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Episode 14 · 9 months ago

Campbell MacCorquodale - Episode 13

Campbell joins Hamish for a one on one chat about his relationship with sport, his passion for the performing arts as well as some interesting hypothetical questions to get a better understanding of the young man.

Episode 13 · 9 months ago

Painful Sporting Moments - Episode 12

Christian joins Hamish to discuss and unfortunately relive the most painful sporting moments of their lives as sport fans.

Episode 12 · 9 months ago

Bundesliga Preview & UFC 249 Review - Episode 11

Rhett joins Hamish for a laid-back discussion about the upcoming Bundesliga round and the recent UFC events.

Episode 11 · 9 months ago

Lachy MacCorquodale - Episode 10

Hamish's brother, Lachy, once again joins On The Ball however this time, he's the subject of a sports themed interview conducted by Hamish.