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Episode 18 · 9 months ago

Nicole MacCorquodale - Episode 17

Nicole, Hamish's Mum, joins Hamish for an interview about sport, entertainment and the arts as well as some general hypotheticals about the family.

Episode 17 · 9 months ago

Bundesliga Update - Episode 16

New guest to the show, Angus Rowe, joins Hamish to discuss the last 3 matchdays in the Bundesliga including the recent title decider between Dortmund and Bayern.

Episode 16 · 9 months ago

Best Movies of the 2010s - Episode 15

Campbell returns to the podcast with Hamish, to discuss their favourite movies of the recently ended 2010s decade.

Episode 15 · 9 months ago

NRL 2020 Predictions - Episode 14

Hamish is joined by his brother and dad, Lachlan and Fraser, to discuss the upcoming NRL season and how they think it'll play out on the park.