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Episode 33 · 1 year ago

England vs West Indies Test Series Preview (The Wisden Trophy) - Episode 32


Christian joins Hamish to preview the upcoming return of Test Cricket with England and the West Indies competing for the Wisden Trophy. The guys preview each team's lineup and make some predictions for the series.

... forgot to mention it. In the last few days we've heard of the passing of Sir Everton weeks. He is one of the best in west Indian crickets of all time. Him, frank warrel and Clyde Walcott. They made the three ws who are a famous trio in the late s s of West indies cricket. So I just want to say rest and peace. Serve two weeks. You won't be forgotten, mate. You've left a great mark on cricket, especially in the West indies crowd. Cheers, he settle. Welcome to the on the ball podcast. Thank you once again for joining us. This is episode thirty two of the show and we well, it's actually been a little bit since you've been on, but we're joined by pilled once again. Welcome, May, thanks right. How are we? Yeah, good man, how have you been this week? It's probably the least we've talked in a week ever, I re but like two years, I reckon. We've hardly talked this week. Actually, yes, suppose we are still talk to a bit, though. Yeah, but yeah, we've we've probably talked as much as the normal amount, but we normally talk a bit like like a weird level. Weird a weird volume of messages get sent between Pilch and Cork. But yeah, I'm going to do this at the start this time because I always do it at the end and I am aware that I'm sure a lot less people listen in the last minute. So if you're listening, go check us out on Youtube as well and then vice versa. If you're watching on Youtube, go check us out on the spotify and the other listening platforms and go get around us on twitter and instagram. So yeah, thanks for that. Today we are going to be discussing the upcoming cricket series, the wisdom trophy as it's called, between England and the West indies. How you feeling about this one, mate? Yeah, I'm excited for it. It's a good tip. Good to have some creet back back in our lives. So No, yeah, no word of a liar legit. Just saw this on twitter. Apparently Foxtel wasn't going to show it. They didn't have the rights to the game. All right, so we're just going to not be able to watch it. And then but they chant, they somehow. I don't know what they've done because some bloke rip, he sent a tweet to foxtel saying are you showing this, and they said, unfortunately, we don't have the rights, and then they replied to that like a couple hours ago saying there's been a change, we now have the rights. So that would have been our rageous if they were. Yeah, auld have been that shot at. I'm actually came. Like normally I probably wouldn't be too bothered about England West East test series. I'd probably just check, you know, the scores every day. But like I'll generally be watching this, I think. Yeah, as long as we can, as long as a the time zone commits. Yeah, so pretty excited for that. So the first test is on the eighth of July, which is next Wednesday. It starts at a PM, so we'll probably be able to catch the first two sessions, maybe the first session and a half, depending on your bedtimes. We're the first ones at Southampton. I think that's a Rose Bowl, pretty unusual stadium. So it's a three test series and then they roll into assuming another three test series against Pakistan. But it might be too but I don't think they do too test series in England. So today what we're going to be doing? We're going to be it's kind of in between. We're not necessarily predicting the fort the seach team. We're kind of saying who we think should be the team, but it's also a bit of also like it's also a bit of what they're going to pick. So we're going to be saying our levens and then we're going to be making predictions on the series score and like who's going to be the top run score of each side? Top we could take a fee each side and so on so forth. So just going to be a pretty chill chat which is going to explore what the series is going to have and hold for us as test cre it makes its return. I was actually saying this to my family the other day. I know it's like winter in Australian New Zealand, but it's pretty weird that this is the first cricket coming back because it's like cricket. There's no tackling or anything. You're basically social distancing when you're playing. The only time people come within two meters of each other is like when the bats and talk in between overs or like first slip in the keeper maybe or went't all when the bowl are whizz is my blast time past your Chin and then comes right up to you, gives you battle.

You know he can still live you off in three meters. But yeah, so, like it's kind of bizarre that has taken this long for cricket to come back and it's kind of weird that it's coming back in England first because, like, the situations obviously a lot less worse than Australian New Zealand, but that is because it's our winter. But yeah, so I think we should start with the England team. You are an England fan in most sports, but especially cricket. They'd yeah, so we will be mainly focusing on the England team. We also have done a bit of research on the West Indian team, but they've already named a fifteen men squad, so it doesn't take too much work to narrow it down to an eleven man Shindig. But because England other homeside, they have not really had to pick a squad to have day that I think they announced to thirty men squad, but that was the training purposes, because obviously they're not going to get a hundred people training when you know you need to be social, distancing and stuff. So there was the thirty man squad they've had. They're currently in the process of a match, which is an ideal for this team selection because the set both teams have battened their first innings, so the second innings could come into play for some people's chances of getting picked. So there's Stokes is captaining a team and Butler's captain into a team and they're playing each other right now. But yeah, so who are you rolling with for the opening batsman for the palms? I'M gonna I'm hoping that it's going to be Sibley and Burns to open Ning. Yeah, that's exactly who I've gone for. So open is probably is probably where England's spoil with the most choices, not necessarily the greatest choices. Yeah, but you've got sibling. Cruelly, they opened in the last test of the South African series. Rory Burns played in that series but I don't know if he got dropped for bad for Moor he was injured, but he didn't play the last two tests. He also has been the opened in the last like twelve months. He opened. Obviously what most people listening would know that he opened against Australia in the ashes last winter, and then the other people in the squad who could be candidates are Keaton Jennings and James Bracy. Joe Danley's also done a bit of opening, but he didn't really factor into my consideration. Yeah, they see how bracy, I saw, scored a tidy eighty on in the yeah, I think it's good. Last six. Yeah, yeah, the only player to score of fifty is probably been the most England match of all time. Everyone's just scored thirty and forty. Didn't Lawrence get a? Yeah, he has some good yeah, you're up. But yeah, yeah, pretty nigh scoring that. Yeah, it's pretty stand in England stuff. Everyone's making starts, know and going on with it. But yeah, so what made you think of Sidley and Burns being the best option? Well, Crawley, I liked that, Cruley as well, but I think burn burns has bands, has a bit more experience and don'm simply just got a test average of forty one so, which was a lot better than I thought when I was when I was looking up the stats. Yeah, so for me it was a bit of a no brainer and also they batted cruelly at three, I believe, in the scratch match and he did pretty well. Yeah, so there's a little bit of a spoiler from my from my see the same teammate could see shit the same team. Yeah, so similar to you, I just think burns, although he kind of fell out of a bit of form late last year, I think it is really probably arguably England's best bats for next to stokes. In the ashes last year he was really impressive against a good few seamers that Australia have and I just think he deserves another crack at it. And then, yeah, I don't think you can even know Westerns aren't the highest quality team. I don't think you can roll them with Crawley and Sibley at the top them. So yeah, I'd like Burns in there. And then basically just came to a choice between Crawley and Sibley, and Sibley he's played more test but yeah, he's shown more in the in the glimpses that he's, you know, put on for US spectators. I think he's got a hundred and thirty three in the second test against South Africa or something like that. And then, apart from that. To be honest. He's been a bit of a Joe Denley, just scoring s and S, but I guess, I guess that's better than zero. So, especially early on in your test career. So I definitely think Sibley. For me, I think Sidley's the guarantee. Yeah, agreed, like I think more hundred percent pick him and then the other, Rory Burns, is a little bit up in the air, but we'll see how that goes. However, as you did say, James Keenen Jennings, he's a hundred percent out of yeah, Jennings has not got going at all. Yeah, he or man. Yeah, he hasn't been great in any tests since like the shore lank and Indian performances he put on like three years ago. But yeah, bracy, the only chance bracy has, I think, is if he comes down the scores a ton. In the second innings...

...of this to this practice match, he came out board another big one. I think would be hard to deny someone pumping out eighty six and then a hundred like although he's kind of come out of the blue. Didn't even have the hot great first class average. I think it would be hard to just not roll with an inimform man, which would be pretty stiff for Rory Burns, I'd say, but it wouldn't. It wouldn't surprise me. would be a ballsy selection, but I think would be wise just to go with someone who's inform. But in saying that, the teams are so unfair in that match, like the team bracy was facing. He was facing Jimmy Anderson, yes, one of the best bowls of all time, but apart from that he was facing like Sakima mood, Craig Overton and stuff, whereas the other team was facing like broad archer. Would works. It's like how is this? That looks just fair. But yeah, anyway. So I think we both got Burns and Sibilly. But Yeah, little question mark next to bracey because if he goes well tonight, who knows, he could be a little bit of a bolter. Yeah, so, as Pilch was talking about before, cruelly, he mentioned cruelly being at three. The reason Joe Roots not there he is wife or partners giving birth, so he's missing the first test. In his place, Ben Stokes will be captain in his I think it's the first time he's ever captained. But yeah, so gratulations to Joe Rude, I guess. But yeah, he'll be out of contention. So we've got to pick someone to Philly spot. The people banting it three in this practice game right now. Is that cruel? And Joe Denley. It would not shock me if they go out and pick Joe denly. But I'm sick of by'm totally give him. He just scores thirty every innings. Even in the practice unch I think he scored forty two or something. It's like, come on, mate, like people to bag out Watson for making s all the time and slot Michael Slater back in the s four getting caught the S, but it's like you'd rather be scoring s and s. So I think, and this is the kind of rubbish where Joe Denley, he'll come out and score runs against West indies and then he will just be in the side for another year and do nothing, like he's actually becoming the Sean Marsh of English cricket, where he just kind of does one good performance every six months and somehow stays in the team. But yeah, I think they've got to cut tires with denly. He did bad at three in the last test in South Africa. But yeah, for me I would like to see Zat cruelly given a crack at three. It all be it if it's just for one test. Are you going with the same? Yeah, well, I'm, I hope to say cruelly at three, but there's also a chance with our with root being out, that they played both of them and have denly at for. But yeah, I'm favor. That is definitely a chance favor and cruelly over denly. Personally, yeah, I want to see cruelly. It has to be said. I'm rolling. will discuss number for in a SEC, but I'm rolling with a very inexperience top for. So I guess there would be a fair argument of putting denly in there just to, you know, be a bit of an anchor. But I don't see why you need him to be an anchor if you're just going to score thirty runs. So yeah, I want to see is a cruelly given a crack. Is Open to a couple games. You've better six one match. So it would be interesting. Like, I know it's not great for someone early in their test creates to be thrown all over the place, but I'd like to see him have a crack its free. Let's be real, though, Joe. It's coming straight back into their well, Joe Rout did bat for in the last test against South Africa, so that could be, yeah, up for debate anyway in itself. But yeah, I honestly cruelly given a crack at three. Later he made a nice forty, forty three or something, or was here. I think it was the top score of a team. Team Starts Cruelly. Yeah, cruel. Yeah, and the in the first innings. Yeah, yeah, but I'm not on a second yeah, folkes is first seing, second year of the match. Yeah, you're right there and asking me, as you said, the good bowling attack. But yeah, yeah, so that's why I'm rolling with it. Three, same as you. Now. Next, I once again not gone with denly, but it wouldn't, as we were just saying, wouldn't shop me. I've gone with Dan Lawrence at for. Yeah, he's never played test cricket but he is probably one of the most informed English batsman in the country. He came down to Australia, scored a lot of runs on an England lines tour and then he came out in the first innings. As you were saying before and scored fifty eight and only fell to James Anderson, as many batsman have in cricket. So yeah, I'm rolling with him at for. Or are you to go on the same or not? Yeah, I would really like to see the problems give Dan Lawrence a chance here, but I'm I'm not sure if I...

...have faith that they will. But that's who I would want them to pick. So I've got got Lawrence. Yeah, I'd like to see it, but it has to be said this Western's past attacks pretty good. So if you're rolling with that top for, it wouldn't shock me if you're three four and twenty like on one of the test during one of the test, because they've got some serious pace balls. Yeah, but the West in news will be three hundred and forty five. So and also, although we're going with a lot of young, inexperience players, there's an actually many options, like Denley's probably a johnny bearst, I guess. There there are a few of the middle order options who have experienced, but all the guys here that, yeah, I don't have making the team, they're all pretty inexperience. But yeah, I'm going down Lawrence. Think he deserves to be rewarded for his performances in the England line set up. Number five. This isn't really a choice because he's been announced as captain, so he has to play. Ben Stokes. You got? Yeah, I've got that stokes. He Yeah, they'll probably bat him at five, but I've I've got him at six. Yeah, but yeah, yeah, and then Illi Pope, it's six. I've got yeah, and he's a he's at five or six for me as well. Yeah. So so I'm top six. He could that's pretty silly. He could easily. It wouldn't surprise you if they chuck him at three or four, but I think it would be stupid. Yeah, because we're itch just going to come in and occupy that spot anyway. So I think he should just stick to six for a couple years. So I don't know what would be the point of just giving him one test experience up there. So I'd like to keep him at six for now or fight. I'm happy with Ben Stokes at six and him at five. But probably mean stokes would have to do a bit more bowling if he's going to be batting at six. But either way. So that's a pretty impressive five and six, probably one of the best in world cricket. I'd say Pretty Handy, pretty handy. Yeah, not much really to say about those two. Oli Popes had a fantastic start to his test career. Yeah, it's brilliant South Africa. Yeah, it looks very promising. And Been Stokes. Well, he's been stokes. Everyone knows the story of Ben Stokes by now. And he's captain, so has to be there. Next this is this is a tough one because I'm ninety nine percent sure joss Butler's been announced as the vice captain. Yeah, he has, which means he's playing. But I want to see Ben folks given a crack. I'm sick of joss Butler in this test team. He is woeful at test cricket. Like, like now I'm saying this, he'll come out and do a Brad Haddon and score sixty nine out of forty balls against the West indies. But like, he's test record is just filthy. So I would like to see Ben folks given a chance. But I do know that he's the vice captain and he's kind of becoming a stool ward off ending England cricket in all three four out to the game, whether that's deserved or undeserved. So what are you your thoughts on this? Yeah, I'm the same with you. Like and folks is everyone says that folks is clearly the better wicket keeper out of out of Butler. Best own him. But and then you've got best on Butler, who have offered absolutely nothing with the bat for the last two years in test credit. Yeah, fair, but Butler has one fifty in the last nineteen innings. So that she continue shocking. So I would. I really want folks to play, but, as you said, Butler's the vice captain and I think they will pick butler. But there's a chance they they'll pick both. If I if our man Dan Lawrence doesn't get a Gig, Ben Butler might bat. You'd like shift Pope and stokes up one place, but that would just be it would be a dreadful batting lineup if we did that. Yeah, it does have to be said. I don't have the exact figures here, but just looking at his career like innings list, he does look to be a lot better at home than he is away. He actually hasn't played home too often, but when he does he usually is pretty handy, except for the ashes last year. That was probably his worst series at home. YEA, but yeah, so I's not really one up for debate, sadly, because I do want to see folks given a chance. But yeah, just got to COP joff Butler here and then ext now we're into the bowlers. I've got another one. I should we just got a spinner and we can just say the batting order. Yeah, was the spinner. I've gone dom best. I Know Jack Leech is or Mark Leach? I don't even get it. Yes, to name. And what's this Mark Leach Business Mate? That's his name. That's his name. His name is MJ Leach, Mars actual first name, but he just called Jack. That's a joke. But yeah, so I think dom best should be given a crack. I think Jack Leach. Oh, Matthew Star, yeah, I do. I just I'll be honest.

I just guess that that is stupid, though. Well, yeah, yeah, Matthew Leach. I'm going domb best. What are you going? Yeah, well, yeah, best is clearly a better bowler than Leech. Yeah, there's also Moan a lie who who opened a bit more batting, because our pace bowlers don't really offer much with the bat, it's true, but best is clearly the best bowler I reckon, so I'm probably leaning towards him as well. Yeah, Mar ally didn't bowl much in the practice match, which he only bought seven overs, where best bold twenty, in Leech by fifteen. And best took a couple couple poles to me. Yeah, he did, which leads me to think that they're the two front runners. But Ali a lie, as you said, is an o, the option who they've gone within the past. But I'd like to see best given the crack. Yeah, he played a match, I think in South Africa, but he got dropped due to the fact that they just rolled with four pace bowlers. But yeah, I want to see best given a crack. I don't think Leach off as much with the ball. I think is a pretty news nude spinner, just kind of sense them down with a couple rebs. So I'd like to see best given a crack. Or Matt Parkinson Dan and on. I don't know if he actually came in play for Dann and on or his brother did. I don't know, but yeah, my brother, my old brother, knows him and people around down and I know I'm so. That would be also cool to see him play, but I don't think he's really much of a chance. But yeah, mark would. I want to see him. Given a crack, mark would not. Mark would. Sorry, I was just looking at his name on my spreadsheet. But yet don'ts. And Dan Lawrence. Does he also bowl leg spinn? I don't know. Yeah, I don't know. I think he might. I could. Maybe I'm getting confused with like Lewis Gregory or something. But yeah, I think Dan Lawrence was a bit of part time Leggy's. So he can replace Joe Denley's Gregory, Gregory Bells Med's, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, now you're right there, you're right. So yeah, I'm rolling with dom best over Jack Leach. I Know Jack Leech is a cult hero, but I sing he's terms of the he's bowling stats are woeful. Yeah, I think I watch this English cricket channel and they kind of take the piss out of England because they say England just get enticed by the phrases. He bowls a bit, bouts a bit, and I think Jack Leech and Mo Ali for both into that category. Obviously Jack Leech isn't about some but yeah, they both bowl a bit. When a bowl or should just be picked purely on bowling and I think sometimes you've just got to forget whether they can bat or not. So for me Domb best is the best spinner of the three, so I want to see him in and I've got him batting at nine. So yeah, this brings us down to the three paces. Who are you rolling with? The this is the toughest in the should I read out the list we've got to choose from? Oh yeah, read that the list. But yeah, that Ander, but Anderson, woke, Sam Curran, Stewart, broad mark, would joff archer and Craig Overton. There the front runners. They could that. If you made a second bowling attack out of that team, that would probably be one of the best bowling attacks in the world. Go if it's insane choice. We'll building a good yeah, good bowing. To be fair, James Anderson's probably about to retire in a minute. So but yeah, who are you rolling with? Well, you can't really, you can't really not pick Jimmy Broughdy and archer for me, but I know I think mark would should be picked over joffer on performance, but they will picked off right I know it for a fact, like it's not even up for debate. That's so. That's about big call. Big Call from you, I think those listening who didn't watch. Yeah, but that's like that was one series. The other series He's played he's been pretty ordinary. Like those listening, think what I'm saying is outrageous, especially if you've watched the test documentary. But against New Zealand and South Africa, Jeff Archer was bolling a hundred and twenty five clicks of five steps, like Shane Watson did that, and he was not taking poles. He was just like the he was just not offering much at all. So I think mark wood would be very stiff to be dropped. I think he will be dropped because I do think it's too tempting to go with joff Ra. But Mark Wood was awesome in that South African series. I think he was one of the top wicket takers and he didn't even play all three tests or something like that. And he also yeah, he also does a little bit with the bat every now and then, so he hits a couple bombs. Yeah, so I would have stuck him in eight just for a bit of fun. But yeah, I have written down here that they will picked off er up broaden Anderson. So yeah, and appointing for me. But yeah, another argument for Wood would be that, considering he's fast, he's probably more suited to Australian pictures. So giving him a giving him more of a run in prep for the ashes argument to be made there. But yeah, I've I think we'll go with archer. Brought in Jimmy. Yeah, yeah, I think Mark...

Woods just got to bide his time till Jimmy Anderson goes. Yeah, but then then it's said and it's kind of an issue. Yeah, then it's once Jimmy and some retires. Can you have mark? Wouldn't joffer in the same team? I don't know, but that's a debate for another time, because Jimmy still there. But Yeah, obviously I've got broady in Anderson at ten eleven as well. Yeah, you can't really not pick either of those two, can you? Yeah, and their weapons on home soil. So Yeah, works current Overton. They're all cracking bowls in themselves, but they're all just a bit nude, like they don't offer much. They're probably going to be there to tie down an end, but current current offers the left arm variation. Yeah, but he's just too slow for me. And Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what these pictures are going to be like, but I think it's been pretty hot in England in the last few weeks, so it might actually be a little bit less green than usual. But England, you know, always can surprise you with absolutely it'll be it'll be hooping. You'll be hooping a worry about it. So yeah, they'll picked off Ra but I would I think it's very stiff on mark would, given his South African performances. But yeah, Joffre broad in Anderson's probably the popular pick there. Now. Is that all? We've got to discuss it all. WHO's coming in when Joe Route? WHO's coming out? Sorry, of your team when Joe Route comes in. Say there's no other injuries. They've all done well. Well, barring barring potential like performances in the first match, I'll probably withdraw Lawrence. Yeah, Ver Joe Rien, would you go root for route for you crully three? Yeah, yeah, I think that's the way to go. I think, although it's very stiff to drop someone after their first test. Yeah, I feel like it's almost us more stiff to drop someone after like for test. I'm not sure why, because it's like they've got a proper taste of it where flaurence is in their knowing. He's just to stop gap for route for the moment time being, I think you'd call. Well, let's Lawrence less Lawrence comes out, just tons up. Then well, yeah, that's, you know, dilemma. It could could almost be a lawrence and Crawley showcase, and then whoever does better moves up to three and route comes in at for yeah. But yeah, we'll see how that those dominoes fall when it comes time. Who knows, maybe they turn around to root and go. We don't need to. Rather, we've won the first test by anythings in four hundred and sixty two runs. Just just go enjoy fatherhood, come back with Pakistan. Yeah, so now we'll roll on to the West indies before we make our predictions. Who's going to be the top scorers and stuff? Yeah, I'll be honest, neither of US know too much about this west Indian team. Like we don't. We know the names and we know a few of them, but can't say we watch West indies. First Afghanistan in a test match in October. Well, I wasn't there to watch it, I'll be honest. So, yeah, this west Indian and they have a squad of fifteen. They have ten reserves in their squad, but I'm assuming they can't pick, or they won't pick, the players from there. Yeah, I think why that would be called reserves. Yeah, even though Joshua dissilver, who was in the reserves, probably has been the standout performer in their practice match of team holder versus team Brathwaite. He was on and he toun up. Yeah, I did notice that. But yeah, I don't think he's in the squad. So yeah, so, and also I think they gave a lot away in their practice match. One team basically had the batting and then one team, as could, the bowling of like the first choice side. Well, that's what it looked like to me anyway. So they had a squad a fifteen openers. There's quite a few options actually. They they've played to practice matches brathwaite. What's the first? A, Shawn Campbell and Jamaine Blackwood. They're the three guys who've opened the most. But to me it looks like it's going to be Craig Brathwaite and John Campbell. They were the opening pair in their last test series and they've opened together in the practice match, which would make sense given them. They probably want them to form a combination together and they had them facing the best fast bowls. Do have them as well. Yeah, I've gone with Brathwaite and John Campbell. Fuck, I was looking at a few steps and it was it was a bit Yuck. But yeah, yeah, Brathwaites, Brathwaite to shoe in and then, yeah, Brathwaite is a shoeing. Yeah, I think they will go with Campbell. Yeah, I don't think any, even though quite a few people have opened in the practice games, Shane Mosley and Joshua to silver there in the reserves. Jason hold opened one innings, but I think that's just because they wanted him to bat for longer time. Still failed. Then Jermaine Black Woods never batted higher than six, so that, I think that was just random. So I think these are really the two only openers in the muster. Mel Didn't think Black Ward wasn't opener but yeah, no, he's not. Yeah, he's only about a six and seven for the test team. And then in the recent First Class West Indian Championship. He's in a bad in a bit...

...of three for Jamaica and he's actually like the top run score in the comp so I think that's why they maybe gave him a cracker opening, but I don't think it's for him. So yeah, I think it's going to be craig breath way and John Campbell. John Campbell actually made quite a few runs in that competition at the side of the season and Craig Braathway on his day can be a pretty drutty gritty opener and might well, I don't know if you're about to handle this whooping nut broad an Anderson, but he might, you know, put in a bit of a bit of performance here. Are there? Number three? Who Have you gone? Yeah, I've actually gone with Germaine, but Germain Blackwood at number three. Yeah, I've got him at for. I've got him at for, but he has been batting at three for Jamaica and I think he'd bout it that three in a couple innings of the to practice matches. So yeah, they wouldn't surprise me. He's him very handy. Nick. I think he his last four in English in that First Class Tournament in West in the Caribbean. He scored three FIF S in a century. I think it was a double time as well. So he's in very good Nick Brad didn't. Don't think it converted it to the practice games. But yeah, I've got him at for you put him at three. Who I've got? Shemab Brooks at three. He'sn't pretty bad form actually, but he was their number four against Afghanistan and he kind of just seems like he just gets the GIG for some reason. I don't I've never watched him player. Maybe is good to watch or something. But yeah, he was the only person to about three in all the innings of the practice games. So yeah, I think Shma Brooks will be rocking in it three, just quietly. This western same for England, to be fair, except James Anderson. This west in these team is very young. I think the oldest person is like thirty one. There's a lot of young dudes. I think Shma Brooks is very young. So yeah, I've got jam and blackled it for. Who Have you got it for me? Yeah, for I've got Shay Hope. Yeah, now, I'll be honest. I didn't realize how bad he was. Yeahs average is twenty seven. Yeah, but I'm trying to pull my leg. But actually they pick him. Yeah, he'll be picked, hundred percent. He is like one of three players, I think, to be picked in the last test of the last series they had in England and this test against Afghanistan. So He's pretty much a shoe in. He's just even if you don't look at the status, you watch him bad and you think he's a one of the best bats from in the world, very classy to watch. I think he should drop down the order a bit personally, because he's been struggling of late. I know they've had some tough series, like they've played India in India, which is not not easy for any team, let alone the West indies. So for me I wouldn't mind seeing him drop down two, five or six or even seven and see if he can try and regain some form, especially with the likelihood, if you bouts it for that he might be in early against the swinging nut on green tops, which probably wouldn't be great for his confidence. But in saying that, his last time in England he scored two hundreds, so and he was by far the best bats when in that series. I'm pretty sure that he was the top run score for both sides, so that probably maybe in still's a bit of confidence in him and the selector is to pick him. I've also got him as keeper. I don't know what's happening with Shane Dour at, choose, the other keeper in the squad, but he didn't keep. Well, he didn't actually play in the second practice game. He was listed in one of the teams but he didn't bat in either innings and he didn't keep. So and shy hope played for his team and was the keeper. So I don't know what's happening there. I don't know if he's out of favor or maybe he had a niggle or he was ill, I don't know, but I've given a shy hope the gloves to allow me to get another batsman in there. Could Shand our it sucks abatting. I think the other before he played every test in the England series in two thousand and seventeen and he average for so yeah, he's he did all right in that first class tournament. I think he was averaging thirty eight or something. But yeah, I've given shy hope the gloves. Who Do you have at five? Yeah, so five, I've gone with Shema Brooks, your man. But okay, I must play with the Middle Order. I'm not really convinced on what the actual order is going to be, because they can already are. But I think, I think I've got him at five because he's the least experienced. Yeah, well, black wood could go anywhere from opening to seven, or even eight, depending on where Jason holder bats. And then there's a guy who I don't have in my team. I don't know about you. His names like no, I don't know how to say it, I don't know how to pronounce NK, but I'll just go silent and Krewma Bonner. He averaged sixty five in eight hundred and eighty eight matches in that first class tournament and he same thing as black would. He bats anywhere from three... six. So very hard to predict. At Five I've gone rosst and chase. He's kind of been one of the locks in this west Indian team of late, although his stats aren't great here, only averages like thirty two and test cricket or something. When England went to the West indies eighteen months ago, I think he was by far the West indiess best player. Think he bowls a bit of leg spin as well, which part time you might he might have taken a five five the in some test match. But yeah, he was pretty impressive in that series actually. So I've got him in that five. Are who have you got at six? Yeah, I've got chase at six, and he made marks a team for my side. Are Really? Yeah, yeah, because the rest in his place. Yeah, it's true, like you may as well, I don't think a west Indian. Well, their selection of spinners isn't great, let's be honest. Yeah, in their squad they actually have no spinner, like all their spinners are listers or rounders. So, yeah, I've Gone Jason holder seven. He's in awful form with the BAT. But Hey, who do you who? Have you got a six? Shy Hope? Oh, yeah, sorry, yeah, yeah. And then so we've got the exact same top six, just all shuffled around. Yeah, I've got Jason Holder at seven. He's in shocking form at the bat in four innings in those four in those for to try matches that they played against each other, and I think he scored more than five. If they opened him. He got like to he came out at like a one game, got a golden duck and he just cannot score runs and even in the last couple tests they've played he's been an awful form. So I'll be honest, I think he is. Title is like an all round up. Probably might be rescinded soon too. Just a bowler who can bat like a pack Commons tight, because it kind of just starting to seem like he just had one good year with the bat now he's just a bowler. But yeah, he'll be in at seven. I can't see him dropping any lower. He's the captain of his team, Legend, well, not a legend, but he's been like the store water of this side in the last five seasons. So I can't see him dropping any lower than seven. But yeah, he'll be there. Skipper of the side. Have you got him at seven as well? Yeah, I've got him at seven as well. He's a great player and I think he's locked in at seven yet. So hate no brainer. Yeah, so, even though Ross and chase is going to bold quite a few overs, you'd think, in terms of like relative to the other spinners, I've actually gone Rickie Colnwall haven't done it for a joke. I have not done it for joy. That's a me that it's not. It's a real pick. He was the spinner in the Afghanistan test match and he played in the Indian series. So and he did really well there, as most people, well, not all people do, I know. Shame warning. They line. I've had their struggles over there. But yeah, Rickie M Cornwall did pretty well in India and I think you took like seven for against Afghanistan or something. So, yeah, I'm rolling him. I'm rolling in with him at eight. He can also bat a bit, which will help, because I'm not sure about how sturdy this top six is for Western he's if I'm honest. Who Do you have it eight? Yes, so I'm just I'm straight into the honor sor right, Shane, Shane Aria, okay, and directly as my CA. That makes sense. Yeah, that's probably more likely than Shay hope getting the gloves, if I'm honest. Yeah, I'm not really sure about they're keeping situation, if I'm honest. Yeah, Dow CHS crap, but I almost wouldn't mind him getting picked because, I mean, Shay hope can just focus on his batting, which I think, given the fact that he's out of form, would help him. Yeah, yeah, so now into the three pace bowlers. If you've read the squad correctly, I don't think we can really differ here. I've gone our Zari Joseph at Nine, Kim o Roach at ten, channing Gabriel Eleven. Yeah, same. Yeah, Joseph, he's like twenty two. He's he's are in press. He's been in good form. Yeah, Shane Thomas was kind of the one, the boy in west Indian pace bowling, and then Joseph wish was like a cop. I'm better than night, so he's going to be. These are locks, I don't care. These are the three pace bowlers rolling into this. Jason hold is going to be the fourth. Quick shouting. Gabriel got added to the squad, actually from the reserves, following he took something ridiculous. Actually, don't know. I think it took five far in one of the evenings of the practice matches. But yeah, in the four innings he's bold and combined over those two practice matches he has some insane tally of wickets. It's like fourteen or something. So they had to promote him Kim o Roach has been similar to Jason Holders, Shay Hope, breathwaite. He's been one of those few players to be in the side test in test out, so he'll be there. He actually probably do bits on these in the Indian deck English decks he...

...usually does do pretty well if the bowling conditions give him a little bit. He's always been a great talent. And then shanning Gabriel. We've mentioned shining Gabriel, so they're the three basically. Yeah, it's a it's a goodlooking pace attack. I have to say it could do a bit of damage to that top water. Yeah, be honest. And Yeah, England has a pretty inexperienced top order. So yeah, it being a's a nod for a few to day, two day specials. Thames being rolled. If there's an overs and under his market on runs? Yeah, I'd be putting my life savings on the unders. Yeah, I don't think there's going to be too many runs squared. I'd be surprised if any team scores more than three hundred fifty, which is generally the case in England anyway. But could be even more extreme with these sides, especially in the first test with no joe route. Yeah, so that's our sides done. It was kind of weird because you I wanted to just pick who I wanted to pick based on statistics, but in the same time I kind of had to think about who they would pick as well, like yeah, just pick randos from county cricket, who weren't the squad. So that's a team. We actually have pretty similar size. Really think really had one difference across. Yeah, behind title, the only Diye differences in the England team. But I know they're not going to happen. Like I had folks and would but I know. Oh, yeah, yeah, I know for a fact it's going to be Butler and archer. Yeah, and yeah, I'd call Wall and you had a doubt, which. So, yeah, that's who we're rolling with. Who? It's hard to say, obviously, but who are you rolling with? His England's top run score for this three match series. Mate, England's top run scorer. Yeah, well, I'm gonna have to roll with Ben Stokes, just the man, the hero, just because of what he's produced over the last couple of years now. Yeah, Ali Oli Pope, I'm hoping will give him a run for his money, but I can't really see. I can't see the top for dipping into that and then roots missing your game. So yeah, and also I think it's dookes. He has a big advantage coming in at five. I would not want to be facing this pace attack. You Ball. I've got a feel for Sibley and whoever they pick opening the batting although Rory Burns, showed in the ashes, is very pretty player. He's willing to cop a few on the body get like in behind those foo. Well, it doesn't really get him behind. You just freaking slashes at those hook shots, but he'll have a crack, is what I'm saying. So I wouldn't shock me if he was up there in the runs. But the thing is, I'm not going to pick Roy Burns because we don't even know if he's playing. Yeah, so I'm gonna yeah, I'm going to go safe. I'll pick stokes. He I think pope, as you were saying, they're definitely the two favorites because they're basically the only ones we know who are playing. And I think pope, although he's showing like can counter cree and stuff, that he's great on English decks. He's a very like he's a big shot maker. So I'd be fearing that it might chase a couple early on in his innings if they're green tops like they usually are in England, where stokes he's a bit more gritty. Yeah, and if they're if they're like two four hundred and twenty or three hundred forty or whatever, when stokes comes in, and wouldn't surprise me if you just buckles down puts on some runs. So yeah, I'll go stokes. He as well English tip Wi could taker. I'm going to go stew abroad, just cuz I don't think Anson has the overs in him. And I don't know, I don't know. I'm not picking drop for over. I've got no logic there really. I think it's just a choice between Joff for a broaden and is it isn't? It just toss the coin really, or what about about mark? Would mate for you're not playing dom bends plays help playing it. Yeah, will you picked it? Yeah, yeah, but I know he's not. Like I'm going with Jeff Archer. Yeah, fair enough. I set off what he did in the on the English decks last year against Australia. Absolutely you're expecting him to full come out bow one hundred fifty again. Absolutely. Oh, okay, yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited if he does that, like it'll help you. It will take him a few couple of spells to get right into it, but yeah, come back from that injury. Honestly, I'm not yeah, I'm hoping he does. So I'm going on. The only thing against drop for I think he might be a lot less overs this time because Joe Roots Been Ritt Wall. Obviously he's not playing the first test, but the England leadership has been ridiculed in the media for how much they bold drop run. They will basically saying that they were at fault for his injury. So wouldn't surprise me if they go very light on with his overs. Yes, stokes, he might have to. Might have to chop out a bit more if that's the case. Yeah, and Jimmy's... a wheelchair, so that's what I'm going for that time, going broad, just lady brought. He might have to carry the load, you're right, but yeah, jop rule still get bulk overs. Yeah, I think James Anderson can play three tests without taking upsolute poles. Would shock me. Any three of them, any of the three dom best family sitting in fourth, favorite family, seave, maybe in fifth, minds jokes, maybe sixth, mind down, Lawrence spelling, Patim legs. Yeah, all right. So down to the West indies. Toron score, I'm in. Come on, I'm going to go someone lower down the order because I wouldn't want to face broad around. It's with the new nutz as Dave wonnisaw last winter. So you'd rather face Joff Ra? Fuck Yeah, Baby. No, obviously I don't want to face anyone, but just with the hooping. Not Very tough conditions. No logic here. I'm just going to back in our boy shy hope. I know that's probably just the most simple nonwest Indian fan thing to do, because he's the biggest name in that batting order. But yeah, I'll go shy hope. He showed a lot on his last tour of England, so I'll back him into just be a green top demon and he's going to score four hundred runs, four hundreds of bit of a stretch there, right. Are you going to start? Yeah, I'm locking in Shay hope as well. Coming in. I think I had him a number three, but either way, unlocking him. I don't at number six. So hopefully if you not outs, actually not a don't even count towards most runs. Yeah, then wickets all. This is a tough one. Actually, probably once again just a toss up between the three paces. This is hard shouting. Gabriel's the man in form, but he's probably the worst of the three in terms of skill. Yeah, I'M gonna. I'M gonna go with Kmar Roach. Yeah, maybe we're just being the most seld. We just think since, yeah, let's Gi, we can know only bikes. We know. Let's be real, though. It's going to be Roach. Yeah, a, sorry, Joe Sen, still young, is still sprays of a bit. So yeah, and I'll go Kay my roach can placely followed by Gabriel. It's going to make Cornwall is a rape. So no, he's bolling for this whole series. He's running the drinks for the second of the test. After goes for a hundred or four. Maybe what we wasn't at the spinners get smacked in the practice game between Butler and stokes. Yeah, and all the second an innings, all the spinners came out just to polls. I reckon what they were doing when they got to thirty or forty. They were just saying go for it because, like ten, there are a couple like stokes got stumped on the forty. I was like, I'd like, that's not happening. I was like, yeah, he's taking the piss there. So, yeah, that's all we've got for today in terms of the content. Really looking forward to the series. Actually, the picking this tap, these teams got me pumped. Like now I'm fully back and him with both these sides. Yeah, I'mready. You Thinking? Yeah, I'm king for it. I'm thinking. I'm thinking of a lot. What let's predict. Yeah, let's predict out serious. That your own three in long surprised frise. Yeah, I don't think they'll be any drawers, as we earlier mentioned. Yeah, I just can't see the West in Nish stagging any it would be an England thing to do to lose to the West indies. Get skilled off like eighty, but would well back we lost to them. Are In two thousand and eighteen over there when holder score two hundred or whatever. But yeah, I'll back. I'll back the English boys and I don't think the west Indian batsman have what it takes to face archer broaden Anderson for sixty hours a day, so good luck to him. Whitewash. Yeah, it's only three so it's probably not an outrageous cool so, yeah, we're going to be back at you again. I think at the end of the three test we might do a mid series review, who knows. Yeah, so we'll both be watching this intently. Go follow our twitter on the ball. Twitter can find it through my instagram or anywhere that I post stuff about this podcast. We will be doing like live tweets throughout the test series, as I do for all sport that I watch. And Yeah, so looking forward to it. Pakistan test series following this one with the West indies, I'm sure we'll do a similar type video and episode for you for that series will be interesting because, you know, Pakistan got quite a few new players coming around it. Well, but I don't know, I haven't done much research into the Pakistan team, but they're actually not too bad at the moment. They've got a couple handy batsman manly and Baba, but I'm yeah, good luck to the West indies for this. made it made. I don't have much faith in them at all. So yeah, it's five hundred...

...and twenty five. So we've got some good games of WHO's footy, Collingwood Essen and Collingwood Essen, and yet who's been backing? Who's right back there expecting the pass to get up there. But six are away into the pot. They're always close between between the bombers and the pious. Well, though, it's not a JAC day today. Yes, something. Seem to just play close matches, no matter who they play. Yeah, and it's also pretty wet out there. So low or I actually a great point, low scoring a fair yeah, and it's at the G, so no roof. And the NRL. I didn't even know he's playing. Our paramounter in the cowboys and St George and the raiders to pretty average games. Expecting the raiders to get up by thirty eight. Oh, I don't know. They're attacks been woe full of late, but they need to bounce back and IT SAIR first game back in Canberra, which will help their cause. Surely they don't is they should win? Yeah, yeah, George one of the worst side, so they should win easy there and paramounters should win easy there as well. But find out. Thanks for joining me. As always. May No worries, mate, been plasure. Yeah, also just quickly, men united, honing in on that full spot. We are. It's good to see. It's good to see to only two points back now, Chelsea shirking. Yeah, they've absolutely share that against against the hammers, but yeah, and Liverpool have shirked themselves. Oh well, what the trophy? That was always going to happen. But yeah, anyway, thanks for joining me, Pilch, and the listeners, both of you great blokes. And then, yeah, will have episodes coming at you as always. Exams were almost over, so expect heaps the content, not only podcast but also tweets and instagram stories and stuff like that. Not a hundred percent sure what the next episode is. I'd have to check, but yet tune in. Will be posted on Tuesday, so look forward to it. Thanks for joining the Peach Che's boys.

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