linebacker came from the Browns, I believe, in freeagency and he had a really impressive season. I think he's got like a fiveyear contract as well, so he's going to be a lock, lockedin, certified starter for that Jackson Bille Defense, which is what they needat the moment with little stability going in any position in that side. Andthen number one, I've got my step on Diggs. I don't think itwas too tough. In my opinion, he was third best wide receiver ofthe year. And yes, now that you know that my Minnesota Got JustinJeff's as part of this trade, it makes the deal look less valuable,but just the fact that digs was a top quality wide out. Yes,Jefferson looks like he's going to be a freak as well, but you haveto say to the bills that's a pretty impressive pickup. And yes, sohe is the number one signing for me. All right, that's all I've gotfor you today. A really appreciate you tuning in and listening. Ifyou've got any thoughts or you have any disputes really with my calls, feelfree to comment them or Dmme on Instagram let me know what you think.I'd love to hear from you. And yet tune in for the next episodecoming out tomorrow, on the same thing, but the NFC, and I'm surewe'll have more NFL and other sporting content to come in the near future. But for now, thanks for listening, thanks for watching. I'll see soon. Cheers,.

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