2020 NFL Awards - NFC Edition - Episode 102


Hamish completes his NFL Awards by going through the awards for the NFC. Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, can a WR win MVP and is Justin Jefferson the real deal?


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Episode 6 · 10 months ago

Women's Tennis - Episode 5

The host, Hamish MacCorquodale, is once again joined by his younger brother, Campbell, and new guest to the show, Josh Brown, to talk all things women's tennis in the past decade including a breakdown of our individual top 10 players.

Episode 5 · 10 months ago

My Parents - Episode 4

The host, Hamish, is joined by his parents, Nicole and Fraser, for a brief interview about their lives and life in general

Episode 4 · 10 months ago

Marvel Movies - Episode 3

The host, Hamish MacCorquodale, is joined by his younger brother, Campbell, to discuss their favourite Marvel movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode 3 · 10 months ago

The Ashes - Episode 2

Christian Pilcher joins the host, Hamish MacCorquodale, to discuss the history of The Ashes and the greatest players to have ever played in the famous rivalry between Australia and England.