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Episode 67 · 5 months ago

"Tadej Pogacar is the Most Promising Cyclist Ever?!?" 2020 Tour de France Review - Episode 66

Hamish once again returns to the topic of cycling with a comprehensive review of the 2020 edition of the Tour de France. 

Episode 66 · 5 months ago

"Vettel has lost his ability???" F1 Races 7, 8 & 9 Review - Episode 65

Peanut returns to the show to discuss the last month of F1 Racing. The fellas rate each team's month and hand out their monthly awards.


Episode 65 · 5 months ago

"Is Novak's reputation ruined???" 2020 US Open Review - Episode 64

The tennis experts, Pilch and Brownie, return to the show to analyse the recently completed US Open tennis grand slam. The lads go through the highs, lows, winners and losers from the exciting fortnight of tennis. 

Episode 64 · 5 months ago

"Peter Sagan will still win the Green Jersey???" Tour de France 2020 - Episode 63

On the second rest day of the 2020 Tour de France, Hamish reviews the last 6 stages of action in team by team analysis. He assesses the situation of each jersey and makes bold predicitions for the end of the race.