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NFL Week 6 Review & Week 7 Preview | American Football


NFL Week 6 Review : Jags get their first W, Ravens pummel the Chargers, young QBs stumble, Browns are worriesome and the Cardinals are serious.

NFL Week 7 Preview: Sure bet of the week, upset of the week, favourite betting spreads 


Welcome back to the on the ballpodcast, another episode of the Best Party going around and we are back hereagain to talk about some more NFL action. Forgive me if there's any wind pickedup by the microphone. It is a little bit windy out here actuallytoday, out in the jungle, but we take it on and we areyeah, so we're going to go through week six review, week seven previewand all the good stuff in between. Actually didn't get to watch as muchaction this week as I did have a assessment piece for Uni on Monday morning, which limited my ability to watch the Games. I did go back andwatch for Full Games and a couple highlights packages, so I did see about. You know, I might not have got the general gist of the timingof some of the Games and stuff like that, but ultimately a pretty goodrounds and big overtime games. Obviously also a pretty hectic Monday night game betweenthe times and the bills. Sean McDermott short sort of shout the bed,you can't even lie up and it's easy with hindsight, but I'll be honest, I actually was backing out the play before it happens. So I'm notgoing to hold back there. That was a pretty bad call and I thinkthey might have cost himself the number one AFC seed. But anyway, we'renot talking about the bills today. We talked about them last week. Sowe've got a few different teams that we haven't mentioned for while and the firsttime they're going to be even close to the winners list this year is theJacksonville Jab was at my first winner of the week. I watched this gamea little bit live and then the rest of it in the following days.And Yeah, the Jacksonville jags got up over the dolphins. It was aweird game actually, like the dolphins looked really good in offense, but theyonly managed to score I think twenty points or something. So ultimately Jacksonville juststood up in the important moments, on the big third downs, on thebig fourth downs, on the red zone plays. But that was good enoughfor Travel Lawrence and urban myre to get their first wins respectively in the NFL. It will like it was an amazing win, but it was definitely importantto pick one up before the buy and at the end of the day,a team whose own five is not going to, you know, produce anamazing win. So they definitely were opportune here. I have to say Iwas like, I think it was Sunday or something. I might have saidtwenty of my mates like I think it's a smoke, huge chance. ThenI saw the first quarter and I thought it was like, well, maybenot my I'm actually look pretty good to a played pretty well, but ultimatelythe jags came back in a good win. Marvin Jones was really, really good. Channult has sort of stood up in the absence of DJ Chark,but I should not didn't play that well actually. But Marvin Jones was backto his best then. He had seven catches and a really, really goodtouchdown grab, which I'm pretty sure was the go ahead touchdown. James Robinsonwas huge again as well. But yeah, the dolphins were moving the ball freely, which is better to see for them, but ultimately, the ultimatelytheir defense. It's just a huge, huge, worried this point of theseason. There that's what made them last year, got them to nine wins, and this shoot couldn't be further from it. They were without Byron Jonesand Zavion Howard in this one, and also without Preston Williams. Willfuller andDavonte Parker. So they were down on troops but they were still playing theJag, so they should have to they should win. They do have thefifth easiest strength of schedule moving forward. That is the JAG. Sorry.So could be a few more wins on the cards for Trevor and Urban Meyer. So Goodwin for them Baltimore. They are my next winner. I wasreally looking forward to this one. I predicted it for upset of the week. I thought the charges were going to get up, but when I pickedit I remembered how about the charges. Rushing defense wasn't ultimately, I shouldhave thought about it, because that was the big difference. Got Absolutely pummeledby the Ravens and yeah, it wasn't even closer any stage of this ballgame. The defense belittled the offense and...

...the Ravens offense just ran right throughthe charges. So the Ravens go five and one, which is pretty impressiveconsidering after the first week I was, you know, not really filling theravens that much. I think they had a overtime loss against the raiders andyeah, I thought they looked really, really poor, and then since thenthey've always got on under the radar up half from that chiefs win, whichwas obviously highlighted by everyone, but since then they've sort of just been likethey've had a few not so impressive wins, like the Detroit Lions one where theywant in the last play and stuff like that, but they're five andone now. The schedule does get a little bit harder, but you'd haveto say they have one foot in the playoffs. But bit more on thisgame they held the charges to three point nine yards per play, which isvery impressive against one of the best offenses in the competition. Them themselves rushfor a hundred eighty seven yards, which is good to see after two weeksof sort of unravens like rushing performances. I think they had less than sixtyyards maybe on the previous week and then they had the Denver game where theybullshe died their way to or a hundred yards. So back well over ahundred, which was great to see, and here just a huge win.Lamar Jackson didn't really have to do much on the ground or in the airand this one, but their defense was back look like two thousand and nineteenblitzing their way through the charges. And Yeah, you have to say abig statement game in the AFC by the Ravens. My final winner is theArizona Cardinals. They are now six and our after pumping the Cleveland browns.Don't really have to mention too much in this game. Just another clinical cardinalsvictory. Really, they're pretty much top ten in every stat there is interms of the competition, which is very good. They're very, very wellrounded team. Just yea fair played everyone involved. The GEM's cliff Kingsbury wasn'tat this game and they still got the job done, which is probably themost crazy out you can have a head coach and they still weren't phase byit. Kyle Mary's killing it, killing it, everyone on defense, ever, all the skill players. Yeah, they're just having an absolute blind ofthe season and you have to say it's six. No, it'd be.They've got the ten hes to schedule as well, so it's pretty much impossibleto miss out from here. Don't on a jinx it, but yeah,this dage. They look like they're going to be in the NFC playoffs welland truly fighting for that Super Bowl position. And Yeah, they just look reallyscary at the moment. Some of the NFC top teams are pretty frighteningand they are certainly one of them, and I'm not going to be tippingagainst them anytime soon because I actually know I didn't back the Cleveland Browns,but or did. I actually kind of recall, but now I don't thinkI maybe I did. I'm actually forgetting my stuff here. But no,definitely. Oh, I don't know. I know one our make curtis,tipped Arizona. Thought it was outrageous that the browns were favorites. Any wasproven right. So yeah, definitely won't be sleeping on the cardinals ever again. I just can't believe that they're six and no. Really, they werepromising last year. I think they got to nine wins maybe, and Ithought maybe it was going to be something similar this year, maybe an extrawin or two, but to be six and no pretty incredible stuff. Thelosers, my number one loser is the charges, as I mentioned, andthe Ravens huge performance, but it definitely was there was two sides of thestory. After a really positive start to the year, their rush defense hasbecome a real issue now and they conceded a hundred eighty seven rushing yards inthis one. They have now conceded the most rushing yards by a pretty substantialmargin. They've conceded nine hundred and seventy five yards through six weeks, andthe second the next worst, is eight hundred and forty eight yards. Sothey're well over ten percent, maybe twenty percent, clear of that next worstdefense, which is really disappointing. Their defensive lines just not getting enough pressure. The linebacker plays really poor and yet...

...the last two weeks the browns andRavens of just both cut them up on the ground and usually, usually rushingdefense. has they had the sort of something you can tune in over thecourse of the season, and not saying they can't, but it's definitely aconcern. And what's even a bigger concern is a when you can't stop therun, you just hardly get on the field, which is makes a reallyhard to win games and be in this position. They're in the charge isprobably going to be looking at a wildcat spot. They're likely to play thetitans. We have Derrick Henry, they could play the Browns, who wementioned, just cut them up on the ground, have the best rushing gamein the competition, and they could play the ravens as well. So thereare some teams who will be right in amongst them, and the chiefs actually, I think, ran for a hundred and forty yards when they played eachother. So there's definitely some teams who are not looking like good matchups forthe charges. I know it's a long way in the distance and they couldsort something out, but huge concern for them right now because, yeah,they've conceded over a hundred fifty rushing yards four times and that's something they've reallygot to address pretty much every other aspect of their game. Yes, itwas a poor performance, but you know, you can just you're going to haveone poor performance every now and then, so you can just put it downto that. But this is definitely a consistent issue now, this rushingdefense. My second loser might be a bit harsh because I don't usually pinpointplayers, but it was sort of on my mind straight away when I sawthe results in the box scores. But Sam Donald and Daniel Jones both havehad good starts to the year. Sam Donald a bit less so then DanielJones. Daniel Jones has been really, really good. Donald's just been solidand it's sort of unraveled for them over the over the weekend. Donald hada really bad game last week, I think it was, or maybe itwas the week before, and it's sort of been trending downwards and it's endedin an absolute stinker against the Vikings. He had two turnovers, went seventeenfrom forty one. And think about the weapons the panthers have, like,if you rate the skill players, they're right up there with one of thebest. I know McCaffrey's out at the moment, but you still got DJor, Robbie Anderson, Terris Marshall. So yeah, that's a really disappointingfrom him. Said Donald and at this point like he might come out andball the rest of the year, but I'm almost willing to say we canput a line through him and that we won't see him next year. Heis looking worse than Teddy Bridgewater did in the same offense, I would haveto say, and Daniel Jones less. So a loser in this one,but I was starting to really think that he is a lot to be thefranchise quarterback like. I don't think he's like. Don't get me wrong,he's not Russell Willson, Aaron Rodgers or anything out of this world. ButI was like, Daniel Jones is good enough quarter that back the giants canyou know? They know they're going to get a good performance out of weekin week out, and he sort of made our second guess that this week. He hasn't had any bad games this year. And then he goes fortoneovers, completion rate less than fifty five percent. It is against the LaRams, one of the best defenses in the competition. Will they actually justgot cut up by Gino spiths last week, but usually one of the better defenses. And I know he has quite a few injuries on offense. Iknow he's got a couple oline injuries. Barkley's out, Darius Laton's out andcan he gold day was out, but and Cadarius Tony got injured in thisgame. But still know that is no excuse to throw. For why?I think? I think you threw three turnovers and one pumble. But yeah, that's not good enough and that's something that he's got to get out ofhis game if he wants to sort of secure his position as that long termgiants quarterback and someone who we consider a good quarterback in the league. Youcan't just every six weeks have a four turnover game. That's not good enough. But yeah, I don't want to be too harsh on Daniel Jones.I will be harsh on Sam Donald because Daniel Jones has looked really, reallygood this year. But they are definitely losers. Donald, I'm putting aline through them. I don't think he'll... a starting quarterback next year.And Daniel Jones is on for AU watch, just just on for all watch.We won't go any further than that. And then, finally, the Clevelandbrowns are my third loser. I wasn't that bothered by last week's loss. I was just like, yeah, charge is good offense. Maybe hadit off off week on defense, but this is now a little bit ofa concern. Three, I think it's three weeks in a row really wherethey haven't impressed. I think they beat the Vikings One thousand four hundred andtwenty seven that they lost last week to the charges. There might have beena game in there somewhere that I've forgotten. And now they've been battered by thecardinals, and I know the cardinals are six in our however, it'sstill not good enough. You can't lose thirty seven to fourteen in your ownbuilding when you are meant to be one of the best teams in your conference. They now go three and three and they have the third hardest schedule remaining. Baker's injured. He's probably going to play through a bit, he isinjured at the end of the day. Nick Chub's not playing this week.He's injured, cream hunt could be out for a month and it's now startingto look pretty die situation. Their defense isn't playing as well as we werepenciling at the start of the year and if you actually look at their threewins, they've been the Texans, the bears and the biking. So allof a sudden, if we take stock of what's happened so far this year, the Browns would definitely have to be sliding down those power rankings and you'dhave to say some of the teams in their division. You just have tolook at their division, their borderline, the number four and the power rankingsbased on the last three weeks. Like they're just not playing well at alland it's definitely a concern. They're in the bottom mate for passing offenses.I know they are run first team but still that's just not good enough.You you would expect sort of like Minnesota, the way they balance more than not. I'm not saying they should go away from the run, but usuallya run first team they're likely to have high efficiency in the passing game andtheir stats actually come out looking better than they are. However, that's nothappening for the browns and their defense has created the third least amount of turnoversin the competition, and that's including the bears game where they had a fewagainst a woeful burst offense in that week. So yeah, really disappointing in particularfrom the browns defense in something that they need to address pretty damn fast. They've got a Thursday night turnaround, Short turn around, against the broncos. I think they'll win that one personally, but at this stage it's almost amust win because they really can't fall too far behind. There's some AFCwild card teams were starting to look pretty good. You've got the whole AFCwest really except for the Bronchos, and then you've also got Indianapolis starting toheat up. So you know, you don't want to get too far behindthe Aprill here because, yeah, they're not playing great right now. Ithink Javis Landry might be back this week. That could be a big in butyeah, definitely concerns for them all right wards of the week and ifplayer of the week goes to kirk cousins, led the Vikings to an overtime winover the Carolina Panthers. He had three hundred and seventy three yards fromthirty three completions, three touchdowns, zero turnovers, seventy five yard over timewalk off drive. Went five for six on that drive, including a twentyseven yards sealer to kJ Osborne. He's at a blinder of a season andI thought it was about time he deserves some recognition. Like they're running gamehasn't been as dominant as it has been in past years. I know Dalvincook cut a lot of yards in this one, but yeah, Kirk cousinsabsolutely bawling out in he's yeah, he's just sort of rewriting the history booksa little bit in terms of the way we view Kurk cousins in the League. So he's having a blind he's my NFC player of the week. Specialmensand go to the Dallas duo, CD LAMB and Dak Prescott. who bothhad blinders for the cowboys, and then Adam thielen, who was kurt cousinsright hand man in this one. He had a very, very good statline. AFC Player of the week this time was a bit harder. Ithink most people would give it to Derrick...

Henry, but lived like I'm prettysure aidy may be and now. Like seventy percent of his running yardage wasfrom that one play and yeah, I think he's other two touchdowns were likegoal line. So yeah, he was one of my special mentions. MarvinJones was one of my other special mentions. He was really, really good forthe Jags, but I'm giving it to Jonathan Taylor. He did tearit up against Houston, so I take that with a grain of salt.But had a hundred and fifty eight scrimmage charge from fifteen touches. That's ridiculousefficiency for a running back. That's over ten yards per touch and only onecatch. So yeah, incredible stuff. He did have an eighty three yardrun. I know I just said Derrick Henry made seventy percent of his metersin one run. However, this was a bit less and it wasn't at D as well. He also had two rushing td's on top of that, and he's starting to get going when the starting to get going, andall of a sudden the colts are right back in the hunt for that playoffpicture for that AFC south pitcher. Their offense is good, their defense hasbeen playing pretty well all year, to be honest, and now the offenseis starting to match it at that level and they're starting to become a prettyscary team to come up against. Offensive Rookie of the week. I liketo give it to someone in a win, but apart from Nagie Harris, whowe gave it, I think we've already given it to twice this year, but there wasn't really anyone else I was willing to consider, so Igave it to jail and waddle. Seventy receiving yards from ten catches. Hewas really the only man there for the dolphins in the white appos is,and so they just fed him two touchdowns. Very impressive performance, bit of abreakout game for him. I don't think it's going to be consistently likethat for the rest of the year. They schemed up a lot of playsjust for him. He caught a lot of balls behind scrimmage, but behindthe line of scrimmage and you know, screen passes, that kind of stuff, but very good performance in him and to his combination looks pretty lethal.Defensive Player of the week I'm giving it to Tj what. If you watchedthat Seahawks steelers game, you couldn't really not notice the destruction he was causing. To sacks, one force fumble, zero missed tackles, three passes defended, which none of were in coverage, so they were all the defensive lineblocking passes down. Three tackles for a loss as well, and mainly thatforce fum will was in overtime. Also want to be sacks, where hesacked, you know Smith Strip sack, and then was it? Devon Bushpicked up the ball at the Seattle Sixteen and pretty much gave the field gotpretty much one the game straight away. Steal is just when Neil Neil andthe field goal. So yeah, that was pretty much the game winner.They're from Tj what. You never really see a game winner from a defensiveplayer that often unless it's like a walk off pick six, but he definitelydeserved the mention and he had been injured a couple weeks this season, buthe looks right back to his best. TJ What or at preview for weekseven of the NFL. Just a quick TV schedule wrap up. I knownot everyone listening is Australian, but a quick one for the Australian viewers outthere. Thursday night football is Denver at Cleveland. That's a pretty spicy one. I am backing at Cleveland by five in this one. I think it'sgoing to be low scoring but I think Cleveland get the job done even witha batted team. Saturday and Sunday, not football. I've got the carI've got the colts. The fixture is colts at Sam friend. I'm notsure in this one really I've Gone Sam friend by one. I just thinkcoming off the by at home. I think the colts are a better team, but I just think those two factors combined, coming off the by ahome is enough to get them the win. Monday night footballs are interesting. OneSaints at Seattle. I've got the saints winning by two, but Ithink that could be a very interesting game. Then the Sunday games that are onAustralian TV. Seven Mate is showing Cincinnati at Baltimore, which is goingto be a very interesting one. I've... Baltimore by five, but willget another test to see how could that Baltimore defense is playing right now.And then the second games Houston and Arizona, which I probably won't watch because thatwill be bumming. You would have to say touch wood. And thenthe other game on TV in Australia that's been announced is Carolina at the giants, which I'm not that interested in watching. That's actually my to lose. Thequarterbacks Sand Donald and Daniel Jones or right short bet of the week formy predictions. Just to score aboard update. Me and Pilch undefeated. Curtis hasgot one wrong so far in the season. Me and Curtis are goingwith Arizona over Houston if backed at by fifteen. I just think if hethe colts just beat Houston by twenty eight, so I don't really see how they'dbeat them. Tara Taylor might play, which I think definitely improve their offenseby quite a lot, but ultimately is Arizona teams on the neck anotherlevel right now. Pill just gone with Tampa Bay to beat Chicago. I'dsay a little bit riskier, but obviously that's because it's not my choice,but yet it's pretty you'd have to say. It would be a very, verybig upset and the biggest win of Justin Field's career if they get thejob done at Tampa. But I like that pick from pilch. Upsets theweek. Me and pill to tied on three out of five curtises, threeout of eight. Struggling at the bottom there. I've gone with Miami tobeat Atlanta. I was actually surprised by this one. It actually wasn't availableon the odds that I get from the site that I get my olds from. So I went looking on another site and Atlanta actually two point, twoand a half point favorites, and I have tipped Miami by three. Ijust think I'm not sure how many of them are playing, but you wouldthink Byron Jones and Xavien Howard and maybe a couple others are back from injury. Preston Williams will be in the mixed de Monte Parker as well, soI think Miami get a lot fit up to has another game under the beltsince his injury and I think he looked pretty good last week and I thinkit's just a must win really for Miami and if I'll be honest, ifthey lose this it's almost like coach sacking territory because this has been deplorable.And I I know Atlanta coming off a by but I don't really like Atlantisaside that much. Other ones. Pilch has got the colts at Sam Frand, I mentioned earlier. I've got the same sent forty nine is, butonly just. I definitely like that call. That was one of my favorites.And then Curtis is gone. Tennessee over the Kansas. Curtis Goes Tennesseea lot on these predictions, but with the form they show dance the bills, I can see why. But yes, fair enough to Curtis. I've gotKansas winning, but obviously that's not my pick. On then our spreads. I've got forty seven percent so far. Pill just got sixty five. CURTISESgot thirty three. So not that close at the moment between the threeof us, but we'll see if we can even up a little bit.I've actually gone with three underdogs to cover their spread. I never like theseones as much because I'm usually expecting the favorite to win, but just bynot that much, so you sort of got less margin for error. ButChicago, I've got them to cover twelve and a half at temper. Iknow I think temple will win, but I think we Chicago's defense and theway it's playing right now. I don't think temple will score enough to covera to cover twelve and a half. We saw them not struggle, butthey weren't great against Philadelphia and I think they put up a similar performance againstthe bears here to the browns horror game. For Chicago, they've actually been prettydecent. They beat Detroit, they beat the raiders and then they lostthe packers by only ten. So yeah, I can definitely see Chicago keeping itclose here and I hope they do for my spreads. Then I've gotSeattle to cover against New Orleans. The line is five and a half.I've got saints winning by just to thought Saint. The seahawks actually pretty goodagainst the steelers and ultimately TJ. What was sort of the difference? ButI do think the seahawks have enough in them to get the job done andI'm not sold on the saints. They sort of seemed to rock up prettybad every second week. So yeah,...

...they lost to the giants and theytwo weeks ago and they didn't really put away Washington last week. I knowthey're coming off the by but still, I don't mind Seattle there at all. And then finally, I've got Detroit to cover against the rams. Thelines massive at fifteen and a half. I've got the rans winning by twelve. I don't know, like I'm not the Detroit lines are pretty bad.On the weekend got blown out by the Bengals, but prior to that gamethey've kept a lot of their games close. They've come within one play of winningI think three games. So yeah, I think they could not. They'renot going to go close to winning this one at any thing. Butfifteen and a half is a very, very big margin in NFL football.Pi, which is gone with bolts wall to cover six and a half atCincinnati. Don't mind that at all with the way the Ravens are looking.It's also gone the giants to cover three points against caroline. that he isa giant's fan and he has gone the giants for weeks in a row.So probably won't common on that one. But I have got Carolina just winning, so I can definitely see his logic there. He's also gone Chicago tocover at temper. Pilch, interesting because he's short bets temper, but he'sa gone Chicago to cover. That's the interesting one from pilch. Curtis hasgone Cleveland to win by more than three points against Denbar. Definitely don't Ilike I definitely don't mind that one at all. Thing will be low scoring, but three points is a much at all for a playoffs contender. isalso gone the raiders to beat Philadelphia by three or more. I don't knowabout this one. I've got I've got the raiders winning by five, soI'm with him. But Philadelphia unpredictable, and so the raiders to be fair. So it's an interesting one. And he's also a pose pilch. She'sGone Cincinnati to cover at the Ravens. He's obviously a big Fan of Cincinnatiand look, I'll be honest, that in very, very good form rightnow. So I would not be shocked if they came out and covered that. So that will be the end of it for this week's episode. Sorryif the light really faded there at the end. I'm filming this at dusk. I guess I've never said that in my life, but it is dusk. But anyway, we'll be back tomorrow for a fantasy episode. I thinkI'm gotting getting pilch on. Maybe Curtis will see that. We go andyeah, stay tune. Let me know your predictions down below and we'll catchyou next week, which is.

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