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Episode 22 · 8 months ago

NFL - NFC Predictions 2020 - Episode 21

Christian and James return to discuss the upcoming NFL season in particular the NFC with Hamish. The boys make their division by division predictions as well as some bold playoff and super bowl hot takes.

Episode 21 · 8 months ago

WWE - MITB Review / NXT vs Raw/Smackdown / 90s & 00s vs Present - Episode 20

This episode includes Campbell and Hamish's initial reaction after Money in the Bank a well as a relaxed conversation about the current state of Pro Wrestling.

Episode 20 · 8 months ago

Fraser MacCorquodale - Episode 19

Hamish's Dad, Fraser, joins the host for a chat about his relationship with sport, his passions in life and provides some interesting stories about sport from times gone by.

Episode 19 · 9 months ago

AFL 2020 Predictions - Episode 18

Hamish is joined by AFL experts, Angus Rowe and Jack Broadbent, to dissect the upcoming AFL season with ladder predictions, surprise All Australians picks and a whole lot more.