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Episode 16 · 2 years ago

Best Movies of the 2010s - Episode 15


Campbell returns to the podcast with Hamish, to discuss their favourite movies of the recently ended 2010s decade.

I'd change settle. Welcome back to the honoraball podcast. This is episode fifteen of the show. Today on once again joined by my younger brother Camp Well, I I'm back. I think you are now the most appeared guest. Yeah, because I'm the best. Well, that's up for debate, but it's just it's just really not up foot debaper like you can think. I think you fortunate the lockdown skirt. Not Jokes. You've been a great guest. Entertainment Gurgle, and today is another entertainment episode. We are discussing our favorite movies of the past decade. So that is from two thousand and ten to two thousand and nineteen inclusion. Yeah, so Campbell made this list a few months ago for enjoyment and he has been pitching the idea of this is a podcast and I was always in keen on it, but I just had to find a slot for it in the schedule. And Yeah, days the day, so who I know? This was so hard. I made a list of everything angle movie I've seen in the decade and I think I got to about two hundred and twenty. Yeah, I had like a ridiculous amount of movies that I like really, really loved so and I'm did make to my top ten. I do have some honorable mentions because nine, which is a lot, but because I couldn't, there are some movies that I just really love that unfortunately don't tend to make it, but they did make it to my own ruin edgines. Yeah, I would also like to just say that I've done this. I watched a podcast by retin link, who are Youtube duo on they did there's if their lifetime and they did it kind of similarly. Similarly, so, like one of them loves Lord of the Rings and so rather than having like three Lord of the Rings Movies in the ten, he picked his favorite Lord of the rings on behalf of the Lord of the Ring Franchise. So I've kind of done something similar with some of my answers. So I don't have like so I have a bit more variety. Basically, yeah, we feel my cast this warning with stuff doing that, but that's so painful to edit out because otherwise the listener will legit die. Like, imagine you're riding a bike or something in the you should he's time the roads. ME. Yeah, but that's dangerous. It's not humor. So I ask Campbell, our ask Dad and lock them what they said lock. This is obviously without research. Dad just quickly mentioned Bahemian rhapsody and the social network and locks at gone girl. So there are a few decent movies. Yeah, so let's start with your honorable mentions. I don't spend too long on them, but it's going to round them up out topped. Hey, I think I have let me get one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten eleven to that though I thought I don't. Okay, so I have Behemian rhapsody, thor, Ragnarok, Scott Pilgrim vests, the world, Deadpool, little women, Uncut Gems, money ball, hunger games, catching fire, social network, civil war, hereditary, Harry Potter, deathly, hallows Po one and two, and now you see me some great moves in there. They most of them, made my list of about thirty and then I chopped down to get my top ten and honorable mentions. My honorable mentions are it star wars,... the sequel, the trilogy that was this decade, deadpool one and two, Dunkirk, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, the gentleman, so a few recent ones in there, but they're all great. Then I've got just marvel movies as one. So my favorite marvel movie would be iron men three and then but I'd probably pick the avengers just because that kind of encapsulates up marvel represent yeah, this thing, but that it does is a mean you like it. They also something that. So then I got the hunger games and then a comment to something about marvel. That is pretty surprising. That did make my top ten, but it's kind of the Marvel universe that is so good. Like when it comes to an individual movie, if I compared it to my top ten, I'm not sure if they're better movies because standalone, as seeing individual movie, they're decent, but they're nothing outstanding. Yeah, where it's kind of the storyline and the intertwining of heaps of stories in the universe that make it so cool. So I kind of punished that and that's why it's only my honorable mentions. Yeah, there was little women. Now you see me hereditary. Those three were like any if I was in a different mood, they would definitely be my top ten. Those three movies I was chopping changing at my top ten like this was pretty random, like I had a list of fifty thirty last night and I was stuck. I mean it started just firing my aunt's what I thought. Some movies are my top ten. I'm like yeah, definite and like my number one. Yeah, I think it's my number one, but some of these movies I think could be changed out. But I think my top ten is I would watch these and movies again. Yeah, there were some issues I encountered. So not only is recency bias and obvious factor. So you're going to remember stuff from last year and two thousand and eighteen way better than stuff when you were ten years old, but in two thousand and ten I'm not going to watch unless I've watched it in recent news on Netflix or something. I wouldn't have gone to watch like an Oscool winning movie, like I would have watched toy story. Yeah, you went, I was re n sold. So there are a couple earlier decade ones in my ten, but that did definitely that was definitely like a disadvantage for the ones, and my mate suggested this last time, which could be a thing, that movies that you saw at the cinemas have an advantage because, yeah, because it's more of her and the kids an experience. That's interesting. Crazy. At home you don't get like the loud speaker is a big screen. So that's a definitely want to take into account. But the fact is we see a lot of movies at the cinemas, like now we dine. Am I listed to hundred forty. I reckon. I've seen almost one fifty at the movies, like searing ridiculous. During the holidays we see like, yeah, one sort of two movies, like three times a week. I like twexel movies at the cinema. Sounds ridiculous, but if you break it down it's only fifteen a year, which is just above once a month, which is I can that alone. So that I would leg you reckon it's close to one hundred and fifty for me. I'll just start us off my number ten. A very honorable mentions. I U said that. I've said my number ten, very recent one, the joker. That's in my list. That's my number seven. Oh, interesting, I don't think you liked that much. Um, yeah, just outstanding movie. Actually know it's Namby. I'm so sorry. It's when I be I can't say I'm like the biggest movie buff, but from all reports. Waking Phoenix played an outstanding part. I'm not that great recognizing if an actors done well or not, to be honest, but I guess that's the whole point of acting. You don't really notice when they're doing a good job because they just seemed like a real person. Yeah, it's very it was very get abously. It was a bit shocking really. After I watched that..., I was I was just like what would I watch it like? I was a mum. was you were a little bit. No, but I always, like your dad, put it on a bit that you were shook, where I was way more mum. Mom came out of the ciner room bit like she's just hurshed. Yeah, but when I went to Sare I just thought it was a great movie. have me like how me captured from an interest in the last minute. It's not necessarily heroes journey. Yeah, like it wasn't your typical hero. I. You feel bad for him and you like sympathized with him. Yeah, and it's interesting to see like a joker story where it's not like he just fell in like some acid tub and then he went crazy, like he had all these problems from early in his life, from his like abusive father to his like crazy mum to his laughing. I thought that was clever how they made his laugh like a disease, like he had. He just laughed at random points. And I reckon you'll find more, even if it's not their own movie, but a more movie franchises. They all look at the villains side of the story a lot more. Like you know, how those those books where you can get you some my interesting story? You know those books where you can read one character's side of the story and then the other half is the other character side. Yeah, like, I wouldn't be surprised if they there's a few movies that come out the next few years where it's like fifty cents close. They are side and the bill. They have a more interesting story of why they have become who they are today. Yeah, it would be interesting if there was, like, I can't they're probably is out there, but I can't think of one. If there was like a movie where it wasn't clear who the villain was, like it was like a sporting event where you basically pick who you think the villain is. Like I think that would be interesting if someone could do that. I guess it kind of happened in avengers civil war, Captain America civils, but that was only for like half a movie. Captain America Civil Yeah, but you never find out who the villain is in the move. Yeah, exactly, but that's what I mean are you don't find out. Like I'm saying, the audience is just split, like the audience is going for captain and the other audience is going fine, man, I think I'd be Interesting Watch your number ten. My number ten is kingsman, the secret service. Yeah, yeah, that's one. Number seven. Well, Jack was my eight, though. Okay's symmetry. Baby check was my yeah, Oh, no, actually mentioned kingsman as well. I think it's just such a fun way to look at like a a kind of spy movie, and I kind of James Bond kind of like almost like a parody, and I like, I really liked Tarren Eggerton. He's such a good actor. Yeah, it was just fun. The villain, Samuel Jackson, he was it was quite unpredictable, like there's this main character in it and usually the main characters navigat die and then he just walks out of church and he just kills the main character like straight away. So I thought it was pretty cool. The fight scenes like epic. It's good story. I think it's pretty cool. Yeah, there's definitely a thing we saw in this decade where maybe in the early two thousands or N S, these kind of movies would be made without humor. So like you've got James Bond, Batman, they're all very serious movies, where now you've got iron man, deadpool, kingsman, they're all like the hero, typical hero movies, but they, as you said, they're almost like parodies where humors almost more of an element than action, and they're really interesting because sometimes, although the action scenes can be cool and like, obviously the dark night trilogy is like a sick it's one.

Yeah, that's trilogy is gone round, but it's my seriously nice, serious and heavy sometimes. I mean I wouldn't say it's the best trilogy going right. Well, one of you know, but the yeah, the kings was really cool. The villains not even scary. He's kind of just a gag, which is interesting way to look at it. Yeah, yeah, it's just a good movie. As you said, Tara and eggets lap cool. It's laps, yes, and like the fact that dad likes it like that just shows yeah, we all, I get every was to the masses. It's call. Yeah, good twists and turns. Yeah, I just the Church seems very unique. Really, the church seeing was so yeah, it's very unique movie. It's it was very different to the rest, but that's why it's too down. What about your number nine? My number nine is my only in marvel movie in my top ten in which is avengers and game. Yeah, that was on my that was my first in my marvel movie, so obviously it was going to make an appearance in my top ten. Yeah, it just it just rounds up the whole ten year, twenty two movie experience into this massive three hour experience. It's just you've already heard me talk about this movie, but it's just check out the marvel check out the map, a podcast if you haven't causade, take a deep diver, go in depth and every but the it's just great to see like every that last fight, literally really every single superhero you've seen in the marvel cinematic universe today fight and you get epic moments like cap gets the hammer and thoughts far and Tony Dies and black widow dies it. I cried twice in that movie. So did really pull them heart strings. Yeah, great movie, highest grossing movie of All time. Yes, it is deserved. It very fair to be in your top ten. It's pretty pretty dog by me not having a marvel movie in there, not only because we like marvel, but it is such a big part of the two thousand and ten s movie culture. Basically. Yeah, like out of those two hundred forty movies, well, out of the one hundred and fifty movies we've seen at the cinema, well, I really seem like fifteen would be marvel, which is pretty crazy to think that like every ten. Yeah, you've seen it. The cinema is of Marvel. I mean I think I've seen more marvel movies at the cinema than you have. Yeah, like a few of them I watched at home when I was recapping before the yeah and game. But yeah, great movie, Franchise Definitely deserves to be in most people's top tens, if unless you just hate superhero movies. Yeah, pretty fatuous. Great epic Banger. My number nine. We've gone from probably the most popular movie of all time or most like well known to all time. Well, yeah, my pay pretty it's pretty like most people on Earth would know what adventures and game. Oh Yeah, I thought you're talking about joke and I was like yeah, need to come down. I've gone with the number. No, I'm pretty weird, while I don't even know if this is a popular movie or not, but I've gone with American maid. This is a movie that is inspired by the life of Barry Seal, who, he like, worked for the CIA and then in trying to shut down drug cartels, basically, and then he kind of started working for them. Pretty much he thought the move. But the part he's the pilot, isn't he? Yeah, yeah, he started like a slutely, have seen that. Then he started transporting the drugs. My Cael like a rom in that. I don't think so. I don't think so. Tom Cruise is the main actor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and it's just a really interesting oh no, sorry, it's the other way around. He I know, I think he. I think it was... a triple agent. So he started for the CIA, then he started working for the cartels. Yeah, he was. Then he by the CIA and then he went back again to the law enforcement to shut them down. So in the end it led to his death. He got assassinated by the cartel gang members, basically in that crazy scene where he was like yeah, I don't remember in his car. I do remember what. I don't remember that, but I do remember that movie. Yeah, I don't know. It was just really interesting story. I've never heard of that story ever. And I mean I dic out the toilet during that movie. Yeah, so I'm just a little inside into me. I'm not really like a artsie guy when it comes to movies. It's just if I enjoy the lad for me it's a good movie, like I'm not really going to look at the cinematography or the acting skill in it. So, yeah, I was just really interesting story of the guy kind of playing both sides made a lot of money from it. Yeah, don't you remember? He had like his own airfield and then he was like bearing all this money everywhere because he just had so much, and he in the back yard he like started buying all these shops in this town and then then the college turning Harp Buyans. Basically the COP got like yeah, suspicious. Yeah, it's a really interesting story. Yeah, I remember that. Maybe those cartels in south and North America and not good news, but Um, I still hate to provide for a lot of interesting stories of like knockoffs and stuff, and I've read the book about the detective who catches Pablo Escobar. So there's some really interesting stories that come out of that. Some some heroes. Will this guy. Not sure if you can call me a hero, but very interest double here I'm a villain. It is either Margar Rubbie or someone who looks like it's not my rubbing Chili era, right Olson. Yeah, that's right, but I'm she. Yeah, she looks very similar. Yeah, because you remember when they came to seize all his property, she likes started taking the jewelry and she throwing it down and it was like, what are you doing? Yeah, because what's on you? They can't they can't take off you. So that's why he topped. It's why he told her to put on all your jewelries. So then started throwing on the ground. It was like triggering. But yeah, so that's my number. Night she still had something should like a necklace. If your board, well, we're coming out of lockdown at the moment, but if you still stuck at home and your bit board, give it a watch. It's a good movie. Two thousand and seventeen, so maybe bit recency buys playing a part, but I could fly know it's a recency by your number. Eight's the joker. So I'll just roll on to my numb yes, when I'm res time. Other bit of a pod movie, I'd say podcast the founder. I saw another true story. Is My another. Ye, have true stories happening. Donald's another one. That where the plots probably more interesting. Holy Shit, mixed on a mythical movie made by the last American made a hundred and fifty meal box office. That's is that? That's not very big, is it? Name. And then this one, twenty four million at the well of Amrit. You think avengers game at yeah, but two point seven billion, yea, and there's one gap from there. Avengers and Games, like the twenty movie. Yeah, but like most movies, like a good movie, makes like like five one billion to like seven hundred million. Okay, like that's good. Yeah, and the founder. Twenty four million. I actually feel a bit edgy. Yeah, but some people of it feel like a trick that. But the Bucher not have been that big, so they yeah, probably was. It was seven to twenty five million. It's got here a bit of a wide range. Probably something down a highlight, but it's distributed by the Weinstein Company. But Anyway, play on. We're taken down. I said we saw that movie early January, two thousand and seventeen, but I believe we watched at home. Yeah, we did quit team because Dad Saura and then he was like a lot of you should, we should watch this. So then we were like yeah, sure, and it's actually pretty good. Yeah, very interesting.

It's about the guy that stole them. Then Donald's brothers who started the McDonald's chain, and then he was like their friend or something, or a business he was a business puner and then he's stopt here. Oh, yeah, he likes sold the idea. He sold the shake machines, didn't he? Yeah, he sold the shape machines and they were interested in his shake machines. Yeah, and then he came part of the team and then he wanted to go bigger. But the he wanted more quantity over quality, whereas the McDonald Brothers one of the quality over point. Me The items and stead they had like a hamburger and cheese baker, and then he just started and then he just started selling it as he just yeah, buying franchise, and this got they were like, what are we? What is this guy doing in them the McDonald's all they'll just running like a small gourmet food truck. And then they knew it. This guy ahead, and then he like he got the company of Yeah, this guy like hundreds of franchises around the world and the rest is the rest is history. Everyone knows how big bloody mcdonia McDonald's is the brand. So that was pretty interesting. Similar kind of story to I don't know if you have the social network in your tennis on a mind, but it's a my honorable mention. Okay, so similar kind of story. How there's kind of a bit of dodginess behind the idea getting stolen and stuff. But yeah, could say this podcast was stolen from the watch podcast. YEA, so all great thing has come from it's like a Phoenix wear eyes from the ashes of something that's well, that's it. That's it. It's Sadology, a savage so the foundair see anumber one if you want to learn about the history of McDonald's, is sort of very well on story. I don't think my I've heard of the facebook thing before, the social network, because people don't care this. Want to go get some from its yeah, so, yeah, give it a give it a watch, give it a watch, a podcast, and in the mat is the main actor. Great actor is just such a great he is here. Some of the roles he plays, let me tell you. Yeah, so you's a a joke. Is Sick for you. So, Thomas digi kings, acting is an art and I do not know. I'm not taking the piece. I just don't know it. So I'm just pretending to be film critic. So you're pretending to be a bitch. Exactly, number seventh, you my sir. Okay, my number seven is our Pixar Disney movie. It's well, it's my favorite of the decade because it's the only Pixi maybe in my top ten. So it is called inside out. Every single time I watched this movie, I large as made my like top thirty. You just don't have it was probably the highest animated movie. Don't think I've ever seen you Kryn a movie. So you don't have emotionally kidding me, an emotional dude. Yeah, it could. You hate a lot of things so savage that you don't know. Every time I've watched this movie, I've watched it like five times, I cry every single time when Riley comes home after getting back all her emotions and she like vents to her parents and she cries it out and I just cry out with Riley cause I feel her emotion. Just have a heart soart. Now I think it's a very, very clever idea. It's cool. No one's ever done this where you really you dive into Riley's character through her five emotions. Yes, so, happiness, sadness, anger, fear discussed, and the sixth anxiety. No, it's just fun. It's basically about not this emotion joy. She thinks sadness shouldn't be an emotion we have. So she kind of banishes sadness from touching the control machine and then joy and sadness get lost in this like place where all her memories get stored,...

...and then they go through and then Riley doesn't have happiness or sadness anymore. So it's interesting to see like the two big emotions in Riley's life like slowly disappear from her and her life start breaking down and then you finally realize that you do need sadness in your life. You didn't. You do need sadness to just be as human. You know, and sadness made it okay. She vented it out to a pay starts. It's a good movie. I really, really liked it. I could. It's good. I sat through it all five times, no distractions. Great Flip Pixar is just my all pixar. Just have my favorite movies like cocoa. Coco slaps the new one outward watch coca. It's really good. I cried in that as well. Outward is good. Incredibles to was really good. Incredible was too good. twisty three is good. That didn't make it to my honorable mentions. Don't know why, but toy story three did. Slap made me cry Agan because I'm movies just to make me cry. So I'll go to my number six, because we want to. I don't know if we have any of the same the top six. Six. Welcome to the show. It's a bit more credible than yes, it's number six because we are see just why. Oh, you're singing about musicals, and three of my top six are musical movies. So that, I was a surprise to me. Well, number see is four of my six. Oh See, number six. Well, one of them's not really hitch perfect series and the movie representing them at the award ceremony. Is Pitch Perfect, the original? Yeah, that's my number five salute. Really. Yeah, definitely not. Like I don't care if no will like this guy host a sports podcast and pitch perfect rolling in a number six of the all time favorites. A pop let's not right. Hit just have an all time hitch perfect too, is definitely way above the other two. No, I mean pitch perfect one, yes, way above the other two, like they're up here. Where's the other movies? Are Two? Is Okay, and then pitch perfect three, questionable. Yeah, like, but like they sing toxic. So, like it's fun and they got but just like the storyline with the opponent's story line with the opponents. No, but like I don't care about the Germans in like the second one. Yeah, we're like the first one, and I don't care about like the bands in the third one. I'm interested in the schools in the original. Like, yeah, it's no, it's goods Michael College Black, my hot time about M J sensitive stopic. Yeah, but no, it's clear. Any any movie that pulls off musical items without it being avengele money. Then and like dead set. Some of the tunes, elite like the thanks, the what do they called him about? A RAP battle? Yeah, I just every time I was elite. Every time I watch that movie I know the jokes coming and I still crack it a long thing. And then revel Wilson is she's so funny the whole time. Fat Protrcia, my real name, was the fat Patricia and, let's be honest. Yeah, and for me personally, I'm not one for a serious movie, to be honest. So a lighthearted movie that's funny and has good songs in its right arm and I get it. I get at touched to the characters and that maybe you very fast. And every single time I've watched that movie, shot, every time shot by flying Mexican Barrito. Okay, great movie. So actually number five. So watching number six and still talking about pitch perfect. Oh my God. Yeah, probably you should get around the top five a bit more.

Well, it is in my top five, so I'm getting around it. You know what? Okay, I'm no pitch prefects. Great. Every time I watched the final number I get chills and the riff off, the riff offs lit. Oh Mickey, I wonder. What's that movie again? Yeah, it's just great movie. My number six is probably your number one. No, it's not, because she said you number ones. Not Credible. So I don't think would be this movie. But you know, and this one's probably my number ones being mentioned in the episode before before. I'll say that much. But you can't guess. So it's okay, going. No, it's no, don't guess. Don't guess. Just wait. Your number six staying. It is. No, I'm eeting your microphone. It is wwe yes, it is wrestling near twenty four. My number six is a star is born. That's one, number two and knew it was going to be your number one or number two. No, I saw this in this cinemas with my mother and my father. You're doing the Nice thing which goes down here. Yeah, strange nose. She fricking late. I love that. Such a good movie. The BANGER. There's bangers throughout the whole track. My favorite songs probably the very last song. I'll never love again, made me cry. There's there's actually six songs from this movie in My playlist. Okay, some shallow. No, I'll never love again. Always remember us this way. Was that pop one she sings? It's not always remembers. You look in those gene Oh yeah, car, do that, do that door, that door, that door. That to me now it's a great movie. I have the brother. I got attached to her. The only reason it's absolutely weeped when he died. Yeah, I thought so bad and I remember I was like struggling to stop and it was. It was a bit of a it was so cool the way he shot it, and then I've like felt so that's the most quiet I've ever heard a cinema when he killed himself. It was a bit everyone was like when Bradley Coo, who's just fucking sick here, like I don't care, lose our cohol. I mean he was just called and six run addict, like he was a sick actor, like and I hated on his guitar and the produce, like how are you, doll when the producer told him she would be better without you, I wanted to kick him in the face. Yeah, it was very heartwrenching movie and for me at the time, I think it was a bit of a jewel. Between that and the greatest showman, everyone was like kind of hyping the greatest showman. That's should be my honorable the greatest showman. I watched it. I will admit I didn't finish it, but I got in and I'm like this just does not compare to my home boy. A star is born, don't even add me. And Yeah, the only reason it's not that's my number tire is there is one section of the movie I did get a little board inner and I was like, this movie has been going on for conner, like when it's when he was like proposing to our was a bit like this movie is quite long, but like it was a fantastic movie, pulled my heart strings. And and then when she sings at the end, or and the top, if you try and avoid crying, and the top, that's probably in like the I would say, out of my top ten. It's probably not the best ending, because my number one has the best ending off the decade, but I would say it's got the most it's got the most beautiful ending out off most of these movies. Yeah, you're telling me to go away from my mind whatever. Yeah, because you cooled absolute ear cancer. WHOA. Yeah, that's why number two right. I'm actually surprised how many crossovers with that. I thought we'd have like Max one, but fair plate. Number five, I'm an absolute socker for comedies. They're probably if I was just sitting there on a Saturday...

...night, no sport, because otherwise I just watch sport and I had to watch a movie like the like. Last weekend I did this just Netflix. Comedy Genre just fine one. So comedies are my favorite. And to the next two movies are comedy franchises and number five is the hangover. So hang over the original was in the last decade. So this is just hang over two and three. Hang every one's probably the arguably the best. But hang over two and three, they're just so good, like, but you can only have one. No, hang over three is my pick. But they're just both great movies. Like, obviously the plots not got much to it. They just get smashed and try and retrace their steps, but they course connage. Yeah, but just so, so funny. Yeah, it's good. It's good laugh in in the third one, especially like Chow's parts. He's just a gag, like the final scene where he's just standing there with the sword behind his head and you can just see bulls as a pisser. Yeah, just a great movie franchise, all of them. There's just like. For me, there's just the top echelon of colonies like I've got I'm not going to say my fourth, but you've got like the Anchorman series, you've got step brothers. I can't think of any super yes, Super Bad's good. Tropic thunders good, with the mills is good. None else come to mind, but there's just this top echelon where I can watch any of those movies and jumpy seen it. No matter how many times you've seen them, you just get laughs. Like the last few times I love a good bath and the last few times I've had bars. I just Google a compilation of jokes from comedy movies and he's just all gust tovie of the dictators, another good one. It's just gags from all these movies and it's just our wedding crashes, the bloody rights man's yeah, but that's a bit of a different kind of humor. But no, that's still humorous. Yeah, so that's my five great movies. If you want to have a laugh, got chuck them on. We a lottle. My number five was pitch perfect. Yeah, so good. Will Roll back by number four because we want to leave your number one the last, as you just mentioned before. You ruined my surprise once again stall my thunder. Thank you. It is twenty one and twenty two jump streets, Joan anyone and chatting Taun yet twenty one is my choice, but on behalf the jump street series just absolute humor. I was watching some of the ice cube scenes the other day. So funny when they're trying to chase down the gangsters in the park and it's just so good. Truli a rang way. They go back to the way the they go back to high school and chatting tatum becomes like the nerd and he's doing a hills, like the guy hanging out like the cool kids. It's just funny. Julie Rob really once again like hangover. There's not like really much to the plot. It's pretty basic right. It's just so funny. Probably my favorite scene is when they and poetry, I think they shoot the guy's Dick off. That's the end and I at the end they find the drug dealer of the first one and they're like it's got to be they shamp. He's like running away or something and they shoot his dick off and he's Dicks just like on the floor. They make the because he has handcuffs on. They make him pickys Dick up with his mouth. That's gotta be the Slam Poetry Right Awa Bride Julie Rob Hurts. Yeah, there's so many in them, like those movies, I can't even really pick my favorite joke because you watch the whole thing, there's like and scenes where you like, Oh, this is funny, Oh this is funny, all this funny. So yeah, Jump Street and hang over there. My picks of the bunch. The reason...

...why they probably got the nod over some of the other comedies, in particular and command, is that this decade was only a command to yeah, that was a nice good where a command one was last decade. But if it was a Kamm One and command it's probably my favorite comedy of all time. So that's it. Cool. That's my four and five right there. So what is your hey, my top for that we're getting into like the nitty gritty. My Auntsi mode, because parafied, don't spoil point. Taking the PISS. Okay, so my number four is rather my number four. It's a time. So there's this director called Jordan Peel. He's directed to movies so far that I'm aware of. If it's not right. Don't hate me. He's directed get out, which was actually is done more, but like only two big ones. Yeah, I think these are like his stories, the two ones where he like adapted or wrote the story. I think him mostly wrote the screenplays and directed them. So we have get out and we have the movie us. So I think I really liked us a lot. Okay, so I'll talk about get out first. You've said you still get out. We saw that together. Yeah, get out is probably the most freaked out I've ever been watching a movie and it was actually my top thirty list. But for me I'm not the biggest horror fan because, yeah, I'm more struggle with the concept of going going out of your way to pay money to get sketch shitless. So that's far I write it and get out as the two best buy an absolute mile shot island, probably in the night head. You have to see as but for me it because it was a bit more there wasn't this demented it was kind of a gag. Pennywise opens his bouse. But yeah, I can emit. Get out of a really good man. It's great. So get out. It's about this. Don't want to be racist colored man. Okay, so this colored man go marcus. Okay, so this black man goes for an America, African, American man, come on, goes is in, I'm has a girlfriend and she is a Caucasian woman, American, Blight White, and he she goes to introduce her toy white family, and there's like subtle racism throughout this movie, which I found like he are when the fat when they arrived, going to say you enjoy Sele rated? No, but like a big fast, like like he big fan, but like like little triggers to set him off, like didn't feel around. Like they walked in the House and the dad was like, so, do you play basketball? Yeah, and like he noticed all and then workers around the property. We're all black. Yeah, and they're all the people coming to this this event that was being held were all white. So he was a bit suspicious. And this whole movie you're thinking this, this is a bit strange movie, like this is they're just meeting his family. And then the biggest plot twist ever. Yeah, that she probably the most shocked over the hey, she takes him away and it's revealed that this event is actually an auction for his the Black Man's body. So they the auction. The highest bidder gets their brain put into the black man's body, because it is said that black people are the most physically superior and also it's generally people that are dying. Yeah, older, older people that are dying. So they yeah, and then it's found out that the girlfriend just goes and gets black people as her yeah, relate, I'm relations what he finds like that box of all yeah, box for the photos, and it's kind of showed throughout the movie. Like this girl we called Georgina,...

...she like starts to like subtly break character, like little subtle things make the person break character, like the guy got the camera flashed at him and he was like get out, and then and then the end where he just kills everyone. That was pretty good. And the girls during the teacup off. That last twenty minutes of that movies for can crazy. Yeah, because it's quite a slow build up your kind. Yeah, and then the last things is like w and he's like we got to get out and she's like no, and then he's like locked way, I'm sorry. She says like I'm sorry, I can't do that, because he's like rolls, we're at the car keys and she's like here and then he and then both. The scene where she's eating the fruit loose I and sinking the builment. Oh my God, those free and then us. Is the most honestly the most complex movie I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen it all. So it's about this family of five and they go on a vacation and it's about how there's five, there's people underground that replicate your life. So you could be on a roller coaster in that there and down below the people are just like doing going on a roller case. Like there's no roller coaster that. So there's always someone like attached to you. And then these people come out of underground and they attack because if they kill the people upstairs, they're free, they can live their life how they are meant to. So this movie is like the good family like running away. They're like try, they're like trying to kill these they read red jumpsuits come, so I'm going to call them red people. So they trying to kill these red people so they can like be free themselves. And it's just honestly crazy. There's so many like tense points where they have to get the car keys, but they realized, like they left the carkies and side, so they have to go back inside. Like it's a bit tense. And then the biggest plot twist ever. So like the I think the biggest plot to stay I've ever seen more Waf the girl. So I'm talking a lot about this movie, but it's that little good to talk about our favorite ones a bit more. She in Star this movie. This girl's a little girl like the main character. It shows her as a little girl and she goes into this maze and she sees a reflection of herself, but the reflection moves differently to how she moves, so it's obviously not a reflection of herself. So she got really free down and throughout the whole movie she was always scared, but it was shown that in that when she was a little girl, when she saw the reflection, the girl in the reflection beat like knocked around, dragged her into her place and she went and lived her life up there. So in the very end they they have this final fight scene because they're like the only two left. Yeah, and the good the good person kills the red person, but she laughs like the red person laughed. So it's found it. It shows that the girl, that one was actually that red pep. You have to watch the movie. I'm not dead already. Likes swapped. Yes, they swapped when she was a young child. So she was she was already kind of free, and that's why the red people attacked, because she knew the girl that got swapped. She knew so much about the up world that she could plan this whole thing. Yeah, around, yeah, you got to watch it's just so complex and you watch it so many times when you find so many little things. I really recommended. Have you watch shut island. Know that I reckon. You should watch that because that's like a similar kind of vibe. I watched it when I was younger, so I can't say I remember it a hundred percent, but that is a similar vibe where it's like a horror but it's like also tricky, like I really like, and then all kind of you work it out. Then, like I really like jump scare home movies, but like I love horror movies that really make me think, like get out a US. Shut island does that, so I would recommend that...

...for you. Hey, your number three. My number three is an interesting one. I don't think will be in your top three, but we both love this movie. I remember I watch this one on a plane as well. So that's our two from ten for the team plane, e. The Martian that was in. That was going to be my honorable mentions. Yeah, I remember. Just as I've mentioned before, I'm a plot guy. I don't really care about the cinematic techniques, just a great story. Really. Yeah, it's really cool, interesting. He survives. Yeah, he what even in bloody happens? Well, they go, they go. They go to Mars to see. I don't remember. They go to Mars and they I think they might have a station there something, or they trying to get some sort of like yeah, they go on the rocks. They're trying to get, yeah, to mind when to see if trying to leave. I think they're they're seeve like life as possible. They're like if they can. Yeah, and then they break and the guy doesn't make it onto the ship. Yeah. So then he has to live self substain. So, like he learns, he builds this like shelter and learns how to like grow and he makes plans and shits and then, like each day he uses it. Who each day he makes like a video and then eventually he makes contact with earth and then he survives. Yeah, so just that we've just ruined the plot for you. Well, spoiler alone throughout this whole episode. But I'm not great movie. Who Was it about? Damon, Matt Damon. Yeah, it was tense to the the ride home because they didn't know if that had enough fuel. Yeah, to get really good movie. Yeah, I would recommend any more thoughts for that movie. No, I thought it was really cool. It's just cool to see how he survived for that long and like it wasn't like unrealistic things, like I just like rip my finger off and ate it to sustain muself. No, he like kind of it might not be like he's might not be scientifically right or something, but yeah, probably not. But well, they probably don't know nothing about Mars to determine if they. They made it feel so. Yeah, it seems like a feasible thing. You put a lot of effort inside back of me. Yeah, yeah, just another cool plot. Another movie that just came to my mind. There's a movie called life that similar to yours. Yeah, so take chill and hall. If you watched Ryan Reynolds, what's it about? It's about that like little alien thing and I looks like an octopus and breaks out. Yeah. Yeah, and you know the end scene? Yeah, where the two bulls the too shuttles go and you think one goes to Earth and one Mrs Earth and you think it's the human that made it to Earth, but it turns out it was just like the alien. Yeah, and that's another sick one that everyone, everyone dies. Yeah, that's another one. That's like similar vibe to movies you were saying before. I hate movie soaks. I like really fall in love with characters and then like yeah, the alien wins and that other Shit. I don't find out a movie so much, but TV shows like I remember Glee, like it just fell in love with every character, no bodyguard, the like a little short series of them. When the arm secretary died, I was like sorry, yeah, IV shows like I thought she was going to go all the way and then she died. I was like yeah, sorry. So what's your number three? Okay, my number three is I mean if you buy Damien, she sell. It's called whiplash. So it's about the dry. I've heard about it, I've never seen it. I really like movies that showed like a defeated person and they like grow and they become very successful, like a I don't know what, a rags to riches story. Yeah, so it's about like it's about the relationship between Andrew, he's the like ambitious jazz drummer, and then his abusive teacher Fletcher, and it's honestly here this character.

He honestly starts going in saying, like I found him, honestly a bit scary. So he starts he's not that good, like he's good, but like he goes to the best school, but he's not that good. And then Fletcher takes him, him to the best like jazz band. Yeah, and then he teaches them, but he likes becomes very like abusive, like he throws chairs at him if he like Mrs like a timing stead. And then there's this one practice where there's three drummers, yeah, and they like go for like seven hours, because I can't get this part right, and he's just like screaming at them in the like sweating, yea, hands are bleeding, they like dropping and then there's this one bit in the movie where he has to he forgets his drum. I forget where he was, but if he gets his drumsticks and then he has to go all the way back and then all the way and he's just so fostered and he gets hit by a car when he's driving back after he got his drumsticks and he thought he's still once he gets he like gets hit by this truck and it's car just flips. He gets out of the car and just keeps walking. He keeps walk and he's like for bleeding. He keeps a walking to the place and he gets on stage. He's full bleeding and he's trying to play this music but he just can't. He's like balling and he's like dead, almost dead. And then in the end Fletcher, because he like Andrew, ruined his career by doing that, because Fletcher hit him in the car and you kind of ruined his career because they lost him the like the competition or the thing, Ye, competition. So then years and then, Oh yeah, yeah, Andrew then files an abuse thing to Fletcher and he loses his job at that best school. Yeah. So then yes ter they meet up with each other like they've just randomly see each other and he fletcher invites him to his new jazz group and they say he's like, Oh, you'll get it. We're playing all the same music we did last time, and then they get on stage and they're playing completely different music. He and he just looks at him and he's like sucked in, bitch, like you ruined my care I'm going to ruin your crew. And it's in front of all these like agents and stuff. Yeah, and then he goes rogue and he starts playing his the old music and he's like talking to the people next to he's like pick it up in like three, two, one. They all just like go along with him and he like plays the best drumming ever and it just shows his like family so proud and like the the agents are like so impressed, and then Fletcher finally like gives him a smile and he's like you did well, so it was good. Yeah, sounds good. I've heard a lot of good things about that movie. Your number, too much was the stars warm. So what's your number? Two is parasite. The is that it's the Crean as the CRAN film itself such an interesting movie. So I always watch all the Oscar movies before those because because I just want to know if they're actually good or not, and parasite is amazing. It I even because I had doubts because it was Korean, so I was like I'm gonna have to read subtitles the whole time, it's going to be long, and it was so good. It was easy to follow. It follows like this poor family and this sun is ourst tutor, a really wealthy family, and then he they say they that family slowly makes a plan. So then they become all the house hold like cleaners and stuff. So they have like another two Dar she's he's like, Oh, my sisters like a really good art teacher, and like the brother does are. So then they the sister gets in and they like wanted like drain the money from you, like a parasite from a host. Yeah, they want to be in there. Yeah, and like there's this they already have, like this housekeeper. So they know she's like a logic to peaches, to the like leave peaches around so the mum can get in and they make rumors about the driver. So then the dad becomes the driver. Yeah, and then it's and then you find there's this weird ass plot twist. You find out that this fair, this House has a dungeon. Okay, and the the housekeeper, the old housekeeper husband,... down there, like what? I was watching that movie and I was like sorry, what? I can't forget. I can't remember why he was down there. I think, HMM, can remember why he was down there. And then he are. No, no, I think he she just put him down there so she can keep feeding him and then on. No, that's all right, but I don't remember. And then the family, the poor family, puts the housekeeper down there and then they go check on him and it's like this. It's a big party. It's like the daughters like sixteen party or something, and the guy gets out and he like kill. He kills one of the main characters. So Sad. I was like about to come. And then they blame it on the Oh no, no, that dad. Sorry, I'm just remembering the story. The DAD gets actually like push down the stairs where the dungeon is and he gets locked in there and then the one of the sisters gets killed and then the other, the mum and the Sun just go back to like living, because they go back to their poor lifestyle, and the dad is like still standing there. So there's Sun like sees his Morse code because there's like a Morse code buttoned in the Dungeon and he knows any dreams that he wants to save all this money to buy that house because it's going on sale and so then he can see his down again. I thought it was yeah, that's one of really beautiful endings because he dreamed of his dad coming out of the Dungeon and it was really beautiful. You got to watch it. I'm not doing these movies justice. You gotta Watch them. Yet I've heard a lot of good things about that, even people like Christian, you know, Pilcher, regular on sir, it's on stand here. He's not necessarily like a theater movie buff, but he watched that and said it was like one of the best movies he's ever seen. So it's just such everyone I know who like that. Plus that plot twist off the dungeon, it's like just like you never thought that was going to happen. Yeah, my number one is in your honorable mentions, which I think is the disgusting disservice it is behavior rhapsody. I just think I've never felt such a an emotion. Should during cried harder. I've cried Hutter in a different movie and other movies. So that's why I wasn't at my top ten. I didn't don't think I cried him Rup city, but the emotion when live aide the concert was on, it was just like, like I didn't even know much about queen so I couldn't. I can't imagine what it's like to people who actually watched that concert or know the story bit better than me. But yeah, I don't think I've ever been so moved by a scene in a movie ever. Was Really seen movie. It's real life. But yeah, it's just so well put together. I don't I like the way it's not necessarily like biased towards Freddie Mercury, like it's yeah, it's a balanced view. They show that he's Nice Guy, but he also has a lot of flaws to him. Yeah, that's what makes kind of explain he struggles and stuff. And Yeah, I just loved the behind the scenes of it, the like some of the songs, the way they were made was awesome. One of my favorites was the way they made like another one bites the dust, how the guys can up the guitar and he's like do you like this? And he just played the Bass to another another one bus to dust, and you just knew what that song was as soon as they started playing it and you knew what it became. And there are a lot of stories like that, like behaving rhapsody. They showed that song and they showed people didn't like making of it, people didn't like it and they yeah, it was just they just really sinctly shows so many different aspects of this band's career in such a short space of time and which... magical. I mean it was in honorable mentions. Also, could movie. Yeah, I definitely think would be in a lot of people's lists. Probably recency bias, but I genuinely think that. Yeah, like, I genuinely stand by that. No other movies made me feel that way when that live aid thing, like I just wanted to just jump out of my chair and just like start cutting shapes and belting it out because it's just like so moving. And Yeah, that's that's pretty much mine. I'm all about it. My number one is love. I've never seen this would be in my research yesterday. This would be in my top five movies of all time. Probably. I just absolutely love it. amastone deserved the bath best way. Sorry, before you continue what would be, because I was thinking about this I don't know that's what movies pre two thousand and ten would actually make my list, because I didn't know, like I'd have to somehow compile list of seen. But I don't know what pre two thousand have moves I've seen. But anyway, yeah, carry on. Um Emma Stone. She deserved that Best Actress Award. She was so good in that audition scene and even throughout the whole movie that this is honestly my favorite music. That epilog is just such I could just listen to that all day, even if it's eight minutes long. The story, that just story of these two people having passions in different areas and how they succeeded throughout even though they, like, were failing. The music again so good and it's just so sad to see you root for these choice of couple and then in the end that she goes to see his jazz club that he made and they do like during the Epilog Song, they do like this thing, like this dream sequence of what life would have happened if they were together, and it was really beautiful. This is my favorite ending of a movie ever. She walks out the club and she is turns his head, turns her head to look at him and he looks at her and then she walks away. It was just so nice. Well, what else can I say? It's just a really, really good movie. I did some research last night and it was in a lot of people's lists, so I'm not surprising. It's just fun and it's always flooding down. I don't think of your top for so you still get out. I'm a yeah, but I didn't see your top. No, it was just lines, just amazing and amazing. It's just too good to glue. We could do another podcast on another time. So I don't know. Don't put too much the Worner, but is there any pre twenty and two moves that jump out of your head that would be in your top five? One like nineteen hundred just of all time. So you said that would be in your top five of all time. What would be the others? Probably the original Chimanjie with Robin Williams. That's a fun movie. It's so hard to remember what movies if yeah, it's hotter, it's hot to yeah, it's very hard to remember. Probably is love. Grew up there. No, see, I valued comedy highly. No, it would be up. I would also put a command would be other. It's funny. I would put the Truman show in there. I would put ye good, it's venture. Yeah, Paul Austin Pours. Yea. I put us out with actually have to be out there. Yeah, I supposed to be up there exhibit it. You think I'm sexy, baby bollst. There's so many. This is my companion. A lot of vachina that I'll get on this. Don't all the classic ones. Probably wouldn't make mine because I haven't seen them all. Be a struggle to get over like like some of the movies from like the S and...

...stuff. Everyone says like they're the greatest or whatever. But Oh, yeah, I like sorry, but I'm St Draussic Park. That would be in my yeah, that's a movie. I'm struggling to watch it like a s movie and appreciating like the effects and shit in nowadays. Like I hate to be that block, but there's a lot of people's like top ten lists of all time and some of them are like, yeah, I could see how it would have been good at the time, but I'm struggling now to appreciate it. No, it's still fun, like Jurssic Park may have yet dressy pup, but that's it. Faces. Yeah, it's like s but even like jaws, it's like it's a good move, but I'm like struggling to cop the shark, like I just hate like I don't want to be like that, but that's just how I am. Like I watched that and I'm like, come on, that doesn't fucking look like a shock. Yeah, but back then did. Yeah, I think the graphics back then. Yeah, but I'm not going to be like yeah, it was not bad, but back then it would have been all time. So I'm saying it's all times. Also would be up there for me that that movie honestly scared me as a child. And it's you never you don't see the shark until like the very end. They always make that you can't see the shops here. So that's pretty much wraps us up. Yeah, long one. It's pretty random, but well, let's be answers. I know I say it's all the freaking time, but for this one especially, there's no one listening. But if you are, give a list of give it. Watch all the movies we've talked about, especially campbells. They're probably a bit more popular than mine. Minor Pretty I would recommend, Oh, my top ten, but if you really, if you really want something to think about for days on end, watch us and Campbell. I want you to watch shut Ireland. I don't want to know you're watching shut up, Hafn't May. It's so raw. It's like our rated movie or some bullshit, and we watching your eight in he's. Look, that's illegal. I can't watch it. No, it's actually a males just putting some mail on it just when some pepper. Yeah, so thanks for joining me. Can once again. That's all right, you are becoming my almost my cohost at this point. I am a lot better than those disrespectful swines. I did put an episode with before lock on the yeah pigs. Yeah, so next episode will be probably a Bundesliga review about the last two weeks of German soccer. Bonders liquor will wrap up the upcoming match between buyern Munich and dormant, and then on the weekend it'll be an interview with my mare. So look forward to getting to know NA cool bit better. I Karm Cockad out. Yeah, so thanks for joining in. Get around the on the ball podcast on all the socials, including you can because I know you don't follow it, and thanks. She.

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