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AFL Round 9 Preview | Australian Rules Football - Episode 130


Rowey returns to join me in discussing the weekly events of the AFL. We go through the talking points of Round 8, preview the upcoming Round 9 and redraft the interesting class of 2015.


Hello and welcome back to the other wall podcast. This is episode a hundred and thirty of the show and we once again joined by Rowy. How are we mate? I was all right until ten minutes ago and I found out so Jones is injured for most of the season now, so that's great. But apart from that, gone right, mate. How are you? Yeah, I'm pretty decent. I was. I was a bit flat last week, I can't lie. The I was very excited for the episode and then we copped the mega lag that we did worked our way through it, but yeah, the episode ended up going up, but it took ages to go up because I don't know why, spotify wasn't fill me that week. So the world was against us. But hopefully this week the fortunes change and we can tap about again. It's a bit more of a low key episode this week. I don't think we hit the hard topics like we have in previous weeks, but were still have a good chat. Yeah, but yeah, decent round a footy. We're just talking about it before. There were a couple close games, not too many blockbusters. There was obviously the showdown, but that was a bit of a letdown. And then there was Richmond along, which is, I guess, also a bit of a letdown. But yeah, we're not too many decisive games. Not Too many teams came out of it a lot better or a lot worse than they started the weekend. But we'll get to the winners and losers. Who did you think one we're big winners coming out of the weekend? Well, the obvious one was the cats toppling Richmond and, for the second week, showing that the extra avenue to goal in Jeremy Cameron is really paying to paying out its dividends. I think for the first month or so we saw the overuse of Tom Hawkins to the Ford fifty two cats were very predictable and I think that's obviously what made them very slow and just almost hard to watch. But now, were cameron in there, they're obviously got to really high quality toll forwards and it's the impact that he's having now is more so it's more than the the impact that we thought it was going to have. He's now making them more exciting because they're not asked predictable, because they've got more ways to keep goals. So the cats are obviously he'll t winners and now they're they're really starting to prove US wrong for the first half of the year. Whether it was cameras inclusion that changed that, I don't know, but you know, they had four hundred and forty touches on the weekend against Richmond, who nearly missed out, and getting three hundred. So they're just I think they're just started to solidify their top four chances now, which is ironic given how much we talk shit about them at the start of the year, but I still held home with them and kept them higher my ladder predictions and now starting to pay off. The days against the Swan's as well was huge. More so the fact that they're just sort of continuing to rack up these wins. I think in most seasons a team like the days by this stage would have coped coughed up a few losses, but the days are still getting his hard forward victories. I'm we saw against the surprisingly north last week they managed to hold their own for the whole game and the Swan's this week, getting the nine point win at a close one. So they're just continuing to show the competition they're legit and I think the dogs as well. Big fight back like they think they played pretty average to get into the stage of they did, but then they just turned it on that third quarter and just came out running and just showed why they're really such a high quality team and the high quality players have got. is expected, but nonetheless it was really impressive performance. Yeah, hundred percent agree with those two massive winners, especially delong, as you mentioned. Everyone was doubting them early, but come out and basically just shown they're not out of the title race. Jeremy, Cameron Garrone and Tom Hawkins combined for fifteen goals and, along with that, fifty eight disposals, so they were not only kicking snags but they were also impact in the game. And I was having a little bit of a look at their fixture and they don't play another top eight team till round thirteen, so they've gonna that. They basically should have a month of wins and that's all but going to lock up their top for spot, well for the meantime anyway, and not sure what they're fixtures like coming home, but yeah, they're looking like a real good chance of finishing in the top for now, after what was a bit of a Shaky Start and Isaac Smith and Sean Higgins also kicks snags as well. So all three of the new boys really starting to get amongst it, which is good to see. But yeah, I actually don't mind along, to be honest. I don't mind when they're up and about, but I know some people aren't big fans. And then the other team. Look, I don't know if we should get around them because they only beat Hallthorn, but west coast they got their first away win if the season. I guess those are in...

...the shout out for that now. But all jacks aside, they should have won. But I think, all right, that's a good I think it's a good thing for them moving forward psychologically, especially winning on the MCG. So yeah, hopefully that changes the tired in terms of their way record going forward because, yeah, at the most until this weekend it had been woeful. So hopefully easy gamins Hawthorne kickstarts some more impressible way performances coming up. But yeah, they really deserve too much of a shoutout, do they? But I'll get onto the losers. I can't lie. As I mentioned earlier, there weren't too many teams that came out of this as big losers. I was struggling to pick them. The team I just mentioned, I'd say Hawthorne's probably the biggest loser in my opinion, just because they weren't very competitive. I actually tipped them for the upset, but they weren't very competitive at all. Lost by thirty eight. Is Pretty much all over. But halftime, even though the school wasn't that big, you just knew they weren't going to win and it looks like they're destined for bottom, for bottom three. And Yeah, we always we've tended to ask this question to Alister Clarkson about this point of the season in the last few years. But like, where do they go from here? They've got they don't have the youngest list. Yes, they've got some exciting talent, but they've got blocks like Tom Mitchell, they've got gagow mirror and it's I know there's been some talk about it this week. Do they start trading away those blokes because you know, they came to the club to win premierships and they're a long way off. So yeah, I'd say Hawthorn's a bit of a loser. Also, the fact that the crowd was k like, I can't lie, do not respect hallthorm like. It's not like they've been shot for twenty years like maybe in Melbourne have. Like they were. They won three premierships only a few years ago and they're already down to getting K to a game, which pretty average. I know it was mother's Day, but all the more reason to get out to the footy. But that was actually my other loser, and probably sounds a bit weird coming from an NRL fan bagging at AFL attendances because they're obviously way better than rugby leagues, but I was looking at the attendances for the weekend and it was a really low round of attendance. Because we have the Games of the Gold Coast Gws, both sub k. You kind of expect that now. But Hawthorne Got K. Yeah, North Collingwood only got K, and then bulldogs Colt and then they got twenty k. So I don't think there was covid. Well, too many covid restrictions, but yeah, it's not not good to see. The weather was poor, but if it wasn't for a rich one right now, Melbourne, like none of the big Melbourne teams up and firing because you know we the dogs in Melbourne don't have the biggest fan bases. So I don't know, that was just something I took note of on the weekend and that was a little bit disappointing to see. Wasn't good to see an emptyg for the Hawthorne Game And then the Melbourne Sydney game as well. There seemed to be more Sydney supporters than Melbourne supporters, which I thought was a bit weird when your team is eight. No, but yeah, I don't know, like it's obviously not that big of a deal, not that we really care as fans watching on the TV, but I thought I'd just mentioned that because coming out of the weekend I didn't think there were too many losers. Do you have any other losers to mention? Well, first of all myself, because I accidentally said the dogs came out firing in the third quarter. was obviously the fourth against the blues. So what don't to me? They're but yeah, old. Touch on quickly. First of all. I mean it's a bit hard because they were pretty injury ravage, but the Tigers Stein to show that that hey, maybe they are human. So man, whether they go deep into said Tember this year will obviously wait and see, but it's it was another game where they were carried by one player, which tends to happen in well, especially their losses. So Shay bolding was obviously unreal. He's one of the most exciting plays to watch. Now Twenty touches and three goals and mark of a year. But apart from that no one got over twenty two touches for the Tigers, so I think that's probably a bit of a worry for them. I know they're obviously not the highest possession team. They're in impact team and use the pace, but there does come a point when you do need to win the ball, so that was obviously really disappointing him. To tell you what, they're going to get tested again this week with a couple more mids out. It's going to have a really young starting midfield of dusty and then probably some kids. So hopefully our CD from a super coach say can get a few more points on the board, and I all those are is going to be the suns. I actually didn't watch this game I was at work, but I asked my good friend Patsy the next day about how we went. She's mates with Ryan Burns. Actually and apparently is just an awful game of football. We got the win, so that was good form from us. But... the looks of it, Gold Coast, it had it in their grass, should have come out on top. But, you know, Typical Gold Coast ran out of steam and luckily the saints found something that last quarter. But apparently was just sort of fumble central. Saints just couldn't get a stringer play together or take any clean marks or have any strings of play whatsoever. I even noticed start watching a bit of them any match. But it was good for the saints to get the win there. But it obviously the suns. They want to keep on trying to take that next step and be taken seriously. They've really got to be snatching these wins up, because I think there were three goals up at four time and then obviously choked it. The last one was probably actually biggest loser of the round. Of surprise he didn't mention them was Culton. Obviously got themselves into a really, really good position against the dogs and was going to be a season defining win for them or, yeah, even just an era or do it to sid defining win for them to top all over the dogs, so obviously one of the most informed teams and then obviously just choked it. It would have been one of the biggest wins in years. I reckon and unfortunately just I can. I love not being a Culton thanks. I could understand. I can sense the frustration from them and they're just not taking this next step that's required. I mean, apart from Sabby Walsh, who's an absolute freak, there's this this season's been pretty frustrating so far for them. Still obviously expect them to push four finals chances, but it's just another game that had within their grasp and they just let the other team Alta them. I think that's what happens most of the time with Culton. Just got very fundly under the pressure and just couldn't handle the big game nature in that last quarter. So I probably have those teams as my big three losers of the week. Really hope the blues could be bounce back this week and put up a good fight against Melbourne because of obviously coming out against the two informed teams last week, the dogs and then this week Melbourne. So very, very keen for Sunday to see what happens there and whether they can respond. I don't think Melbourn's going to blow him out of the park. I reckon COULTONA. I reckon it's going to be a really good game footy. I can to be closed. So fingers crossed it will be and they can bounce back and hope I can have one more winners list next week. I might, I might go to that game. Actually, yeah, I was. I was thinking about going to. Yeah, I don't know what's happening with covid but yeah, I think let's go. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can go to the footy and everything. That would be interesting. Yeah, I like your point about the Gold Coast. It always seems to be two steps forward, one step back with them. They've been in my loss most weeks this season, so they want to be too hard on them. But yeah, that was pretty disappointing. I thought I was expecting it personally, but yes, it's offen enough from them. Did tips. Sak killed us. was happy with that one. But yes, all right. Moving into the next section, mate, I haven't done this as usual, but I'll want to hear your top eight and then, if you want, you can just roll straight into your players of the week. We'll do. I love how difficult is top eight continue used to be to pick. Still going to settle with the same eight, but obviously the order changes starting up the top. It's I'm really getting very, very tended to put the days there, but I'm still think they're going to obviously their runs going to come to an end at some point and I know they there is a serious chance that could be twelve when I was thirday, know, but I'm going to have I'm still going to have port Adelaide in it one. I just think once they get the likes of Zack butters and I fews back and boat becomes more match fit and they play Female Games Adelaide, they just I reckon they'll finish up on top. I am going to have the D second, though. I think I am buying into it now and I don't know. I know they're going to be obviously e though, in the serious chance to go to finish top. But yeah, it's a bit of weird feeling putting Melbourne a second. But Anyway, I've got the dogs down to three, even though they obviously got a very gutsy when the weekend they showed that you know, they stay still, but like Richmond. They are human. For I've got the cats, got them back into the top four and I feel very comfortable with that prediction. I think they're going to have it for very good win this week, unfortunately, but I think just that extra five pair of Jase a cameron just sort of unlock something in their team and their structure in their play. It's obviously I'm a big believer of that extra avenue to goal opening up, you know, multiple benefits for the team. It's not just that extra anue to goal. Eagles in at number five. I just think there's obviously really intry Bradish at the moment. Hopefully they get a few back and they're going to start to fire the tigers down to six. Obviously very injury it. They could even fall low than this. I obviously the still in the obviously make the eight, but I've now... the minute six the lines at seventh, which might be a bit harsh, but they really do need to dispatch teams like free on the weekends. And Bloody Brisband. I had them Tom had them at the line at five goals and obviously let a few slip late in the game and cost to me. But I think that might play a factor into their percentage and might end up making them finish lower than they would have expected all like to. And then eight, I've got the swans. I still think they'll be too strong and I think they'll just hold off the likes of gws and we'll hopefully saints can try and push on the top eight and Carlton and whatnot. But yeah, I think this one's will just be too good. And then, obviously I'll go into my top three for the week. I'll start off at number three, Clarry, clay and Oliver. There was a lot of good plays this week, but, and I know it did. He probably doesn't, I know, thirty touches is becoming the norm. There's obviously a few plays every game they get there on touches. But KYRA, thirty five, nineteen contested and absolute clearance machine. More so, the fact that it was obviously see the main man in the middle for the whole game and it was a really tight game. It was a must win. The fact that he just continued to battle for the days and was a Maine man is obviously a big factors. That's why I've got a minute three. Number two been pubbly this bloke up for about sixteen minutes. But Chase Cameron twenty two touches, eight marks, six goals and the more importantly, three in the third when the match just shifted. So he was obviously a big factor in that. So they weren't all junk time goals and think only one of his six was in the last quarter in the match was over. So five of his goals were pivotal on the match. So that's why I've got him in there. And it's not obviously, like I said, it's not just a ten, ten disposal, six goal performance. He got had twenty two, so that was huge for him. And then number one, but bond was obviously fantastic to watch balls. So maybe pull my hair out because I had to captain either a cray upon and something was telling me Bob was going huge, but I just couldn't. I just knew. But craye was a walking minimum ton, and he was. But he only got a hundred. So obviously, but when one hundred and fifty but thirty two touches, six marks, eight tackles and a goal was obviously huge and he's obviously the bond when he has those. Those obviously stats they're better when the bond has it because you know, his ability to take advantage of these of his sorry, of his disposals and stuff, make those thirty two touches, you know, as worth while as fifty. So he was absolutely in saying for them and was probably one of the main reasons they got over the line. And I'm going to be kicking myself that we took. Well. Obviously billings as a quality player, but we could have had the bond that, we could have had the truck in. I'm midfield, but quality Saint Kilda recruiting. We don't. But nonetheless he's incredible play to watch and I think he's for now ended the CRIPS bond debate. I think two thousand and twenty one that debates over, not saying you will always be over crips. is obviously quality player and obviously got a lot of issues at the moment. We're going his body, but for now I think bons just set right. Boys, for now I'm the main man. So yeah, good, I'm on the bomb. Yeah, I'm I'm sorry, crupper, but yeah, the bonds away too good if you mate. Yeah, Arry for head. Top three. They're rookie the week man. Do you agree? I think James Jordan won the rising star if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, do do you agree with that one? Yeah, he's been the sort of second, third best for a few weeks now, so it's good to see him finally get the recognition. Twenty three touches and eight tackles in a midfield of Clarie and vine and all that is huge. So he's really becoming a very not not just a twenty tecond player, last names play. He's becoming a really, you know, solid midfielder for them and I think it's just setting up his career perfectly for them. He's obviously going to be there for a lot of time now and he's going to slot straight in when some of the Bolk's going a bit older. So he's gonna be awesome for them and yeah, it's definitely time he got the rookie of the week in my opinion. Yeah, a hundred percent agrees. been a store wart to the supercoat sides across Australia. Or are we're doing another redrafting of the top ten this week. As we keep going back through the years, we're up to two thousand and fifteen this year. I don't know this this year. I feel like this tends to be the trend as we go back further. But like there's less depth because we know which players have been delisted and stuff, and there's more just a solid top fifteen to choose from. But it's hard to order, I find. So I'll kick us off my horable mentions. I've got a fair few. I've got aggression, hopper, weed, Aman hard wick, Burton Miller. A Miller was stiff but...

...he's out for the season, so I don't know, didn't want to put him in the top ten, and then Jordan Dawson was also I was tempted to check me in there, but hasn't played enough games for me. I think you're right. Mature Age as well as awesome. Okay, yeah, that sounds about right. So I've gone similar theme to what we've done the last few years. I've got a lot of tools and in that trend, number ten I've gone with Eric Kip Wood. He's not a superstar of the competition by any means, but I feel like it's a little bit underrated how quick clee he just became a reliable tall target for the lines like he was probably like twenty when he started being there week in, week out. Big Man. He's obviously got Danna her up there now to help him out, but he's been pretty solid and I think you'll be a solid player for he used to come number nine. Love this guy personally. Ben Keys obviously didn't work out from IT Brisbane, despite tearing up the need for most weeks. Loved his work on the Brisbane Line Youtube channel as well, but got to move to Adelaide and has announced himself as one of the better young midfielders in the competition. He was right up he's right up there in my brownlows. So far this year I think he's leading it for the crows and he's in around the top ten. So he's a bit of a weapon. Rory Sloan's kind of taken him under his wing and he's doing pretty well. Another man at crows land is Tom Douda, or Doty, how you want to say dude a. So I remember we I used to be so confused with that when he was in his like super coach rookie season and every I loved him. But yeah, I've got him at number eight. Probably the heights probably ditle down a little bit for Tom Doo Day. When he came into the competition it looked like he was legit going to be a Jake Lee two. No, but say the last couple seasons it's not been as dominant, but still pretty solid player. Yeah, exactly. I think he's don't remember which season it was, but I think he missed a full season there every time. Yeah, so I think he will be a reliable tall defender for years to come. Number seven, probably a bit lower than people will have this bloke, but I guess he's still got a lot more growth to come. But I've gone darsty parrish and number seven. I just like some of the other guys above, and basically that's my only reasoning. So He's obviously a very good player. Number six, I love this guy personally. I don't think we've seen him at full potential yet. He's positions still a bit unknown. But Color Mills, he's always basically thrown in the defense. Never really gets to be unleashed in the midfield, which I'd like to see, but whenever he gets a chance of the in the guts he does absolute bits. So yeah, he looks like he will be a really good player and I don't know someone about the Sydney Swan's academy players. They seem to all just be legends. So he's one. Number six. Number five, this is purely unpotential. He can't string two games together, this bloke. But Charlie Kerner, I reckon he's one of the most sounded plays in the competition. He just can't play. So that one's purely potentially. But like, yeah, I just think he could be a gun if you can get his body right. Number Four, I've Gone Josh Dunkley. I cannot believe Josh Dunkley is the same age as some of these blokes. I thought he was like twenty seven. But yeah, I'm pretty impressed by that, I think. I don't even think he was a top pick either. I reckon he was like pick twenty five or something. So yeah, yeah, yeah, so impressive drafting from the dog. He's there. Number three. I was didn't know how hard to put this guy because obviously think he's a gun, but I think inside mids it easier to find than tall position players, so I've gone call at number three. Love his work, as you mentioned in the players in the week section. Absolutely kills that week and week out. Last year. Actually came third in my brown low so like have great respect for it. Made the Australian squad last year, but I just think the top two guys, their positions are a little bit harder to find. So yeah, Oliver and it three. Number two I've gone with Harry mccay. If we did this before the season I don't know if he would even been in my top ten, let a lot. Definitely not my top five, but probably not even my top ten. But yeah, he's shown himself to be one of the better young forwards. I think the likes, the kings and stuff still a lot of the attention away from blokes like him, but I think now he's kicking a lot of bags he's starting to get a lot of attention. I think everyone's starting to see how good of a player he can and will be. And the number one, I'm sticking with it, Jacob weading. Think that's blocks just a certified guarn I think everyone agrees with that. Made the Australian squad last year. Remember watching a game, I think was port versus Carlton last year up at the Gabba and port would just had dominating inside s and weading was the only thing keeping the card back line together. He was just some our Mak ucking Dixon and also taking innoset marks.

Absolute beast, similar to like a Harris Andrews type, I reckon. They're just have the ability to defend about three blokes and cover about fifty s square meters of once. So yeah, for me's going to be a gun in the competition for a long time. So happy with him at number one. Rowy, what about you mate? Yeah, I'll start with the honorable mentions. First will tobby dude. I think he was the first shock of that draft. I think few like he was predicted to go on the S or something in another age. wipped out Tommy Dude in the team, so that was a big shock. But yeah, nonetheless, is obviously been very good playing. Sucks that he's eat injured himself about every two or three weeks because he's such a talent and he's a real leader up at Adelaide as well. Harry Himmelberg as well, another honorable mentioned. Couldn't quite fit him in there. Blake hard because well, on his one that just didn't never gets touched on, but he's just a solid defender for them who's recruited as a Ford give me, kicked absolute bags in his junior Ye's and then now just become a lot undefender and Bailey Williams for the dogs as well. So we didn't really touch on but a number ten I've actually got the same as you, Eric Hip would. Yeah, straight away became one of they big men up forward. I know Josh Shaky was taking a pick to and God knows how, but he pouted, just overtook him straight away and just took took the shine off, took all the hate off shaky, which is probably worked out for him well. But yeah, he would as obviously been very solid. For me's averaging. Yeah, he can't go high. I know I'm big on these key forwards. Hard to find them, but you know he's averaging in is creating ten or in lesson ten touches and for various to be a qualities all foward and averaging those about, it supposedly need half of them to be goals and they're not. So for that reason I'm going to have them at ten. He's obviously very athletic and he's you know, if he could just get some more touches and goals and all that sort of stuff, he'd be absolutely freak. But at number nine I've got my man, Jade Gresham. I don't know if this is same called a bison, but when fit, obviously he's an absolute staff. Try Him in the midfield and is kind of worked, but kind of did. I think his best position, sort of a half forward role, provides some major x factor which the Saints List lacks deeply. I've talked about that a lot in the past, so he's very vital for us. A number eight, Darcy Parrish is really starting to show that he is the midfield we all thought he would be. Obviously had a huge game on anti day and I think for for his sake and just be AFL sake, we can finally see how good it was, because it was obviously very highly touted in his draft here. So hopefully the bombs will just keep on playing him in there and not off the flipping half forward flake. Another seven, Charlie Kerno, one of the biggest talent and so I agree. Just haven't even seen him since I think it was two thousand and nineteen, which sucks because he's an absolute animal up forward. I think it was a bag of six against the dogs. One game at Marvel, who sound Dunklean, racked up like two hundred super coach or something. But yeah, I just God, I hope it comes back soon as we can see a bit more of that because the competition. He's one of those players that makes the a felt so much more watchable and so much more exciting and makes cult and more exciting. In number six, I think I've got someone that you didn't even put your top ten. Jacob Hopper has been very, very consistent for the giants and within a team where most of their midfielders leave after a few years, he stayed and it's already played eighty four games and he's starting to he's really consistent now. He's just consistently having two thousand and twenty five third off the thirty touches games now and he's really flying under the radar. You know, if he played the Victorian team, tables turn and he'd be an absolutely done. But he's very easy. No, he's very strong. He's strong through the legs, he can run out of stoppages and all that he's done. Han't got like the quickest speed, but he's got really good acceleration and that match with his strength just makes him perfectly built to be a modern day midfielder and I'll play, you know, two hundred class Games. Number Five, calor mills, obviously hasn't been able to ease good enough to but hasn't been played in that midfield full time. But he's just got he's very, very versatile. He's got a lot of talent and that's the reason why I've gotten ahead of hop pub because you know, when they needed down back, he's down back. But if he needs to play bid field, he will and he doesn't just play midfield, he rocks it. So he's awesome for them in there. And number four, Josh Dunkley, was taken in the twenties. Um surprisingly, he was a he was a swan's father sun and he wasn't actually matched. So the dog's been an open the t s and the Swan's elected knock the match so came back to buy them, considering the next year he won a premiership in his debut year against the Swan's in the team. But didn't choose to pick him. And then this top three was very, very hard to pick and I'm going to go at...

...number three. It's this is very stiff at number three, I'm going to go Harry McKay just because this is the first season we've seen of him. He's obviously now lady in the Colburn. But I just think the next two or just I can't put any the next two and number three. And the only reason I put Hary McCain number three is because the others have shown a lot more. They show obviously shown more in their previous years but obviously, given Har he's at all forward, he's not really expected to hit the same height as the others in his first few years. But I just wish I could have a three way tie, but for the sake of argument I'll have me at at three. At number two, Jake we're doing is obviously a freak and your penciling to be an Australian fullback for years to come, but a number one, given the fact that I think he'll win a brown low obviously at some points career. I got Clayton Oliver m's the only rays. Like I just I thought about obviously putting the two tools first, but I thought all of his is obviously go brownlow potential written all over him. So once I thought about that, I've thought, I've got to have a been at number one. Same reason for my clumage a few weeks back. So yeah, going to round it off with Clary, who was the weirdest looking unit in his in his draftyar just looked fat and slow and I don't know, you was just it. I remember there was one image posted in the AFL where he was just I know he had the ball, but he was just layers and just layers and Chins and everything fly flying or flapping about. It was. It's quite fine. I'll bring it up because he just does not look like an AFL player and even the journals commented on it. Like he's a big boy, like they said. But bar from that, he's obviously an absolute freak and kind and all of us. So to the best play, the best to actually these top to the best looking plays in the AFL. Clarion waidering, I'm going to have them round it off for the two thousand and fifteen draft. Yeah, they're very good there. I can't like. We're actually pretty similar there. Reckon Greshman helping one my two differences. But they are my top two honorable mentions actually. So if I'm going to do the top twelve all of your ten would have been in my twelve. So it's not bad from us there. or up time for a bit of the Super Coach Chats. I've been waiting for this one all week because I needed get this dug and shit off my chest. All right, so basically I'll explain to the listeners what happened. I row you already knows, but I'll cap part of the blame or right, but I'm sorry, it's not my fault. I think the news broke on at a round Friday. I claim that it was after the team's on Friday, but I did look on twitter and there were a few rumblings of it on Thursday night and Friday morning. But I'm sorry, I did not have my ear up against the door at West Coast and basically it's somehow to slip through the cracks that Leam Duncan was injured and basically so ill R and so conservative with my trades in terms of I do them at the last possible minute. I'll do them like ten minutes before the players play that I'm trading in. But this time, you know, I have soccer coaching on a Saturday morning then followed by footy and I'm like now, just won't stress about it, I'll just get it done. When I wake up Saturday morning, did my trades and then I see the Sunday teams come out Saturday night and I see lamb dy inside in it and there's Day way I can avoid it. So had two cop a fat doughnut there and also just had a foot four hundred K s sitting there for no reason. So at the end of the day it wasn't the worst, but yeah, it did. It did her because obviously could have replaced him pretty comfortably. But anyway, he's out this week. But I scored to there isn't in seventy or something, and with a Donut I was pretty happy with that. Say I subbing someone who scores eighty four dog and then I'm getting to two, one hundred and fifty and I'm very, very happy without school. So I would have sought up the ranking. So I am climbing up the rankings. Of Gone from I think K to about six K in two weeks, so I'm starting to get back to decent territory. I'm aiming for. I think we pilch set me a top K goal, which could be bit tough. From here, but I worked it out today. I'm satisfied with about fifteen of my starting team. So phonely got upgrade. About seven more and I'll be comfortable with it. I've had a bit of like the last few weeks. I can't lie like the likes of Josh Kelly and Tom Mitchell started to hit premost status again and I've just been patient with them. So that's been nice. I'll be at the dug in. Injury hurts. All my pods have seemed to be injured this week. Yes, they've probably been due selections, but yeah, that does hurt. But looking at the Primo targets I'm looking at this week, I'm looking at three midfielders, but due to Nathan Murphy's concussion, who I brought in last week, I think I'm just going to have to bring a defender, considering there's no...

...rookie defenders this week. But for me bond of Pelly was my number one man. However, I don't think I can afford him without trading out under performing premium, which I don't want to do. So then my next man would have been mccluggage. So I was looking at mcluggage, but I don't want to copy donuts. So I'm bringing Sam Docherty for me this week. He is the best defensive option. Jordan Ridley still going to be dropping in price. I think Shannon hearn's also someone I was looking at, but I don't even know if he's back from injury or if he is he's still going down in price. I don't go there now. He's the goat, mate. He would give me ny time every week. He's fifty eight. He'll do it hommy. Yeah, that's actually true. That's a good way. And Yeah, Jake Lloyd preferred dockerty to him at the moment. So yeah, I'm probably going to bring in doc and that way I'm only one off of full Primo defense. And Yeah, that hurts about Nathan Murphy. I know you got him in as well, but we'll probably just have to copy this week, won't we? But Yeah, who are your interesting premium Ted Trade targets this week? Well, first off I'll quickly run through its. I I got nice, I got well, I got two, two hundred and forty nine could have easily been to three hundred if I had done bont over the Cray, which I nearly did, but I just didn't obviously very happy with the likes of Anthony Scott, who managed to eighty five, and so to James Jordan. How what's seventy odd? Joy Farrer got a sixty, which is handy. Can keep his spot for a few more weeks. And unfortunately had Nathan Murphy and which sucks because he's at now, at this week, and give me his rookie. It's a bit harder to win his spot back, but surely he has to. I mean the week before that he took mely mark of the year. Going back and just show the he's a calling wood player that has heart, which obviously they can't buy at the momentum. And then, obviously the way you got could cuss was showing was putting his head over the ball as well. So hopefully he gets brought back in next week. But yeah, for me, well, first of all I had three hundred k last week hoping I could do double upgrades this week, but I've now reassessed. There's no good rookies. I was planned to get another down grade next week, as I always planned my trains three weeks in advance. And who are going to target? There's no good rookies next week. Hence I'm doing another sort of one sideways and one down grade again. So the moment I've got four hundred and Twenty K in the bank for next week in order to strike. Last time I did that it was twenty sixteen and I was ranked seventeen in the world. It was about round eleven, round eleven, and I struck in. I got it owes the year will, hoskin Elliott and all that, and I got I took out Hosky Eli and someone else for dusty and Hanters, who are both six hundred K, and I was already ranked seventeen. I thought I'm going top ten here, and then obviously it was the week when hat is that was literally the week when hand has began his downfall in his career. So I could not a time that any better. So hopefully doesn't happen next week. But yeah, the moment I've got for K and I'll basically run through who I'm taking it for next week's this week I'm going down to Caleb polter from samberry just to free up about ninety on K or hundred K, and I've also going I'm getting rid of flipping Tom Phillips. Finally, and I'm going to coublem the say there's going to go to Aaron Hall's four Hundred Nine K forward. It's but obviously playing off halfback and obviously scores. Obviously his price has been hurt because he's been the sub and he's been out with the injury. So obviously, apart from that six and thirty seven, which obviously those two games he scored eighty one hundred thirty three, hundred six and a hundred thirteen. So, and I've been north like him, they highlighted his halfback performance on the social media. So clearly they want to keep them there, and I mean in north it's not worth tagging anyone. So he's not going to get tagged. So hopefully he just keep him and Zeebel can keep up rack and free, sorry, keep on racking up touches for them. I think the s Ebl to hauls a popular play for them in the game. So I'm hoping it rises to our five hundred K and if I need to off flip him to a five M K, Primo. So I'm doing that in the hope that next week I can use my for hundred and twenty K to upgrade cozy who's going to have to stand my field this week because I'm Murphy, but he is playing north, so hopefully it can kick a bag. So I'll get cozy to hopefully jaden short or someone and Harrison Jones or boy McCreary to someone like dusty Martin, if he hopefully pulls through this weekend, shows that he'll be a top six forward. So basically upgrading to baseline rookies to to top six or top eight premos. So hopefully that'll take the team to another level. But in terms of this week, obviously not targeting anyone for Rais, but apart from Aron Hall, but the likes of bond merit merits...

...sub six hundred. So he's not going to be like that for too long because it's obviously a weapon. Ridley sub five hundred. I can't see him going much lower. He's break ends about a hundred. It's in hundred and fifteen, hundred and seventeen and he can easily get that. We've seen what he did in the start of the year and he played a lockdown role and tope of ground the weekends. That obviously heard his scoring potential teaches. Five hundred and twenty five and has a really good buy. So that's an one the people should probably consider as an m seven might come the end of the year. But yeah, in terms of which premise the target, it's really just about looking at what your team's going to be like in the buy arounds. I know that specifically my defense at the moment I've got five premos and it's lined up like it's like two, one and two over the three bar rounds. So I know which. I know who. I'm upgrading. Kozi too. It's the one that current has the one premo in it. So that's going to be handy for next week and they will probably Jaden short. Apart from that, yeah, no one else to really target. I can go straight into the rookies of the week to target. Obviously Caleb polter's the big one who's called eighty one the weekend. He's playing on the wing, hundred K DPP. He's just screams by now number too. Our CD would not have put this. Would not have done this if it was Friday night last week, as he's atrocious. But they've just lost too. They're starting midst tig so he should hopefully cemented spot at least until the buy rounds is obviously only needs one good scoring it all. Lock that in, but he was pretty poor but nonetheless has all right scoring potential. Number three is actually matt the always from the Blues, who seems like he's kicking a couple of goals for every week. So he's one of those sort of bow mccury types, but means he has to decent job security. So hopefully in keep that up and he's I've got him in just ahead of Ryan Burns just because I think burns is going to be a scapegoat if one of our losses, he's going to be taken out for no reason, when we lose by ten goals this weekend, probably to the likes of Luke Dunce, new kind of kick, but just because he's too good for bfl level. So it's any reason why what him rave got always over Burns. But yeah, the super coach is looking all right. Just can I just want to do but I just want it to be Sunday night so I can do those two trades my twenty k. yeah, can't wait. Hopefully and rise at the ranks and don't cough up some of my rank this week because I've got a lot in the banks. I'm currently about two thousand, but want I hopefully rise and get into the one thousands. Yeah, that's very I hope you get them, man. They'd be a very good achievement. Yeah, I'll be honest. There's not really a third option I'm looking at. For Rookies. It's definitely the pulter or our CD. At the moment I'm going pool to but the only thing that's putting me off is for me anyway, I don't know about others, but he has the round fourteen by which for me I have about fifteen players out at the moment for that by. So I'm trying to ship off players from that by round, which I am doing this week, and bring him players you aren't. But he's just probably too attractive to turn down and I would bring an OURCD, but I'm, yeah, just not a hundred percent convinced he'll get to that by so it'd be pointless going him if he doesn't get to round fourteen, which you volute truly could. If I if Murphy bloody didn't get injured, I'd be doing a double down grade this week and looking to assault some players next week. But yeah, because I think pulter and Collie Drkins are both good options. But yeah, sadly, because the Murphy's gone, I'm going to have to bring it defended to a void, a donut, unless him all comes back, which he's not happening. He won't, but he could be my saving grace. Forget. I've accepted he's not. So what I'm doing is dug and out Chapman, out docherty in, swinging Jack Buckley Back to defense, my superpod and bringing Calib pult and then I've got like fifteen mid forward. So I'll just work out which way at schools best. So yeah, hopefully pool took be a good rookie option because, yeah, doesn't look like there's too many coming up in the next few weeks. Unless Lucky Jones comes back from injury. He is obviously on the bubble. But yeah, I was looking at the people who played one game in terms of who could be on the bubble next week and there's legit no one. So yeah, probably a good double down. Great Week if you can afford to do it this week. But yeah, I've unfortunately can't. So I'll be going pull tie and Docherty in, which I'm excited to get the dock in. But yeah, hopefully can crack to one hundred this week for the first time this season of starting the comfortably crack two thousand, but slowly make my way up the ladder. I'll be honest, upter. I just need to come eight from the League and that way I can be as smoky and vinals. I don't think my team is going to be dogs. Hum The dogs as extrade. Yeah, because eight, I'm probably only need four or five wins, like I can't lie. It's bloody dodgy the eight out of ten. It makes finals, but anyway I'll take... But yeah, all right, looking at round for now. Could round a footy. I've done my predictions a little bit differently this week. I've just looked at the nine fixtures without any betting odds and up just put down what I think the result will be and then I've matched that up against the odds and seeing which betting lines and upsets are like based off that. So sure better the week. I'll start us off. Not sure what you'll be going with here, role you, but west coast at home, I'm probably a deserved short bet almost every time, but especially when they're playing out of form. Adelaide crows. They've one and seventeen of their last twenty. It opt to stadium. They're paying a dollar ten not at full strength, but they weren't full strength against the other teams have played at home and they've already demolished a fair few sides. They demolish free of they demolish port. They'd been caught the pies comfortably. So I think Adelaide will be another stroke in the wind column for West Coast and I don't see any other way that match will go. To be honest. You're shut better the week, Roy. I've got that one in there. But we's got the cats against the saints. Yeah, well, look by the way that my good friend Patsy described I when it wasn't even worth watching. Apparently was just a shocking game, and I think that's going to take advantage of that. They've obviously hit form with Jezzer coming in and I think that partnership up forward of Jazzu came Jazu, Hawkins and Rowans is going to be too good. So I think they get a win. I'm think they're going to win very comfortable each along. We haven't say to not done well in prime time this year. So I think we we're just going to be under fire again, at least until calling would play the next day. So yeah, hopefully, hopefully we put up a fight. But I'll tell you what I'm going to be mentioning this game. The spread to segment coming up as well, but I'll lectually get into your upsets. Yeah, unfortunately, I will be too. But that week I've set of the week. I was actually taken it back a little bit when I saw these betting odds after I did my tips. But free on to beat essendent. Don't. Oh, I'll be honest, I don't. I think the same thing happened for Carlin Frio and then Colin came out and whack Frio. So maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But freyer lost a couple on the trot. Few not disappointing performances, but loss is nonetheless and basically they need to win this game to keep the top eight in distance. Sydney are probably their main rivals for that number eight spot, and Sydney starting to run away with it, even though they did lose on the weekend, but they're looking a lot better than free at the moment. Home and away. Freyer paying two dollars nineteen and I just can't see why they can't win Essen and basically never get smashed. At the moment they either win or lose in a tight one, but yet free hopefully stand up against the bombers this weekend. So that's my upset of the week. Row I watch yours. There's a few. I got a couple. First, small, I think the giants against the tags is a huge one. Tags obviously just don't have a midfield now and I think it's going to tell you what that's Saturday night. It is too awesome games and it sucks them. I'M gonna be able to watch one of them close Lee, but nonetheless I think the job the giants might get over the tigs there. This is obviously the type of game of the tides will prove me wrong and they'll come out and win, but just look here. I just really want want to see the teens are just how weak Richmond are, especially in that midfield, before I mate, before I sort of solidify this call, the other one. Love to be saying this opened. Author. Going to get their first win of the season against the hawks. I really, really hope it happens, because I might I've already got them in a multi that. Yeah, I think the by the way, hawks applying there's not showing any sort of promise, and north obviously hunt really either, but they'd last few games. I put up fights against the days and then the pies our it split the week where they strike, and I think hawks, I think, I think he's going to be the bottom two teams come the end of the season and I think this will be the win that they that they get north. I think I'm I don't know whether it's my high on the aronhole factor or or what not, but I think, I just think they're going to do it. I think it because, as we've always said, it's just near impossible through teams go well this season I went twenty two. I I think northy're going to get this one. I really do. For Sake of my bank account and just just the AFL in general. They've got to get a win and I think it will happen this week. Yeah, I tipped them last week and got burn so I'm a little bit our on that topic. But yeah, it's a good chance. This game deserves to be played in Tazzi and it... So that's good, but yeah, get that can definitely I can see that happening. Or right into the most appealing betting lines of the week. I run through mine. I've got four here. Not sure how passion I am about all of them, but the one this is in most confident to least confident pretty much. The line for the Geelong sit St Kilda game is sixteen and a half. I know you mentioned that, but yeah, that's not much, is it? That's two and a half goals. So I think just along very good chance of doing that. When I was drafting up my tips I've had to along by thirty. So not thirty goals, that is thirty points. That's comfortably covering the spread. So I think they're a good chance. They're obviously I had three hours my upset. So their lines also nice. Bit of a shock one. But Carlton Melbourne, the lines twenty two and a half. I reckon Carlton might cover that. They might make it a tight one against Melbourne. Melbourne have had a couple close ones recently and I think Carlton might do it again. And then this is tough. This is a road prediction, but they are my sure better the week. I think they will beat them by fifty plus. West Coast versus Adelaide. The line thirty seven and a half. But Yeah, I've Seen Adelaide. I think the they've lost their Mojo after that first month and I think west coast will kick away a well, that's how I see it happening anyway. But what about you? Yeah, that toolong. Yeah, sixteen and a half is just too good to pass up. I'm in the process of adding it into a multi now. And then West Coast, obviously, thirty seven and a half. I think I he was just win by about five, like hundred and ten plus goals. I think the their attack would just be too good, simple as that. And the obtus factor as well, I think will be huge for them. So Yelling Adelaide just obviously where it's not a bit of a bit of a high in those first few weeks, especially coming off the few late wins last season, but I think it's it's back to reality. They are in a rebuild and they'll just get shown up by the Eagles is week. Hopefully they put together a good game in a solid game, make it close by. Just can't really seen happening, but yeah, it should be a good weekend. Actually got the battle for the spoon down and Tazi, the q class port verse of the Dogs. That game you mentioned before, the two thousand and nine, two thousand and seventeen. What one of the Grand Final rematches? I don't bloody remember which I was in the Richmond gws game. And Yeah, Melbourne, Carlton, Melbot yet twenty nine they go Melbourne. Column could be close, could be closed, could be a smashing, who knows? But it's a few games in there to look forward to. Don't think I'm going to go outside day night, given those footy Games, by just park myself, have a quiet bead bridge and just what upch those. But we'll see. We'll see how we go, as we are hitting the town on Friday anyway. But yes, I just realized I'd been calling you Roley the whole time, like I'll say in like rowy. What do you think, even though it's like, well, who else would I be asking? But yeah, anyway. But yeah, I think pretty, pretty good work from us. I'd have to say good length, good length, potty, well, good topics talked about. Another eight out of ten I'd say from us. Nothing special, nothing, nothing Paul, do we not do it to take it to a tend? I don't know, theatrical props, music, I don't know, just a bit more theater or skills down pass. Yeah, that's actually probably it. That's probably the future of the POTTY. But now could good return. From a ten second lag last week we've probably only dealt with the one or two seconds week, so we're back in a big way. But Yeah, looking forward to university holidays coming up soon. We'll be pumping out the potty over those holidays and Mike, Bring my first interstate party from Hobart. So watch that space. But yeah, thanks for joining me Rowley. As always, no problem, as pleasure. Good luck to the saints. Hope for they don't get embarrassed too much on a primetime TV but yeah, go port, go the saints and catching next week. Cheers.

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