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AFL Round 2 Review | Australian Rules Football - Episode 116


Pilch makes his first appearance on the weekly AFL review episode alongside regulars Rowey and host Hamish. The lads go through the winners and losers of the week both individuals and teams. They also set their predictions for Round 3 and discuss the best Key Forwards in the AFL in 2021. 


Welcome back to the on the ball podcast. This is episode a hundred and sixteen of this show. Once again, I've guessed the number because I have short term memory lost when it comes to checking it and forgetting it straight away, but pretty sure it's hundred sixteen. Were actually getting up there in the numbers. Feels like only last week we're in the S. But good that we've got some consistency going and we are pumping out this AFL content. We're back here again today to review round two of the AFL. Full disclosure, once again I haven't watched too much of it because did have a cricket on again. Hopefully that wraps up soon so I can start watching the footy, because I'm actually keen to watch some of it. But got two guests on today. Row. He's back. How are you, Matt? Good Mate. How are you? Yeah, very well on this Tuesday evening. Pilch new, I think it's your first footy episode this season. Am I wrong? You are not the coach. We did the super coach. Did a super coach Rumber. This is the first real footy one. Yeah, good to be on. Yeah, glad we're not talking about coach today because the huge and is super coach. Side is at his boys. Let's do some resets today and I reckon half my side dropping in price this week, so I'm excited for that. Good. Good to see them. Tyson sitting at Mseven for me, averaging twenty, but yet similar structure to last week. Going to go through some and we're also gonna have a little chat in the middle of the episode about some of the best key forwards in the game at the moment. Obviously buddy returned to the scene. Really hasn't played since two thousand and nineteen, I believe, so that made me think of it. So I was going to get these guys opinions on who they think at the best key forwards going around in the AFL at the moment. But before then will chat specifically about the weekends action, some of the winners and losers from round to can be teens, can be players, can be coaches, whatever you want, Pilch, I reckon we start with you, mate. Who's your first winner the day's for me, I think they roy will absolutely hate this one, but I think they really they really raise they raise everyone's opinions of them and like put themselves out there as a contender this season, because I was, along with many others, pretty high on the saints going into the year and the day's put them away fairly easily. So very good performance by them. Yeah, Roy, what did you make of that match? I do also have sat killed in my losers, but I think I'll let you discuss it first. What do you think? It's a huge loss for the same killed, or do you think it's just a little bit of a bump in the road, only round to nothing to get worried about? Well, I went to the game. Cricket got caught off at about four o'clock and Saturday and I was surrounded by about five more mates. We thought let's go. Yeah, looks so we the three hours of the game and sort of walking side across station, were just thinking what the hell just happened? Season over? But obviously, you know, jump into conclusions. Yeah, I mean, it obviously wasn't pretty. A ball us was absolutely horrendous, but we did eventually comes to the realization that it might just be a small bump the road. We're not going to read too much into it yet. It was, for example, like Max Kings first game in front of s killed home crowd under marble, so we're not going to read too much into it yet. But yeah, I mean the bomb was back at marble this week. The Best Bay the best way to bours back is just to beat them, simples that. Yeah, right now you couldn't really ask for a better bounce back game. So hopefully you can dispatch them pretty comfortably, which you probably should realistically be and Melbourne. Absolute flying start to the season there too, and I right now they go to Canberra, Manica to play gws this wheat can and given gwss form they looking pretty likely to go through. No there. We might talk about a round three predictions later on. And Yeah, I just like their list compared to some of the other clubs. They're probably competing for that seventh and eight spot like. I prefer their list of the likes of Sydney and car and they've got some pretty big name players throughout their side. Yeah, the forward lines a little bit lacking, but hopefully won't Ben Brown and stuff comes back. That fixes but when you've got cause I pick, it seems so you don't really need at all forward because he was incredible to everything for you. He was awesome. And then you've got the back line and may leaver and then obviously their guts is pretty well renowned. So they're looking pretty pretty good so far. We'll probably talk about whether you guys think they're going to make the eight a little bit further down the track. Rowy other winners from the weekends action. I've Got Sydney.

They put away out laid, you know, as most teams in the competition would, but it just sort of showed that their young guns. It wasn't one sort of flash in the PAN. Last week, you know, Braden Campbell came out with the rising Stein nomination. He was unreal errol Goldon was again the highest or second highest ranks play on the field, you know, being eighteen years old. As incredible formance with both of them and Logan McDonald partnered perfectly with buddy frank and not forward. So would be surprised if he got the roses done on this round coming up to put the swans three from three there. But yeah, they did really well. They're sort of dispatched Adelaide and show that they probably as the best young talent in the competition at the moment. So of all the swans in there, thought the signs are very good as well. I know if know Anderson showed how good he's going to be with thirty five touches. Shows that Matt Rowl's wasn't just that. That draft wasn't just a round draft. It was nor interested in there as well. But yeah, also not going to hate your pillge. I definitely had Melbourne. There is the winners that Shou Earth Cosy Pikett and sort of formulated his ten year career there in one game. So I think he owes us one for allowing him to absolutely torch US and adding ten years onto his contracts. But yeah, yeah, no, completely agree with that. Other winners I'm looking at here. This is a rogue one. You actually might have them in your losers, but I'm look at it Brisbane and I know it's controversial, but they are owing to but I just think the fact that they went to Geelong after a really disappointing loss in round one to Sydney, they went to Geelong and only lost by one point and arguably should have won, given that Bulitz ARVs hold in the ball call. I think it was Zach Bailey current moot tackling. But yeah, I just think that showed that Brisbane is still a top for contender, still a premiership contender, and that they don't have too many worries, as I think some people were legit concerned after that round one match. They do have a tough stretch. Obviously the covid outbreak in Brisbane has thrown their season into jeopardy a little bit early, but it's probably a bit of Calma really for their fortunate situation from last year. But yeah, they have the pies this week at marble and then the dogs in Ballarat. So not easy when, especially when they are only were planning on being in Victoria for a couple days. Now they're going to be here for fifteen or so days. But yeah, I don't think it's time to stress too much. They throw everyone throws around a lot of stats about teams being own to to a no making finals, missing out on finals. But in the last four seasons, and Oh and to team has made finals and I think they're going to make that five in a row because I'd be surprised if they miss out on finals after losing to Geelong by one at probably the hardest place to play footy at the moment. So yeah, I thought that was pretty good. And another side I was going to mention Western bulldogs. We talked about the eagles getting the upset victory last week. We thought that was a good chance, but they're our to and know they've beaten by seven points. I heard some people. I didn't see much of it, but I heard people raving about the game, saying it was really entertaining. And then they've got north this week on Good Friday, so you can always put your house on them being three. No, and yeah, it's been a great start to the season for them. Their midfield looks like it's just going to overpower pretty much everyone in the competition. There are question marks about their forward line and backline, but yeah, but that midfield. It's pretty exciting times to be a doggies fan. Pilch, any other winners you want to touch on or do you want to get into your losers? I'll get into the losers. I had Sydney as well with fair rookies and getting Franklin back, but we're already touched on it, so I'll kick off the loss with the UMPIRES. This week, pretty much mainly in the gelong bridge. Has Been Game absolutely shocking, and not just the holding the ball at the end one of Delong's other goals. Someone threw it to sell wood and he scored and they were just some absolute shockers going on in that game and Brisbane were absolutely robbed. So yeah, yeah, it's a tough one. I in the NRL they have a bit of a captain's challenge. I think it's tough to bring something like that into afl because it's pretty continuous, like you don't really want the play to just stop through Captain Challenge. But the amount of games that have, like I know there's a lot of moments in games that could arguably tip tip of the other way, but their amount of clear cut, shocking calls in the last two or three years, that of cost teams matches. It's looking like they're going to have to bring something like that in because, yeah, Brisbane were pretty hard done by on Friday and nights. Everyone, pretty much ever. I knew that was holding the ball. Just took one replay really and I was pretty clear cut that there was prior opportunity. I don't care what you say, rose, if any other losers you want to touch on, yeah, definitely agree with the implies and yeah,...

...that's definitely going to come back to bite Brisbane in terms of like ladder positions at the end of the year. You know how close top for can get and the top eight. So definitely umpoing there. I've got Colton in there. I know it wasn't a massive monumental loss of the pies, but they are Owen to, after many saw them having a sort of top eight year, to lose, you know, to have a sort of way against Richard last week and then I think many had the favorites against calling it this week's going to when they now have sort of Fisher in mind now for the next six weeks, is in great for them. Also, gws is a big one. I think Leon Cameron's really under pressure the moment. You know, lots of the game judoison on the kick two goals for the game, like deepro into the third quarter. That might have been so yeah, warring signs in the West, the west of Sydney. So yeah, I think that's enough for loses, though, because I don't really want to talk about St Kilda, so I'll let you continue it on. Yeah, Carlton. I've big questions about Carl and everyone was talking about them as a top eight team this year. They now owing to lost to a pliers team that people were pretty much they were off them straight away after their round one result, for they were no good artists. A lot of people talk about Carlin and how good their list is. I don't really understand this, to be honest. I actually think if you look at their top level talent compared to someone like Melbourne, I don't think their top five, top ten players is even in the same bullpark. They might have a little bit more depth than Melbourne, you could argue, but as we've seen the last couple of seasons, when Melbourne and get a couple injuries to a few key positions, they go down pretty quick. But especially without Charlie Kerner. I think he makes a big difference. I think he's a world beater. But without them, without him, I just don't think they have too many match when is really cripper's not looked too good to start the season. People thought he was going to come out new and fresh after assume he got surgery on his knee or whatever, but he doesn't look like he'll change too much. Yeah, Finn, I know fin broad bands that he look like a new man in in the preseason, but yeah, I don't know if that's really translated to the big stuff that reports come out this today. I think that he's been getting like massive injections or something to get him through the Games in the first two rounds. So, yeah, I just don't really see what the hyper about the teague train is at the moment and I know they could easily turn it around this weekend. But yeah, I'm very worried for Colum fans. I think everyone but their hopes up a little bit too high coming into the season and it might be a little it might be over pretty quickly if they keep this up. But yeah, also, as you guys mentioned, gwus pretty pretty shy start to the season. I don't really know what's happened to them. Even their top guys seem to not be producing the same output as they once were. And yet it's looking pretty stale on our gws. It has always been a pretty exciting team to watch look like an exciting team to be a part of. But now, yeah, it doesn't look like they've got too much going for them really. So yeah, pretty just as you mentioned, Very Pretty Shit for western Sydney, or I reckon that's enough for the winners and losers. Moving on to your boys predicted top eight. I pilch wasn't on the podcast last week but I got him to note down and his old top eight. I don't know if you remember a Pilch, but I've got it written down here. So we'll talk about changes, rolly. Do you have any changes to your top eight after watching the weekends action? Yes, I do. I'm just going to straight up this my top eight. I've got pulled going up into first. Pretty Unbeatable Adelaide overall now, and I think we've seen the the cats might be people more exposes here. They won't be as strong as we all think lines. Obviously I don't think I'll come the top one or two anythler. They look a bit weak. And Richmond, I've got them in second. They always seem to float in that top four and then fire in the final. So I'll go in there just along the lines rounding off the top for I still don't think the rest of the team's good enough to push into the top four, but never know. I've got the doggies going up to fifth. I think the power of that mid fields just way too strong for so many teams and starting to look at Norton and Bruce Providing some good output up forward for them, which is what they're obviously lacking for a lot of last year in the year before. I've got the same sliding I'd though this I still got my six. We're it's going to take a few weeks to see if that's realistic or not. I've got the eagles and seventh. They I know they lost in the weekend, but it was a gutsie loss and many could argue they should have won the game, barring bit of a lapse in the last sort of five ten minutes of the game. I've got Melbourne sitting at eight, pippying teams like the pies and free. Oh yeah, I think that would be a pretty popular in this week to people's top Eids, Melbourne being very impressive so far. Pilch audio changes. I'm just going to do the same as rally because I don't have my old top eight here. So yeah, I've got port first.

That hasn't changed since about November last season. Delong second, Richmond third and then saints, still forth rolly. You'll be happy to hear that I'm not jumping off yet. I think they've got an I don't want to jinx here about you should win this week and then rolland comes back the following week and I think that'll be huge, great a port. I'll be huge. Pool Hunter Sucks, and then I'm Doggi's fifth, Brisbane six, got them sliding west coast, seventh, and then eighth could be anyone, but I'm going to go with the Swan's because I love them. Or Nice. Yeah, this one is a definitely second team material this year for the most AFL supporters. I reckon. All right. Moving on to our new segment. Got To try and do this every week. Just think of the topic and I'm going to get the guests to come up with their lists, just like a really, because it's not too time relevant and I can clip it and chuck it up on a weekend and away to be outdated. So we'll start with you, pilch. So what I told you, guys, was best ten tool forwards in the AFL right now. Obviously there's, as pilch would say, that it's dubious what at all forward is. We're just talking about it before he came on. Are so I've kind of left it up to them to really think about how they're going to take it. So yeah, take it away, pilch. What's your top ten? Coming a real off? The whole ten, or should mean rally rotate now I go the whole ten and then we'll get les ten. All right, so starting at one, I've got Tom Hawkins in first place. I think that speaks for itself. Clearly the best last season and he played and blinder on the weekend against the lines. I've got Dixon in second place, kind of the same. Clearly the second best one last season and off to a good start this season. I think there's a decent dropoff. But I've gone with Franklin at third just because you know when he's fit he's arguably the number one key forward in the game, so I'll put him in there and hopefully he does get back to full fitness. Fourth, I've got Jack Gunston. As we just said, a lot of these are different sorts of players, but he was in the all Australian squad last season. Gets a lot of goals. Very underrated. Fifth, Jack Darling. I think, also underrated. I think he's the best out of the West Coast boys because he does a lot more around the ground. Like Kennedy just takes four marks, kicks four goals and that's that's him done for the day. At six, Matt Tabner does does some good work for free. Oh, decent fire. Seven, Oscar Alan. Big Fan of him. I think he's very underrated as well and we'll be very good. Eight, Eric Hip would night, Jeremy Cameron and ten, Tom Lynch, I think. I think no JJK into, no JJK and no real. Well, think Lynch really well and Kennedy are all pretty overrated and you could argue Danni her could be stiffed to miss out. That's clutch the straws UNTA. will see what row he's got. You go through yours, man. Yeah, definitely not disagreeing with a top to Tomahawk and Dick set at one and two. For me think Tomahawks has got slightly more strings to his boat and Dixon. But I tell you what, Dixon just look like he's are too good for Essen on the weekend. Just like just absolutely monster them. So I can't wait to watch to watch him play this year. A three. So yeah, the rest of one's hot tends get a different pilches. A lot bearon white. I've sort of truck to see in the last minute. I still have jjk in there based on a bit of form of the last year and so I know he does have that sort of sort of for disposal. Four Goal Games, but I'm still thinking back to the final last year or copy years ago come in which one it was, but he's just took them home at opt to stadium and might have been against the pies last year. But I still think he's just capable of kicking those bags for you our whereas I think darling, I don't know, I don't I think we're opposite. Pillage, I don't write dialing as much. I think he's a bit of a soft toll forward. This could be purely because he lost me my multi lay week, but I've got him. I've got him outside of the top ten four. I've Got Jack Ray well, I think he contributes to a lot of goals in the Richmond lineup. I think a lot of those players in that team are really selfless. I think he's one of them. At Five. Called me Cooper Gretch. I've got team embory. I think he's got like. I think he's got a look apart from Tomahawken Dickson. I think he's got the best hands of the game and just sucks his one hundred and eighty eight because they displays on it sort of prominent is them. Yes, he doesn't kick like this, seven or eight goal..., but he can't kick a bag of like for and sometimes five. So he will rack up those sometimes twenty possessions, like we saw the other week against the giants. He's not going to rise up. Hope and at least he's probably is too high, but it's a saints fan talking. Our Norton eat. Next he's gonna be all special for a further dogs. He's obviously one of the best contested marks in the game and one of the best haircuts as well. So I've got him in there. I've got Oscar Allen in their next. Agree with her pilled. She's going to be awesome, similar to norm I think, very versatile. I've got Tar Jack unstead in next. I seen playing for a Hawk's outfit is a bit sort of unnoticed at times, but he's a gun, hence the name guns. In next I've got Tom which don't like him at all, but he's he's good to all forward and I've said, and I'm not sure I think that's ten because I've actually screwed on my loose. But I've got buddy in there at ten to purely because you haven't seen much of him of at all this year in last year, so I've sort of just throw him in there in town. I could't leave him out. Honorable Mentions to taverner dialing, McKay, the King's who, I'm sure being there in the used to come. Yeah, Interesting List Boys, a lot of unique calls. I like you're darling over JJK call pilch. I don't think too many would back you in there, but I like the reasoning as well. Pretty Fair from west coast. All three too for it's getting to mention from you boys. Maybe should s should suggest that they lift the flag this year, but who knows? I've also asked you, Rowey, to think about the best three tool forward you've ever seen. Pilch, sort of similar to me, is only really started getting into AFL, well, not getting into it, he's been obsessed with it, but in the last five or so years. So I've gone, Rowe who are the best three tool forwards you've ever seen in your lifetime? Well, somewhat I'm going to go off seeing in person not just highlights years ago. I have I'm some would say I snubbed them at ten, so I've chucked him in at one. Obviously, Lands Franklin. No one's going to argue with that. Stamps at Freak of nature. Next I've got nick rewalt. This isn't my couper gretch talking. This is genuine probably one of the best players ever to not win a flag. He's just an absolute machine for the saints and really carried us through so many years and really should have had affect to his name at Oh nine and ten, but unfortunately wasn't to be. One of the best. And a half wards again, where we see and a third Matthew paverage from the dockers. I know you had a very sort of mixed up career. He played a lot of different positions but given a lot of his career was better in the forward line, I've definitely got to give him the number three place. Extremely verset top player. The average something like, you know, seventeen eight touches for his career, which is huge for someone that played large portion as like I sent off forward. So that's my top three. Yeah, some huge things that I like it that I like it Lu getting some inside into an AFL experts opinion or right. Moving on to our players of the week. Did its last week. We'll just discuss our top two or three backs, midfielders forwards, and then will name a rock as well, and then we'll also have a chat about a rookie of the week. Up to you boys, how how in depth you want to go into your picked are actually start us off back to the week. My number three, so three, being the Third Best Jack, Chris, thought he had a pretty good game for Collingwood. Arguably a midfielder, but it does mainly play a halfback. Doesn't do too much defending, though. Jordan Ridley, my number two, stood out in a absolute flogging. Yes, that does help him because the balls pretty much in his area the whole match, but still can't really argue with this stats. But my number one man is Jugal Howard. This week he was first in their match for meters gained, with seven hundred and sixty nine meters. He also had the most rebound s in the game, most intercepts, most contested marks, most inno St marks, and he also had the third most effective kicks, which is pretty weird for a tall backman. Like you'd maybe think that from like a Shannon hern type player, but I'm not so much from a Dougal Howard. So, yeah, you absolutely killed it. And yet big fan of the Juggle, so why not pilch? who were your backs of the week? Yeah, mate. So third best, Jordan Ridley. You pretty much covered it. Was the only good player for Essendon to votes. Starcy Moore. I think he he's been looking very good this season and he had a blind up against Carlton. Yeah, he looks. He looks very good.

And then number one, my boy Dan Houston, who just played an absolute blinder of a match. I think you had like he had about twenty six disposals at a hundred percent efficiency, which is just insane. His kick is just ridiculous. And Yeah, he plaid off his yeah, and he's a freak. Yeah, Houston got the four votes for me in that game. Rowy backs in the week. Yeah, I've Got Darcy more at third twenty two touches. You know, looked like an absolute animal of half black halfback. Yeah, I know it's a bit controversial because it's direct opponent kick for him, but I still think he was just a machine off off back. He's incredible to watch. Number two, I do have Dan Houston. When I saw the stats he was twenty five touch that ninety six percent. Kind not have him in there. Seemed like he absolutely killed the bombers. But no one. I do have dog Howard. Twenty nine touches. I was sitting behind the goals but ten rows back, so I saw a lot of Doogle, at least for two quarters, and he really was a machine. I'm I think you got a match highlight thirteen sports as well, so obviously answer a spot for last and classic do yeah, just, yeah, absolutely tall of I'm going to say tour apart Melbourne forward line. Really didn't because they killed us, but really did. Performed to the best he could, unfortunately let down by the rest of the team, but I he was definitely my back for the week. Love how love how main Roley had Houston and do how it is our number one back. Yeah, yeah, he's good. Lad's good to see. Really now they both did have good games. Right, midfielders of the week? Obviously, so many choose from in the midfield. My number three was Jack mccrae. Absolutely dominated in the dogs midfield, as most of them did. To be honest. I know Dunkley played off his face as well, so he got my full votes for that game. Jed Anderson was my number two, interesting in a huge loss to the suns, but he actually got my five votes in that one, and my number one, bouncing back from an absolute stinker. And round one it was Taylor Adams. Going back to that Collingwood game. He had the most inside s in on the ground, the most contested possessions, the most clearances, the most tackles, the third most score involvements. So Fair to say he was tearing Shit Up, as he usually does. Didn't necessarily do it for my super coach draft team in round one when he put up forty two, I think was, but yeah, he was back to his best for the pies, Pilch, Yep. So I almost just put all three of the dogs mids in there because they just put on an absolute clinic against Nick Knack Nui. I know West Coast had a few mids out but they were unreal. But I've gone. I've given quite an oliver third place and then McRae bought first. Yeah, Nice Rossive. Yep, I agree. Jack mccrae at third. For me it's pretty incredible to have some of that. Had Forty one touches, fifteen contested, as your number three, but is in that number three number two. I have clitton Oliver. It's thirty seven touches, twenty one contested, and he was a machine. I remember watching him and every single time he would get it all a touch in the midfield or to say you've laid all that, it's one more effic touch, I'm going to lose my shin. We said that about fifteen twenty times after the first quarter because he was literally everywhere. He killed us. I don't even think we want to set it clearance for we obviously did, but didn't appear as we want to set a cuds of the match because of him and a number one. I have the bonds, who had argued played a lot forward. So I know it's a bit skeptical, but had thirty touches, ninety three percent efficiency and kicking three goals and one was the match clar so I've got bought in there. I think if he is arguably a Ford and he you've given him the most votes as a midfield, I think that's more of a compliment because normally it's the other way just to fill out the forward. So I don't think we can complain about that. One ruck of the week. I just give a shit out to Monday. I, Yes, absolutely killed it. My monrab preventions. I've got him and Brashure in there. So yeah, they saunder under you. Sixty three years old he's still tearing it up. So yeah, actually got similar head to you. Rose if the old Monday ruck of the week of I don't know, I feel like this is a pod, but I don't know. Jard wits, he actually went one on. Obviously played against North so it was up against gold steam, one of the Premiere rucks in the competition, and he won. The jewel had twelve hit outs to advantage, which was more than Goldie. He also had the second most clearances on the ground, which is pretty good considering both...

...teams actually have pretty good clearance midfield players the likes of Anderson well and sometimes too, and he also had the most school launchers for the game, which I think it's a pretty important stuff for Ruckman. So I gave it to him. PILCH. Yeah, I've got another pot actually, and you probably in a rip me, but Scott last set absolutely destroyed Sam draper in all facets to the game, in the rock around the ground. Yeah, and he's he always flies under the radar, licet. He's always I think he's a easily a top eight Rockman in the league. Interesting, interesting, rosive. Yeah, Um, you've always going to have them. I'll take Nick Nat actually, I thought against Tim English and step of mine, who I think I get a cause a lot of trouble this years. It's a dual partnership. I thought Nick Nack just sort of destroyed them and I didn't get the dub the eagles that Nickna was huge. Forty touches, that ain't so a forty hit outs, thirteen touches, five tackles and liver clearances. Thought it was unreal. It's gotta have a look at Mexican. But then I'm going. I realize he was up against an absolute spoting put on. So so, yeah, Max Max is just definitely not considered after that. Yeah, fair enough. The Nick nacks absolute weapon or ant forwards of the week. There's actually some probably clear options here. Number three, I'm going Zach. Mom's been me off you. I've got an audience. You's just sitting at the door watching me talk number three, I'm rocking Nash's. She just wants to hear the lads talking us. Fair enough. Number three, I'm going Zack butters. Arguably Midfield but also does bits up forward. Absolute beast up my favorite was in the highlights when Charlie Dixon had done a thirty meter lead out of the goal square, the balls about a meter in front of his hands and but it's just Johnson Front and gradual, absolutely ricked and wrist. He's light. Thankfully Dixon stopped. Otherwise I think that could have been but his last game. But he's one up. Three. Number two Hawkins touched on before use pretty bloody good against the lions. But number one the big text. Don't know what he's done over the preseason, but I think tide six and I think out the later on. They kicked like current howing goals they keep. I think even these three goal scorers, because I think mcgallen or swing out for but yeah, most goals on the ground, most scoring involvement. Second, most school launchers. Texts. Just for some reason there's become base son. What Don on their rolly forwards of the week view. Yeah, I'M gonna I'm going to have texts. Actually, I won't have any in yet. I'll have talkings at three. He's single handedly got the cat to win on the weekend. He was huge, obviously kicked the for and was absolute monster for them. At too, I've got text. Obviously keeps six, but losing team. I can't really give him the the number one spot because at number one I've got Zachie butters. Yeah, I mean thirty six touches for a guy that looks like he's twelve and just absolutely tore apart as didn't looks like it's going to be a freak. I remember watching that first match that I keep referring to, this match, but the one that does my bodies and rosy played in. I was always thinking these guys can be freaks. Who's going to be the best? At the time I actually thought there as well, but and then obviously went to rosy and now, but it's I think it's the standout. Yeah, yeah, so, yeah, he's an absolute machine at the moment. So I, like Charlie, did some the honorable mentioned there as well. Yeah, I saw bill them. Drew was actually the best of the lot. Still waiting, still waiting for the great man. Now they're here. We're keeping to keeping rock without the team. So it's going to something exactly. It's huge. Yeah, exactly. I told to go as well. I think is pretty honor yeah, that's that's a great point actually. Or pilch, who you got here? Yeah, mine was the exact same as Roley Hawkins. Three text to but as first, butters was literally just taking the mick like he's and as raw he said, he looks like he's twelve and he's taking the piss out of Blokes who are twenty six and a hundred kegs. Just ridiculous. But yeah, he's going to be an absolute freak a time, all Australian, as you said before the podcast. Thank yeah, I don't know how I feel about butter is now being regarded as a beast, because I feel it it's we must be like when a triple j listener one of their songs like hits the mainstream charts. Like I feel like only people who watch port games closely realize how lad he was, but now everyone knows he's a beast because he is an absolute freak. But yet fair enough, he deserves...

...his ports. I guess I remember watching in his draft here. I think I was looking as built, you know, like a hundred eighty cent of me's like seventy kilos. Look like a wiry outside runner. Thought only ever get like fifteen, twenty touches in a game. Might plays a small forward, but yeah, seeing him produce these numbers at like he sort of build is ridiculous and it's completely proven wrong. so He's a machine. Yeah, it's for him. He's Footy smarts as well, insane like there. Some of the kicks that he does just ridiculous. Yeah, and a lot of the times he doesn't even have to possess the ball to have an impact, like he'll do a shepherd or just a little tap on and yeah, as you said, pip and he crashes prays. Well, it's yeah, uses his big frame. All right. Rookie for the week, I'm we made the rules the rising star game eligibility, so ten or less games and start a year. I've decided not to abide by the age rule, though mine actually probably a pot. I'd say you'd be going for the actual winner of the rising star nomination, but will find out. I've gone with Isaac, coming, the great man from gws. This kind of happened sometimes when a team does get pumped the usually a halfback gets rewarded by luck. Ridley did on the weekend. But he had the most mets gained in six hundred and ninety five for the match. He had ten rebound s and he had nineteen effective kicks, which were all the most out of that match for those specific stats. So yeah, he was pretty good. I think I gave him two votes for that matchup, which is not bad enough. Dirty point loss, rowy rookie of the week for you. Yeah, comings definitely very good. Mentioned I was doing something similar very watching Brain Campbell's highlights as an eighteen year old, just bouncing off off back. Twenty five touches and overst hundred meters gained. It's a second Gamer. I know it was again, state laide once again, but I'm at a bit of a generic choice because you'd win the riding staring on. But I thought he was unbelievable. Yeah, he's just absolutely really damaging player and yeah, it's to have that sort of effected your Second Games. Unbelievable and can't wait to watch him. And they used to come spit like those poor youngster as. I can referring to years ago, human golden and McDonald, I think, of the three this year. Yeah, Pilch, what about you? Yeah, I went Campbell as well. I was out of him and errol Golden, to be honest, for me, and gave the nod to Campbell and I reckon like so far there easily ahead of the Portraito for me, the Swan's tree years. It's actually not. That's more sample size though. Yeah, it's true. There's obviously something in the water in New South Wales because so far our full rookies of the week that have been mentioned, Matt Flynn, coming golden and Campbell, have all been from Sydney teams. So I don't know, sure's something in that. But so that'll do for our player awards basically, and our week to wrap up pretty much. Will now move on to our week three preview, Easter weekend. So there's Good Friday footy eastern Monday footy as well. Interest. Well, to be honest, both those matches this year are that interesting. Dogs and north and hawthorneage along, but you never can write alster clarks and off anything. But we'll start with your short bets of the week. Pilch, watch your shot better. The way. I feel like there's one that we're all going to happen. I don't know, like I didn't want to pick it, but it was just easily the short, better the week. So we've got the doggies over North Melbourne. You could feel pretty safe putting your house on that one. Yeah, it's a dollar seven. So I don't even know if it's worth yeah, it's not. Well, actually, yeah, I mean I actually don't know if that's worth it, to be honest. They could have fifteen concussions and all of a sudden north wind. By default should be that they're going to win. Only change. Yeah, you know, could happen. Ben CUNNINGTON's predicted to be back. Could could change the game. Rose, if what's your shot? Better the week? Oh, yeah, surprise, surprise. I've got the dogs. I's going to say? I think dogs forty plus. I think they're going to kill the north. I don't really think morthor better than any other area of the ground. So yeah, I think to the dogs, just going to make an absolute mockery of them. Yeah, it's dogs North Always Easter, Good Friday, or is it because pilled? Didn't we go to a Good Friday game? Or something and it was sad killed. It's always a north. I mean, okay, yeah, that's just so weird. Say, when I s when I saw that, I got home from soccer, I think, and I saw the north result and I was just like, surely not, like it was actually disgusting this. I actually thought they...

...were a sniffed to beat Gold Coast. But well, back to be at with the line. I thought they were going to produce with the betting ones last week, but no, they was because, like they were. Well, they weren't dog shit against port in round one. Like they came out started pretty well. But yeah, obviously they saw. Yeah, yeah, who knows? Yeah, I sure better the week got up last week. I'll try and keep you guys update on how previous tips go. We obviously had port to be esten. No, don't really need putits for that, do we are upset of the week. There's actually a few options this week. There's quite a few games that are fairly close in the betting odds. When I'll start with my number one, though, I still I send this into a group chat. I actually don't get this personally. Maybe because of the covid thing. Maybe that's going into some people's reasonings. But when I check last night Brisbane were two dolls and five cents to be calling still. And I don't really get it, because after around one everyone was off Collingwood as cof do we say? They were going off like a fit. What used to say a fish milkshake on a hot day. Yeah, no one wanted to touch him. And now Brisbane lose to Geelong in Geelong by one point. Now people think the pies would be Brisbane. So yeah, maybe it's covid that sort of situation being factored in, which would be fair enough. But and they are probably going to be without a Ruckman, as big oh doesn't look like he's going to get up, which is beautiful for the Hugeanis is Tom Fools and is my forward bench if, hopefully he plays permanent rucking roles. But Um, yeah, I just think Brisbane they're pretty solid chance in any game. They're an underdog and really they're a good team. So that's my upset of the week. But there are a few options. PILCH is that you're upset of the week as well. You're looking else it is, but I just want to say I often check the lines as soon as they come out, because there's there's always some luck, weird ones. And when I checked sport were two dollars five underdogs against West Coast. So if you manage to get on that early, then that would definitely be mine. Yeah, that check, I mean that Allen Ninety now. So that's why. Yeah, but yeah, I like I like Brisbane a lot as well. Yeah, there must have been some drastic movement in that because when I checked the line and actually been taken down and west coast were up to like a dollar ninety five. So people must have been fro from that Ros if well, almost quite short that free or such massive. I got underdog sins. Colton, I mean Collins, start the season only too they've got Fisher and Martin. Now crips is in poor form and in fact my should quickly check. Fifty off are now on. Yeah, can you just us? Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think I've got like a fifty bonus, but much that on. But yeah, it's see free of just torch G DOOS and I know there's the fly situation, but I've got SAR wrong. Brache one thirty five or thirty odd M Monday had thirty five. Then they've got Tamna at, for they've got Sweatowski, who's I've actually always rated is a sort of blistering sort of half medium forward. You know, once every three four games I've five disposal beformans get dropped. But for your fans seem to rate the exactly defensive. Or is that a compliment, a bit of a bottle of I don't know, fence kick? I think I'm right, all right, think I use an absolutely, but I think he's giving and you're I think that better talent than a better young talent than I'm sure everyone was, a better young talentan cold and color. Really only have wall she and maybe a couple others like the kind charlie and. But I think for yours talent he's going to take get the better of Carl and at Marvel. I'm definitely going to take advantage of those odds, at least for straight after this podcast. But yeah, that's definitely my upset for the week. Yeah, I don't know what to think about Carlin because I have a lot of mates the big Carl and fans. Obviously Jack Robin's bound the podcast a few times. If you boys from my creer club, a die hard so I don't really want to see them their sanity tested, but at the same time I'd be a bit of a piece here if they go like I went down on something. So yeah, I'm all about free on that one. I'm actually imposing you here, pilch. When I checked. Well, this is because I just don't know which way this game is going to go. So I think either way the underdogs are solid bet. But Um, yeah, when I checked, West Coast for a dollar ninety four and, as we know, in the past west coast have been important and pretty big situations. Not sure if round three is quite that occasion, but I know West Coast probably with other laid's form. Right now, west coast is arguably poor...

...our lads arch enemy, given some of their huge clashes, I would say, in the last four years. So Yeah, especially at opt stadium, I think west coast have fairly decent value to being underdog at home. But yet I don't actually know who I'm going to tip in that one. Probably need to think about that right. Betting Lines, game spread, how you want to call it. What's the most appealing sort of lines to you, pilch? Yeah, my number one is just port head to head, because the lines at zero points. I know everyone go bangs on about west coast at optics, but port a just I never bet my own team, so I won't be putting money on this game. But Porter just a miles better team at the moment. Better list, better, pretty much better everything. And we've, I believe we've won our last three against them adoptors, and that was when we were shit in like two thousand and nineteen. So are you not concerned? Think a dollar money's a steel to be to be a not concerned that the poor boys haven't been tested yet. They've played Adelaide in the Jilt and then obviously too fairly easy team so far. You bit worried? Will be a big step up for normally I would be a bit given last season. I'm going to I'm going to back US him. Yeah, fair enough. Well, like fair point there, rosive. Well, I'm just going to go ahead with free or again. It a plus fifteen. I think that's ridiculous. I've also on Melbourne in there against the giants. I think it might. I don't know. Actually, for such a betting man, I'm like, yeah, I never know. Never really do the sad lines, but yeah, that's sort of the native eight point five. I think they get it. Other be generous quite convincingly. So I've got them in there. I think the dogs. There you've forty two point five. I think they get it. Beat it by ten goals bus especially with these extended quarters. Norton might keep five. Josh Bruce whight actually maybe kick a couple. I just don't see north really having any scoreboard impact whatsoever. The bottom probably go forward and have a party as well. So those are my big three. It might be a bit to distinct. fucking telly for it. I'm dying to see the DOGGY's voice is rack up touches. Hopefully Daniel and done leer in there causing carnage for the Hue and a cuper coach side but ump. And it's also at a time sot where there's no NRL, so I'll definitely be tuning into it. Might even go the photo. There was a photo of like the dogs plays to get twenty plus touches and like it was like ten people high a dollar row thread. It was. It was quite funny. Yeah, that's a fucking love the doggies. I can't lie. They just hit my good blokes, but yeah, when Jason Johnson can't even get into side, you know things are going well. For me, the one that intrigued me the most is gold coast. When I checked they were at minus two five. I actually don't know how it's in Adelaide, which I guess could scare people off. I think Gold Coast will win that. I'll definitely be tipping them and for any favorite or person, I think it's going to win to be under, you know, a goal in the spread. I think that's pretty good, pretty good odds because, yes, it happens, but how often to teens win by one or two points? It's pretty rare. So I think Gold Coast should cover that, especially if they win. And Yeah, like you said, ry, I saw the fray one at plus seventeen point five and I'd probably snap your hand off for that. Not too confident on the head to head for them. Like they are good value. But yeah, given that three goal leeway, yeah, I definitely like that. For freemantle. Any other predictions you've always want to make for the weekend? Any players, any teams? Any other road calls? No predictions, obviously, say like that'll be a good match to watch. Adelaide, Gold Coast, I think the so I think playing in front of Adelaide Hook and I could be like the weakest team in the calm, in front of it Adelaide crowd, who do get up in about which we saw against a long I think it will be a really good mental task for the Suns. We obviously saw the Jolong went up through, you know, come up against the weakest heavy the calm, but in front of a really huge, intimidating crowd. I think it's a test that many, many teams would struggle against. So I think if Gold Coast managed to come with the victor, I think it's be a huge tea for them. I know it's a bit funny to say that because I'd laid other, you know, the worst team of the com but I do think it will be big task them. Yeah, especially considering most of the Gold Coast players only one or two years into their career and they play at the Gold Coast where they get like, you know, Tenzero, Fifteenzero people to Games. So yeah, that's going to be a big shock for them, playing in front of a big, passionate crowd that hurling abuse and probably other things out them. PILCH and he calls you want to make you concerned. He's got that look... his face he's going to say something. I've actually got nothing. All my spreads were covered by you boys. I like free on Brisbane and how about and port? I'll have I love one row call. I'll go the first super coach two hundred plus point a game for year, or go to Josh Dunkley this weekend against all. All right, I'll chuck him in the middle full time. I've got a seen yes, Roy forty plus touches. Sorry, I replus. I'm going to captain in the ten, straight up captain. So if he doesn't, are three, I'll blame you. I've got a feeling they just going to he's going to annihilate them. Yeah, very happy to see that, to be honest. I brought him in last week in hopes that he'd be a top three forward and it will. If he gets two hundred, these pretty much well on his way and I think I need that after bloody deal and she'll going now for six weeks. But yeah, thanks for joining me today. Boys. Once again, apologies for the poor organization. Will let the audience in on it. They that they're one of us. Yeah, obviously didn't organize it to the very last minute, hence, while we're doing it at ten forty six PM. But from now on, Cricket Seasons One went winding down, Sundays are free, so I can start organizing shit on Sundays, hopefully record on Mondays, and then we can get it up on Tuesdays so the people can get around it before the following round starts. But yeah, hope you enjoyed getting on the party once again. Always loved it, as I always do, and we'll be back next week with another AFL review episode. Thanks for listening and watching, and see you next time. Cheers,.

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