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2020 NFL Awards - NFC Edition - Episode 102


Hamish completes his NFL Awards by going through the awards for the NFC. Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, can a WR win MVP and is Justin Jefferson the real deal?


Crowd cheers. Settle Allo and welcomeback to the onboard podcast. This is episode a hundred and two of theshow and we are here to finish the NFL awards that we started in episodea hundred and one. Today we'll be talking about the other conference of theNFL. So episode a hundred and one we talked about the AFC. Wewent through offensive and defensive MVP's, offensive defensive rookie mvps, and we alsowent through some other awards like coach of the year, signings of the year, game the year. So we're going to be doing the exact same thingtoday, but on the NFC side of things. So without further a duke, I think I said that almost every episode, but Arek. We getstraight into it, starting with the offensive MVP. Once again, like yesterday'sepisode, I'm going to go division by division and use that as sort ofa nominee sort of situation. So we'll start the NFC east offensive MVP.I can't lie, they weren't too many options in this division. Definitely theweakest division in the NFL this year. But the offensive MVP candidate for meis Amari Cooper. Given the catastrophe of a year. It was a Dallasand they're changing quarterbacks with dacks injury and he dolman also got injured. Soyou had to deal with Bendnucci and I actually forget the other bloke's name,but there was another guy played one game. So he dealt with four different quarterbacksthroughout the season. He still performed to a pretty high level, inmy opinion. I haven't finishing as the seventeen best wide receiver for the year, which is probably about where we would have him at the start. Maybewe thought you would finish a little bit higher than that, but if youknew duck was going to be injured from about week five, on which you'dmaybe coming some slack. So I think he had a pretty impressive year,just given all those moving parts. Eleventh in receptions in this in the NFL, fourteen in receiving yards. So I think Amara Cooper did his best ina struggling team and I think there's cart me too many complaints with his performancesthis year. So he's the offensive MVP candidate from the NFC east, tomy opinion. Moving on to the NFC north, this is a completely differentstory. Here we are spoiled for choice, but the clear standout is our androdgers. There could be a case for Davante Adams as in my opinionhe was the best wide receiver. But Yeah, look a number one widereceiver versus a in my opinion, top too. I don't want to spoilit, so I'll say a top to quarterback. It's tough to pick thewide receiver there, so I'm going with Aaron Rodgers. Most passing TD's forthe year, best completion rate of anyone who had over a hundred and fiftyattempts, least interceptions of anyone who started at least fifteen games. So prettyincredible year from him. I can't lie. I thought he was maybe on thedecline his career after the twine ten year and in saying that, hestill probably had a top ten year but probably was just outside the top five. But he came back with vengeance this year and in my opinion he wasthe best quarterback on the season. Honorable Mentions do have to go to DavantaAdams. Like I said, eighteen touch receiving touchdowns, over one thousandree hundredyards. He was the number one wide receiver in I think, everyone's opinionalso worth mentioning. Dalvin Cook, was had another cracking year. Probably finishedas the running back to behind Henry, and then Justin Jefferson, David Montgomery, Aaron Jones, Adam thiel and, Allen Robinson and kirk cousins all havepretty impressive years, so I think they all deserve and mentioned. Moving onto the NFC south, another division that... fairly stacked to nothing convarted tothe NFC in northern terms of individual talent, but I've actually gone with a strangeon here. I reckom. Most people would have Kemara or Brady,but I've actually gone with Calvin Ridley. We predicted his breakout at the startof the season on this podcast and he did certainly do that. He's seasonwas messed around a little bit with Julio Jones being injured for a lot ofit. He was also injured for some of it, but the end ofthe year thirteen in receptions, sixth and receiving yards, top ten in receivingtouchdowns and he was also fourth in yards per game. So when he wason the park he was one of the better wide receivers in the competition.I had him finishing as the fifth receiver. That's including tight ends. I Kelseyas the number four, so realistically, items the number for wide receiver onthe season, which is pretty impressive considering Atlanta didn't have the most successfulof seasons. So he's probably an outside call, but I'm going to pickhim as my NFC south candidate for the offensive MVP of the NFC. HonorableMentions got to go to Tom Brady. I Have Tom Brady as my qbfive on the year, so for the qbfive to miss out on a divisionalMVP, that's pretty rare. So condolences to him. I guess off thathe gives a crap where I rank him. Then Kamara. I had him asthe RB three as well, so he also very unlucky to miss out. And then Mike Evans and DJ more. Both have pretty good years in theirrespective teams. Then finally, the NFC west. This is probably aninteresting one. I think at week ten you would have laughed as someone saidthis award wouldn't go to Calamari or Russell Wilson, but in in fact theyactually weren't too high in my final standings. They were. I think they bothmissed out on the top ten. If am honust. So definitely,I don't know if that's a consensus opinion, bit of my opinion. They definitelyfell away later in the year. So I'm actually going to give theoffensive MVP TO DK METCALF A. finished seventh in receiving yards, ninth andreceiving touchdowns. He was just a force all year. It's pretty hard tocontain someone that big and that fast. I think Jay and rams he's probablythe only guy who could do it. Can't remember anyone else really putting muchof a lockdown job on him and yeah, he was just impressive. Or yourhuman tyler lock it up probably. I'm just saying this off the topof my head, so don't shoot me, but they're probably the best one towide receiver Combo coming out of this season, you'd have to say.And then combine with Russell Wilson. It's tough to see Seattle going to toofast south in terms of ability in the next few years. So it's goingto be interesting to see how DK metcast progression goes, because I thought hehadn't now standing here this year. Honorable Mentions do go to tyler lock itas I mentioned before. He had a kill a year, and then alsodeandre Hopkins and Robert Woods for Arizona and the rands respectively. Both had reallygood years. So some interesting nominees there. I can't lie. It's not thatclose. Like, let's be real, Amari Cooper is not winning the offensiveMVP the NFC. Neither is DK metcalf, neither is Calvin Ridley.So they all had very impressive years, but pretty are from Aaron Rodgers andit's fair to say Davante Adams, if he was in another division, wouldprobably be the clear number two candidate for this award. So and even DowvinCook would probably be a number three. So big year for the NFC north, massive year for Aaron Rodgers, and he is my NFC offensive MVP.And just a little side note, I have him above my home, sohe is actually my NFL MVP for the year. So well done, AaronRodgers. MR DILF I don't know if he is a deal for he givesoff deal FIBS. I reckon, but they're the goodlooking rooster from Green Bay. He absolute BLINDER OF YEAR WITH MATT LA floor. Their offensive schemes werepretty much unrivaled all season and they find...

...they sadly stumbled on the final hurdlelike they did last year at the NFC championship game, but I'm sure theywill be back next year, hopefully with a few more wide out talent inAaron Rodgers is opinion, I'm sure. And looking on the defensive side ofthe ball NFC east, I've gone with Blake Martinez, the linebacker for theNew York giants. He's I don't know how long it was a green bayactually, but he was a pretty good servant for the Green Bay packers fora long time and they let him go and he moved over to New Yorkand he had just a very good season a lot like a lot of linebackeris nothing outrage is in terms of specific start, but just very, verywell rounded in each category. He's main stat would probably have to be tenmost solo tackles in the league, which is pretty impressive. Be Yeah,he was probably, I guess you could say, the quarterback of a verygood defense there in New York. Honorable Mentions go to Montez sweat and chasehung. Both were causing havoc on that on that Washington d line. Butyet very impressive years from those two as well, and my defensive MVP candidatefrom the NFC north is got to be row Quan Smith. He had anincredible year, the linebacker from the Chicago bears. We all knew coming intothis year he was one of the better linebackers going around, but this yearI think he really established himself as one of the very best. I meanat ninety eight Solo tackles, which was second in the NFL. Yet eighteentackles for a loss, which is second in the NFL as well, whichis pretty impressive from the linebacker position. You would expect edge rushes or defenseevents to have the most tackles for losses. So very impressive from row Kuan Smith, and he was a another the Chicago defense had another stelly year andhe was another vital reason why that defense ticks so well. I'm honorable mentionshave to go to Sadarius Smith throughout another cracking year on the Green Bay dline. He's been pretty incredible since they've picked him up. Eric Wilson fromthe Vikings had a pretty good year in Khalil Mac. Probably wasn't quite hisdestructive best, but he was pretty impressive for most of the season as well. The NFC south. This was a very impressive defensive division in the end. Probably wouldn't have been expecting it going into the year. You would havethought Atlanta and Carolina would have had a pretty poor defenses, but in theend pretty much all for the teams had good or above average defense. IsNot sure if we can say that about Atlanta, but I'll say but forme the MVP nominee is the Tampa Bay buccaneers lineback at Devon White. Inhis second year in the League. He had an absolute blind he had apretty good year and his first year and I think he had pretty high expectationscoming into this one and he didn't. He didn't disappoint. Third most tacklesfor losses in the NFL, the most solo tackles in the NFL and thatwhole temper buccaneers defense. They had a few off games, but devin whitewas a consistent performer in that linebacker slot and I'm looking forward to seeing whathe can do in the Super Bowl, along with the rest of his buccaneerdefensive teammates, because they're really going to have to trouble my homes if they'regoing to try and win that game, but a lot of honorable mentions haveto go out in this NFC South Division. It was very competitive, especially interms of individual defensive players. Are La Fonte, David, another buccaneerslinebacker, voice side Lew con not sure if I'm saying that right. Fromthe Falcons, Deon Jones, Jason Pre Paul and Malcolm Jenkins all had veryimpressive years and were a big reason why the NFC south was pretty good thisyear. And then in the NFC west, you could probably have guessed it,but I'm it's are and Donald. I was actually surprised. A lotof my things are based on statistics and Jalen Ramsey probably similar to Ji AlexanderActually, and I'm sure there was some... the AFC episode, but lockdowncorners. Unfortunately they're more of an eyest a bit like an old line,and there's not really stats that back them up that much because usually they're justlocking down a player so the ball doesn't go to them too much. SoRams, he's probably been underappreciated here by me with the stats, but AaronDonald is my defensive MVP candidate from the NFC west. Finished for the yearwith thirteen and a half sacks, which was second most in the NFL,fourteen tackers for a loss, twenty eight qb hits was which was the fourthmost in the NFL, and for force fumbles. So pretty incredible stats.And when you factor in he's probably copying a double team on eighty percent ofhis snaps, that's pretty bloody impressive from Aaron Donald. We've come to justexpected every week, but we probably need to sit back and take notice ofhow impressive it is. An honorable mentions go to Buddha Baker. He isprobably probably, next to the honey Badger, one of the biggest prime time feendsI've ever seen. In defense, he absolutely lit it up whenever thecardinals had a primetime game. I'm picturing that game a and seahawks where hejust went cut loose, but I'll talk about that game later. So healso deserves a big shout out because he had another really impressive year. Sothe candidates are Blake Martinez, roke one Smith, Devon White and our andDonald. I'm actually not going with Aaron Donald, which most people probably wouldgo with. I'm not going with Devon White, sadly. Blake Martinez isa little bit off the pace, but I'm going with Roquan Smith as mydefensive MVP of the NFL, out of the NFC. Sorry, he hadan absolute blinder year in pretty much every start. It's pretty impressive, soit's tough to ignore. Alarm back having the second most tackles for a lossin the competition is very impressive and I actually have t j watt finishing abovethem in terms of the NFL and the defensive MVP rankings, but broke onSmith is my number two. So yeah, incredible year, but also big shoutout to Devon Wye Narrow Donald, because they had very impressive years aswell. Moving on to the offensive rookie. Once again, similar to the AFC, there's not too much to choose from it in terms of these divisions, but we'll try our best. Luckily, for this one we didn't have likethe toughest decision picking one. It was clearly out of CD lamb orAntonio Gibson for the NFC East Offensive Brookie Award, and I've gone a CDlamb, although Antonio Gibson was extremely impressive in his first year coming out ofcollege. He was an instant hit as the Washington football teams running back,I'm going with CD lamb. Similar to Marie Cooper, he dealt with alot of quarterback situation, didn't have much preseason and the fact that he wasjust an instant impact from week one. Basically he superseded Michael Gallop and becametheir number two to Amari Cooper pretty quickly. He finished the year in the topthirty in terms of receiving yards and receptions and yeah, he made someincredible grabs throughout along the way. So I'm looking forward to see what hecan do next year, hopefully with a full year with Dak Prescott. Willobviously wait and see with the contract negotiations what happened there what happens there.Be a big shout out to Antonio Gibson. Think he missed a couple games aswell towards the back end, but he was a big reason why Washingtonmade the playoffs. My NFC north offensive rookie, another sitter, Justin Jefferson. I think I'm realizing that the NFC rookies are a lot better than theAFC. But Justin Jefferson, fifteen in receptions, fourth and receiving yards,fourth in yards per target. Is a deep field threat with his pace andheight and letticism. It's just a bit of a different cat really if youwatch him. He a lot of wide receivers. They're very structured and theway they just run their routes and they're almost a bit robotic. But Jefferson, he seems to just move and just...

...feel the route and where the ballbasically takes him, and then as soon as he captures it, he's anabsolute danger after the catch because he's so lanky and like hard to get downI'd say, and he's fast. I'm so yeah, he was really impressiveto me. He was probably the most impressive Brookie of the year. Yes, it was impressive what Herbert did, but Jefferson blew my socks off quitea few times with some of the performers he was putting up. Big shoutout to deandre swift as well, who he took a while to claim thatnumber one running back thrown in Detroit, but once he did he really shine. And Sean shined? I don't know, but yeah, he had a prettygood year and FC South Offensive Rookie. They didn't have a candidate. Actually, there wasn't too many to pick. I can't even think of it anoffensive rookie. To be honest. They are the Adam treatment backup tightend for the New Orleans. But now I can't think of anyone else,so we'll leave that one blank. And then on the NDFC west side,once again not too many options. But Brandon I you, I think,had a seriously underrated season. Once again, similar to the Dallas guys, hewas dealing with the quarterback change almost monthly. He built up quite arelationship with Nick Molins and then Cej Bethard stepped in, so that was ashame. But Yeah, top thirty in reception and yards per game. Onlyplayed twelve games and yeah, he was very impressive when he played. Divo, Samuel and George could all weren't there for most of it and he juststepped up and you always forgot that he was a rookie and I think ifit was our actually honestly reckon nick molins is the reason why he's seasons goingto be underappreciated. I think if he was on the receiving end of abigger name quarterbacks throwing, I think I season might have been talked about abit more. And the fact that he only played twelve games, I thinkmeans you know, he's volume was a bit depressed, so it was suppressedand I think that means the less chats going to be about him. ButI'm very excited to see what he does next year. Hopefully devo Samuel getson the pitch and interested to see what they can do together. But interms of offensive rookie it's got to be Justin Jefferson had an absolute blind ofthe year. I've got him as the fifth best wide receiver on the year, so for a rookie to do that, that's pretty incredible. He was oneof the least talked about high picks in terms of wide receivers. Everyonewas talking about henry rugs, CD lamb, Jerry Judy and Justin Jefferson was justquietly going about his work in the preseason and during the draft periods andthen he just went bang onto the scene from Lsu to the Vikings and hewas absolutely loving it with Oudam tell and and kirk cousins. So excited tosee what he can do next year. Defensive Rookies, back to the AFCNFC east, another pretty clear one. Chase Young, seven point five sacks, ten tackles for a last four fours fumbles. He was a wrecking bullfrom pretty much week one. We were expecting it. He was talked aboutas being actually the number one player in the draft class. It's just theQB importance went borrowin number one. So everyone was expecting it from chase young, but the way you did it so quickly and so effectively, you wouldexpect people to go from bullying college football and then go to struggle in NFL, but he seemed to really have no trouble with that and just started bullyingthe NFL as well. So, chase young, incredible opening season in theNFL. NFC North, there won't many to pick from. Joel Gladney.Look, I can't lie, I don't really know who he is, buthe is the guy I've picked. Nothing really of not to talk about him. N If south. Once again, nothing outrageous from these boys, butI've gone with Aj Trell. He was a high pick for the Atlanta Falconsin quarterback position. At three fos fumbles, which I reckons pretty impressive for arookie quarterback. But yeah, nothing...

...of note really, apart from thethree force fumbles to mention from him. Antoine Winfield and Jeremy Chin also hadpretty good years for the buccaneers and panthers respectively. NFC West didn't have adefensive rookie candidate. So overall, my defensive rookie MVP for the NFC ischase you're not really a shock. He almost actually was the MVP candidate forthe NFC in general over Blake Martinez. So you're not really surprised the chaseyoung's winning this award, and he will be. I think I gave itto Patrick Queen on the AFC side and I've actually yeah, I've got chaseyoung just pipping Patrick Queen. So chase young, can confirm, is mydefensive rookie MVP, even though that is not an award. But play on. Looks like it's going to be another short episode here today, but we'reinto the general awards now. Coach of the year is actually a tough onebecause I like to look at last year's performance and then look at this year'sand see who improved the most as a bit of a gage for coach ofthe year, and blocks like cliff kings bring that Lafleur of popping up,but I decided to put them aside and I've gone. I have three candidatesto you. I think they're all very worthy. I'm Bruce Arians. Theywere probably the biggest improves in terms of a team and there are a chanceof winning a super bowl. I think if they win the super bowl mightbe a different conversation. But I'm probably going to say no to him beingcoach of the year in the NFC just because I think with the roster theyhad, I think it was more a bit of a GM job building thatlist in turn instead of a coaching job. But he still did very well tobring them all together as a team and get them playing well by comeplayoffs time. But the two main men I'm looking at here as mountain rule, the Carolina Panthers coach, and Ron Rivera. I think I'm going tojust give it to Ron Rivera, but I'll quickly talk about Matt rule andhis credentials. First Year in the NFL, Caroline were being picked as a oensixteen team. Coming into the year. Everyone thought they were going to beabsolutely hopeless, especially on the defensive side of things, and they endedup having a pretty good year. Can't remember their record exactly, but Ireckon they had five or six wins, which was pretty impressive. Teddy BridgeOrder, yes, he fell away towards the end of the year, buthe was a pretty good pick up in terms of the first half of theseason. And Yeah, I just think it was a pretty incredible year frommount rule what he got out of this team. They finished five and eleven, so it doesn't sound as good as I'm making it out to be,but the fact that they improved on last year and that they had, onpaper, one of the worst teams you'll ever see, especially on the defensiveside of things. I think Matt Rules did a very good job in hisfirst year and I think the panthers have a bright future if they could knowthe actually going to do with the quarterback position, whether they're going to drawson but I think we're going to do an episode in near future about teamneeds and who they should draft and pick up and freed and see, soI might talk about it there. But yeah, Ron Rivera, he tookthe Washington team to playoffs. It has to be said if it was astronger division, that team wouldn't have got there, but I think they gotto seven wins in the end and they beat teams like the steelers and stufflike that. So for them, for him to get Ron Rivera to getthat out of a team on paper that didn't look great, probably look tothe worst out of the division. I think that's a pretty incredible effort,especially in his first year with a new team. He obviously had all theoff field drama with his cancer treatment stuff. It's been announced this morning that he'scancer free. So well done, run Rivera. That's very impressive,very awesome, very awesome to here. Looking forward to what he can dowith his team next year. They look like they're found one in Antonio Gibson. Terry McLaren continues his rise. They turn Logan Thomas into a like atop five tight end. Interesting to see what they'll do with the quarterback position, whether they keep Alex Smith under center,...

...they give it to Taylor Heiniki orthey draft someone once again, we'll talk about that in future episodes.But whoever was under center, whoever was at running back, whoever was inany position, run Rivera seemed to get the boys going and the fact thatthey made the playoffs is, I think, mainly a credit to Ron Rivera.So yeah, he's my coach of the year in the NFC gave methe year. In the NFC I've gone with the Arizona cardinals versus Seattle Seahawksin week seven. This game last for the AFC. I kind of didsome research and looked at the games and thought about which ones were good.But this one which just stuck my head. Week seven. This is where thefamous d came metcalf chase down tackle on but a baker was and thecardinals won. And over time Sang Gonzalez clutched up. I think he misseda field goal late in the game and then he kicked one on the sirento send it to overtime and then he kicked one in overtime to win it. I was looking at the ESPN when probability in the seahawks actually were thefavorite, as in had over fifty percent win probability the whole game until overtime. So that's pretty incredible that the cardinals won and overtime. Wilson andMauri both put on a show. They had over four hundred yards combined passingand rushing each. This was when both of them were in the prime inelite form. They both had over three touchdowns and this is the game tylerlock could absolutely balled out. had like seventeen catches or sithing for two hundredyards three touchdowns. And Hopkins also had a pretty good game of self.I think he had like a hundred and ten yards and a touchdown. Soyet there was a few good games to choose from, but for me thisstood out the most. Both teams were just firing shots to each other,but a baker also put on a very impressive performance in one of Arizona's fewprimetime games that he kind of announced himself to the competition with a few importantstacks and an interception. But yet incredible game. A lot of men arememorable moments. So that for me is the number one top three signings ofthe year in the NFC. Honorable Mention giving to Malcolm Jenkins, quarterback,came from the Philadelphia Eagles back to the New Orleans Saints, who he waspreviously with, and he returned to some of his best form under the SaintsCoaching. He had four falls fumbles and he was just impressive all year really, so I thought I'd mentioned that. And then number three. I've talkedabout them before, but Blake Martinez went from the green backpackers to the NewYork giants in that linebacker slot and didn't really miss a beat. You'd thoughthe was maybe pass his peak, but he just showed that you still oneof the better linebackers in the competition. Number two, I'm going with TomBrady. Obviously high profile move from the Patriots to the buccaneers and he hadthe third most pressing passing yards of the year, second most passing touchdowns,three game winning drives, three fourth quarter comebacks and he's on the verge ofwinning another Super Bowl. So I think them just being in the super bowlsalready a win for them, in my opinion, but the fact that thereare a chance to win it is pretty incredible. Number One, I'm goingto give it to George Ay Hopkins, third in receiving yards, fifth inyards per game. He was obviously part of that famous trade, one ofBill O'Brien's, or probably, I guess you would say infamous moments in atrade involving David Johnson. Everyone thought it was outrageous at the time and lookingback on it, it still was out it still is outrageous, but Arizonasnagged a genuine elite wide receiver and I think that was a big reason whythey pushed towards the playoffs really change the offense, in my opinion. Sofor me they are the top three signing to the year, with Deandre Hopkinsbeing the number one. But that's all I've got for you today and myNFL awards NFC audition. So that's the ACNN IFC done. Now. Ifyou haven't seen the AFC, feel free to go back and listen or watchit. But yet for now there's a...

...lot more content to come, lotmore cricket content, lot more NFL content as well. I'm definitely going tobe doing a playoffs review after the Super Bowl. I might do it beforethe Super Bowl, but it will be later, in a better week's time. Whether it be before or after I'm unsure. Then I'm going to belooking at the tennis is that starts to come up, the cycling I'm goingto try and get back on the soccer and before we know at the Australiansports will be starting back up with the AFL and then Rl. So alot more to look forward to. But in terms of the NFL and specificallygot a playoff review coming and then I've probably got a draft preview free seeprevious sort of situation where I look at what team needs what and who theyshould go for and stuff like that. So I'm yes, stay tuned tothe social media outlets of the on the ball podcast. Follow us on Instagram, twitter, facebook, all that good stuff, and you'll be notified wheneverthere's a new episode. or You can follow us on spotify, apple podcastand Youtube. But Yeah, if you've gotten this far, very much appreciateyou listening and, Yep, show you support to the podcast in any way. You can really appreciate it and I'll see you next time.

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