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Episode 26 · 8 months ago

Live Sporting Events - Episode 25

Christian returns to the show, alongside Hamish, to discuss their favourite sporting events that they've attended live.

Episode 25 · 8 months ago

NFL - AFC 2020 Predictions - Episode 24

Hamish is joined by new guest to the show, Mustafa Akbar-Rahim or Mussy, to discuss the AFC divisions ahead of the upcoming 2020 NFL season and make a few bold predictions and tell some stories along the way.

Episode 24 · 8 months ago

WWE Backlash Predictions - Episode 23

Resident WWE expert, Campbell, joins his brother, Hamish, to discuss the past month of WWE and predict the winners at the upcoming WWE Backlash PPV.

Episode 23 · 8 months ago

Hamish MacCorquodale - Episode 22

Hamish is joined by his parents, Nicole and Fraser, for an interview. However, this time the tables are turned as Hamish gets interrogated to help listeners get to know him a little bit better.