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Episode 59 · 5 months ago

"FC Barcelona: Most Disappointing Club in Europe??" La Liga/Serie A 2019/20 Football Season Review - Episode 58

Rhett again joins the show to finish up the series of reviews done for European Football. This time the boys review the Spanish and Italian 2019/20 seasons by analysing players, teams & accolades and presenting awards for performances over the course of the season.

Episode 58 · 6 months ago

"Manchester City's season was a FAIL??" 2019/20 Premier League Review - Episode 57

Rhett joins the show to review the 2019/20 season of the Premier League. The lads hand out both player and team awards and provide glowing and scathing season reviews of clubs and players.

Episode 57 · 6 months ago

"Novak & Serena won't win?!?" US Open Preview & Predictions - Episode 56

Tennis makes a return to the Podcast so Hamish installed the help of his tennis experts, Pilch and Brownie, to preview the upcoming US Open and make some bold predictions surrounding how the grand slam will unfold. 

Episode 56 · 6 months ago

"Is James Anderson the GOAT?" All-Time Pace Bowling Rankings & England vs Pakistan Test Series - Episode 55

Pilch joins the show to review the recent test series between England and Pakistan. The lads then precede to list their top 5 fast bowlers of this century and their top 5 fast bowlers of all time following James Anderson becoming the first quick to take 600 wickets.