2020 NFL Awards - NFC Edition - Episode 102


Hamish completes his NFL Awards by going through the awards for the NFC. Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, can a WR win MVP and is Justin Jefferson the real deal?


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Episode 71 · 5 months ago

"North Melbourne will move to Tasmania?!?" AFL Season Review - Episode 70

Once again joined by the AFL Experts(Broady, Rowey and Pilch), the guys review the seasons of the 10 AFL Teams who missed out on the 2020 Finals Series, awarding Best & Fairests, Most Improved and a rating out of 10.

Episode 70 · 5 months ago

"Brisbane Broncos weren't the most disappointing NRL team?!?" 2020 NRL Season Review - Episode 69

Today, on the show, we roll through the 8 NRL teams who missed out on the 2020 Finals series. We review all 8 sides's seasons and discuss the main takeaways for each club.

Episode 69 · 5 months ago

2020 French Open Preview - Episode 68

Brownie and Hamish are joined by a returning Campbell to analyse the upcoming 2020 French Open. The lads go through the exciting matchups in the draw and discuss who are the threats to the titles this year.

Episode 68 · 5 months ago

2020 AFL Awards (All-Australian, Brownlow, Rising Star) - Episode 67

The AFL experts return to the On The Ball podcast to analyse the 2020 AFL Regular Season. The fellas run through several individual awards and name their choices including All-Australian, Brownlow and Rising Star awards.