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2021 AFL Round 19 | Australian Rules Football


The trio is in full swing in this episode of the On The Ball podcast. The boys chat all things AFL footy including the best free agents yet to sign a contract for 2022 and potential rule changes they would make if they were in charge. Those along with the usual discussion pieces mixed in with some utter dribble creates a fun episode for all to enjoy.

Welcome back to the other ball podcast, another episode of the boys talking crap about AFL footy. I feel likeAFL footy is a weird thing to say because footy is in AFL like theword football, so you sort of just saying footy, footy. But anyway, I fell footy. It sounds good. Welcome back boys in the middle ofa lockdown looking hairy pilch. I like it. How are you mate? Thanks, man. Good, good start to my confidence there, butnow I'm going well, mate, yeah, good, good weekend. A footyfooty wise, not super coach wise, but we'll get into a shortly.Yeah, Super Coaches Pretty Hectic. Obviously everyone that was hit in someway or another, whether it be Josh Kelly, dusty, the covid outs, Roley. How are you mate? All right, my A. Ilove that bit of drible you just talked to kick off the episode about felland footy. That's quite nice. Na Gone Well. Obviously, shock andwait for footy for myself and fellow saints fans by it was good around theboard. Super Coach was pretty shit, but yeah, it's gone all right. On a lovely Tuesday afternoon. It's just started hailing so I'm going tomeet myself every time not talking, because only it's sort of tapping on thewindow. But yeah, I'm going right, yeah, play on. Who Cares? Well, yeah, it's fissing down outside of I've got a stumpin my hand. I'll probably just be wandering it around all episode. So, yeah, who knows, but we'll just be talking dribble. We've allnot probably taught too many people. Give them. We're in lockdown. Butstraight into the winners and losers. We've got some. We're not doing aredraft this week, but we're going to be talking about so maybe rule changes, suggestions and fredgents. But before we get into that we've got to getthrough the usual staff winners and loses from around eighteen. Yeah, Pilch,who are your big winners? I'm going to talk about my boys again thisweek. Look, it wasn't. It wasn't a flash game of footage.In fact, it was quite a poor, very shrappy had neutrals texting me thisis the worst game I've ever seen. But after the game, the moreI looked into the context of it as a from a port side ofthings, the ladder implications securing the top four position a saints team that didn'tplay well, but we're arguably the most informed team. undefeated after the bybig wins against Brisbane and Richmond, a lot of injuries, depleted team onthe road covid it was a great win and sometimes times you got to winugly, and Port Adelaide have shown over the last two years that we're quitegood at doing that and sometimes you just got to do it the hard wayand we've done it and it's got good implications for the rest of the season. So, upon reflection, it was actually one of our better wins ofthe year. So I definitely have us probably as the biggest winners of theweek. Interesting take for sure, but that fair. Roley, who wouldyou say the biggest winners were? Yeah, the reason I didn't put port inwas look, yeah, I completely agree with that. Being you saidthat peop which was Um, it was an ugly win, but you doneed to win those games to get into to get into finals. No teamis going to have a perfect sort of set of wins every year. Sothose are the type of games need to win, and the port do it. I'll highlight richmond quickly. Obviously got the job done over Brisbane finally sortof broke those few weeks of down football. You know, I think if youwere smart enough you could see this coming. It was the richmond thatyou all kind of know. Brisbane obviously lost are Kip would the week beforeand suffered a bit of a structural setback, and Richmond it was ray waltz.Obviously big game and everything, and obviously you kick six child kids forand obviously got the job done. The big question now is how they're goingto manage with that dusty. I think everyone's chucked him in their top haightsnow after a probably a week or two of not having them in there.I obviously didn't kick them out and this is exactly why I knew this wasgoing to happen. Hence why I tipped them. So very happy with that. Want a bit of money that night as well on them, which isgood. Another good I think for lots. So not another but a good weekfor Hawthorne as well. Obviously could have gotten the window over the day'sbut I think to get two points over the top of the ladder is toplot of teams. Obviously very promising. They've sort of unearthed locky bramble whoseemed like an absolute weapon off half back, was given the kick out duties inthe last few minutes, so I'm big responsibilities to him. But provento be another good fine for hawthorn their... to blotting in some new boyswest coast as well, to respond to the last few weeks to get thejob done over at Adelaide, in front of Adelaide over, which is actuallya tough ask. So congrats to them. One by thirty two points, soa good response from them. It's definitely the response they needed. Sosee how they go in the remaining matches of the year and Sydney as well. To come back from a slow start against the giants to just chalk upanother one of those wins that we keep talking about with the swamps. Justkeep on chipping away. They've locked themselves in for finals now, obviously,so just now about finishing as high as they can and going as foreign Septemberas they can. Obviously quality side with lots of good young talent. Soit's good to get the win over the giants and win that mental battle,which I think the giants definitely lost after a few injuries and being in frontand potentially getting ahead of themselves. Yeah, agree about a hundred percent. Tellyou what, the Hawthorn game, that was pretty spicy. Didn't actuallyknow Luke Bruce was still alive. I think that's the first time I've seenthem all seasonbody kick that Shtag, but when that ball fell to him youjust knew it was a it was a goal in bounds by biggest winner.You guys actually haven't mentioned yet. I've got Geelong, who looked they ruinedThursday night footy. If we're going to be honest, that you. Wecould talk more about Freeo, because they were absolutely awful, but Geelong probablyshowed why I had them as the number one flag favorite last week. AndYeah, they just looked really, really dangerous and they look like a veryscary oppos you shouldn't have had a few pretty impressive a way victories now inthe last six or seven weeks. So yeah, it's starting to get alittle bit scary for some of the other big contenders, and especially when sideslike the lines and stuff, are maybe stumbling a little bit. So yeah, I thought Geelong were big winners. The losers, filch, anyone youwant to mention here? I actually would have said Adelaide as my biggest loser. Playing at home. West Coast are in pretty there are better side thanthat a laid, but they're in horrid form and they just got whacked athome. So you can safely say that Adelaide are back down to being inthe bottom three teams of the comp and then obviously sink Kilda on the flipsout of port. They just played horribly. They honestly had a chance to winand then they just started pretty much just choking, just turning the ballover every time they got it. So yeah, they're probably the biggest two. Yeah, the amount of Inter set marks in the St Kilter port gamewas pretty silly, but it was like it got to a point where likeneither team seemed like they wanted to win the game. There was just awful. But yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. I'll tell you whythere's so many flipping in just at marks I game is because we love weare the absolute kings of kicking to two on one contests. And I don'tknow if you remember Piach, but side and I was just basically every contestreally the game. We would kick to a two on one. But evensome of our inside s you know, the be absolute paddocks of space.It might be like a two on two or something spent around the whole insidefifty. We still managed to kick to a two on one. I thinkeven in the instance when it was for on two to the saints, weended up running into an open goal. I think was Brad Hill or somethingjust strolled in. We still managed to kick to a two on one thatcontest and I think it was like leaner and someone else just spoiled each other. Yeah, yeah, it was. Yeah, exactly, so it was. I just obviously given an analogy to describe Saint Kilda this week and Icame up with a perfect one. So I think. But I'll the lastfew weeks we've obviously been you know, we haven't. We've obviously lost that. They all that talk of finals and all those expectations so that we startedfocusing our structure. I think the last few weeks we obviously got right Marshaland rider together and we folks a lot more in like the ball movement andall that. So that was all great and well, happy when we weren'tfocusing finals, and then we got support and then obviously it all went toshit and I think a good way to describe it is, say your sayyou're a kid going into an AFL club and it's like your first training sessionand you know you're just kicking to a random trainer, no big name oranything, you just kicking to a random bloke. You know you're focusing onyour ball drop and everything, and you know your execution, your penetration ofthe key. That's all great, and then you stick dusty Martin in frontof you. You're not going to be. You're not going to be, youknow, focusing to the same extent as were before. You're going tobe thicking Shit, Shit, Shit's does yet I don't want to fuck thiskick up. I think that's exactly what saying Kilda did. I think yougot stage right. You know, we just completely as soon as we gotthe the word finals mentioned again, or at least whisper it into our ear, and we had a good side come up against in a must win game. I think that's exactly what happened. We sort of forgot how to play. We forgot, you know, our structure and everything how we've been winningthe last few weeks. I think that analogy sums up basically what's happened thisweek compared to the last few weeks. You know, we raise the expectations, we got a good side put in front of us and because of thatwe forgot how to play and what's been...

...working over last few weeks. So, overall, Yep, it's now time to move one to two thousand andtwenty two. The Gay us a bit of false sense of belief. Unlessthey can turn that around miraculous in the next two weeks. It's probably goingto be focusing on next you, but I can't see us now. It'smarshal out with the news in the last twenty minutes. I can't see USgetting on top of West Coast this week. But wait and see. And Yeah, obviously free we're terrible. CRAMMER. He pointed out on that to onlyhave the three goal kickers at home is absolutely wayful when Joel Long cankick over a hundred in the wet. Obviously, sewn Darcey was huge,but a half from that here on was shit, and J divers as well. To lose that mental battles, certainly so. Obviously another team vying forfinals just weren't up to the challenge. So, overall, yeah, itwas three teams that went up to the challenge. For me, they wereall vying for finals and I think it's going to be well ess and Ithink it's just going to absolutely bradbury skate across them and maybe finish in thetop eight or at least overtake them all. And I think west coast and Richmondof be vine those last few spots as well. But I think thosethree teams put a line and through each of them this week in terms offinals. Yeah, agree with that. Yeah, free just dogs. Actuallyforgot I was in the wet. Yeah, Geelong were. They were like holdingthe ball for like six minutes at a time. They were just chippingit around and free legic couldn't get near it. So yeah, Fred biggestlooser for me. The other loser probably Melbourne, but we've talked about thisbefore. They don't really do well against the small teams, but they winthe big game, so if they keep that trended up, it doesn't reallymatter. That result pissed me off. So Mutch. Why? Why didthat? Pi? Sure because because literally seven days before that game they wentto Adelaide Oval and played the game their lives and then they the following weekthey drawed a Hawthorn. Just an absolute joke, but to me fair,I'll take the drop point, the drop points. Yeah, I thought you'dbe happy. Yeah, Bonta Pelli broke the record for the most clangers inone game. Fourteen. Just sort of shout that out. You will lovethat. Have you ever seen you? Because I just saw I just lookedon fair footy. was just a freak coincidence and I was like yeah,like eleven halfway through the third and I was like Shit, that's a lotand I just googled it and the record was like thirteen and then, yeah, next to it he broke it and I was like this is a monumentalmoment. Like I was looking at the records and all the people who hadthirteen before those only like five and it was spread out across like a feyears or something. So I was like this is he might have had one. There were, there are a few men. I know buddy had one. I was like how does he get thirteen claimers like he when does hetouch the ball enough to have thirteen clangers? I was confused by that one.But yeah, I can't remember who else is now. I think dangerhad a couple they might have been twelve, though, but he was up therea few times. And then Aaron Hall. This this is probably abit stiffed having the losers, but he beat the record for the most kickswithout a contested possession. So when a hardball mate but know whige exercise actuallyfortharn hall, a goodlooking bloke. And then my other loser, the PortPilch. What do you think about this? I think the Port Jersey that theywore on on Saturday is like actually one of the worst jerseys of alltime. It's just such an unappealing great gray one. Yeah, now unlikesit. Yeah, I likes it. I'm not. Yeah, I've seenit. Like I think the Teal and black is a nice color Combo,even the white and teal. I don't know why they need to get grayinvolved by yeah, anyway, I thought I was mentioned that. That wasa low light of my week looking at that. But yeah, anyway,pot got up, so can't back them out too much. Time for thetop eight boys. I might kick us off today. I did mind lastweek, so I might just do it for the rest of the year.And I'm sad to say my top eight is actually just back to the originaltopaid that we thought it was going to be. For like ten weeks.The orders change, but by on the change from last week is I've gotRichmond in for the bombers in eight. Obviously I didn't predict Richmond to winlast week. So now, factoring in that win, it's meant they've leapedfrom them. So yeah, I'll just read it out quickly. Dog Dogs, one cuts, two, line, three, demons for but that's all. I think four points or maybe six points in it very close power andat fifth, still just nudging out the swans at six, eagles and seventhand Richmond in an eight. So, unfortunately, peech, that would meanthe dreaded power of v Richmond Elimination final, but I feel like that's a littlebit less scary without dusty, even though dreaded. It's twenty two manteam. That's easy claps by that much. I don't know. Maybe don't know, but yeah, anyway, Pilch, who have you got there? YEA, so in at number one.

They're back now. Jacks. Iwas going to put them at first, but I'm pretty sure even if wego on, pretty sure, even if we go undefeated, we won't havethe percentage. So I've actually got to long first, I think them inMelbourne, in the best two teams in it. Melbourne. Second, Melbournehave a slightly harder fixture. So I've got you long, Pippenham bulldogs,third, port, fourth, Brisbane, fifth, Swan's, sixth, Richmond, seventh. I don't think dusty's are big out, but they'll make finals. And then I've actually got the dons in a eight. I'll snubbed thewest coast. I still don't really back them in as a good team andI have just heard the real Marshal News, but I think the saints are actuallyvery good chance to cause the upset, as long as they don't play likeit again. But yeah, yeah, actually, I have the dot doneright ones. I just cool. Yeah, I did my actual alot of pretty it to the yesterday and I stupidly I took a screens outof it for today's episode and, I say deleted it. So I thinkI remember it. So I had the day's in at top and the dogsin a second, cats in at third and Brisbane come back up to four, unfortunately. So port forty out of five, Sydney in its six andI've got richmond finishing its seventh and west coast just pipping the bombers by game. Bombers had better percentage for me but just missed out in the four points. So that could genuinely change by the week. So I will wait andsee what happens there. But I've got the bombers in at night at themoment. Yeah, fair enough. I've got the Swan's vehicles right now theelimination final. That would be spicy because they would be coming in off therefreaking hundred point loss or whatever. It was abiece of mental demons. Thereany other matchups that spice you boys in the finals? Potentially? I justwant to see Melbourne vers dogs game at one point. I reckon I'll beawesome. They play on this sap got crowds back they are, so that'llbe interesting. But yeah, I'd love to see that match the gay.Yeah, I'll see Brisbane cats at the gather, but I don't think linesare got to finish high enough to get that anyway. Or moving into thetalking points of the episode, I was going to do this one last weekbut we had a long episode anyway, so I decided not to. ChrisScott, the other week mentioned shortening the game by twenty minutes in general,which I thought was pretty outrageous for one of the head coaches to come outand say. But it got me thinking. In nrral and other sports in particular, and Ur Al, though there seems to be chats of rule changesquite often afl it's more just interpretations of rules. I hold the ball andstuff like that. I'd say that get altered. But if there were thechance for you boys to actually change a rule, you can change interpretations ifyou like. What would you change? I'm interested to hear some AFL people'sopinions because I have no idea what you guys like and don't like about thegame pilch. What would you change if you had the chance? Yeah,so I actually didn't mind the idea behind the new how you can't move onthe mark rule to speed up the play. But instead of doing that, whatI would have done was a lot of the time you see when playerstake a mark, the defender full like holds them for like three seconds,just completely shutting down the opportunity for them to play on quickly get the ballmoving, and I think there should be a lot stricter on that. Bringingsome fifteen meter penalties for like stopping a player from playing on like that ratherthan not being able to move on the mark. So that's what I do, which is kind of like soccer. Yeah, true, true, true, yet actually right that that happens a lot in the game. Row You. What would you change? Well, I'm a big I want to thosepeople that really don't want to change the rules unless necessary. Like, Ithink a few of the rule chains I've liked over the last few years is, you know, the kicking out out of the back. I think that'sreally help. You don't have to actually kick to yourself, you can justrun out. I think that's been it's sort of incentive, incentivized. Peoplejust run out, which is good. I like that one. I likethe stand rule now as well. I'm glad that. You know, I'msign paying it literally every game, because I think there are some instances whereplayers accidentally like take one step, but the umpire gives and bit of leniencythere, which is good. It's more so, you know, they justdon't want to sort of running around and stopping them from actually going one way. So I like those. The one that I would change I would geta little bit more lenients on the sort of protected area when players sort oftake a mark somewhere just around the ground.

I think it's pretty stupid when youget given a fifty minute penalty because someone five meters away from you runsa certain direction. That's one that I just can't fathom. But yeah,I I can obviously understand it. I would just sort of make that,you know, protected Area A lot smaller. I wouldn't have it so that someoneliterally five meters away from you can, you know, change the course ofplay just by running in, you know, certain direction. I'd changedthat. I wouldn't touch the length of the game. If you if youare really really worry of plays, you know, running out of steam andincrease in the like, gout of injuries, just increasing amount of inter changes you'reallowed per game. I wouldn't touch the length of the game. It'sbeen that way for a long time and the player seems like it. Ialways only ever hear about, you know, fans and more so just coaches,talking about shortening the length of the game. But stuff, then it'sa better game when it's longer. I think we all hate it. Lastyear when it was sixteen minutes long, however long it was. So yeah, in terms of what changes, I only do that sort of restricting theprotected area, because I just think it's stupid that it's that big. Soyeah, yeah, fair enough. I've got some more drastic ones. I'mnot changing the fabric of the game, but me and Brown they were havinga chat at the over the other day and we think the the post shouldbe in play. So if the ball hits the post, it's just likewherever the ball goes happens. So if the ball goes in off the post, it counts as a goal. If it goes in the behind off thepost, it counts the behind. If it comes straight back into plays,play on, because I don't know. I've seen I'd make for some hecticmoments. I don't really rate the reviews when they're like trying to work outif it's nick the post, like, who cares, let's just go postedin. It's in. If it comes back out, it's hectic. Ithink that would be spicy to see. And then this is a weird one, but I'd get rid of if the below the knee tackling, like Ithink you should be allowed to tackle below the knee because I don't see whynot. I think if you lunge for them and tackle their ankles, Ithink fair play. You're risking your own life being kick in the face bydoing it, so I think you should be allowed to do it. Ican't see. They call it like tripping or something, but it's like you'reusing your hands, not your feet. Obviously can't trip with your legs likethat's dog as. But yeah, I think if you go down for anankle type or something, play on with your hand like. That's good defensivework my opinion. And then this is something for more as a player's pointof view, that they need to do something. I don't write in amarking contest you can just do anything with your knees and legs and Shit likethe fact that you can get need in the back of the head or kickto the face is I reckon. That's a bit outrageous. Like I don'twant to play footy and get kneed in the back of the head and kickedin the face. So I don't know how you change it, because itwould be hard to change marking contests and make it like you can't use yourknees, because that's sort of the way it runs grown up marking. Sowould take a long time to get rid of. But yeah, I don'treally want to copy knee in the kidney or something when I got from markingcontest. I know all the players are very brave and they just do itanyway, but yeah, as a player myself, I'd never want to putmyself in that situation. So if they could change the rules so I don'tlook like a coward, that would be greatly appreciate it. But yeah,I agree with you boys that the length that if you watch like three aimsback to back, yeah, maybe that gets a bit long, but yeah, if it's worked for a hundred and twenty years or whatever it is,I agree with you. Really most of the rules shouldn't change. I dowrite that about a fell how they're pretty confident in the way their games runand they're just happy with it. I know the there's been a bit oftalk about the holding the ball rule, but it's work for a long time, so I don't know. Feel like they should police the day. MeTo kick a bit better as well. I feel like there's so many kicksthat get through that a like ten meters. Yeah, so either just get ridof the rules a whole or just start actually policing it, because,yeah, it's ridiculous. How many times in like the back line, yousee a ten meter kick just basically give the team a free possession and givesthem like ten seconds to set up and stuff with a mark. All right, time for some free agent talk. I can't lie when I did this. I've got I've got another one actually, all right, yeah, ripping thatwas a that was a massive delay there. But I think the deliberaterule needs a bit of a toggle, especially when blokes get done holding theball but they scamper to the boundary line and get out of bounds. Ithink if you've had prior and you get tackled over the boundary, then itshould be holding the ball or a free kick to the other teams. AndYeah, the amount of times you just see blokes walking it over the lineand you know, not that much pressure in like in their defensive fifty,they just walk it over the line get a throw in. I think theyneed to be stripped. Are On that...

...sort of thing as well, becausethe only time you ever see deliberates get paid is when they're clearing it outof their defensive fifty and it goes out, which sometimes I don't even think isdeliberate. Yeah, do you would you think it would be too fara stretch to say they should just get rid of throwings in general and tosay whoever it's last off gets the kick or I thought about that. Iactually thought about that. I thought about whether if you kick it out nomatter what, then it should be a free kick. But I'm not sureif it would work or not. But, like a lot of the skill errors, honestly should be free kicks to the other team, to be honest. Yeah, they're enough. Now I do write that there are a lotof times the player, just like you know, backs over the line.It's pretty obvious what they're doing. But yeah, right time for some freeagents rally. I feel like you're the king of this topic, so we'llhead to you. I don't know how many you're going to talk about,but I'm interested to see which free agents you rate the highest. Yeah,well, it's a bit. It's a bit of a weird one because there'sa lot of obviously unrestricted and restricted free and who you sort of pull themall together. Lots of them are only free agents because they're just old andsigning one year deal. So I just got a couple here sighing. JustHelly's the biggest one this year. Now he's obviously in Jos at the momentand he's restricted. So basically any club that wants them can offer a summermoney and if if I wants to take it, he can. So Iknow he's definitely the biggest one. He's probably the best quality player at theright age as well. Obviously injuries the only problem at the moment, annoyingly, because he's such a quality player. So at the moment I think he'sgoing to be the biggest talked about one this offseason. Can go three isone that's a free agent. Hasn't resigned but I think he will obviously havinga probably career best year this year in the midfield. Matt Creach is anotherone for Adelaide. Obviously has been in all Australian but you know, it'sreally injury rabbish I whilst couple of years he's out of contract and he's beingcaught I think, by port as well at the moment. So that's aninteresting one for your pillached and if you'd want him or not. But he'sbeing looked up by you guys. And then there's just a lot of bunchof players like you know this plays, like George Hugh, who's a restrictedfree agent, Jack billings as well. Then there's a lot of Narshoot,the ones which obviously are less likely to be leaving, but in the likesof sort of Ed Kerno, Matt Kennedy, Chris Maine. Robbie Gray's actually one, but obviously he's gonna be resigning, David Assbury, Luke dumpson's been talkedabout a bit now, Luke Parker and all those guys. But yeah, the rest of the people on those lists are just sort of older boysjust on those one year deals. So, yeah, there's not too many restrictivefree ages this year, not as many as that has been in thepast. By the main ones are going to be Kelly, probably Jack billingsas well. Ain't another shocking performance on the weekend from him. He justwent missing. I think might be right for saints to let him go andsee what we can get for him. And Yeah, there's it's going tobe more around just trading this year on and free agency moving. But yeah, were interesting to see what happens. But yeah, I'm definitely sort ofjust going to May in one, two, three and Kelly, Guthrie Crouch,expecting obviously Guthrie is the one that's most likely he'd be to be stayingthere. But yeah, be a watch your space for Kelly and Crouch.Kelly especially for Victorian fans, because don't know what he's tossing up. I'veheard, you know, both sides and the story. You know he's morelikely to come to Victorio's more like to this day. So we'll be interestingto see what happens at the end of the giant season. Yeah, I'veI've only written seven down here. Actually think Josh Kelly is going to stay. Personally, I just think the deal he's got there is like too goodto turn down. It's something like can't re what it is. Is itlike seven years? It's like one point one million year or something ridiculous likethat. I can't remember. And it's all his choice if he wants to. So I don't know why he would turn that down personally and I justcan't picture him in another Jersey. But yeah, would be pretty spicy tosee him go somewhere else. would be entertaining. So He's obviously the biggestfish for me. A lot of Victorian clubs would want him, while alot of clubs around the league want him. But yeah, for me I reckonhe will just stay. Number two, I've actually got lukey Parker. Iknow he's a bit older and he's probably just going to resign, asyou mentioned Roley, on a shorter contract, but I do think he's a littlebit overlook sometimes. I think he's a genuine weapon of the competition,even though chops it at times. All good extractors love to chop it andhere's one of those boys. He just racks up, you know, sixto ten clearances a game like no one's business and he's an absolute weapon.But yeah, I think you'll stay.

I don't know why you would betempted to leave. That Sydney's one side at the moment. They're going toneed a few experienced guys to lead around that young side and I think he'sperfect for it. Can Gut three, as you mentioned Roy number three.Once again, can't picture him leaving. But yeah, the last two yearshe's gone to another level. He was always just like a solid role playerfor them, but in the last couple of years he's turned into one oftheir real stars. Another four, I've got maddy crouch. It's always beentalked about how impactful he actually is, but he knows how to find thefooty, he knows how to get a contested possession. I think you'll leavejust because he hasn't played for the crows for so long. Pretty much.I wouldn't surprise like I feel like he'd be quite disconnected from the side atthis point. So yeah, I wouldn't be surprice to see him go somewhereelse and I think would be quite interesting to see him go somewhere else andwe can maybe see if he can become a more impactful player elsewhere. Seethat's the one to watch out for. Another one, I think you stillfree agent, but Georgie Hewett still fairly young. I wouldn't be surprised ifthis one's let him go, to be honest, because they're just going tohave a lot of issues in the next few years keeping some of those youngguns. So I think someone like a George Switt is probably one of themore expendable players. I think he had a really good game of the weekendactually. But yeah, I reckon Georgie hewetts wouldn't be a bad pick upfor any side in the competition. Would just be pretty solid role player.Not going to be like one of your top three players, but you knowhe'd be better than the average Joe on your side. You can count inhim most weeks. Sean Lemons is someone who's had a bit of a breakoutseason. You'd have to say think he's been pretty mythical up to this pointin his career, but he's turned into a lockdown defender and he's actually prettygood at it. There's not too many lockdown smalls going around. He's actuallypretty decent at it. Here's a he's a free agent, so I reckonyou'll stay. I think Gold Coast will realize the importance he brings to theside, so I reckon you'll stay there. But they'll be an interesting pick upif a big team would go get him, because I don't think hewould demand much salary, to be honest. He doesn't really have a big namefact or anything like that. So that'd be interesting. And then,yeah, finally, I've when they got seven, so Jack billings. Wouldbe interested to see if he left, if another club could unlock the potentiallyhe's always held. So I would like to see him leave, to behonest, just to see if that actually happens, because I don't think it's, you know, really going great for him at the same as and yeah, hopefully sat kilda can get something worthwhile back in return. Yeah, Pilch, any other free agents or what fregents interest you the most? Yeah,I ranked my top five as Kelly, Guthrie, Parker, Crouch, RobbieGray, in that order. Obviously, gray or resign. I actually wouldnot mind the idea of crouch coming to port I actually write him and Ithink he could do a job on the wing or in the on the insideof the midfield, and he's at a very good age. We've got anaging midfield, so would not mind that at all. And I agree LukeParker is underrated. I reckon he's a weapon, definitely in a greater andyeah, but he'll probably stay as well. Yeah, Po what do you thinkabout Josh Kelly? I know you've talked about him coming to port asa bit of a joke, but do you think you actually I don't know. That's hard. I want to see him leave, actually just because it'llbe. It'll spice things up. But yeah, whether I think he willor not, I don't even know. To be honest, it's hard tosay. I mean the giants will try and try the hardest to keep him. So yeah, yeah, I can't want him to leave, but Ijust can't see it happening. I think. I know you'll get good offers elsewherebecause he's a gun. But yeah, I just reckon is. I don'tknow. That offers too good to turn down for me. That's sucha weird contract that he has that all in his favor. But anyway,fair play to him. Well than to his age, and I guess Imust be a gun at his job or our time for some super coach.I know pilch has been treading this one for a while because he is outof trades, but I'll I'll go first. I had another pretty bad week.I got below two thousand. So looked at the teams on Thursday nightand I knew my my fate was sealed for the weekend. M Tea's crapanyway. So I struggle to get two thousand at the best of times,but Li by and counors both got managed to were like my m four andm five maybe, and mark of strained his calf the week before and heset out for a week which just read to roll you before we came on. Apparently he probably would have been fine to play, but the suns havelike a policy when they have a six... turnaround, they just anyone witha niggle doesn't play. So yeah, that's always good to know. Butso had to COP Murph's thirty five on the ground or whatever it was.But anyway that's my fault for having at borrow side. So yeah, Iwent down the rank somehow. I think the other like came like Eightyzero inthe round rank, which just wasn't good footy. Also had dusty and Kelly, as a lot of people did. Had Bonds and grundy as my adviceand captain duo, which neither thunder which was pretty good to see. Notsure what else whatever wrong for me, but yeah, just not much.We're right for me really, but anyway we move on. I'm not thatbothered at this point out of all leagues and just hoping to get a topK finish. Rowy, how do you go? Well, this week I'llfocus a lot on my league games because as I've said previously, I'm liketop for and top too, and a couple of my leagues were point scored, but I'm actually outside the top eight. So I had to folks a loton leagues this week, so I sort of got swept up in thata little bit. I got two, two hundred and thirty nine, whichisn't ideal. I drop sort of six hundred forty eight spots to out justoutside the top K. basically I had the better, roughly the same projectedas one of my matchups and they had done the exact same captaincy decisions asme. So I was projected about sort of twenty or thirty more for basicallythe whole week and we both be seed mccrae A and then he had lefthis captain sy on Grundy and I had a feeling grundy was going to gobig and I didn't want him to be the reason that I lost, soI also cut in Grundy, which obviously didn't go well. Long Story Short, brand will got ninety. Opponent had to him. Didn't really expect himto get ninety, so that didn't help and just everything sort of went againstme. He ended up beating me by twelve points because led sort of juststopped in his last quarter. He was on track for a one hundred andtwenty. Two got a hundred and four. Salem was on track four hundred andfifty. For my opponent. You Got Eighty six and then obviously BoontonDaniel failed to stun up. So that's what cost and me and I lostthat game. But I want my other two, so that's all right.But basically for me the situation is I'm currently outside the top eight in thosetwo leagues, but I'm probably going to be overtaking them as I like theteams ahead of me. I only one went ahead but like they're playing eachother in both leagues and I've got a better percentage, so I should justget into finals four my leagues. But we'll be interesting to see. Obviously, with that role in Marshall News is kind of screwed on my trades.I was going to be getting him this week and then final upgrade next week, but I've got to just basically flip that. Bringing a for this weekaround the fourth thirty forty K market and Marshall next week go down to zerotrades like pilch but I've got some good bench cover, but like bramble andCody Whitman and Ik Waterman Bianco and all that on the bench, so shouldbe all right. Obviously famous last words there. But yeah, it wasn'tgreat this week but it wasn't disastrous. I'm sure the people have did worse. So I'll be looking onto next week. Hope you can rise back into thattop three. K. Yeah, Pilch, how'd you go? Yeah, as we've said, ran out of trades last week. Langford, dustyWhitfield, mills, Kelly, crips, Jesus. So, Yeah, scoredtwenty one hundred. Went from rank eight hundred down one thousanix hundred. Sothe rankings out of the window. Now I think I'm actually still like toptoo in all my leagues, but got no trade. So not not winningany of my leagues either. So I think I might just might just havea look at my draft team actually this week. Haven't looked at that onesince before round one, so I'm like might get some I've actually just seenthat you went big Cork, so you've been looking at that one. Idon't now, so I might just go. I'm about that. I'm a weaponthat draft because I'm the only one who plays. Yeah, so,so I'll just go back win the draft leg and they are she'll be right. But not. I don't think I'm in the top eight for that.Last week, yeah, I played your angry only we only have ten players. So there's a solid changer in the top they like. I look,last we got to Josh Dunkley on the waivers and you picked it up innow. So yeah, so I've been. I've been dealing with a lot ofcheese like that. So I'm a chance. I'm I'm not even first, though. I think like third.

I think rowy might be ahead ofme. I think tyle. Just look at my trongth maked. I've hadtook Miller on the bench all year for Blake acres, James Robottom, exceptionand field. So that's not a deal. But yeah, if one person doesn'tplay, though, you like automatically get supped on. So you've probablybeen a been all right most weeks. But Yeah, fair enough. Thatdoes hurt in terms of trade to me this week, just quickly, Icannot believe not picking up lucky bramble has legit like hurt me as much asit has like. It was just a matter of I didn't have it doa downgrade the week he was on the bubble, otherwise I would have gothim. But yeah, that hurts for me. I'm just going dusty toa sideways forward. Might do it second trade because him alls out this weekand he's pretty expensive, so I might trade him, but then I'm downto one. So we'll see about that. But I don't really want to haveBianco and burphy on my field because that's at least one guaranteed, twentymaybe too, so that would be nice. So yeah, probably going to haveto do the two trades and just be stuck with one. But it'sa bit scary and covid times when anyone can go out at any minute forlike two week period or something. So yeah, well, we'll see.We'll see. Yeah, it's all over for me. You guys sound abit defeated yourselves. Row We still in the league's so it's Pilch, butpeel trackings is done. But we'll check back in next week and see howwe're all firing. Right time for a round nineteen preview. There's a couplegames that we don't know where they are or if they've been going to happen, but we will still do our tips, but we don't have like a linefor them so much. Just make one up and we can go fromthere. We'll also just go through the lines for the other games and tipaccording to that. We're dealing with a bit of a delay, so justbear with us, but we'll be patient here. So first up we haveport Collingwood, as I mentioned. Not sure if it's going to be happening, but let's give it a line of port. Port, the favorites.Let's go. Let's say it's at the Adelaide Oval and let's say eighteen points. This is hard being a bookmaker. Eighteen points rare. Are you going? Port of Collingwood? Probably just port. Yeah, yeah, the venue mattersway too much to even think about this. Yeah, Pilch, yeah. Yeah. If it was at the our laid over, then port.Yeah, yeah, fair enough. We'll just skip it because, yeah,it's too it's too big of a change. If it's a different venue, Carlton, North Carlton, the other favorites. The lines are only six and ahalf, which to me is quite interesting. I have no idea wherethis is being played. To be truthful, Rowley, who are you back moments? Okay, there you go. At the moment is marvel. Idon't mind north here actually, but yeah, I guess it's a top game whereI can at be going to show up. Bow can cold much getthe job done and I'm like Harry, watch kick for again. Yeah,hear it up. This usual proceedings for Carlton, Pill Twenty, yeah,Carton. Yeah, I'm going to back Carl and. I do have tosay, though, north looked so good in the first half. A incestedand they which is moving the ball so fast, hidden so many targets.They're just like Taren Thomas Ourn Hall Zee. Will just lurk it around, hiddenbombs, hidden block chess. But yeah, anyway, they're played inNorth Brittie, Gold Coast, the q class, I believe they're called.Last one was a blowout, wasn't it was like eighty points or something.But Gold Coast are better side now, we like to think. Anyway.However, the line is pretty large. Twenty seven and a half in favorof the lines. Rowley, who are you backing? I don't want thesons there for the line. Actually, I me saw brisbane sort of,sort of struggle to adjust to life after Erica put I know is obviously nota huge name, but I think he's obviously key pillar of that Ford Lineand obviously to the sun's test of the dogs they're so I actually don't wantthe sun's down the line. I'd be tipping Brisbane, but our in thesons might make it close tilch yeah, I'm gonna go to the Sun justbecause I I'm going with the heart that. Yeah, I thought I was goingahead. If I was going head I'd actually say Brisbane. There it'snot a data so they'll be I can picture brisbane putting on a statement victory, like snapping their run a bad form. I'm going to go to the sun'sjust because that's a pretty big margin. But yeah, I feel like GoldCoast back line will be suited to...

Brisbane, even like without hit putout, because they only really have columns and Ballard. So yeah, itshouldn't be too noticeable that they're one toll down. But yeah, we'll see. But I'll back the suns in the line. West Coast sank killed ourthis is ones in Perth. I actually do know that. So this isgoing to be an interesting game. West Coast, probably the most unpredictable willteam the COMP right now. You could actually argue at St Kilda as well, the line is thirteen and a half. West Coast are the favorites. I, for one, will go west coast just because I don't know whyit's in Perth rolly. What about you offer to will go with you.Move on now I'm going saints. Are you going saints for the win aswell, or just the upset as well? And Bright? Oh, I likeit bowl. I fold. Yeah, right, next time we won't botherthe line because it didn't really work for poored out. They Game AdelaideHawthorne. If they were to play, let's just say, let's say itgets moved to gold coasts. If they play match on. Who you tipping? Rosive? That's a very tough one actually. No huge clash. Sixteenor seventeen, but I see you look a couple weeks got satellaide, butthey've been, yeah, obviously home a few poor weeks and Hawthorne just tookit up to the days. So want actually back the hawks to get thisone. I think they're in a you know, they playing all right,obviously all right against the DAS. But yeah, probably just back at hawks, pilch. Yeah, yeah, you have to say hawks at the momenton form. Yeah, yeah, I agree with that. I'll probably tipthem at any venue. UN If it was in Adelaide, I'd maybe goaudelaide on the head to Heead, but I'd say the line would be infavor of Adelaide anyway. So I'd go hawks to cover it. But yeah, back in the Hawks, and surely they have some means, because Iknow last week they were down some troops in the back line. Anyway.Well, I think scrims back this week. Just that's one of them. Anyway. Then the big game of the round, while I guess the grandfinal rematch is also pretty sizeable, but the d's versus the dogs once again. No idea where there's being played, Roi, do you know where itis? I don't know where it's all. Have a look for our I meanprobably going to go the D's. I mean just they just have thatand boy's getting over the good side. I think it's the G but yeah, I'm going to say the D's there. Yeah, Piach melds, number one, fanny, back in your boys and again. Yeah, hundred percentMelbourne. They beat all the good teams, PA trucker and the bond best twoplayers in the COMP. Per Truck as the one inform at the moment. So definitely the day's spicy, spicy. There'll be a lot of talk aboutthat match up. For sure. I'll go the doggies. Liver comesback in. Makes a huge difference. They and thee they looked faltering inthe first half of that game on the weekend and it's because they didn't haveliver. Liver comes back in, he has dirty clearances, gets gets,gets hugane. It's a hundred and a hundred and fifty thousand Super Cotch points. I'm back in the the dogs. Why not? Maybe they cover thespread and Melbourne went head to head. The old the old line of oneand a half. Sydney Freyo Line is twenty two and a half. Quitesizeable. Sydney. Other favorites. Tough one. Tough one, roby.Who Are you going here? Sydney tilt? Yeah, you probably have to saySydney. It's actually kind of hard one there. But did you keepfull plus? Spicy, spicy free? I do not actually sewndots. SomeBobbie at Alex Piers. Yeah, that and FRI's defense is obviously under manon Sydney, you're going to kick a lot against them. Yeah, I'lltell you what, Alex Piers had a crack against you a long but hewas struggling out there. You could tell it all. And still kicks likefive or something. But you're no, it was really strung aboard. Mate. Now, I reckonly had a was stinker, though. Like there wasone point where he legit gave away three free the three free kicks in thespace of like four minutes. I was like, everything he was doing wasjust not gone right. But yeah, felt bad for him. Now Ijust feel bad for him because he's injury likes been so bad and I justI cling on to that year. He was like an Australian contention when hestopped his leg. But yeah, anyway, that was a long time ago.Yeah, I'll back in the SWANNE's, even though Frey are bit of aYoyo team, so they could bounce back and have a contest. Ithink Sydney, you'll win and yeah, we'll back them into win by twentytwo and a half Essen and gws,...

I don't think we know anything aboutthis game. Actually I don't know. Don't think we know where it is, what time it is, what date is, if I'm not mistaken,but we'll just go head to head here. I'm going to back in the bombers. I just think they're in better form. Roy. Yeah, thebombs two only we saw, but without taby green, a giant, soobviously just a different team. It's like saints without the Right Combo. Sorry, young, going to go the bombers. Yeah, pilch giants these back.To be fair, they can up to that. They do. Thiswas like, yeah, I was on the edge of my say it.To be fair, they do actually win when you least expected. But yeah, I don't know. I feel like north actually played really well on theweekend. I reckon they would have been most teams, but I didn't watchthe second ass I can't really talk grand final rematch. Don't know where thisis. I'd guess it's in Jee Long, but with covid could be anywhere.Geelong other favorites. The line is sixteen and a half. I'm notI don't know what to say. Roy, who are you going im it's toughbecause don't really know how times and respond here, dusty, so Imight just go the carts pilch. I think this game is actually the gokay and as a result I'm going to go with the tigs because I sawon twitter Chris Scott email the AFL trying to get it changed to Simmons andhe got knocked back. Just the old email from Chris Gott. Well,would you said like a dear Gillin, we get dogged every year and weTuy it simuls at the Gee. It's not even called Simon brought. It'scool fucking cheer. When was it called the cattery, the calory? I'llback in Richmond. I'll stage long win by fourteen and that means Richmond withthe line. So yeah, I feel like Richmond and bushes on because ofthe dusty emission, but I just think jelong and to secure. I trustthem too much to lose the game. But I think it won't be abig margin. In sixteen a half pretty sizeable against tied to the g.But that's it for week nineteen. Another great episode for those who had moneyon fifty four minutes Ros. A few win. You win the bet.Well played. Could have been some match fixing in there. You've muted yourselfbut we'll just pretend you have. There could have been match fixing there.We don't know. That's that's shopping hold for me. But we were goingto say. I was going to say on there. Yeah, a linefor the arm length of the APP. Yeah, well, played to you. The expert. Better got a few multis up on the weekend it.Did you profit overall, or did the losses outweigh the profits? Oh No, I yeah, I think I chucked in ten. I sort of cashedin at once one and thirty. So I'd definitely take it. But itwas at one sixty or seventy. One point I was sitting in the garageon Saturday night. I lost all my saint support ones and Hawks Melbourne oneand I liked you know, I was at one and seventy. I wasdown to a hundred. Well, these are shit. So I put likea dollar on like five horses in one race in islands and the pounce ofbut Kura or so that it was race one of the day. It wasfive rough us in now I chuck one dollar on each of them and oneof the fifty one dollar odds came storming homes. Thanked fifty one there.So got the account going again. But I yeah, withdrew hundred odd sayI was handy paid for a bit of petrol, so definitely take that.I think what was his name? was a car race one. It waswhere's our lovely horse at storm time. It was John the Baptiste, theBaster Carr race one, so I got on him. I know John Thebaptist. Well, good bloke, peal to. Did you have any successin the multis on the weekend now? Mate, I haven't put a multion in in in a short while so and hopefully it stays that way.Probably won't stay that way, but not there. To be fair, actuallyprovided me with some entertainment. Rose I sending through his he slips. Igot a cult calmed with but you see, you all the grain ticks. It'sjust great. It's great. It is our can arm good tactic.This year is Brown and I just deposit like a hundred, hundred and fiftyand just chocolate, like fifteen different things. That's why did last year. WasGreat Fun. Yeah, as you...

...actually likes. It's all happened.So it's a really good chance to get now. Yeah, you got.You guys always do the multi with every club's winner, though, and youalways get too wrong. It's like no, no, it's impossive. Like lastyear I the you can literally do any player in the content to polea vote. My ID, Nick Hine, was like best on against Sydney onegame and for the whole year. Just to pole vote you was liketwo dollars fifty. So I shot like fifty bucks on it and obviously so. Yeah, definitely a good tactic. A Lot, a lot. I'vegot a future on at the moment, about to for Luke Park at afinished top twenty in the Brownlow got it for three twenty five. Earlier inthe year it was looking bad, but he's actually started playing well again thelast few weeks, so he might be a sniff. I don't even hatethat because they've won a lot of games and I don't really know who wouldpick up their votes. Mills has been better, but the umpires through probablyprefer Parker because he's the big name. Yeah, and the other side gotcare if you chop it. Yeah, I've also got Georgie artist. preseasonput five dollars on him and the odds of already halved, so we'll becollecting that at the end of the year as well. It's beautiful, buta rising stuff. Are you going to cash out? Would you actually thinkhe's going to win? Oh, it's got it in his back pocket.Why can't tell serious or not? So I saw your tweet, but orreckon, they actually should win. The only blokes ahead of you my Jordan, Jackson and Tom Green. Yeah, you've just named three. Blow giveit to yeah, bit like. Do they deserve it? Tom Green's liketwenty six hours. He eldible. Actually not convinced. Yeah, anyway,their play and I'll back in. James Jordan, say, player in thetop. I think him and Mitch the top two. Yeah, fair enough, George Ardis is a good play. will be a gun. All right, that's enough dribble for today. I reckon, boys. We've been inour finest dribbling fashion. I I'm still just looking at the tips and justgoing through ahead. There's some absolutely stump me there, but it's throwing mefor a real one. We're actually going right on an our row. I'vematch fixed it for you perfectly, but well done. Good luck support andSt Kilda this weekend. Hopefully they both get up wherever port play, whoeverthey play, and say killed against the weigels. Everyone will be going forthem because everyone hates west coast. Good luck. It's some coaches. Well, I hope you beat me, Roley. It's because you know there's no pointof be winning really kind of eating. Yeah, well, with the greatestspecial. I think it's paying about a dollar or six. Maybe,maybe that's even generous, like no back, coming up against Alex Bolt or somethingin round one, breakast and not and not at the olds, openat the at the Belgrade. It's just not even a chance. But yeah, thanks for Johnny Boys. That's open all day, even no back.More Mat Nah, Mate Bolt. All these are beast in Australia. Tellme bolts that got a chair to Belgrade when he's being abused in Serbian.But yeah, absolutely, dribble boys. Will be back next week. Thanksfor tuning in. Thanks join me, Lads. Enjoy, lockdown, staysafe, go team GB actually in the Olympics and Australia anyway, but.

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