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Episode · 6 days ago

2021 Australian Open Review - Episode 106

On today's episode of the podcast, I discuss who are the biggest winners and losers coming out of the 2021 Australian Open, what were the best matches in the grand slam and what is up next in the world of tennis?


Episode · 1 week ago

2021 UCI (Cycling) World Tour Preview - Episode 105

I bring back Cycling to the podcast to preview the upcoming World Tour season. I go through each team's changes and leaders for the big races in 2021 and analyse each team's chances at success for the new season. 


Episode · 3 weeks ago

2020 Australian Open Preview - Episode 104

We analyse the draw of the upcoming 2020 Australian Open by pinpointing the key matchups that will likely occur in the opening 3 rounds. I also share some bold predictions as to how the tournament will play out.


Episode · 3 weeks ago

2020 NFL Season Review - Playoff Teams - Episode 103

We analyse all 14 NFL playoff teams' seasons. We discuss their strengths and weaknesses throughout the seasons, assess their performance, pinpoint the star players and address their future outlook.