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Episode 35 · 7 months ago

AFL Rounds 2-5 Review Part 2 - Episode 34

Rowey and Pilch join Hamish to review the other half of the AFL teams that weren't covered in part 1. There are once again special guest appearances from Jack Broadbent, Noah Berends, Tom Morris and Jack Grenda.

Episode 34 · 7 months ago

AFL Rounds 2-5 Review Part 1 - Episode 33

Angus Rowe and Christian return to the show to discuss the month of AFL that has occurred post resumption of the competition. The boys are also joined by special guests Alex Gibson, Tyler Reid and James Curtis who share their opinions on their respective sides' performances.

Episode 33 · 7 months ago

England vs West Indies Test Series Preview (The Wisden Trophy) - Episode 32

Christian joins Hamish to preview the upcoming return of Test Cricket with England and the West Indies competing for the Wisden Trophy. The guys preview each team's lineup and make some predictions for the series.

Episode 32 · 8 months ago

How did Liverpool win the Premier League? - Episode 31

Rhett joins the podcast to run through Liverpool's recent history and determine what transfers, matches and decisions led to Liverpool winning the 2019/20 Premier League.