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Episode 39 · 7 months ago

Top 12 NFL Fantasy QB Rankings - Episode 38

NFL experts James Curtis and Pilch join Hamish to discuss the top 12 ranked QB's in NFL Fantasy for the 2020 NFL Season.

Episode 38 · 7 months ago

England vs West Indies Test Series & The Unpredictability of the 2020 AFL Season - Episode 37

Pilch joins Hamish to review the recent first test of the Wisden Trophy (ENG vs WI), preview the upcoming second test as well as discussing the undpredictability and relative equality in the 2020 AFL season as of round 6.

Episode 37 · 7 months ago

UFC 251 Review & European Football Update - Episode 36

Rhett joins the show to recap the recent UFC 251 event and quickly summarise the action in Europe's biggest soccer leagues over the last few weeks.

Episode 36 · 7 months ago

Manchester United Team of the 2010s Decade - Episode 35

Christian returns alongside new guest, Noah Berends, to pick a team of the 2010s decade for English club Manchester United. The boys go through each position discussing the candidates as well as reminiscing some football memories.