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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

Campbell MacCorquodale - Episode 13


Campbell joins Hamish for a one on one chat about his relationship with sport, his passion for the performing arts as well as some interesting hypothetical questions to get a better understanding of the young man.

Cheese set. Welcome back to the on the ball podcast. This is episode thirteen, if I'm not mistaken. Today I'm conducting another interview of a family member of mine. It's looking like it's going to become a bit of a Thursday tradition. But you know I'm always flexible on the on the ball podcast. But today I'm joined by my younger brother, this time, keeper mccorcodal. My name is Kemper mccorcod owl. I am the youngest of the household. Yeah, so it's going to be similar questions to Laughlin's one, but you're not like a sports die hard like he is, so it's going to be it Appledah. Yeah, you're probably more into sport than the average person, but compared to me in Locknot as much. But as it is a sports based PODCAST, there will be some sport questions. Yeah, that's fine, and then we will line my knowledge move into some more specific questions, into your interests and stuff like that. My fantastic. So you actually so you don't play a well, you're a dancer now it would you call that a sport? That is I feel like that is the biggest that's the biggest thing. I feel it can be sport aled. It's the way you do. All US are because people debate, yes, or because it's office. It's a fit, it's a physical like salmon and base, and it can be a competition where you use all your muscles to later dance. But then it's also used. It's also like an art form. But I would say you guys, prodcus, you guys don't worry heat much. You know, we don't like to showcases and stuff, and you learn techniques. I don't know, I think it's a bit of both. Yes, they find it's art because, like, we often dance to tell story or convey emotion and that's not very sports and that's more showing the art three dance. But then I think it's still a sport because we do do competitions and it is a very, very physically grueling piece of work. Yeah, can was actually one of the more interesting people you'd meet. Like your your interesting stuff, very complex and sophisticated, and that odd. I'm the odd ball off the yeah, the kids like I think my depth of interest is interesting, but realistically, nine in percent of them the sports. Yeah, and your hate yours. It's so hate for our inflant, inflatable Santa Christmas time. That's absolutely disgraceful. No, need, no, no, no, no, need to be is and mean on Christmas. That is a bizarre thing to bring up. Anyway, so you're no longer will say dancings not a sport just for this because it's not like what you generally consider a sport, like sports. I'm thinking of teams. You sign up. Yeah, well, it's nice. Not I think. Yeah, but what sports did you play when you were younger? Well, before I made the decision to do dancing, I first played, I first hit. I am soccer, I'm pretty sure. When we live back in Queensland, I went to the same soccer club that my brothers did and obviously I was the main man. I was the striker. My nickname was Campbell mcgal scored, because you know I'll be scoring all them goals, getting my team victories. And it sounds like bullshit, but it is fact. Know, the current that is the cars would call me Campbell mcgl scorer. Yeah, like, not even just the teammates, the coach wouldn't because I'm the definition of talent. And then I am pretty...

...sure I stopped soccer. And then I moved on to cricket, Super Add but really, no, I did soccer and then I think I started doing them at the same time and then I want summer and then I so, well, you know what you want to have fight now. But you did start soccer before because, yeah, because I took on days where soccer started, like when you're five. Yeah, I did. I did crief like a yeah, it's I found it so boring. I would end the teams to adverse. I would just because I was like really, like I was quite fast at my age, like back they're not now. I'm not very fast now, but back then I wouldn't even throw the ball at the wicked. I'd run up to the wicked and smash the wicked with the ball. Yeah, that's when your fielding. No, no one. So we, we, we're I think we won the compete, super eight competition, I can remember, but I think we did pretty well. Maybe not one, but I think we did well, and I think our soccer team did well most the time without coach Papolo and Papla Jr. Love those two blokes. But then I was did you play any other sports? Little athletics. I did. Took a little I forgot about that. Lot of x lock broad up and his entire but I think I just did a little athletics because you did a little. You guys did a little athletics. Someone was just like too little athletics. I was like sure, why not? And I at Sports Day would come like first and second in like the sprints. So I was like Giv one intifone one. Like you know how they had like the a race and the B Raa. Was it in the a race? I think so. It's impressive. Yeah, I know, ask I was a fast little you unit. What else I for Sports Day? I was almost went to what's the first one? Districts. I almost went to districts for high jump. Yeah, I know I was very short back then. Solves quite surprised me and billiard with some made districts for High John we were the two spaces. But it's so random, like eight because they like it's well, we're just going to try ours a hunt for you. Yes, try out a lunch for high jomb and everyone just comes down to the oval and there's just like a high jumb there and there's like ten people and they're like, I says, jumping to this and I think I got one before, like the qualifying jump, and I didn't make it. It was quite high. My scissor jumps. My sister kids went up to pace and what else did I do? And then when we moved to Melbourne, I went to districts for cross country, because she's you in trusting because yeah, not this start a lot of stamina based. I'm not a stamina based person, even if I do dancing, which is a stamina base. You have that competitive bone in you that we all do. Well, it was, but you don't have you and there was blows. It was the first place to the twelve, twelve place. Went to districts and I think I got eleven or twelve. So I just made it. And then districts I did absolutely shocking, I think. I think I'm true. I think I gave up on it. I think I gave up, honestly, because I saw like fifty people ahead of me and I was like through these trees and I was just like, you know what, I am going to walk this, I'm going to have a light jog and my friend was next to me and we're just talking. I was like I'm just gonna have a light jog. What else? I went to districts for the debate team. I that what is is. That's very it's like it's a it's a verbal sport. Yeah, so, Oh, what about I know you didn't get to your six or seven at primary school, did you, because you remember? No, right after this we had into school sport. You didn't get that? Oh, we do. I did in school sport here, though, and Melbourne. Oh what did you? You find? That right, right round it. I played around us, which is like a mixed table between tea ball and softball. So like you have this pole that's connected to the ground and you put...

...a ball on top it. So it's basically softball, but someone doesn't throw a ball at you. Wait, so it's table. Did someone terrible? You know, you put a ball on like a standing. You swacked it. Yes, but like, I think they call it round as yeah, I heard what else and I thought and I played. Um, I did play soccer here as well, finish schools born, because I remember one game it was so cold and we were I should have tried out for the volleyball team. I was between soccer and volleyball and I was like just stick to my guns, and we got smashed so bad. One game was like thirteen neil and I was like, well, this was a great decision, and then we played one game and it was just muddy, it was raining and I was really just over it. Yeah, so you you were actually a pretty good sports them, but yeah, should have gone to the Olympics. YEA, as I said before, you have that competitive thing that US mccorkadiles have and unfortunately leads to us being stall losers and stuff, but made you a great, yeah, good sportsman in your early days. So, out of those sports, what was your favorite to play? What do you have the most fund memories? Looking back, I don't know. Rounds was pretty lit. I think we almost I think we did pretty well in our round. His team around. It's pretty lit. What else? Well, obviously soccer probably suck. Was My favorite. I just love soccer. I also like watching soccer, even though some people find soccer like boring and tedious to watch. But like not all sports, like AFL, where it's like give blogs concussion left hand and right, but like I found sock off because I was a strike I found it fun to play. But I think when I was here I played defender and I had once and I absolutely hated it. Remember used to have that trademark. We used to take the piss out of you, saying like you were time wasting your stuff, because if you'd run back in defense, which was a rare occasion, you would just kick the ball to the sideline, regardless of where it was. So like you would just send it and you wouldn't just kick it out, you would absolutely send it, like yeah, I was got to get that stop watch stopped. Yeah, I remember that stuff. That was funny. I so, if you had to play one sport right now, wouild, it would be soccer or interesting another sport that you interesting rack now that you're a bit older. Well, that's a good question. Oh my God, what would I play? I definitely want to planning the sport, so I just listed I think I would want to try something new. Yeah, I would maybe try volleyball. Volleyball's fun, but it really hurts my hands, so I don't know if I'd play volleyball. I would really love to be lit at ski jumping, just like fly in the air. That's a sport as well. Your good scale. Yeah, I am a good scare. I would love or like do like when they go through the flags in scheme like slow. Yeah, because like it's like fast pace skiing, which probably could do it really yeah, seven, that's to go faster. Yeah, I wouldn't do mogul skiing because I hate myguels. I mean I got, I've got in like I guess is tough, because I've got to send it. Yeah, you have to send it. If you don't send and if you but if you send it too far, yeah, you're like you've sent yourself a tiny margin. Fair. If you sent it to fight, you've sent your body. Yeah, yeah, I think I would say the flag skiing one, because I think I would be good at it. What about but if I was a giant man? NFL? What's your favorite sport to watch? NFL? Problem, NFL. I don't know. I just really like how you going to pick from like all these different plays, and I think the I really... how there's like division, division, conference, yeah, and how it's like split up, not like every team versus each other, because then, like I like, when you get to playoffs, it's usually teams that have only faced each other like probably Max once or twice in the whole sometimes on even yeah, not even. And I just just I love because every team that makes it to playoffs is just so good, like they're so good where it's like if it's NFL, I mean not NFL, and I rel or AFL, there's like if you had once you get to the finals, there's usually two to even for teams that are just you just know they're not even going to make the grand final. You like Melbourne storm is going to Thrush, like the roosters are going to thrust any of these teams because lost like sixty year last year and finals. Yeah, and like AFL, like Collingwood and like even the crows would like anyone. Yeah, but I yeah, it's just a surprise of the playoffs. Like the Tennessee Titans last year beat like the Patriots, which it was like massive for the titans. Yeah, like the Patriots have been like in the finals every year and even winning the super bowls every year before that, and then this just not tiny team, but like this not as well known team just comes out and just beats them. So I really yeah, and that atmosphere is just good and the Super Bowl, obviously the halftime shows. Yeah, yeah, I like and I felt as well. If you become if you could similar to like if you could play a sport right now, if you could become a special sportsman of any sport right now, what would you choose? Money is not inconcluded, so you're getting paid the same amount of money, no matter. Okay, okay, okay, let me think. Let me think, let me think. Well, obviously my favorite sports person is PEP mahomes. So I would love to be PP Mahomes, Patrick MOMS from the Kansas City chiefs, my team. Yeah, I would love to be him because I would just love to like throw the ball or and like be like the start the quarterback hair. or I would love to be I love to be Travis Travis Kelsey here, is that Travis Scott? Awesome, where you said drivers, I just thought that was Travis Kelcey, because, yeah, he is just like the biggest bloke Um. Obviously, Michael Jordan would to be cool, because you're just like a beast at basketball. You'd have to be a specific person. I meant like, well, I'd like to players certain well, to be sorry, I like to be a quarterback in the NFL, probably, or like main like the best or one the best strike is in like a premier league, or like a Buddhesis League of team. Yeah, they could share. That's this is a tough one to think on your feet, but what is your favorite sporting moment, slash memory? is any spring to my arm? One of the most recent one I can think of was probably state of origin, game three, when we want the blues go to Bolus one within the fit, within the last like twenty seconds of the game. Yeah, we were there with me Auntie Moore rain. It was really fun and we just had a laugh and it was so stressful everyone was screaming. I think the our whole family lost our voices. It was just really good, except guy's quashion. It wasn't that bad and I probably something the my what I watched was probably the Jaylo Shakira halt. I'm sure that was pretty cool. Yeah, and my Tener said is and might and my team winning in the same game. I was going to ask who's your favorite sports but you just said it was my homes. My homes all at one, Greaseman. Oh, interesting. Oh, I love a bit of Luke Hacoon, but what... Hakuh? I thought you said Luke Aku. WHO's that like? Well, I love I can't think of his name on no, mystel. I like him. Cheers. So yeah, yeah, they that's it for the sport. Basically. Like, I know it's not your passion in life, but you are quite a big sports fan. It was interesting to see your George Honeyman from something joking. Um. Oh, actually, you've mentioned a lot of teams here. What are your like? If you had to rank who your most passionate about? What are your top three teams? Okay, well, let me go through my teams. So I have finally want the ones you actually go. Want three, the top three. I don't care about Buddy San Jose Shark and the freaking NHL, the blues. Who if you get, I go for the Saint Louis Blues, and for Baseball, I go for the Red Sox. That you need to come down. So I would probably put it. Well, the Tigers is just like the staple. But like, I'm going to take tigers out of it because that's like a family. Yeah, take it's like my choice. It take the blues out of it as all, you gotta take the police out of our so I probably put can and says city chiefs first. Okay, then I'd put Chelseafc cee at CHELSEAFC second, okay, and then my third team would probably my third team would probably have to be PSG fly on. All right, so now we'll go down a bit more of your alley. So you are what they call a triple threat. You can dance, you see something. Yeah, actress, model, magician. So you've been in quite a lot of musicals. Would you like to run us through your well, you thought cocky, don't go through. Yeah, I was lucky enough. You're very you're very talent. I was lucky enough to in two thousand and thirteen, peak cast in the Queensland production off Cho Chitty Bang Bang. I was Jeremy Pots in that one. Then I when we moved here, like we moved here just like two days after I finish that show in which was a bit crazy. And then I think the two thousand and fourteen I did strictly borum. I just drive. Can I o King? I was first. Oh, yes, king and I, and then the year after I did strictly borum, than the year after that I did Matilda. Yeah, so there may one. You've done a few little ones in between, but that's the main one. So would you how do you rank those four for me? Well, probably have to be Matilda first. Matilda first because I spent the longest time doing that show. And how long was it? Notice? Yeah, or really, because I started rehearsals in December two thousand and fifteen and then I finished in Brisbane in twenty sixteen, December. And to those just sitting who don't really know how those shows work, like how many shows a week you doing? Well, because we're children. So, when allowed to work, do you like the eight shows a week that the like adults do, the professional adults? So we do, because I was Bruce, Bob Trotter, you child old trotter, bruce the fat, the fat bitch, boss, Fat Bitch I was. So did two shows a week and then I was standby for another two. So so did like two real ones and then to just waiting backstage. So I waited backstage in case the Bruce Becau, they were bruce and Matilda, whether to step on the characters that had... be on stand by because they were the like to vital to the two main kid characters. That couldn't be like replate, because we had an adult stand by who knew all the chart children roles. So this adult stand by was a girl. So she could cover any of for she very small. Yes, she's small. Okay, she could cover six FT, she could cover any of the children's but she couldn't cover bruce. Okay, because she just expendable. Then she couldn't cover bruce because that she was a girl. EXPENDABLEMAN. She can end list and she got. Obviously she's going to place Matilda because she has another lines and plus, you know, the lead, and then at all. So yeah, so bitchild, if someone was sick, we would I would go on, which happened and I think like three times for me. Yeah, and then second place would probably be Chee Cheap Bang Bang. Now was pretty fun. Interesting. It was only sixteen weeks, because I think the Melbourne one went for a long like six months, but mine, that was fun. We're got to fly in the car, which is pretty special, and then probably go strictly ball room and then kick and I. But I still loved King and I because I've got to work with pretty cool people like Lisa mckuen. But my favorite did not like king an eye way. I. I'm being sweet. From that I actually enjoyed it a lot more than lack one and dut they just couldn't stand it. No, they couldn't they it was mainly just that one. Say it was. Yeah, it's the play where they did the play and it's like runny laser, run, run from side, from but no, I'm good at it right, the fair I reckon first act was pretty good. Yeah, I actually enjoyed the first act was pretty good because I was in most of it, like the scene where are they have the dat the ball room dance, you know, and that's the yeah, that's the second act. Yeah, it's like that's a great scene at yeah. Yeah, that's my ranking right. What's your favorite musical that you haven't been in that you've seen? Obviously not accepting Hamilton or some bullshit, but Hamilton's coming to Disney, plussn't? Yeah, and it's also coming to Australia. YEA favorite musicool. It's Matilda. No, I don't know. Six, probably. We saw six when we went to London. It was pretty I liked it because it was it was a very quick show. was like an hour and fifteen a musical, so I usually like two hours and like ten. It was really a fun poppy had lots of Bangers, jams and was pretty engaging and I was like a very small stage. So it built. It got you win. That was pretty fun show. You thought that as well? Yeah, it's probably. Yeah, I also we also, we also saw Juliet. That was pretty fun because it had like pop music. Yeah, I reckon that's going to be the new way for musicals. Yeah, just using to see more like, yeah, mainstream shoes had other than bang it als just like was this is the part copy right, no, cheking. What else? Derevn Hanson was pretty good. It's very emotional. It's got really great music. Muriel's wedding as that's a fun musical. Yeah, that was here. You just damn, I got. Those are my God, those are my fault. Rank in that order. Yeah, all right, sure, fair enough. That the other they the last four musicals. You say no, we still waitress. True, wait, you're sorry, racious. You were okay, so you know only a musical theater to mean you're also a dancer. Well, I guess musical theater. And what's your best style of dance? Not The one that you enjoy the most. What are you actually best art in Europe? I would say commercial. What the fuck is that?...

So it's like you know how whenever an artist is performing they have backup dances? Yeah, and it's like kind of hip hop, I like. It's also kind of like jazz. Oh, so it's likely you do on instagram. Yeah, it's what I'm major. Really do on instagram. All right, so it's like backup dance, backup dancer dancing. Yeah, okay, and is that your favorite to do? Or Yeah, like ballet or so? Well, no, definitely not fair enough. If you as you just mentioned, the backup dancer, that's kind of been one of your dreams, hasn't it? Yes, I love to be backup dance for if you will. That might be answer to this question. But if you have to be one, if a backup dancer or a backup singer for one artist who's ever lived, well, can be queen the Beatles, Ariana g are on, a grand are on, a grand are on and Grande Quiz. I'll give you one. A lie wonders remarked. Well, yes, she's my favorite. She's my phone background. I'll be papes. She has like I don't know, I have music. So Fun and I've seen footage of her like per cormanss and the backup dances just like like just have so much fun with her. Probably Dad, probably Michael Jackson, probably, but obviously when I'm not a kid. Oh, got of struggling, struggling. I'm a bit shaken by it. If you could become an actor, singer, dancer, that's not all, three of ones. That is actually meant to be or an all. So you have to be become one of them. What would you choose? Days? So you're passing up on winning Oscars and stuff to be a professional Dan Song. Yeah, I'd rather have fun than be in the spong line. Interesting. I mean that all right. So dancing first. What about acting? verst singing? Well, acting, because I'd want to win ask is. Yeah, firstly, what about grammy's? Yeah, I'd pass. I'd pass all right. So you'd be actor, that dancer than an act of them. Think that's interesting. If you could this probably just going to bloody our own a Ariana Grande's and but if you could only listen to one song artist for the rest of your life, you can give an answer for each one song, one artist. WHO WOULD IT BE? And one is the song? So one song for the rest of your life. Okay, I trying to explain parallel universe, trying to exclude Oriana Granny, because it's obviously Arianna granny and it's into you by Ariana granny interesting into his heap of so don't test me. or seven or in summering. Pick one way you just went. Don't test me. Just tested. You say into, into, into, okay, but I would probably say if it was an iron a grun, Dang. Who Do I listen to a lot? I honestly I love a bit little mix. Little Mix actually have some quiet bangers and I actually listen to them a lot. And who who do I play a lot? Probably if you said don't you got Um what my odds dosia cash. So last shut she slaps. Yeah, I didn't care, but you've and sell this fir like last month. So I'm not last months. I played her before quarantine started. You can gus like three months. Good on you and the Jaya. But Doug Cat, I love you if you listen to this. But if it was a artist, I'd probably say little mix or Ta swhistle and then Song. I don't know. I... heavy cross by gossip, I think that's the name, and I love I was just listening to this like an hour ago. I love wildest dreams by the swift. What's that song? You see me and hinds. I tangled up with you all N saying you'll remember me. Yeah, but if it's like a sad banger, probably like a doll, probably turning tables. That's a good tune. I forgot about someone. Well, I'll change. Might T swizzle, my artist one, and also probably Billy Irelish. Yeah, sure, I love her. WOULD BE? Would into you be your audition song if you went on a sing competition, like the voice or something? Who Baby just said now I'm probably not because it doesn't show my voice. Yeah, well, what would it be? Say so something. I don't love yourself by Justin people. That's a great choice. Would you do? It's like I d h You like acoustic. Yeah, that's fucking sick. I Love Acoustic. Oh, JAB's under it or thinking out loud, thinking out loud at cheering? Yeah, basic, but basically wins the S R specialty, the old, the old performing arts. Now I'm just gonna ask you some general questions. She is out of nowhere. I've just thought of it. What is your earliest memory in life? I'm right out of ten read that. Wow, I'm not prepared for this. I am honestly trying to just I'm close my eyes right now and I'm trying to think. Yeah, I'm trying to think of a memory that I remember. Okay, so it's I don't remember any Western Australian because I was born in Western Australia. Yeah, hardly do. So, which tip people. Whenever I say I was born in Western Australian, people are shocked, like they are really and they are where. I'm like cal cool and they're like sorry, come in, but Nah, I don't have any remember memories of Um, I'd probably it have to be something in Queensland. Maybe I used to have this lizard called Fred, but he wasn't our lizard. He was just like this realed nicklizard. I'm not felled n obviously not from the Dragon Water driving and they're very common in Brisbane and they're just like hanging people's backyards. And I think I was, which is walking on the deck and I think was the first time I saw him and he was we had this top deck and then just two stairs and then the next deck and then I saw him on that deck and I was so kind of like scared but like I kind of liked him. Is that if first memory just seeing? Yeah, I think so, or I just can't remember. Yeah, that's tough. It's hard. But if I had a fire, if I summed, showed me, if I'd I'd probably remember that. But what I went to kindergarten. Actually I can remember king gotten a bit, like running around the playground, but like it's just like flashes of memory, but I can remember running around in the playground. But that's really good. Yeah, what are your what's your favorite family holiday you've been on with paps? The London when we just went on yeah, it was fun. We went. Would you like about it? Just seeing? Well, America would and Canada. Actually, it's hot.

I really liked going to whistler and we went with a bunch of friends, like family friends. That was really fun because it wasn't just us. We're going to hang out with friends, because we don't really normally do that. And the whistle was really fun. And then America was pretty litt bit dodgy, but pretty little because we went to like universal study, isn't that was real. That was a really fun day. But I probably say London and Scotland it was just such who's nice to go to Scotland, back where our father was born, phraseer Thomas Andrew mccorkadill, where our father was born, and just I really like Premier League. Obviously I've been talking about that. So really seeing the home premier league and we got to see some of the Games and the atmosphere is crazy. You've got to see a Liverpool game, which was is pretty rare. What did you know? You by the way, it was honestly really amazing because the wolves are actually pretty pretty good team. So I got a bit spicy because our brother professed the wolves, but now he goes far arsenal, which I think it's bit of a cop bound, and I think he just saw the arsenal game and when Oh my God, I really like us and all, so I'm just going to go for them because the wolves are kind of not that good. So I say it's a cup a bit, but I think it was really good game. Just seeing Liverpool, probably one of the greatest soccer teams out there in the past year, go to work was pretty cool. We've got a sort of Vandyke we got. How did you find? You'll never walk alone. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Everyone had their flags up, everyone was seeing. I was so loud. Did you know those a thing? You warned me, you told me, but it was pretty loud and it was just the atmosphere was crazy and everyone was just standing up and just screaming. Is really good to see the English culture to be seen. Did I see any ICEO men city? Basically we got saw a great guera though. That's pretty good, one of the highest goal scorers out there. Yeah, and we got saw a lots of musical walls and the culture was the culture of London and England pretty good. And then the road trips through infanesse and seeing the water was just, you eful, beautiful and I came a bit of a wizard and new star soccer. Well, the road troops, I think I got I got up to the point where one season I just got every word out there. I got like yeah, and then I just stopped because I was like I've finished the game. I'll have that's it. That's it. Interesting quick I have. What's your finish the game you played the playstation? You're not a game up, but you probably bit of playstation. What's your favorite pieceful game ever? Actually, you can say a wee game or a switch game or anti? Well, I mean I'm playing basic bitch animal crossing right now. Oh, yeah, I am. It's pretty fun. Just becau. It's not your favorite building nights on make the recency bias. You are disgusted. Are you kidding me? I don't have recency bias. I would have to say. Yeah, wait, sorry, I don't know. I'm just jumping back and forth, but are you saying UK's the top holiday? Yeah, but it's not reasoncy bias. No, so I was just making short we know, finish that question off, but carry on with your gaming. Um, I'd probably say infamous. Second Son. Do you know that game? It's pretty fun. You gotta you're just like this guy and I remember when you played it. Yeah, I played it. I played the whole I played the whole game twice or and I think that's the only game I've played twice through or three times. or I might have played it three times through because I just love the game that much. So you play, you just you like this guy and you get these powers and it's like smoke powers, or it's kind of like smoke firepowers, and it's like the city is...

...overrun by this like government and it's like this. They're all like security guards in black. And then you meet like these three other people and they have different powers to you and when you defeat them, you get their powers. So then this girl has like neon power, so you get she runs like really fast, and then this next guy, he can like control like technology, and then the last girl is like concrete power. But like, I swear I've played this guy. You have ways, a doorm with a graffiti. Yeah, and you spread the walls. Fight it a bit with you. Yeah, it's far much, but yeah, and you like there's like tear where you can like build up your powers, and it's good story as well. There's like an actual story behind it. I can remember the story, I think. You have to save your grandma from dying. I'm pretty sure you're grandma. Your Grandma's identify, say, but your grandma it's been. Where have you made? Your grandma's been daped and then, yea, yeah, you have to save your grandma and it's fun. You're got to choose between like an a good path, so you can make like good decisions throughout your game. Plane you can make bad decisions and that change the ending of the game. Yeah, I was pre it's probably my favorite game. I would honestly buy it again and played again. Actually, I'm going to buy it again because something to do in quarantine. Surely you still own't? I think we traded it in and then they had a spinoff game with the girl. She the girl is on the neon girl. She got a spin off, but I'm actually going to get that game again, I because I will give it another crack. All right. So, if you had to be stuck on a deserted island with one of US family members, who would it be? Who would you take? Who would you choose? Not Lachlin, sorry, because we would find too much Um. You know what Love was, he said me, because we can make a footy and path that easily. So shallow and swer of all times, absolutely trecious. Mama, she's gonna have to get the cart. I'm so sorry. I'm happy with this top to I don't know because about it. Dad, since he's a geologist, he probably know, he knows a lot about like land and he's got a life experience. He has side have to. I'd probably have to take dad because he has us fair, he has an ex he has experience and he's a geologist, so he can probably, well, he doesn't, like he probably, no, probably knows his way around like the rocks of the island or was and some shit like that, and like he could tell like where to sit and he yeah, he's just got that life experience. It's similar, similar vibe. Who would win survivor if we are all of us when, on different seasons, had nothing to do with each other? Who would go the furthest? I won't say to the furthest and when? See Me Yourself, or you can exclude yourself. I mean Laughlin said me, and I'm very grateful. Thank you. Yea, but he excluded himself because, well, Alex himself. I'll exclude myself. Then it wouldn't be my one. I so sorry. She's not going to win the physical challenges. I'm very, very, very secret. One person wins immunity. Yeah, but most of the winners I've every season, hell no, you don't have to win. Sorry, it's who's going to get the furthest. Oh. Well, Lachlin. What has is what has watched like every single season of survivor. But we have seen a super fan go on to Australian SPOB and he did not do that well, because I think Lachlan would try really hard to make connections with people, because connect relationships like a big part of the game. I think, Dad, I don't know. I didn't you wouldn't go far, you couldn't. I don't think you can make connections for us. So this is what my prediction is. I reckon I would bitch about someone to someone and then they would just tell them I'm gone now. Yeah, yeah, that's my I think that's my you are gone, but people might keep you around because you could be a fiscal like. Thank you, Dad. He's actually a bit of a weapon. But I can't say...'s the it's the can it relationship thing, I think because he's not very he only likes like his close family. He doesn't really have lots of friend here. Yeah, it just doesn't try socially. Yeah, so I don't think so. I'd have to probably say lack them. Yeah, fair enough, probably would do. Or final question to wrap us off. If you forget about coronavirus. If you could travel, you're only allowed to visit one country. Where are you choosing them? Why? Whatever? Again, in my life, well, not just a one off. You can only travel once more in your life. And that's it says some of my last country I'm ever going to. It's and it's somewhere I've never been. Well, if you want surely know where does someone new? Where don't I want to go? That's a good question. Where do I want to go? It's not to live, it's just I think I'd go like a round a road trip through South America. One Country come the pro interesting. Yet I write that I think. No, lock said Spain, but I think South America. Because he wants to Freakin get up on messy. Yeah, but I think South Americas in his thought process. Why is that? Well done? It? Our Dad's been there and he said it's very pretty, pretty place and he showed us photos and it just looks like a peaceful place and it's probably got a great culture, great life. Yeah, I just think it's good. Yeah, or I would go to Germany, get wasted and go there's I watch this chinnel called the Zack and Jay show. Gina watched a couple videos and there's like this club. There's this club called Burnheim, and this club is like the most exclusive club like in the stuff video. And my recommend this because I was watching tiny me gang cody coming. Well, you actually watch good youtube now? Yeah, I am a quality I intake quality youtube. And they'll talk about the Zack and joy show video, because I'm nowhere. Watched it and then I watched the ZAC and Jay show video and it's crazy like that. This bodyguard is renowned, like the best body I'm bouncer in the world and he's like highly like known. And this club is open Thursday, true, Monday, I'm pretty sure I can remember. They say to Monday and it doesn't close and people line up and so many people get rejected. Like not a lot of people get rejected. I'm not a lot of people get accepted, but as what's it? How do you get accepted? Are you just like you line up and you go and he looks at you and he says yes or no. So it's not like that's clear. That's not in. None out of tens or about no, because there's that can jay show made it in, like they got it in the end and appparently. When you get inside there, it's like the most fucked up place Emma, like there is that piss chamber. Wh People, please. It's like the weirdest club early that I thought was the one place on earth you want to go. But there's like different rooms and they went in and they'll they because they'll just voicing over, but they didn't talk about a lot because they wanted to keep it like private. And they said there's a bunk beds and there was like post apocalyptic looking it's it was a bit weird, but it I reckon'd be crazy. And then they talk to this girl that's been before and she's like, Oh yeah, one of my friends one or thirty five hour bend off, like they didn't come out for thirty five...

...hours. And there's that can joy show. Literally went in when it was pitch black and then they came out and it was like Sonny. It's like Sonny midday. I was like what? But like, I think will just be like the weirdest, coolest experience. Fair enough. That's a rogue one anyway. And JEMINY's pretty actually. Yeah, yeah, came to go that one. She's greater. Thanks for coming on CAM. You may not quite a few episodes. I'LL BE BASS interview. You will be back. Our wwe females and what's the other specialty's best movies? Oh Yeah, we are doing best movies of the decade in a couple episodes. I don't think it's the next episode. The next we'll be doing an NRR a lot of predictions with lock and Dud, but movies thanked will be sometime next week. I'll give my prediction right now, renny. I think mine was. Oh No, you know what, broncos first place, baby, come on. Second, roosters, third, storm, fourth, you don't. Don't know the whole sixteen, Angel and I'm still name. Okay, for let's go with no. For is eels, five is rabbit Os. Six is what's a good team? Oh, no, for his eels. No, for is manly. Five is eels, six is rabbit Os, seven is tigers. Eight is panthers. Interesting. There you go. Hot take from SEMCA, straight from the mouth of JAPS. The truth. So thanks for joining me. Mate. It's been episode thirteen of the PODCAST. If you've enjoyed it, get around us on social media, where now up and running on instagram and twitter and Dali, I'm winner of the ringing from raiders. Thank you, Glory Horse Ra yeah, so thanks for joining me, Cam and thanks for listening. Sea.

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