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Episode 10 · 9 months ago

UEFA Champions League Team of the Decade - Episode 9

Hamish is joined by his older brother and host of The Watcher Podcast, Lachy, as well as first overseas guest on the show, Rhett Martin. The fellas discuss the UEFA Champions League Team of the Decade with a bit of a twist, the current football situation around the world and a little bit on UFC 249.

Episode 9 · 9 months ago

WWE Month Review - Episode 8

Campbell returns to the podcast with Hamish to discuss the last month in WWE in particular reviewing Wrestlemania 36 and previewing Money In The Bank.

Episode 8 · 9 months ago

Men's Tennis - Episode 7

Tennis experts, Josh Brown and Christian Pilcher, join host, Hamish, to discuss the last decade of men's tennis and identify who were the top 10 players of the decade.

Episode 7 · 9 months ago

NFL Draft - Episode 6

Hamish is joined by new guest, James Curtis, and On The Ball regular, Christian, to discuss the recent NFL Draft and a little bit of NFL Free Agency.