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Episode 31 · 8 months ago

Cricket Stories, Theories & Anomalies - Episode 30

Hamish is joined by new guest, Callum Elvins, and podcast regular, Rhett, to discuss all things cricket. The boys tell stories of their cricket careers, share insights into the gentlemen's game and present some of the more unique stories in professional cricket history.

Episode 30 · 8 months ago

Liverpool Team of the Decade - Episode 29

Rhett joins Hamish to discuss Liverpool's Team of the Decade from 2010/11 to 2019/20 fresh off the back of Liverpool being crowned as champions of the Premier Leauge.

Episode 29 · 8 months ago

Favourite Sporting Moments We Have Played In - Episode 28

Hamish is joined by Rhett and Christian to discuss their favourite sporting moments from their respective sporting careers. The lads chat through their moments telling funny stories and sharing interesting details along the way.

Episode 27 · 8 months ago

AFL Relegation, New Tennis Schedule & NFL Contract Holdouts - Episode 26

Christian once again joins Hamish discuss the recent events in the sporting world including suggestions of promotion and relegation in the AFL, an updated tennis schedule and recent NFL contractual holdouts.