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Episode 19 · 2 years ago

AFL 2020 Predictions - Episode 18


Hamish is joined by AFL experts, Angus Rowe and Jack Broadbent, to dissect the upcoming AFL season with ladder predictions, surprise All Australians picks and a whole lot more.

I'm change settle. Welcome back to the on the ball podcast. This is episode eighteen of the show. If I'm not mistaken, we are feeling this a little bit in advance. It is a week prior to when it's going to be released. So today's topic is AFL. The first time we'll be discussing Australia's game. I'll give it that title on the PODCAST. So I'm joined by two AFL experts, broady and Rowy. Welcome guys. Get a might be on probably the two most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to AFL. So definitely thought you were worth the cool up, both of you. Would you say your experts? Close to it. I do love it. I'm pumped for the start of the season. So yeah, it's a great bought the footy. It's been hard to be hard to catch up on all the infovum lately and trying to refresh my memory today and past week or sorry, it's changing every day. I'm sorry it I've been struggling. What, yeah, three months. I need my forty back and lacking. So it's the twenty six of May. So things might have changed since we've recorded this, but as of now, we've had five rounds of fixtures released, is that not? It's all right, Yep, correct, direct. And then it's the first match is set for June eleventh, which is a Thursday night. It's looking like a seventeen game season, so everyone will play each other once. So that's where we're at the moment. Nothing has been confirmed past round five in terms of fixtures and weather. West Coast and freemantle will stay in the Gold Coast or whatever. So looking forward to its starting, as I am for pretty much every sport. To be honest, AFL grand finals a bit later this year due to covid it's on the same day as the cocks plate. So how do we feel about that? Boys, why not? I thought that's going to be worked over that tale. Yeah, I think death perfect. I reckon the grand final this year. Have the cock fight in the afternoon and just roll into the granny the magnificent. It's a great year to test out a few test out if you possible, loise that. Yeah, they may as well tell you. Without a crowd and stuff, may as well try it. Why not? Yeah, obviously COVID's not being a fun experience. Like lots of casualties and stuff, but has to be said, at the end of the tunnel we're going to be dealing with some dream sport times with some overlapping of like the most popular sports and stuff. I know the NRREL and a felt grand finals on the same weekend, which is pretty big for me as like that's one of forty penciled in the calendar looking forward to that weekend. So to start off, how about we just share a little story so broad. You suggested this. I'm big fan of the idea. So, broady, will start with you. What what's your favorite live afilm match of all time? Well, being a cart and supporter, it's a pretty easy one for me and there aren't too many choices, to be honest, to pick from. Definitely I was twelve, nearly thirteen, and it was a two thousand and thirteen elimination final, Carlton Against Richmond. I think there's about ninety five thousand day and there was probably two to everyone. Richmond supported a Carlton supporter and we were down by about four or five goals at halftime and we stormed time to win it and it was just an unbelievable day out. I still remember. I know if you guys remember it, but Chris Jadney it wasn't the sealer but it felt like it, and Dennis Committee had his famous commentary this would be fitting, this wooden fitting. And Yeah, I just I reckon my life of that game about a hundred times since we probably haven't really done anything of note the Carton Football Club since that day. So yeah, that's definitely my fondest live game for sure. What about you, Roy? Well, similar to Broady, I'm a saints Fan. Not a lot of it's fun memories recently for guys. Yeah, obviously we will playing finals back before is an absolute die on, but I'll still strong support of it. So I think my fondness memory has to actually come in the terms of an absolute smashing, one of very rare ones we've done. It was two thousand and seventeen. It was Maddie...

...match at Eddie had stadium and we were playing the Tigers. Well made. The special was I was with one of my mates Ben, who's mad rich and fan, and it was their premiership year two thousand and seventeen, but I was remember we are playing was ninety two to ten a half time. It was. You know, it's always great to go to a close game and lets your ten get up. But that that night at a marvel was just it was just great to secure some breaking rights, at least for a month or two before you're been around twenty three, but especially can't imagine you guys finished too high that year. No, no, it was. It was definitely our most decorated wine of these season. But I just remember I think was way in the stuff. Jack Stephen Kicks the final goal of the second quarter. Plus Ninety two to turn up. Ben Stormed out, found them ten minutes later talking in the tunnels with a just holding a mile ice crags, looking like you'd seen a ghost. It was, but it was. It was a great win. It's probably my most memory one. Yeah, said he's smashing. It's a saints Fan, but it was definitely a good one. Yeah, Mine I've got to contenders. So I've got the showdown in two thousand and eighteen, I think, when we're in near twelve. I was lucky enough to be invited by podcast regular Christians parents. It was his eighteen birthday gift, so we traveled to Adelaide. He's mad poored outelaide fan. I'm a casual Port Adelaide fan wouldn't say any more than casual. But and then, yeah, we've talked about it before on this podcast, but famous match went down to the wire. Adelaide took the lead late, with about a minute thirty left. Mitch McGovern kicked one from like forty five out and then Adelaide won the clearance with forty five seconds to go. And then I can't remember who was, but someone from the port halfback line just bumped it forward and Steve Moltlab it's fair to say it's a bit of a flop, but of a flop of a signing. I thought he's going to be a bit better than he is, but can't take this moment away from him. He just slotted one in forty out and that was pretty much game over. There's only like twenty seconds left. So that was the sealer. Think we won by five points. We were either one point down and then that took us five points like in the lead, ORLS WE LL five points down and that took us one point in the lead and not sure, and then second contender. So that's probably it, because I was a great experience traveling to other lad and stuff, but this one is just a pisser of a night. The Western bulldogs versus the cult cart. Fair to say, there's a bit of alcohol involved. I remember smuggled in some of the mentone liquor clearances finest petrol, ten doll of vodka bottle. I think I was about sixten a deep at this time. And who was it? Broughty, mccay and kernel. It was mainly Charlie the he kicks seven that night. It was Um. Yeah, and what was it? I felt like color, like thirty points down or something maybe more about and that they can have got with him a kick. Yep. Yeah. And then they didn't win, though, did they now? Lost by three points still. Yeah, but it was just right night. The last quarter was so fun. There was about five or six of US and every time CAL and kick go, we're just get up and because, like, apart from you, where none of us like column fans, but we were just like getting into it. And Yeah, it was good fun and kicked on later that night. Yeah, I'm manning to convince you guys to come with me to that game. I think WHO's involved? I think that's what got you across the line. Yeah, on paper it's probably it wasn't a marquee match, but yeah, the village bell session after definitely was the louer there. All right, so the main ticket item of today's episode is our ladder predictions. So I think we should just roll through one by one. We'll go to alphabetical order. Yeah, so we'll just say our position justify why we reckon. They're going to improve or get worse. So first up we've got the other lad crows, where if you guys got them finishing seventeen, for me, well, I've also got seventeen. Yeah, that I've got thirteen, but definitely can see how they're going to get worse. Why do you guys reckon Broidy? Well, they lost to Sydney at home in round one, which I thought was a big loss because I do think Sydney are going to be great this year and they they got in. They lost a lot of players in the offseason. I don't think it's going to help going to gold case for the first next four rounds after the showdown. Yeah, I just I don't write them much at all. They're going to have a very lane season. Row He's say same reasoning pretty much. Um. Basically, yeah, it's...

...just the lost. They lost that. Obviously. They lost essentially a mini spine in their team. They lost, you know, Keith of the as the tall defender of the lost. Jacobs is the Rock, green wood around the ball, Jenkins in the forward line, and it's just Eddie bets as well. You better as well. Yeah, and I think, I think the main problem rises at the center. Bounce on the midfields not explosive. That all. There's no flare. The crash bothers. You know, they they'll combined to nearly semi touches a game. But you know, this is not much has done with it. Ns, you know, getting to the end his career. I just I just don't see them really damaging like, you know, a team like Richmond, George Colin, who can do yeah, definitely a team I've got. Well, we all have have them decreasing this year. Haven't gone as extreme as you guys, but they're. I found it hard in my lot of predictions because there's a lot of teams who like they they've passed their peak, but they're not necessarily rebuilding and like bottoming out. Yeah, so you've got like Sydney, audelaid, freemantle, Hawthorne, North like they're all kind of hanging on and they're not like just accepting that they're not good at the moment and just like trading away all their stars. So it's kind of hard to predict because other lates team, on paper they're still got some good players. Agree, as you're saying, rowey. They've got a lot of players who their names like a famous, like text and the crouches, but realistically they don't actually impact much. But they did signed Billy Frampton, so I'll had text is the most I've write a player in the competition. Oh me, which we're talking about this the other day. Who are you taking? Text or Charlie Dixon? On taking strong? I said text, but Piach was disgusted by I think he said body has more of a presence. Text walkers a bit soft. Yeah, that's actually what pill said. Yeah, Pill said Dixon brings the small forwards into the game by just being a large lump of meat. So yeah, definitely overrated towards things. And Yeah, I often find a glad a pretty in between that spot of about nine hundred and ten and even down Seventen, is just that clump of teams that are agree. They're always the same group of teams and they're always just the you know, not exactly nothing teams, but you never know what's going to happen. You always think they're going to finish in that area, but you never know who's going to finish where. Yeah, like bloody normal every you think they're going to come like sixteen or seventeen and they just say hapen like nine. I think we very even this year, like Adelaide, if they do finish seventeen, they're going to be far better than other sides who have finished seventeen and other seasons. If you know that, if I I still could win. Well what they're playing seven eight games this year. They still might win, you know, six or seven. It's possible. Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely, like we don't know it's going to happen past round five, but I definitely think for the interstate teams, not having that like kind of a way fear factor for especially Victorian teams traveling to Adelaide or Perth. I think they'll definitely affect them. But we don't know. After round five they could be playing at home so that might not even be a factor. So next we've got the Brisbane lions they came second last year. So, yeah, what do we have them coming? I have them sliding, admitting to seven. I've got him sliding. I've got him sliding two, six, Yeh, I've got them at for so why? Why do you guys reckon? They'll slide. We'll go roy first this time. Um, I just think, look, it's the straight sets. I think it was a mini, mini realization of sort of where they were. Yeah, I love, absolutely love their list. I love the way they play. I love this, the transition from back to Ford. I Love Andrews is obviously Australian fullback. I think with iten's got one of the best kicks in the calm. You got mcclunchens or Comfield here, put in Cameron, but it's just the ability of those guys to perform. I always, always like to compare it to perform against Richmond at the MCG. How successful is that format going to be against them? I think a lack of experience does hold them back slightly, but I think if they can overcome that sort of, you know, stereotype of the young teams, young interstate teams, being able to play at the g against top teams like Richmond, I think then they can definitely be a presence in September more than they were last year. What are you reckon, brody? All Right, I'm on the same page. I think that lack of experience hurts him in my sort of like top five. I've gone a lot of experience teams and I guess that's the question. How does this few months break kind of affect the teams and how they come back? And I just the young side might struggle... regain their my jo initially actually had them probably not thought ten. I thought they'd slide a lot. That was my big bolt. I'm not a bolt, but the other way big slider. But yeah, it's interesting to see. I think help their first like month or obviously all playing in Brisbane. That's going to help, but then they'll have to travel a lot after that. So that I mean they're going to be a good side for a number of years, but I just don't think this year will be the yeah, I reckon the Richmond, the collingwoods, the West Coast. I think they're a lot stronger in most areas. Like yeah, they've got a lot of talented players, as you're saying, rowing, as you're saying Rowi. Yeah, and that'd be wrong. But Um, yeah, I definitely think they'll be one of the sliders. It was for me it was hard to pick out of like the finals teams, because usually there's one or two that drop out each year. Yeah, I found it really hard to like choose the ones that we're going to drop. But yeah, so they're definitely one of the contenders to slide this year next. We've got Colton close to close to home, Brill Bent. I've got I've got them in sixteen. I feel bad for doing it because it's where they came last year and realistically they should have an upward trajectory, but I just find it hard to see them improving to a level where they're better than like those confusing teams above them that we were talking about before. That just inconsistent. So where do you guys have them? Well, I'm obviously a bit optimistic, being m yeah, I'm going twelve. All right, I think I don't leave a fair bit. I don't think I've gone overboard with that prediction. Yeah, agree. Yeah, I obviously it's we're still young developing side, but I think, you know, back line staying to take shape with docherty back. He's going to help a lot and and you know, I think some of the young midfielders to help crips will like set of field and those type of players they are. Hopefully they go to the next level. And also Jack Martin. You know, he was unbelievable and round one thing. He quite a cracking game. I think him with Eddie back in the side. Harry McKay is going to be fitted again. I'm bit bullish, but obviously not finals yet, but hopefully we can win, you know, seven or eight games. That would be awesome. What about you, Roy? I've got them at fourteen. Yeah, ill, really I do want to put them higher. Yes, I do want to. I really want to believe in colden and I reckon. I'll go the time become when we're able to. They'll always show fight, which is obviously really good. That's what I like about them. either. Just think there's always going to be that one, one or two sort of Game Day um sort of weak links, for example, you know, like disposal efficiency, like you know, Kay Douse, kicking or something to always pee a few of those little weaklings, something that set them apart. Like, you know, you go to Richmond, a West Coast game. You know there's not going to be many times or your fans are just like, you know, God, what was that intense? Coming? Exactly Rally? Yeah, exactly, but I'd do I can't wait to put them higher. Hay, to admit to your body because you're a calm fan, but actually can't wait to put them h like probably next year. Next year, put them into a finals contender. Then on this take train, mate. But coming where? Yeah, yeah, I want to say they're going to do the big jump that like Brisbane did, but I just struggle. So I've got teams above them like Freemantle, Hawthorne North and I just reckon. They're more likely to get gritty wins where they're not pretty but they just take the points. where, Carlton, I think they're more likely to have a lot of honorable losses where they're that they show glintses, they have like really good twenty minute pockets and then they just don't like eventually get over the line. So that's why I've got them there. But eventually they are going to jump and this could easily be the year. So I definitely think twelve is an our rageous prediction. Broady, collingwood. I've got them winning the minor premiership side on. Oh, what about you? Oh, I mean, I've got them. I won't really have fair inches. I've got them at third, but I'm definitely I'm not going to say that they had to do worse than I see. I think I'll do around about the same. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think list is roughly the same. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, they you know, they set the dogs packing around one. They too definitely a so what they were capable of. I think they're one good toll forward away from being first in my eyes,... know, like if you took it, you know, if you replace that Mason Cocks with, let's say, hypothetically, like Jeremy Cameron, and I'd Chuck Him as a lock at number one. I just think that that one toll forward away from really being a lock another one in my eyes. Yeah, for me I've got a bit of a top three that are better than the rest of the camp. I reckon Collingwood, west coast and Richmond are in there are and sort of league personally. So, Yeah, I've got Colin Collingwood one, but for me those three teams, they're all very similar. It's really just a random order. I just reckon, as you said, on paper just got a really good list. And they where do they come? Last year? Four. Yeah, they came forth. So I reckon. Yeah, I reckon this year could be the year where they're a bit more dominant. But they are only there. Are Only one win behind first. So they were right in amongst it last year and I reckon this year could be the years that they go to another level. Yeah, broady wife, you got them in first. Me are similar to you. Guys. Think they're quality outfit and they're probably do this year. I mean they made the grandy in two thousand and eight and then should have won their pretty Lim last year. They've sort of choked it a little bit, I gain. Yeah, although I thought the shorter quarters will help him a bit. I reckon we've got some sort of explicive forwards like to go ee and Alliott and Stevenson, and I reckon shorter quarters for those guys will suit him. And I mean with their midfield and you know they're going to win a lot of ball and even if their foot there. Yeah, forwards are great. You know they're gonna be able to kick a winning scored just what how much supply they have, and I like it. And IW field for across the back line. You know, they're pretty hard to find faults across the lines. I reckon. Yeah, yeah, know they're an amazing team. So next we're rolling in with Oh, is that shortened quarter rule apply for the whole season? Yes, the whole season. Yeah, interesting, I thought that was just a round one thing, but fair enough. Next we've got essendon. For me, this was a pretty tough one to predict. I've got them in fifth, so I've got them jumping from eight, but there was pretty random, to be honest. Arter, I reckon they're due for a spike. They've kind of been lurking around a similar point of the ladder since the whole drug saga. They've kind of just been lurking at like seventh, eighth, just outside the eight. So I reckon they're do for a good year. Fairly young team. They've had a fewer right pickups, like nothing, no game changes, but, like Jacob Town said, Tom Cutler, just some fillers who, you know, had some depth. Yeah, I haven't really lost anyone, which is always a big thing. And Yeah, I just reckon. I can see them just jumping to FIV. Really not really much logic behind it. Where Iver you guys got them coming? I've got them, yeah, I've got them. I there's a line ball between another team. I've got them at eight. Some of them just sneaking in. Round one obviously wasn't. It wasn't convincing against free, but there's only so much you can take away from around one really. I think they obviously dominated the trade. Perod obviously keeping rights here and done hearned. I think cut was a good addition for them. Yeah, it's a funny one. The bomb is I'm every time I've gone to a game with them in it, they've always got the atmosphere of a, you know, like a top four team. They're always the dog humming, we'd say. I obviously they're going to be the dominating team at the game, being Saints Fan, but yeah, I just I just there's I think she'll will have a big year. I think they'll help them. Yeah, it's just they always seem to just fall short of it. Yeah, that's I haven't just sneaking in. Yeah, well, I've gone the other way and I must admit I'm not an essendent fan at all. I've got interesting. I think they're going to slide. I just don't write them ivly highly. I mean round one was I know you say it was only round one, but free it too only just get over the line against Free Hour at home was pretty unimpressive and I think Anna hers not fit. Like, who's going to kick their goals? That's my question. Yeah, there whilst meeting round. Is that right to Melbourne? Yeah, they'll. You know, Townsend's not really going to fill that role. Yeah, it's interesting. I like they could easily make the finals. They were really hard team for me to place. I was thinking, I don't they're not a very haven't been a very successful team over a long period of time now. I just reckon that. I...

...don't know if they're quite as professional as some of those are, the teams like a Hawthorne or something like that. Yeah, yeah, they're not as star started and even if they make the finals like I've predicted, I can't see them having an impact at all. Could extend their streak of getting knocked that's right away. Stick stain or thing without a final. Yeah, pretty fairly nice. Could be setting themselves up for that again. I'll be honest. I actually haven't predicted for a finals team to drop out, so that I know that's a very unrealistic one, but I just I just think they're all pretty elite teams, obviously as they made finals. But Um, next we were just discussing them, freemantle. I think they're another one who are very tough to predict because they always somehow seem to just get a few scrappy wins that you don't expect them to get. I've got them in twelve, but that I think they've got a few young stars in like chair racial, obviously probably a bit biased as he went to our school, and they've obviously got five and stuff. So I can't see them finishing in like the bottom few. But they have lost Ed Langdon and Brad Hill, so I think they could be fairly big losses. And there they've got a new coach, so that might, you know, take a little bit of a process to embed them in. So yeah, I've got them in twelve, but another tough one. They could easily probably been like fifteen or something. So where if you guys got them? I've got him sixteen. Yeah, I think. I think traveling to Gold casts is going to hurt him early on, you know they're lost their first game. They they could easily be like one and for going back home. And then once you're down, you know early like that in the seasons, that real struggle from there. So, yeah, I really have too much reason behind I just think there's a lot of other teams probably a bit more experienced than a bit better than them. Yeah, I've got them. I've got them at sixteen to yeah, on the base that you look. I looked at their team and if you take out five walters, I get very scared for them. I don't see really much else there. There will when I'm a game of footy. Apart from those two plays. I think it's you. I think, great, he'll come out. was obviously a big loss for them. Yeah, honestly, if you took out five falls out of team, if they got injured or suspended and I was following them, I just wouldn't watch them until they returned. They're the only they were only real hopes they've caught. To be honestly, in a game they do a very good talent coming through, though. Obviously brayshurench our Chara going to be stars. I samster on debut was good and kids are three even really recreat one of them game this Jesse you Hogan going to be playing fifty fifive. Think I saw him. I sorry, was training the other day, but I can't see him playing the first game, but maybe during the season. Yeah, so you never know. That could add a bit x factor if he somehow refinds his form to be pretty pretty cool to see. Actually. Yeah, for me, freemant or north, they're they're always hard because each year, the last like three seasons, I've always gotten up. This is the year where they just rubbish and then they somehow like come twelve, thirteen. So yeah, I've I've I'm guessing that they're going to keep that up, but I'm yeah, it's probably they're at a little bit ambitious. Yeah, all right. Next we've got geelong, the minor premiers of last year. They are my big slider or I think this is a controversial pick. The I've got them in eight, so I've still got them making finals. I still reckon if they get there, they've got enough superstars to make it impact. But I think they're aging a little bit. I think they're trying to do that difficult task of kind of getting in some young players whilst also being a top quality side. They've lost Tim Kelly and yeah, I just reckon they might drop a little bit. They've got like Tomahawks, cell would, danger field, aublet. They're all getting a bit older, so might be. Also, they're probably Jew an injury, if I'm honest, like danger Tomahawk. They never get injured, those blokes. So they could be Jew and injury. But yeah, so that I've got them to slide. But I don't know about it, if I'm honesty with a lot of the points. Actually, I think the fact that the fixed is change and they're playing a few more games at home. It could ginue park will help them because that grounds, you know, rarely really skinny and difference all the other grounds. So they probably have the biggest home ground and vantage without crowds, if that makes sense. Yeah, I haven't... fifth I think I think I'll be. They're abouts getting their man. They got a still got their top end. They've got a lot of good players and yeah, exactly. Yeah, half a dozen eight stars, YOU'RE gonna be out to win a fafty game just from them. So you know, they might bundle out first or second week of finals. But I think, I think they'll be there abouts again. Yeah, I've got him. I've got him the same. I've got a fifth. Looking back the load, I did not realize that finished first last year. I'll be honest. It was so close last year, though. Yeah, that's the feast. The last day. First to fifth. It was only four points, while I had a really good start and that like eight and one or nine one, and then they started to fade for memory. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think, Joe Long, they're going to win their first for assuming they they whole form, and thing is they're only real task. So going me four and one, which obviously sets them up well, and I think loss of Kelly will hurt. They weren't completely, you know, cover it, but I think they will make up for it. They've got good debt. You know, the likes of Guthrine Duncan know. They've obviously haven't got missing, but they've gone. They've become underrated. Now I think I'm more than just the depth player, that's for sure. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, there. So I think they will will be all right to cover them and I don't have them sliding to five because of their own fault. I've just got it because I write other teams, you know, as much as they're maybe a tiny bit more. Yeah, yeah, so I got yeah, I definitely think if just long could have picked superstar to lose, it would have been someone in the midfield, because that's probably where they've got the most depth. Like if it was maybe Thomas Steward or put salves or one of the forwards, that probably would have impacted them a lot more. But yeah, in saying like me saying they're coming eight, it's probably more just I'm kind of thinking I don't have Collingwood, West Coast Richmond sliding like just law of averages. Someone has to slice yeahs along with just the unlucky ones, I think for me. But also I've got them matching up against Essen in finals and I could see them just coming out and beating Essen and by like fifty points. So I'll probably wouldn't want to come up against them in September or October this year, if I'm honest, given the amount of like star players they have with a lot of experience from one end of the spectrum to the other. We've got the Gold Coast sons. I think this will all the gray on. Yeah, I didn't want to do it. Put them last, Fellas, but by reasoning is I've got a bit of a justification for all my teams here. Unfortunately, no one is worse than them, and that's basically says it all. There's no team that is worse than Gold Coast. I couldn't say more. Yeah, they might improve a little bit, but ultimately the performance they're going to put out, it's just going to be worse than seventeen s performance. I think it would a bit of a better culture and they're starting to retain a few of the young players, but I mean, you can't see him winning more than probably three or four games this season, and that I'll have him bottom, unfortunately. I really do wish gold coast sounds well. I want to see them start winning some games, but I think two thousand and twenty is not the year. Yeah, yeah, that you're saying, though I think they're starting. They just need to like two or three drafts worth of players just to stick there for a little bit. Yeah, yeah, like they need Rankin lakotious king is like a just a few others just to hang around for maybe five years or so, and then all it needs is all that all it takes is one or two good years and then a few others start to see is a more exciting prospect to go to. So, yeah, it can change at the moment, not the yeah, yes, at the moment. Rower, you've got them in last as well. Assume. Yes, yes, I do. It's good for moost year. They're on level playing field everyone else, with no crowds. But they like yeah, there's you know, there's there's not going to be another same, worse and Gold Coast. It's a bit but I think, yeah, they are. It's very early days. I do think that's starting. Very early days, obviously, but they're starting to develop a little bit of Colgy. They're obviously they've had, I think, to very good drafts in last two years. I was got keys of coach rank and they got rail, Anderson, Sam Flanders. They're all. That's six top lemon picks. I forgot about two years. Yeah, drive well, when they're obviously and you got nine or ten really, you know, Gunn Young puyers to build a team around exactly exactly when you off from a bit of money. Hopefully they'll stay and then they actually will start to rise up the ladder. Yeah, but yeah, two thousand and twenty is...

...not going to be the year of the Gold Cross Suns. Yeah, can't current really summit up better than that. But hopefully Isaac Rankin can stay fit for the whole season because he has one of the more exciting highlight reels of any draft prospect. I've setten in the last few years, so one has played yet. Yeah, yeah, I wonder how he'll go in there, fell next up we've got gws. So another team who I'd probably say is tough to predict because they're one of those teams that each year run's like, oh well, this is the year where they come out dominate, come first, but they never seem to do it. I've got them in sixth, which is exactly where they came last year. They're a young team, so they should improve, but I just don't think for me they're as good as Collingwood, west coast, Richmond and those kind of teams. So I've got them in sixth, wherever you got them in Rowdie. I've actually got them in second. I've got them rising. Oh, I love that. I Love Jeto. Yes, I I I write them extremely highly. Just looking, yeah, literally, just looking at their at their best twenty two, you just go you know you just got superstar, superstar, superstar. I think the addition of Jenkins will actually help more than people think. Yeah, I think having a changing Rochman is, I think, a very demanding task for the midfield is in age ten. You know, if you have a changing rock every two or three weeks, it just changed the whole change the whole structure of the midfield. Every center bounced. There is I think they'll obviously helped with the fixture of the fact you only play every team once, as will all the top teams, which is, I think, like good reason to say that all the top eight teams will whilst you will stay in it this year. And I said in lose. I want to noticeable and Patton Thomason, you know patent play, had hardly played exactly. Not much of a loss there. Yeah, I have him in second as well. I love this from you boys right here up. I hope that happened. I was a very similar roddy. Yeah, I just think. I think I'll be hungry after last year. I mean think they're embarrassed routing in the granny and I think they'll be hungry to come back and and perform. They're impressing in round one against you a long who was, you know, another top all contender and they took care of them with ease. Yeah, I just I mean across the lines. Just got set great players. You know, some of their backmen are so underrated, like guy like Nick Haynes. I look at he's an APP yet that I have. The competition in the midfields deep and when you got forwards like Cameron and green, I've little Teddy Green. Love him now, I reckon they'll be right up there again. So I've got him in second yeah, there. I think the last few years a lot of the stars have been injury interrupted or, in Toby Green's case, suspension interrupted. Like can nearly o I think, only play like half the season last year. Josh Kelly's had injury issues and yeah, as you said, toe, as I said Toby Green's the last two years like hardly even players because he's just in the judiciary every every other Tuesday. So if they can all stay on the park, they've got a really young team. I think Taranto could take the next step this year and become a fully fledged elete midfielder. And Yeah, I definitely want to see them come second and I hope that happens. But right, we have to weigh my moon, isn't he? Is that right? Is He? Yes? Yes, I was taken out. I'm super coaching. Is that serious or that right? I'm just gonna I should. I don't know, have to uses, I think. Yeah, I'm going to quickly flit to the injury released on. So with Hawthorne, as you find that for us. So Hawthorne there came ninth last year. They're another one of those teams where it's hot tough to predict their kind of rebuilding on the go. I've got them in a similar position. I've got them coming ten. They've gained Pattern Game Sen frost, which isn't really much, and the biggest worth on Mitchell. Yes, that's very important. Wherever you got them coming Robin? I've got him in eight. I've got him sneaking into the ate. Yeah, I know, I think. I think season will suit him a bit shorter. They got some older players who'll probably like the shortest season, like Berg, going in those types, I mean. And the Mitchell is a big addition back into the team and with class and you know he's an amazing coach. So I think he'll have him ready quickly to go as soon as the season starts getting while other teams are probably a bit slower to sort of you know, get back into their structures and things like that. Yeah, I don't like Hawthorne... all, but I think I'll like yeah, as much as it pains me to say it. Yeah, I think. I think Tom Mitchell this year might be a lot more impactful because although, like when he won his brown low everyone used to take the piss out of him for being like a super coach or fantasy pig, but I think now he's surrounded by a lot more quality, like James Likes it, since that year, Warpedo's taking a step up. They've got wing guard. So I think now he's got a lot more quality around him. So, like his he's Gutsy work in the middle. He might be able to like hand it off to them and then they can move forward a bit easier. or He might not even have to do less dirty work and he might be able to like lower's volume but think more about how he uses his disposal. So I think he's going to kind of in improve his reputation this year. Well, where do you have them. Really I've got a bit nine. I would had a very lineball call between them and Asse it in further finals. Yeah, Hey, they round one was solid. Obviously they bit the lines. I just I like Essendon's list a tiny bit more. I just think hawks there's not a massive amount, you know, stand out plays apart from Mitchell. I don't see them having Australian play, you know, maybe sicely or something like that. But I've also think they need one identify their numb one toll forward target. You know, you don't know who it's going to be. It's going to be. He's going to be Mitchell Lewis, or is going to find the pattern, or is going to be Tim O'Brien. I think they need to set that in. I think there's a lot there's gonna be a lot of reliance on ball pool. He's obviously done, but I think what he's going to be? Twenty one, twenty to something like that. You're still pretty young. Yeah, with Tom Mitchellin there's going to give it out to him. I there's gonna be a lot of reliance on him and I don't know if that we enough to win them as many games I'm near. I got here today as well. So yeah, ending on actual serious that that could early on in the season as well. Yeah, I think they've got it interesting list because when you say the names, they've got a few good names, but then at the same time you compare them to the teams above them and they'd like just don't even match up well at all. But then they've got arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time, so it's hard to ever say Hawthorne Out of it. Melbourne is the next cab off the rank. I keep saying this about every team, but I actually think Melbourne is the hardest to predict. Agree. I've got them in. I've got them in fourteen once again. My justification here was they surely have to be better, like they have to improve a little bit, like they just can't come seventeen again. They've made a few decent signings, Ed Langdon Mitch Brown, Holly Beanell, if he plays, could could be good effect on on the for hundred fifty. Where do you guys have them? I have them at if safe. But yeah, you know, I want to put them higher. I want I want to see them good again. That's weird to say. I think. I think that, you know, obviously they had the good inclusions of Langton Thomason. They'll help with their transition worries. I love the look of Cozy pick it. I think he's going to give fans a reason to go to games, especially once he becomes you know, that's when we can go to yeah, when other yeah, exactly. Yeah, well, at least yeah, I'll give fans a reason to watch the game. Yeah, I think I was looking at for I like their forward line. I like Tom McDonald's made tie of Fritsch as just that you know, mobile sort of half toll forward. You've got players like milk and flooding in there, because I pick option always kicks goals when I watch them. He's Handy for Super Code, actually don't get and I think it's for sports beat. Yeah, yeah, anytime goal scores great value. Well, you're going to say brody pit truck is going to tracks in fruity. Here I've got him fish. Yeah, and question Melbourne's is who is the Real Melbourne? Is it twenty, yeah, Alban or two thousand and Nineteen Melbourne? And it's hardly gone halfway between. Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think that recruited really well, quite smartly for what they needed. It more outside run and ball, youth. I mean it's it's they're really hard to know. I'm not certain at all about ten. I think. You know, they got a lot of their midfield still very good with gone, if you know, leave and may a fit again now. So that should help down back.

I can't see him making the finals. Just you know, they weren't. They got killed by West Coast round one and just don't know after that. Well coached either. But yeah, I've got it in ten. Looking back. They lost by four goals in round one. Yeah, yeah, but I think I think they were actually killed around the group cruising the man. Yeah, there were. Next we've got, I keep funny saying this, another tough team north, North Melbourne, every year, I said earlier, but every year think they're going to come seventeen, eighteen and that they somehow come like twelve or thirteen. I've got them in fifteen, new under new coach Ri Shure. He was in my first super coach team ever. I think I remember that great man putting up s and s for me. Where do you guys have him? Brought it eleven for me. Oh, they had a really good second half the season. One sure, yeah, came last year. I think they played with a real hardness and toughness about them and yeah, I think they'll surprise a few people this season. I mean they had a good win in round one to come back against and killed us. So that shows that they got plenty of fighting in spirit. And I got some good young players. My favorite Cam Zer Ha. He's one of favorite in the Corp. I love the way he goes rolly. What do you what do you have? I've got him at thirteen. It's just it's just one of those teams in that clump between, you know, like finals and near to the bottom. I think it was. If they're playing any other if any other team had that position around one the Saint Youlter, then they would have lost. But obviously wich oats, I think it's they were enoughing team for a few years. It just got to the point when they needed someone to emerge, and they did. They got Zer high, Jos Sympkin, Tara Thomas, who's looks like as me, really good. They just and nick lay as well. They needed those playing. Cunnington like became a beast. Yes, it once took it to another level. They needed just a emergence around, you know, plays like Zeebel Higgins Been Brown. I think that's helped them. I don't know how far I will get them, but that's kept them out of the range of, you know, bottom for bottom five or, yeah, bottom full five. Thinkers kept him out of that range. Yeah, they always shocked me every year. So I'm pretty confident they'll actually be high the fifteen. But I'm just going surely one year I'm right. So next we've got poured outdelaide. I feel like pilch. Being in my it every day about how Port Adelaide is has disfigured my opinions on port. I've got them coming. Nine. Yeah, where have you guys? Got Them coming? I've gone even harder. I've gone six. Oh, I don't know why, I just I just I actually have no idea why, to be honest. Yeah, I have the feeling that I don't know. Port are going to have their year. This is are you? They're always just missing out on the eight are I think they're still got a very solid core of pliers, so we'll see what happens. But I'm bish about port. I think they're gonna really surprise a few people. I've got them at don't kill me, pills. I've got them at ten. I think he'll take that. Yeah, it's just the one big waitness with him. I thing is there's never consistent three mids in the middle at every set bounce. Yeah, he's you know, it's not like you know with Richmond will be dusty and down pressed year and I'll chuck someone that's good in there. But yeah, I just I don't see. You can know wines is signed to become a bit iffy. I think worth the Shit, if I'm honest. Sucks. Yeah, how pepper? You know, probably their best twenty two and yeah, I rocked lifs that like. I think it is one of the worst like center bounce units in the yeah, honest, I do absolutely love though the youngest is rosy. Does my bodies and our George Ars. I remember watching against Melbourne Rom one in twenty twenty lad, I think. Yeah, yeah, at the J and I was just saying, wow, I've looked at these bikes briefly in the draft period and now they're just completely turned it on. They're like my favorite three players in calm. But yeah, I've got them coming ten yeah, I think, although they don't have the most skillful list, I think port has the perfect blend of ages. Like they've got guys who would just passed their peak, like well, boke, he didn't play like it last years, playing his... ever, but not like you got Ebit Gray West off. They're all kind of like pass their prime. But then when you add in the Youth Fulk Zuberance of the guys you just mentioned, it kind of all blends pretty nicely. And then you've also got like Burn Jones and Dan. People say Houston, but it has to be US used to we have a problem, it has to be Houston. So Yeah, Houston, Burn Jones. They're kind of get into that age where they should start to become like as good as they will ever become, basically. So Ye, I reckon. I've got them a ninth all pretty similar there. They have lost dougle Howard, Patty Rider, but they've got like Scott Lycet and then they've got clary and Tom don't us down back. So I think they'll be able to cover that. Next we've got their raining premiers, the Richmond Tigers. Shout out to the granders. Probably not listening, but I've got them coming third, not really any reason. They have won both their premierships. Coming third, though, so could be an omen. There's a great team. Really, I can't see they're not making the top four personally, unless there's a bit of a premiership hangover. Haven't really lost anyone to pivotal. They lost them Butler, townsend, calum Moore, but they're all pretty mythical blokes from the VfL mainly. So yeah, there's not really any people who are aging significantly, rans retired, but we that didn't really affect them last year. So where have you guys? Got Them coming? I've got them for, I think, still reasons. I think they're super professional outfit. You know, they might not hit their stride during the season but they'll just do enough to win games. You know, when you got there, least a top like half dozen players are unbelievable. Grimes, Lynch, Martin, Cochin, Prestier, coolly, you can list them off. They're great team. Yeah, I think they'll just sort of coast through the season and then start to hit top gear towards September, October, I should say. Yeah, I've got them. Odd, I've got them at first I just I love the way they play, which it pains me to say it, but I do. I just, yeah, I'm so jealous of just how the ball movement works, of how everything, everything they do works, how it's all quick, fast. You know they'll get it from the back to the full quickly. Whatever means. Hollossible as awesome. Yes, know, like I said, everything works. You know what other team can chuck in the first first down play until grand finally nearly wins the Norm Smith. Yeah, I I wish think would could play like it. I've just always just like, why can't we do this? I just think I think the seven game says. I actually think it'll benefit them a bit. I think they're just gonna, you know, they travel well, Richmond. They want to team where you'll back him no matter where they're playing. I think they're just they're just when you say they're going to cruise during the year, I think. I think they're going to cruise, but I ain't gonna focus more than any other team. Make sure they get the job done every week. stillinate any doubts coming to October. Yeah, I've gotten finishing top yeah, definitely contenders again this year. Next I've got Saint Kilda, another team who's in that bunch that's always hard to break. You'll like the sound of this, rolly. I've actually got them jumping a bit this year. I've got them coming in the eleven. So nothing too ridiculous, but an improvement on last year's fourteen. Obviously some big offseason signings. You Got Patty Rader, Brad Hills, Act Jones, Doogle, the great man. So yeah, I just reckon they're going to improve. Pretty Young team. What do you I can rolly, the probably the opinion that matters here. I'M gonna I'M gonna to agree that. I'm going to say eleven. I think the the inclusion bread hill is exactly what we needed. Is Yeah, I couldn't have picked about higher. Bring in our ball use is one of our big letdowns, especially, I'm the transition as well. I lots of one. Meets can't keep for you. So I think he's just paid for need in saying that. There's no standout player, like there's no absolute stand out, you know, dusty minds something like that in a team, especially around the ball, like somewhere around the ball, MEE's they're going to be. They'll get twenty five touches that won't do much with it and then the next, you know, next two weeks, still find themselves in the VfL. Yeah, it's this. It's a bit like it's a bit like Adelaidey've got too many cumulays around the ball, but our Qumos don't even get as much of it. As you know, the crash brothers do and they are the same impact. It's always annoying to watch.

But yeah, I've got him at eleven. I think we'll improve. But that round one loss was just very safe killer to me. But broady, but I've got co ordinate. I'm with Riley that round one lost. That was concerning real and I understand hills going to help all use and things like that, but I really don't write their engine room highly at all. Guys like said Ross and banged up Hanniburry and steals, a good tackler and things, but you know it doesn't win a lot of his own ball to get it out to it. Yeah, other not too much reason. They're in that clump with, you know, north free a Sydney, those sort of teams. But yeah, I got him for night. Yeah, another another tough one to predict there now I've Got Sydney. This is one of those teams. So I reckon they're going to bottom out. I think they're going to hit their floor this year, which is quite surprised and given they're still got some absolute stars and their list. But I've got them coming seventeen, which is probably a shock to a lot of people, but I just think someone has to drop out of the group above. You guys said Adelaide, which it could easily be, but for me the other team that's likely to drop is Sydney. Not much a logic to it really, just I just don't think they're a good team. I just think they've been trending down the last three seasons. I think that's going to keep going and I think this will be the year where, as I said, they'll bottom out and then they'll be on the up from next year onwards. Where do you guys have Sydney coming? Yeah, I agree, they're botting in, botting me out a bit, but they're still got those good players that you've meant, you know, Parker. Yeah, the midfield, JP kids Y and any buddy plight. If Buddy plays the dozen games even they've probably going to win a few of them off his own boot. I've got him fifteen. I think they'll, you know, that might sort of half a dozen games. Yeah, but obviously they are bottoming them out with some young players. But some of those young players are really exciting. So happily the gay happen count ganzy this it wasn't for the Eston list manager, but we won't talk about that. Yeah, yeah, I think fifteens probably about what I'm thinking. I've got them. I've got a bit of a gut feel. I actually I think the one year away from bottoming it out. I think I should think they're going to finish twelve. I reckon they're going to have cool yeah, I can. It's just one of those got few ones. I think they're gonna have a lot of those scrappy wins that come down to the last quarter, just like round one. I think Haney will take it to an a level. You know, he's either going to have, you know, like four goals and ten touches or thirty touches no goals. I can have, you know, that mix. I can love like the you know, three goals twenty five touches sort of game a lot more often. I think their meds are obviously producing very well. I love their youngest as well, Olive Floren, came color mills, will hayward and obviously pappy. I think they'll I'll think they'll just get a lot of scrack of wins. It all manage to get him up to twelve. Yeah, I actually really like Sydney, so I wouldn't mind seeing it really actually HMM. Yeah, that's got I'm doubting myself here. I reckon, I reckon. But he's got one more good year in him and I reckon this could be the year. He's kind of gone missing in the AFL landscape the last few years and I reckon him. I remind everyone who is the big Doggie's big man on campus. Yeah, chest out, you know, struttny stuff exactly. Next we got west coast. I've got them coming second. Not much really to say. Gained Tim Kelly. Just a great team. They've been top for only once in the last four years, but the other three times they've been like fifth or sixth, so they're up there most times. Obviously the gold coast hub thing probably won't help them for the first third of the season, but they're just a great team. I've most of their players are in their prime. So I've got them coming second. Where do you guys have them coming? I've got them at fourth. I I just write you bring into Kelly and they're obviously outstanding outfit. I think that Gold Coast factor might hurt a bit, but I think it ultimately comes down to the first few games. They'd face Richmond, Brisbane Port, who obviously no easy bait, and the gold coach. So if they can come out, if they can come out five zero or four and one, I reckon, they're definitely right up there. I'll probably putting high up, but it comes it comes down to those few games. For me I'm going to their season ultimate is going to be determined in the first no, first and full games. Yeah, so is West Coast sport is o those games in the Gold Coast. Yes, that's going... be the best game the Gold Coast has ever seen, I think. Yeah, I say night and round five. I think it is. It's West Coast Richmond up at metrocom. Yeah, it's that is true. Yeah, he's that crazy stuff. Yeah, where have you got them? broadered? I can't seem missing out on the top four. They're too good a team not to you know, callie's a massive addition, I think. If they could. Yeah, I'm with row. If they can survive this first month that the Gold Coast, they go back home and they you know, they'd probably play like eight of their last twelve games at home, which is massive for them. So yeah, I think they're going to be there abouts once again. Yeah, pretty pretty easy one, that one, I think. And then last one, another fairly tough one, I'd say, the Western bulldogs. I've got them coming seventh, but I could easily see them coming anywhere from five to twelve. Baby, wherever you guys got them night for me. If you ask me three months ago, I would have said maybe four or five. That lost against Collingwood really, really like made me consider, reconsider my prediction that was concerned. That was a big worry. Yeah, I think I think they'll just have a bit more of a down here this year. I've got them at seven, if you as I think. I also growing. They can come anywhere between that, you know, twelve range. Then go either way. You say, obviously that how one was not terrific by them at all. But they come up against St Kilter Rod to and what better team to turn your season around the compound Saint Kilda. I'll I love. I love the least their midfields, I think incredible. A norm's going to be awesome offward, along with the inclusions of Bruce and light. But yeah, you are going to interesting see where they come just weather that midfield, which is really a start of a team, how far that can take them. Yeah, I want my seven, all right. So that's how that is done. We've got a few more predictions to make it. We are already over the hour mark, so we won't spend too long in the yeah, we don't bit a quick fire. So coaches to be sacked by round one of two thousand and twenty one. I've Gone John Longmire and Simon Goodwin. I've got Melbourne finishing fourteen and Sydney finishing seventeen. That's pretty much all you need to know. So yeah, that's that's my two shouts. What about you, Rowy, like warfalls and me gone by the fault. I mean I think can Hinkley, might John Longmime light. Yeah, I lost file. I know it's going, so I didn't include him. So I'm going to say none beside. Oh, I think there were a lot last seasons are a lot last. Yeah, I think the shortest season and the how it's been affected with the coronavirus will mean that I think clubs won't be as harsh when second coaches. I'll give him a chance. Yeah, yeah, I'm going none. Yeah, actually think that's a good shout. If I'm honest, like I'd be shocking by I think that's the very shower. Also with your Kenny Point a Roy actually think port have to finish almost even finals them to keep his job. I think his job is on the line. Yeah, under performing recently. Surprisal Australian selections. I've got five here, so I'm going to go lea surprised to most surprised. I'm not going to justify them. Lee Surprising. I've Gone Toby Green, just basically because I expect him to play the whole seventeen and they'll be enough. I've Gone Todd Goldstein to break the streak of Grundy and Gorne, Ed Langdon his new club, Dan Houston, to take the next step and my most rogue shout, connor rosy's going to seventeen games. He's going to kick forty goals, so you'll see him in the forward pocket. Wow, I love that. Brought Brody. Who Have you got me? Well, I did, Pot Essen did in my ladder prediction, having them thirty eight, but I have gone with Andrew mccrae is my smoky for it all now it had. I did some research on this. He had twenty three touches in the goaling around one. He's into his fourth season and he's just starting to transition into the midfield from being on the half back in his first few seasons. So, yeah, I reckon. He's one to watch. Yes, it's time to go on his career. He's like, it's time to go and drew, he's got to go one nick. He's got a really step up his game this year. Yeah, this is the year. Yeah, Roy, mine isn't as surprising as Rosie and mcgray. It's also from Essen. I've gone dealing shill. I feel like I'm looking around. I'm not not going to try not to spend too much faces on around one..., but I look at round one, he had seven more touches than the next best player. He obviously, you know, took five marks. All that he's better than. I look at two thousand and seventeen. Also and team. He's better than the Zach Merritt and Matt crowd. She made it onto the field in that team. I think even kate obviously keep that form up. I think he'll just be incredibly dungeing play for them. I used to really drive them midfield, obviously alongside mcgrind Merrit, but yeah, I've got him lining up either on the ball on a bench. They're definitely that's a good shower there. Brownlow top threes. I've Gone Tim Kelly, Patrick, crips. No Five. So I'm going the Wa clean sweep. I I just reckoned Tim Kelly finished like fifth last year at a long so you had Patrick Dangerfield and the likes taking votes from him. So I reckon west coast with a little bit less of a star. Started Midfield, like you've got shoeing gaff and stuff, but I think he will be picking up a lot more votes in west West Coast and and then crips. Some five. Don't need to justify that. Stars of the camp. Who Have you got, broady? You have callie winning, is that right? Yep, Kelly winning, crip, second, five. Third. I've got neel in third, ucking Neil from Brisbane I've got dusty in second and I've got my man Patty croops winning his Jew one. He is Chinese, I mean is one the down of the competition. If Carlton can just win and that I've got card and finishing twelve. So I can if we finished twelve, we'd probably win enough games where he's best on ground gets vote for the UMPIRES. I mean dusty well impact player, so they shorter quarters will certainly help him. And Liking free, he's just an accumulator. He just gets the ball. He's a gun. Yeah, freemantle with the thirteen last year. So Yeah, twelve will get the job done. For Patty crops, Rowy, who have you got? I've got third, Patty croops. Definitely great for you said. Yeah, I don't really need to just fight. It's just an absolute style. Not many pills take votes from as well does whole second dusty at seconds. I just think he'll he'll just rise again. I think last years. I'm not a down here at all, but you know, just you know, had had a couple of off games and the number one I've got back to back now. Five. I see. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I see. He's incredible. He's gotten a park and Walt's absolutely no one's take the votes off him other than the opposition. Pain. Yeah, if they lose pencilman for three, and then the opposition could take the other two in my eyes. Yeah, I've got him in fair back to back ground instead. Yeah, hot take five is the best player in the COP right now. Won't justify that. All right. So to finish off, we'll just say who we've got winning the grand final in October. So picture this. I was going to say weeks is one. He's fourth, cocks played or whatever, but body retired, someone's won the cocks plate. You're six deep. You're watching the grand final. WHO's IT GOING TO BE? I've got a two thousand and eighteen grand final rematch, but I've got the result going the other way. So I've got collingwood beating West Coast. Wow, what have you got? Rowy will go keep going to brady first. I've got. I've got Richmond Verse Collingwood. I think its is going to be probably the best team of year. But I've got ritt and Collingwood Been Grand Final and I've the scenes if he's came to yeah, I think exactly. Scenes in front of exactly. So it's bit of a waste. But I do think this is gut fielding. It'll actually come out to calling with winning it. As much as I've praised Richmond, I think Buckley will get his got it, will get his grand final, not the second stance he would have liked, but I think you'll finally get it. I think it will be there you. Maybe not through the hot, not throat the hole you, but I think come ground, find way. I think they'll be there. Off Now. Imagine the pubs are, if not exactly even, if they've got a fifty person limits, they'll every pub pushing that fifty. I'll make sure that the fifty person limit is well worth it by drinking enough cut and darts on TAP, that's for sure. I'll join you my now to the listeners. I promise. I haven't been talking with Rowley about my predictions, but I've got the exact pain. I have the pies beating Richmond. We've got Collingwood, all three of us. I don't know. I just think it's their time. Really. They've been a very game the last few years. I think that you I mean they're round one. I watch that game. That was bloody impressive. They're professional outfit and I've got the pies winning their winning one ten years after their last...

...flag in two thousand and ten against the Saints Story Roley. But I definitely think collingwoods window is the next two or three years because you got blokes, even though they've got a lot of young players, you've got blokes like pen debree side bottom, like a lot of their really yeah, key players, they're starting to age and so if it's if it's not now, it's never. So I think they're definitely I don't know what the odds are, but surely they're up there for the odds on favorite haping. You wouldn't they? With Richmond? Yes, yeah, I'd say top too, honestly. Yeah, I think AFL will save I think now disrupt that from a kerring and they'll save the collingwood Richard match up for when there's a crowd. Bit of match fixing, I agree. All right, that's it. That's all it got. Boys, thanks for joining me. As always, pleasure for any guests to come on the show, but to have two new guests it's been really enjoyable bit of it's like a rookie coming into an AFL team just brings a bit of life back to the podcast. A few new guests, so now it's been good fun. Thanks for your AFL expertise. Boys, if you're still listening, get around the podcast on twitter, facebook instagram. Really given it a good grind right now, but got unique exams coming up, so probably should calm down get the head in the books. But yeah, thanks for listening and thanks for joining me. Boys,.

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